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    • GHD IV Styler / Hair Straightener / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      23.06.2013 21:40



      The best you can get

      I bought my first set of these GHD hair straighteners 3 years ago, the first time I used them I was loving them. When you switch them on they heat up within seconds and get hot enough to straighten the most curliest of hair. I paid £110 for them at my local hairdressers. It heats to 220 degrees in just 40 seconds.

      My hair is quite wavy and it takes me less than 10 minutes to straighten my hair with them, unlike other hair straighteners the straight hair look lasts all day, unless it rains. When I visit a hairdressers who do not use GHD hair straighteners I know I will have to go home and straighten my hair when they have finished my hair cut and dry because within an hour my hair will go wavy if GHD's are not used. The other thing that I like about them is that they do not pull at your hair like other straighteners can do.

      They are very easy to use and I even use them to put curls in if I am going out. They came with a dvd which teaches you the best ways to use them and how to do really good hair styles. They lasted for a very long time until I went to stay with a relative, I decided to put them on top of my car as they were still hot, while I finished getting my bags into my car. Then yes you guessed it, I forgot to take them down and drove off. They managed to stay on my car roof for about 5 minutes until I got on the dual carraigeway and they fell off and shattered from the car behind me. I was one very upset lady! I went straight out to the shops and bought the exact same hair straighteners because they are the best ones that I have ever used.

      I will recommend these highly as I love my GHD's and will always stick with them.


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    • Samsung Galaxy S2 / Mobile Phone / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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      23.06.2013 21:21
      Very helpful



      A very good phone and worth every penny

      When my Samsung Galaxy S2 turned up I was very excited, I used my phone a lot for taking photos and I had seen the photo quality from a Samsung mobile phone from one of my friends phone, this was my main reason for choosing this phone. It was really easy going through the set up and it was up and running within seconds. After having this phone for 2 weeks it started to turn itself off, especially at night meaning my alarm never went off to get me up in the morning, something I rely on with my phone. I phoned my service provider who went through some resets with me, I reset it to factory settings and it still happened. After a month it stopped happening, hopefully it was just a glitch with one of the apps, when I Googled this turning off problem it seemed to be a common thing.

      I have to charge my phone every day which is a downside to having such a high quality phone. But I love it, the photo's come out brilliant and the apps that are available are really good as well. Facebook and Twitter are easy and good to use on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I especially love the built in Navigation which helps me everytime I go somewhere new!

      The alarm clock is good as you can set it to go off on set days and set times each day, the calculator is good and there is also a very good planner app. You can do a mini diary on this phone as well, like your own little daily journal which is interesting.

      I like the fact I can move all the apps I use the most to one main page so that they are all in one place and easier to get to when I need them instead of going through different pages. You can set up several of these if you use a lot of different apps all the time.

      The messages and contacts are also very easy to use. You can add several numbers and email addresses to one contact which means they are all in one place. In the text messages you can choose different layouts and the bubble looking chat is very good.

      I can't say enough how good the photo quality is, I actually never use a real camera anymore as this is all I need. I found that with other mobile phones that I had you had to keep the phone still and the person/people to stand still when you took a photo but with the Samsung it is much more flexable and hardly blurs! The video quality is good as well. I do singing a lot, so I use the voice record alot, this is also good quality and actually plays back sounding like me instead of a distorted robot ha ha ha.

      I play games on this phone and there are many available to download for free. You can watch videos and programmes on it too which is just like watching a small television and don't keep stopping like some phones I have had before.

      I am going to upgrade in a few months to the newest Samsung Galaxy phone and really excited to see what it has to offer. This is a phone I would advise to get.


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