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      21.02.2012 15:12
      Very helpful



      An entry level three-in-one printer manages to reasonably do printing, scanning and copying.

      I have this Canon printer that I have been using since long and though I have had several new ones in between this continue to adorn my desk space as a spare printer just in case the more fancy ones broke down.

      I bought this printer around four years back. There has been neither any malfunction nor any repair in all these years despite being moved around and shifted from house to house. That speaks something about its durability though I should take some credit as I have taken good care of it.

      Multifunction three-in-one printers at that time were an expensive proposition though I bought it in a cashback promotion so ultimately it cost me just over 20 pounds. It was definitely a steal! The current price in eBay is around £40.

      A multifunction printer does printing, scanning and copying and so does Canon Pixma MP210. This printer, I must admit, is on the heavier side. However with a very elegant grey top and exquisite black sides it makes up for its bulkiness.

      The paper hold is located at the top back and holds up to 100 sheets of A4 plain paper. The papers need to be rested vertically on a pull out support. After use, the pull out can be inserted back and the top most portion of the hold flipped in to close the paper input hold. It is a good feature to avoid dirt settling inside the paper hold when the printer is not in daily use. The output tray is located at the bottom to collect the printouts. The output tray also nicely folds up when not in use. The output tray has a small extensible flap that could flipped out to hold the A4 sized paper in place and prevent it from slipping over.

      The control panel is on top right of the printer having buttons and indicators with appropriate labels. It includes LED display which shows number of copies in digit and some texts too.

      The Canon Pixma MP210 can print plain-text documents at 8.6ppm (pages per minute) and feels like very slow in printing compared to current printers. The images sometimes looked faded and blurred even on plain paper. It does not have an automatic double-sided printing facility. You can do it manually by changing paper sides to print on both sides of the paper.

      Canon PIXMA MP210 uses one black and one three-color cartridge. These slip in and clip upwards to lock into position. It requires some trial and error to fix them into proper position.

      It also requires some efforts to change those cartridges. But it becomes habitual after a few tries. The original cartridge I must say are on the costlier side but you can also do with refills if you do not mind a few botched pages after change.

      The A4 size flat bed scanner provides good resolution scanning facility. The top Z-lid lifts up front and back so you can place a book on the flatbed glass. It is good for only 50-60 pages book, I mean slim sized books otherwise you get very blurred text near the binding line. Scan will also take more time than usual printer that we have now.

      Its copying function is also quite efficient though relatively slow. You can use the buttons on the top to do a black and white or a color copy as per your preference.

      The major problem is with its cartridge. It is very costly and sometimes it shows 'Out of ink' status and still manages to print pages after pages. In fact it is at present giving warning that 'Ink is low' since ages and still I have had no problem printing and nor do I plan to change the cartridge any sooner till it stops printing altogether.

      This printer uses 15watts of power when in operation. The 'energy star' markings on this printer might make you proud and feel great that you are not only saving energy but making significant contribution to the GREEN environment. Great!!!

      This printer comes with bundled software called MP Navigator which is very easy to install. You must however need to confirm the licence by agreeing to the terms and condition. Although there is a good help file to navigate your installation it refers to two Canon models and hence may become confusing.

      The software installs a My Printer on the Windows system tray that displays print queue, change settings, or troubleshoot. It also installs the Canon Solution Menu that displays the clickable dialog box for MP Navigator Ex for scanning and saving scans, Easy Photoprint Ex for printing photos and album, My Printer, On-Screen Manual for accessing help files, Online Product information and registration.

      The MP Navigator Ex MP has three navigable buttons - one for scanning, saving and importing documents or images, a view and use button to see the scanned/imported image, specify folders or viewing recently saved images, and a one-click button to save as pdf or save to PC or attach the scan to email or use custom software to open scanned/saved images or even an OmniPage SE for Optical Character Recognition displayed as OCR to convert scanned/saved images to text.

      The Easy-PhotoPrint Ex has six navigable buttons - Photo Print for selecting photo size, paper, layout, auto-fixing images and printing borderless photos, Album for selecting layout and images to create an album, Calendar for using your own images to make a customized calendar, Stickers for converting your digital photos and images into stickers, Layout Print to add text to you photo prints and Library for easy access of everything created using Easy-PhotoPrint Ex.

      An entry level three-in-one it manages to reasonably do printing, scanning and copying and is a good bet for a spare or as a backup.

      This review can be seen in Ciao website with the same name and title.


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      01.02.2012 14:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      This printer looks perfect for a small office and home alike.

      In this information era it is very hard to assume life without a PC/Laptop, a mobile, and a printer, more so for those living in the developed parts of the world. However, it is increasingly becoming common for mid income professionals in the emerging economies to own all three of these necessities of work.

      The current global recession and economic downturn has pushed many of such professionals into leaving the comforts of an office and work from home to survive this meltdown. Some of them have been pushed into it by circumstances of redundancy and joblessness.

      One of my friends is victim of this and had to start a home business to make ends meet. He has converted one of his bed rooms into a nice, comfortable home office that includes Lenovo PC, external hard drive, speakers and an Epson Stylus SX535WD. During my visit to his home office the only thing that really impressed me was this printer. I have used many printers during the past but none as versatile and comfortable as this one. Also the size of the printer is impressively discreet.

      This three-in-one printer can print, scan and copy from anywhere in home with wi-fi connectivity. This Wi-fi feature can automatically connect printer with your PC/Laptop's Window 7, Window Vista or Mac OS operating systems. The automatic Wi-Fi set-up makes configuring laptops and computers to print wirelessly extremely easy. I did it with mine and the experience was exceptionally smooth.

      It has a double-sided printing facility which is automatic. What it means is that you do not have to manually intervene to change paper sides to print on both sides of the paper. The print configuration and the printer itself take care of this. This not only saves printing time but also is more comfortable. This ease of auto double-sided printing allows you to use this mode for those regular tasks that do not require a one-side print. You also save a lot of paper that is not only easy on the environment but saves money too, a scarce resource in these times of recession. This feature is extremely worthwhile to have as most of the times I tend to print on single paper due to lethargy and the cumbersome method of change. This is despite my best intentions and desire to be more scrupulous with wasting paper.

      Epson's iPrint facility allows the printer to connect seamlessly with smartphones, PC tablets and iPad making printing from these wireless devices a piece of cake. This avoids the need to double your task - first downloading it to a PC and then go for the print.

      There is a 6.3cm colour LCD screen having an on-screen menu together with an accompanying memory card slot that offers viewing any photographs or documents without the need of a PC before printing it.

      The printing speeds when printing mono text in draft mode seems to be around 36 pages per minute as mentioned in the specification but normal A4 size printing does take more time than the specified speed.

      The A4 size flat bed scanner provides high-quality 2400dpi scanning facility. Doing away with the technical specification, what it does is provide a very high resolution scan which matches the original for clarity and sharpness. Scanning photos and other documents is very easy. Similarly copying any documents is also an easy task. Where it scores over other printers is the feature to print, copy (black and white, as well as color) and scan (photos and documents) directly from an e-mail, I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Pad and other similar devices from wherever you are.

      The paper tray is located at the bottom of the printer's front side and holds up to 150 sheets of A4 plain paper of standard 75 gm. So you can comfortably load 100 sheets of standard 80gm paper. But sometimes the bottom feed does cause paper stuck-ups.

      This printer uses 15watts of power when in operation and has a sleep mode too. The 'energy star' markings on this printer might make you proud and feel great that you are not only saving energy but making significant contribution to the GREEN environment. Great!!!

      You get great value with a choice of cartridge sizes and individual inks. You only need to replace the colour that has been emptied instead of replacing all the colours or the cartridge itself.

      The document and photo prints from this printer are of a very high quality. I printed quite a few and all were equally good indicating that it is quite reliably consistent. Loading paper was a bit inconsistent in that it gave different results with different devices - not good with wireless/mobile devices.

      Considering its versatility and ease of printing documents and photo alike, this is ideal for both office and home.


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