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    • Panasonic KX TG7321GS / Telephone / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
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      03.06.2010 22:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Fantastic piece of kit especially as the price for two is now £35,

      Panasonic Phones KX-TG7321E
      It's good to talk as many of the phone companies keep telling us, but with these beauties it is, they have all the functionality of office phones on a simple to use handset, along with a few other tricks up their sleeves.

      We have now had these phones for 4 years, we paid £119 for a triple phone set, the dual set is now available for £35. The fact that they are still available is a compliment to their abilities, ours have been thrown around a fair bit, the batteries have not been replaced and the standby time off the charger is approx 8 days without use and about 5 with several hours of chatting. One of the really cool things about this set is the ability to share the phonebook from one handset to another with a few presses on the keypad, or even update all phones with a new number.

      The best function of these phones is the intercom, there is nothing worse than hearing someone calling your name and not saying what they want, I often pick up the phone when I am in the middle of things and ask them what they want me for? "Oh just wanted to know if you want a cupa?"

      When you need a little piece and quiet you can just turn the ringer down on them all via the base settings or you can turn off the phone that is in the bedroom, just remember when you put them back on the charger they turn back on!

      Ok so most of the features of these phones are standard, but what isn't is the range of the phones, I have walked over to the neighbours with this to my ear without any loss of signal! The audio quality is great, I would say that they are great for people who have difficulties hearing on many other phones, but it would depend on how hard of hearing you are. It has 5 volume settings for the audio I have ours set to three, which is more than OK, it is possible to increase or decrease the volume when needed during the call using the navigation button up and down. This is very handy when my niece is on the phone as she has to shout as though you are about 30 yards away from the phone, my poor ears! Lol.

      Handset and Base unit features:
      * Answering machine - 20 minutes recording time
      * DECT phones
      * Loud speaker (hands free)
      * Caller transfer - via intercom
      * GAP compatible
      * Phonebook - 100
      * Privacy mode as default if you do not want anyone listening in on another handset
      * Can have a party line conversation (all handsets in on the conversation)
      * Speakerphone
      * Ringer Volume 6-Step + OFF
      * Caller ID
      * Ergonomic design
      * LCD display - 3 line
      * Navigation key
      * Conferencing - 3 way
      * Polyphonic ring tones - 16
      * Keypad Back Light
      * Keypad lock, just remember how to unlock them!
      * Remote Operation from outside (answer machine with personal key code)
      * Any key answer, mute, clock & alarm
      * Intercom - call another phone in another location of the home
      * Locate phone function, rings all the phones so you can find them!

      Handset dimensions & other facts:
      * Base Dimension ( W×D×H) 143 mm × 107 mm × 44 mm
      * Handset Dimension ( W×D×H) 48 mm × 35 mm × 150 mm
      * Base Weight 170 g
      * Handset Weight with Battery 130 g
      * Wall Mountable (Master and slaves) without a bracket
      * Warranty : one year

      Check it out online, see what others have said and check the price at pixmainia and search for KX-TG7321E @ http://www.pixmania.co.uk

      Overall I would rate these 10 out of 10 on all aspects of design and features, we have been very happy with these phones and they have lasted 4 times longer than the last two sets we purchased. They are available with one, two, three or four handsets.

      Would I recommend these, I am sure you would guess by now that I would hand on my heart!

      Review also available on ciao


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    • Dieting / Discussion / 50 Readings / 47 Ratings
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      01.06.2010 15:03
      Very helpful



      Enjoy what you eat, take your time eating it!

      Dieting that works!

      First it is important to understand why we all put on weight! (yes I know we eat to much) actually there are many reasons why we put on weight, for the bulk of us our body cannot dispose of enough of it and therefore it has to store it. Others are not active enough for the amount of calories they consume. We only need to look back 30 or more years and remember how many people we knew then that were overweight; not many I bet! That is because most jobs were physically demanding and the amount of food that you ate was sufficient to live. Treats were just that they were something you had on special occasions or on a Sunday. Today we have treats several times a day! But we do not excert as much energy as we used too!

      As we get older we generally do less physical activities, for many reasons such as, lack of time, getting a car, falling in love, commitments, stop risk of injury, we take less risks. This means that our bodies do not need as much food, but we are used to the same sized meals and we keep eating them, and the excess has to go somewhere.

      For some people when they are anxious or stressed they eat more food or less food as a result their weight can change drastically in short periods of time. If you are one of these people then I would advise speaking to a trained counsellor to find out if there is a different way to deal with stress or anxiety. It is often our subconscious that we do not understand that causes the problems.

      For some people it is the environment that is the problem, particularly for recent mums, as you tend to test the babies food, demonstrating to the baby that this is food and it is nice, the problem is that as a mum you do not like to waste good food and therefore you or someone in the home is generally classed as the waste disposal! used to be me! so if there is anything left after everyone has eaten, rather than it go to waste, it was oh don't through that away, our dave will have that. (I know some of you can relate to this!)

      So what about my diet, I have lost XXX amount of weight, that may be true but the problem is that you may have lost a lot of weight fast. The problem is that when we starve our bodies our body changes and on the inside it is struggling to get enough energy from what we are eating and therefore starts to eat the fat that has been stored in our bodies which looks great because we lose weight. The downside is that our bodies are now reprogrammed to get every ounce of energy from food that it can, if there is more than it is used to it will immediately store the excess as fat. As you can guess this is why when people stop a diet they can easily start to put weight back on very quickly, which is why I have said that to lose weight you need to change your life style, either reduce some of the excesses and or increase the amount of energy you burn!

      So how do you do that, well read on and I will give you some really good suggestions as to how, just put into practice what you can and you will be amazed, the only thing that I would say that you should all do is to keep a journal as nothing can beat this.

      OK so you want to lose a few pounds, if you are like me and my wife we are looking to lose some weight before our holidays and with years of trying to lose weight we have come up with a tried and tested method that works. There is no special dieting information, books, pills, exercise routines that you need to do it is all just commonsense.

      Really I hear you say, well yes it is, we all love our treats and in the current trends of things we generally eat much more than we need too! As I said it is easy, all that you need to do is rotate what you eat, reduce the number of precooked meals even the diet ones because if you are like me you still feel hungry when you have finished it. The most common information given to people trying to diet is enjoy your food, that is taste it, try and pick out the flavours in it. As someone who spent most of his life being rushed to eat meals or they would be taken away (work related) I have the bad habit of throwing food down my neck, I look to my wife next to me and she is nowhere near half way through her meal! When you slow down your body has to digest it better therefore burning more calories and you don't feel as stuffed.

      So how does it work?
      * Make a basic journal of the foods you eat and when you eat them
      * Rotate what you eat for meals
      * Get the whole of your house hold involved
      * Don't do your shopping when you are hungry as everything looks nicer
      * Swop out the treats you buy when you go shopping for something like fruit
      * Only have a treat when you have done something that deserves it
      * Do something three times a week that involves moving your butt, plan it and do it
      * Eat more fresh vegetables and less processed foods
      * Swop some of your treats for fruit, or a yogurt
      * Take breaks from your usual activities
      * Keep a photo of you at your largest or your holiday by the place where you keep the treats
      * Grow your own food
      * When you are full stop eating, your body is telling you that you are running out of space

      Start a journal for a month, noting down what you eat, what the saturated fats and calorie contents are and when you eat it, also note down how long it takes you to eat you meals, you will be surprised. If you are dedicate and really want to learn how to change your eating life style then you would also benefit from noting down other point such as recommended daily amount, these take into consideration salt, sugar, and many other things, for me that is just too much trouble.

      Once one week has passed you will quickly begin to see how much food you are taking in, the next stage is to find out how regular you are eating the same types of food. So what do I mean well if you eat cornflakes every day you are getting some fibre but your body gets used to it and your metabolism slows down it gets lazy.

      You may find you are snacking at particular times of the day, this could be when you are at your lowest in terms of tired - stressed - harassed - or just the only time you can take time out. Whatever the reason you need to understand why, because times like this may cause you to be comfort eating which is only bad depending on what you are eating and how much of it!

      Rotating what you eat may sound obvious, but when you eat the same cereal or lunches each day your body gets lazy and digesting it because you metabolism gets lazy, so keep it on full speed by alternating cereals and meals. What's more if you find you are hungry around 10am it is probably because what you had for cereal was not sufficient, (No don't double your cereal). Try porridge three times a week and you will notice that you are fuller for longer. You can now get the microwave porridge or make it the night before and do it for everyone. Spice it up with some jam or fruit, use your imagination. For your normal cereal try having yogurt over your cereal with less milk, can be very nice.

      Get the whole of your house hold involved, if you say to your family I am going on a diet, you will probably notice everyone take a deep breath, this is probably because they know all the meal you now cook will be micro-waved, probably so that you don't feel so hungry as you cook their meals and then cook yourself something the rabbit should eat. Changing your eating habits is much easier and you can just announce it to the whole family and tell them what it means, fresher home cooked meals, more variety of meals each day and ask them to get involved taking more fruit to work and school.

      Only have treats when you have done something to deserve it like, some exercise that you would not normally do, you will be more likely to do the exercise too! If you are around my age you will remember we only had treats on a Sunday, and that was only when you had eaten your tea first. So why do we now have to eat treats several times a week, well it is because today we spend a lot more money on food than we did years ago, mainly because our parents did not have it to waste.

      Don't do your shopping when you are hungry as everything looks nicer and you will be tempted to try more new things out. What is more helpful is using a shopping list and sticking to it! If you do this you might even find that you have more money left over, if you do put it in your holiday fund. Buy fresh food, if you want a quick lunch and don't have time to cook it, cook it the night before and just reheat it. Most people I speak to say I don't have time to cook; well the answer there is to make time and to prepare several meals at the same time and freeze them in separate containers with enough in for one family meal or one lunch for someone. If you find that something is not getting eaten don't buy it, if like me you like biscuits and cannot stand to see an open packet (needing to finish them off), swop them for rich tea, trust me you will not eat as many!

      If you love to cook a certain meals like spaghetti bolognas, make more than you need and just before you add the final sweeteners to it, separate it, enough for that meal and let the rest cool then freeze into smaller containers and pull one out of the freezer when you need it. Now you have a fab meal in 20 minutes including boiling the spaghetti. The bonus here is that you will save on washing up too! Because the preparation uses the most dishes.
      Swop out the treats you buy when you go shopping for something like fruit, OK we all hear this on the radio or TV but there must be some truth to it. If you have chocolate in your draw at work for when you feel down, put some fruit in it instead. If you like oranges there is nothing better than the sweet smell of orange zest when you begin to peel it, and notice who looks as you peel it, there is something about the peeling of zesty fruits that sparks peoples attention.

      Do something three times a week that involves moving your butt (no not just getting out your seat), most people I talk to say that they are active, because they walk around the shops, go and pick up the kids from school, and so on. What everyone forgets is that you are not burning off enough calories for the amount of exercise you currently do. So by changing the amount of exercise you do daily you will be helping yourself lose weight. It could be as easy as walking to the shops and getting the bus back (leaving the car at home), going to the park with the kids, walking the dog with the kids, going for a swim once a week (health benefits of swimming are fab, you burn a lot more calories than you might think because you are using all your muscles not just your legs).

      Another tip that was given to me a long time ago was to have an agreement with yourself that if you wanted an additional treat, for instance if you wanted an extra chocolate snack bar, that in order to have the extra treat you must do 200 steps (up and down the stairs), 20 - 50 sit-ups or go for a walk around the block and do it. Over time you will get into the habit and on days where you cannot be bothered doing the exercise you should not have the treat as you will not be doing the required exercise for the treat, when this happens you are a winner because you have trained your mind correctly. The saying "If you are not willing to do the time then don't do the crime", comes to mind.

      If you are a house husband or housewife, then you will know that you don't have a minute to spare, this is because you are always on the go, so another tip is to set yourself an amount of time to do things around the house, say an hour then have a break (not to eat treats), to allow your body to slow down, this is because again your metabolism gets used to the type of work that you do and gets lazy. Are you one of those people that gets an hour for lunch but either take 20 minutes and goes back to work or just hangs out chatting for the rest of the hour, well now you can swop the chats for a walk, you might even find that others will join you, take in the fresh air and talk on the way; just watch the time.

      Take breaks from your usual activities, if you work at a desk and you are allowed to do something else like filling then break up your work with it, but for say 10 - 15 minutes at a time. This can also help with regard to getting the boring jobs done; it can reduce other medical problems such as RSI (repetitive strain Injury). If you do not smoke and you see your colleagues going outside for a smoke go for a walk with them and when someone pulls you up about it, just tell them that you need a little fresh air if you don't like smoke then just walk out with them and then come back in. Smokers are generally thinner because their habit does not include eating, and in today's work places they have to walk to the outdoor smoke shelters to have a smoke so they walk more, they break up their work routines with a walk. This you can do several times a day every day, if the weather is bad just walk them to the door and walk back to your work station the long way, saying hello to everyone on your way!

      Keeping a photo of you at your largest, can have a positive effect on how often you eat treats, for others it can be a downer, so put a photo of where you are going on holiday along with a calendar so you can cross off the days until you go away. By having a positive reminder as to why you want to lose weight will help. Alternatively keep a photo of how you used to look which for some maybe more positive to look at.

      Grow your own food, if you have garden space or even a balcony then get yourself one of those plastic green houses, and grow your own tomatoes and peppers, you don't even need to buy seeds you can just take some out of the veggies and let them dry out of on the windowsill for a day then plant them, water regularly and give a little plant food once a week. It is amazing how fast they grow and the taste is much better than those in the shops. There are lots you can grow, check out BBC grow your own website you can even get some free seeds.

      Do you have plenty of garden space if so get some chickens and you will have the best eggs in the world, chickens eat almost everything. They do not need much looking after, but make sure you invest in a chicken run or they will eat the whole of your garden up. Ideally you should get about four or more chicken and you will normally get one egg off each per day and trust me they mount up. My brother had six and all the family got about ten eggs a week from him, cuts down on spending and the taste is much better than those in the shops and guess what they will be organic eggs, you can even sell the excess on to neighbours or swop them for something. You will be the envy of the street.

      When you are full stop eating, your body is telling you that you are running out of space, so listen to it. We all cook more than we need to, even if it is just the Sunday roast then some of it goes to waste, see chickens above!

      If you plan to have a pudding then cook less for the main meal leave space, you yourself will know that there is nothing worse than squeezing in that pudding after a meal, then trying to bend over to pick something up or fasten your shoe laces.

      ----------------------- In Summary------------------------------
      Only go on a diet if you are overweight, make sure it is for the right reasons as you need a goal to work towards, get everyone in the house involved, take time for breaks and enjoy what you are eating when you are eating it. When you go shopping take a list and stick to it, do it when you are not hungry. See how much money you will actually save by doing this too! Finally if you have got this far you are obviously interested in losing weight, the slower you lose weight the longer it stays off.

      Good Luck!

      This may be available under the same username on other sites.


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        01.06.2010 11:59
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        great piece of kit for any home, where you need to extend or add another dedicated network cable!

        STOP! Say NO to more cables
        ------------- Suggested reasons for buying this kit -----------
        Do you have an external building on the same electricity supply as the house well, this will provide you with a network connection without having to dig or hang cables outside. Alternative if you have converted your loft it is a cool piece of kit!

        --------------- Advantages ------------------
        Very quick to get up and running, took me about 2 minutes, the bulk of that was taking it out of the box, I read the instructions which are clear and easy to follow.

        Intelligent power saving features, when the network is not in use it goes to sleep, and as soon as network traffic is detected it will awaken.
        They will work with any computer type because they are network based, they transmit up to 200Mbits/s which is ideal for gaming or streaming media to your living room / TV media devices, because they are not wireless the data can travel without interruption from other devices. What is more if you connect one of these to the device with your media on and the other to the device you are using to watch the media on you will get a faster clearer signal as no other devices are connected in between.

        They are very versatile and mobile, so if your needs change then you just move them around from room to room as you need too! For gaming / media streaming or just general internet connectivity.
        ------------ Disadvantages ------------

        --------Conclusion ----------
        If like me you need to extend your network without having the wife breathing down your ear saying why are you pulling up the carpets again? Then this is really the tool for you, it can save you time effort and stress! Well recommended by me>

        Note for all users, if you have ever had problems access another PC in your home, just remember your firewall is designed to stop a lot of access and you may need to read your firewall instructions to allow another PC to access yours.


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        • Billion Bipac 2073N / Wireless LAN / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
          More +
          29.05.2010 18:41
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Good piece of kit for anyone that has a wireless G network and has bought a Wireless N device!

          STOP! Say NO to more cables - I have bought yet another wireless device

          ------------- Suggested reasons for buying this kit -----------
          Ideal for when you have a network cable to your room already but now you need a little wireless access, well this is just what you need. Just plug your network cable into this and access the wireless setup page, to secure your new network and hey-presto your connected to the Internet.

          This device can be used to extend your home Plug network or just start a Wireless N network, by the way it also supports all the older wireless types too! Just be aware that the speed of a wireless N connection is reduced when a slower device is communicating over the same network (g or b), but if you already have a wireless G access point just set this one up and only allow devices with wireless N capability and you will have no problems. Wireless N not only works faster it also works over a greater distance compared to older wireless network types.

          If you already have a home plug kit then you can now extend your network and or improve your networking speeds, to another part of the house, or external building that shares the same power connections without having to install networking cable through walls and underground. Not to mention the ability to move locations from time to time. Wireless G has a maximum of 54Mbs and actual average speed of around 8Mbs while this Wireless N has a maximum of 200Mbs, actual average speed of 40Mbs. My average speed tests for the 2073N was 48Mbs wireless and 90Mbs wired. You don't need to replace your existing router / modem to support new devices with Wireless N capabilities.
          Although the current speed of the Wireless N is up to 300Mbs, billion have used the 200Mbs for the wireless N in this kit primarily because the speed is dependent on the speed of the network, the home plug is a 200Mbs network device and therefore it makes sense that the wireless cannot be any faster than 200Mbs.
          ----------- -- Advantages ------------------
          Very quick to get up and running, took me about 2 minutes, the bulk of that was taking it out of the box, I read the instructions which are clear and easy to follow and within 5 minutes I had a new shinny wireless N network that was secured.

          Intelligent power saving features, when the network is not in use it goes to sleep, and as soon as network traffic is detected it will awaken.

          ------------ Disadvantages ------------
          The only real downside to this kit is the lack of a unique preset password for web management interface and no wireless security set as default.

          ------------Advanced setup--------------
          Once you are up and running, the disks contain detailed user guides, one for the wireless N and the other for the home plug. The user guides are comprehensive, with simple explanations of many of the network acronyms.

          --------Conclusion ----------
          For those that have a Wireless N device and a existing working wireless G network, this will have you up and running in no time, there are not many Wireless N extenders on the market at the time of writing this review. I would recommend it to anyone who fits any of the above requirements. Furthermore if you do not have a home plug kit at home and like the ability to extend your network both wired and wireless N then the P106N BiPac is currently the only device that does both. Check out the following links below for more information.

          NOTE: please change your password as soon as you access the web interface, the reason is that anyone can access your wireless network using the default credentials. Many of you reading this will know that some modems / routers are now shipped with a unique password (normally on the bottom of the device) for this reason. If you make a mistake or forget the password you can always reset the device back to the manufacturer's defaults using the Reset Button, located on the bottom of the device.

          http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/Reviews.asp?ProductID=8073 stand alone wireless N home plug 2073N
          http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=9006 for the P106N
          Note for all users, if you have ever had problems access another PC in your home, just remember your firewall is designed to stop a lot of access and you may need to read your firewall instructions to allow another PC to access yours.


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        • Asda Caramel Bites / Snacks / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
          More +
          29.05.2010 17:29
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A blast from the past, the taste of a good old Mars bar, wrapped in an Asda Caramel bites wrapper!

          A taste of Heaven MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... just lovely

          Throughout the years spent working in the hills and mountains around the UK I ate well lots and lots of Mars bars, when Mars changed the contents about 8 - 10 years ago I went off them. My wife handed me one of Asda's Caramel bites, WOW! A blast from the past alright!

          I said to my wife "they are mars bars", she said "I know I just had mine". "No" I said "they taste like the old mars bars".

          They are about ¾ the size of the mars bars, but taste divine! Compared to the multipack mars bars (party size) they are about twice the size. One of these is enough for me who is nearly 40. If you are one of those who dips there biscuits in their coffee or tea and eats the biscuit whole, then like me you will probably find that there is more than one bite full in these caramel bites. No it is not a challenge to see if you can fit one into your mouth whole! Savour the taste MMMMMMMMMMM!

          As for what they are made of and their nutritional values:
          Cal 181
          Protein 1.7g
          Carbs 26.1g
          Of which sugars 23.1g
          Fat 7.8g
          Fibre 0.5g
          Sodium 0.08g

          For me the priority is to know how much fat is in them for others it may be fat and sugar, well the fat content in it is OK for this type of bar, the sugar is a little high especially for those who react to high sugar content. So it really depends on who you are and what you are doing, for me I like a piece of chocolate a day, normally around lunchtime because I get the itches if I eat chocolate after tea time (weird I know, but that is me and my body!) When roaming the hills I might eat two or three of these a day, but I was burning it off if you know what I mean.

          OK that is the selling point over with, well actually it's not, these cost £1 for 8 * 40g, that means that for £1 you get the equivalent of 6 normal sized Mars bars, by my estimations and a mars bar will set you back about 50p so a saving of about £2. 10 out of 10 to Asda!

          To sum it up I would like to say that these mars bars wrapped in Asda's Carmel bites wrapper are probably the best thing out of Asda for a while.


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          • Anbesol Liquid / Baby Health / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
            More +
            22.05.2010 19:39
            Very helpful



            Fab item to save any holiday from a nightmare trip to doctor or dentist in a foreign country

            Anbesol Liquid
            The must have item in every holiday medi pack, recently we updated our medicine pack that we take on holidays and after talking to the pharmacist who advised Anbesol in place of our usual mouth ulcer product, we added it to our kit and thank you so much. This product saved our holiday, as it is bad enough going to the dentist in the UK but getting something sorted when you are abroad is a nightmare. So when my wife started to get problems with her gums out came the Anbesol and hey presto within minutes the effects were visible on her face out back out on the town we went!! My wife used this for a few days until we went home and she had the problem sorted out properly.

            Although it is actually for the treatment of mouth ulcers, it contains an antiseptic and anaesthetic and as such can be used for a variety of uses, which includes babies teething problems, tooth and gum pain (Proven). Unlike many other creams and gels for mouth ulcers this one is suitable for children of all ages. Fast acting, relief in minutes and it is reasonably priced compared to other products, the 6.5Ml was priced at £2.60 and the 15ml £4.60.

            Active ingredients: Lidocane Hydrochloride, Chlorocresol, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Alcohol, Menthol, Glycerin, Water, Colourants E104, E110, E123, E124. This product is also made in the UK.

            As with all mouth ulcer products if it persists for more than 7 days, please go and see your doctor.

            ------------------- Advantages: ----------------------------
            No Sugar so good for diabetics.
            Fast acting pain relief
            Can be used for baby teething problems - Read the instructions
            As it is a liquid it is easily absorbed, and is effective on toothache

            ------------------- Disadvantages: --------------------------
            It contains some EEEE's see active ingredients above


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            • Ubuntu / Operating System / 13 Readings / 13 Ratings
              More +
              22.05.2010 18:47
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A Fab Free alternative to Microsoft oerating systems and applications

              Getting your hands on Free and discounted software - Ubuntu

              We all like FREE stuff, but can you really software for free? Yes you can, read on to find out how; there are several ways to access free software.
              For anyone with a home PC or Home Laptop you can download and install free versions of Linux software, one in particular is Ubuntu available from
              There are lots of resources out there for free for instance, take a look at this http://distrowatch.tradepub.com/free/w_make10 for information on how to get started with Ubuntu and yes it's free. "The Incredible Guide to NEW Ubuntu (Karmic Koala)"
              Other Linux distributions:
              Fedora, Kubunto, OpenSUSE, Debian, Linux Mint, PCLinuxOS

              ------------- So why chose Linux -----------------
              The first and probably the best reason is that it is free, and so is a great deal of software for it, it comes packed full of applications and games, including open office which is now compatible with MS office documents. Second it is nowhere near as vulnerable as Windows to attack or viruses, free antivirus and firewall software is available. Hackers normally attack MS products because they don't like the fact that we have to pay large amounts of money for products and also because MS was and is mainly a closed source program although some parts of Microsoft applications are open source but not a lot.

              SPEED, Linux operating systems are very fast, personally I would say faster than Windows this is mainly because the code is lightweight, when someone creates an application for others to use and modify, others will generally improve it, removing bugs, making the code better and improving its overall performance. Linux uses your computer resources better too! For instance if you have 1GB of memory, Linux will generally use most of it, which is another reason why it runs faster, as the programs you need to use are probably already loaded into your RAM (Random Access Memory).

              Just take a look at the mini laptops on the market many of them are now shipped with Linux because they are not as power hungry as MS products and they are faster!!!!!!

              -------------- Open Source software --------------
              Means that any programmer can download and access the files used to create the software, allowing them to modify and improve the features further, with a view to release the modifications to others. The open source projects are developed around the world by people who like to tinker with programming, testing their skills, whilst creating good software that is comparable to MS apps. If you need to know more just Google Open Source Software, it is also possible to install open source software on Windows, for some of the Linux applications you may need to install an additional software application first.

              If you have ever wanted to use software for graphics, video and so on you will have found that you can get windows based programs for free, or you can try them for a month free, then you need to buy them. With Linux you can probably get hold of applications that do the same or better for free.

              ------------- Ease of use ----------------
              How easy is it to install one of these Linux operating systems? Like everything over time it gets better, Linux is exactly the same; with the new Distro's as they are called, they have graphical user interfaces similar to MS Windows so it does most of the work for you. It provides user interfaces for common users as well as the well proven advanced users, there are literally thousands of sites out there that provide support for Linux for free, if you have a problem with your installation or with an application someone else will have already reported it and found a solution to the problem.

              It is also possible to create a dual boot computer that will allow you to use both MS windows and Linux, the user chooses which operating system to load at the time your computer boots up. The selected operating system then loads and hey presto, so if you don't want to wipe your machine completely to try out this software you don't need to! WORD OF CAUTION - when setting up a dual boot operating system please Google how to do it, as with any installation of a new operating system it is easy to accidently wipe the whole drive thus losing everything you had on it. Once completed, you will notice the difference as soon as your computer begins to boot up.

              Open office which is installed free as default is a resource rich package that has many of MS equivalent tasks, it is just like learning to use a new version of MS office (2003 - 2007) after a few weeks you will be a master of. Most computer wizards started out on MSDOS or Linux/Unix operating systems therefore if your child is really interested in working on computers, I would advise getting them to use Linux as well. This is because MS has tried to make the PC available to all, but it removed the need to have a lot of the knowledge away in order to use it. For most users this is a benefit, however in my opinion, it makes it more difficult to develop our future computer wizards.

              --------------- Conclusion -----------------
              My final thoughts are this, no one should tell you what software to buy or use as it is your choice however, you need to know about other options in order to make an informed decision. As I mentioned before if you prefer Microsoft products no problem, on the other hand if your computer is running very slowly and you have other things to spend your money on instead of a shiny new computer then think about trying out Linux and see if there is any improvement. I believe you will notice major improvements, first because you will need to wipe the hard drive if you want to use it permanently and second it will use the resources of your computer better. Hardware manufacturers now even provide driver support for Linux operating systems if need be.


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                22.05.2010 18:16
                Very helpful



                Currently the Ultimate game colsole, until the next Gen comes out

                XBOX 360 Still the best on the market! My view

                I never purchase initial released consoles mainly as they are always rushed out on to the market for users to test, break and wait for repairs. Once again my patients paid off as the 360 had many teething problems the worst of all was the 3 rings of death. Thankfully Microsoft agreed to provide a 3 year repair for the 3 rings of death, quite appropriate really. I still agree to buy a 3 year warranty with new consoles because of the amount of use they get and with younger users they do get knocked around a little.

                When the XBOX 360 elite came out it had had most if not all the initial problems resolved, I can say this now happily as my XBOX is now 20 Months old and I have had no problems with it at all. The power supply is still a heavy brick! So it is not a portable console.

                The elite comes with HD as standard and a massive 120Gb Hard Drive which I still have not managed to fill, it is black with silver driver tray personally I think the black is better looking as I have seen many of the original coloured XBOX 360's with serious discolouration issues, bleached by heat and sun!

                The only arena has seen a lot of mature players using the XBOX 360, mainly due to the fantastic graphics and almost realistic game play, so good night kids it's time for your dad to have a game!

                -------------------------- Advantages: ------------------------------
                Long list of fantastic titles for both online and local play games,

                Better than playing PC based games, because you do not need to upgrade your PC every 12 months to play the latest games, which over the years becomes very costly.

                ------------------------- Disadvantages: ---------------------------
                Being in the UK has many drawbacks when it comes to playing online games, this is because most if not all the gaming servers are located in the US and the delay between communications from here to the US gives all US players a serious advantage when playing fast action online games. The effects of which can be seen when you put a full mag into an American player, they shoot you with a few bullets at the same time, but you die (COD)!

                Price of each game, MS paid Millions of pounds designing a system that could not use pirated software, only to charge those that don't buy copies the extra amount of money. ASDA do have some cracking deals with new releases although it means a late night to bag one.

                No helicopter simulation games!

                The options for adding your own music onto the hard drive is very limited.

                Ideas for the future, would be to add an additional HD output for playing multiplayer games on separate screens as dual player mode is still frustrating seeing the other player on half the screen reduces what you can see on your half!


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                15.05.2010 17:22
                Very helpful
                1 Comment


                • Reliability


                If you need the speed get two of these and you will not be sorry, just make sure you backup regular

                300GB Western Digital WD3000HLFS VelociRaptor

                ---------------- Super Fast drives ------------------
                If you need fast access to data be it for gaming or media (photo editing) then this is a must have. The drives are very quiet and super fast, with access speeds of 4.2ms which is twice as fast as standard PC hard drives on the market. I have two of these drives and use them in a Raid 0 configuration, which in English means, when writing a 10megabite file it has the potential to write 5 megabytes to one drive and 5 megabytes to the other. The result is a file that is written to your hard drive 4 times faster than a single standard hard drive. BEWARE! There is always a catch; if your raid fails you could lose all the data on both drives. This is mainly due to a configuration file that is created when the system creates the raid; if it gets corrupt you lose the lot. If you back up your drive regularly depending on how important your data is, once a month for none important data, once per week for not so important data and once a day for important data using one of the many software packs on the market today you can rebuild the raid and the data from your last backup in a matter of an hour or so. With Raid 0, you get double the capacity, so it would be 600GB.

                I have accidently deleted a raid once and managed to recover all the data, via backups. On my last PC I had two of the old Raptor drive 36.7GB and in four years lost the raid twice, so it does happen. These drives are still going 7 years on! The performance out ways the risk if you backup your system regularly, and not click on cancel when you are reminded by the software!

                Most systems today come with an onboard Raid system, which is fab for this purpose.

                What if you want fast data and reliability, well with two of these drives you can set them up in Raid 1 which basically mirrors the contents of the main drive onto the second at the same time, resulting in fast access and a complete copy of the hard drive if in the event that the main one fails. If your main drive fails all you need to do is swap them over test the one that is faulty, if it just got corrupt you can rebuild it using the mirrored copy in an hour or so, depending on your system speed. How to use your onboard raid is covered in your motherboard manual or the manufacturers user guide. Raid 1 only gives you a single drive capacity so in this case it would be 300GB.

                When you get your drive you will notice that it is made up of about 50% heat exchanger (IcePack frame) and two 2.5" drives back to back. This is how they stay so cool. These are absolutely fantastic. Currently priced at £158.07 Inc VAT from Scan.

                Point to note is you want the fastest access and reliability you can if your pockets are deep enough get 4 of these drives and configure and Raid 5, which is a Raid 0 and a Raid 1 together, the downside is that all the processing to send data to each of the drives is done by your CPU and you will lose some performance, compared to 4 standard drives you would still notice a massive increase in speed. If any of your drives fail, simply test the drive and pop it back in and the system will rebuild it for you, in a few hours. In this situation you would have 600GB of storage for four hard drives. Once you get to these extremes you really need to invest in a Raid card that will perform the processing for you, normally a valued requirement for workstations. For examples if you use CAD or Photo editing software for a living.

                -------------------- Conclusion --------------------
                Value for money Yes, if you need them
                Overall performance, fantastic 5 stars
                Reliability yes 5 stars, a 5 year warranty says a lot
                Quiet operation, yes 5 stars, they are quieter than my power supply fan


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                  05.05.2010 21:42
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  Great addition to any home that needs yet another network cable installing, do it easily with this

                  Get rid of network cables around your house and out building with the use of a home plug kit.

                  ------- Suggested reasons for buying this kit -------
                  Perfect for media streaming from your main PC or Media box to your Laptop, media player (hooked up to your TV); with streaming speed well above the suggested 20Mbs you will be able to experience HD movies on your TV. Who knows once you have experienced HD quality movies you may never go back! It's great for games consoles, as you don't need the expensive wireless adaptors that actually slow your gaming connections.

                  Extend your network and or improve your networking speeds, to another part of the house, or external building that shares the same power connections without having to install networking cable through walls and underground. Not to mention the ability to move locations from time to time. Wireless G has a maximum of 54Mbs and actual average speed of around 8Mbs while this Wireless N has a maximum of 200Mbs, actual average speed of 40Mbs. My average speed tests for the 2073N was 48Mbs wireless and 90Mbs wired. You don't need to replace your existing router / modem to support new devices with Wireless N capabilities.

                  The wireless home plug continues to support your existing wireless devices as it supports Wireless b, g and n, however when you are trying to stream video it will generally go as fast / slow as the slowest connected device. My advice is if you have other wireless devices on an existing router / modem, keep them on that, save your Wireless N network for media streaming and extending wireless access as mentioned above. Wireless N is rated as having less dead zones in the home!

                  ------- The important information HOW GOOD IS IT REALLY -------
                  * Wired home plug Ethernet to Ethernet (200Mbs) we got average of 12MBs which equates to 96Mbs which is fabulous!
                  * Wireless N (200Mbs) we got an average of 6MBs which equates to 46Mbs
                  * Wireless G (54Mbs) we got an average of 2.1MBs equating to 16.8Mbs
                  To give you an idea of how the figures add up, I carried out a few further tests transferring files without the home plug kit:
                  * 1Gb network transferred files at an average of 26MBs equating to 208Mbs
                  * 100Mb network transferred files at an average of just 8MBs equating to 64Mbs

                  I hear you saying "Why are these speeds nowhere near as fast as the connection states"? In fact there are many different things to take into consideration with regard to transferring information over a network, firstly the transferring of a file is similar to someone providing instructions over a telephone, which is a two way conversation, information and then confirmation of the information. With regard to the Wireless networks, they are reduced further as each packet of data contains additional information and because the transmission undergoes conversion from Ethernet to wireless, the conversion takes small amounts of time and because data is passed both ways the conversation is slower.

                  ------- Box contents & Packaging -------
                  The Billion BiPac P106N is supplied in a well contained box, with excellent product pictures and information, the text size of the information is a little on the small size but readable; the package is bursting with goodies: including two, one meter Ethernet cables, Quick guide instructions for both devices (who reads the full manual anyway, well actually a lot of customers do especially when things go wrong!). One of the most clever ancillaries I have ever seen with a device that is plugged into a power outlet is the ability to alter the position of the device, this kit comes with two sets of 3 pin mains adaptors, the first positions the home plug in its upright position while the second allows it to be plugged in upside down the main advantage here is where you want to plug the home plug in and there is not enough space below the power outlet to fit it (were the space between the outlet and the skirting board are two close). You also get two disks containing full user guides and a networking utility program.

                  ------- Advantages -------
                  Both devices have Ethernet connections, allowing for direct connected devices without using the wireless connection, by doing this it minimises lost data packets, interference from other networks in your area - four in a 50 meters area of my location.

                  Wired network is secured at the push of a button! The home plug kit uses preconfigured security for the wired part of the network, ensuring that your network is secured using similar technology to wireless security. The only difference is that it you don't need to configure it, just press the button and away you go!

                  Although the current speed of the Wireless N is up to 300Mbs, billion have used the 200Mbs for the wireless N in this kit primarily because the speed is dependent on the speed of the network, the home plug is a 200Mbs network device and therefore it makes sense that the wireless cannot be any faster than 200Mbs.

                  Intelligent power saving features, when the network is not in use it goes to sleep, and as soon as network traffic is detected it will awaken.

                  ------- Disadvantages --------
                  The only real downside to this kit is the lack of a unique preset password for web management interface and no wireless security set as default.

                  -------- Items that affected testing -------
                  * External wireless networks using the same channel, it was necessary to try different channels in order to obtain the best results. This is common with all wireless devices both in cases of multiple networks and also to gain the greatest transmission distance. It is always advisable to try different wireless channels when you think your network is slow, by using different frequencies you can get around objects differently and also stop other wireless network from cancelling out some of your signal.
                  * Wireless networks are affected by a whole host of external factors with this in mind I would rather use the Home Plug Ethernet cables to connect my media streamer to my TV because it provided fabulous HD results without any picture stuttering (freezing). So I am not sure if this is really a disadvantage, but worth mentioning anyway.

                  ------ Initial setup of the kit -------
                  We all expect computer products to be plug and play in today's world and the P106N is no different. When reading the quick setup guide it takes you through the basics including how to secure the wired network with just one button press. Further configuration of the device is through your typical web interface, accessing the web interface is as simple as typing in a network address ( into your web browser, and entering the default username and password (admin).

                  NOTE: please change your password as soon as you access the web interface, the reason is that anyone can access your wireless network using the default credentials. Many of you reading this will know that some modems / routers are now shipped with a unique password (normally on the bottom of the device) for this reason. If you make a mistake or forget the password you can always reset the device back to the manufacturer's defaults using the Reset Button, located on the bottom of the device.

                  ------- Advanced setup -------
                  Once you are up and running, the disks contain detailed user guides, one for the wireless N and the other for the home plug. The user guides are comprehensive, with simple explanations of many of the network acronyms.

                  ------- Conclusion --------
                  Overall the BiPac P106N is a great addition to any network that requires media streaming and wireless N capability. Not to mention that you can separate wireless networks that will allow the speed hungry of you to have the speed you need and still allow others to connect to the internet. If you are going to stream media and you buy this kit I would still recommend that you connect your devices using the Ethernet connections because of the major increase in throughput and no interference from wireless networks.

                  For anyone looking for a none wireless version of the Home Plug Kit Billion do a P104 BiPac 2071 which contains two Ethernet connected Home Plugs 200AV, take a look at http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=7236

                  Note for all users, if you have ever had problems access another PC in your home, just remember your firewall is designed to stop a lot of access and you may need to read your firewall instructions to allow another PC to access yours.


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                • lightbulbs-direct.com / Online Shop / 28 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                  15.04.2010 10:48
                  Very helpful



                  Fab site, fab prices, fab delivery and fab service

                  I recently had to replace a few bulbs at home, some are very hard to get a hold of, but I managed to find them at Light bulb direct http://www.lightbulbs-direct.com/default.aspx they have a very easy to use bulb selector, that allows you to narrow down the type of bulb you want. Alternatively if you know the reference number of the bulb you need you just type it in and away you go! I first used Light Bulbs Direct back in 2008 when I ordered two UV tubs for our fly killer, well that was two years ago and as I mentioned above I had to order some again therefore the reliability of the bulbs were great as I leave the fly killer on 24/7 as we have a dog and leave the back door open most of the time.

                  Delivery charges range from £4.75 minimum and £8.50 for long fluorescent tubes, however if your order is over £40 the delivery is free, Yes Free. They have a minimum order value for retail customers of £5.

                  Ordering methods include over the phone, via fax, online of course and the good old fashioned by mail for those that do not like to use a credit card online.

                  They even have a very wide range of LED lights which I recently purchased a few of. If you are familiar with the energy saving adverts on TV where the father is always trying to turn things off, I recently fitted LED lights in my bedroom wall lights for reading at night. Well you can guess what happened next I went upstairs for something and noticed that my wife had left her reading light on. I turned it off and boldly went down and told her off - she replied by saying "they are LED lights they hardly burn anything!" what could I say!

                  It is worth pointing out that if you have a number of G10 bulbs the cost of replacing them with LED lights is initially expensive however as with all orders to light bulbs direct if you order 10+ of any light bulb the cheaper the bulbs are. Why pay so much for LED well they last a lot longer than the halogen equivalents, the site states that the GU10 LED 240V 1W white lasts approximately 30000hrs compared to 4000hrs for a Sylvania 'Home' ES50 GU10 50W. That's seven and a half times longer lasting the cost of the G10 is £2.15 each compared to £10.50 for this LED version which is a saving of £5.75. The downside is that the more light you want from the LED bulbs the more expensive they are. One of the main reasons for this is the requirement for cooling which is done by adding more metal.

                  Light bulbs direct sell to industry and retail, like me and you! Their prices are very reasonable too! They even have special offers, so it is worth checking out the site every now and then. Delivery times are very quick too! I placed my order late Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday morning, I received two emails from them one to confirm the order and another to let me know that my order had been dispatched, a very good service if you ask me!

                  I will continue to replace all my halogen bulbs with LED bulbs room by room, only have one more room to do and that is the bathroom, then we are fully bulb eco-friendly, not to mention the cost savings.


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                • UK Petrol Prices / Discussion / 22 Readings / 14 Ratings
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                  28.03.2010 19:14
                  Very helpful



                  This is a letter om my views to help get the UK back on its feet

                  I have ideas that would help to re-energising the UK economy along with generating a large number of happy UK voting residents with the labour party:
                  * Generate a large number of jobs both short term and long term
                  * Reduced contribution to the MOD without decreasing current support
                  * Reduction in the cost of all public services and decreasing the UK deficit
                  * Cheaper public transport.
                  * Provide every person in the UK with a pay rise without actually paying any money; this would include the rich the poor, the old the young employed and the unemployed!
                  * A STRONGER UK ECONOMY - better strength in the pound!
                  * Vastly increased support for the labour party! Because it was the party that thought outside of the box and provided for the UK when it needed too!

                  ALL THIS WITHOUT DIRECTLY BILLING THE UK RESIDENTS - it is not a pipe dream so Please read on.

                  The threat of the government increasing Fuel prices when the economy is still struggling is bizarre?

                  For every rise of tax on Fuel, you are indirectly affecting the prices of nearly every item UK resident's purchase on a daily basis. To elaborate further for every penny added to Fuel, the price to grow, transport, manufacture and produce increases because each and every stage of the goods process from raw material or seed to the finished product requires transportation at least once. When the fuel price rises the price to produce and transport these goods rises, the cost of which is passed on to the consumer through price rises of goods.

                  I understand that this can be a benefit for the government because with every price increase for goods it means more revenue is generated in TAX and VAT. However the problem you are neglecting is that the consumer then needs more money to pay for the same number of items that they did previously, which means that they then need to go to their employer for a raise. Not even the government is able to provide pay rises for public sector workers, so how can companies be expected to give rises within the current economic state? This make employees unhappy, they wonder why they should go to work in the first place!

                  So how is it possible to provide every resident in the UK with a pay rise?
                  The obvious resolution would be to reduce cost of Fuel considerably - Yes there is an environmental knock on effect but what would be worse a country that faces more job losses, company closures, price rises for the basic essentials including food, heating and electricity or for people not to reduce the amount of miles they drive each year. Many of the long distance commuters cannot reduce their mileage by large amounts mainly because of the locations of the jobs that pay enough money to live at their current standard of living. I hear you saying NO WAY we would lose too much TAX and at a time like present with such a deficit it would be crazy - well actually this is not true. The reason is that in order to stabilise the economy it is necessary to give consumers confidence that the market will stabilise and this can only by providing people with the money they need to live, the more money people have the more they will spend and therefore more taxes paid happier work force.

                  If the government reduced the cost of fuel there would be a huge knock-on effect, providing residents and business with more money, that they could then spend or invest which would help the UK economy to grow again. This would require a little push from the government to manufacturers, farmers and the transport industry to cut their prices accordingly. UK residents would then have more money to spend elsewhere which would increase purchasing of all kinds (homes, modern economic vehicles, food and luxury goods), people would be able to invest more money allowing the banks more money to invest back into the UK (Mortgages, loans etc.). All of these would benefit the economy and the government purse buy generating more TAX, VAT , generate more jobs, introduce a long term growth in our country, not to mention belief that the government is actually doing something to HELP UK residents. So why not decrease Fuel taxes and actually increase your TAX and VAT revenue at the same time. Do the maths!

                  e.g. let's take a loaf of bread these figures are only as an example and are not accurate the ingredient to make a loaf of bread cost ten pence, the cost to transport them to the bakery is five pence, the cost to bake the bread including staffing, building usage, equipment and Gas and electricity is forty five pence. Packaging and labelling costs 5 pence with 2 pence to deliver the packaging. Cost of delivery to the retailer and other outlets is 5 pence profit and all taxes are approximately thirty three pence. Sold to the retailers for one pound the retailers sell the loaf for one pound twenty. Finally the customer spends tem pence getting to and from the shops; the total cost for the loaf is now one pound thirty.

                  10 + 5 + 45 + 5 + 2 + 33 + 20 + 10 total is £1.30

                  Overall VAT on this transaction is approximately £0.2275

                  An increase in 1 pence TAX on Fuel (in this example we will add one pence at each stage of transportation, also the cost to produce the raw material will also rise as fuel is used during this stage also).

                  11 + 6 + 45 + 6 + 3 + 33 + 20 + 11 total is now £1.35

                  Overall VAT on this transaction is now approximately £0.23625

                  Overall TAX increase is now £0.05

                  That is an increase of 0.00875 / loaf of bread using our example, we know that there is no VAT on food but there is really as many parts of the production process is liable for VAT. Finally the retailers and the manufactures are now paying more VAT and making less profit so they have to put their prices up, so here the baker puts the price up by five pence and the retailer another 5 pence our loaf of bread now costs £1.45 all because of a 1 pence increase in Fuel TAX.

                  We have now looked at what happens when fuel prices are increased, so what would the effect of reducing the cost of fuel be? Using the same example let us see:

                  In reverse, if the Fuel TAX was reduced by £0.10 again using the above example (Assumed the fuel decrease will equate to £0.01 per transportation process with a push to manufacturing and retailers the following is not unrealistic:

                  10 + 5 + 45 + 5 + 2 + 33 + 20 + 10 total is £1.30 current model

                  9 + 4 + 42 + 4 + 1 + 30 + 9 = £0.99 that is a saving of approximately 31% now take an average household shopping allowance of £120.00 / week (two adults and two children) that would make a saving of £37.20.

                  So to what extent might the TAX income be reduced by against the weekly shopping? Approximately £6.435 but before you panic, look at how much money people will have left over - this money will then be spent or saved elsewhere. In the case of spending that would require more production of goods, more spending on leisure activities (getting people healthy etc). If the extra money was all spent it would be at full VAT Rate meaning that there would be no loss whatsoever.

                  Now let's look at the reduced revenue from fuel TAX, well actually as we displayed above, the cost of transportation goes down and more goods and services that will provided with a larger number of goods being transported, grown, produced meaning that more jobs would be created, more vehicles will be fully laden. LGV vehicles companies will be more likely to stop cutting corners on maintenance and have better fuel economical vehicles on the road leading to reduced emit ions.


                  Then with a major win in the elections you might want to regenerate the UK's manufacturing business, by making it harder for companies to move production abroad. Provide support to rebuild the UK's manufacturing trade.

                  Brought to you by HandsOnDave


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                    28.03.2010 19:07
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                    In you would like to save money and you have a mobile phone read on.

                    Many of you reading this will wonder what it is all about. It is a little known secret that many batteries can be brought back to life with little effort. Yes I am telling the truth, my wife's mobile phone battery recently required charging every day, not the so called every 5 days that it used to be, oh and this is her third battery!

                    How batteries work, without going into the science: they are chemical cells that store electric charge, which we then use to power our mobile phones, many of which are now lithium batteries, the reason for lithium batteries is that they are lighter and do not suffer from the age old problem of loosing charge after being repeatedly charge, like of the non-lithium batteries do! Well that is the theory anyway.

                    As I said batteries store a charge, we plug them in when going flat and they are recharged, the charger charges the battery until the battery states that its voltage is at the charge voltage, it then stops charging and you are informed that it has been replenished. This generates heat which can damage the battery beyond use; it also creates what can be described as a ghost voltage / charge. The more you recharge your battery the stronger the ghost charge becomes and the shorter the battery lasts after being fully charged.

                    During charging you are advised that it has finished being charged, so you take it off charge and carry on using it. But hey it's running low again, so you put it on charge again and the circle goes on. As the ghost voltage / charge builds up overtime your battery life decreases and this is because the ghost voltage is storing an image of your fully charged battery and reporting to your charger that it is fully charged when in fact it has only received a small charge.

                    OK, so how do you get rid of the charge, well that is the easy part, your mobile phone requires a large amount of power in order to switch your phone on, however when your phone states that the battery is running out, there is still a lot of power in the battery just not enough to use your phone with. This is the little devil within your battery that creates the ghost and to get rid of it you simply need to discharge the battery completely. DO NOT SHORT YOUR BATTERY TERMINALS OUT; this is because it will go on fire very quickly.

                    HERE IS ANOTHER EASY WAY TO GET RID OF THE CHARGE IN YOUR BATTERY. Put it in a small plastic bag and place it in the freezer for 24 hours, a friend recently told me this and it works!

                    What you can do is take out your mobile phone battery from the phone, get an old torch, take out the bulb holder and connect two wires to the bulb holder, making sure that the wires do not touch together (short circuit VERY BAD). Next look at your battery connections and you will see 3 or more terminals, (+), (-) and (other), press and hold one of the wires to the + and the second wire to the - and you should see the bulb light up. Hold in place until the bulb lights no more and recharge. You will now find that its lasts longer than before, I have on occasions had to repeat this process a few times over a week to bring the battery levels close to that of a new battery.

                    Some additional pieces of advice, if you buy a new phone or new phone battery, make sure that you charge it for twice as long as it states in the guide before switching it on. The reason for this is that your ghost charge starts as soon as you start using the phone meaning that if your phone is only half charged your ghost charge is half powered. A new fully charged battery will have no ghost. SO BE PATIENT, don't play with your new toy until the battery is fully charge.

                    Don't leave your phone on charge all night, not just for the green reasons and electricity costs but also because it damages your battery, this is because your phone discharges while switched on and if it is still plugged in, it will then start to charge again the more you do it the worse your battery will get. If you need to charge your phone overnight buy a timer switch and set the timer switch on for the recommend amount of time to charge your battery. That way you can save the earth, money and increase the life of your battery...

                    Final piece of advice don't throw your batteries in the bin, drop them off at the likes of Aldi who take used batteries and dispose of them properly.
                    I hope you have found this interesting, I have tried to keep it as non-technical as possible and remember if you can spare the time it works!

                    Brought to you by HandsOnDave


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