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      19.08.2011 03:09
      Very helpful




      I was given this as a gift along with the other two perfumes so I feel I can give a fair review on this.
      It can be bought for £9.99 in semi-chem which I feel is a cheap price for a good perfume.

      The box contains the 200ml shower gel and body lotion, 100ml big bottle of perfume and 15ml handbag perfume to carry around for top ups during the day.
      You can choose between the spray bottle or the regular small bottle.


      The shower gels come in white tubes with green sideways buildings with name and logo at the top, they stand up on the lid so its always easy to get the products out which is also green.

      The 100ml perfume is a light see through green coloured glass bottle with metal around the top with holes in it and metal lid, you can see the logo at the front and kiss at the back coming through the bottle, the 15ml is similar but just smaller.

      The products

      The perfume reminds me of green apples so its a nice and refreshing perfume to use throughout the daytime, if you apply a fair amount then it does last for quite a few hours and you have the small one to top up with.
      Its top tones are blue hyacinth, orange blossom and eden mist water flower. Medium notes are laelia orchid, pink honeysuckle and chinese yellow flower. Bottom notes are plum blossom, amber seed and zebrano woodland.
      Apple does not seem to be in here but it smells like green apples to me which is the reason I like this perfume so much.

      The shower and body gels smell the same but the fragrance is less strong.


      It is my favorite out of the three perfumes and I would recommend this one highly, it is only £9.99 which is now available in semi-chem. It is a lovely day perfume that is not too strong yet not too subtle.
      I do feel however that the bottles could be more eye catching especially around the top of the bottles.
      If your deciding which one to buy as a gift I would say this one is the best one to choose from.


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    • Stargazer Nail Polish / Make Up / 49 Readings / 49 Ratings
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      30.05.2011 20:19
      Very helpful



      Chip easy but worth buying

      I got this from New Look for around £2.50 as I wanted a bright colour for a night out I was having, there are also darker colours to pick from.
      They have a wide range of colours available but I decided to get the bright pink and at a later time got a dark blue. If bought in New Look students can get a 10% discount on it!


      It comes in a circle clear glass bottle which I like as it is different from the usual nail polish bottles available.
      You can see the colour you are buying, black lid and the brand name around it.
      The brush is quite strong but flexible so its easy to apply and but it doesn't fall apart.
      They are easy to open - as long as you clean around the top with nail polish remover to stop it sticking.


      It is a good consistency when applying so it goes on easily and evenly, I prefer to apply two coats but you can apply one coat and still looks good, they are nice and bright on and a little shiny but not too much.
      You do need a base coat or at least clear nail polish applied before using this as I've found the blue one as its darker stains my nails which is not a good look!
      You should only use three movements to apply it once down the middle of nail and once at the sides to make it go on evenly and then apply your second coat in the same way.
      Within a day it starts two chip and after two days half of the polish is off your nail, so apply a top coat and it keeps it a bit stronger for longer, but will still chip quickly.


      They are quite cheap and you get a wide range of colours available to pick from, applied easily and the colours are nice and bright on and look really nice, the only down side is how quickly and easily they chip around the edges and can take a while to take off.
      Despite that I still think they are worth buying!


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      04.05.2011 00:25
      Very helpful



      Okay as a stand by

      I'm not actually a fan of the tv show but the gift set was given as a present, I have all three of the sets so I can give a fair opinion from this compared to the other two.
      It can be bought for £7.99 in semi-chem for the gift set, the set Love can also be bought there for the same price but Kiss cant.

      It contains a big bottle of perfume, a small tube of perfume, body lotion and shower gel.


      The main bottle is 100ml, a very light purple colour with Sex In The City at the front in small black letters and Lust in the background so coming through the bottle. The liquid is clear so easy to see the amount inside with metal around the top with small holes in it with metal lid and purple plastic coming out in ovals a the side.

      The smaller perfume is a long tube, it is a light purple colour and metal lid.

      Body lotion and shower gel are both white tubes, purple picture of the buildings up the side and the name on the top and are 200ml bottles, they stand with the lid at the bottom which is purple.

      The perfume

      It smells quite flowery but also quite strong, not in a good way as its quite off putting but this is only when you smell it say on your wrist unless you apply lots all over.
      The scent lasts for hours when applied which is good to wear during the day, after a while it does stop smelling as strong which is good.

      The body lotion and shower gel are not as strong but are still fragranced with the floral scents and smell very nice.


      It is not the best out of the gift sets, the best one is Kiss which is priced at the same price but cannot be bought in semi-chem, available at Savers.
      The bottle could look a lot better and more eye catching.
      Its cheap and certainly smells it so I will be using this as a stand by perfume as its not awful to use but for the price of the gift set I cant complain too much.
      I would not recommend you give this as a gift


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      10.04.2011 23:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Worth the money since it works

      As an 18 year old doing beauty therapy at college I have started to notice the flaws of my skin and love to use many products to help improve my skin and stop any aging happening.
      I have slight fine lines - not wrinkles I must point out! which everyone gets and are very faint but do bother me, so I might as well start now!
      I received this in a gift set in a small squeezy tube but you can buy the 30ml bottle in boots for £21 and get 84 points.

      Your skins elasticity weakens as you age or caused by things such as sunbeds and cannot be repaired but the skins condition can be improved.

      The product

      It claims it will reduce the appearance deep lines and wrinkles up to 50% after 4 weeks of using it, and is proven to restore the skins structure. It takes 6 months of use to rebuild the structure.
      It is a white yellow colour and quite thick but thin enough to smooth over your skin easily, it is also hypo- allergenic.

      After cleansing and toning my face I apply it under my eyes and between my eyebrows and rub it in evenly in circles and always work upwards so you don't make your skin worse and could cause fine lines, I then moisturise after.
      It obviously doesn't work right away as I said it does take 4 weeks of use, but you do immediately notice that your skin does look more improved around your eyes and you look more awakened, under my eyes sometimes look quite dark after I've slept and this does reduce it.
      After using for quite a while over 4 weeks this has reduced the lines and dark circle have really improved and lines are gone!


      Its worth the money since its an anti-aging product that actually works and isn't too expensive, it does what it says for me after the 4 weeks and I will be continuing to use it daily. My skin looks much fresher and more awakened and I don't look like I haven't slept!


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        09.04.2011 00:23
        Very helpful
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        Recommended to use

        The conditioner version of the shampoo I previously wrote a review for. You can also buy this for £1 in poundland and may other stores for the same price, 400ml bottle and is suitable for all hair types.

        The bottle

        It is a white coloured bottle but also kind of see through and made of plastic, it has a black flip top lid.
        It tells you it has pomegranate and grapeseed extract.
        It also says it will replenish moisture, restore softness and shine and will strengthen with pro-vitamin B5.

        Using it

        The conditioner is quite thick consistency, pink coloured and smells amazing and fruity. If you have long hair like me and dry you do need quite a lot so wont last very long for me.
        After washing my hair I apply the conditioner through the middle and ends of my hair so it doesn't make it greasy I avoid the roots, I apply it evenly through my hair to avoid it becoming too dry and tangled.
        Leave it in for a few minutes if i'm not in a rush, if so then even if I rinse it out right away it still works well, rinses out quite easily after a few rinses, occasional time I have difficulty getting it out.

        Depending on how dry my hair is in the first place my hair usually feels soft after drying it, the smell lasts quite a while on your hair too.


        It may not last long but for the price is easy to have the upkeep of it, leaves my hair feeling soft and very conditioned and smells great. Although if I don't condition my hair after a few washes and becomes really dry this conditioner has difficulty fixing that and takes a few conditions.
        Since using the conditioner it has helped the condition of my hair and I will continue to use it, would definitely recommend that you buy this.


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          27.03.2011 18:13
          Very helpful



          Good shampoo!

          Another shampoo review!
          Still on the look out for more shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair nice and shiny clean and also not to dry my already dried out hair even more.
          You can get this shampoo for £1 400ml bottle in poundland along with the conditioner and many other of this brands products. I'm sure its the same price in all supermarkets as I've seen it in Sainsburys.

          Packaging and product

          It comes in a clear plastic bottle so you can see when your running low on your shampoo, a flip top lid which is easy to open and close, when you close the shampoo it will click.
          It tells you it is for deep cleansing, refreshes and revitalises and strengthens with vitamin B5, it is suitable for all hair types.
          Contains pomegranate and grapeseed extract.

          It is a pinky orange colour and is a gel texture, it does not drip when pouring it into your hands and then to your hair, the gel is not too thick it is of nice consistency and smells very fruity and the smell does stay on your hair.

          Using the product

          As usual I used about a 50p sized blob of shampoo and washed my hair as usually would and repeat if needed. Make sure it is all rinsed out or it will look greasy after so rub your hands through your hair to see if any bubbles about!
          It lathers up quite well but add a little water if not lathering up as your hair might still be a bit dry. It rinses out very well and easily.
          I also bought the conditioner which I used along with the shampoo, before I had used I felt the shampoo had not left my hair dried out.

          After drying my hair it had left my hair clean, I need to rinse it twice and watch how close to roots I put the conditioner or my hair wont look as fresh as I like it.
          It does what it says and cleans but for a deep cleansing you would to wash your hair twice.
          It doesn't give your hair any volume it just kind of sits down flat.


          I'm happy with the shampoo and feel it has washed my hair very well, it smells great and doesn't disappear quickly. It is a really good price and I would buy this regular as well as the other fragrances. If you use it all the time your hair might become quite lifeless.
          It is a great price at only £1.


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          22.02.2011 21:24
          Very helpful



          Good if you have the money

          M&Ds is known as Scotlands theme park it is in Motherwell in South Lanarkshire at Strathclyde Country Park.
          I will add prices at the end of the review and put some details about the rides.
          I go here every summer when my friend comes back to visit from Texas, and went lots when I was younger.

          Getting there

          The park is just off of the M74 at Junction 5 off the A725. Car is the most easiest way to access the park.
          There is also a bus that runs from Buchanan Bus Station that takes you straight to the park!
          It also comes back round and can take you back into the bus station.
          You can also get taxis there depending where your from will cost at least £8 and possibly more, I don't use this way to get there because of prices. I don't live very far but prices are still quite high.

          Parking is free, and there is also a near by hotel called Alona Hotel which you can stay at if you live far away it is 4* so will cost quite a bit im sure.
          The park is next to a big loch you can walk round if its hot and sunny, there is also sometimes boats there and swans.

          The Rides

          There are big rides and little rides so theres something for everyone. If you are just taking your children there and you would prefer not to go on any rides there is not an entrance fee!
          There are also family rides so you can go on them with a few people.

          *BIG RIDES*

          Tsunami - It is one of the busiest rides at the park so prepare to wait a while and annoying children jumping the fence but they usually get told to go to the back. 650m high and goes at 65kph, apparently this is Scotlands only inverted roller coaster with corkscrew twists. Your under the tracks so your feet dangle down which I was surprised to find I found better than other roller coasters. The bars come down over your shoulders and a buckle to keep it down for safety, because I'm quite thin and small I need to move my phone out of the way in my pocket so it can basically crush me otherwise I move about!
          Bad points - one of the carts (only thing I can think to call it) will always break down at least once during the day, the wait can be a while and the kids can be annoying, also the fact that one time the staff knew people were scared so deliberately stopped the ride while we were on it.

          Tornado - Another busy ride, the track is over 1000 meters and goes at 85kph and has 360 loops and is a white knuckle roller coaster. Its not one I favor because the tracks break quite a lot of the time I've been there so I worry about going on it, can hurt if wearing earrings and is not comfortable to sit in.
          It used to go round twice but has been changed to just the once.

          The Express - Another white knuckle roller coaster, 500 meter track and goes from - to 60 in 8 seconds, apparently this roller coaster traveled and people wanted it back! I wouldn't say it is a very good ride its more one I go on when the other rides are really busy.
          Bad points - Uncomfortable, seems you need to sit in certain places of it when its almost empty for some reason which is worrying, has the parts of tracks that looks like your going to hit your head!

          Magic Carpet - It is 15 meters high and moves at 14 revolutions per min, it swings round and stops at the top for a few seconds and then continues down, it does move quite fast actually so be sure to hold on!
          There is a genie in the middle of the carpet. It holds 40 people and will go backwards no matter which side you sit at so if you don't like things like that I wouldn't recommend.
          Bad points - The metal bar over your legs is for everyone in that row, even if its just me and a friend who's my size I need to hold on or I move a ridiculous amount and whack my stomach full force off the bar and can lift off the seat, so I think they should try even it out a bit for safety reasons!

          Captains Curse -Most boring ride on earth, got pirates and skeletons around the ride, and then you go on a giant boat that lifts up at each side and rocks back and forth, lifts up sort of high but just boring!

          *KIDS RIDES*

          Big Apple - 300 meter track with 3 drops and lifts - don't worry not too high! The big caterpillar goes through a giant red apple!
          Bad points - Yes I have one about a kids ride as the caterpillars face creeps me out!

          Flying Jumbos - Elephants! Mum elephant in the middle going around with the ride, and 14 baby elephants flying outside, I have been told there is controls so you can decide if you go high or low

          There are also trampolines, kids dodgems and a racing thing for kids.

          *FAMILY RIDES*

          Wave Swinger - 32 swings or chairs that tilt, they go up kind of high and low at the other side so theres a mix of height. They go at a good speed and you get to see the whole park and over to the loch.
          There is a metal pole you lift up to get into the seat and then clip a metal chain onto it so some children will need lifted into it because of the height.

          White Water - 42 meter water ride with two drops up to 20 meters, go down the drop at 70kph so you get quite wet especially if its timed with people going down the second drop. You get a picture taken going down the second drop which you can buy. It fits about 3 people.
          Bad points - is not secure so watch if you have kids with you as you need to hold onto the sides or you slide backwards/forwards and can stand up easily.

          Big Wheel - 24 carriages that hold 5 people and can spin round, 35 meters high and has 20,000 multi-coloured lights they put on at night! I've never been on this because of the height.

          There are also teacups!

          *OTHER RIDES*

          Bungee - My reasons for not adding this in with the big rides is because you need to pay to go on it even if you have a wrist band. Goes 50 meters in 1.2 seconds and does 360 spins. Its like a big round cage your in and seems secure enough, again this is one I haven't been on.


          Amazonia - An indoor rainforest with lots of exotic animals like tarantulas, snakes, fruit bats, lizards and marmoset monkeys plus more! You can hold some of them and feed them the gift shop is expensive as to be expected.

          Bingo - £1 per game for two cards.
          Cosmic Bowl - Glow in the dark and there is 16 lanes and air hockey, shoes are supplied and there is a bowl 'n' bite restaurant so you can buy food and drinks. You can have birthday parties here - teens are £10.50 per guest and for junior parties £8.95 per guest.
          Game Zone - Air hockey, dance machines, usual arcade games and racing games, over 150 games are there.

          Devils Island - 18 hole golf course that is pirate themed, there are winning holes so you can win prizes one can be a wristband for the park.

          Krazy Congo - A big play area for kids! It is supervised and can have parties there and get food.
          Pawfect Bear - Just like build a bear or teddy bear mountain ridiculously priced.

          *Food and drink*

          Wimpys which is as usual over priced or go to the chippy. There is a bit outside where you can get freshly made donuts.
          In the main area where you first walk through the doors you can get things like nachos and ice cream.
          An american themed bit to sit at and eat no matter where you buy your food, or sit outside at the benches.
          The restaurant which I have not been in and the restaurant at the bowling alley.


          There are toilets and changing rooms, the toilets are an okay standard and are better than the usual parks.

          *Opening times and prices*

          The Park is closed from November - February.
          Most days are open 11am - 4pm. In September and October it is only open weekends, open October week.


          *Note if bought online the card holder MUST be present
          Unlimited wrist band (over 1.35m) - If bought on the day £16.50 and if online £15.50
          Unlimited wrist band (under 1.35m) - If bought online £12.50 and if online £11.40
          Family of four - £52 or online for £48
          Tokens - 50p per token but I don't think they are worth the money.

          Go on the website which I will put at the bottom for family deals.

          Amazonia - Adult (16+) £5.95 or online for £5.45
          Kids and OAP - £4.50 or online for £4.20
          Family tickets - £17.35 or online for £15.45
          Disabled/carers - £3.95 and cannot be bought online

          The staff generally aren't the nicest you can meet but this may be because they get horrible wages, usually quite grumpy, some don't don't move trouble makers although there is security that I sometimes but not always see.


          Since I don't drive I can only go if a friends parent does or if they do since the taxi prices are too expensive.
          For the wrist band I think the prices are completely over priced since there are hardly any rides there it seems quite small to me.
          There is music playing all the time and people having fun which is nice.
          After the prices of the wrist band and the claw machines I get obsessed with plus the food its difficult to come back with any money.
          I would recommend you take a set amount for just what you need!

          Since I was wee the park I feel the park has gotten worse, isn't as fun as they took the good rides away and now are no spiny ones left at all, but it is still a fun day out in the summer!


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            21.02.2011 01:38
            Very helpful



            Recommended for day use

            I received this as a Christmas present so I've had quite a while to test this out properly!
            It can be purchased in boots for £13 for a 30ml bottle with 52 points, or £25.53 for a 50ml and 100 points.
            I think its a not bad price to be honest and it usually goes on sale around Christmas.

            Britney Spears has quite a few perfumes out, the fantasy range has four in the range.
            Hidden Fantasy
            Midnight Fantasy
            Circus Fantasy

            Circus Fantasy is inspired by her world tour Circus.

            Bottle & packaging

            It is a round blue bottle with red gems on it, there is a swirl blue around the neck and the clear blue round lid on top with a blue sprayer under it.
            You can just see the perfume inside so you can see how much is left in the bottle.

            The box is blue and red with the words Britney Spears Circus Fantasy on the front and a the sides yellow and red with a top hat.

            The fragrance

            The blends come in each layer you could call it, each layer occurs after the last one has faded.

            First - Sugar coated raspberry, apricot blossom and smells like sweets!
            Second - Blue peony, waterlily and red sweetheart orchid and smells flowery
            Third - Blends of sweet vanilla wood, creamy musks and violet candy.

            Using it

            When I use it I use a fair amount but you should not apply it to your neck or chest due to the contents in perfume - this is with any, as the sun can have an effect that turns your skin yellow. This can happen after CONSTANTLY doing this with all your perfumes. Instead spray it onto clothes and even into the air and walk through, I learned this can happen at college by a lecturer.

            It doesn't really stand out but when first applied you would get compliments of it and be asked what it is but after wearing for about an hour you can hardly smell it anymore yourself.
            The blends of the fragrances on each stage work very well together to make this perfume.

            The perfume lasts for a couple of hours so at college or work would need to be reapplied. Which of course is a downside because if your anything like me I hate taking my perfumes out and would rather they would last for hours.
            You can instantly tell it smells sweet which I feel fits the Circus theme because when at the circus you would get candy floss!

            I would recommend this for day wear for teens to mid twenties and for day wear due to the fact it wont last a night out and isn't very strong, I would still recommend it!


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            15.02.2011 15:26
            Very helpful



            Recommended moisturiser

            Once again on my quest to find a good moisturiser for my skin, keeping it moistured but also not making it greasy, congested or having a "bobbly" effect, by this meaning when you run your hand over your face the moisturiser rolls off which drives me mad.
            Garnier is not a make i usually use but my gran has been using this for years and has no wrinkles so I thought I might give it a go and fight my skin early!

            It is available in boots for £5.50 and get 20 points, not the cheapest for moisturiser but also isn't the most expensive.

            It is a moisturser that is for dry skin and can be used on sensitive skin, it says it hydrates for 24 hours and has vitamin E and a UV filter to protect your skin from the sun.
            It has a slight flowery smell to it not too strong so its not got lots of perfume in it.

            It comes in a small cardboard box which is pink/white and has information about the product. The moisturiser comes in a baby pink tub with a white screw top lid, the moisturiser itself is white and has a good consistency is quite light when applying so you can easily apply more without it ending up too thick.

            When applying the moisturiser put it over dry areas or all over your face and rub in, since its quite thin it wont take much to rub it in and takes effect to your skin quite quickly in terms of dryness because it absorbs in quite fast but also does not leave your skin feeling tight.
            You can apply make up on top if it - as long as its dry.

            I'm happy with this moisturiser as I have combination skin so I need a moisturiser to balance the two out evenly, I'm not sure about the 24 hour claim I don't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day but on the occasional time I will reapply once or twice depending on how dry my skin is.
            Since starting using if used on a daily basis my skin has improved and feels much more hydrated and even the tone of my skin looks much better.

            I think the price is reasonable for the quality of this, you can also buy this in a cream wash for £2.50 in Superdrug.


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              07.02.2011 22:37
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Good foundation

              I got this foundation from my sister when she bought the wrong shade and moved onto the MAC products, many previous foundations have not done what I need by staying on properly, giving coverage while keeping a natural look and not needing to slap loads of it on.
              I got it for £12.49 for a 30ml bottle out of Boots and got 48 points, I've seen it for the same place in other shops such as Superdrug.


              It comes in a glass bottle and you can see the foundation inside it, the glass bottle isn't thin so it wont break if it falls from your make up bag onto the floor which has happened many times with me, it has a screw top black lid.

              It has the name of the foundation on the front, tells you it has SPF 15 but the other shades have different and the darker shades don't have any. Has SoftFlex - to make it lighter and comfortable to wear.
              It is for normal/dry skin, you can also get it for combination skin or oily skin.
              It tells you which shade it is, I have 180 Sand Beige and it comes in 8 other shades.

              On the back it has a white label telling you it will give you a natural look, moisture-based oil free formula, SoftFlex to give you all day comfort.
              It peels back and tells you to shake well and apply one area at a time blending quickly and to remove with facial cleanser.
              It also tells you all the ingredients included in the foundation.

              Using the foundation

              I use it as normal, applying foundation onto a sponge and applying as it says in one area at a time. Working outwards and blending it all in nicely, you don't need too much but if you only apply a little bit it can come off after a few hours even with powder on and it won't cover as well at it could, so use a reasonable amount.
              Its not too thick or runny so it doesn't drip, streak or end up patchy.
              After applying it I'm left with an even, toned natural look. It doesn't end up shiney either.
              To keep it on for longer apply a powder on top, even without the powder it lasts for a good few hours if a good amount used and applied properly.

              If you put too much on then it makes it difficult to get off and takes a while, and with any foundation use too much and the colour wont be good so watch the amount you use.


              Its a good price and works just as good as more expensive foundations, it does what it says and gives a natural look, comfortable to wear and the moisture based formula works as my skin hasn't dried out since using it. Its lasted me way over a year so definitely worth it.


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                07.02.2011 01:00
                Very helpful



                Definitely recommended

                I colour my hair and certain shampoos such as anti-dandruff of vosene make your colour fade quicker, I needed a shampoo to stop it fading so fast since keeping it blonde is not cheap and cant afford the constant upkeep of it. So when I seen this in my local Poundland it was a bargain not to miss!
                I usually buy one for dry hair sine the ends are dried out from having hair coloured or greasy so this was definitely worth a go.
                I bought a 200ml bottle but you can also get a 500ml in Poundland too, if you cant get it there you can get it from about £2 in chemist shops or supermarkets.


                It comes in a white plastic bottle, the lid is a flip top and is a dark blue colour, the bottle stands upright but can be put upside down towards the end of use too.
                It says on the front that is is for Resilience and shine and to use on coloured or highlighted hair.
                On the back it gives directions on how to use the shampoo, contact details and list of ingredients. It is a 200ml bottle.

                Using the product

                I used about a 50p sized amount of shampoo and washed as you normally would and repeat if needed.
                It has a nice light fragrance to it which smells like the usual pantene shampoo smell, it is white in colour, it lathers up really well so you don't feel the need to add more so you get it nice and bubbly, it also rinses out easily so you don't need to keep rinsing it over and over again.

                It nourishes my hair like it should being a colour shampoo, it hasn't taken all the oils out my hair but it doesn't leave it a greasy shine just a nice healthy clean shine. My hair looks healthy and has life in it, hair is easy to manage after washing my hair so I can do anything with it.
                As for the colour part it does make it last a lot longer and it doesn't fade.

                If i'm in a rush I don't need to worry about conditioning it since it does a little nourishing for me.
                It also doesn't dry out my scalp like many to do it doesn't irritate me after a few uses.

                The smell stays on your hair for a few hours but its not one you love or really notice is on your hair.

                I would definitely recommend this shampoo if you colour your hair, it nourishes and protects your colour so lasts longer while keeping it clean.


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                04.02.2011 18:16
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Not recommended, waste of money

                I received the shampoo and conditioner as a free sample, they came in 75ml bottles so I've been able to use them a few times.
                Pantene claim it will clean hair from roots to tips in seconds and leave your hair nourished and light.
                The 250ml bottle can be bought for £2.44 or the 400ml for £3.77. The conditioner can be bought for the same price and there are a few offers in shops for them and other pantene products at the time of writing this review.

                The bottle is clear in colour with an aqua coloured lid, it stands upright but could also be put upside down if preferred. It says on the front its virtually no weight, going by this its not going to give you any volume so if you have light hair you cant do much with already I wouldn't bother with this shampoo at all.
                It has a nice light scent to it kinda like fruit, the shampoo is like a clear gel.

                I used about a 50p sized blob since my hair is quite long and thick and it lathered up nicely which I like a shampoo to do, I personally found a smaller amount didn't clean my hair the same and left it greasy.

                It rinsed easily and made my hair clean but not in seconds. After I washed my hair while its wet or dry the shampoo seems to dry it up and I need to use the aqua light conditioner with it which isn't much help either.
                The ends became matted and after washed my whole hair felt like a carpet when it was wet unless I used a good conditioner with it and left it in for a while.

                When I dried my hair it looked lifeless and dull so I felt I had to rewash it so it would look decent and could actually do something with it. The ends have been left really dry since I used it and need to use either a really good wash out conditioner or left in one. I've kept it for if I run out of my other shampoo so its just a stand by for me now.

                Overall I'm glad I got it for free because this wouldn't be worth the money, I'm surprised it being a pantene shampoo it didn't work more to my expectations with their previous products.

                It wasn't as clean looking as you would want and expect
                It did leave it lighter and sort of cleaned my hair, it smelled really nice but it was not left nourished.
                Not recommended.


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                  18.01.2011 18:10
                  Very helpful



                  Not worth it, damage your skin

                  Facial wipes are a must have for quick and easy make up removal, they are good for coming home at night and quickly removing make up before bed or even just if you make mistakes applying make up.
                  I got a packet of these for free on the Nivea facebook page when they were doing a promotion but you can buy these for £3.05 in boots and get 12 points. You get 25 wipes in each packet.

                  They have vitamin e and provitamin b5 in them, they are free from alcohol, colouring, perfume and oil. They can be used for all skin types including sensitive.
                  They remove make up and even waterproof mascara although I have found theres always big clumps left on my eyelashes after I use these and I find them quite rough.

                  The wipes are in a white packet with the resealable top, the wipes themselves are white and have little bumps on the top to take make up off easier and a softer side.

                  Nivea says they cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin leaving your skin feeling soft.

                  Using the wipes

                  I've used these wipes since I got them to see if they worked better than the usual ones I use.
                  They take foundation off easy but I always feel like my face isn't clean after using them, and they don't take mascara off very easy I have found that quite a few of my eyelashes have come out while trying to get mascara off even though I haven't been rubbing at them.

                  Since using the wipes my skin has completely dried out, after I use them I feel like they take all the moisture out of my skin and now keep them as a stand by for when I run out
                  Nivea is usually a great make so this product is a disappointment.

                  Other than my skin ending up dry I feel these wipes are not worth the money and you would be better buying cheaper makes that work how they are meant to and don't affect your skin too much.
                  I'm glad I got these for free because these would have been a waste of my money


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                • Review of the Year 2010 / Discussion / 51 Readings / 46 Ratings
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                  01.01.2011 19:05
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                  Not the best year but a few good things happened

                  I'm quite glad to see the back of 2010 but I split it into two, first half wasn't good but loved second half.
                  The first half there was two deaths in the family which was devastating. I lost my cat and we never found her again. I realised how much I will never get on with my dad again too but that actually works out as a good thing. I also got a new kitten and named her Phoebe
                  Second half I got to see Chris for two amazing weeks, we got a rescue dog and called her Peaches. Got into level 3 of beauty therapy and had a great Christmas!

                  1) What did you do in 2010 that you have not done before?
                  I went to the pub! Quite annoying that that was the first thing that came into my head actually. That's because I was 18 this year which was great!

                  2) Did anyone close to you give birth?
                  Sadly not, I know people that have given birth this year but I'm not close to them. My close friend did find out she's pregnant again though and is due in February !

                  3) Did anyone close to you die?
                  Sadly my grandad died in may and great uncle died in july. Horrible half of the year.

                  4) What countries did you visit?
                  England need to get myself a passport!

                  5) What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010?
                  More self confidence, motivation and more time with my boyfriend.

                  6) What dates will you remember from 2010?
                  29th May - my sisters birthday and date grandad died. July 10 - when uncle died.
                  3rd September - when sister moved out to uni yay!
                  4th September- My 18th and the date my boyfriend came over to visit me for two weeks (long distance relationship) and lastly 17th September - the date he left :(

                  7) Did you suffer illness or injury?
                  Cyst developed in mole on head! Luckily it went down again after a few months.

                  8) What was the best thing you bought?
                  Hmm I'm not sure actually, I really like a dress I bought but wouldn't say thats the best thing!

                  9) Whose behaviour has merited celebration?
                  My boyfriend Chris for coming to see me I think!

                  10) Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
                  Hmm I wouldn't say anyone made me feel like that although my sister did act up on Christmas day as usual!

                  11) Where did most of your money go?
                  I've saved up a lot of it although £50 went on a customs charge which has never happened to me before!
                  Probably also top ups on phone.

                  12) What song will you remember from 2010?
                  I really don't know! Loads have different meanings.

                  13) Compared to this time last year are you happier, fitter, more productive?
                  I'm not sure if I'm happier, I think a little bit more unhappy actually due to bad things this year. Fitter I think a little bit more, 2011 I plan to become much fitter and perhaps go for runs and as for productive I'm going to make sure that changes!

                  14) What do you wish you had done more of?
                  Seen boyfriend more, family more and now know not to take things for granted.

                  15) What do you wish you had done less of?
                  Tried to please people and didn't think about how I felt, I need to learn I can't put everyone else first.

                  16) What was your favourite TV programme?
                  I really started to like Two and a half men so either that or The Big Bang Theory.
                  Probably Big Bang Theory I think the humour is quite different from other programmes and the characters are loveable in it.

                  17) Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate last year?
                  No I don't think so but I do hate someone much much more than I did last year.

                  18) What's been the best book of 2010?
                  Shutter Island its a great book and movie

                  19) What did you want and get in 2010?
                  I passed my level 2 beauty therapy course and got into level 3. I got to see Chris again which I really wanted.

                  20) Who was the best person you met?
                  Hmm a new friend this year I don't think anyone was that memorable actually haha!

                  21) Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010?
                  I shouldn't take things for granted such as health and family, I need to stop pleasing people so much and feeling bad if I don't. I need more motivation in life too.


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                    28.11.2010 23:15
                    Very helpful



                    Lovely perfume!

                    I had first found out Coleen had a perfume when my friend had it on and wanted this perfume ever since then, its actually really cheap.

                    You can currently buy it in semi chem for £14.99 100ml or buy a gift set for £14.99 50ml or £9.99 30ml, I think the price is quite good since its in a gift set and they could have made it more expensive because its Coleen.

                    I have the gift set and it comes in a purple box with a picture of Coleen and see through in the middle.
                    The perfume is in a long rectangle purple bottle and a black lid, it has Coleen x written in black on the bottle.
                    The lid was really difficult to get off when I first got it and it took me ages to get it off but that could have just been mine.
                    It shouldn't break if you drop it by the way it feels.

                    The perfume
                    It smells like fruit mostly of oranges and citrus, it has Lily of the valley, Soft rose and Marine.
                    It goes on really strong at first but it does tone down and lasts a long time, you need to spray some more after being out for a few hours. The smell isn't that strong actually but I still think it's a really nice smell.
                    I think it's more of a day wear perfume than night and it's quite a girly perfume.

                    It's a good price in my opinion and it has a great smell, I like that it's a "celebrity" perfume but it's not expensive compared to the other ones.
                    It smells lovely and is now one of my favourite day wear perfumes, I recommend this for yourself or a present for someone else. It might sound silly but I don't understand why the bottle is purple but smells like oranges!


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