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      02.07.2012 16:21
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      Well designed machine that is easy to keep clean. Makes a nice coffee at the touch of a button,

      This is a review of the TAS6515GB (T65 for the sake of this review) that I have been using for around a month now. This isn't the first pod coffee machine that I have owned or used, previous to this machine I had used a Dolce Gusto KP2100 and during my honeymoon earlier this year I had one weeks use of a Nespresso Citiz Titanium (Krups XN7001) machine. In fact I had mistakenly thought that the Nespresso machine was a Tassimo and when my new machine arrived from Amazon I was confronted by my mistake so this is my impression of the Tassimo T65.

      The T65 a uses barcode system that reads the barcode printed on the individual "T Discs", that allows the machine to know the correct brewing time, water and temperature needed for a particular drink.

      The main body of the machine is stylish enough coming in two shades of grey or Twilight Titanium, whichever you prefer. There is a recess at the front for your cup to go to catch the dispensed drink (A very useful feature).
      This itself is illuminated so you will never lose sight of your cup even in the dark. A "clamp" at the top of the machine which when opened allows you access to put a T Disc into the T Disc holder; this also houses the barcode scanner.
      Located on the front right side of the machine is the control panel which comes in a mirrored effect, this consists of a small display that explains what the machine is doing at that moment, an on/off switch and a large silver stop/start button which itself is surrounded by five indicator lights these consist of: Standby (the power is switched on), Automatic (the machine is ready to use), Manual (the period during the process where you can add water to your drink), Fill Tank (add more water, please) and Descale (time for some matinence).

      There is a cup stand that fits into the front of the machine: this can be twisted up and down to accommodate a normal sized cup, a smaller espresso sized cup or removed completely for a tall cup.

      Then lastly you have a Brita water filter which is branded with the Tassimo logo and custom made to fit the machine (This can't be used as a stand alone water filter) this slots into the back of the machine.

      I guess the fundamental reason for buying a "pod" coffee machine is convenience. Traditional coffee machines, in my hands at least, tend to be a messy and comparatively time consuming affair.
      Now this machine really is convenient just turn the machine on, put your chosen "T Disc" in, wait for the machine to read the barcode on the T Disc, press the large silver button when the machine asks and out comes the coffee to the amount prescribed to that particular T Disc's barcode.
      The machine will then give you the option of adding water to your drink, if you would like it milder.
      Now if the drink is a hot chocolate or latte style drink then you will have to put the second T Disc in and repeat. But with single coffee drinks it is pretty much fire and forget, though don't forget for too long or your drink will go cold (though I was impressed by how hot the drinks are).

      The machine is very impressive when it comes to the T Discs and mess, with the Dolce gusto machines it was always my experience that the "pod" would retain some of the water that passed through, which would then later leak out. My experience of the T Discs has been much better with the coffee, tea and milk T Discs appearing to retain no water. The only T Disc that has made any mess so far was a "tiramisu" T Disc and even then just left a rather small syrupy residue on my worktop. So in my very unorganized way I can leave the T Disc "on the side" without the worry of it leaking out all over the place.

      Maintenance of the T65 has so far been pretty straight forward; there is a service T Disc which is used during the descaling process. The small "receptacle" into which the T Disc is placed is easily removable and the area underneath which contains the barcode scanner is very accessible, without hard to reach corners (very well designed) and is easily wiped clean. There is some splash back from the coffee being dispensed into the cup but again this is easily wiped clean.

      The latte style drinks have been a slight disappointment for me, the milk used being a touch too sweet and often the milk at the bottom of a tall glass being cold and tasting much the worse for it. I found the latte drinks in the Dolce Gusto range much nicer, though I guess this is highly subjective to an individuals taste.

      There are many variations of T Discs available so there is probably a coffee (There are also teas and hot chocolate drinks available) to suit most tastes.
      Some of these drinks are available in your local supermarket but many are internet exclusives only available to buy from the online Tassimo shop. The Tassimo has (at the time of writing) 36 different varieties of drinks, one of these being creamer for milk. 21 of these drinks are internet exclusives only available from the Tassimo shop. The drinks come in packs of 8 or 16, 8 usually meaning it is a drink that uses a milk T-Disc.

      Here are a few examples of per cup cost (from the Tassimo shop):

      Kenco Medium Roast 23p
      Twinings Breakfast Tea 23p
      Milka Hot Chocolate 47p
      Carte Noire Latte Macchiato 56p

      Tassimo sells the machine for £139.99 but it is available much cheaper from other outlets, my machine cost £89.99 from Amazon. The machine came with a £20 off voucher for use on the Tassimo shop website. The online store has a minimum spend of £25 and an additional charge of £5 for postage and packaging; Orders £35 and over have free postage and packaging.

      So although it was my intention originally get a Nespresso machine I am not overly upset by my mistake and will keep the T65 (though I still intend to buy a Nespresso at some point). The T65 is a good looking machine that makes a quick tasty coffee with next to no mess. So if it is convenience that you seek I recommend this machine.

      (prices were accurate on 2nd of July 2012)


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