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      20.07.2012 16:28
      Very helpful



      Expensive but fast acting pills with impressive results!

      MY STORY
      Our cat Max is well kept and groomed and has a regular flea and worming treatment program with the vet where we pay a monthly fee and get all the supplies we need even a text to say "Don't forget Max is due for his x Treatment today".

      But he still picks fleas up from somewhere which amazes and frustrates me but talking to out local pet shop the man there suggested these and explained they can be taken in the middle of a normal course of treatment (or more often) and that's what he does with his cats. They are expensive to buy but i would of tried anything.

      So looking at them in store i brought the 3 pack but saw "4 Fleas tablets" thinking there was 4 in there! It's good play with words i'll give them that. Anyway Max (Our cat) like most cats does not like taking pills of any sort and these are no exception, i literally have to give him a couple of treats and stick this in in the middle and even then sometimes he manages to filter it out so he has to get more treats!

      They work very well and you can latterly watch the fleas die whist trying to abandon ship, it makes Max itch a little for the first 30 minutes or so then he's back to his normal self again grateful to have less mouths to feed.

      May be mixed in with wet food or given as is though the first option is probably easier for most people.

      1 Tablet maximum a day may be given to cats and kittens of between 1kg-11kg in weight and 4 weeks or older in age.

      It says you can give your cat one upon sighting a flea(s) on your pet but unless your super rich or lucky i'd stick with 1 in the middle of your cats normal course of treatment so about 1 every 3 weeks.
      The effect of these pills lasts for up to 24 hours so are a short term solution only.

      Our cat experiences itching for up to 30 minutes after being given the tablet and usually tries to sleep after

      Can be seen within 15 minutes

      We paid £4.80 for 3 not so long ago


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        19.07.2012 22:08
        Very helpful



        Very well built and long lasting cat and small dog carrier.

        MY STORY
        Bought from Argos for our Cat Maddie who when we got the carrier and took Maddie to the vets actually turned out Maddie was a Max!. We originally paid around £15 nearly 3 years ago and now costs £16.99 and has 4.5 stars from 245 ratings. Max enjoys getting in the carrier but for his comfort i always place a old towel in with him as otherwise it can get uncomfortable and cold depending on when we take him out.

        The carrier comes apart in the middle making it easier to store or transport when not in use. The carrier has 4 clips 2 on each side which secure the top to the bottom and the door 4 turn style latches to open and close the door.

        The picture is the Medium pet carrier but of course other sizes are available. The top of the box features a carry handle and 2 clips for using a carrying strap. (Not included).
        The bars on the front of the carrier are big enough for you to get your fingers in to comfort your cat or the cat to get a paw through depending on the size of the cat.

        The colour of this carrier is cream and grey despite on Argos it says white and grey.

        Just turn 2 of the latches on the door on any one side while the other side acts as a hinge.

        Being made out of hard plastic it cleans very easy with soap and water or kitchen sanitiser.

        It is made out of hard plastic and is quite strong and ours is still going except i learned they don't bounce very well as i dropped it (Max was not in it) and smashed the front corner but with a little tape it's fine and still secure enough to continue using.

        This carrier is suitable for small dogs as well as cats and i would only have one improvement that it came with wheels so when i'm out cycling i can bring Max along.


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        • Binatone Lyris 710 / Telephone / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
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          18.07.2012 12:28
          Very helpful



          A fairly bulky mains powered corded phone with digital answering machine!

          A fairly bulky mains powered corded phone with digital answering machine and no battery backup*!
          *Everything is remembered when the power is off (Non volatile memory) except the time and date which gets updated when an incoming call is received.

          MY STORY
          I got this phone from my parents as they never got on with it, as it's not the easiest of phones out there to use. I even had to look in the manual for the redial button as it's not wrote on the phone and is just an image of two circles one white and one black!?
          I use BT 1571 answering machine service so disabled the built in one although it maybe very useful to some as when someone calls and you don't pick up after x number of rings the answering machine kicks in you get to hear everything! : )

          The phone has a lot of features but for me the main issue is you can't change the tone which makes us jump nearly every time it goes off and for that reason alone i will get a new phone when i can.

          3 x 1 touch speed dial buttons
          20 minutes digital answering machine (low quality or 8 minutes high)
          Remote Access
          Choice of language
          120 name phone book
          Caller display (As longs you are subscribed via your phone company)
          Memo record (plays back to you when listening to your messages)
          Large display (Shows time, date, new messages and new calls)
          Visual ringer (Red flashing light)
          Wall mountable bracket supplied
          Volume control (slide switch)
          Ringer switch (low or high)

          It is currently selling for around £20 which may seem expensive but bear in mind that the digital answering machine chip is expensive. (Non volatile memory)

          I don't like the design of the phone or build and is probably more suited in an office but when you study the manual it does grow on you and if only it had a choice of tones and a backlight i'd be tempted to keep it.


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          17.07.2012 17:21
          Very helpful



          Comfortable, adjustable breathable sports bike helmet... Enjoy a safer ride!

          Giro produce some of the safest performance helmets out there and even Lance Armstrong uses them, which if it's good enough for him it's good enough for me.

          MY STORY
          When my father gave me his 12 month old hybrid bike i knew i needed a descent helmet to go with it and i was willing to pay up to £50's for one but this is the one recommended by the bike technician in halfords at a very reasonable £35. Currently costs £39.99 (halfords online) but is available cheaper elsewhere

          It comes in a cardboard display box with pull out draw to hold the helmet and includes several sticky foam pads of variable sizes to make sure the helmet fits you right, along with a little guide on taking care of and fitting your helmet and some stickers to go on the outside.

          The helmet clips together with a rucksack style clip and features a round dial adjuster front and back for one handed adjustment whilst on the move but of course you should only adjust your helmet whilst stationary and in a safe place.

          The helmet also features a small visor like piece which helps keep the wind and rain away but ultimately you need cycling glasses.
          Several stickers to go on the outside
          Sticky foam pads to help make sure it fits and is comftable

          I use a damp rag with just warm water and sometimes a little washing up liquid but only a very small amount or it could damage the integrity of the helmet. (Washing up liquid can contain costic soda).

          Always keep your helmet on the floor or a flat surface when not in use, not upside down in the corner of the shed or swinging from your handlebars as this is a piece of safety equipment and designed to save your life and should be treated as such.

          Should you drop your helmet it should really be replaced!


          5 stars as i have found no faults to complain about and would fully recommend this helmet.


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          17.07.2012 13:44
          Very helpful



          For when Paracetamol alone is not enough or your allergic to Aspirin products these are ideal!

          Being allergic to aspirin there is a lot of pain relief pills i can't take like ibuprofen, nurofen and of course Aspirin to name but a few. Which can be a bit annoying when you get a really bad headache or sinus pain and Paracetamol alone wont get rid of it, this is where Codeine comes in, it helps with that extra kick.

          Also if like my you have problems swallowing pills then these capsules are perfect in every way, as there capsules there is no big horse pill to swallow and no horrible chalky taste you get with some, they get absorbed quicker and are supposed to be healthier too!

          A simple pain killer with a sting in its tale! (One of the worst non prescription pills for overdoing on).
          Reduces the production of pain signals being sent from the nerves to the brain.

          This blocks the pain signals sent from the nerves to the brain so makes you feel slightly better even though the pain may remain.
          (THIS IS A ADDICTIVE MEDICINE - and should not be taken for more than 3 days at a time unless your doctor or licensed pharmacist tells you otherwise.)

          To temporarily perk you up

          Adults and children of 12 years and over: Take two every four hours, if you need to, up to 4 times in 24 hours. Don't take more than 8 capsules in 24 hours.

          They usually cost £4.09 (32 capsules) which compared to say a packet of Paracetamol capsules at £2.59 (32 )is quite a bit more but if you like me are allergic to aspirin it's worth the cost.

          Each capsule contains:
          Paracetamol 500mg.
          Caffeine 30mg (About the same as a can of coke),
          Codeine Phosphate 8mg (Codeine),

          I always have a box in the medicine cabinet, at work and in the car as there great and work very well.


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            16.07.2012 11:46
            Very helpful



            Like a chocolate you bite into and don't like... you spit it out!

            I brought this lovely looking external hard drive from PC world a couple of years ago with the hope it would be a great backup and storage solution for all my important files but boy was i wrong!

            First off there is what sounds like a ball bearing inside the housing which i have no idea why it would be there. (Could of been loose screw but sounded more ball like).

            See Technical Details tab for full specifications

            --> Build <--
            Very sturdy aluminium case with plastic ends and sturdy plastic stand.

            --> Ease of setup <--
            Plug and Play compliant so as soon as you plug it into a windows computer is should automatically search for and install needed driver(s) but they do come on CD if your PC can't find them or does not already have them or your installing on a mac.

            On the back of the case there is 2 sockets 1 for the power adaptor which plugs into the wall and another that goes into a USB port. Also is a switch to turn on and off with a power light indicator.

            --> Features <--
            Lock slot - Useless if you have a screwdriver or strong grab
            Power switch
            Power light
            Disc activity light
            Additional free programs supplied on CD

            --> Requirements <--
            USB 1.1 or 2 (But 1.1 will be slower as you'd expect)
            Mac or PC (Although requires formatting for mac)
            Spare USB and plug socket (Preferably in a surge protector)

            --> Using <--
            Once plugged in and switched on (Before computer is) your see this drive in windows explorer (PC) or Devices (Mac) and can then use as you would any other.
            Always try and "power down" the disc before turning it off at the power switch if leaving computer on and taking the disc with you. (Right click on disc icon in windows explorer or devices if on a Mac and eject.

            --> Issues <--
            One day it worked the next for no reason it just starting making a clicking noise and it could not be accessed even though it showed up in explorer and administrator tools, disc utilities (Windows PC). The hard disc indicator light flashes (Well activity is happening) but nothing actually happens.
            Even with Low level disc software i could not access the disc i think the read head or limit switch could have broke.

            The issues i experienced seem to be pretty common with this disc drive but as i've never brought anything else from the company i can't say if it's the drive or manufacturer.

            As a safety precaution i now use Cloud Backup (Online) as well as hard drive backup.


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          • Bosch Rotak 34 / Lawn Mower / 43 Readings / 42 Ratings
            More +
            14.07.2012 18:30
            Very helpful



            Lightweight sturdy little mower that comes with a grass box!

            This is the first Lawn Mower i've ever brought and before deciding which one to buy i read through a lot of reviews on Amazon and this was rated very highly and still is so i was confident it would be a good purchase and i've not been disappointed.

            Brought for £83.74 in march last year with free delivery (As i took advantage of the Amazon prime free delivery 30 day trial they had running). This mower is now on sale for £116.99 with a staggering 4.6/5 stars from 429 reviews, it was delivered the next day via courier and came well boxed leaving me to feel like a child in a candy store! Anyway here is my review i hope it helps.

            --> Assembly <--
            The mower came in several parts but with easy to follow instructions, taking around 15 minutes to fully assemble with the hardest part being building the grass box.

            --> Build Quality <--
            Overall very good as you'd expect from Bosch, the majority of the mower is made from hard plastic with a steel (metal) blade and handle. The only complaint i have is the black plastic cable stays that secure the cable to the handle they only push in and as such often fall out. (I think it would be better with a screw in cable stay).

            --> Features <--
            Rear roller - for the posh stripes though i think this is just a selling feature as it's not really heavy enough

            Grass combs - for cutting (Close) to the edge which work pretty well but are not perfect and you will need to tidy up after cutting against solid objects like a fence or wall with shears.

            Built in sturdy carry handle making it ideal for moving about or putting in the car

            --> Specifications <--
            1400 watt motor
            Rotary blades
            Cutting width 34cm
            Cutting heights 10 (20-70 mm)
            40 Litre grass box capacity
            12 meter orange cable
            10.5 kg in weight so very light and easy to carry around

            --> Cutting heights <--
            This mower has 10 different cutting heights which is great but probably too many for such a cheap mower.
            It can take a while to get used to changing the height but to be fair mine i usually leave mine on number 4 for the summer and 7 late summer leading into winter.
            To adjust the height you push down on the red leaver and push away from yourself slightly and either forward or back depending on the height you require.

            --> Grass box <--
            There is no grass box full indicator so when the mower starts getting heavier to push, stop and check otherwise you risk the mower over heating and cutting out (Thermal cut out) which your have to wait a short time before you can use it again.

            --> Starting <--
            I can't comment on the "Ergoflex-System" handle as mine uses the Standard handle but the newer ones have the "Ergoflex-System" handle and to start the mower you have to push the switch in then pull back the handle. (Opposite to a electric drill). I think this is a good safety feature as the second you let go the mower cuts out.

            --> Cleaning <--
            Unplug from the mains, remove the grass box get a old hand brush and go all over the underside of the mower and around where the grass box attaches lifting the hatch and getting in and around there also.
            Due to the design of this mower there are lots of nooks and crannies where grass can get stuck and without a blower or paint brush are hard to get grass out.

            --> Putting away/getting out <--
            To put away first i wind up the cable and then secure it with the "Freezer style ties" that came with it,unscrew the 2 red hand screws on the handle so it folds down flat and grab it by the handle and place back in the shed

            I think this is a pretty good sturdy mower which if looked after and regulary cleaned should last a fairly long time.


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          • Lloytron F2104GR / Heater / 31 Readings / 31 Ratings
            More +
            11.07.2012 22:55
            Very helpful



            Maybe for occasional use it's ok but not if like me you need a more permanent solution in winter.

            About 2 years ago on a cold winters morning i turned on the heater and "bang" and it never worked again so i headed out to Argos to see what i could get and came back with this! Costing around £20 at the time i chose this for the same reason as i chose the last one and that's because a Halogen heater is cheaper to run than a normal electric element heater and depending on your tariff can cost as little as 3 pence an hour per 400 watt tube. Which can lead to it being on all day everyday!

            --> Assembly <--
            The heater comes in 4 parts :- base, heater and 2 screws
            To assemble you simply push the plug through the hole in the base, line up and insert the screws into there holes and hand tighten.

            --> Buttons <--
            5 buttons and going from right to left
            #1. Turn heater on and 1x 400 watt tube
            #2,#3,#4 each turn on another 400 watt tube.
            #5. This is for oscillating the fan so it turns and helps spread the heat.

            --> Safety <--
            The heater is fitted with a tilt switch so if the heater is knocked or tipped over past a certain point it will cut out and stay off until place back in upright position.

            --> Issues <--
            It can be noisy when osculating and as it's just screwed into a light plastic base because of the size of the main heater (Height) it can lean forward slightly.
            The tubes don't seem to last very long and twice i had (which i don't recommend) to replace them.
            Also when the tubes stop working they can make a pretty loud bang and spark which is a little scary with young children.
            The split pin which holds the osculating bar came out and had to be replaced.

            --> Replacing Tubes <--
            The tubes are assessed by unscrewing the screws on either side, then gently removing the safety cage and then the metal grid and the tubes can just be gently slid out. Be careful as they are glass and reasonably fragile.

            Would i buy this one again?
            No not unless it had a more stable base


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            • Tesco MMS07 / Microwave / 25 Readings / 22 Ratings
              More +
              11.07.2012 19:09


              • Reliability


              Just moved out or need a cheap replacement long lasting microwave then this is for you.

              3 years ago when i fled my parents nest and needed equipment to setup my own, with only a limited budget this was perfect! It looks great and has just two basic controls (manual turn dials) meaning there is less togo wrong like internal circuit boards and is very easy to use.

              --> Settings <--
              top dial - This is for choosing the power and defrost options
              bottom dial - This is for setting the timer up to 30 minutes

              --> Design and Build <--
              Solid in construction and very easy to clean inside and out includes inner light so you can keep an eye on your food if like me you make porridge in the microwave your want to stop it before it boils over.

              --> To use <--
              1. Set your power by turning the top dial which for me i leave it on Maximum
              2. Set your time by turning the bottom dial
              Wait for the mechanical bell

              --> To clean <--
              Just take the glass plate and plate ring out to wash then you can easily spray all over inside without worry.
              For the outside just spray front,top and 2 sides wiping the back with a damp cloth only as this is where the vents and electrics are.
              (Be sure to turn power off at wall before cleaning).

              I would recommend this to anyone and would buy again should or when it dies.


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            • Apple Wireless Keyboard / Keyboard / 16 Readings / 14 Ratings
              More +
              11.07.2012 13:07
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              Beautiful looking smooth quiet and aluminium faced bluetooth keyboard

              This is everything i've come to expect from Apple and more, lovely aluminium face with very quiet keys, is lightweight compact and intelligent.

              --> Intelligent lol does it make tea or coffee? <--
              Sadly no but as i've always been hesitant about wireless consumables due to the amount of time i spend using a computer in an average week the battery's never seem to last that long.
              But this keyboard is great and lasts a very long time on just 2 AA batteries thanks to it's "power management system" After x amount of time idle it powers down and then very quickly wakes up with the press of a key!

              It did take a bit of time to get used to as i'm used to a full sized keyboard but once you get used to it i think your see no reason to switch back unless you have a need for a full sized keyboard.

              --> Quick keys <--
              All F (function) keys have functions built in except the F5 and F6 keys, which can be easily assigned to an application of your choice by going to keyboard in system preferences. There is also the option to disable the quick keys and use the F (function) keys as standard if that's easier for you (Then you need to press the fn key and appropriate function key to use the features assigned to the f (function) keys.

              --> Battery indicator <--
              With a couple of clicks from the menu bar you can easily see your battery level in percentage terms.

              --> Changing batteries <--
              Just use a coin to open the slot on the left hand side (Near the escape key) replace batteries and cover, then press the button on opposite side (by eject button) to green light comes on to re-pair with the computer or other device

              --> On/Off <--
              On the right side by the eject button there is a switch you press once to turn on or press and hold to turn off and whilst doing this your see a little green led above the eject key as well as image and text on screen of what your doing.

              --> Recommendation <--
              I keep a makeup brush near the keyboard to dust it and keep it clean and pass the hoover over it from time to time as this is an investment which should last a very long time if looked after.


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              11.07.2012 11:23



              Unless your don't care about your bike don't but this

              If your popping to the shop or visiting a friend for a short while then this is useful but please take note of the "Low crime areas" as this lock is not hard to pick so if your looking to lock your bike up whilst at work or more long term don't get this.

              There are some very good combination locks available if that's what you want but you have to pay good money for them.

              180 cm long

              Lighter than you'd expect

              Comes with bracket for fitting to frame of most bikes although is a waste of space is it's not easy to release the lock from the bracket when in use

              This lock is more suited to a child's bike or low value bike or for securing accessories to your bike but is not worth the risk having your bike stolen because of a cheap lock.

              Have i broke into the lock?

              Would i buy it again?

              Always buy the highest security rated lock you can afford this being the lowest


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                10.07.2012 21:30
                Very helpful



                Once mounted on the bike it's great little thing which even puts itself to sleep when not used

                I have used this for maybe 4 years now and done several thousand miles and the only things i've had to replace apart from the Batteries is the magnet that goes on the front wheel. Any magnet will do and i got mine from Halfords for £2.99 which is made from metal and just screws on where as the original is metal with plastic.

                2x CR2032 button style (1 for computer and 1 for sensor)

                The sensor is fitted with a couple of cable ties around the fork.
                Magnet secures easily with screw driver
                Computer mount is fitted with 2 cable ties

                Speed, Max Speed, Distance, Odometer and Clock only thing for me that it's missing is average speed

                Ease of setup:
                There are 2 small buttons on the back you need to push a pen or something into unless you have small fingers.
                1 is set and the other AC. You press the big button (mode) on front of the computer to choose either mph or km then press set, then choose your tyre size by looking at the chart which comes with the computer.
                Setting the clock is just as easy, follow the detailed instructions.
                That's it now you place it in the holder where it will click then from now on you have just one button to wory about! The big one called mode which toggles throughout the functions and acts as a reset for the current journey when held in for 2 seconds.

                Would i recommend it?
                Yes it's a great computer for anyone starting out to distance cycling or someone who needs to know how far and fast they have gone but just lacks average speed function so i'm moving up to one that includes that but will still be Cateye.


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              • Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000 / Webcam / 14 Readings / 12 Ratings
                More +
                10.07.2012 15:14
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Great little low budget starter webcam with microphone

                When people mention the word Microsoft it's often followed by "what a load of rubbish!" but i'm happy to say i'm pleased with this little camera.

                It is basic and for the price you can't expect any different but it is great for anyone wanting to chat on camera especially children as it's not going to bankrupt you if it breaks. It comes with a built in flexible stand which means you can either stand it on it's own or lean it over a monitor.

                Take a Picture:
                Simple push the button on the top of the camera when viewing yourself with the included software

                Turn the inner ring on the webcam which can be a little fiddly while your trying to view yourself at the same time

                At 30 Frames per second it rarely suffers any lag (Slow down/jumping)

                Comes with a built in microphone which is a good starting point but if you get serious about webcam/chatting your better off getting a separate one.

                Included with the software are several effects which at the click of a button can be added into your video including black and white, negative and upside down.

                Ease of setup:
                Very easy just put the CD in follow the instructions and very quickly your done and ready to go.

                There is a green light which comes on so you know when the webcam is on and you could be being viewed

                A very good little camera for the price and i would defiantly buy one again if i could not afford a better one.


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              • Targus Value Case / Laptop Case / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
                More +
                10.07.2012 14:39



                Great comfortable bag designed to last.

                Brought to house my Dell inspiron 1525 this bag has far outlived the laptop!

                Comfortable sturdy handle and shoulder strap this is a well made bag built to last and withstand day in day out use. The shoulder strap unclips if you don't need or want to use it that way and of course as you'd expect from Targus the strap is also adjustable.

                Front Pocket:
                Plenty of room for charger, mouse and a few CD's

                Base of bag (When laid down flat):
                Movable velcro strap to secure laptop in place while sides are foam padded to ensure laptop is not going anywhere.

                Top of bag (Inside top)
                Plenty of room for a few CD's and handful of paperwork.

                While you can attach a small padlock to the main storage area of the bag the front pocket is only closed with velcro.

                Would i buy one again?
                Yes if it ever broke but still going strong not like the Dell.


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              • Dell Inspiron 1525 / Laptop / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
                More +
                09.07.2012 17:47



                Very disappointed in this Dell product and has put me off Dell Laptops for life!

                Purchased in 2010 within 6 months the charger was playing up, the hard drive had died, the battery was dead and screws were falling out left right and centre!

                Ease of setup:
                Very easy out of the box setup as you'd expect but it all went down hill from there.

                Battery and charger:
                The battery charger is made as such it has an extra wire in which it communicates with the laptop to "confirm" it's a genuine dell part.

                But this is very badly made and is very fragile as when it breaks (Just by putting cable in your bag for example can be enough) the resistance reading is different so now even though your using a genuine charger the laptop thinks your not! (Dell are aware of this and failed to help when contacted as by then the warranty had expired even though this is a manufacturing fault!)
                The charger has a pin in the middle (Female outer with male inner) The pin is the extra wire and easily bends.

                The Battery pretty much died not long after this so was forced to leave it plugged in all the time.

                Is not very well built and got so hot that we ended up having to raise it off the table as it kept shutting down.
                The harddrive died after around 6 months and dell sent a replacment but that was blank so it had no emergency partition with pre-installed software like the original so they had to send another.

                Screws easily fell out without immediately noticing and had to contact dell for some more and even then not all of them stayed in.

                Overall very disappointed in this Dell product and has put me off Dell Laptops for life! I wish i could say more positive things about it but i can't so if your looking for Dell get a desktop.


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