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      30.09.2012 22:27
      Very helpful



      Well worth buying.

      Gears of War 3 sees the return of Marcus Fenix and co. (please refer to my Gears Of War 1 & 2 reviews for more information) battle through the remaining horde of locust that plague humanity. After the events of the first and second game the locust's (a humanoid like creature threatening humanity with weapons and huge monsters) home beneath the earth is flooded, and the remaining locust are fighting to survive, a simple job for the humans to accomplish yes? No, Gears of War 3 sees you battle a new horde of mutated, imulsion fueled locust more powerful than ever before, can this new force be stopped? It's up to you as Marcus Fenix to try.

      Campaign (Main Story)
      The objective of the main game play is loosely to find your father in order to stop the new mutated locust horde. Your father, thought previously dead is discovered to be alive and being the super scientist of his generation, it's thought he may have a 'cure' for this new horde. Immediately you are pitted against the locust, with fire fights that rage on between the warring sides, you and your team of now men and women are drafted in to help defeat the vicious beasts, humanity is on the edge and needs every soul to come to the aid of it's fight. With a range of new weapons including a double barrelled shotgun which may provide a few profanities spewing from your mouth, your find yourself immersed in sawing, shooting and bashing your way through the endless monsters before you. Various chapters provide a haunting and hallowing experience of what the pre war world was and how war, has ravaged it, people frozen in their final death positions and a town of crazed humans fearing for their lives, the story line will have you on the edge of the seat and yearning for the next twist, a must play. Comparing to the first two games, Gears 3 manges to keep it's hallowing edgy feel and a compelling immersive storyline yet lacks the raw action power and brutal gunfights the first two games provide and had me screaming for more of, yet still worth a good play through or two.

      Online (Multiplayer)
      Multiplayer retains the same key edge as the campaign and in all honesty kept me entertained for a good while. It has a viciously competitive feel that again plots the locust horde against the humans in which typical game modes include killing each other as quickly as possible or retaining possession of a certain position in order to gain points. What makes the different multiplayer standard of many other shoot 'em up games is the weapon impact and execution. The impact of weapons includes, the arms of various enemies being blown apart and being chainsawed from head to torso, the challenge of offloading your sawn off shotgun round and still surviving proves gripping and fantastically satisfying. And the blood spewing limb severing action will definitely satisfy your gore fuelled needs. If that doesn't do you, the aforementioned executions in which you attempt to brutally humiliate your opponent provide an urgent edge to the game, in the hope of killing your enemy, whilst not being spotted by another and being as vulnerable to attack. These range from ripping your opponents arm off and beating them silly with it to simply using your sniper rifle as an executioners axe and crushing your opponents back, either will make your eyes light up with joy oddly enough. A definitely worth playing online experience that provides a good mix up from your average Call Of Duty/Battlefield type games that will prove battling your friends and stomping on their head an enjoyable experience.

      Other features
      Other modes of play including, being the enemy and turning into the locust that you so ferociously battle with heir different abilities such as being a ticking time bomb or a huge muscular beast easily capable of tearing a human limb from limb will help mix up the game play a little bit and have you hands on experience what it's like to defeat a hearty COG (human) soldier. On the other hand you may choose to be a human and with friends or solo, battle fifty hordes of endlessly increasing enemies of locust of all shapes and sizes to ultimately prove you're the mighty locust killing champion you think you are.

      All in all this game is bot a huge improvement on it's predecessors but still presents an element of challenge, brutality and the desperation to survive that will quench your bloodthirsty mind and body. A must play for all shoot 'em up gamers out there and a brilliantly written storyline that will have you crying for more.


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      20.03.2011 17:18



      A definate must buy as it's my number one game, perfect for everyone.

      Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (The third in the series set in Medieval Italy) delivers all out action game play in new and amazingly realistic environments. Whether you're scaling a huge building or assassinating a baddy this unique gaming experience nver fails to keep you entertained.

      You play as Desmond Morris (as him you sit in a machine called the animus and control your assassin ancestors. In this case Ezio Auditore a highly skilled assassin from the previous game.) As Ezio you move to Rome where you have to complete a plot far larger than you can imagine. You have to bring down the destructive and deadly King (Cesare). To do this you must complete a wide variety of evr interest grabbing missions such as:
      Climbing to the top of his castle unnoticed and kidnapping his wife.
      Eavesdropping on his friends and assassinating them silently.
      Taking the role of one of his head guards and leading others round the city without being discovered.
      Jumping from the highest height into a cart of hay.
      Tailing his guards around to locate him.

      But wheres an assasin without his tools? Nowhere, thats where, thats why in this game you get the choice of hundreds of weapons and machine to use against your unsuspecting enemys. You can have a:
      Assassins blade or two (hidden blades used for silently killing your victims)
      Throwing knives
      A gun (made by Da Vinci)
      Smoke bombs
      Cross bow
      (all these have different qualities and different types, some lighter some deadlier so you can choose whats right for you, from any blacksmith.)
      And of course armour witch includes:
      Shoulder guards
      Chest plate
      (all of which have different weights and defence capabilities and again better versions can be obtained from blacksmiths from leather to metal.)

      But the game doesn't end there, Oh no, far from it.
      As well as all these satisfying missions you'll always be busy with other tasks all of which unique and fun.
      You can recover six keys from dungeons where you'll have to explore the popes old house or climb to the top of an enemy ridden palace. On collecting the sixth one you can unlock the games best armour from a highly guarded cage.

      Destroy enemy towers in order to regain control in that area after killing its protector of course.

      Rebuilding Romes vast amount of Shops and aquaducts (using the money you make from missions)including:
      Blacksmiths (to buy armour and weapons
      Artists (to buy paintings which increase your villas value)
      Banks (to collect money)
      Famous atttractions (to bring in money)
      Stables and (to keep horses available for riding)
      Warrior barracks (to house warriors)
      all of these yield money which you can collect from your bank.

      All of this whilst gaining rebelious citizens used to fight in your brotherhood and aid you in combat, they are trained on a contract which they may die from where they might have to steal some jewels for example. All can reach there highest level and become an official assasin.

      Collecting Eagle feathers and enemy flags.

      Finding some of the highest points in beautiful Rome.

      Aiding citizens and killing rather skillful enemys.

      Finding some of Da Vinci machines and destroyin them and there plans so they cant be used against you such as the 5 cannon tank and flying machine.

      And with all of this you're never stuck for something to do.

      The new multiplayer provides a fun yet interesting way to see how you stack up to your fellow assasins where you can play such games as:
      free for all (in which whilst you hunt enemy players down without being noticed, you to are being hunted by a different amount of people depending where on the leaderboard you are)

      co-op (the same as free for all apart from the fact you have a partner who hunts with you as you too are being hunted.)

      Team (teams take turns in hunting and evading enemys gaining points for kills and hiding unnoticed.)

      In these you play as characters and the game duplicates these so your enemty don't know who to kill unless they get close.

      As well as this in Single player everything you do has an effect on how much memory you recover so you may have to do a mission in under four minutes for it to be succesful.

      If you manage to finish all this (which I doubt you will) there are several expansion packs.


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      • Apple iPhone 4 16 GB / Smartphone / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
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        20.03.2011 15:15
        Not Helpful



        If you've got the money buy it, it's great to show off to your friends and is great for busy lives.

        The iPhone 4 is a revolutianary piece of kit, it provides business and family life all in one with its wide selection of apps. It has a 5 megapixel came and a LED backlit crystal display with a 960 by 640 pixel resolution (the highest of any phone). It has a 3.5 inch screen and includes a front camera too.

        The iPhone weighs 137 grams and is very pocket friendly, it has a rather loud speaker and is great for listening to music on. As i said the app store provides it with millions of apps that fit neatly onto your screen, the latest software update lets you sort your apps into folders and lets you multitask between apps such as facebook and twitter, handy if you're a very socially active person.

        It includes factime where as long as you have internet connection, you can chat with your friends and see them on the screen at the same time. It is easy to navigate and provides good reliabilty and ease of use to everyone.

        However despite this it does have its flaws, some users screens have gone slightly yellow due to the glue used, the lower left edge of the phone looses connectivity when touched and occasionally the camera malfunctions.

        So howw does it sum up to other smart phones currently out? Well despite being good the HTC desire HD is rated better and on release date it was somewhat £120 less. This is not to say the iPhone is terrible as i think it is better for active lifestyles.


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        • Henry HVR200 / Vacuum Cleaner / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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          20.03.2011 14:52


          • Reliability


          A good city home dyson alternative.

          The Henry HVR200 is a fantastic piece of kit. I bought it as my ancient dyson was on the fritz and this just shone out above the rest and at a very reasonable price too at about £100.

          Despite it's size my Henry delivered more than adequate suction power, its small yet capable design let me get into every nook and cranny of the house with ease and comfort. The henry comes with several attachments (as well as a rather fetching bag) that are extremely handy for cleaning the house. The power cable streches around 9 meters long and you can wind it back round the Henry just in case you need that little extra space. And why this may sound silly it is rather nice to have a smiling face at the front of your hoover too cheer you up on your grueling household chores.

          The Henry is rather cupboard friendly and easily slides into the smallest of spaces, it has adequate space for dirt and dust and is effective on delicate and hard surfaces. Overall this is a great buy if you don't want a considerably more expensive dyson.


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          13.11.2010 21:56
          Very helpful



          A must buy game that i definately reccomed getting no matter what console you have.

          Call of duty Black Ops (the seventh in the series) is even more action packed than its predecessors, With a wide new range of guns, vehicles characters and online play they're is enough gameplay to keep you going for months if not years. After five days of play this game has shot up to my number one game only slightly over taking number 6.

          Campain/Single player:

          You can play the campaign on a variety of different levels from the hardest (veteran) to the easiest (recruit) and two others inbetween so no matter how many first person shooters you've played, you'll find the right one for you. Your characters name is Alex Mason (a highly trained and skilled fighter. The campaign starts you off in a dimly lit room, strapped into a torture chair. A mysterious man asks you question as you relive some gruesome war memories all in pursuit of finding out what a few numbers mean. As to try not to give anything else away i shall tell you of my favourite mission. You are in a large Russian prison and you've planned an escape, a huge riot to break out. Every person in the prison is fighting for freedom as well as against some heavily equipped guards and the prison itself. On the way out you manage to: blow up several buildings with some flaming bottles of whiskey, walking behind a coal truck to not get killed and my personal yet rather gruesome favourite opening a weapons locker and finding a huge chain gun called the appropriately named "death machine" capable of blowing off limbs and destroying vehicles alike, you also get to skewer a large helicopter and jump from a motor bike onto a train.

          You can also do offline training aginst bots to improve you over all skill and perception of online play.

          Online/Nazi Zombies:

          Treyarch return with a new installment of Nazi Zombies in which there are more maps, better weapons and generallly creepier environments that make you genuinely frightened even if you playing with four people or just on your own in your living room. As the rounds get increasingly harder, who knows how long you'll survive, can you brave the Zombies?

          Call of Dutys award winning online play returns with a variety of different game modes including the all new wager matches in which you can bet your cod points your going to place in the top three (Cod points are artificial money earnt whilst playing online game modes such as team deathmatch or search and destroy), these game modes include gun game a game in which six people battle to reach the 20th tier of weapon, by starting on the first tier (a lowly pistol) and advancing by getting a kill with the weapon your currently on all the way to the 20th tier in which you get a ballistic knife (and knife capable of being fired across the map) placing in the top three of this game mode and any other wager game mode earns you you're points back as well as a little extra. Otherwise online play is mostly the same with the rather traditional but yet still fun team deathmatch (in which one team fights another to get more kills) search and destroy (where two teams take it in turns to destroy the others bomb sites in the alloted time limit without dying) and domination (where two teams afain fight for control over three sites gradually gaining points as they do). As well as some others that are equally as interesting and fun. Again as you reach higher levels in online play (by earning experience when playing online) you can choose different difficulty levels to play online in which you can put yourself in front of the pros. The only problem with online is that the connection isn't always great and can affect your overall gameplay due to this.

          Weapons/Perks/Kill streak rewards:

          Assault rifles - long range, high damage, fast, 3 round burst or semi automatic
          FN FAL

          Sniper rifles - semi automatic or bolt action, most powerful, medium weight and longest range

          Submachine guns - quick, medium range and medium damage

          Light Machine Guns - heavy, long range and powerful
          Mini-Gun (obtained from Care Packages)

          Shotguns - low range high impact guns

          Bows - the crossbow

          Pistols - secondary pistols
          .357 Magnum

          Launchers - explosive launchers
          M202A1 "Grim Reaper" Rocket Launcher
          China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher

          Assault Rifle Attachments - add ons to assault rifles
          Extended Mags (500CP)
          Dual Mag (500CP)
          ACOG (750CP)
          Red Dot Sight (750CP)
          Reflex (750CP)
          Masterkey (750 CP)
          Infrared Scope (1000CP)
          Grenade Launcher (1000CP)
          Pistol Attachments
          ACOG (750CP)
          Snub Nose (750CP)
          Speed Reloader (750CP)
          Dual Wield
          Upgraded Iron Sights

          Lethal Grenades - grenades and a tomahawk for killing
          M67 Frag Grenage
          Semtex/Sticky Grenade

          Tactical Grenades - grenades for avoiding and confusing
          Nova Gas
          Willy Pete (Smoke Grenade)
          Flash Bang

          Alternate Ammo - harder hitting ammunition
          Incendiary 'Dragon's Breath' Shotgun Rounds
          Explosive Tipped Crossbow Bolts

          Equipment - to be used against enemy
          Camera Spike (2000CP)
          C4 (2000CP)
          Tactical Insertion (2500CP)
          Jammer (2500CP)
          Motion Sensor (3000CP)
          Claymore (3000CP)

          Other - weapons and red dot sights
          Ballistic Knife
          Custom Reticles
          Line with dot
          Arrows Horizontal
          Arrows Vertical
          Arrows with dot
          Circle within a circle
          Circle with dot
          Circle with Crosshairs
          Circle with inner line
          Circle with outer line
          Circle with arrows
          Circle with triangles
          Outer crosshairs
          Small crosshairs
          Large crosshairs
          Diamond outline
          Square outline
          3 dots
          Outer triangles
          X with dot
          yin yang

          Camo - For camouflaging

          Kill Streaks:

          Rewards for getting 3 or more kills in a row.

          3 Kills - Spy Plane: Shows enemies on the mini-map. Can be shot down
          3 Kills - RC-XD Explosive RC Car: Remote controlled car strapped with explosives
          4 Kills - Counter Spy Plane: Temporarily disables enemies mini-map
          4 Kills - SAM Turret: Airdrop a placeable SAM turret that destroys aircraft
          5 Kills - Care Package: Airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crate
          5 Kills - Napalm Strike: Airstrike that covers an area in napalm
          6 Kills - Sentry Gun: Airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun
          6 Kills - Mortar Team: Target 3 locations to bombard with Mortar Strikes
          7 Kills - Attack Helicopter: Call in a support helicopter
          7 Kills - Valkyrie Rockets: Launcher with remote controlled rockets
          8 Kills - Blackbird: Shows enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Cannot be shot down
          8 Kills - Rolling Thunder: Carpet bombing airstrike
          9 Kills - Chopper Gunner: Be the gunner of an attack helicopter
          11 Kills - Attack Dogs: Attack dogs that hunt the enemy down
          11 Kills - Gunship: Pilot an attack helicopter

          You may choose up to three of these whilst playing online but all must be achieved by getting consecutive kills without dying.


          Three traits to choose from that improve your gameplay and their bonus if you use them enough:


          Tier 1

          Standard: Move faster

          Pro: + No falling damage

          Scavenger Tier 1

          Standard: Resupply from dead bodies. Does not resupply launchers or equipment

          Pro: + Doubles your starting ammo with extra magazines, replenishes tactical grenades

          Ghost Tier 1

          Standard: Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird

          Pro: + Undetectable by aircraft, Dogs, Infra-Red and Sentries. The enemy won't see your name or a red crosshair when targeting you

          Hardline Tier 1

          Standard: Killstreaks 1 kill early

          Pro: + Get a second chance on the result of care packages

          Flak Jacket Tier 1

          Standard: Extra explosives resistance

          Pro: + Extra fire resistance and reset fuse when you toss back grenades


          Tier 2

          Standard: Extra bullet penetration

          Pro: + Bullets do extra damage to Aircraft and Turrets. Reduced flinch when shot at

          Scout Tier 2

          Standard: Hold breath longer

          Pro: + Switch between weapons faster

          Steady Aim Tier 2

          Standard: Extra accuracy when shooting from the hip

          Pro: + Quicker aiming after sprinting and quicker recovery from knife lunge

          Sleight of Hand

          Tier 2

          Standard: Faster reload

          Pro: + Faster aiming down sights with non-scoped weapons


          Tier 2

          Standard: 2 attachments on primary weapon

          Pro: + Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except smoke)

          Marathon Tier 3
          Standard: Longer sprint

          Pro: + Unlimited sprint


          Tier 3
          Standard: Move silently

          Pro: + Louder enemy footsteps, makes you completely silent

          Second Chance Tier 3
          Standard: Pull out pistol before dying

          Pro: + Survive longer and any team mate can revive you

          Hacker Tier 3
          Standard: Detect enemy equipment and explosives

          Pro: + Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly

          Tactical Mask Tier 3
          Standard: Reduce the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades

          Pro: + Reduces the effects of Gas and Concussion grenades. Reveals the location of a flashed or stunned enemy

          You can choose one from each tier.

          You need to purchse all the above things with Cod Points earned in the game to be able to use them apart from the ones which already come unlocked.

          In conclusion a fantastic game that is quirky, interesting, ever developing and very engaging. Almost all of my friends have it and are glad they made the purchase. Apart from a few other things that i have not mentioned and are best to find out on your own thats pretty much it, in my opinion the best game of 2010!
          Bring on Call of Duty 8. Overall 9.6 out of 10.


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          17.07.2010 21:19



          Really good Printer

          The HP Photosmart C4780 All in one printer delivers a reliable system including A printer, copier and scanner that can be wirelessly connected to up to six computers or memory stick connected to print items. This is all finished off with a smart black finish and one opening for all three of its functions. At the back there is another opening for removing any bits of paper that havent printed properly (which hasn't happened to me yet) and another opening for easily changing ink cartridges. With a reasonable price of around ninety pounds if you're in the market for a new printer i reccomend this one. With easy to use buttons and instructions this printer processes your request in a matter of seconds. This printer efficiently uses ink, making your ink cartridges last that much longer. Overall a great product with an easy use system and high quality prints, copies and scans, a really great three in one printer


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          20.06.2010 15:52



          A great game a real good buy!

          Having had Red Dead Redemption for a few weeks now, i felt accustomed to it, its smooth graphics, great storyline and real characters kept me entertained to say the least. Rockstar have created another classic much like the well liked Grand theft Auto. Playing as John Marston in 1911, you are plunged into a world of gunmen, horse riding and rebel gangs. Your objective is to hunt down and kill your old gang members who betrayed you, this sends you on a variety of different missions to find out the wear abouts of them.

          The online play is much the same, playing in gangs or on your own, hunting down enemys and capturing the very much acclaimed bags. This online play delivers fresh ideas that will keep you very much stuck to your Xbox. In both dead eye and single player you can recieve dead eye which lets you slow down time to pinpoint your target and drop them.

          You can play for either bad or good in the single player game, getting more famous and thus being able to do more and be punished less. Overall this is a great game that will satisfy your bloodthirsty needs.


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        • paypal.com / Bank / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
          More +
          08.06.2010 19:51



          Safe and Quick a must use!

          For those of you who don't know what paypal is, it is an online website allowing you to recieve money (and send it) without giving your bank details to some one else. Once you have created an account with paypal (you have to enter your bank details but these will be kept secret) you are free to send money as a paypal gift or as a payment for something you bought online from such stores as HMV or Ebay. Also if you're selling something online on such a website as Amazon or Ebay you can recieve money if bought. (though PayPal takes away a small charge of 5% unless it is sent by PayPal Gift in which case it is free). The reason the bank details are needed is to transfer money in and out of your bank account depending if you have made money or on a shopping spree. Overall PayPal is a safe online Money site that almost all online retailers accept.


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        • Nintendo Wii / Games Console / 4 Readings / 2 Ratings
          More +
          08.06.2010 19:38



          Buy it!

          With a sleek design and some unique controls and movement, this game promises to keep you entertained for hours (or until you get bored). With a wide selection of games from some rather interesting sports to some sword slicing action the Wii Console caters for, well almost everyones needs. What i mean by this is that this console has no market for the shooting gamers, with very little shooting or fighting games, your bloodlust may not be satisfied. This may be a problem for some but for most it is not due to it being named a 'family' console, well i can't say that it isn't, my two children love it and with the price it is at at the moment it is an absolutely must buy if you have lots of family and friends.
          Either way you look at it, with some nice child friendly features and the controls that have sensors on them that you wave around to see your character move this really is a good buy.


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        • PGL Adventure Holidays / Travel Agent / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
          More +
          07.06.2010 22:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          If you like adventure come here now!

          Going with my Son on a School trip I saw some amzing activities that were action packed, well supervised and not for the faint hearted. My son absolutely loved this trip as it was like nothing he'd ever been on before, with loads of activities from a gigantic swing (a massive swing that people pull you on on and release to give you massive G force on your body) or the quad bike course (a very exhilerating few laps of a course keeping your heart racing and your mind quick). The rooms here were very nice with en-suites and comfatable beds, with about four people per room; everyone was happy. The food service was great, as much as you could eat and a great selection even for the fussiest of eaters, from chicken nuggets to pasta everyone found something they liked. The Children recieved their own personal tutor; showing them what to do, when to do it and how to do it (including lining up for meals). And the Children quickly gave him a nice nick name 'Rhino'. These tutors also provide evening activities for the Children before they go to sleep.


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          • Mass Effect (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
            More +
            07.06.2010 22:36
            Very helpful



            A fun game full of betrayal.

            Mass effect delivers an exciting futuristic environment, you play as Commander Shepard (a very strong human) visiting alien planets and other friendly aliens to help you along your journey of battle and superiority. After a short introduction you are given your own ship (the SS Normandy) in which you travel to other planets and save some races from fierce enemies that look very real. Overall the storyline is quite fun, Trying to gain the trust of the council (a elite race of all of all aliens that control the galaxy) you un-earth a massive, well a thing that turns people very powerful and that one of your co-workers uses against you. But I won't give to much away. I'm not a fan of the weapons system - it being strange compared to other games I have played on. It's hard to describe but it seems sort of robotic and not very inituitive some may agree but thats the way I feel. You can play this game in a good or bad way, depending on what you say thus changing the storyline and making things interesting.


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          • Halo 3 (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
            More +
            06.06.2010 18:19
            Very helpful



            A good all round game that's very fun to play.

            Halo 3 added some much needed integrity to the phrase Xbox 360 Exclusive. It delivered exciting gameplay, a fun storyline and some 'kick ass' online play. In the single player you play as a spartan (a sort of superior race from long ago) you are a lot taller, stronger, faster and generally more awesome than the rest of the humans who you fight beside. In the storyline you are fighting against the covenant (an Alien race trying to take over the world) You fight against them in an interesting array of missions from saving the base to Killing their leader, what could be better?

            The online play delivered alot of fun 'quirky' gameplay, mostly team death matches with lots of different and exciting weapons and vehicles that once you have aquired, can dominate the game with.

            These weapons can be normal or somewhat strange, ranging from a gigantic hammer to a plasma sword (both very deadly) you'll find one that suits you best (just as long as someone else doesn't take it first).

            Overall this game is quite enjoyable with few flaws, the only downpoint i had about it was the graphics weren't up to the standard of other games like that out at the same time.


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            04.06.2010 13:49



            Its alright not really a must buy though

            Left 4 dead is an exciting zombie action thriller game. You play as one of four people (you choose) and battle your way through four levels of zombie killing fun but although this sounds fun (and i think it is) it just repeats itself over the four levels. Nothing new or very interesting happens it's just the same cycle; run, kill zombies, carry on, kill more zombies and then finish the level with one final massive zombie attack on you. Apart from the tanks and the special attackers of zombies you'll get bored easily and the weapons don't differ much either.

            Online play is basically the same except two teams take it in turns to be the zombies and the humans, as the humans you have to play a whole level whilst fending off all these zombies played by other online players that make it much harder to succeed. I myself have only won three times as the humans online. Overall this game is alright, fun for a while at least.


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          • Hot Fuss - The Killers / Music Album / 7 Readings / 6 Ratings
            More +
            03.06.2010 23:35
            Very helpful



            A great band no matter what you're into.

            The Killers are an all time classic band with a fresh sound and a great look and personally i am a big fan of their singles and general band work, more and more this band seems to be going up my list of my favourite bands and would reccomend them to anyone who hadn't heard of them.

            The Killers provide some rather inspiring Alternative Rock songs that are hard not to like, all of my family like them and so do all of my friends. Their songs in this album are from three minutes fourteen seconds to five minutes forty five seconds and include all of the following songs:
            "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine"

            "Mr. Brightside"
            "Smile Like You Mean It"
            "Somebody Told Me"
            "All These Things That I've Done"
            "Andy, You're a Star"
            "On Top"
            "Change Your Mind"
            "Believe Me Natalie"
            "Midnight Show"
            "Everything Will Be Alright"

            All of these songs are very much worth listening to especially if you like alternative rock.


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          • Doodlejump (iPhone Application) / Apps / 8 Readings / 6 Ratings
            More +
            03.06.2010 18:40
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Get this game if you have an iPhone or ipod touch now!

            Doodle jump is one of the most popular iPhone/iPod touch apps. It consists of a little creature (the doodle) jumping on platforms trying to get higher and higher but the game has some other interesting twists. To hinder your efforts the game puts in a variety of monsters (to attack you) that you have to kill or get past, some powerups like springboots to make you go higher quicker! But the same old setting can be boring so the guys at Doodle jump invented four other modes to keep you entertained.

            The four extra modes consist of - Space doodle, a space setting with a twist. Jungle doodle, a jungle setting with some interesting monsters. A snow setting, with some extra problems. And a ghost setting, you're a ghost and its very hard to see.

            The mosters are little creatures (much like yourself) that you either have to evade (by getting round them) or attack (by tapping the screen to shoot or jumping on their heads), if none of these are done the monster will stop you from continuing.

            The powerups consist of- Spring boots, these botts let you bonce triple high for four bounces. A jet pack, a jet pack that propells you up giving you four thousand points. A helicopter hat, much like the jet pack it makes you go higher but not as high. In the space mode only, A gigantic rocket that makes you go very high. A spring and trampoline, these give you a one time bounce higher than a normal jump.

            Other obstacles include black holes from which you will lose the game and not return and alien space ships that suck you up (the only way to avoid this is go round them).

            This game also has regular updates so you won't find yourself playing the same things over and over.

            This game is lots of fun for the whole family and you can compare scores with your friends. I very much enjoy this game and rate it 5/5.


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