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Member since: 11.02.2012

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    • Samsung Tocco Lite / Mobile Phone / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      13.02.2012 15:07


      • Reliability


      Cheap first phone.

      When I bought this phone around 3 years ago, I wasn't a tech expert. Tesco were doing an offer where if you spend £50 in store you can cash in a £25 discount in the phone department. After talking to the staff I wanted to buy the Samsung for £59.99. I must say for the time and the fact that the concept of touch screen phones very new it was a very good price.


      When I unboxed the phone I found that it was very easy to use. Your most used apps would be your wigets on the wallpaper and the menu is organized in 3 by 3 table which makes it very easy to navigate through your texts and contacts etc. Your personal files are organized in a media folder which is also very easy to access.


      Touch screen phone makes it quicker to navigate then using the trackpad.
      The phone has an impressive 3.2 MP camera.
      Comes with two predownloaded games.
      Has an FM radio; however headphones must be plugged in for get signal.
      Can expand the memory using an SD card.
      Browser and built in facebook app to keep you up to date with your friends.
      Bluetooth to share files between phones.

      Ease of use.

      The phone is a well designed phone which is easy to hold and to navigate however one must click quite hard on the touch screen for the phone to respond


      Phone is avaliable for around £29.99 which personally I think makes the phone a very good idea for a replacement/emergancy phone or a first phone for a child however due to lack of features I would say that there are better phones on the market.


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    • FIFA 12 (PS3) / Playstation 3 Game / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      11.02.2012 17:33



      New season New game

      When Fifa 12 was released there were huge queues of people queuing to get their hands on a copy. The games cover looked similar to last year . Rooney was on the front cover celebrating so I assumed that it was going to be a similar game.

      Having looked around I found out that sainsburys did the best deal where fifa 12 was £25.

      I bought the game and it even loaded in the same way. For those of use familiar with fifa games. "EA sports its in the game". At this point I thought I had wasted my money on this copy of fifa 11. But how wrong I was....


      The main change that I noticed was the tackle way. Instead of slamming a attack the player must be patient in order to tackle the opponent. Also the attacking has been changed since fifa 11. Instead of the player being able to shoot from the half way line and score; the player must now control the ball. At first I was annoyed with the changed as I found it hard to adapt but it does make the game more realistic.

      The Offline Play.

      The offline modes includes several modes where the player can choose to play against the computer in a friendly match. You could also play 2 players where each player battles head to head to be crowned the best footballer. There is also a mid called pro mode where a player creates a in game avatar and controls him and should he play good he will gain experience and hopefully his rating would rise. There is also penalty shoot out mode where players can play penalties against a computer. And last but not least my favorite mode known as manager mode where you manage a club to glory by winning trophies.

      Online Mode

      My favorite mode is Ultimate team where players build up a team and go head to head with other players hoping to win coins in order to sign better players etc.


      This has to be my second favorite game after COD.


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    • Blackberry Torch 9800 / Smartphone / 5 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      11.02.2012 17:07



      This phone is over rated.

      Out of all the phones that my friends own Blackberries were a majority. This was because they were a cheap and reliable brand. Having previously owned an iPhone I didn't want to lose the touch screen so after searching for a touch screen blackberry; this proved to be the best phone for several reasons.

      It comes with a built in 4GB memory which is plenty of space for your photos etc.
      Unlike many smart phones this phone allows sd cards so extra space.
      First blackberry with both keyboard and touch screen.
      It's battery life is very good. Lasts up to one day of constant use.

      However after owning the blackberry for several months; I saw that it could not handle multitasking very well and it keep freezing if I received messages while watching youtube videos. They phone is also very heavy and the weight can be felt in your pocket.

      When compared to the iphone (my previous phone) I would rather have a blackberry as it contains an instant chat service known as bbm. This allows the user to instantly talk to his/her friends for free providing they paid the five pound bbm fee and the friend also has a blackberry.

      But apart from this feature and the battery life there are better phones on the market.

      Eventually the track pad broke and I had to sell the phone and replace it with a bold 9900 which I must say does not freeze as much as the blackberry torch.


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    • Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB / Smartphone / 9 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      11.02.2012 11:26
      Not Helpful



      A great phone bar the battery life

      Having cancelled my contract early; I decided to buy by a unlocked iphone. When I first got it I was very impressed with its features such as a built in compass and youtube app. I was also impressed by the app store. The app store is a place where the phone comes alive in my opinion as that is where you download your needed apps.

      I also liked the phones design as it was very smooth and easy to hold in the hand. In my opinion the phone has been the standout phone of the this century and is perfect for business and personal use as you can have access you push emails and the internet and when you are bored you can play award winning apps such as doodle jump.

      This phone is perfect for people who do sports as it has a built in ipod and itunes where you can download most songs and listen to them while you exercise.

      It's also very easy to use. Everything is so straight forward and I never had to consult the instruction booklet once. A very smart and well designed phone.


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