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      27.04.2001 17:06
      Very helpful



      In Home Bakery I love home-made bread, and have always made my own until recently, when the kneading process became too much for me, and after 2 minutes my arms began to feel as though they were going to ‘drop off’. I am an old age pensioner you see, and so I had to call it a day. Well, I thought, what about buying a bread making machine, but on doing some scouting around found they were a bit pricey for me, about the £125 plus mark, I could buy 125 large loaves for that! So I gave up the idea – until – I was chatting to the check-out lady at my local Supermarket when bread making machines were mentioned, oh, she said, I only paid £79 for mine and its great, what’s the name of it I asked excitedly, I cant remember right now, I’ll check for you when I go home and let you know. True to her word, when I called at the store the next day she informed me it was a ‘PRIMA’. Well, after visiting one or two stores, I found one at Comet and I had the last one in stock. I’ve made 4 loaves up till now and each one has been an improvement, it’s great, no more kneading, it does it all for you, you can even make jam in it, cakes, and different varieties of bread. You do need a good pair of scales though, as the flour and water measurements have to be accurate. The added bonus is the beautiful aroma of freshly baked bread drifting around my living room, and my husband eagerly awaiting the first crusty crust. An Instruction Manual comes with it, containing various recipes and a step-by-step illustration on making your first loaf. I daresay the more expensive machines have a little extra to offer, but the Prima gives good value for the money.


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