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    • Joe Browns / Online Shop / 26 Readings / 25 Ratings
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      08.09.2011 00:58
      Very helpful



      Unique clothing at affordable prices

      Joe Browns first came to my attention when I was round at my mum's house and noticed a small catalogue on lying on her table along with loads of other mail order bunff. As a person who doesn't really like to follow the crowd yet doesn't really have a set style Ireally liked what I saw.
      The clothes in the catalogue contained loads of styles that wouldn't be available on the high street combined with some average kind of styles.
      The catalogue contained both men and womens clothing, plus a few gift ideas.
      I decided to investigate further and check out their website.

      What/who is Joe Brown?
      To be honest I do not know the answer to that question. However what I do know is that the company doesn't just aim to offer unique clothing to it's customers but wants them to make a life style choice.
      it's basically bringing unique and individual clothing to the masses.

      The Site
      The website is very simply laid out and therefore extremely easy to navigate. It's not overly colourful but has eye-catching graphics and pictures.
      The pictures on the home page are normally of their best selling items.
      The products on the site have been broken down into 5 categories; Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Women's Bargains, Men's Bargains, Gifts and Accessories and adventure.
      If you know the code or product name of an item you'd like to look at you can type this in the search box at the top of the page.
      Of course the main categories are broken down into small ones to narrow down your browsing and making products easier to find. You can then sort the order by cheapest, dearest, A to Z, most popular, etc.
      The adventure category is basically shows adrenalin experiences and gift packages, such as; Sphering, Airkix, Tank battle paintballing, etc
      All the boring stuff and small print, legal stuff, info on delivery, returns and can be found at the very bottom of the homepage, but it's all vary comprehensive and straightforward.
      The home page also has a tab, which says "visit planet Joe". Here you can find out more about the company, read blogs by staff and customers, listen to music,watch videos, upload pics of you and your friends having fun, download wallpaper and even learn skills for life.

      Once you've decided on your purchases, ordering is easy. Click on the product, this will come up with what sizes are still in stock, click on the size you require to add it to your basket.
      Once on your basket view, checkout is simple, but you do have to register to become a customer. This process takes 2 mins tops.
      payment is secure and £4 is charged for delivery (except on vouchers which is £2).
      They will deliver overseas but costs vary depending on where in the world.
      The prices are the same as mid high street stores, such as Next rather than high end. everything is pretty reasonable and there is always a bargain to be had in their sales.

      Returns & Exchanges
      Customers returning items are able to obtain a full refund within 21 days of the company receiving the items back. Customers can request an exchange. Returns service is not free and customers will have to pay themselves to return an item. If you are exchanging an item you will not be charged twice for delivery. Exchanges and refunds can be organised on the site.

      My Experience
      Before I checked out the website my mum told me she had been using the company for a few years and that she had no major problems ordering, with quality or returns. However she did warn me that the sizes weren't too generous and even though she's a perfect size 10 in most shops she had to order a 12. I took heed when placing my first order. First off I ordered a pair of funky jeans and a top, I usually take a 14 jeans but went for the 16 instead and I also sized up on the top. My order took 2 days to arrive and although there is a tracking device on the website I didn't bother as they emailed me the day after my order to say it had been dispatched.
      When they arrived I was really glad I sized up as they are actually a perfect fit and great quality too. They've washed really well. The only slight niggle I have with the jeans is the second time I wore them I got caught in a storm and when I took the wet jeans off my legs were blue and it took me a while to realize it was off the jeans and I had contracted some strange disease or very poor circulation.
      Since then I've placed more orders and have been very satisfied and lucky that I haven't had to return any items.

      I love the clothes, they stand out from the crowd yet are very stylish. The prices are reasonable and delivery is rapid.
      However I do have a few gripes. No kids clothes, they need a kids clothes range. I have also found that sometimes they'll send me a catalogue and some of the gift and accessories in it won't be on the site.
      if I had to return something I wouldn't be thrilled at paying to return it.
      despite my gripes I would highly recommend Joe Brown's for something a little different from the norm and there are always bargains to be had on the site but take heed and size up.


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    • Airkix / Sporting Venue / 22 Readings / 21 Ratings
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      30.08.2011 14:28
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      a great gift but would make an expensive hobby

      What is it?
      Airkix is basically indoor skydiving, brilliant for those who would like to experience flight but without actually jumping out of a plane. It's also a cheaper alternative.
      Airkix have two centres in the UK, one in Milton Keynes and one in Manchester. I recently visited the Manchester Airkix and therefore that will be the focus of my review.

      Airkix is basically a vertical wind tunnel. Air is circulated through the tunnel and into the flight chamber. Manchester's flight chamber is bigger and more powerful than the one in Milton Keynes, reaching a maximum speed of 180mph. Flying at Airkix Manchester is apparently equivalent to skydiving from 12 thousand feet.
      Anybody over the age of 4 can fly at Airkix as long as they are ion good health, have no shoulder or back problems, are not pregnant and are in good health (no heart conditions, etc). There is however a weight restriction, so those over 18 stone cannot fly.

      Airkix has to bands of pricing, Off Peak or any time. Off peak is Monday to Friday 11 am to 4pm, except during school holidays when off peak changes to 9am to 10am. To fly on a weekend or Bank Holiday you will pay the anytime price.
      There are then many different packages to choose from.
      These are:
      Early Bird kix Start - which is only available at Milton Keynes
      Kix Start - 2 flights Off Peak £41.99 Anytime £46.99
      Air Born - 4 flights Off Peak £67.99 Anytime £72.99
      Learn To Fly- 10 flights Off Peak £159.99 Anytime £179.99
      Family Flight - 10 flights (can be shared between 5 people) Off Peak £159.99 Anytime £179.99
      Each package includes a pre-flight breifing, covers the cost of the instructor and you also get a personal certificate.
      After your first time, if you return within 3 months you are entitled to cheaper flights.
      Manchester is slightly more expensive than Milton Keynes, I assume this because it's bigger and has more power.
      Gift vouchers are also available.

      Flights can be booked online at www.airkix.com or by telephone 08453316549.

      Manchester Airkix is located next to Chill Factor E near the Trafford Centre. Take junction 10 off the M60 and it is signposted from there.

      Other info
      Airkix provide the jump suits, helmets, goggles and ear plugs at no extra cost. each flight lasts for one minute.
      There is a cafe bar situated in the viewing gallery selling beer, spft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks. Yet flyers are not allowed to consume any alcohol before a flight.
      Flyers must arrive one hour before their flight time, lace up shoes must me worn and all flyers must complete a statement of risk on arrival. Photographs and DVD of flights are available to buy afterwards.

      My Experience
      For my boyfriend's birthday last November his sister presented him with a box from buyagift.com. Inside was a voucher for indoor skydiving for two. It was valid until September 2011 and included a free DVD of the flight. He was going to redeem the voucher in January but if truth be told it's not really his scene so he just let it sit in the box. I however love getting a thrill, especially a cheap one and so after much nagging he finally booked it for Monday 22nd August.
      We knew it was going to be a pain to get to as although he can drive, he doesn't own a car and I cannot drive at all. we hopped on the met from our home in Radcliffe, into Piccadilly Gardens and got the 250 to the Trafford Centre.
      Now I love my boyfriend dearly but he has a habit of not checking the small print. So firstly he hadn't checked the location and wasn't sure where to get off the bus, we got off on the wrong side of the Trafford Centre and ended up having to walk for 20 minutes before we found it, he also hadn't read the rule about lace up footwear and there I was wearing my sandals. But most importantly he hadn't read the rule about having to be there an hour before. So 2 hours after setting off from home we had reached our destination and unable to fly.
      The staff on the desk were quite helpful and informed us of our options, we could change to later in the day at no extra cost, but the only slot they had available was 9pm, this would mean hanging around for 9 hours or we could change it to another day at a cost. At first we chose the following Monday but as this was a bank holiday it would've cost us and extra £24, so we opted for the Friday at a cost of £10.
      So Friday arrived and we managed to blag a lift of my mum and it only took us 20 minuted straight down the motorway.
      Airkix has very ample parking so finding a space wasn't a problem.
      We booked in and then were directed to some PC's to complete or statement of risk, this took about 2 minutes. We were then told that our instructor was called Chris and he would call us in at 5.15pm and we would fly at 6pm.
      Excitement and apprehension were starting to build up inside me and I was busting for a wee, all in all I think I had about 3 wees while waiting for our class. This isn't helped by the fact you wait in viewing gallery and see everybody else flying and I didn't really like the idea of everyone watching me.
      At 5.15pm we were called into the classroom by a god like creature, this was Chris our very handsome instructor. we watched a ten minute video on different hand signals, stances, etc. The Chris gave us a brief outline on what it feels like in the chamber and gave us some tips like, "don't open your mouth cos you'll look a fool".
      There was about 8 other people in our class. We were told we would all get 2 goes each, 2 minutes of flying time altogether.
      We were then taken out of another situated behind the flight chamber and given our equipment. There is no need for changing rooms as you put the jump suit on over your normal clothes. There are lockers available for bags, glasses, jewellery at the price of £1 but this is none refundable. I just gave my bag with all my stuff in it to the instructor who put it in the equipment room.
      All the goggles were yellow except one pair of red ones, apparently whoever picks these goes first.
      While I was waiting around for my turn I got more and more nervous and more aware of the people watching in the gallery, when it got to my turn I felt fine on entry but once in there I struggled a little. I wasn't very good at it. The idea is that you keep yourself in one position unless the instructor gives you the signal, I found this very hard and kept going down, and when I went down, instead of keeping my hands and arms where they were my natural reaction was defensive and put them out to protect myself even though I knew there was noway I could fall.
      In the chamber itself, it's a very weird sensation, it's cold , it's very fast and takes a moment to catch your breath. It's not a bad sensation at all and despite being ultra crap at it I also found it exhilarating and very enjoyable. I also have to admit my boyfriend was much better than me.
      Afterward Chris presented us with our certificates and proofs of the photos were sent to us via email the next day to see if we wished to purchase any of them.
      watching the DVD was a little boring as it wasn't just us on it, it was all our class but they usually charge £14.99 for these but it was included with the gift.
      I'm not sure how much is sister paid for this, she has admitted that at the time she bought it buyagift.com had a sale on, I've just looked on the site and it's now £98.

      This could prove to be a bit of expensive hobby for some. I am glad I tried it but if it hadn't been a gift I would never have paid for this myself. It's something a bit a different and would be great for adrenalin junkies. I would highly recommend this to anybody who can afford to go. Despite the short flight times, it's very rare to get a buzz like it.


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        30.08.2011 01:25
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        Like reading a soap opera

        Despite penning this book in his early twenties, it has only recently been published in the UK.

        I first came across this book when ASDA had a 3 for £10 offer on paperbacks. I chose this one because I've read a couple of Harlan Coben's books before and quite enjoyed them but also the blurb on the back seemed quite intriuging.

        The Blurb
        They were looking for a miracle cure....
        Sara and Michael. The ideal celebrity couple, darlings of the media-until their lives are shattered by a mystery illness.
        Dr Harvey Riker. His clinic has found the miracle cure that millions seek. One by one his patients are getting well. One by one they are targeted by a serial killer more fatal than the disease.
        Lieutenant Bernstein. His true desires make him a perfect choice to track the killer- or a perfect victim.
        Can anyone stop the killer who will do anything to prevent the world's most desperately needed miracle cure?

        Harlan Coben has written an introduction to the book. In it he explains that this was his first ever novel, he himself hadn't read it for twenty years and when he decided to publish it, he didn't change it. He then explains that maybe his immaturity as a writer will be off putting and if this is the first work of his you're reading to put it down and read on of his more recent novels.

        The Story
        Sara is a hard hitting, yet compassionate news reporter, her mother died of cancer, her father is top surgeon and her sister Cassandra seems to have it in for her. They come from a wealthy back ground.
        Sara then went on to marry Michael, a top basketball player. His back ground is very different, Michael had a poor upbringing and was abused by his step-father.
        The golden couple are best friends with Dr Harvey Riker and Dr Bruce Grey. They run a HIV clinic and after years of work believe they may have found a cure.
        In the first chapter of the book Bruce is murdered but his death, at the hands of a hit man named George, is made to look like a suicide.
        Patients from the clinic who have been cured then begin getting bumped off in gruesome ways, enter Lieutenant Berbstein (another friend of Sara's) on the hunt for 'the gay slasher'. The case becomes high profile when a senator's son (yet another friend of Sara's) is also murdered and the media begin to jump all over it.
        This also coincides with Michael collapsing with a mystery illness and then being diagnosed as HIV positive.
        Bernstein with the help of Sara needs to put the pieces of the puzzle together before Michael also becomes a target.

        My Experience
        I found this book quite easy to get into, even though a the first chapter I wasn't quite sure what the book was actually all about. There are lots of suspects which kept me guessing but I sometimes found it quite busy, a little too much was going on at one time.
        The characters are well written enough but not very likeable. In the novel everybody loves Sara yet I found her a tad annoying. I didn't really see the point in making Bernstein gay, his sexuality didn't add anything to the storyline and although he was written as young and gay, he reminded of Columbo with his questioning style and mannerisms.
        The dialogue in the book was quite corny, especially between Sara and Michael, in fact it verges on cheese at come points.
        Although some points in the novel are easy to predict I have to hold my hands up, I did not see the twist at the end coming so that was quite satisfying but Coben's immaturity as writer is quite obvious throughout.

        I wouldn't read it again but if you do beginning reading this book you will want to carry on. I do think only some people will enjoy it though as it isn't one of the best crime novels ever written. I honestly found it a wee bit melodramatic, it was a bit like reading an American soap opera.


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        25.08.2011 01:25
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        A tasty place to eat

        Rice Flame Bar & Grill was first opened in 2005 at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. Since then four more branches have opened in the UK, with another due to be opened in Sheffield very soon.
        This review is based on a recent trip to the branch located in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

        The concept of RICE is based on the fact that rice is a fast, healthy and nutritious food. Although many people would automatically associate rice with oriental cooking, RICE in fact offers many choices of cuisine from around the world, such as; Spanish, Mongolian, Jamaican, Mexican, Italian and many more.

        My Experience
        I don't claim to be a foodie, I just love my food (hence my ever expanding waistline) at home or eating out. I've also become more experimental with food as i've gotten older and am much more willing to try new foods.
        Myself and James were in the area of the Trafford Centre one Monday afternoon and as we didn't have the kids we decided to take the rare opportunity to grab a bite to eat.
        I'm not that familiar with the Trafford Centre, despite living in Manchester and love shopping, I despise the place, it's too big and even more frustrating when you can't find anything you want in a place that big. So I have only ever set foot in the place twice before. James, however quite likes it there and is much more familiar with it than I. He lead us straight to part of the centre known as The Orient. I was expecting to have a Chinese meal but the menu situated outside RICE caught both of our eyes.
        The menu was quite vast and very varied and it smelt pretty fit too. We decided to give it a whirl.
        We were greeted by a very polite waitress who showed us to our table and took our drinks order while we read the menu. On the tables there was also a seperate sushi menu and a lunchtime special menu. The lunch time special menu was a deal that consisted of a selection of starters and main dishes from the full menu, the deal was the for £7.99 you could get two courses and a cup of tea or coffee. The menu was so mouth watering it was impossible to decided what to go for, James was struggling too, so we decided to get a sharing platter. He loves fish and meat, Im not a great lover of fish but the prawns sounded yummy so we decided to go for the Surf and Turf sharing platter. Washed down with Tiger beer.
        The food didn't take long to arrive at all and it looked really good. The platter consisted of a large skewer of Scottish Salmon, 4 large Tiger Prawns (cooked in some kind of spice), 2 New Zealand lamb chops, a Tandoori Chicken Thigh and a large piece of Argentinian Pepper steak. It was served with green salad, with some kind of vinegarette, a large bowl of Lemon Zest rice and sesame oil, mint yoghurt sauce and sweet chili sauce. The waitress gave us a side plate each and we began to dig in. The meat, fish and the rice were mostly full of flavour , except for the steak. I was expecting great things from the steak but to be honest I've had better from the super market. We had asked for it medium but it was well done, a bit tough and a wee bit bland. James wouldn't let me complain as everything else had been delicious.
        It took quite a while after we had finished eating for the waitress to come back , clear the table and let us request the bill. I thought at the time that this may have been a ploy to get us to buy more drinks.
        The came to in the region of £45 (James wouldn't let me see the actual amount being the gent he is), the platter cost £24.99 and we had two drinks each. so in my opinion the food was a good deal but the drinks were dear.

        I would eat at RICE again, the atmosphere was relaxed and laid back, the decor pleasant and the staff helpful and polite. The menu is really interesting and I did note that they also do a kids menu. Kids meals are £3.99 of they can have a small portion of anything off the main menu for £5.40. There were also high chairs available.
        Apart from the steak my only other gripe is that in my opinion the tables were too close together, there wasn't a great deal of room between the back of my chair and the back of somebody elses'.
        Overall a positive experience and I want to go back as I think this place will be ideal for me to break my sushi virginity.


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          19.08.2011 09:59
          Very helpful



          worth a read for fans or the author

          I bought this book a while ago from ASDA. There was an offer on a selection of fiction books 3 for £10. I actually picked out this book for my boyfriend, he raves on about Let The Right One In all the time and this was written by the same author. My boyfriend has still yet to read one page of it.

          They only stopped watching her for a matter of minutes.
          On a clear day, Anders took his wife and their feisty six year old, Maja, for a walk from his home on the island across the frozen sea to the lighthouse. There was no one for miles around, so they stayed to admire the view while Maja struck out alone.
          There were no holes in the ice, no place for her to fall.
          She simply disappeared into thin air.
          Two years later, a wrecked Anders begins to investigate.
          Out on the island, he starts to feel he's not alone, Maja is out there...and she's trying to communicate with him.

          The Book
          The book is written in two parts. The first part of the book explains in great detail, the back story, while the second part is where things become clearer.
          The book begins by telling us how Anders first fell in love with his wife, Cecilia. Then flits forward to the day their daughter, Maja goes missing, without any explanation. Again the story advances farther into the furture to the present day (2 years after Maja's disappearance). anders feels he has nothing left, his marriage is over and he a borderline alcoholic. Anders returns to the islands where he grew up (and where Maja went missing) and tries to find answers.
          Anna-Greta, Ander's grand mother and her lover, Simon still live on the island and are very concerned about Ander's behavior, especially when more strange events begin to happen. Locals commiting arson and trying to murder each other. Yet it just so happens Simon and Anna-Greta both have interesting back stories of their own, especially Anna-Greta who knows the island better than anybody else.
          The second part of the book is where all the action happens and mysteries begin to unfold. Saying anymore would involve revealing spoilers and plot twists.

          The book was originally written in Swedish. So far it is the author's third work to be translated to be translated to English. The other two, Let The Right One In and Handling The Undead are both horror novels. I would not describe Harbour as a horror though. Although the book contains ghosts and possession it also quite heavily features magic and myth. I would describe it as more of a fantasy thriller.

          My Experience
          To be honest I almost gave up reading this book after the first ten pages. The author goes into so much detail describing the landscape and the characters it gets a little boring and although he sets the scene for the reader I found a lot of it to be unnecessary. But like the trooper I am, I struggled through and eventually at part two of the book, the excitement begins to happen and the book becomes harder to put down.
          The characters are introduced fully yet there is nobody especially likable that I was able to warm to. I suppose Anna-Greta was my favorite because even though she's now old, she has led a colourful life and has remained a strong independent woman. There is nothing really spectacular about our protagonist, Anders.
          Some people may find the book hard to keep up with, if flits very often between centuries ago, decades ago, recent past and present but I found this kept it interesting.
          The author does manage to create suspense but to be honest the ending was so far fetched that I found it to be a let down and a bit silly if I'm being honest.

          Fans of John Ajvide Lindqvist will probably love it. But I found it to be very average and long winded

          RRP £7.99

          Also on ciao


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          10.08.2011 11:05
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          best book I've read in an age

          With time on my hands inbetween finishing college and starting uni I've had time to take up one of my favorite hobbies again, reading.

          My boyfriend works as a bin man and collects paper bags for recycling from time to time he finds books and brings them home. last week he bought home two books by Chris Cleave an author I'm unfamiliar with.
          I read the blurb on the back of both and decided to start with Incendiary, the main reason being the blurb made the novel sound interesting but it never actually gave anything about the story away.

          The blurb was written as if the main character had written it. Here is what is says.
          You aren't stupid. You know there is no such thing as a perfect mother. Plenty of other books will tell you there is, but this one won't lie to you.
          I was weak and I cheated and I was punished, but my god I loved my child through all of it. Love means you never break, and it means you're stronger than the things they do to you. I know this is true because I have been through fire, and I am proof that love survives.
          I am not a perfect mother but I will tell you the perfect true because this is you and me talking. This is my story.
          i was intrigued to say the least and even more so when I began to read. The novel is written completely in epistolary form, a letter from a working class mother in Bethnal Green to Osama Bin Laden. At first I found this hard to get my head around but now I can't imagine a more perfect way for it to be written.
          Our protagonist never gives away her name, begins the letter my telling Bin Laden about her back ground, how she married a policeman in the bomb squad, their four year old son, how she suffers from her nerves, and how, when she is particularly nervous she commits adultery.
          She begins to disclose details of one particular night when she meets Jasper Black in her local pub, a posh upper class journalist who she ends up sleeping with,she then meets him again on May Day. her husband has taken her son to the Arsenal V Chelsea match , while making love with Jasper on her couch they see the televised horror of the stadium being blown up.
          Islamic extremists are to blame and the death toll reaches 1008.
          This isn't just the story of how one mother begins to cope with the tragic death of her husband and son but how a whole city copes in the wake of such an atrocity.

          I would love to say more about the story but I feel like I would give too many spoilers away.
          As the book is written as one long letter there are no chapters, it is however split into seasons starting with Spring and ending in Winter.
          Despite her faults, the main character is witty, funny, clever and completely likable, in spite of her loss she keeps some sense of humor and she calls a spade a spade which is always a good quality. The upper class characters Jasper and Petra are harder to like , just because they don't understand the working class world, yet they are people everyone will recognise.
          I was surprised to find out that the author was male, I had assumed Chris was short for Christine as this is so well written from a woman and mother's perspective. He began writing this novel in 2004, inspired by becoming a first time father and the bombings ion Madrid, it made him think about what would happen if that happened in London. The day after the novels launch party on 6th July 2005, it did. Spooky but the novel reflects the horror felt by the nation.
          The book has got every ingredient for a great novel, mystery, intrigue, love, sex. conspiracy and humor. it's very hard to put down, I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next.
          The ending is neither happy nor sad, it could only be described as real. I personally can't wait to read more novels by this author.

          Incendiary won the 2006 Somerset Maugham Award, was shortlisted for the 2006 Commonwealth Writers Prize, won the United States Book-of-the-Month Club's First Fiction award 2005 and won the Prix Spécial du Jury at the French Prix des Lecteurs 2007.
          It has been published in 20 countries and is an international best seller.
          I think I may have just found my new favorite author (but will keep you posted on that). I would highly recommend this novel to anyone, it's not just for women and mothers.


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            08.08.2011 09:44
            Very helpful
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            Kid will love it

            Batman Live World Arena Tour

            Batman is DC comics most popular superhero. To date as well as the comics, there has been cartoons, TV series films and a whole load of merchandise.
            But now for the first time ever Batman has his first live stage show.

            The Story
            Batman Live is set (like you would expect) in Gotham City, a city where criminals out number the police. The police have to rely on Batman to help them bring criminals to justice.
            The show tells the story of the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and his transformation into the Caped Crusader.
            from then on he meets the Flying Graysons, who are murdered right in front of his eyes when their Trapeze wires are cut. The Graysons leave behind a teenage son, Dick, who is intent on avenging his parents death.
            Meanwhile the criminal element are all hanging out at the Penguin's Ice Berg club, while the joker takes over the circus.
            With the help of Batman some of the criminal element are captured and thrown into Arkham Asylum.
            The Joker comes up with a devious plan to take over the asylum and lure Batman to his doom, leaving him free to take over Gotham city once and for all.

            Batman/ Bruce Wayne - Superhero and multi-millionaire. firm believer in justice over revenge.
            Commisioner Gordon - Police Commisoner works closely with Batman.
            Alfred Pennyworth - Batman's butler and confidante
            The Penguin - Rackateer. Owns The Ice Berg club where the criminals of Gotham hang out.
            Dick Grayson/Robin - Lives with Bruce Wayne after his parents are murdered. soon becomes Batman's side kick.
            Poison Ivy - professional criminal who has powers over plant life. Her kiss contains deadly toxins.
            Two-Face - Homicidal maniac. Half good, half evil but the evil side makes the major decisions.
            The Riddler- Genius and criminal mastermind.
            The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime, Criminal mastermind & homicidal maniac.
            Harley Quinn - The Joker's lover, wicked sense of humour.
            Catwoman- Professional Thief. Struggles with identity has strong sexual tension with Batman.
            Venues & Dates
            GLASGOW-SECC 03 - 07 AUG
            BIRMINGHAM-NIA ARENA 17 - 21 AUG
            LONDON-THE O2 ARENA 24 AUG - 04 SEP
            DUBLIN-O2 28 SEP - 01 OCT
            BELFAST-ODYSSEY ARENA 05 - 08 OCT

            Tickets and Prices
            Tickets can be bought by calling the ticket hotline on 0844 875 9000.
            Prices vary from £20-£35
            There are special Gotham City seat available which are closer to the action, these are limited and cost £45.
            A family ticket is £79 this is for four people and group must contain at least one adult and at least one child.
            For a group of 12+ a discount is available of 10% but only for weekday performances.
            About The Show
            The show is not just about the story. it has been specifically designed so it would only work in an arena setting. The show contains flying, in air stunts a100ft video wall, which acts as the backdrop for the show and a specially designed Batmobile.

            My Experience
            A few weeks ago I received an email from a web site called showfilmfirst.com. It mentioned free tickets for a family show in Manchester. as the summer hols were coming up I decided to have look as I'm always looking for ways to entertain the kids.
            I followed the link and taken to a page telling me what the show was and what dates were available for free tickets. I was a little amazed as I'd seen the the show advertised on telly, but thought there would be noway I'd be able to afford to take the kids.
            I was issued a printable voucher for 4 free tickets for Sunday 17th July. at this point I began to think it was a con as I knew the show didn't start until 19th. But the day before I received a reminder email from the site asking me to contact them if I was unable to attend.
            So last Sunday myself, my boyfriend and my two boys aged 4 and 6 headed off to MEN arena. I actually have 3 kids but my 9 year old daughter had pulled her face at the mention of batman so I took the fella instead. Shame really because after watching it myself Im pretty sure she would have loved it.
            When we got to the arena the website had been allocated its own box office where you could trade in your voucher for your tickets. So that was easy, the trouble is that in order to do this we had to be there an hour before the start time, which means we were hanging about with my boys that are very easily bored. Lucky for me the MEN has a McDonalds in the foyer.
            Once the doors opened it was very easy to find out seats, refreshments and the toilets.
            There was only around 200 people there. Before the performance started Anthony Vaanlaast, the creative director and James Powell, the creative director came on stage and explained that the free tickets we issued as this was a dress rehearsal and the first time the cast have performed the show to an audience.
            The stage was amazingly eye catching, the video wall changed as the scenes changed so you didn't notice props and scenery being changed on the stage.
            The performers didn't just act, they performed stunts, danced, and took part in beautifully choreographed fight scenes. While the sound and lighting really set the scene. My children were amazed and sat in awe throughout the whole show.
            The first act last 50 minutes with a 15minute interval. The second act lasted approximately 40 minutes.
            There was a small hiccup at the beginning of the second act when Batman hurt his leg during a fight scene, the show stopped for a few minutes while he was sorted out, it was then announced he was fine to carry on. The show picked up from where it left off, and small hitch didn't seem to effect any of the performances given.
            The show was fast paced and action packed. it was a sight and sound extravaganza. Myself and the boys really enjoyed it.

            I usually wouldn't be able to afford to take my kids to anything like this but if you can go. It's brilliant, all kids would love it not just the boys, as it contains strong female characters too.
            i also believe that it's suitable for any age.
            The only downfall is that refreshments and merchandise are quite expensive. It was £1 for a bag of crisps, £2 for a small bottle of water. £2.45 for a large soft drink (which was actually the same size as a regular soft drink at McDonalds)
            There is plenty of merchandise available, T-shirts, posters, luch boxes, etc. I paid £12 for 2 batman masks.
            If you go I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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            • ucas.co.uk / Internet Site / 27 Readings / 27 Ratings
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              21.07.2011 00:55
              Very helpful



              Essential for students


              UCAS stands for University & Colleges Admissions Service. I had some experience with this site when the online apply system was first launched back in 2004. I was working in Student services at a college at the time and had to upload tutor references for students on to the site. This past year I have experienced using UCAS as a student myself.

              What They Do
              UCAS is a central admissions system for All Higher education institutions in the UK. They are not affiliated with any institution. They managed applications to HE courses by processing the applications and helping students make informed choices.

              The Site
              The site contains information for students, their parents, advisors and HE Staff.
              The site has a Where To Study section. Using this section it is possible to search for institutions by alphabetical order, my region or even by clicking on a map to find institutions in that area. There is also useful info on how to chose the right course. It then goes on to explain the whole process.

              Appying through UCAS is a bit of drawn out process. Firstly after conducting your research into course and instutions you need to go to the apply section of the site. when I worked in Student Services the majority of applications were still paper based but now all applications are electronic.
              The first steps are pretty basic, filling out your personal details. After this your asked to fill in more technical questions about where you study, professional memberships, courses you've studied, fee codes, disabilities, criminal convictions, etc. It can take a while but you can save your progress at any time and sign back in with your login and password to complete it later.
              Your then asked to give your choices of University and course of study, this process is much quicker if you have made a note of the correct course codes from your previous research. You are allowed to make between one and five choices.
              Your then asked to fill in your employment history and them make a personal statement to support your application.
              Your personal statement can be copy and pasted into the box provided or typed in it can be no longer then 4000 characters.
              This is the hardest part of the form, you need to big yourself up, include relevant transferable skills, show a keen interest in what you want to study and why. It may sound easy to some but it's no mean feat especially when you consider that they use similarity detection software to stamp out plagiarism, if any personal statement is found to have 10% of text in common with another the application is rejected. Most application are rejected or accepted depending on what someone write in their personal statement.
              Apart from payment this is the student's application complete. After this the tutor receives a notification that the student now needs a reference. The tutor uploads this but the student will not see it on their application.
              Once completed the student logs in and clicks on pay and send. You can pay by card but you can also pay through your current institution's cash office.
              To apply for on course it is £11 but to apply for more than one it is £21 so it is worth while taking up all five choices.UCAS issues each applicant with an individual tracking number. As your application has been sent you've now finished with UCAS apply and will log into UCAS Track instead.

              UCAS Track
              The wait between applying and hearing anything back is agonizing.
              it is possible to check your applications progress by logging into Track Progress. To this you need to enter your tracking number, user name and password. If you application changes or is updated you receive and email which tell you your application has changed.
              Here you may get bad news of being rejected, or good news of being accepted or invited for interview. decision letters are available to view and print off.
              Once you have heard off all your choices it is possible to decline them, accept a firm offer and accept and insurance offer.
              If all your choices are unsuccessful or you decline them all it is also possible to apply for UCAS Extra through track. This is where you can make another choice at no extra cost.
              If not there is always clearing but for this you have to wait.

              My Experience
              I am a 34 single mother of 3, unsatisfied with my lot in life I've spent the last two years in full time study. I first studied a Level 2 Access Course then progressed to Level 3 Pathway to Social Work (which I have passed with Distinction). This year on the level 3 one of my first tasks was to start y research and application to uni using UCAS.
              Most of the form I found was pretty easy especially as you could save your progress at any moment and continue later.
              I made 5 choices all for the BA (HONS) Social Work at UCLAN, Liverpool John Moores, Huddersfield, Salford and Machester Metropolitan.
              I found the hardest part the personal statement. As quite a laid back modest person Im not used to 'bigging myself up', the UCAs site provided advice on do's and don'ts but I still struggled. I wrote four drafts before I was satisfied.
              Everything else was very straightforward although I did find it unfair that I could see what my tutor had written in my reference.
              I sent my application off on 10th December 2010, the deadline of 15th January 2011 came and went. Although i was aware UCAS emailed you when your application changed I was very impatient and kept logging in to check my progress anyway.
              eventually towards the end of January I began to get replies, Liverpool John Moores was the first, they rejected me because my personal statement did not demonstrate I was concerned with poverty, child abuse or elderly abuse.
              My second change was off Salford offering me a place on Social Policy rather than Social Work, My third was from UCLAN inviting me to an interview and test (which I passed and got a place), my 4th was from Man Met offering me Social Change and finally Huddersfield offered me Health and Social Care.
              I accepted UCLAN as my firm and Man Net as my insurance. After this UCAS directed me towards Student Finace UK.
              So from September Im hauling my cookies from Bury to Preston everyday, I really must learn to drive.

              UCAS is an essential service for students and institutions. It would be impossible for staff in a uni to deal with the amount of applications they receive every year. The site offers great advice and enables students to research courses and institutions which enables them to make infomed choices.
              Apart from the Personal Statment, applying is easy but time consuming and Track is so simple an idiot couldn't go wrong.
              The worst part is the waiting inbetween applying and hearing anything back.
              i know some of my fellow students found the application quite daunting but as long you read all advice and guides that are available through the site you can't go wrong.


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              • brastop.com / Online Shop / 27 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                20.07.2011 00:07
                Very helpful




                Brastop.com prides itself as selling big bras at small prices.

                I signed up their newsletter last year but always ignored their emails, thinking that, even though I'm a buxom lass, I could get away with buying really cheap yet fashionable bras at ASDA. That was until late last year after much nagging from my mother I went and had a professional fitting. I'd been wearing a 36DD when in fact it turns out I'm a 34GG. They don't do this size in ASDA and the only other option was to pay top dollar for a bra. What's a girl to do? I turned to the trusty internet.
                Remembering the emails I'd received I turned my immediate attention to brastop.com.

                The Site
                The site specializes in bras and swimwear for bigger busted ladies, yet the prices are severely discounted compared to the high street and department stores.
                The site is very easy to navigate. Products are set into categories by style, colour, brands and sizes and it is possible to search by any of these.
                Sizes range from 28D to 48FF and there are 31 different brands available on the site, these include: Curvy Kate, Gossard, Freya, Ultimo and Panache to name but a few. Maternity, sports bras and shape wear are also available.
                The site has a fitting room function, which explains how to measure the bust correctly ans demonstrates how a correctly fitted bra should look and feel, with the use of handy videos.
                The look of the site is pretty much what you would expect of a site selling underwear with lots of pics of tastefully scantily clad ladies.
                Selecting items for you shopping bag is easy, click on the item you require and select the size, then checkout. Payment can be made wither my credit or debit card, paypal or Google Checkout.

                Delivery and Returns
                UK delivery is free when you spend over £50 otherwise it's £5.95 for special delivery (which allows you to nominate the day) or £2.95 for standard delivery.
                They deliver worldwide but prices vary.
                To return an item you need to download a returns form from the site, the garments must still have the tags attached. You do have to pay to return an item though.
                exchanges can be arranged by phoning or emailing the customer services team.

                My Experience
                The first time I used bra stop I was a little annoyed. I ordered one item just so that I could try the site out. I ordered a Curvy Kate bra that would have retailed at around £28 for a mere £13.45. I paid via paypal and received an email confirming my order. After 3 days it hadn't arrived, on the 4th day I got an email informing me the item was out of stock, it stated I could chose an alternative item or be refunded. Although this is fair I would've preffered to have been told it was out of stock at the time of ordering. I opted for the refund and as good as their word the money was refunded to paypal account within 3 days.
                I then received an email, containing a discount code for 20% off any purchase so I decided to give them another whirl. Again I chose one item which was already in the sale for £12 and entered my discount code at checkout so I paid £9.60 plus postage. I was waiting for another email telling me it was out of stock but 48 hours later my bra was here.
                Since then I use bra stop all the time and have never had a problem

                I would highly recommend brastop.com. The savings are amazing, they always keep their customers up to date with, new arrivals, discount codes and sales. I've never had to return anything but the help section of the site is so informative it seems quite simple.
                On the down side as a girl who like to give her fella a treat, they don't really sell anything raunch, its more pretty and functional. They could do with a wee bit of sexing up to add a bit of sauce.


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                • feelunique.com / Internet Site / 24 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                  19.07.2011 00:39
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                  A unique website for hair and beauty

                  feelunique.com describes itself as the destination for beauty. The site sells Salon branded beauty products at discounted prices.

                  The Site
                  The site offers plenty to look at with pics of products and of course the super hot women modelling them. The pictures are updated often as the special offers change frequently.
                  The site is very easy to navigate. You can search for a specific product, search by brand, browse the special offers or just browse through the categories if you're not sure what you're after.
                  The Categories on the site are; Skin, hair, body, make-up, fragrances, sun & tanning, healthy living, gifts, at home and men. Each category then has subsections which makes it even easier to find suitable products.
                  Buying is easy peasy, you don't have to be a member to start buying but, you're asked to sign up on check out.
                  Once you're signed up you will receive regular emails updating you of all the special offers and competions (when they run).
                  The site gives you their price, an informal description of the products but also tell you how much you're going to save on the RRP.
                  Delivery is free world wide and all major cards are accepted. The site also accepts paypal and it is possible to change the currency which you pay by.
                  The Brands
                  There are loads of well known brands available on the site such as: Clarins, Darphin, Elemis, GHD, Tigi, Redken and many, many more, including lesser known but quality products.

                  The Returns Policy
                  Due to hygiene reasons products can only be returned if they are still sealed. They must be returned within 21 days
                  My Experience
                  I was quite happy with the high street when shopping for hair and beauty products but in May my boyfriend and I decided to move in together. His hair is his crown and glory and he will only use expensive shampoo and conditioners that are used in Salons. he persuaded me that if we bought huge bottles of Tigi it would work out more cost effective than buying my usual brand from the super market. he's far too lazy to carry stuff round the shops and buys everything online so he told me to check the site out. I have to say I was quite impressed.
                  it only took me a second to find what I was looking for, i was impressed by the saving I made (£20 on a Tigi Tween duo pack Shampoo and conditioner), ordering and sign up was so easy and even better my order arrived the next day.
                  Since then feelunique is my first port of call for all things hair and beauty.

                  I would recommend feelunique.com to all lovers of beauty products. The savings and product range are great. The only down side I see is they don't sell enough Benefit cosmetics and by that I mean the High Beam.



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                    24.09.2009 15:47
                    Very helpful



                    I Great fragrance range

                    I don't think that I've ever written a review on a perfume before but this is one of my faves so will give it a whirl.
                    Well the fragrance market seems to be flooded with celeb endorsed perfumes of late, every celeb has got one or two out and most of the sell well, fans of the people will probably want to at least try the scent.

                    I can't say I'm a huge fan of Gwen Steffani but I think she's a great singer/songwriter and admire her unique sense of style. When I heard she had bought out her own scent I wasn't really surprised but I was interested into what they smelt and looked like.

                    Anybody familiar with Gwn Stefani and her work will know that she's very into the Japanese fashion scene and uses Harajuku girls in her videos (infact she has a song all about loving Harajuku girls' style). Harajuku style is eyecatching and basically anything goes.

                    I'm usually doubtful as whether celebs actually have any involvement in chosing the aromas and scents that go into their perfumes or whether they just put their names to it but Gwen claims to have been involved in the development of the fragrances.

                    The Fragrances
                    Harajuku Lovers comes in 5 different scents, they are: Love, Lil Angel, G, Music and Baby.
                    Love is described as sensual and floral.
                    Lil Angel is described as fruity and floral
                    G is Modern Gourmand
                    Music is delicate floral
                    Baby is a powdery musk
                    So far I own 2 of the 5 Love and G so for now will give my opinion on these and update when I get round to trying or purchasing the others.

                    Bottles & Packaging
                    Each bottle has a glass bottle contains either 20 or 30ml of the perfume but the lid of the bottle is amazing. The lid is actually a plastic doll and each doll is different depending on what the scent is.
                    Love is a doll with black hair and a blue dress.
                    Lil Angel is a dark haired doll, wearing a bandana and a scholl uniform.
                    G is a blonde haired doll wearing fishnets a blue mini and a white top with a lovely bowed headband in her hair.
                    Music is a dark haired doll wearing a cute little sailor outfit
                    Baby is a dark curly haired doll wearing a ink baby doll dress

                    When buying the perfume you need to bear the size of lid in mind. The perfume comes in a boxbut it's the doll lid that actually takes up the majority of the space in the box not the actual perfume bottle, which is tiny by comparison.

                    My Experience
                    I was given a 20ml bottle of Love by my boyfriend for my birthday back in June, (I did drop huge hints before hand everytime we went in Boots). I'd already smelt it and loved it, you can really smell Jasmin and musk in there. In my opinion it's the perfect scent for an evening out, you also don't need to use a lot to get the desired effect. When wearing Love many a time other people have commented on how nice it is and asked what it is. As for staying power I find that Love does a really good job especiallyince I'm addict of the dreaded weed, even my nasty ciggy smell doesn't penetrate my perfume.

                    As for G, I bought G on Saturday, at the counter in Boots I asked the lady behing the counter if I could have a tester of the other Harajuku Lovers scents and G was the first one she sprayed. I bought a 30ml bottle on the spot. The scent is really coconutty (is that a word?) but it reminded me of holidays, I would say it's more of a daytime perfume compared to Love but as it was new and we were of for a posh nosh that night I decided I'd wear it that night. I did find though that G didn't have the staying power of Love infact I was a little dissapointed by it. But in my opinion G has the best doll lid out of the five.

                    At the moment the 30ml bottles are £20 in Boots but I've just been looking on ebay ad some people are asking for £24 Buy It Now.

                    These are highly modern fragrances and all quite girly, each scent could be used for different occassion and the bottles are highly collectable. Personally I love them and would reccommed. The other 3 fragrances have been added to Christmas list


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                      22.09.2009 08:24
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                      Top Cop Flick, Simon Pegg returns to form

                      Film Only Review

                      Meet PC Nicholas Angel. With the top arrest record and a passion for paperwork he is the hottest cop in the Metropolitan Police Force. In fact, he is so hot that he is making his colleagues look bad. With this in mind Angel's superiors send him away to Sandford, a village so sleepy it is practically comatose. Here he is partnered with the oafish Danny Butterman, a young PC looking for action of any kind. While at first Angel is suffocated by the pastoral atmosphere, bodies soon begin to appear and he and Danny are pressed into action. Sandford, it seems, may not be so idyllic after all...

                      P.C Nicholas Angel is married to the police force, he lives for his job so when he gets toldhe's making sergent he's elated but his happiness is short lived when he's told his new post will be in the sleepy village of Sandford, the village has the lowest crime rate in the country.
                      When he gets to Sandford he rubs some residents uo the wrong way straight away as even off duty he can't turn a blind eye.

                      He's partnered with Danny Butterman who also turns out to be the son of Police Chief, Frank Butterman. Danny's a bit of a fool, he followed his father into the force cos he didn't know what else to do, he's obssessed with cop flicks, loves the pub and desperate to see some action.

                      Just when it looks as if Nick may have to resign himself to chasing swans, speeding tickets and village fetes, people start dropping dead all over Sanford. The local constabulary seem to think that these gruesome incidents are all accidental but Nick think otherwise. But which one of the residents could be behind this spate of murders? And will Nick be able to find the evidence?.

                      Nicholas Angel - Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead)
                      Met Sergent - Martn Freeman (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
                      Met Chief Inspector - Bill Nighy (Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans)
                      PC Danny Butterman - Nick frost (The Boat That Rocked)
                      Simon Skinner - Timothy Dalton (The Rocketeer)
                      Inspector Frank Butterman - Jim Broadbent (Inkheart)

                      Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead)

                      My Experience
                      It's taken me so long to get aound to watching this movie. The reason being I used to love the channel 4 programme Spaced so when Shaun Of The Dead was released I couldn't wait to see it and I was really dissapointed, I didn't find it that funny and apart from a couple of scenes found it actually quite dull. So when Hot Fuzz was released I decided to give it a miss.
                      The the other evening my boyfriend came in with a couple of DVD's he had borrowed off a mate and Hot Fuzz was one of them. He seemed keen to watch it so I had to relent.
                      This was so much better than Shaun Of The Dead. It was funny from the word go.
                      Although the storyline is quite simple the screenplay and script are so well written that it makes the movie highly entertaining and watchable.

                      The cast is huge and the all performances are excellent. Simon Pegg was fab as I'm usually so used to him playing a bit of a loser it was really good to see him playing a jobsworth and Timothy Dalton is excellent as the slimey, smarmy Skinner.May I also say that Simon Pegg also looks surprisingly fit in Hot Fuzz eventhough he's not usually my cup of tea.

                      Some people may find the ending a little silly and over the top but I thought it was a great finish and also very, very funny.

                      If you liked Spaced you will probably like this, it's Simon Pegg's return to form.

                      Running Time:121 minutes

                      Also on ciao under same username
                      Cert 15


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                      • Bedtime Stories (DVD) / DVD / 44 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                        21.09.2009 11:19
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                        A great family all rounder

                        The life of Skeeter Bronson, a hotel handyman, is changed forever when the bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to mysteriously come true. He attempts to take advantage of the phenomenon, incorporating his own aspirations into one outlandish tale after another, but it's the kids' unexpected contributions that turn Skeeter's life upside down.

                        Skeeter Bronson and his sister, Wendy were raised in a hotel by there father Marty. Skeeter loved the hotel and let his vivived imagination run wild there, while Wendy was more or a sensible realist. Every night Marty would tell them a bedtime story, not one from a book, he would just make one up on the spot.

                        Marty however wasn't a very good business man and ends up having to sell the hotel to, Barry Notingham who promises Marty that when Skeeter is old enough he will be able to run the hotel.

                        Skip forward to present day and Skeeter is indeed still working at the hotel but as aFunny People handy man, although he still believes that one day he will indeed be the manager. Barry Nottingham has anew big hotel projet up his sleeve but announces that he will make his future son-in-law Kendall the manager, as it's he who came up with top secret theme.

                        Wendy however is now a school a teacher, with two kids, Bobbi and Patrick unfortunately her husband has recently left her and her school is about to be demolished. So in order to attended interviews she asks Skeeter to look after the kids for a week so she can go to job interviews in Arizona. Skeeter agrees so he will be looking after the kids at night while Wendy's friend , Jill will look after them during the day.

                        Not having been around kids much he doesn't really know what to do with them so he decideds to do what his dad used to and he begins to tell the kids bedtime stories, the kids really enjoy the stories but soon things from the stories begin to happen in Skeeters life.

                        Skeeter Bronson - Adam Sandler (Funny People)
                        Jill - Keri Russell (Mission Impossible III)
                        Kendall - Guy Pearce (The Hurt Locker)
                        Mickey - Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
                        Barry Nottingham - Richard Grifiths (The History Boys)
                        Violet Nottingham - Teresa Palmer (December Boys)
                        Wendy - Courtney Cox (Scream)
                        Marty Bronson - Jonathan Pryce (G.I Joe Rise Of The Cobra)

                        Adam Shankman (Hairspray)

                        My Experience
                        I find it really hard to find family films that the whole of the family really will enjoy. My 7 year old daughter obviously loves the girly stuff and the musicals while my four year old boy wanting to wath something with robots or ailens in, my younesgt son enjoys animations, while I glady watch any of these with my children all I ask for is a few laughs along the way.

                        But bedtime stories really is a film that will satisfy all of the family's needs. For my daughter there is romance, princesses music, for my son cowboys, indians and aliens, whil there's no animation the combination of all these things caught my youngest boy's attention and it was also funny enough for us adults.

                        The casting is great, Richard Curtis as the germ hating oddball, Barry Nottingham was very funny while it was good to see Russell Brand playing a sidekick rather getting to hog the screen.

                        The storyline isn't anthing that new or different and the ending is predictable but the film really will keep the attention of those who watch it.

                        Cert: PG
                        Running Time 99 mins

                        Also on ciao under same username


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                          18.09.2009 17:05
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                          waste of time don't bother reading the book

                          The Blurb
                          For over five years, former glamour modek Katie Price and pop singer Peter Andre have been the hottest celebrity couple in the country. The public's fascination with their lives has shown no sign of slowing down since tey met on the reality TV show, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! The recent news that the couple are to split after four years of marriage has saddened the nation - but perhaps not come as that much of a surprise in the light of reports of their increasingly fragile relationship.

                          When Katie and Peter met in the jungle, sparks instantly flew. Their whirlwind romance soon developed into something more permanent and led to a lavish, million-pound wedding at Highclere Castle in Buckinghamshire. The couple aslo chose to share the up - and more recently the downs - of their relationship by making a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries. The programmes have given celebrity hungry viewers access to their lives and careers and have helped to fuel even more interest in the couple.

                          In this revealing and in-depth book, established author and journalist Emily Herbert examines the couples often temepestuous relationship, looks at the reasons behind the split and discusses the ramifications of the sdeperation, including the impact it will have on their careers and their children. It is an unputdownable insight into the relationship that started out as a fairytale and ended in tears.

                          By The Same Author
                          Michael Jackson King Of Pop 1958-2009
                          Gok Wan
                          Wild Kat
                          Arise Sir Terry Wogan

                          My Experience
                          Although it sometimes shames me to admit it I am a celebrity junkie i read the gossip in newspapers and buy 9 out of 10 issues of Heat as well as some others.
                          I always kind of admired Katie Price not for getting her boobs out but because she knew how to make a lot of money from doing so , she seemed like a normal girl that revelled in the celebrity lifestyle and bloody well enjoyed herself. I think a lot of young women (well I was then) could relate to her turblulant love life and many more could relate to her when she became a single mum to Harvey.
                          I was one of the people that was thrilled when she and Peter Andre met in the jungle and watched a real life love story develop across my TV screen.
                          I do have some sort of life though so I didn't go out of my way to watch the numerous documentaries about the couple, if it was on and there was nothing better to do I may have watched but only caught the odd episode.
                          I have to say when I got the news the couple had split I did feel quite sad for them both and hoped they'd be able to work it out but alas it wasn't to be.
                          So since I'd missed Katie And Peter Stateside on TV and missed the rows and the onscreen meltdown of their relationship when I saw this book on the shelf of the local ASDA I snapped it up.
                          I'm affraid to say this is one of the most boring books I've every read in my life. I'd never heard of the author before and although she does present an unbiased opinion of the relatonship breakdown, it reads like a list facts and quotes and is highly repative throughout. The blurb calls it 'unputdownable' but I had no problem putting it down and the only reason I picked it up again and finished reading it was so I could write this to warn others not to waste their money.

                          The book starts by telling the reader what happened at the end, what caused the most arguements etc but it's nothing new, it's already been reported in the press and been said on television. The book then goes on to explore the couple's relationship from when they met in the jungle to the weddng, the kids, the careers until the bitter end. But it's all bobbins!

                          I would rather stick pins in my eyes than read this again. everything in the book we've all heard before through the media, I could of wrote this just after watching old footage of shows and interviews and purusing press clippings (not that I have any).It just seems like some trying to make a quick buck by writing this and more fool me for buying and reading it.
                          I have given this two stars but thats only because of the nice photographs whch were much more interesting than the text.

                          RRP £7.99
                          I paid £3.97 from ASDA

                          Also on ciao under same username


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                          • Bride Wars (DVD) / DVD / 27 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                            15.09.2009 15:48
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                            A feel good buddy movie

                            Liv and Emma are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings. At the top of their bridal "must have" list: a ceremony at New York's ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel.
                            Now, at age 26, they're both about to get married; they're about to realize their dreams; and they're about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not... When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates--they're now to be married on the same date!--Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test.
                            Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, won't settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled. Now, the two best friends who'd do anything for each other, find themselves in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners struggle that threatens to erupt into all-out war.

                            When Liv and Emma were young one June afternoon they were taken for afternoon tea at The Plaza , New York. That afternoon the girl's saw the most beautiful sight they'd had ever seen, a wedding taken place. The girl's loved it and both becameobssessed with weddings, even beginning to plan their own weddings down to the last detail but both were sure of one thing. They both wanted June weddings at the Plaza.

                            Liv and Emma although very different, Liv being a head strong go getter and maybe a little over bearing and bossy and Emma always putting herself last and others first, the girls bond over their love of weddings and become best friends a friendship that has lasted over 20 years. So far...

                            Liv finds a Tiffany's box in her apartment and instantly assumes her boyfriend, Daniel is about to pop the question, while she's waiting for him to take action Emma's boyfriend Fletcher actually does propose to Emma and so both girls begin planning thier nuptuals.

                            Both girl's want the best so go straight to Marion St Clare, the top wedding planner in New York. Marion informs the girls that she has 3 June openings left for the Plaza two of which are on 6th June and one on 27th June. Liv opts for the 6th as it's her dead parents anniversary while Emma takes 27th. Unfortuatly Marion's assistant makes a massive mistak and books both their weddings on 6th. The girls are furious and try to get the bride who has June 27th to change to 6th but she won't back down. Liv instantly assumes that as Emma is such a pushover she will agree to change her date to another month but this time Emma's not budging. This means war! The girls then have to fnd new maids of honour and set about sabotaging the others big day.

                            Liv - Kate Hudson (My Best Friend's Girl)
                            Emma - Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane)
                            Nate - Bryan Greenberg (The Perfect Score)
                            Fletcher - Chris Pratt (Wanted)
                            Daniel - Steve Howey
                            Marion St. Claire - Candice Bergen (Sweet Home Alabama)
                            Deb - Kristen Johnston (Music And Lyrics)
                            Kevin - Michael Arden (The Good Shepherd)

                            Gary Winick (13 Going On 30)
                            Run Time: 90 mins

                            My Experience
                            I don't ever remember seeing this advertised anywhere but while padding out my list of DVD's to rent on my internet DVD service I must of added it. My boyfrined pulled his face with the words, "this looks like girly crap" and I didn't really have high expectations but we were both pleasantly surprised.
                            The cast is great, Kate Hudson is fab at quirky although I do feel she's now been pigeon holed into this romcom genre, while although I was surprised to see Anne Hathaway in this (as she's moved on since her Princess Diaries days) she was well suited to the part of Emma. The supporting cast do a great job too Kirsten Johnston is fab as the self-centred Deb while I wish that Bryan Greenberg who plays Nate had been featured more (purely for something to look at though).
                            The storyline is simple enoguh but the film has a great screenplay and script so it all comes together nicely. Although not belly laugh funny the film did make me giggle quite a lot. I di find the film quite touching in parts. It's family friendly my boyfriend actually had to admit it was quite good, I enjoyed it and my daughter was hooked (she is only 7 though and loves the whole bride thing).

                            I would recommend this film, it's not really a romcom butmore of a girl's buddy movie. a truely touching and amusing tale of long lasting friendship.

                            Cert: PG
                            Other Info: Anne Hathaway won best actress in a comedy for her role as Emma in this film at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

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