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    • Cooking on a Budget! / Recipe / 119 Readings / 115 Ratings
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      09.03.2010 12:55
      Very helpful



      Eat better and save money at same time

      The biggest saving anyone can make is making a cooking budget.lm a very thrifty person by nature, but also l have to food budget as l cant work due to health problems. lv found the best way to save money on food,like everything else money saving,is to plan and be organizied. Heres my tips and a salad recipe

      Recipe file.

      Start cliping & filing budget recipes from magazines or from frugal recipe internet sites. In my file on the first page l keep an up-to-date price list as l work out the total price of any recipes l find and write it in red felt pen on the clipping. This way,when lm looking for a budget recipe l can see straight away the cost. Also by doing this it will make you see how much cheaper it is to make meals from scratch compared to the over priced ready meals.Most of my budget recipes l collect, are freezer recipes,so l can make my own home made ready meals.


      l shop on line once a month for store cupboard items. l go through ipoints site ,then to a site on there called 'mysupermarket'(so l earn ipoints) then l use that site to order my shopping from tesco. l like tesco shopping as l like to earn and save my points towards holidays through their points deals. l only buy store cupboard items that are either on offer or on bogoffs. l never pay full price for food, or for anything else.
      As store cupboard items usually have long expiry dates its ok to buy in bulk. When l check out l will try and use a delivery code or a extra points code that l search for on MSE site. l write my codes in expiry monthly date order into a small booklet, that l keep in a clear wallet in my recipe folder. If l cant find a code, l shop on- line on the cheapest/time delivery date,which at the moment is a Tuesday. l like to then shop for any fresh food and meat on a Saturday,but only if l'v got a double coupon for tesco points or money off total spend voucher to use in- store. Those coupons l will also only use if the meat or fresh products is on offer as well in store.
      Doing it this way l can get food really cheap ie l bought stewing meat, pork joint and some chops that was on the reduce section,then l used a tesco mailing extra points vouchers for buying meat products, then with that l combined it with a £10 voucher off a total shopping spend l got from a newspaper. l froze the meat for budget meals. Using money off coupons this way can be used on other items,so save those coupons !

      Growing food

      If you havent tried growing your own food, start now,no matter how small a scale.Its fun, it saves money and your food can't be any more fresher than picking herbs from your window sill or cutting a fresh lettuce from a sq foot garden. l grow herbs and peppers on my kitchen window sill and also on the spare room window sill. This year lm trying a tomato plant in the lounge window,as l read its possible to grow a plant all year if its given good light. l have two large container pots either side of my back door. full of perennial herbs(chives,lemonbalm,thyme,rosemary,dandilion,margoram) and the other is for annual herbs and salads ie coriander,parsley,basil,lettuce,springonions, nasturiums,marigold flowers,rocket,landcress,and anything else l can sow for food. In another large pot by l grow different mints. In my tiny 5x5 green house l grow cucumber,toms,peppers,strawberrys,and this year lm having a go at a melon plant and aubergines. My 5x3 sq foot garden plot l grow runner & french beans,toms,carrots and beetroot. l also grow blackberry, raspberry and red and black currants and wild strawberrys as a fruiting hedge. Semi dwarf apple and plum trees are in 2 large container pots.
      There are loads of ideas for small scale food growing on You Tube,and l'v had really good hints and tips off there.


      Make a real plan to never,ever,waste food, no matter how small a quantity you buy or have as left- overs. l freeze and store left- over cooked veg into a cut down 6 Ltr milk carton. When its full, l make a large batch of veg soup,using frozen chicken carcas as the stock. l meal-plan as much as possible,as this saves me time and money so l dont get tempted to out to shop midweek. l also batch cook ie if lm making a cake,
      l will make 2 so l can freeze one. Same with a stew,shepherds pie,meat pasties,quiche ,etc etc. It really doesnt take any more extra time to double up the quanities. My very own ready meals lol.

      heres a budget salad recipe,if you grow the herbs etc, the cost is almost nil.

      Season Salad

      In a large bowl, pour in a small amount of home made lemon olive oil at the bottom and layer on top of the oil the following well washed herbs ie
      handful chopped chives,2 sprigs spearmint, rocket leaves,some young dandilion leaves,lettuce,radish,few leaves spinch beet,chickweed,celery leaves. Then sprinkle on small amount of well chopped thyme,lemon balm,parsley,margoram,sage.
      When ready to eat just use salad spoons to toss the oil from bottom of bowl to coat the salad.This way the salad will not go limp with the coating of the oil too soon. Eat with crustry home- made bread and perhaps some cheese(bought when on offer lol) and baked pot and home made coleslaw.

      bon appetit :)


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        01.12.2009 11:43
        Very helpful



        make this and you wont pay £££s again for jars from the shops

        Nannys fridge mincemeat.

        l make this every year,as long as its kept in the fridge it will last that long, as long as you keep the mixuture moist with little with or sherry or spirits.
        It matures to lovely (spicy,if cinnamon added) tasting flavor.

        1 keep it in a tall narrow lidded glass jar at the bottom shelf of the fridge.
        Its so cheap to make as it uses all left overs

        l use it all year round in baking ie old fashioned bread puds,pies,fruitcakes, fruit tea breads,in crepes and on top of icecream.

        Large lidded jar...
        then all you do is put in any chopped apple thats gone soft in fruit bowl(just peel ,core and cut out bruised parts) that you may have during the year.

        add any left over dried fruit when finished making xmas cakes.

        any crumbled up cake that may have gone dry in cake cake tin, any flavor.

        any cheap wine that you may have opened and just didnt like so was keeping for cooking.

        * l add a few sploshes of home made balckberry rum.

        can add tiny pieces of well washed lemon/orange/lime/grapefruit peel,with all white pith cut off.

        * can add a few chopped nuts if you wish this time of year ie free hazelnuts if you go on country walks.

        just keep adding to jar, as you get the items above over the year with a sprinkle of sugar(or brown if have) with also sprinkling of mixed spice/cinnamon/ginger,plus tiny sprinkle of nutmeg, if have.

        you can start making this anytime..if you start now, let the fruit soak for at least a week for the fruit to take in the flavors.


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        • Baking / Recipe / 77 Readings / 74 Ratings
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          30.11.2009 10:19
          Very helpful



          use up the oven space,make a quick teabread

          This is so quick to prepare that once you have made it once or twice you will easily remember the recipe so that when you have the oven on for other meals you will whip this up in no time.
          l like to make a quanity of the dry ingred measured up and stored in a tupperware box in the fridge, ready to add the egg and milk.

          Nans Orange Marmalade Tea Bread.

          This is an old war time recipe

          (useful for picnics and packed lunches, or can be serve hot as a pud or buttered cold as a tea bread,buttered or sliced as a cake.)

          6 oz SR flour
          3 oz sugar
          grated rind from l well washed orange(then peel off the pith and slice orange into 4
          l tablespoon orange marmalade
          3 oz marg(melted)
          l egg
          4 tablespoon milk

          put the flour,sugar and rind into bowl and mix
          beat egg,milk and marmalade together in a cup and pour over the flour mix with the melted marg
          stir all this lightly till flour is mixed in
          pour into a greased small loaf tin if for a tead cake, or a cake tin if baking for a pud or cake.
          then lay the orange sliced on top

          cook on the middle shelf in a medium heated oven thats on for another meal.

          cook approx 30 min if in a cake tin
          or approx l hr 15min if in a loaf tin
          test with a knife in the middle of the tea bread to check its cooked.


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          • Geneology / Discussion / 66 Readings / 63 Ratings
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            15.10.2009 12:33
            Very helpful



            You could end up writing a book.

            l had never thought about looking into my family tree till my beloved elderly Auntie died.
            l found out then that she had been writing her life story for her children and grandchilden and they decided to have it published.
            This book,Brum by Candle Light, tells the story of my grandparents hardship,like so many others living in Birmingham during the 1900s.
            That book started my journey into looking further back into my family tree.
            At the time of my research,l didnt have a computor, so all my looking up and reading certificates were done by visiting the records offices, which was very time consuming and very expensive as l now do not live any more in Birmingham.
            Would l recommend looking into your family tree, yes, as it can be so rewarding, but there are a few things to take into account before you start.

            So far,on my father's side, l have found a distant relative in Canada, that our family had a Crest, and the origin of the family name.
            But alas...no family fortune lol.
            In fact, it was the complete opposite, most of my ancesters all lived in poverty,way back to 1794,which was very sad imagining the hardships they must have faced.
            My tree did lead me to a little church yard though, that has many of my ancesters buried there and also the farm and country lane that was named after them.

            As l couldnt trace back any further, l have since done my husbands family tree and now studying my mothers tree.
            Its been a fascinating journey so far, but it is so time consuming.
            Also you need to be very organizied, as files and paper-work do mount up.

            l estimate it has costed me around £400 to collect and send for all the certificates, photo copying,fees to join Geneology sites,stationery,travel, ect,ect
            And thats just for one research on one side of the family!

            So if you have time and the money, researching your family tree can be a fascinating hobby,but be warned,it can get addictive.


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            • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 51 Readings / 49 Ratings
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              12.10.2009 12:06
              Very helpful



              to the hairy monster,dont judge owner by the handbag!

              l hate looking in my bag....its always full to the brim and l only empty it when lm struggling to carry it.
              Before l list whats in there though ll tell you a little true story that happened some years ago,thinking now it must have been at least 25 yrs ago,about my handbag contents.
              My hubby had bought me a concert ticket to see a band that l had never heard of,convincing me l would really enjoy the concert.Now, lm a lady who loves the gentler side of life(my hubby is the complete opposite) and the band was Black Sabbath!
              l was still in sheer ignorance as to what the show was going to be like as we were going through the customary searches at the concert venue doors.
              As l opened my bag to a burly 6 ft hairy monster(lm a 4ft ll" wimp) he growled at me and said "and dont get using those to deface the property". What were they?
              My little angel toddler daughter, at the time, had emptied her wax crayons all over her grannys floor( she was babysitting for us that night) and l had, as usual, picked the lot up and put them in a safe place, my handbag!
              So now l was being warned not to graffiti the walls Black Sabbaths venue.

              So here's whats in my over-size handbag thats far too big for tiny me to carry....

              3 cloth carry bags
              2 paper tester perfume cards from Debenhams
              4 sheets of A4 writing paper and 2 pens.
              food price book.
              pr of suede gloves(even it summer)
              door key and holder
              pk of travel tissues
              loads of loose clean tissues
              heavy purse,full of too many coins
              envelope full of money off coupons
              loads of money loose at bottom of handbag.(l love that part of cleaning out my bag)
              loose hair grips,lippy and perfume
              latest magazine l subscribe too
              fold up walking stick
              brolly(its in there even all through the summer)
              and loads of bits of paper with 'to do' lists.

              not too bad this time..and not a wax crayon in sight(yet)


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                11.10.2009 21:39
                Very helpful



                it has to be done, so follow a plan

                l cant stand housework,l wish l was a domestic goddess ,but l just want to spend my valuable time doing so many other things.As it has to be done, l make it as organzied as l can to get it out of the way,so heres my hints and tips l do,to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

                l used to work for a cleaning contractor many years ago and they trained us to spend only a certain time cleaning each room.They had worked out a type of time and motion plan and it did work.

                So using that same method, my weekly housework is planned the same way.l only spend a certain amount of time cleaning each room,when that time is up,l move on to the nk room.

                l make sure l have a container l can carry with me that has the following,plus my vac

                *Home made apron with large pocket
                For bedroom,hall and living room cleaning....
                *old rag cleaning cloths & cleaning sprays(home made)
                *recycled plastic bags for bin bags and rubbish
                *polish & window spray(home made) and old cloths
                For kitchen cleaning....
                *bicarb of soda for oven cleaning,swing bin bags,old cloths for floor cleaning.anitbactiral sprays.
                Bathroom and Toilet cleaning....
                *old cloths for cleaning,rubber gloves & bic of soda for toilet cleanng,home made antibactiral spray cleaner for bath/shower cleaing,old toothbrush for tap cleaning.extra spare loo rolls and toilet blocks.

                As l have 9 rooms,ie 3 bedrooms, toilet,bathroom,kitchen,2 halls and livingroom,l spend maximum 15mins cleaning each room,working around clockwise.when 15mins up,l move on to the nk room.
                Yes,at first l did keep looking at my watch, but now l dont need too as l just follow a set routine.
                By doing it this way,you do not keep going backwards and forwards cleaning which will waste time.
                You clean & tidy as you go around the room,once.l also open windows in each room l clean, as l dont like to use commercial air-freshners.
                When lv done this l vac (or mop)
                As lm disabled l spend l hr 15mins up stairs cleaning then l rest for l hr,then l spend l hr cleaning down stairs.

                So my total house cleaning is 2 hrs 15mins ,which l do 3 times a week,Monday,Wednesday and Fridays.
                Of course my kitchen and toilets are cleaned daily.
                l use disposable antibactiral cloths for these quick cleans.

                l try my best to follow this routine as it helps me keep my house organzied,but if lm ill or visitors come, l dont fret, as l know it will be done another day.

                My spring cleaning l break into a monthly routine, as l like to keep April free for my seed sowing and December free as busy cooking & family visiting.
                l do deep clean of each room spread over a month as its easier for me to keep on top of things ie getting hubby decorating that room if it needs doing,sorting out clutter,cleaning cupboards and drawers etc etc.
                l follow a plan this way....

                Jan...Kitchen(after xmas it always need a good clean lol)
                June..bedroom 1
                July..bedroom 2
                Aug..bedroom 3
                Sept..Living room
                October..tidy garden after veg growing
                Nov.. get Guest rooms ready
                Dec..Store cupboard shopping/cooking etc.

                As my routine is from a disabled point of view, lm sure though others will find some useful tips here to save time house cleaning.

                Just remember, clean as you go around a room once.When you have done that shut the door and forget it,
                and as mother always said,If it doesnt get done that day,well its not the end of the world,it can be done another day.


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                • Gardening / Discussion / 42 Readings / 40 Ratings
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                  14.09.2009 19:47
                  Very helpful



                  Save Money growing Your own food.

                  For a few years now lv been re-designing my small back garden to grow only veg and cutting flowers for money saving.
                  Its possible to grow food for very little cost apart from perhaps a few special seeds and gardening tools.
                  l thought l'd share hints & tips lv tried and tested.
                  Although my tips are mostly to help me from a disabled view point, l'm sure many reading this will find them useful for any one who wished to garden on a small space and to try and save money.
                  l decided to write in monthly order as the hints and tips are easier to follow.
                  **new hints and tips are add at top of each month.


                  *try and make a bird table.l made mine from a tall thick tree log,that has a few side branches cut down. l hang hm colour glass tea lights from them for warm summer evenings when we are eating out -side.The top is just a piece of recycled sq ft flat wood.We get loads of birds feeding from this and the birds will eat the greenfly in the garden. Also l made a small narrow pond from 2 green poundland troughs,sunk into the ground. This is next to my lawn on one side and acts as edging to my fruiting hedge by back garden fence.the hedge has blackberrys, blackcurrents,redcurrents,raspberrys,gooseberries,and under these strawberries. l get frogs in these tiny ponds and these will each slugs in the garden.
                  *if you havent already done so consider taking out a garden mag subscription as many give free veg/flower seeds each issue . These save me the cost of buying seeds during the year.You also get info to read and also many subs give fantastic free gifts to take on the subscription. Last year l got a large garden clouche,worth £32 which was good as the sub was only £26 a year,with feed seeds each issue. The year before l got very expensive pruning sheers for free.
                  *save as many clear A4 size plastic bags, from these mag subs etc. These are to use to put on yr pots of seeds,sealed with elastic bands to act as mini greenhouses.
                  *save lidded biscuit tins from xmas,these make great storage containers for your seed packets.~The square tins(and pots/containers) are the best,as it saves space on the greenhouse shelves. Every bit of space will be used in your greenhouse for seedlings.My tiny plastic walk-in greenhouse is full to the brim by the end of April,with growbags around the bottom for cucumbers and melons. First shelf has seedlings growing on,second shelves has peppers,chilli and flower plants.My hm cardboard potting tray and containers for lablels etc. is also on there.Then on top shelves, strawberries and hanging toms plus my radio and poundland clock. Near the entrance l have 2 hanging pop bottles made into upsidedown hangers for herbs to help repel bugs. At end of this tiny walk-in plastic greenhouse l have placed a old green recylced bin that stores all my free seed trays(see below).On top of that l have but a piece of wood that makes a nice seat for when l need to rest. Each side of this seat,on the floor, there is space to put 2 recycled large milk bottles to use as water carriers, l also bent a old wire coat hanger to hook on to the top shelf to hold a plastic bag to throw rubbish into and to hold my garden jumper for when it gets too warm in there.
                  *start saving the small old junk mail envelopes we all get.These are great to pop in the opened seed packes during the yr to catch left over seeds that you will be sowing, few and often during the months.The plain white backs to the envelopes are great to write any notes on them and the envelopes are then easy to file in month order if you date them in the top corner.l store my seeds in bottom of fridge,as they last then for several years.
                  *start saving well washed yogurt pots,for seed sowing.
                  *l Lt plastic pop bottles,cut down and used as mini greenhouses .Also can be made into upside down plant holders, just look on You Tube,loads on there about how this is done. l used green pop bottles cut to diff sizes and threaded with green twine l bought at poundland.l hang them up at far end of my green house from the top bar,and also 2 hanging at front entrance with herbs in.It works really well and the extra weight keeps my plastic walk-in greenhouse anchored.
                  *save plastic mushroom containers,to use as seed trays and well washed clear plastic meat containers. They can also be used as drip trays under pots of plants
                  *cut up old tights to make ties. l cut up old black tights.
                  *Any very tall straight branches,for runner beans to grow up.Short branches for peas to grow up.
                  *old netting, to keeps birds off fruit.
                  *old empty pen holder,to use as a seed dipper.Old plastic take away fork to use for transplanting seedling.
                  *old tins from large food products to hold ties, labels,dipper.
                  *l also use my childrens old toy plastic seaside buckets l found in the loft lol.These turned out to be useful holders, as they have slanted sides and with handles and are great for all the small bits and bobs l collect and need in the greenhouse, ie.scissors,seed packets,paper clips & pegs to close the seed packs after each use ,plant labels,small balls of old tights/string, short straight pieces of wood stems to hold up growing runnerbeans and toms etc in pots before planting out..so on and so on...
                  *old 6 pt plastic milk bottles, to use as watering cans(holes in lids)
                  *cut down plastic milk bottles to use as soil scoop for soil.
                  *l recycle mushroom containers to be used as drip trays to hold potted herbs,and these are placed in the spaces on grow bags outside or on greenhouse floor)that has 3 veg plants in them.The trays are placed on top of the growbags so that the herbs repel bugs off the veg plants. My basil plant did well,standing in water in one of these trays, in a spare place found the floor of the greenhouse.
                  *Buy the best grow bags you can, cheaper ones wont give good results.
                  *Also l will make a bag load of paper pots from newspaper( instructions can be found on You Tube again .No need to buy the paper pot maker,just roll the ripped paper maround a tin can..
                  *This month l will save old washing liquid bottles or long life milk bottles to cut up & make plant markers.
                  *if you have got one already, save a very well washed out household cleaning spray bottle, these are great to gently spray your seedlings as they come on.But do make sure it really well wash, or the chemicals will kill your seedlings
                  *Look out for veg seeds now as these months they are given away free with most garden magazines.The magazines are not cheap but if they have special veg seeds l'd like to grow,they usually cover the cost that l would have spent in the garden centres to purchase them. Plus the mags will give me some good hints and tips to collect.these mags l buy at tesco so l can collect points on the purchase.These seeds and the ones l get from my subs are plenty for my growing year for flowers and veg.
                  *Look out for cheap climbing roses. l grow climbing ones so saving space & these will give you cutting flowers most of the summer. Also grow sweet peas,in a pot for scented flowers. l pick flowers from my garden, every Friday for my house,for most of the year,saving me £££s on buying flowers from the supermarket.
                  *try and look out for small leaf ivy plants on sales(many garden centres have great plant sales right after Christmas where l will buy up loads of garden bulbs and house plants,for very cheap prices). These bulbs l will find a space somewhere to grow in the garden.These will be great for cutting and using in your flower arrangements during the year and thereby saving you £££s. Also when the ivy needs pruning in sept, l pot up the cuttings and they make great presents as house plants for family and friends.
                  * use the large containers from last year that you grew veggies/salads in to now grow a few spring bulbs in(bulbs from the sales)When they have finished flowering approx May,emtpy out and repot with good fresh soil,with added fertaliser in to start the summer salads , this way you get the best use of your garden containers all the year round.
                  *Read up which cutting flowers will grow in yr soil.
                  *if you have garden friends,beg cutting off them of raspberry canes, rhubarb, flowering shrubs(for flowers for house later)in fact anything they are willing to give away lol.this yr l had great results from a rhubarb planted in large container with lots of veg peelings etc frm kitchen.l water it daily with veg compost tea and its growing like crazy.
                  If lm given any suppermaket flowers as a gift l will always push the stems,after they have flowered, into the garden in spare soil. l have roses and greenery thats rooted this way,all for free. l have a wonderful large poundland container,full of different coloured spray carnations(they must be the spray carnations not the single carnations, as these wont root) The soil is well mixed with crushed egg shells as spray carnations love this.


                  start making compost from kitchen veg waste.Last yrs compost empty now onto yr plots.
                  new tips..if you can only grow veg in containers then l recommend the following that lv had great success with this yr 2010.l buy my l ft approx size sq ft pots from poundland and plant the following per pot... tom/cabbage/kale/sprout/outdoor cuc/strawberry x l per pot ...or romaine lettuce/green beans/swiss chard/x4 per pot...or carrots/parsley/spinach/raddish/salad onions x 16 plants per pot. Make sure you use the best compost you can get if you have to buy this and when planting give a handful of plant food (again bought from poundland). Then water every week from May onwards with liquid plant food added to the watering- can.
                  *grow honey bee flowering plants.Try and get free cuttings from neighbours or friends etc.The honey bee is dying out fast and we all need to help them survive. Plus we need the bees to help fruit and veg growing in your garden.
                  l grow cutting flowers for the house that attract the bees to my garden ie,honeysuckle,Lavenders, roses, Larkspur,,Hollyhocks,foxgloves,asters,sunflowers,tulips,marigolds,geraniums.
                  *l purchased a 5ft x 5ft x 6ft walk-in plastic green-house last year (2009) and its been the best investment lv made so far.
                  My greenhouse has 16 removeable shelves that l can remove as the toms and cucumbers etc grow in the 4 green recycled containers that l place all around the inside edge.These will help to hold the greenhouse down.
                  It even has a space at far end for a small stool l made for another green recylced bin with a piece of wood to sit on while lm potting up in there. l can go in there on a rainy April day, put on my small radio and spend a few hrs planting up seeds in the paper pots etc that lv made Jan-April.
                  l also placed 6 bag for life blue bags from tesco(with ladybirds on) out -side, next to the plastic wall of the greenhouse..3 each side to help anchor the greenhouse down.lm growing potatoes in those this yr and they seem to be doing very well..ll post later how many pots l got from each bag.(update l got as many potatoes from a few ones from my kitchen as l did with bought tubers..so save money yourself this way.At the zipped entrance each side of the plastic greenhouse l placed 2 green recycled bins and planted l per bin a out door cucumber,this l will train to grow over the outside of the greenhouse, plus each bin has a space for a few quick growing lettuces.
                  Last year l grew courgettes,runner -beans,toms,herbs in the 4 outside grow bags.
                  In this small greenhouse,l grew 2 cucumber plants, 6 strawberry plants in pots on top shelves, 6 tom plants, 3 in pots, and 3 in the grow bags,2 chilli plants and 2 pepper plants plus many other salads.The rest of the space was used for seed sowing on the shelves.
                  *If you havent made one, make a compost heap.We got ours free from the council,so check them first, if not, its easy to make one from recycled wood.
                  *If you have the space make a sq foot plot for growing vegables in.
                  My tiny plot is 3 ft x 5 ft,marked out into l ft squares,edged with recycled house bricks and l grew runner beans, lettuces,toms, radish,spring onions,spinch and cabbages, for the 2 of us all summer.l just empty the compost soil lv made each yr on to the plot in April, plus all the used grow- bags soil.Add a handful of fertiliser,then its all ready for seed sowing.
                  *Plant up herb pots. l have 3, bought from poundland. One contains mints and the other 2 containers have margoram,chives,parsley and thyme around the edges and a small rosemary/lemon balm in the centre. Any spare space will have letuce sown there.The mint and one mixed container are placed each side of my back door and the other pot of mixed herbs are at my front door.These will give me salads and cooking herbs all summer, and need so little care. l also grow parsley in hanging baskets. l grow lemon Balm next to my compost bin,as it grows tall and l grow herbs and scented cutting flowers in a small spot next to where l placed my small outdoor table and chairs .We also have another small wild life pond and a bird table near these, made from recycled wood, so we can sit in the summer watching visiting wild life.
                  * My parsley plants in the hanging baskets near back door will last all over winter, even when covered in snow, so worth growing.
                  *buy and plant a few raspberry canes, l grow 6 canes against my top back fence and l get enough fruit for fresh or to freeze for the 2 of us all summer.They like leaf compost which l collect from behind of the back of my garden fence.This year lm buying and growing a Loganberry,as lv read it makes lovely tasting jam and puds, plus freezes well. Also it will climb,so another space saver in my small garden,cheapest lv found is buying it off ebay.
                  *l grow one wild blackberry,that grows amongst my roses along one side of the garden. The roses,l planted l ft apart so making a hedge, are a mix of different colours and all scented,so giving me cutting flowers for the house. This is also made into a fruiting hedge. lv planted wild strawberrys under all these, as they like shade.
                  * The other side of the garden are more roses plus l blackcurrent bush and l redcurrent,again easy as when it fruits you just cut the old stems off with the berries on to strip off into pots and it prunes the plant at same time.A honeysuckle grows through these.Under-neath more strawberries.
                  l bought a few yrs ago l gooseberry plant(prunings from the gooseberry roots so easily,so lv now got 6 for this year.)
                  Again these fruit plants are so easy to grow, just feed with your home made compost Spring and Autumn, and give a handful of fertalizer,which l buy from poundland.
                  If your soil is suitable and you have the space see if you can get a rubarb plant. Fresh rubarb is so expensive in supermarkets and food markets,so worth trying to grow.
                  Tip...l recommend you DO NOT buy any plants or fruit bushes from poundland, as lv found that any l have ever bought have NEVER survied. lv read others have had these fail as well. l buy my plants from Wilkinsons( plus their bulbs in sale Jan) or ebay or locla market stall and boot sales My cheap bare root climbing roses are from my local market stall.

                  *Sow now runner beans seedsin your lean-to or greenhouse or in-doors. Use the cut down plastic pop bottles. Cut about a 1/4 off the top,put some holes in the base for drainage and fill with soil and plant 2 runner bean plants in. Grow on the strongest of the 2 seeds as they appear.You can then see the roots thought the plastic pop bottle and it will help to tell you when to plant out when the container is full of roots.
                  * l grew just 4 runner beans plants up a cheap metal arch last year, the arch cost me just £4, that l put in my sq foot plot.The 4 plants,grown in greenhouse or kitchen window sill when they were l ft tall, were put in the corners of the plot, 2ft apart and the centre soil of this part of the plot, was dug out which l filled with kitchen veg waste over the nk summer months.This feeds the plants as it rots down and also holds water for the runne-rbeans.

                  JUNE to SEPT.

                  * look out for lovely flat smooth stones if you go to the seaside for hols this year.They make fab plant labels if you write on the name in permanent marker.You could even decorate with drawings of tiny butterflies,ladybirds etc.
                  *sow a few seeds of lettuce & radish and spinch every few weeks in the sq foot plot and in your lean -to or greenhouse, to have salads all summer.In fact sow salads in every possible garden space.
                  *Look out for end of season herb plants that garden centres will sell off.
                  *Again look out for free seeds with magazines.

                  LATE SEPT

                  *Save pods from some of your runner beans for next year.You can also try saving tom seeds.
                  *Make a file and collect budget food recipes from magazines/intenet etc for all the food you will now be using from the garden.


                  *Now is the time to clear up,throw away all the used recycled containers,so you dont have the trouble of storing them or washing for next yr and tidy the garden plots.aAso clean and (store plastic) greenhouse, ready for nk yr.l take my plastic greenhouse off the frame and fold and store in black bin bag,as heavy snow will rip and damaged it.the frame stay up out side.
                  My daughter didnt do this to hers and the weight of the snow ripped her 2 plastic greenhouses to bits.


                  *keep a look out for offers on garden mag subscriptions.They some times have fantastic free gifts offers.lv had some really good free gifts ie expensive pruning shears, garden books garden cloches, garden tool sets etc etc***see January.

                  So....If you havent grown your own food before,start planning to veg grow next year and start saving money plus you will get more fit at the same time.

                  Happy gardening :)


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                    09.09.2009 13:10
                    Very helpful



                    you can cope,just look for new ways to challenge obstacles.

                    lv done a search on here and l cant find anything written for anyone whos disabled about disability hints & tips...so......l thought l'd write my own little tips about how l overcame my own every day difficulties.l hope it will be of help to any one who maybe is reading this who is disabled or is elderly or wants to collect info for someone else.Hope you enjoy my review.

                    l make my mornings as stress free as possible,so as to conserve my energy as much as possible for better things to do. l try to remember these few tips.
                    To make toothpaste tube easier to use, press it on to the side of the sink using knuckles,so much less strain on fingers.
                    For extra safety in the shower/bath,wear a clean pair of cotton socks to help less chance of slipping when getting out.This tip is good for anyone,adults and children, who goes on holiday and there is no bathmat in accomodation bathroom.
                    After shower/bath put on a toweling robe straight away,this will dry off most of the water on your body, then use a new thick tea towel for your own use,to dry yourself with,its so much lighter to use than a heavy bath towel.
                    A large handled wicker basket to put all your everyday toiletries in is much easier to lift and move about while using in bathroom .l have a small handled basket for my make-up as well to move easier from bathroom to bedroom.
                    Put your closed bottle of body lotion into the shower/bath with you while washing,when you come to use it ,it will be lovely and warm and so much easier to use on your body.l put a little lotion on top of each foot and l use the bottom of each foot to massage in over the top of each foot.Doing it this way the lotion is spread over the bottom of each foot & toes, saving my energy having to reach down to spread lotion all over bottom of heels.
                    Put a stick-on hook on to side of bathroom cabinet to hold your necklaces, so much easier to store/reach when dressing.

                    l use one of those large hanging shoe holders on the door of my wardrobe, to hold my undies,tights,socks etc etc.They are so much easier to have items all close to gether so saving energy.l have a chair right next to wardrobe and dress sitting down.Keep 2 washing baskets,up stairs, one for white dirty washing other for colours.This saves time and energy each morning when doing the wash.No more sorting out,just take washing straight to machine to load.

                    Keep a nice large cloth bag,top and botton of stairs, to pop in anything that may have to be taken downstairs.My lovely cloth bags were free from a magazine,and the colours match my decor.

                    Read up on as many reviews as you can about food/cleaning products you use and make notes on ease of use people say about them.Its so hard to explain to someone how difficult it is to get blister packs open, or lids open, if you havent got anyone else in the house to help at the time.l get my hubby to remove the plastic wrappers from all proucts,example plastic shrink wrap around boxes of tea bags, before they are stored.The sealed tops on some bottles, example cooking oil,where you have to pull a thin line of plastic around the lid to open the seal are a nightmare.lv more than once nearly hurt myself with a knife trying to open these tops because the thin line of plastic breaks half way leaving the bottle still sealed.Now l just get hubby to put a tiny hole in the lid for me to just squeeze the contents out in to frying pan etc.
                    If you have a lot of plugs next to each other on kitchen units, ie kettle,toaster,coffeemaker etc etc,then colour code the top of plugs with a dot of different coloured nail varnish,saves so much time when time to use, trying to see which plug belongs to which item.

                    l use a large peg bag to carry my cleaning items in when cleaning.l can hook this onto back of chairs, door handles etc while cleaning rooms.Makes less fatique in bending down each time l need a cloth,spray etc to get from cleaning holder.
                    l wear cotton gloves to dust furniture etc.It makes dusting faster to just run my gloved hands over the furniture.Same when l want to dust skirting boards, wear a clean pr of cotton socks and just run your foot along the boards.
                    The packs of toilet cleaning wipes are so useful to use in bathroom cleaning,so much eaiser than struggling to open bottles of child proof cleaning products.l find spray bottles so difficult to use, again read up on cleaning product reviews.

                    Use a pr of old oven gloves in garden to pick up leaves,so much easier to do.To water high hanging baskets, pop in ice cubes, much easier than struggling with heavy watering cans.
                    Also dont foget to wrap white tape around garden hand tools for finding easier if left lying in shrubbery etc.
                    Pipe cleaners are easier to use holding plants together,than trying to tie string around them.

                    l hope some of these tips were helpful and makes your life a bit more comfortable.


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                    • Beauty on Benefits / Discussion / 50 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                      08.09.2009 12:26
                      Very helpful



                      copy beauty tips from your grandmothers day.

                      l havent been able to work for over 10 years due to health problems and l can relate to any-one who is out of work through no fault of their own.l used to work full time for over 20 years and good grooming was important to my job....just because lm out of work, it still is.
                      l wear full make up every day and l wash and put up my long hair every day.I feel it is good for my moral.For me, its easy to just tell myself not to bother, but l pamper myself, give myself free beauty treatments and l look up beauty hints and tips off web sites.
                      Here are a few of my beauty tips and my beauty routines to help me save money, time and energy.Hope you enjoy reading my hints and tips.

                      In morning.

                      Using a small DRY face cloth, l wipe my face over.It removes dry flakes of skin before cleansing.
                      l then wash using a mild soap(no face scrub till evening as may make face red).l then smear clear HONEY all over my face.Yes,just clear Honey.It softens the skin, its known to help cell renewal, its helps clear spots(if u suffer from them) and it removes dead skin cells.l leave it on while l finish body washing and cleaning teeth etc..The honey mask is on face for approx 10 mins.
                      Then while l smear on body lotion, l try and do body stretches to make full use of my valuable time as l dont want to spend time or money l hav'nt got thinking about going to gyms.
                      l then rince off the Honey mask from face with cool water,to also close pores and then l put on a light layer of moisturiser(usually free samples ie see info on my savings review).
                      Its best to let cream sink into skin for approx 10 mins before applying make up so l dress.Then l apply my makeup, again cosmetic samples lv collected free.My perfume is applied, yes, l use perfume every day, again free samples only.l have free samples on my dresser to last a year.l NEVER buy perfume,why, when you can send off for samples off the internet.l look up freebie beauty sites for where to email for them.l have Prada.Celine Dion,Miss Dior,Chanel No5..... samples all from Debenhams... and Marc Jacobs Daisy,CKin2U,Impulse,Brittany Spears perfume etc etc , all from internet web sites.
                      After this, l will then put up my natural colour, waist length hair.No hair -dresses £75 fee for me.....l even copy hair styles l see on beauty web site or from You- tube tutorials.
                      All this takes me approx half hour.

                      During day.
                      As l have walking problems l make the effort to move my body every hr.Its so important to do this even if you do have a job that involves sitting all day or like me,health problems.As l consider my-self a work at home mom, doing work on my laptop ie surveys,reviews,paid to read emails etc l use those intervals to do house work, stretching as much as possible.As any women knows,house work is good exercise if you remember to stretch more ie while dusting,cleaning paintwork etc etc.When lm washing up l try to remember to pull in tummy and aslo when vacuming.It becomes second nature after a while to remember to do this while house cleaning,walking, sitting on bus, in fact any where.There are even exercise websites that you can follow,say for 5 minutes at a time if you have to stay sitting.Good to learn as well if you are traveling on long haul flights anytime.
                      Try not eat junk food, it will only make you feel fatigue and pile on the pounds. When shopping, try this tip,put any junk food at end of shop on shopping belt, so you can see how much you have been tempted to buy.Even pay separate for it,again, so you can see how much money you have wasted.Not good, keep off JUNK FOOD.
                      l try to drink water during the day, it is hard to remember,but its so important for health.

                      My Evening beauty routine.
                      l take off my make up with OLIVE OIL..it cost me £1.99,when it was on offer, six months ago in supermarket and l still have quarter of it left.It has amazing softening effects,if you dont believe me,read up about it.
                      l then wash with mild soap and water,and again alight layer of olive oil on my face.Light olive oil,not extra virgin olive oil, does not leave an odor.
                      l will then wash my long hair and put on hair conditioner(once a week for deep treatment l use good old fashioned OLIVE OIL again.l never over brush my long hair.l treat it like silk.l do not want to tear out hair from my scalp so l never do the 100 strokes some tell you.My hair is thick, soft and wavy and healthy.Massage scalp with finger tips once a week. See pamper nights.
                      Then once a week l use a SUGAR scrub on my face,usually Saturday,as its a deep cleanse, as next being Sunday, is no make up day for me. as deep skin cleanse gets down deep to pores, so l want the pores breathe,Yes just SUGAR from kitchen.It is brill for pores.Try it.
                      After rincing well with cool water, your skin will feel super soft.Then a light layer of oil and eye cream.l do not use heavy night cream on my face, but l do use any free samples l get to thickly layer on my neck and chest.
                      ,Clean teeth.l dont like to use comercial mouth washes but l do use good old fashion SAGE LEAVES.This can be made into a mouth rince but l just use fresh sage leaves picked and washed from garden.After cleaning me teeth,l use one washed leaf,rubbed over teeth. It leaves your teeth feeling super clean.
                      As l grow & use herbs all the time in cooking, its just a matter of picking a sprig of sage and putting in nice rose vase in bathroom,the sprig of sage will keep for a week,in water.Its free and it works.
                      l do my manicure/pedicure while watching TV.Every few months,l cut up old tights into very small squares and use those to take off nail varnish.It works and it saves valuable money not buying cotton wool balls. SUGAR again is my beauty secret.just make a mix of sugar and little water and rub over hands before manicure, it leaves your hands super soft as it takes off dry skin.Also do this on feet.Again oilve oil is good treatment for cuticules or night hand pamper treatment, with cotton gloves on over-night.
                      In fact,if you get hard to remover dry skin on feet, rub in OLIVE OIL over at night and see it disappear by next morning

                      PAMPER NIGHTS.
                      Well this where l really lift my spirits.l try and do this at least once a week.l will light SCENTED CANDLES in bathroom.These l only buy mostly at car boots/charity shops or Boots sales.l refuse to pay more than 50p for them.If you seal them well in plastic bags, the scent in them will last and store well.l let the steam from my bath water steam my face before bathing.l will massage my scalp as head massage is great to lessen stress. Partners and hubbies love this lol.After a deep skin cleanse again with olive oil, l will try out a home made face mask,usually a herbal one.l will try out perhaps a home made bath bomb for bathing in.
                      They are so cheap to make and just the same as bought over expensive shop ones(just google off websites for recipes)
                      If not using a scented bath bomb, l will add powdered milk to soften water,Honey in water will soften skin as well.
                      In summer l will even float rose petals in my bath,bliss lol.
                      l just scoop & remover petals at end of bath with kitchen utensil drainer.
                      Once a week, l use my sugar scrub on body to exfoliate my skin.
                      My mother and grandmother had clear,wrinkle free skin, right up to old age.They both had never in their lives used bought skin products,just good old fashioned free or cheap from kitchen, beauty treatments.
                      You dont have to be rich to have beautiful skin.


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                      • Saving tips / Discussion / 43 Readings / 41 Ratings
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                        08.09.2009 00:49
                        Very helpful



                        possible to save £££s

                        To save well, l believe a person must be well organized.l try to follow my own set daily plan to help myself to save as much as l can using my limited energy due to health problems.After l have organzied my files,(which l review often,) l spend a few times a day to try to save money.l hope my tips can help others to save serious money.l regard my money saving as now my stay at home job.
                        l will edit my review as often as l can as l add extra money saving ideas.

                        Day 1. You will need to collect together a calculator,pen,calender,2 small expanding files,l large expanding file,small note book,A4 note paper, 2x A4 files.
                        First plan your budget.Write your in and out goings on A4 paper.Write your out goings under headings, ie 2.Mortgage/pension/insurance.3.Gas and Electric.4.Work/Car/School.5.Food & Cleaning products.6.Clothes/Personal.7.Holidays/Social/Entertainment.

                        Day 2.starting on your first heading. ie mortgage, spend a few hrs today researching around where you possibly can get better deals.There are lots of web sites that help you to get the best for your money.Make sure you do your research today to make big savings.File all info in your first A4 file .This is your Home file.

                        Day3.Again spend a few hrs today researching that you are on the best tariffs etc for your heating and gas.Time spent will be well worth the effort.There are big savings to be made if you do this today.Again file info in your Home file.

                        Day4.If you travel to work, try and see where you can make saving on this, ie car share,take lunch in to work,look where cheaper petrol is,can you use the car less etc etc.Get the family involved.Ask for ideas from them, you may be surprised on some helpful advice from them on saving money.File their ideas and your own again in your home file under the heading of no4

                        Day 5.Food.This is where your biggest saving will come from is you take it seriously.It is possible to cut your food spending by half.l make first a list of whats in my food store and my freezer,then l make a monthly meal plan,writing on the calender, meals l can make from my food store.Any days left l look at bogoffs by going on to store websites and noting the prices.l then see what coupons l have saved and filed in month order(in one of the small expandng files)and see if these can be used against the bogoff.
                        If they can, l look in my second A4 file(my recipe collection of cheap meals) and write my shopping list out after lv finished entering the meal ideas on the months calender.

                        The small note book is for you to make a price book.Keep this always with you when out shopping ie market shopping, as you never know when you might see a better offer.

                        l collect coupons from magazines, newspapers etc & l get on food products mailing lists, l also use printable coupons .
                        Coupons are money so collect as many as you possibly can.The best time to use them is when items on sale.Items l find go on sale just right about the time the coupons against them expire,that why l keep mine in month order in small expanding file.

                        l also look for rebates on try-me-frees and money backs called mbg.
                        .l file those in the larger expanding file as usually you need to keep packaging and reciepts.
                        Cleaning products
                        .l wont list tips about these as there are endless websites that give recipes for home made cleaners you can make so collect and file them in your Home File and try them, they work and they save you pounds.

                        Day 6.Clothing/cosmetic allowance etc etc...l buy all my jeans, trousers, winter jumpers, scarfs and gloves from charity shops,the Shop called Help the Aged as really good.the shops are well organzinged,clean and very reasonably priced.l have had real bargains from this shop that is local to my home, many garments have been brand new, and the money is going to a really good cause.Its the only charily shop l will use.
                        Car boots sales.again worth going to for clothes.One stall was selling 10 garments for £1!!!! everything there was incredible..l think the garments were either never been worn or worn only once.If you feel too proud to buy at car boots or charily shops you are missing fantastic bargains.Just remember that some celebritys/models buy at charity shops in London.If its good enough for them, its good enough for me.

                        My winter fleecy pj,toweling dressing gowns and socks and tee shirts l buy from Primark , as these are really good value.
                        My bra's, undies, tights & hubbies pj, l buy at Tesco,when on sale only and also using the extra points from tesco clubcard mail.(l save my points as you get 4 x the value off them)l do not use my points in statements against food shopping.
                        You will get 4 times the value if u use them against deals.See Tesco website.lm saving my points for a special Annversary Holiday .saving all my points will enable me to get this holiday for free,
                        My Dresses and summer Jackets and winter coats l will wait till l have discount codes for on-line clothes stores, plus l use cash backs sites when l buy on line.
                        Dont forget to file hints and tips you read about in magazines etc.l NEVER buy make up, but l wear make up every day,so how do l get it,..l get it free.How? l send off for samples from cosmetic web sites, l ask & get them free from cosmetic counters and free when included with ladies magazines.l get so much cosmetics a year free that l make up goody- bags for my girls, several times a year.If you do buy make up, get a Boots card and earn points on your shop(again buy when items on bogooff and also using Boots mailing coupons),then spend your points when the 75% off sales that are usually end of January and end of August.
                        Face scrubs and face masks are so cheap to make at home, no chemicals in them either.Again look for recipes on web sites for home made bath bombs to hair conditioners.
                        They cost so little and you may just enjoy making them.Get the family involved.Have a pamper night,(hubbies or partners love this as well)you will have just as much fun than the overly expensive spa treatments.

                        Day 7.Holidays,entertainments etc..holidays are where l like to spend my savings on.So to earn extra money for this l do surveys, daily clicks,write in to magazine letter pages(l do one letter a day to the latest issue l may have bought that had a freebie or coupon in) l send in tips, do reviews. l also do comps, but only for stuff l can use though, as l believe no point in spending valuable time entering for say DVDs if l dont want it, as l dont ebay.
                        If you think you can sell unwanted wins then comping in a good hobby.l have won loads of things over the last year for myself or for my family.Maybe you could think about mystery shopping, selling Avon products or car boots.
                        If you are fit, l know someone who earns very good money gardening in the week for a few local people.
                        Again, write and file all tips for later to research up about.
                        l always look for deals on my holidays..My savings allow us to have two holdiays a year, out of season.One in England ,other abroad.l keep a look out and file the 2 for l meal deals for use for when away on UK holidays or for special days outs.File these in your second small expanding file.

                        What ever you want to use your savings on, make sure you get that saving as soon as possible into a high interest account ,again, look around, make notes and keep the details in your Home file.l bank every penny l can save monthly.

                        As we have two holidays a year, l look for the best last minute deals and when we stay near other hotels we get free entertainment by visiting other hotels near by in the evenings.Many managers are quite happy to let you do this as long as you buy a drink in the bar as you are possible customers for your next holiday there lol.

                        After this 7 day organizing,you will be ready to keep a look out every single day for ways to save money.
                        You will be writing hints and tips, recipes etc etc in you Home file.You and your family will be saving every day as you take it seriously and in an organized manner.
                        You will want to get the family involved to help you save money,and because you are all seriously organizing your savings you will reap the rewards.
                        Take the time to plan and after that it can become fun.Believe me, l know it works..


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                        • Tesco Value 2T07 / Toaster / 64 Readings / 60 Ratings
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                          02.08.2009 17:45
                          Very helpful



                          only buy if you want to watch over it to rescue your toast.

                          Is it possible to argue with partner over a toaster, Well, in my case yes.
                          We have never owned a toaster in all 30 yrs of marriage...until now.Why's that you may ask.
                          Well,l never before seen the need to buy one untill my health, these last few years, caused me weakness and fatigue,so lm always on the look- out for kitchen items that will make my life easier.
                          On seeing this toaster in Tesco one shopping day,l decided thats just what l needed.Unfortunatley, l find it a waste of money, and it definitely does not make my life easier.l want to buy another one, hubby doesnt agree.He says it works find,just for the two of us,but guess who has to make the toast the most often.Not anymore.

                          ***Product Claim & Cost ***

                          it says it has high lift facility,variable browning & crumb tray.Toasts 2 slices at time & has a option to cancel at mid-cycle.
                          At time of review it costs £4.47 and comes in white.

                          ***Ease of Use***
                          Although it only comes in white,lm happy with that ,as will blend in with any kitchen colour scheme.Its extremly lite in weight,which is useful for weak hands,but does has disadvantage on being too lite. It has a very short flex,which is awkward if you use it on kitchen counter next to a
                          electric kettle or coffee maker.
                          Its has a nice outer finish which is easy to wipe over after use and a easy to pull out crumb tray.This tray though is very lite and narrow, and needs a steady hand to carry the tray if full of crumbs to bin to empty.Being small it can fill quickly of waste crumbs ,so has to be emptied often.
                          The option button to cancel toasting in mid-cycle is useful,why? because this toaster will give you burnt offerings.It will pop up with either underdone toast, or over done black toast.
                          Also it says it has a high lift facilitly,which means you will get 3/4 half done toast or 3/4 black burnt toast.lv yet to have a properly golden brown full toasted slice.l have now refused to use it and gone back to the old fashioned way of making toast, the cooker grill.

                          ***Did it Work***


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                            01.08.2009 14:14
                            Very helpful



                            worth while giving these a try

                            l like to keep a box of tissues in every room in the house,even the hall, as l cant use valuable energy going to look for a tissue.As there are 6 rooms in my house the amount spent on boxes of tissues can mount up,so its important that l can buy the cheapest range available to me.l buy only tesco value range.why...

                            ***cost & packaging***

                            at given date these cost 25p for a box 150 2ply.They come in the usual thin cardboard packaging that tesco use,with the usual tesco value range logo.These tissues though thin are the same size as kleenex tissues,but they are not as soft.l dont mind this for general use,but would buy the stronger and softer kleenex 3ply if anyone in the house is suffering from a head cold/flu.l dont like the packaging of the tesco tissues which is ok as l use fabric tissue box covers. The perforated cardboard lid opens very easily and to remove single tissues, even with someone with painful hands like myself,in fact it is the easiest tissue box lv found so far to open.

                            ***Value for money***

                            100% yes.l even keep these on the kitchen table to use as quick paper napkins.,and on bedroom dressing table to use with my face cleansers and make up.So until l find any other general 2 ply tissues for a 25p box l will continue to buy this product.


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                              01.08.2009 10:41
                              Very helpful



                              Excellent choice of Scented products

                              l love scented candles,l cant help it, lm a unashamed romantic.I love candles in every room,even the kitchen.l find candle light so relaxing and if it has suitable scents it can remind me of sea coast holidays, forest walks and even favourite foods like chocolate lol.
                              When l stumbled across the Scented Candle Shop ,online,l just had to have a peak.


                              to have the biggest range of candles & gifts

                              well as soon as you click on to the home page of this website you can see why they make that claim.I knew l was going to enjoy looking around this site.They promised nk day free delivery on order to Uk mainland if over £20.Also at given date there is !0% off all products

                              ***Ease of use***

                              The website was so easy to use,A search box on the right of the page lets you look for brands, prices etc.l decided to do a search for products up to £2.50.l had 10 pages load up.l happyily selected a rang of different products l wanted to try out.My purchases were wax tarts,tealigts,candle car jars,lockable candle lighter,aromatherapy candle, scented oils and scented beads. Total cost £20.49.Ordering was easy and safe as had secure credit card symbol.

                              my order was at 11am on Tuesday and arrived at 9am on Thursday.The parcel was very well sealed and well packed.All my items arrived in good condition.


                              l was disappointed my parcel did not arrive next day as promised.l was though very impressed how well sealed my parcel was sent and very pleased with my selection.l feel l had very good value for money and certainly will be ordering from this company again.


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                                30.07.2009 12:14
                                Very helpful
                                1 Comment



                                it makes cleaning a pain

                                ***Back Ground***
                                lm always on the look-out for hints, tips and products that will make my housework easier.l hate doing my daily house-work,the quicker l can get it done the quicker l can get out into the garden.The jobs l hate the most are cleaning the bathroom and kitchen,so lm always looking at those sort of cleaners in the supermarkets.My cleaners must do the job, be easy to use and be value for money
                                ***Cost and Product Claim***
                                For a 500ml bottle it cost 30p at this given date.Product label says it cleans tough stains and will clean and shine althrough the house...lets see.
                                ***Packaging and ease of use***
                                It comes in a cheap looking white plastic bottle with the usual tesco value range label.It makes no difference to me what my cleaning product packaging looks like, its going to be stored away in my cleaning bucket under the sink any-way. Some how, l dont think any posh guests or nosey neighbours that possibly visit me, will be looking in there and tut-tutting.
                                So starting on the kitchen counters,l open the tiny flip lid and pour on-to a damp cloth, just as instructions on bottle says.Its texture is so thin it pours out fast,even after shaking bottle as per instruction again.l dont like to have to shake any products first be it cooking sauces or cleaning products,it hurts my poor weak wrists too much...so not a good start to this item.As l said it pours out fast, too fast, so its hard to direct a small amount on the damp cloth, so l have more than l need for useage on the cloth.It wipes over kitchen counter easy and it has a gentle lemony scent, not over powering,which is what l like in a cleaning product.Heavy scented cleaners give me headaches, and as the thought of house cleaning gives me headaches in the first place, l dont need any added bonuses.So now comes the 'wipe over gently and rinse immediately' part.So l rinse...and rinse..and rinse...
                                yes , l have to keep rinsing because if you dont, it leaves a white film, and if that film drys, it drys to a white powder thats hard to remove .Hands aching, l decided to try it on the oven as it claims to remove tough stains.Its horrible, it does not remove tough stains on first wipe and again it left the white film that takes me forever to remove from my cooker.l decided to try it later when cleaning the bathroom.Same as before, lm not impressed.
                                Next day lv decided to only use this product, to finish it off,in the bathroom, from now on to clean the sink.Well heres where it really annoys me.The tiny filp top lid has opened and the lid has dried on cleaner thats gone as hard as cement.The flip top wont close.l shake the bottle and pour....no it wont pour.The cement dryed liquid at top of lid wont let the contents out.l try to unscrew the lid...it wont come off..it does not unscrew.l have to go back down stairs to try and find some thing to unclog the lid.l resort to the points of a fork...dont try with a point of a vegable knife,you will stab yourself trying to remove the cement.I think lv removed as much as l can, off to clean the bathroom sink.Well no, not completely.It appears lv only removed a small amount of the cement and the cleaner dribbles out onto my cloth, even after pressing furiously the bottle.l give up and wipe sink over and put the bottle on the window sill.Now lm getting really annoyed,it wont stand up,the thin,light plastic bottle is just not heavy enough when contents have half been used because the bottle is narrow. On top of this, the lid still wont close as its badly designed.L have to go take a painkiller and calm down with a cup of tea.
                                *** Does it do the job as claimed***
                                Well in a short anwer,no.
                                even though it cost very little, dont bother with this product.It takes up too much time when trying to use.


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                                  28.07.2009 12:27
                                  Very helpful
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                                  looks good in box,but thats all.

                                  The packaging of this product was the first thing that caught my eye while browsing the Soap & Glory range.It looks good,a different soap to try l thought.At the time it wasnt on offer,so cost was £5.Very pricey.
                                  l decided to read up on the products claims.Stress release for knots in the neck it says.Just what l needed,so decided to purchase it, mainly out of excellent wording on the claims of it effectiveness.
                                  What a disappointment and a complete waste of money.Effectiveness, none.Its just an over priced,over scented, bar of soap.Yes, it looks good on removing from the impressive designed packaging, but on first use fails terribly.
                                  Firstly, its hard to hold in palm of hand as its a large, circular bar.Hard going if you have weak hands like my self,l have MS.
                                  Secondly,it hardly lathers,again hard to glide over skin.
                                  Thirdly,the fragrance is very, very, over powering.It has a very masculine scent. l found the perfume lingered on my skin after use, not what l wanted at all, so dont use if going out on a special night, in fact, dont use before going out any where,not good for a feminine impression if you have anyone sitting next to you after use.
                                  Fourthly,even though it had nodules that claim to help knead knots in neck, celulite etc, it really wasnt effective.
                                  Lastly, even though it does last a long time(because it doesnt lather well) the scent lingers in the bathroom.So after a week, l just couldnt stand the scent.
                                  As no noticable difference in my skin or knots in neck as per bold product statements,l passed it on to my hubby.
                                  He decided,as it cost a fortune for a bar of soap,to finish the product.He too was not impressed.
                                  Its really is not worth the money, even if on offer.


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