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    • Sharp GX25 / Mobile Phone / 27 Readings / 26 Ratings
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      27.12.2005 01:48
      Very helpful



      Ace phone! Recomended!

      Sharp GX25 - helpa4eva

      I - How I got the phone
      I did have a Sony Erricson T610, but unfortunatley, i started to get bored with it and its lack of fun kitsch gadgety-bits. Conveniently, a few days later, my sister told me she had just bought a new phone from ebay because she couldnt use her current one, and so i could have it. So from then on, i owned the phone that i had wanted for absoloutley ages - a Sharp GX25.

      II - What it looks like
      From the outside, the phone is fairly attractive, with a dark blue and silver colour scheme. There is a small LED-style screen on the front of the cover, which tells you the time/date, and how many messages or missed calls you have. There is also a white light which can be turned on by holding the "up" button of the 2 phone volume buttons on the left hand side of the phone.

      When fully opened, the phone makes a satisfying click, and the screen lights up. The phone is in colour, and has a red toolbar at the bottom, then above that displays its network (which is supposed to be vodafone but mine says T Mobile :-)) and at the top there are various icons -

      Volume - There is a rising bar type icon indicating the volume of the phone
      Bluetooth - In the middle-top of the phone there is an icon indicating wether your bluetooth is active or disabled.
      Battery - There is a battery which has 4 bars and obviously tells you how much juice your phone has. This would help but unfortunatley the phone is prone to going from 4 bars to 1.
      Time & Date - Underneath the battery icon you can see the time and date, including the day, which also helps!!

      The keypad on the phone is nice. At the top there is a round silver circle, which acts as the "enter" button. There is a silver ring around that, and depending on where the ring is pressed, you navigate left, up, down or right through the phones interface. Around the ring there are 5 silver buttons, used for calling and ending calls, getting the camera on, and using the shortcuts on the phones desktop.

      Underneath these keys are the stanard phone keys, layed out as normal. These keys are average in size and not hard to press or anything.


      Well, where to begin? I dont have a spec for the phone as i got it through family, but ill take you through what i know how to use on the phone. The GX25 runs java games, and more can be downloaded through vodafone live (at an extortionate cost!). The phone has an applications section, which contains options to change the phones alarms, the calculator, the voice recorder, and the melody editor.

      The melody editor is probably one of my favourite features on the phone. Its basically a ringtone composer, but instead of Erricsons idea of giving samples that you organise, or Nokias idea of having a single track midi tone, you can have up to 20 tracks, and you enter in the notes in sheet music form, change the measures and instruments etc. to make a professional sounding ringtone! (if you have a lot of patience and spare time like me, that is).

      Obviously the phone recieves and sends text messages. It can also send multimedia messages, media albums, and emails, so people can send each other pictures/music/ringtones. There is also a "messenger" service. I think this is like an in-phone chat client, not sure how it works.

      The phones camera can take pictures, record videos, and the pictures taken can be edited with frames, effects, and stamps. The only negative thing about doing this is that the phones memory is absoloutley poor, and there isnt room for removable memory - there is 1.8mb of memory on the GX25.

      In settings, profiles can be selected and personalised, which is the same as on most phones. The language can be altered, and there is a choice between english, dutch, french, italian, spanish, portugese, swedish, turkish, and 2 others that i cant read!

      IV - Wear and Tear
      The phone has lasted through to people in my family so it must be pretty hard. The only damage it has taken really is when i was running home, and it came out of my pocket and one of the silver side panels of the top half of the phone came loose, but it has clipped back on. Thats about it!

      V - Conclusion
      The phone is easy to use, it looks great, feels great, all my friends are constantly stealing it to have a look, and i highly reccomend it to anyone. The only problems being the battery and onboard memory, this is definitley a worthwhile phone to have.

      Thank you for reading this review by helpa4eva on:
      Sharp GX25 (Phone)


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      • Nestle Milky Bar / Chocolate / 34 Readings / 30 Ratings
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        03.10.2005 20:48




        Hello all, and welcome to another review. Im not going to lie to you, im only writing this because i need to write an op to stop my dooyoo miles expiring (or at least i think thats how to stop it) and this is all i could find in the cupboard to review. Im too busy with work, you see.

        I actually bought the chocolate bar for art coursework, due to the trademark lettering on it. The packet is of a yellow colour with the companies "mascot" the milkybar kid, on the front. Underneath the wrapper is silver shiny foil, protecting the bar inside from random bacteria and dirt that floats around.

        The magical high technological factor of the chocolate bar is that its not brown, its white. White chocolate is delicious, unlike its opposite, the dark chocolate. Milky Bar, being white chocolate, is the obvious choice for me. Mmmm.

        The taste of the chocolate is awesome. It tastes like happy. It tastes like a party in my mouth, and everyones invited. It will make you sick if you eat too much though, for it is very sweet.

        A brilliant chocolate bar, really. Theres not actually much i can write about this product. It should really be bigger, as the original tiny ones just leave me unsatisfied. But then i go overboard and eat too many, so perhaps the size is right.

        I would recomend to anyone.

        Thank you for reading this review by helpa4eva on:


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          27.08.2005 19:27
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good gel!

          ::::::::::::::> FRUCTIS STYLE HARD GEL <:::::::::::::::::

          Well then, and welcome to the latest addition to the dark, long labyrinth that is my review collection. What are we talking about today you ask? well actually, you dont ask as you saw the review! and the review title! So lets get down to business!

          I: BUYING A WEAPON..
          I was meaning to buy some gel for quite a while now, as i have a double crown and my hair is restless to put it lightly. The last gel i had bought was L'oreal FX spray, if my memory serves me correct, which it probably doesnt, but i do remember it was in a blue bottle. Anyway, a few days ago, strolling through my local ASDA, picked up some LYNX, decided to get a mens pore cleaning face mask (first time) and it suddenly popped "HAIR GEL!" so i ran down the aisle, and spotted the bright green bottle which i have seen advertised numourous times in "Nuts" mens magazine. I picked up the £2.97 bottle, and looked it over. On the back there were 3 questions, one of which is not suitable for a review, which help me made my decision, so i therefore will include them as it may help you make yours;

          1. Is Hard Gel Spray for me?
          Yes if you want to create an ultra-structure style that just wont budge and holds firm in all conditions.

          2. Why is Hard Gel Spray different?
          Its liquid texture combines the power of a gel with the precision of a liquid to create even the most demanding and creative styles without heaviness.

          So anyway, after reading that, i put it in my basket, went to the till, and relcuctantly paid for all my items!

          II: FIRST TRY
          So a few days later, i try it out. I pull out the brush, press the nozzle.. nothing. so i press again. nothing. 3rd time lucky? yes. After the little problem it sprayed consistently. I gave it about 7 presses (not including the first 3) and started to brush my hair. It spread out, and worked wonders. I made my hair attractive for the first time in a few months, and within 5 minutes it had set and had me looking normal! i was immensley chuffed. After i got home from that evening, instead of going to bead with it in like the other reviewer of this product did and made his hair go fluffy, i merely got some water, splashed it over, dried with towel and my hair was fine! it comes out immediatley, whilst, and i quote "brushing out any visible residue".

          I would reccomend this product to anyone apart from the short haired, as there are special gels in the fructis range for you out there. It works fast, is washed out fast and easy, and is good value for money. Also another plus point is if you fashion it into spikes (incredibly easy with fructis gel) you can stab any would-be muggers after your night out with your hair! Stop crime and look good whilst doing it!

          Thank you for reading this helpa4eva review on:
          Fructis Style HARD Gel Spray


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            13.08.2005 21:01
            Very helpful
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            It plays a lot of music! Thats the most important thing.

            Philips HDD070 review by Helpa4eva

            I was recently walking down the high street going into a few of the shops - due to a recently cashed cheque for £500 i had to buy a few things!

            Anyway there i was trundling down the street, headphones on my head, a little headbanging as the guitar riffs of Iron Maiden and Metallica pleasured my ears, when all of a sudden, the chorus of "Run to the Hills" is interrupted by an untimeley beep! It is then that i stop in my tracks, open my bag and pull out the obselete,very almost old-skool, soon to be vintage music player known to the generation as a "Walkman"!

            "Well this is no good" i thought to myself, and walked into Argos, and after opting between low cost low space and high cost high space, i bought the 2GB "Philips HDD070" for £109.99, that came with a neck strap, headphones, charger, pouch, pc software, usb cable and stickers, and of course a manual!.

            After a few other purchases i caught the bus home and got inside and sat in front of my computer looking at my new toy! It was in a strong cuboid box mainly white in colour, with a picture of the mp3 player of the front and spec's and information dotted about. But not being able to hold back anymore i opened the box and there in very posh polystyrene (the kind that doesnt crumble as soon as you touch it) there sat my headphones, manual, and mp3 player wrapped in plastics, and underneath that polystyrene tray sat another tray, contaning a cd, and some cables.

            The mp3 itself has a pretty simple layout - It has 4 directional buttons in the centre, the up and down being used as skip backwards and skip forwards respectively. There is also a small button on the right of these 4 that is used for Play, Pause, and when held, Power. On the left side of the MP3 player there is the hole for headphones, USB cable and charger. On the right there is and up and down button for volume, a menu/hold button and a source button, which takes you straight to what song is playing if you are in the menu.

            After installing the driver and software that was supplied - the software being Musicmatch Jukebox, i plugged in the mp3 player which was immediatley detected, and Musicmatch jukebox opened, i clicked the add button and promptly started to copy songs on to it, it takes about 10-20 seconds to copy a song, which is actually quite a while when you sit there and count. But its worth it i suppose.. now it claims to hold 1500 songs, which i find hard to believe as at the current time mine is 1/4 full and only has 125 on its hard drive. The mp3 player supports wma and mp3 file extension songs which are about the same size.

            If you put a music CD in the PC you can copy it straight to the player, although often you will have to manually rename them all as the PC will only detect them as "Track01" by "Unknown Artist" and "Track02" by "Unknown Artist" which is the way it will appear on the MP3 player which makes it impossible to find the song you want. This is a slow process but if you prefer ease of use over speed than this is the path to take.

            This was my first MP3 player as i am very hesitant to part with money and so this was a big step, but a step i am now glad i took. I have around 6 cd's worth stored on a little gadget around a 10th of the size and a 10th of the weight of a walkman and all the cd's!

            The headphones that are provided are small white earbud ones, however i dont like these as the sound quality is abismal (this applies to all earbud headphones) I much prefer the big ones that u actually put over your head. Much better.

            When fully charged, the mp3 player will make love to your ears for 600 minutes, thats 10 hours for those of you who couldnt be bothered to work it out!

            And so this brings us to the end of the review of my latest toy, and i hope it influences those who havnt yet been converted to the mp3-side to do so! soon!! But just be careful what you buy! I was lucky, this is great value and i really would recommend it to anyone.

            The End
            By Helpa4eva


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              29.07.2005 23:31
              Very helpful



              Really good, highly recomended, could listen to it 100 times!

              0ooo - Tenacious D - Tenacious D - ooo0

              Q: Well hello there Kenneth.. another music review!! Now, tell me, who the hell are "Tenacious D"

              A: Tenacious D are a band, consisting of two members - Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The two first met in 1985, when Jack was 16 and Kyle was 24, both members of a drama group called "The Actors Gang". Although Jack apparently didnt like Kyle much at first, they settled there differences and Kyle taught Jack how to play the guitar. During their time in the Actors Gang, the two starred in several shows including Tim Robbins' Carnage. Soon afterwards, the partners in crime began playing together in Kyle's apartment in Los Angeles.

              "At first they went by the name of 'The Axe Lords',
              but in the end, they decided to go with 'Tenacious D', which was actually a basketball phrase of Marve Alberts'" - Extract from the history page of www.tenaciousjoes.com

              Jack Black is famous for being in many films, including voiceovers in famous animated films, these are his most famous films:

              King Kong (2005) (not yet released)
              Shark Tale (2004) (voice) .... Lenny
              The School of Rock (2003) .... Dewey Finn
              Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks (2003) (V) .... JB
              Ice Age (2002) (voice) .... Zeke
              Orange County (2002) .... Lance Brumder
              Shallow Hal (2001) .... Hal Larson
              High Fidelity (2000) .... Barry
              Cradle Will Rock (1999) .... Sid
              "Tenacious D" (1999) TV Series .... JB
              Enemy of the State (1998) .... Fiedler
              The Jackal (1997) .... Ian Lamont
              Mars Attacks! (1996) .... Billy Glenn Norris
              The Cable Guy (1996) .... Rick

              - Source: www.imdb.com

              Jacks Partner in crime, Kyle Gass, has also featured in a few films:

              Cake Boy (2005) (V) .... Nathan
              Elf (2003) .... Eugene
              Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks (2003) (V) .... KG
              The New Guy (2002) .... Mr. Luberoff
              Shallow Hal (2001) .... Artie
              Almost Famous (2000) (uncredited) .... Quince Allen (only in director's cut)
              Cradle Will Rock (1999) .... Larry
              "Tenacious D" (1999) TV Series .... KG
              The Cable Guy (1996) .... Couch potato
              Bio-Dome (1996) .... Tenacious D
              Brain Dead (1990) .... Anaesthetist

              - souce: www.imbd.com

              The style of music Tenacious D play can only really be classed as "comedy rock". A totally unique band, with a unique style of music that is generally liked by all.

              Q: Wow.. So when did you notice the album and buy it? and what is the artwork like?

              A: Well i liked Tenacious D from the moment i heard their hit single "Tribute" on Kerrang! (the video featuring Dave Ghrol of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame). I borrowed a copy of the album (i mean a COPY, it was fake) from my friend, but i later purchased my own from HMV at a price of £10. The artwork consists of a strange demon like character stood over a grinning KG and JB, both of them with there guitars and appear to be naked. The cover is in black and white, and bears the totally necessary "Parental Advisory" icon at the bottom right.

              Q: Sounds good.. Now, tell me all about the tracks and what you think of them!!

              A: Okay, well after putting the disc in my walkman, my finger pressing the round button bearing the word "play" and hearing a beep as my anxiety to hear the album reached a climax.. the first song began to play:

              1. Kielbasa

              A spoken introduction from KG, saying "dude we gotta write something.." A great song, a great start to the album, with a rising amount of instruments - strummed acoustic to begin with, before drums and a synthesised electric come in, bringing a funk edge. All i can extract from this weird song is it is a song about a girl he is trying to impress. A bizarre introduction to an extremley bizarre album!

              Marks: 8/10
              Star Lyrics: "My kielbasa sausage has just got to perform"

              2. One note song

              This starts with a conversation between the duo about robots - comedy skits are a large part of the album. Then JB tells KG to keep playing one note for a new song, bending the note once in a while, hense the title of the song. Kyle has some disagreements with this, but he is immediatley overruled by Jack.

              Marks: 7.5/10
              Star Lyrics: "Next song! NEXT SONG!! NEXT!!!!"

              3. Tribute (to the greatest song in the world)

              The song that enticed me to acquire their album. It has a storyline, being: Jack and Kyle are hiking together, where there "shined a shiny demon" and he said "play the best song in the world" or hell eat their souls. So they played a song and it was the best song in the world, and basically this is a Tribute to it (hense the title) Being a guitar player myself, i can tell you that it is some great playing on this track, with a great 2 part scat [scat - to come out with a load of crap that sounds good! See scat man john, a pro scatter in the 80's who died a few years ago]. This song has been massivley played over all the mainstream music channels, along with the next track:

              Marks: 9/10
              Star Lyrics: "Be you angels? and we said "NAY! WE ARE BUT MEN!"

              4. Wonderboy

              Another shiner of the album, this has a fantasy ring in it, with Wonderboy (JB) and Young Nasty Man (KG) rising to defeat mucky muck man, and to slay a hydra. Great lyrics and the beat is just amazing and i really enjoy the slight synth string noise in the background.

              Its a great tune, played on the D chord, (A lot of Tenacious D songs are, i am assuming this is to fit with their name?) One of my favourite songs on the album because i am a huge fantasy fan!!

              Marks: 10/10
              Star Lyrics: "High above the mucky muck, castle made of clouds, there sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly!"

              5. Hard F*ck!ng

              The next comedy skit on the album, this is a conversation about how females dont like hard f*ck!ng, which serves as an introduction to the next track on the album:

              Marks: 6.5/10
              Star Lyrics: "The hard f*ck!ing is really a common complaint"

              6. F*ck Her Gently

              This is somewhat an anthem between me and a few people - me and my wonderful girlfriend love this song and find it highly amusing, and me and my best mate Daniel first heard it during one boys night in on Kerrang! and the highly amusing cartoon video. Its a solution to the problem mentioned in the previous track, about f*cking her gently! Very funny.

              Marks: 9/10
              Star Lyrics "Whats your favourite dish? Im not gonna cook it but ill order it from ZANZIBAR!!"

              7. Explosivo

              A great acoustic intro, with some weird lyrics from JB, easily takes the award of most rock track on the album with a very fast beat and fast lyrics from Jack Black, however bizarre and twisted.

              Marks: 8/10
              Star Lyrics: "Weve come to you away! Weve come to blow your nose, weve come to f*ckin blow, you know it! YOU KNOW IT!"

              8. Dio

              I love this track i think its great, even though i dont know of the Ronnie James Dio that this song is based on (although i hear he is a rock metal ledgend), i still just love the song, the lyrics and the guitar playing on it.

              Marks: 9/10
              Star Lyrics: "Your too old to rock! No more rockin for you!" - just the tone of contempt that Jack sings this with always makes me laugh.

              9. Inward Singing

              Another comedy skit, the first time i heard this i was rolling on the floor laughing, no exaggerations. Jack has an invention - the greatest invention since yodelling, in fact. It makes non stop rocking possible, and involves singing inwards, so time is not wasted breathing in!!! This results in an argument between the two and Jack fires Kyle but Kyle says "That wont be necessary, im quitting" Which takes us to the next track in this somewhat of a story-album..

              Marks: 9/10
              Star Lyrics: "You f*ckin dick! always nay saying! everything i.. CREATE!! You create something, like inward singing, you f*cking c*ck-ass, go sit in your tower.. f*ckin nap"

              10. Kyle Quit the Band

              They cant stay apart for long, and this song, as the half way mark in the album nears, tells the story at first of how they have got back together, but then goes on to tell how they are going to have a big bash!! The guitaring is quite good, although not the best on the album.

              Marks: 7/10
              Star Lyrics: "Everyone is invited to the bash!!"

              11. The Road

              This is a skip-song for me, not really one of my favourites, i like it when its more solitary accoustic strumming and attention is paid to the lyrics, so i cant reaally comment on this track, its just too "busy" for me.

              Marks: 3/10
              Star lyrics: "The road is f*ckin hard, the road is f*ckin tough"

              12. Cock Pushups

              Yet another short comedy skit by the duo. Basically, this is a conversation where Kyle asks if the release of the album will make the duo more popular to the ladies, and Jack says yes, and details how hes been preparing in advance by doing cock pushups - where you lay on your front and let your.. genitalia.. lift you off of the ground. Funny, but only for the first few listens.

              Marks: 6/10
              Star Lyrics: "How many do you need to do? Well i guess one is all you can do

              13. Lee

              I love this song! Its fast and has beat, and i love the rhyming lyrics sung by Jack, one of my favourites on the album, unfortunatley it is over a little too quickly (They mustve ran out of words that rhymed with Lee!)

              Marks: 9/10
              Star Lyrics: "I had a friend named Lee, Its Me, Lee and KG we're the 3, flying free, Tenacious Lee!"

              14. Friendship Test

              Jack rings Kyle at the "2 kings" hotel to tell Kyle he loves him.. turns out it was a test, that Kyle only just passed with an F+. Another skit, funny, but again only for the first few listens, this one slightly confuses me.

              Marks: 6/10
              Star Lyrics: "But you only just passed!! F+!! Click!"

              15. Friendship

              A song about friendship, easy to play on guitar its mostly basic power chords. Lyrics are ace, odd, but totally awesome. One of my faves on the album, i listen to this at least 3-4 times before moving on..

              Marks: 9.5/10
              Star Lyrics: "Oh shit theres a bear, can you hand me that shotgun buddy, also that chair"

              16. Karate Schnitzel

              A hilarrious skit about how Jack is hungry, and someones eaten his schnitzel.. he wakes up kyle and kyle claims that if its in the fridge its fair game to be eaten! This is preparation for the next track..

              Marks: 8.5/10
              Star Lyrics: "Fair game?? Well maybe this is fair game... Oww!!...Yeah thats right its a karate chop!"

              17. Karate

              This is sooooo funny, its about how Jack can and will kick your ass with the powers of Karate!. This is another fine specimen of Tenacious D's strangeness and bizarre-factor. A good one, but not fantastic.

              Marks: 7/10
              Star Lyrics: "You broke the rules, now i pull out all your pubic haair"

              18. Rock Your Socks

              Another one of the greatest tracks on the album that really showcases Tenacious D's talent to.. Rock your socks!! A great guitar solo and the best bit in the track has got to be where they talk about how they are "classically trained to rock your socks off" and they play a song by Bach. Awesome.

              Marks: 9.5/10
              Star Lyrics: "That is bach and it rocks its a rock by bach that he learned in a school called the school of hard knocks"

              19. Drive-Thru

              The final of the skits as the album begins to draw to an end, i laughed so hard at this when i first heard it and i still do. Its about how they drive to a drive thru for a meal and the drive thru attendant gets totally abused by Jack, as he orders about 20 things off of the menu!!!

              Marks: 9.5/10

              20. Double Team

              This is the BEST song on the album, it just rocks!! Its about sex (as a lot of the songs on this album are) But its just so hillarious, again it has great acoustic playing by Kyle Gass, i love this song, especially the part where the acoustic ends and the electric starts, and the lyrics go along with it, its reasonable until the electric starts then it just gets really.. innapropriate.

              Marks: 10/10
              Star Lyrics: "Take off your blouse, and your underpants, *electric guitar starts* THEN TAKE A LOOK, CAUSE HERE IS WHERE ME AND KG COME NAKED OUT OF THE SIDE HATCH"

              21. City Hall

              This is such a funny song, its quite long, its about "the bastards of city hall" and basically takes the michael out of would-be political songs. ! When they decide that the whole of the city must be rebuilt and new laws instituted, JB says "No, not me and KG, we don't have the cognitive capacity to lead...alright, we'll do it!"

              Marks: 10/10
              Star Lyrics: "Then after the smoke is clear and the rubble has been swept away, me and KG will peep out our heads.. weve been watching the riots on a monitor 20 floors below sea level.. in a bunker"

              Q: Well that took a while!!! So i guess thats it eh?

              A: Yeah i suppose.. its a great album, i am a huge fan of comedy and music anyone else who is the same should really buy this album its good value for money and i could listen to it over and over again and im sure you will be able to.

              Q: Awesome.. Any other interesting facts youd like to tell us?

              A: Yeah here are a few little did you knows:

              1. Tenacious D and Dave Ghrol are good friends. Dave Ghrol features in Tenacious D's Tribute video, and the duo feature in Foo Fighters (dave ghrols band) "Learn to Fly" band.
              2. The Lee in the song Lee is the D's official number one fan - also a member of the actors gang. He toured with the D on their last tour.
              3. The D either stands for "Duo" or the fact that most of their songs begin with the D chord on guitar.
              4. They are currently filming their own film, directed by Liam Lynch, called "Tenacious D - A Pick of Destiny"
              5. The film will have loads of new D Tracks, which will likeley be formed into a soundtrack, doubling up as a second album.

              Thank you for reading this review by helpa4eva on:
              Tenacious D - Tenacious D (Music)


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              • DrawPlus 7 / Photo Editing Software / 16 Readings / 10 Ratings
                More +
                06.07.2005 19:09
                Very helpful



                Value for money, never

                Serif DrawPlus 7 - A helpa4eva review.

                Introduction -

                Hello everyone, here i am reviewing a very versatile piece of software called Drawplus 7. This software is developed by Serif, and obviously is the 7th in the Drawplus series.

                I first used the software in a school Information Technology class in which we used Serif Drawplus 5 to make animations for a website. I loved the program, it was so flexible and fun and easy to use. I had to own it myself.

                The way i actually came to Own Serif Drawplus 7 (The newest version at the time) was slightly under-hand. Trying to avoid paying for the software, i searched the world wide web for a download of Serif Drawplus 7, but bore no fruits. In fact, all i found was Serif Drawplus 2. Well, better than nothing i thought, and so i downloaded it for free, and registered with Serif - This was the key for any of you readers who want to own this program cheaply.

                About a week later Serif phoned me, kindly offering me the latest version of Drawplus for a cheap £20 instead of the RRP of £60.00. Well i was delighted!!! and going back to me not wanting to spend money, i kindly asked my family if they wanted to purchase it for me, and so they did, and promptly, a few days later, a package came through the door......

                The Box -

                Obviously you can see an image of the packaging above, but i will briefly explain it to you. It is a clear designed box, with "DrawPlus 7" written near the bottom of the box, and the developers name, Serif, in the top left of the box, both of these pieces of text being black in colour on a white background. The top third of the box, however, is a clourful display of screenshots of the program, a quick preview of what can be done on the program, all on a easy-to-the-eye turqoise pattern.

                The other side of the box is expectedly information about the software, what it can do, how easy it is to use, etc. With more images of the program, which to me looked a lot more impressive than Serif Drawplus 2.

                Inside the box -

                Upon opening the box i was greeted with 4 items, as follows:

                1. A paper and see through cd wallet containing a cd entitled "Serif Drawplus 7"

                2. Another of the same case, containing a cd entitled "Design cd"

                Note: Both of these cd's had the same turqoise colour scheme as on the front of the box.

                3. A very thick looking paperback manual, also in the turqoise scheme.

                4. A letter saying thank you for purchase etc, and asking me to register this version of the software for more special offers from Serif.

                Installation -

                The installatin was a very pleasant and simple process, from inserting the cd and watching it slide into the welcoming crevice that is my cd drive, to the boring but not overly slow process of watching the percentiles tick from 1% to 100%, to "The installation is now complete, please reset your computer before you can use the program". So that was the installation finished, and i promptly shut down my computer in my eagerness to test out the software.

                Opening -

                The program opened up quickly and efficiently, and i was shown a "welcoming menu" with a picture of the hand holding a writing tool that is on the box, with options before me:

                1. Create Drawing

                2. Create Animation

                Open Saved Work


                As Open Saved Work and Exit are self explanatory and generally standard features in a piece of software, i will not bore you by going into them features. Instead, Below are chapters 1 and 2, detailing Drawing and Animation on Drawplus respectivley.

                1. Create Drawing

                When this is clicked, you are immediatley taken to a page where you can select the size of your "canvass" or "paper" on the screen - whatever you wish to call it, you also have the option of making a custom one to a custom size, and saving that size, or you can choose from a range of publications and fun things (Height charts, leaflets, etc, however, some of these are on the design cd which i will explain the contents of later). When you choose your size you are taken to a very simple looking screen. These are the tools you have at your disposal:

                Pencil/Line/Curved - These are the 3 fundamental line types you can choose for your drawing - Pencil being a freeform drawing tool, Line being for straight lines (obviously) for geometrical or maybe architectural designs, and Curved, again, for lines of the curved variety.

                Shape button - Clicking this brings up a little sub-meneu with a selection of about 20 shapes, ranging from circle, square, trapezium, to transport, smiley faces, and stars.

                Roughen line - When you have selected a shape by left clicking it, you can use this button to make the line or shape more uneven and rough.

                Rotate - although you can enter a degree into a little sub box that you want the shape to be rotated by, you can also to it manually by using this box then turning the shape with your mouse.

                Then on the right there are some more tabs:

                Line - This is further customizing the lines in your drawing, from the colour, to what type of line (arrows at the end? gaps every now and again?) To thickness, to roundness at the end of the lines.

                Colour - This is used to colour in shapes, and unlike paints poor colour selection, Drawplus has a good 100 colours at your disposal.

                There are a lot more features in the Drawing section that come on the design cd, they will be listed later.

                2. Create Animation

                The Create Animation is very much the same process and layout as the previous option - you select your paper size, and you have your shape, colour and line tabs etc. Only there are a few new features obviously to be used to make animations:

                Frames - The first "page" you are on, has a little tab at the bottom entitled "Frame 1" this is the start of your animation. When you have completed your first frame you can click this and choose from:

                New Frame - For a clean sheet in the 2nd part of your animation

                Clone Frame - For "Frame 2" to be made, exactly the same as "Frame 1" so if you only need to make a small movement it looks smooth in the finished result

                Delete Frame - If you think your work sucked, delete it!

                Options - Here you can choose how many 100ths of a second you want the frame to last, and other bits and bobs that i havnt yet mastered!

                There is also obviously a "Play" button, which shows you the work that you have done at the speed that you have set.

                Also, in both the drawing and animation features, you can copy and paste objects, but the handy thing about Serif copy and paste is that it doesnt paste the object in straight away. Oh no. Its brings up a size selector and you drag your mouse out to make the object the size you want, and of course it can still be adjusted later if you wish.

                Furthermore, there is a transparency button, to chose a tint for the transparency and to choose the percentile of transparency in the object selected.

                At first the prospect of creating an animation on the computer daunted me, how?

                But Serif Drawplus makes it really easy and simple.
                If you still have problems with it you can refer to the manual, which takes you fully step by step, hand in hand, through the installation process, to opening the program, and gives you some simple projects to undertake to grasp the program, before moving onto more advanced features such as inserting sound objects and files into the animation.

                Design CD -

                The Design CD contains some extra content that you should really install to fully enjoy and appreciate the program:

                1. Textures - Although you can use colours to fill your shapes in, you now get about 50 "textures" to fill in your objects with, from metals, glows, woods, to plasma colours that you would expect to see in a 70's nightclub.

                2. Publications - For drawing, the cd comes with a lot more pre-set publications, like calendars, invitations, cards and the like.

                Problems -

                The only "problem" i have ever encountered with Drawplus was when i selected an object and tried to paste something different, it caused a crash and the program shut down, however it automatically saved my work for me so that was fine, you just have to be careful. Apart from that one needle in the haystack, the program is entirley flawless to me, infact its the entire opposite, its well structured and well made. Genius. :-)

                Updates -

                Although the only "Update" i have installed was from the Design CD that came with Drawplus, i have not checked the internet for updates, although i have little doubt that Serifs website will contain some plugins and addons and whatnot.

                Projects -

                I have used the software countless times, from making a leaflet about the Roman Army, to creating a Dawn of the Dead style animation with a good 900 frames in all!! It has countless uses, and its just really fun to play around with even if you have nothing to do and you just want to have a tinker with it!

                Conclusion -

                Serif Drawplus is a great program, very easy to use and great value for money. If you register with serif you will continue to get good offers aswell, i got photoplus recently, a photo storing and editing software, for about £2-3 with FREE postage!

                I highly recommend the whole program to you, its just great, although if you had to buy it at the RRP, £60, it would be a little overpriced. It is priced as such because you do not need the cd to run the software, and so business can install it on all their computers and stuff like that.

                Thank you for reading this somewhat behemoth of a review,
                I hope quality is as good as quantity!

                From Helpa4eva


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                • Nokia 3650 / Mobile Phone / 17 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                  06.07.2005 11:21
                  Very helpful



                  Just a really good phone, i like the keypad shape aswell.

                  This is a helpa4eva review on the Nokia 3650.
                  I hope you enjoy the review (its a long one!)

                  I was bought the Nokia 3650 as a present (as i waterlogged my other one!) and was told it was quite a good phone. Whereas some people think "phones are just for calling people" which i see their point, i want it with all the stuff (polyphonic tones, camera, colour etc.)

                  It all depends on what sort of phone you want. There are so many different phones out on the market today that it is a difficult question but if you want a phone with features-a-plenty, a rather nice design that i find so much easier to type messages on, a guarantee that it wont suddenly shut down on you and your not one of those people that thinks their phone has to be the size of their thumb otherwise its a brick, then guess what phone im going to reccomend to you? Thats right! a Nokia 3650!

                  The Phone has quite a long-lasting and reliable battery: - Battery Cell is a BL-5C 850 mAh, Li-Ion up to 2 to 4 hours Talk time, up to 150 to 200 hours long Standby Time and the Battery charge time is 1h 35min, so thats a long time.

                  But on the downside a lot of that time can be spent opening applications, such as the camera which can take around 4-5 seconds to open. Now that doesnt sound like much but you think about it in your head and its quite a while!

                  And also, another one of the features on the 3650 that sealed the deal of my pride with this phone, is the fact that it has polyphonic ring tones.

                  Now the introductions finished, lets start to get on with information about the phone itself.


                  As i said earlier, some people only want tiny phone, because its all about the looks of the phone. In my opinion the 3650 has an really nice, unique design which will definitely impress your friends. The LCD on the phone is of quite a large size and clarity (4096 colors and 176 x 208 pixels).

                  Just below the screen there are two buttons which you can programme them what to do in the configuration menu, which will make your favorite applications/features open. The buttons on the keypad include a five way scroll key and, the phones trademark, the circular keypad. Now some might NOT like the circular keypad because of being used to the "normal" keypad (4 below the 1, 8 below the 5 etc.) but i have quite large hands, and i find it so much easier to type text messages and numbers etc. plus, this phone isnt just any other normal phone with normal keys.

                  You can also either set a background image of your choice which you’ve taken via the camera or leave it blank, I kind of like a wallpaper of my choice on the phone of my choice. OR if you really are getting technical, if you have a Bluetooth USB adapter and the Nokia 3650 PC Suite (Downloadable from Nokia.com) you can use images from the internet as your background!

                  FEATURES (MY FAVOURITE!):

                  The Nokia 3650 has a very impressive 6 way call conference feature, it is Tri-band, allowign for talk anywhere, Hold option, Mute option, DTMF and a very good LOUDSPEAKER option, which allows you to talk to people from a distance, and the clarity when the loudspeaker is on is amazing.

                  FEATURES I: CONTACTS

                  Well if you have a phone like this youre gonna have to know where you can put all the numbers of your friends! its really easy, just enter the number and click the designated options button and save, after that you have the choice to put your contact in various categories ranging from Phone (Home or business), Mobile (Home or business), Fax (Home or business), or Pager, all the contacts of an individual can be added to his profile erasing the need to save an individuals multiple contacts over and over. For an example: Adams mobile phone number, house phone number, office number, fax, pager all can be saved under Adam and a special ring tone can be assigned to all of those numbers, so you know when its him calling

                  Also in the contacts of the Nokia 3650 there is a feature called user groups management. multiple individuals and friends can be saved to a specific group and you can name the group according to what the group represents e.g you can have all your friends numbers in your friends user group, and again, you can assign a ring tone to the group so only when your friends ring up can i get to hear the Simpsons theme!, this is really helpful as all your annoying contacts can be ignored or avoided completelet.

                  Another special feature in the contacts section is that every contact can be assigned a thumbnail image that will be displayed when that contact calls, so when my friend rings up i get to see a photo of them so i can remember what they look like! Besides the small thumbnail you can save an individual’s high resolution picture in his profile, that you can check at any time, and a lot of phones do not have that. The internal memory itself is 3MB not to mention the memory card that comes with the phone that packs an extra load of space, so it is incredibly easy to save many many pictures.

                  And yet again ANOTHER contact management feature is the profiles section, in which all profiles can be modified to your chosing, only the profile named “General’s” name cannot be changed. For each profile you can modify a variety of options. You can chose your ringing tone, the ringing volume and wether or not you want the vibration feature on, incoming message tones and volume and/or vibration option. warning tones for when you have low battery etc.

                  Good. now where done here, your probably bored, but lets proceed to the camera features!

                  FEATURES II: CAMERA (Stills & Video)

                  Here is a feature which is not scarce amongst the newer phones, but nevertheless a feature to be proud of. The camera on the Nokia 3650 can be used to take short video clips, or still images.


                  The camera can either be activated by the MENU, or by setting the camera as the program opened when you press one of the programmable buttons below the screen.(preferred choice for most people). You can directly save any taken still image into the phone memory or the memory card for use and access in the future, the image quality is superior to quite a few other phones, and takes the cake compared to many other phones, that while they have cameras, are nowhere near as good quality. While taking your image you have three options to alter the style of the photo taken:

                  1. Portrait - This mode is used to take photos that are portrait shaped (duh!) and is handy for pictures of peoples faces to include in your contacts.

                  2. Standard - This mode is.... STANDARD! it produces a normal square image of a fantastic quality.

                  Night - This is another piece of superiority compared to other phones. It lights up the picture quite a lot compared to the light in the room. If it is foggy or dark whilst you are taking the image, the picture is just as normal as any other photo, and very good qualirt. You can also set the quality of the photo taken, which will effect the overall size of the photo.


                  With this feature which is even scarcer amongst todays phones, you can take 10-11 second video clips if you are moving the phone, or the people in front of the camera are moving, but if things are relativeley still you can film them up to an average of 21 seconds. The video is of a reasonable quality, but not brilliant, as the use of video in phones is still in the pioneering stages.


                  Messages are incredibly easy to send and type and is in a Microsoft style format. It is undescribably easy to send pictures, ringtones, e-mails, anything, and if you want to finish it later, or if you want to send it more than once and dont want to type it out over and over again, you can save the message as a draft (just like on ciao!).

                  You can programme your e-mail adress and others e-mail adresses into your phone reasonably easily in a matter of 4-6 minutes. Sending messages to e-mails is another new feature that is only just starting to be included in many phones.


                  Now for the bit that is not at all rare on new phones, or even year old phones, so it is not surprising that this great phone has access to the internet and connectivity to download files in many different ways.

                  1. Bluetooth: As listed before, Bluetooth can be used to shift ringtones, games, images, pretty much anything onto your phone via a driver appropriate to the phone, and a bluetooth USB adapter. It can be used to shift things from your phone to your computer also, and even your PDA. But i dont have a PDA so i dont know too much about that area of things.

                  2. Infrared - Most people know what this word means, and so it is reasonably easy to guess what this feature does and how it works. An infa red beam is used to connect to your PDA or computer to transfer your chosen files, and works quite similiarly to Bluetooth, in the way that it is cordless, but where infrared is simpler to used, Bluetooth has a longer range and is generally more reliable.

                  NOTE: Due to the round-bottomed nature of the Nokia 3650, there is no room for a bluetooth dongle connector or any other data cable for that matter, so you must hunt for a wirless bluetooth USB, that you programme with your phone, and plug into your PDA or Computer.

                  FEATURES V: HELP

                  A very important feature to even a person who has owned a phone like this for a while, if you get stuck, you can refer to this in-phone guide to help you. This feature is not in many phones, and is especially helpful to people who have not used the phone before.

                  FEATURES V1: WORLD WIDE WEB

                  The 3650 has a reasonable WAP enabled section that lets you browse the internet to download wallpapers for your phone, ringtones, games etc. anything that you want. Although the connectivity is quite good, it is somewhat slow. The internet cost is quite cheap, and so do not feel pressured to hurry up before you run out of money when you are using this feature.

                  FEATURES VII: GAMES

                  My favourite feature, as when i get bored i can just whip out my phone and have a little play. Inittialy, the 3650 comes with 2 games, Snake EX and Mix Pix, but games such as Bounce, Ping Pong, or even film-based games like the Italian Job can be downloaded from the computer and installed onto your phone viao infrared or Bluetooth, or can be downloaded directly onto your phone using the WAP browser. Below is a description of the two games you are given on your phone before you install any more.

                  Snake EX
                  The game snake started way back on some sort of game console, but was brought into the nokia world in the simple yet reliable Nokia 3210. Since then it has evolved into a snake shaped, colour, polyphonic-noise-making beauty! Game-lovers eat your heart out!

                  MIX PIX
                  This is a really funky game based on those really annoying little plastic sheets with squares that you move around, and each square has an image on, and the aim of the game is to get the picture right instead of it being all muddled up. Besides the pictures that are given to use with mixpix, you can choose pictures you have taken, and it will muddle them up for you!

                  FEATURES VIII: TOOLS

                  In the tools folder you can pretty much set up most of your phone, and it has a few extra interesting bits.

                  Settings - Make subtle changes to the layour of your phone, such as clock type (analog or digital) colour scheme (red green or blue menus) background picture if you want one, etc, etc.

                  Call Divert - Setting up a diversion that will take callers to your answerphone.

                  Speed Dial - Assign keys to numbers to reach certain people quicker. Up to 8 numbers can be assigned as a speed dial number.

                  Voice Mail - Check if anyone has left you an answerphone message.

                  To Do Notes - In here you put your.. ermm.. TO DO NOTES! you key in the notes just like a message, and it will save it into a folder, with the date attached for you!

                  FEATURES IX: EXTRAS

                  This folder contains most of the bits and bells that make it o-so-great, and makes it the cream of the crop, separating it from being just "any other phone"

                  Notes - Description above.

                  Calculator - Im not even going to bother here. Its for playing with numbers. 'nuff sed.

                  Converter - Another unique feature, although you have to go through the haslle of setting it up in the first place. The converter can be used to convert pretty much anything, currency, weights, mentric to imperial measurements, degrees centigrade to fahrenheight, etc. etc.

                  Recorder: - A pretty cool feature, can record up to 1 minute of quality sound, played back to you using Media Player. The sound clips can actually be used as ringtones. NOTE: dont bother trying to play a song on your hi-fi whilst recording it on your phone to save money on ringtones, because you get loads of feedback and it doesnt work.

                  Composer - Quite an unexpected feature for a phone that has polyphinc ringtones, but still, is fun to use, and instead of the traditional Press the keys and random letters come up, the screen is in the form of sheet music, and you just move the notes up and down as appropriate.

                  Clock: - Set an alarm.

                  About: - The version of your phone, drivers and makers can be found here.




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                    03.07.2005 15:43
                    Very helpful



                    My favourite genre of game, its great value for money.

                    Warcraft 3: The Frozen throne is the next in the long series of Warcrafts (Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos) So of course this serves as an add on to Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, but does it measure up? is the developer blizzards new child a genius or an abortion? lets wait and see...

                    Well, first we must look at what is actually in the add-on. When i first got the game (unfortunatley i was not in the beta, but as i pre-ordered it from a website that does very cheap games, i got it quite early) i already had great expectations, as i had been reading up on its contents, and was delighted to discover that the previews were true; this isnt just another lame sequel to get coins like certain games COUGH*the sims*COUGH. This is almost like a new game, with 5, yes 5 new campaigns, each with around 20 levels to feast your strategy-hungry eyes on. But is your machine a vicious enough beast to carry this new game? The specs are as follows:


                    MINIMUM SPECS:
                    400 Mhz Pentium II (or equivalant)
                    128 MB of RAM
                    8 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalant or better) with Direct X 8.1 Support
                    550 MB HD space (in addition to the warcraft reign of chaos installation)
                    4x CD-ROM drive

                    With these primitive enough specs you will be able to play this beauty well enough, but if you really want to have a good gaming experience then i recommend this:

                    RECOMMENDED SPECS
                    600Mhz processor
                    256 MB of RAM
                    32 MB 3D video card
                    DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card (for the beautiful background music ;-))

                    2. JUDGING A GAME BY ITS COVER

                    When i slid my new baby out of its brown paper packaging, i was pleasently surprised to see a very evil face of a human with white hair and armour on, depicted in the same style as the Orc on the Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos (ROC from now on) case (only half his head is on the case)
                    the game is a 12 + and is identified to be multiplayer. I turn the case over too see some delightful screenshots and information detailing what is new, and in BIG letters EXPANSION SET TO THE GAME OF THE YEAR (if youve got it, flaunt it!) so i was very satisfied with the outside, but lets see whats inside...

                    3. THE MANUAL

                    The manual has the same picture as on the front case (exactly the same style as the warcraft: ROC manual) which i was pleased with. Looking at the lower left corner i noticed the immortal bane of unorganised gamers existence: a cd-key. This security measure is good in 3 ways:
                    1. it stops blizzard being conned by people copying cd's
                    2. it means more profit for blizzard
                    3. it means sometimes messy people such as myself are motivated to keep organised so we do not lose such valuable pieces of information!

                    The manual is an average-sized 24 pages, which is understandable as the warcraft 3: ROC manual is 68 pages long, and that contains most of the information. The manual for The Frozen Throne (TFT) informs you of all the new stuff, and wait for it; pointless but has to be done: credits. NOW, ONTO THE GAME!!!!!

                    2.a) INSTALLATION

                    I didnt want to class this as a whole section because it start to waffle on, so im just going to keep this short and to the point. The installation was easy to navigate through, and showed some screenshots of the game that i will be playing after the process has finished. It was a quick installation and i was very satisfied with it.

                    3. THE GAME! THE GAME!

                    There isnt just a few new things on this add on, there are in total over 20 new units, 30 new maps, and many more other features. I was ultimatley delighted to find that the game comes with a map maker/editor that sadly takes a bit of time getting used to. The gameplay was the same as before, smooth, basic menus that no-one could get confused on even if they had a paper bag over their head, and of course the graphics. But the graphics had improved since then, making it a realy beauty. So i could witness all 4 playable races in graphical beauty:

                    Night Elves

                    After completing the first campaign i tired of whooping computer butt so i took to the skies......

                    4. BATTLE.NET

                    Battle.net is blizzards piece of software that hosts all their games, but particularly the warcraft series. After creating an account which was reasonably quick and easy (once i found a username that wasnt taken) i started to investigate. i found out that you can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, you can play arranged teams with friends, you can even play custom maps, created in the afformentioned map editor found in the warcraft directory. NOTE: BE CAREFUL GOING INTO THIS SECTION AS IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE AND I HAVE FALLEN INTO THE WORLD OF COMPULSIVE GAMING AND HIBERNATING IN MASS PURCHASED HAMSTER BEDDING WITH MY PET CORDLESS KEYBOARD JIM.

                    5. CONCLUSION

                    I thank you for reading this review, and i hope you found it useful. TFT is on sale on most online stores for as cheap as £15-£20, so it wont set you back that much. I was really proud of Blizzards new creation, and it has made my faith in the developers even stronger (almost as strong as i recommend this game to you)


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                      03.07.2005 14:55
                      Very helpful



                      aaah its great. its so great!!! I highly highly recommend! 10/10!

                      A review of Frankie and Bennys by helpa4eva
                      I dont know why i went to this place, i guess i just fancied it when i saw it sold American and Italian food (the best kinds of food, no doubt). As soon as i walked into the restaurant, i could immediatley see it was a place of class, not just some random pull over take away job.

                      The place reminded me of New York, with the style of music, old music, quite energetic, but not so energetic that you cant concentrate on eating or having a conversation. Even though there are quite a few Frankie and Bennys i know of, there has only been a few location specific opinions written on this great place.

                      I have only been a few times, as it isnt the place you go out really often to, but it is a very nice place, and so i thought id write a review on it to encourage more people to go for a very tasty, often vegetarian, and not OTT expensive option instead of the mass-produced, mass-bought, and INCREDIBLY rarely vegetarian fast food chains (i say incredibly rareley as a food chain which will remain anonymous in this op got sued because their alleged vegetarian chips were discovered to be cooked in oil using essence of beef).

                      As i said before, i have not been too many times, but every time i have gone i have left absoloutley full, and in the good sense. Frankie and Benny's are part of the company "City Centre Restaurants" plc, who own some other chains of restaurants such as Garfunkels (not tried yet but i am going to now), Deep Pan Pizza Co, a nice place, Chiquitos and Caffe Uno are another few.

                      I have been to 4 different locations (i only know the actual loactions of 3 though, youll soon see why). I have been to Southend-On-Sea, Basildon, Kingswood (Hull, not Norfolk) and the 4th one, if your geographically minded you will have realised that Hull and Southend are very far away from each other, thats because i have relatives in Hull and go up there every holiday. On one 3 hour long trip back i decided to take a nap, when i woke up within 10 minutes i saw a quite random health centre, swimming pool, Frankie and Bennys and another restaurant. I quickly made sure my parents pulled in as i was hungry, and we ate at the Unkown Frankie and Bennys.

                      As soon as you enter you can hear great music playing, such as Old Blue eyes, the greatest, for those uncultured who dont know who Old Blue Eyes is its the great Frank Sinatra. When you are kindly presented with a seat and menus you are really beginning to understand what first impressions do to you.

                      The decor in the Unkown branch as i recall was a very nice Cottage-inside sort of style (beams on the wall) but also kepy the Italian-American setting with paintings of Blues Bands, Italy, and America.

                      The menu is a very good range, with plenty of vegetarian options. (Personally, i dont believe in vegetarianism, i mean, why are we born with canine teeth?) You can have any of the nice sounding pizzas with chips, to Pastas, to Burgers (healthy burgers, if its possible) to soups, to chicken, beef, turkey, EVERYTHING tasty, even sandwiches if your not that hungry.
                      The side orders are olser plentiful in variety, from combos to platters, to garlic breads onion rings (the spicy ones are apparently very hot according to another ciao-er!)

                      If for some incredibly insane and warped reason you are still hungry and you want desert, you wont be dissapointed. The first desert i got when i visited Frankie and Bennys is the biggest you can get, and when i tell you that the name is "Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich" does that convince you? it is a giant cookie, topped in ice cream butterscoth, chocolate bits and pieces and loads of sauces. Cue another cookie, and more of the above mentioned, repeated thrice, to create an unbelievably filling treat!

                      The service is very good, and although when you first go you will think it is slow, when you get the food and realise it is so fresh and tasty, you will not regret waiting ith a rumbling stomach.

                      This is really nice place and i would reccomend it to virtually anyone, there is nice food with people with any tastes, as long as they like pizza, pasta, burgers, chips, and pretty much anything apart from curry! and if you want one of those go to an indian! So basically, give this place a try. Further info (where to find your nearest F&B) can be found at www.frankieandbennys.co.uk

                      Thank you for reading a helpa4eva review on:
                      Frankie and Bennys (Restaurant)


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                        03.07.2005 14:41
                        Very helpful



                        Its just a great guitar, totally awesome. Highly recomended.

                        0ooooooo - Yamaha Pacifica - ooooooo0

                        ::: How i got the guitar ::::

                        I love music. When i was 8 i got a keyboard for my birthday, and i still have the same one and still play it nearly every day 7 years on.

                        I love seeing bands play their music - i recently saw System of a Down at Brixton (read my op. on it if you like!) and in November im seeing Franz Ferdinand. I have always been amazed at the way their fingers just dance over the fretboard so fast and make a great sound.

                        So i wanted to learn how to play! I checked out online shops such as www.musicstore.com - a German site, very cheap as it is all minus 16% due to the German VAT. But even on their the guitars where a bit out of my price range. I saw a nice one in my local music shop, Allegro Music, for £199, a "Yamaha Pacifica". I knew it was the cheapest i was going to get but i didnt have the money so i left it.

                        I was talking to a mate later and he told me he had a guitar! He went on to tell me it had been in his cupboard for about 2 years because he had never been bothered to play it. He offered to sell me it, with a Marshall amplifier, for £120! So i bought it!

                        ::::: History of the Electric Guitar :::::

                        The electric guitar is a very interesting instrument and has a very interesting history, which i looked up on the internet.

                        The developement of the electric guitar owes a great amount to Hawaiian music in the 20s and 30s. Hawaiian guitars were solo instruments played with a metal slide. Electric Hawaiian guitars were the first instruments that depended entirely on their sound being amplified electrically not just acoustically.

                        A key figure in Electric guitars was Adolph Rickenbacker who originally was to make metal components for Dopera Brothers' National Resonator Guitars. Rickenbacker later met George Beauchamp and Paul Barth who had been working together on the principle of the magnetic pick-up. Together they formed the Electro String Company and in 1931 produced their first Hawaiian guitars. Their success made now famous "Gibson" and others to start producing electric guitars,

                        In the 40s Gibson new electric models became firmly established. People began to work on ways of applying the solid body of the Hawaiian and steel guitars to regular instruments. In 1944, Leo Fender, who then ran a radio repair shop, teamed up with Doc Kaufman, a former Rickenbacker employee, started K & F Company and produced a series of steel guitars and amplifiers. Fender felt the large pick-up magnets in use at the time need not be so large. He incorporated a new pick-up which he wanted to try out into a solid body guitar based on the shape Hawaiian but, with a regular properly fretted fingerboard. Though only meant to demonstrate the pick-up the guitar was soon in demand. 1946 saw the formation of Fender Electric Instrument Company and the introduction of the Broadcaster.

                        At the same time [Gibson] Les Paul was working in the same direction. Paul experimented with pick ups throughout the 1930s but, had experienced feedback and resonance problems and began to think about a solid body guitar after hearing about a solid body violin by Thomas Edison.. Paul was convinced the only way to avoid body feedback was to reduce pick up movement and the only way to do that was to mount it in a solid body.

                        Paul persuaded Epiphone to let him use workshop on Sundays, where in 1941 he built the historic "log" guitar

                        In 1947 Paul Bigsby in consultation with Merle Travis built a solid body electric guitar that shared certain design features with the Broadcaster that Fender introduced in 1948. Bigsby wasn't far from Fender operation in Fullerton and there is some question who was looking over whose shoulder

                        Fender was more concerned with utility and practicality rather then looks and wanted a regular guitar with the clear sound of a electric Hawaiian but, without the feedback problems. The result was the the Broadcaster which he began producing in 1948 later renamed the Telecaster.

                        In 1954, Fender began producing the Stratocaster. Along with the Telecaster and the guitars Les Paul was designing for Gibson, they set the standard for solid body guitars.

                        - Most of this information is sourced from http://www.there1.com/browse_articles.php?action=view_record&idnum=54

                        ::::: Detailed Description of the Yamaha Pacifica ::::

                        Starting from the very top bit, or to people who know guitars, the headstock, here is a description of the looks of the guitar:

                        Headstock & Machine heads - The headstock is a pine/beech colour, and is very smooth. It has "Pacifica Yamaha" written on it, the headstock being where the majority of manufacturers write the brand of guitar. Also, at the very end of the headstock there is the Yamaha logo, which seems to be 3 tuning forks inside a circle. The machine heads (the 6 knobs used for tuning) are a shiny smooth chrome,and are all on one side of the headstock.

                        Neck: The Pacifica comes in a choice of 2 necks: Beech and Maplewood. Maplewood is supposed to be better, but the real difference is just the colour - Maplewood is a dark brown, beech a light. The frets are just small silver dots, as is on most "Beginner" guitars. The back of the neck is beech.

                        Body: The body is beech, or "natural" like the headstock and back of the neck. The body cover near the lower bout is white, matching with the Volume and Tone knobs, and the pickup selector [The pickip selector changes the sound of the guitar - it is used to switch between the 2 pickups on a Pacifica - Treble and Bass)

                        Overall, its a very nice guitar for looks, not the nicest i have ever seen (Unfortunatley the nicest guitar i have seen, the one i want when im really good, costs 7500 euros!) but it is still a very smooth looking guitar!

                        :::: Is it any good? ::::

                        The Yamaha Pacifica is a great instrument to play. I have been playing nearly a year now - my friend has been playing 7 years and he still has his Pacifica. The strings are typical nickel-wound strings, but after around a month or 2 they will deteriorate and should be replaced with whatever strings you see to be within your price range and preference - you can buy coloured strings, Fender strings, Encore strings, or Super Slinky strings. I use Super slinky.

                        Unplugged, the Pacifica is very acoustically alive, and produces a sound loud enough to practice with. When plugged into my Marshall amp, the sound is great, very smooth yet sharp. This can obviously be altered using the distortion on the amplifier, and when this is done a great range of different sounds can be produced, but, on its own, the sound of the guitar is very good.

                        My only fault with the guitar is the strap buttons - 2 sticky-out metal bits that you press your guitar strap onto - i dont know if its the strap buttons or the 3 straps i have owned but the straps have fallen off more than a few times!

                        Apart from that its all good, i am very lucky - the Barker family is inherently clumsy, and my guitar has survived some right batterings, including one where i was perched on the edge of a wheeled office chair practising. I leant forward to grab a pen to tab out some music, and the chair slid out from under me, i went flying back through the study doorway, guitar still strapped on, which of course was too wide to fit through the doorway and just slammed against the frame! Luckily it survived!

                        It is amazingly easy to buy "accessories" for this guitar, as most are universal. Plectrums obviously can be bought for any guitar for any price in between 10p and £15. Distortion pedals are universal and just require a jack lead which is also universal for every single Electric guitar i have seen.

                        The £120 i paid for the Pacifica was great value, especially seeing as i got my Marshall amp with it [Marshall is a very good name in music]. But £199 wouldnt be an unfair price to pay, its a very good guitar and i dont think ill be wanting to buy a new one for a few years yet!

                        This is a great guitar and i would recomend it to anyone who wants to learn how to play - as long as they stick at it! Guitar is not an easy instrument to play.

                        Thanks for reading!!


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                          26.10.2004 21:39
                          Very helpful




                          I. INTRO

                          I have written this review, after recently, i just fancied a mug of good old Horlicks:

                          1. Go to cupboard, get out Horlicks
                          2. Add precise amount in to prevent over-maltiness.
                          3. Mix with warm milk (involves warming up milk)
                          4. Add water.

                          A very long process when its late and you just want to go in bed and not wake up for a long time.

                          So after this experience impatient me decided to get some of the newer Horlicks, the type were only adding water is necessary. I now drink it every night before i go to bed, almost like a ritual now, to get more restful sleep, relieve the stresses of the day and just to enjoy the loveley malty goodness.

                          II: WHAT IS THE PRODUCT?

                          The infinitley tasty product in this op is called Horlicks, and is a malty drink that is made with hot water and acts as a calcium supplement, an aid to unrest at night time, and, if this is the decider on wether to buy a product for you:

                          *Drum roll, please*

                          Its low in fat!

                          Unlike its predecessor, original Horlicks, or what i like to call the classic version, it is actually GOOD to drink, and supplies you with restful sleep and energy the next morning!

                          Because of the high nutritional values it is suitable for older people, people who need a better diet, and others.

                          III: WHATS NUTRITIOUS ABOUT IT?

                          Horlicks contains easilt digested Folic Acid, which aids sleep and fertility for women, Vitamin B12, Vitamins A, D, C and E, Riboflavin, and Niacin. Such nutrients in such a tasty night time drink means you cant go wrong! Very rarley is something nice also good for you, so, luckily, the term Naughty but Nice need not be applied to this great stuff!

                          IV: HOW IS IT PACKAGED?

                          Whilst classic Horlicks is made in an upractical, clumsy and frankly ugly glass jar, Horlicks Light is in a much more practical strong cardboard cuboid tub, with a blue plastic hinged lid. You even get a cool little blue matching scoop for ease of making.

                          The packaging is dark blue at the top with the shade going to a lighter blue, and a doorknob with one of those "DO NOT DISTURB" Door hook things on it. Also, appropriatley, a Sleeping moon makes up the bit that is hung on the door handle.

                          On the back of the tub is tips for restful sleep, which include instructions on making Horlics Light. Then on the side there is Nutrition Information, and ingredients, and on the other side the adresses to write to for questions and comments, which will be included at the end of the review.

                          V: HOW IS HORLICKS MADE?

                          Horlicks could not be any more simpler to make. The most complicated part is probably stirring it! All you do is add 2 or 3 scoops of Horlicks powder to taste, add hot water, and stir well to prevent getting some not very nice lumps of neat horlics powder at the bottom of your bed time drink. This is a lot more quicker and efficient than the Classic Horlicks version, which is made as detailed above.

                          VI: WHATS IT LIKE?

                          VI-a: AROMA

                          Before being made, the horlics powder just slightly smells of malt, which makes the need for it even greater! After being made, Horlicks has a great strong malty and milky smell, that soothes the body and just gives that great warm feeling that you love just before you go to sleep!

                          VI-b: TASTE

                          Other hot drinks such as Coffee or tea, are too strong and just dont give that "Aaah now im gonna sleep well!" feeling. Nor does Hot Chocolate, even though that is a little bit better. But the creamy, milky malt taste from Horlicks Light just takes the cake! Its just a great drink, and words cannot be used to completley describe the great taste that you get after a hard days work where you can just leave your troubles in an empty mug.

                          VII: NUTRITION!

                          In a hectic or busy lifestyle, where maybe the only free time you really get is during your sleep, Horlicks gives you your vitamins in preparation for the next day, and we all know that Calcium is very very good for bones, which helps arthritis, osteoporosis, and just generally strengthens the bones.

                          VIII: INGREDIENTS

                          It is both pointless, time wasting, and as i now know (Thank you, trampus) frowned upon to list ingredients in food and drink ops, i can only say that there are NO artificial sweeteners, flavourings, or additives. One especially nutritious ingredient in Horlicks light, and i didnt know this as i dont really pay much attention to the small things in my food (tut-tut), is Potassium Carbonate. I would like to thank Ciaoer thingywatsit, as her review was the source that the following information was attained from.

                          "Potassium Bicarbinate is a good ingredient as it is something that an allergy specialist told me about. Potassium Bicarbinate actually neutralises the acidity of the stomach, and I need this to cut down acidity as I sometimes suffer from acid reflux." - Thingywatsit.

                          This shows how important Potassium Bicarbinate is and is another plus factor on Horlicks Light.

                          IX: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

                          Horlicks cost me around £2 from a branch of Tescos, and there is 500g in a box, although obviously prices will vary around different stores and shops, and probably online if you do your shopping online.

                          X: CONCLUSION

                          Horlics. A great drink that is the perfect beverage to have just before you want to go to sleep, or on a cold and rainy day, where you want to curl up on the sofa and watch TV. Mmmm. Sounds gooood. Or after a hard days work, where you can just leave your troubles at the door and relax.

                          It is good for your sleeping, for your digestive system, and is suitable for anyone over 1 (according to the tub, although 1 year olds dont really drink hot drinks do they?! apart from milk.).

                          As another source from thingywatsit, aparrantly Horlicks is a long established company, and i have drawn from this statement that that is the reason they have perfected such a great drink.

                          You can visit the Horlicks website by typing in Horlicks into any good search engine such as www.google.com, www.ask.com or a lesser known one, www.alltheweb.com.

                          I would definitley rate this to everyone, even if they do not suffer from sleeping problems, this is just a great tasty drink.

                          Thanks you for reading this helpa4eva review on:
                          Horlicks (Drink)

                          Also, a thank you to fellow ciaoer thingywatsit for information that i really didnt know about the drink.


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                          • Nuts / Magazine / Newspaper / 24 Readings / 19 Ratings
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                            22.10.2004 10:34
                            Very helpful



                            *-*-*--- Nuts Magazine ---*-*-*
                            *-*- Review by helpa4eva -*-*

                            First impressions -

                            I started buying "Nuts" magazine a few months ago now, after having to buy something cheap to get out of my local supermarkets car park. I saw this on the shelves, with a cover that contained picture of two beautiful women wearing.. well.. not a lot really! A picture of the Audi from then-new-film "I-Robot", and various bold headlines such as:

                            "Drug test cheats",
                            "Crushed to death! - the snake attack story"
                            "Whos out to get BECKS?"

                            All of the above things made me very interested in the magazine, so i picked up a copy. I have been buying it religiously every Thursday/Wednesday when the new copy is out now. So lets look in the most recent issue (15-21 October) and have a look inside...

                            Contents -

                            I'm not just being boring and listing every page here. The contents page every week lists the regulars, the features, the football section, and of course news. In each section of the magazine you will find mostly the same stuff every week. Such as:

                            NEWS: This section contains information on the latest Gadgets such as the new generation PS2, and all the latest on Cars, and Biking. The latest issue also has a story on Johnny Vegas on the set of his new show. - 9/10

                            FOOTBALL: This section is do-what-it-says-on-the-tin really. Contains funny captions from matches, and general information on Premiership and Footballers. 6.5/10 - because im not really into football

                            REGULARS: Now this is the interesting bit, and all of the Regulars are very interesting/funny to read, and they are as follows:

                            "Ask the Secretary" - This is a section where you send in letters about your sex problems or experiences and they get answered by The Secretary. 9/10

                            "Jokes" - Pretty obvious what this is. Q:"What do you call a snake on viagra?" - A:"A walking stick!". Most of these jokes are funny, but i have seen 1 or 2 jokes repeated in Nuts. 8.5/10

                            "Letters" - Also obvious. Not much to say about this section really, its just letters, some funny, sent in from other readers of the magazine. 8/10

                            "Babe Ballot Box" - This is where you look at a few pictures of ladies, and you can vote for which one you think is fittest. Whichever babe gets the most votes goes to a photoshoot and her pictures appear in next weeks issue! 9/10

                            "Top Tens" - These are lists published about really weird stuff, from longest film names to Hip-hop rivalries (Tupac VS Notorious BIG), and weirdest web page names 9.5/10

                            "Ten-second reviews" - Unlike this op., these are a few sentences detailing info on the latest books, games and music, each with a star rating. 8/10

                            "Spambank" - Funny pictures sent in by readers. If yours is the best that appears in the magazine you can win a phone or a case of Corona beer! But again, i have seen a few pictures repeated in this section :-(. 8/20

                            "Pub Ammo" - This is a section of random facts no one needs to know but its fun to know them anyway. Did you know that if you bought a telephone directory within six metres of the gravitational pull of a black hole, it would weigh a million tons? This section also contains "Readers facts, tips and tricks". Trick - if your caught without an umbrella, go to any hotel lost and found and youll be given a choice of hundreds!. 10/10

                            FEATURES: Last of all is the features. They do stuff like features on the greatest con men ever, most wanted, the SAS, comedians, etc. Its all good. 9/10

                            So thats whats in the magazine. Also, sometimes the magazine has a special offer every now and again, where the magazine is only 60p instead of its regular £1.20p price, but the 60p issues tend to be the weaker ones, not as good as normal full-price issues of the weekly mag.


                            If you subscribe to the magazine you get a VERY good offer - 8 copies free! Thats 2 months, and a saving of £8.60. The magazines get delivered to your door every week, and you get refunded on un-mailed issues. You can subscribe by calling a number, or go to there website, where you can also sign up for the free online nuts newsletter -


                            But you can also subscribe using a send away coupon provided in the magazine each week.

                            Conclusion -

                            This magazine is very good value for money - although sometimes jokes & pictures are repeated, which is definitley a big let-down. I would reccomend this to men OR women with a sense of humour who arnt just obsessed with Football and Ladies. I am giving this magazine an overall rating of 5 Stars.


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