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      11.06.2010 14:45
      Very helpful



      overall a game that hasn't left my xbox that much since i got it back in december 9/10

      INTRODUCTION - Call of duty modern warfare 2 is a first person shooter, and the second addition to the modern warfare series from infinity ward which is published by activision, the game is available on Xbox 360 & PS3 platforms, plus personal computers that use a microsoft operating system, modern warfare 2 although only the second in the modern warfare series is actually the sixth Call of duty game to hit the shelves.

      Modern warfare 2 was released worldwide on November 10th 2009, and sold more than 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours of it being on sale, to date the game has sold more than 14 million copies in the world which makes it the second best selling game of all time in the United kingdom.

      CAMPAIGN - MW2 single player campaign is much like all of the other games, you assign the role of various characters throughout and follow a storyline made for that game, in MW2 the multiplayer is mainly set on hunting down makerov and various other terrorists for their war crimes etc, the story is quite fast paced and action packed and i enjoyed going through it, the levels vary from being outside the whitehouse to a russian airport terminal, a woodland estate and deserts etc, you can play the game in various difficulties from begginer to veteran, i personally completed it on normal & veteran and so have ran through the campaign twice.

      many people don't like the campaign as its only single player and can be quite boring or agrivating at certain parts and this is not the unique selling point that made this one of the most anticipated games of 2009, however i would give the campaign 8/10.

      SPECIAL OPS - this game mode is a new offline game-mode to the call of duty series and its like an extra set of missions, some of which can be completed solo, however many of the Ops do require two players, there are 52 stars to collect in special ops, and you can choose wether to go for 1,2 or 3 stars in each mission, or come back later for more stars, the more stars you go for the harder the op is.

      Many of these ops range from sitting on a roof taking out 50 enemys and 2 trucks, to being stealthy and making it across into enemy watch towers or being in the fevala and having to take out a hoard of enemys in the shanty town, although special ops should be fun it never really engaged my attention and i have only completed it around 30% and doubt i will be playing it again anytime soon, i personally give special ops a 5/10.

      MULTIPLAYER - this is the unique selling point of the call of duty series, i myself among many other millions of players bought it for the online multiplayer first person shooter experience, and it doesn't let you down apart from the odd issues which make you tear up in anger which i will be going into now, as the multiplayer has so many sections i will be looking at each below:

      Weapons: Mw2 has a great deal of good guns which are unlocked via ranking up, the game features Assualt Rifles, Small machine guns, light machine guns, Snipers & a riot shield as your primary selections, and Machine pistols, handguns, shotguns and Launchers as your secondary choices.

      The guns range from fully automatic, semi-automatic and one shot, and all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation which is hard to analyse in call of duty mw2 as there is so many random factors to take into account.

      Ranking: the Ranking system for online multiplayer requires players to accumulate XP throughout the game in which they do so by playing the game, capping flags, planting bombs, killing people, and completing challenges, when you have aqquired enough XP for your next rank you will be automatically promoted and notified of this, with ranking up unlocks better guns, perks and killstreaks etc, it takes just over 2,600,000 XP to go from level 1 to 70 which is the top rank in mw2.

      Killstreaks: in previous installments of the call of duty series the killstreaks were not customizable and players recieved killstreaks once they got the required amount of consecutive kills without dying, however in MW2 there are 15 killstreaks to choose from which require varying different amount of consecutive kills from care packages(4 killstreak) to a Chopper Gunner or AC-130(11 Killsteak) or the highest killstreak in a game which is a NUKE (25 killsteak) this ends the game and guarentees your team wins the game.

      Challenges: these are unlocked once you reach rank 4, there are challenges for primary & secondary weapons, perks, prestige*(after prestiging at least once), killstreak, and random challenges like sticking 10 semtex to your enemy, completing challenges earn you titles, emblems and you are also reward with varying XP for completing the challenge.

      Prestige: Mw2 like all of the other online multiplayer modes on call of duty feature a prestige mode which is unlocked once you have reached rank 70 and have enough XP before being able to click the button, prestiging resets your rank to 1 however with the next prestige emblem, it takes away all guns, camos, perks etc and lets you start again, the benifits of this is it unlocks new challenges/titles/emblems and allows you to figure out new strategies and get better at the game, you can prestige up to 10 times in the game, meaning if you manage to get to prestige 10 rank 70 you will have done it 11 times due to the first run through.

      Perks: these are to help you in your gameplay, all have advantages and disadvantages to use, each user can use 3 perks in different categories on each one of their gun classes, from steady aim to help with better accuracy when firing from the hip, to Ninja which stops people with heartbeat sensors from detecting you, to stopping power which kills enemys in less bullets, when you use a perk enough you will eventually get the PRO perk which adds on something extra to your perk, for instance Ninja Pro silences your footsteps.

      Titles and emblems: these are a new addition to the call of duty game and allow players to customize their callsigns for games/lobbies etc, titles and emblems are earned throughout the game for completing various challenges etc, you can get titles for 1000 headshots with a gun, prestige titles, animated emblems etc.

      Glitches/Hacks/General annoyances: the one thing that makes call of duty bad is the amount the game gets hacked, the game is about as hack proof as leaving your front door open when you go to work, there are many people who have hacked 10th prestige rank 70, have aim bots and never die hacks etc, some people use glitches to get into the sky or a rock etc, and the general annoyances for me are things such as game lag which puts you at an unfair advantage to other players, for instance on my screen i may start shooting first but because of lag the other player manages to get the kill.

      CONCLUSION - overall modern warfare 2 is an excellent game, and the multiplayer is the mode i have played the most, i am currently a sixth prestige rank 27 and so have had quite a bit of experience online, and if you haven't tried it out before but are a gamer i would really reccomend trying the game out i doubt you will regret it.

      thank you for reading my review


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    • Skins - Series 4 (DVD) / TV Series / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      07.06.2010 23:03
      Very helpful



      all in all its a great fourth series and i give it a 9/10


      Skins is a british teen drama, which follows a group of teenagers through their two years of sixth form at Roundview college, the drama is set in bristol, this particular review is about Series 4, and is the follow up to series 3 on the second generation of the skins group, meaning this is the second and final series for them, which will make way for the 3rd group who will star in series 5 & 6.
      Bryan Elsely and Jamie Brittain are father and son writers of all four series, the first ever skins episode aired January 2007 on E4.


      Series 1-3 are very well known for controversial teenage behaviour, smoking, underage drinking, drug abuse, sexual encounters, raves, house parties, blagging through college, fighting, love, and some emotional issues etc, however series 4 is very different which is apparent from the ofset, this series is very seedy, gritty and doesn't have much of the usual upbeat skins material included, however i still enjoyed it nonetheless.

      The series opens in a nightclub where it follows a clearly disturbed & suicidal girl called Sophia, she appears to be rubbing MDMA on her gums in the toilets before walking through the club looking quite zoned out and upset, sophia climbs the stairs to the top balcony and throws herself off, this ends in her death and investigations into her death stretch out into much of the series, not only by the police but also affects personal storylines between the characters.

      The other main story line in series 4 follows the deterioration of Effys mental health, Anthia is away in italy, and so the stonem household becomes Effy & Freddie's love & drug taking pad, however all becomes to much for effy who quickly starts losing it, hearing voices, putting a whole display of newspaper cuttings and death associated words on her mums bedroom wall, much of the series focuses on effy in a mental institute.


      many people who i talked to were very disapointed by the fourth instalment of the skins series, however i personally really enjoyed it, the episodes gave a different insite into teenage life and the difficulties that can arise including suicide and mental health issues etc, although the outrageousness of series 1-3 was exciting to watch, i think its good that a different aproach was taken, saying that series 4 does have small doses of it, including Cook being up in court for GBH.


      All in all i think skins series 4 was not a let down by any stretch of imagination, and lived up to the previous installments, many people didn't like the second generation of characters however i can say ive enjoyed watching all 4 series with both generations of skins characters, and i will be hopeful that the 3rd generation bring just as much drama with them.


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        09.01.2010 15:51
        Very helpful



        Overall it is a good Q&A service.


        Yahoo! Answers is a free public Question & Answer site which boasts over 180 Million members from all over the world of all different demographics and is accessible in 12 different languages, the site has recently celebrated its fourth birthday and is still going strong.


        I first discovered this Q&A service back in September 2007, on several different occasions of searching through google i would click on a link to find Yahoo! Answers to which i didn't take notice of at first, however one day my curiosity got the best of me...

        Immediately i was browsing the site and came across a question which stated their was a problem with the woman's speakers in her laptop and that they had tried everything, i knew something which possibly could help and a few days later i found out that i helped fix the problem and i felt so happy..

        Now two years and four months later i am still using the site every now and again, posing questions to the community when i need an answer, i am almost just shy of receiving 5,000 Best answers which i am proud of as this is a lot of people that i have helped just by using a simple Q&A service.

        However my experience has not been all good as i am sure most users would agree, during January 2008 i received a spate of unjustified violations and unfortunately my account was suspended which happens all to often on the site, i have also had users impersonating me which is a tough job to get sorted out, many users have experienced these sorts of problems, i haven't had an issue in the past year though due to tightening up my profile & Q&A Network security.


        The sign up process is fairly standard and should only take a few minutes to complete, you are required to enter a few personal details, your desired Yahoo! ID and password, information required for password recovery and finally the confirmation code.

        If you already own a Yahoo! ID then you should log in as usual and visit the Yahoo! Answers site.


        The site has many different categories on the site, i believe almost anyone will be able to find a few categories in which they are knowledgeable and passionate about.

        Within the categories available there is also dozens of sub-categories so that questions are correctly placed and to make it easier for answerer to locate the exact areas in which they can provide high quality answers.

        Many of the categories are very enjoyable and rewarding to use, however i must point out that the Religion & Spirituality and Government & politics categories are far from friendly, and you are at high risk of account suspension in these categories, as heated debates are common and people report others for their views.

        Here is a category list:
        * Arts & Humanities
        * Beauty & Style
        * Business & Finance
        * Cars & Transportation
        * Computers & Internet
        * Consumer Electronics
        * Dining Out
        * Education & Reference
        * Entertainment & Music
        * Environment
        * Family & Relationships
        * Food & Drink
        * Games & Recreation
        * Health
        * Home & Garden
        * Local Businesses
        * News & Events
        * Pets
        * Politics & Government
        * Pregnancy & Parenting
        * Science & Mathematics
        * Social Science
        * Society & Culture
        * Sports
        * Travel
        * Yahoo! Products


        Yahoo! Answers provides users with the opportunity to pose any question within the Y!A community guidelines to the Q&A community in order to gain answers, each question a user asks costs 5 points.


        Yahoo! Answers community is people like you and me, members of the public who can also answer questions on the site in any of the categories in order to help someone with their problem.


        This section of the site is for resolved questions only, basically it is an archive which users can search to see if their question has already been asked by the community before or to find out a random interesting fact, its well worth visiting this section as it does provide some high quality content.


        Yahoo! Answers uses a points & levels system on the site which i am going to be explaining now:

        Points - when you first create an account you are given an initial 100 points, from there on you will have to contribute to the site in order to gain more points and subsequently move up the levels system.

        You gain points for certain actions, for example if you answer a question you will gain (+2 points), if you gain a best answer you will receive (+10) points, voting on an unresolved question will earn you (+1 point) etc

        In comparison there are a few actions which will deduct points from your account: Ask a question (-5 points), receive a violation (-10 points), delete an answer (-2 points) etc.

        Levels - The points you earn on the site are in order to raise through the levels system which gives you certain privileges which users on the lower levels do not have.

        I often see on the site new users asking the question of if the points are redeemable for prizes etc, and the answer to this question is no, the points are worthless apart from moving you through the level system unlocking you new privileges via reaching higher levels.

        The Point Boundaries for Levels:

        Level 7 - 25,000 - UNLIMITED
        Level 6 - 10,000 - 24,999 Points
        Level 5 - 5,000 - 9,999 Points
        Level 4 - 2,500 - 4,999 Points
        Level 3 - 1,000 - 2,499 Points
        Level 2 -249-999 Points
        Level 1 - 0-249 Points
        Level 0 - 0 Points (will only happen if you manage to deplete ALL of your points)


        This badge is earned for contributing frequently in a category and gaining a high quantity of your answers as best answer, the exact formula is kept secret and is likely to change from time to time, users can earn up to 3 badges at a time in any of the categories on the site except polls & surveys + jokes & riddles.

        The badge is not permanent and if your contribution or best answer ratio in a category drops you will loose your badge, users do not have the choice to hide the badge either which has caused some users to leave the site as some users have stated they believe they are targeted unfairly by illegitimate reporters after gaining a badge

        TOP 10 ANSWERS

        Each category in each international version of Yahoo! Answers showcases the top 10 Answerers which goes on the amount of best answers the users have received, i personally have made it onto 6 of these and its a nice addition to the site as you feel you are really helping a lot of people.


        The site has Country/Global overall Point leaderboards + weekly point leaderboards, although the site promotes quality before quantity this shows the users who have amounted the most points, it is a good incentive to contribute frequently to the community if you are a competitive person and therefore strive for the top.


        Now down to the question of does the site give high quality answers, as there is little point in using a Q&A service which is in no way going to be able to answer your question...

        As the site is for the general public's use it does mean that you will get both low quality Questions & Answers + spam and on rare occasions malware links posted in answers to trick the community (don't click on links your not sure of)

        It depends on the categories you are asking & answering in to be honest, some categories house a lot of intelligent users who are thorough and helpful in their answers, where as other categories are a blatant rut of trolls and low quality content.


        Yahoo! Answers is a community moderated site, what this means is that we the community have the right to report content in which we believe violate the community guidelines, in theory this should mean the site is cleaned up of low quality content, however in some circumstances users abuse these powers and report content illegitimately.


        Yahoo! Answers is a great place to get answers in a matter of minutes in many different categories, help other people, interact with millions of members and feel knowledgeable.


        Accounts illegitimately deleted, poor customer service, trolling and some low quality content.


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        • mylot.com / Internet Site / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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          15.12.2009 22:12
          Very helpful



          overall a good site 7/10


          Mylot.com is effectively an american social networking site which allows users to communicate with each other, discuss a range of topics, create blogs, participate in a range of other tasks and get paid for it in return.


          The sign up process only takes a few minutes and requires you to enter your: First & Last name, desired user name, an active email address, desired password, your Date of Birth and finally your gender.

          Once you have signed up you receive an email which requires you to confirm the account and that this is your email address, so the sign up process is fairly generic to most other sites out there.


          After the initial sign up process it goes to a page in which you can send a request to all your friends from Yahoo!/msn/Gmail etc to also join up to the site in order to create a network of friends on the site much like normal social networking sites, however this is not mandatory and there is a button to skip this stage.


          Now the 'Interests wizard' stage is presented to you which you can also come back to at a later date, what this basically does is present you with different categories of life such as Music/Career/Posessions/Films/Alcohol etc and you select the pictures which reflect your interests in life.

          This stage is fairly long and i did question the need for it as i am sure most people are not going to be scrolling through all of your interests on your profile, and people are going to get to know you more from the areas of the forum you post in.


          There are many discussions on the site just like any forum which can range from internet/life/career/general chat and many other categories in which you can either respond to, or create your own.


          Tasks on the site appear to be from users who are wanting you to check out and join a certain website/forum or check out their videos on a site etc, these do not seem to be moderated and many look like spam.

          You will find many such as Join this dating site for $0.50 or join this forum and submit two quality posts for $0.10, i personally have completed three tasks, and had then deleted my accounts on the sites straight after my account was credited.

          So i would be careful and look into what exactly you would be joining before accepting a task.


          The site allows users to post blogs on the site about whatever they wish to post, wether it be benifical to the mylot community or a rant about a stressful day, mylot will happily publish that blog on the site.


          The messaging system enables users to communicate with one another privately and strike up a friendship, ask for advice or simply give them a compliment for a high quality discussion they posted etc.


          when you join up to the site you are automatically given a user profile which you can choose what to showcase and what you don't want to, you are able to post an avatar, certain personal information, your discussions and responses, other users comments to you, and even html which you can use to add referal banners to other sites to earn an extra bit of cash if you wish to.


          The site also happily welcomes the mylot community to upload photos to the site, which can be of just about anything, except nudity and other inapropriate activities.


          You earn money on the site through responding to others discussions, posting your own discussions and uploading photos and using them in your discussions, the more traffic you receive the more you get paid.

          so someone that receives 20 responses to their discussion is going to get piad more than someone with very few responses.

          I personally only joined about a week or so ago, have completed 3 tasks, posted 15 responses, and posted 3 of my own discussions which have not received much traffic, and i have earned $1.10, which yes isn't alot but in reality i haven't done much for it.

          I am from the UK, the site pays us in dollars as it is american but paypal converts it when you receive payment so it works out fine.


          There is plenty of quizes for you to take which are much like the sort of thing you would expect to find on social networking sites like facebook, these are strictly for entertainment and do not earn you anything.


          Once your account reaches a minimum of $10 you can cash out via paypal, however you can ask to save up your earnings until a limit of $50 before cashing out if you would prefer.


          I like that you are paid just for giving your opinions on topics just like you would on many sites like this around the web without payment, its also a nice place to meet new people and get almost instant advice and other peoples viewpoints.


          I dislike that how much you earn depends on the traffic you receive, i believe this is unfair and it should go on the quality of your post and the effort you put into it.


          Overall Mylot isn't a bad site, and if your the sort of person who is always posting in forums then this is worth a look.


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          • Adulthood (DVD) / DVD / 25 Readings / 25 Ratings
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            13.12.2009 22:55
            Very helpful



            Overall a great film 9/10


            Adulthood is the sequal to the well known 2006 'Kidulthood' which focused on the lives of inner city teenagers and the violence, drugs, sex, and various other problems that an inner city teen would, as you should know the climax of kidulthood was the murder of Trife at a house party... this film is set six years after the first when his killer is released from prison


            Certificate: 15
            Director: Noel Clarke
            Written By: Noel Clarke
            Release: June 2008
            Running time: 98 Minutes
            Country: United Kingdom
            Language: English
            Budget: £1,000,000 (approx)

            PLOT (SPOILER ALERT!)

            Six years after the fateful night when sam decided to seek revenge for the trickery of sams mother into letting them into their flat, which they wanted to do so in order to find Jays sisters game boy, however jay ends up having a brief sexual encounter with sams girlfriend, weed is stolen, sam when confronts them is beaten and his mother knocked to the ground, he was released from prison...

            Sam is no longer thinking he is a big man, which he realised as soon as he went to jail he now wants to just get on with his life in peace, but soon he is to realise that people are on to him and want revenge for the murder of trife..

            Sam gets in touch with Lexi, the cousin of his best friend before the murder, she has disappeared, however she left her phone behind which happanes to hold Alisa's number (Trifes ex), Lexi manages to arrange a meeting with her and Sam, understandably she is in no mood to hear him out, she quickly ends the conversation by spitting in his face...

            Meanwhile Jay has been looking into buying a gun so he can kill Sam, however he is persuaded into hiring someone else to do the job for him which at first hesitates but then uneasily agrees.

            Jay meets up with Moony to talk about getting Sam but its immediately obvious that Moony is a changed man, he attends university, has a girlfriend and dresses in a complete opposite sense to what he used to, this angers Jay because he thinks that by moving on its an insult to Trife, when in fact its very likely that what moony is doing is what trife would like.

            Sam ends up speaking to an old friend who has become a Police Community Support Officer in which he asks: ''how long does an armed response take to attend a crime scene' which the PCSO blunty states 15 minutes, although immediately tells him to stay out of trouble... Sam sets up Ike, Andreas and Curtis by tipping off their house full of drugs and stolen property, whilst inside he is constantly looking at the clock knowing time is running out, when the police finally bust into the property sam locks himself in the toilet..which he believes is the end for him and that he is going back to prison, however he sees the lights of a patrol car and realizes there is a window to escape through, which inspires him to put on an extra hoody and run for his life, after evading the police he dumps the light blue hoody so that he does not fit the description of the wanted....

            Finally we see Jay waiting for Sam on his return to the estate where his mother and brother live, in which a confrontation happens, Jay is ademant that he is going to kill Sam, to which Sam tells him how that he used to think he was a badman, but that he didn't cope in prison and tried to commit suicide several times, and that he will end up in Sam's shoes, Sam pushes Jay to the ground and grabs his gun, draws it to his own head and pulls the trigger...it was empty...

            Sam is scene leaving the area, with Jay shouting 'Its not over', the last we see is Sam staggering to Lexi's flat..


            In Kidulthood the character Sam was portrayed as a stereotypical teen who thinks they own the area and that they are the hardest kid around, this made the audience hate him and have no remorse for anything that went wrong for him, however in Adulthood this was changed, you in some ways were made to feel sorry for him because he never actually intended to murder Trife, and now just wants to get on with his life although still being forced to constantly look over his back, YES we still understand that he murdered someone and he should not be forgiven for it, but the way the sequal is set out surrounds him and in the end makes you feel sorry for him.


            The Acting - The acting throughout was top notch, which really helps to set the scene and make the overall issue believable.

            The Sound Track - The Adulthood soundtrack much like its predeccesor is superb, all fit in really well with the story and help to emphasize the atmosphere and that this is inner city life for some.

            The Tip Off scene - I think this scene is quite powerful, it shows sam risking going back to prison in order to have the place full scale raided so that Ike, Andreas, and Curtis myriad of stolen goods and drugs is found and that they are arrested, and personally i felt what it would be like in this situation to being stuck, and then finding a way out...


            Not many characters revisited - I think its a great shame that many of the original characters were not cast in the film as it would have been interesting to see what had become of many of them 6 years on.


            Personally i enjoyed Adulthood more than the original for the simple fact of the tables turning and the changes in viewpoints, i would recommend this film to people of all ages.


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              12.12.2009 14:40
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Overall an excellent film 10/10


              Kidulthood is a 2006 teen drama based film set in inner city london, the film follows the lives of 15 year olds exposed to material and behaviour associated with inner city areas, in some ways the film is a very accurate representation of a minority of UK teenagers lives.

              FILM INFORMATION:

              Certificate: 15
              Director: Menhaj Huda
              Written by: Noel Clarke
              Release: 2006
              Running time: 89 Minutes
              Country: UK
              Language: English
              Budget: £800,000


              The film starts at an inner city school in which the 'kidults' attend, it goes through the various 'kidults' with blake the rich kid giving out house party invites, Trevor operating a drill press, on an item we don't get to see...Alisa complains that she feels sick and so might not go to the party, however becky persuades her to go, we see sam the notorious hard man of the school spitting into katies hair and ordering her to tell him where his girlfriend claire is, then almost immediately the scene switches to jay who is seen fingering claire...

              After break time Trevor, Jay and moony are picked on by sam's group who make them pose for photos, when trevor stands up to them he is punched and kicked to the ground, jay has his sisters game boy stolen from him, then the scene switches to a classroom in witch katie is being violently beaten up by a girl in which trife comes in and defends her...

              we soon see that katie has had enough, and she hangs herself in her room, this ultimately leads to the school giving all students the day off which escalates into drugs, partying, violence, sex and a manor of other things....


              The film touches on many controversial issues such as anti social behaviour, teenage sex & pregnancy, Drugs & Alcohol, Violence, Bullying, Suicide, Organized crime, Death, weapon crime.

              Many of the above issues are very real problems and behaviour showcased by some teenagers in real life which is echoed daily in newspapers and studies, and for this reason the film does have quite a lot of realism involved.

              TYPE OF LANGUAGE USED:

              The language used is a type of slang used by youths, stereotypically a type of person labelled as chavy often reflecting the appearence of youths from inner city areas.

              The constant use of words like Bruv,allow it, blud, skeen, safe etc may confuse older generations watching the film, however again it adds to the realism as i am sure we all know someone young who talks in this way.


              I like that the film acts as a message to the youths who do live their lives like this that knife crime and bulling isn't worth it as it destroys lives and not only the victims, but your own and those of both families involved

              The soundtrack goes hand in hand with the film, both giving off the inner city, gritty feel to it which really sets the scene

              The acting was exceptional from all parts and they were really believable, all did well acting as 15 year olds as well seeing as most of the actors/actresses were a lot older than this.

              I liked how they focussed on triffe and how he really wanted to get away from all the violence and other negative activity that he was drawn into because of the area that he lived in.


              I Disliked how the entire film focussed on all of the negativity surrounding teenage behaviour, except from the situation of trife, however i do believe that this is realistic and that the end of the film acted as a shock, as if reflected in real life this is how some teens live their life and it won't change until something like this happens, so its not a real dis-like at the end of the day.


              Personally i had heard that this was a very good film from a lot of my friends and i hadn't got round to it, when i saw it in the shop for £3 i decided to get it...

              I thoroughly enjoyed the film, thought it was very well written and acted in and the storylines were realistic, it is a film which i have watched a few times since.


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              • Five Across The Eyes (DVD) / DVD / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                09.12.2009 21:21
                Very helpful



                overall 6/10


                Five across the eyes is a low budget sustained horror/suspense film which was shot in the year 2005, directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, the film has been overshaddowed with critisism, extrmely poor ratings and reviews, however i always say don't trust others judgements, watch the film yourself and make your own judgements, and here is mine:

                FILM INFORMATION

                Certificate: 18
                Director: Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen
                Produced by: Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen & Rick Stroud
                Release: 2008
                Running time: 94 Minutes
                Country: USA
                Language: English


                Before viewing this film i had already heard a lot of negativity surrounding its release and that it was a waste of money, basically everything i saw said: STAY AWAY, however this thing only inspires me to see it even more...

                I watched the film with an open mind and wasn't expecting a multi billion dollar budget film, i actually really enjoyed the film and whilst there was irritating elements that got on my nerves it was overall not a bad film, i think a large part of this was due to me not having high expectations.


                The Film follows five teenaged girls travelling home from a football game, the driver has sanctions on her licence and is therefore desperate to be home by 11:00am, the teens find themselves hopelessly lossed in an area they only know as by 'The Eyes', they stop off at a small shop to ask for directions however the car hits another, due to the girls being inexperienced and panicking they quickly drive from the scene and think they have been undeteced, however unbeknown to them they are in for a night of pure HELL...

                A few miles down the road you can see the car picking up speed, the driver is obviously not a happy bunny and is trying to get the girls to pull over, at this point the girls are estatic and desperately trying to flee the area whilst still not knowing where they are, leading to them being cornered by the woman who is psychotic...

                The woman pulls out a shotgun and orders the girls to get out of the car, she scares them quite a bit and makes some absurd orders, making them strip and ordering one girl to urinate on all of their clothes, after this she makes off...but is that the end of the nightmare? no were not even started...

                By this time we can tell the woman is extremely off her head, and pissed off with the girls however sometimes shouting at them for things that seem to actually be in the womans personal life, so she is obviously dillusional...

                The later stages of the film include a girl being mualed and worked on with a myriad of average household tools, a kidnapping and the climax of the woman getting what she deserves.


                The Five girls - They are your average high school horror movie girls who do not know what to do in a situation such as this so they scream, scream and scream again, sometimes crying and just generally acting stupid.

                The Psychotic Woman - words cannot actually describe this woman, i can accept if someone knocks into your car and drives off that your not going to be happy, but this woman obviously has some issues and its as if this woman wants revenge for other things that have happened in her life and that the girls were the first people within reach.


                -Overall storyline - Yes it may be another cliche horror involving a few highschool girls getting themselves into trouble some way or another and poorly acting, however we all know there are plenty of nutters out there in the world, and this type of thing could actually happen in real life.

                -Camera staying in the car - Many people didn't like this, however i thought it added to the realism, and it left things to the imagination of the audience when you hear a shotgun going off and the screams of the girls running away or when you saw the psychotic woman grabbing tools and hearing her torturing one of the poor girls without actually showing you any of the action.

                The Music - Again the music was picked up on as being poor, which was a type of European techno and some screamo/grunge metal, and i agree these were not very good choices at all to help create a situation, however it made me laugh seeing the girls screaming and trying to get away whilst hearing grunts and inhaled screams as a soundtrack, so it added to it being in some places funny.


                The Actresses - The teen girls couldn't have been any newer to acting even if they tried, most of the film wasn't actually believable because there was no true emotion put forward by the actresses, it seemed like they believed that a few screams and crying would make it believable, when in actual fact to make a character believable you have to put your true emotions in to it.

                The Type of camera - The camera had the same quality as a mobile phone five years ago, however it was a hand held camera which for this type of movie would be fine IF it was used in the same way as blair witch style, however its not actually ackknowledged at all, and so the girls filming whats going on is not part of the film, and for this reason i think to myself..why use this type of camera?

                Five against one aspect - If you watch the film you will see how every move of this woman is feared by all five girls which could easily have fought back in self defence if need be, and the climax of the film they do end up killing her, but it just makes you think..why didn't they fight back any sooner and use the resources they had in the area?


                Overall this film is watchable and can be entertaining if you don't take it seriously or expect too much from it, if you are thinking about watching it but are holding yourself back due to its ratings i would say go for it, watch for yourself and come up with your own conclusion.


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                • Scum (DVD) / DVD / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                  08.12.2009 22:06
                  Very helpful



                  overall 9/10


                  Scum is a well known and infamous film for its extremely violent and graphic scenes. The film was made well over thirty years ago (1979) and is projecting how life is in a british borstal, the film portrays extreme violence, unjustified beatings, racism, and punishment from the warders, brutality from inmates & warders alike.It also casts a clear message of the corruption and failed systems of the average british borstal.

                  FILM INFORMATION

                  Certificate: 18
                  Director: Alan Clarke
                  Written by: Roy Minton
                  Release: 1979
                  Running time: 98 Minutes
                  Country: United Kingdom
                  Language: English
                  Budget: £6,000

                  MY PERSONAL VIEW ON THE FILM

                  Personally i think it is a superb film and to be as succesful as it is on a 6K budget is excellent, yes the film is graphic and doesn't provide any proper entertainment value, however it does make you think in the minds of the inmates and in some ways feel sorry for them due to the inhumane circumstances in which these 'correctional' facilities were run.

                  BRIEF OUTLINE OF THE PLOT

                  The story follows a new inmate called carlin who has been transfered from another prison after punching a warder, his intent when arriving here is to keep his head down and do his time, however soon enough 'the daddy' banks has dished out too much abuse for carlin's liking and so he decides to rise to the top...which means all hell breaks loose.


                  One of the reasons Roy Mitton wrote a script of this nature was to shock the young of the late seventees, early eightees, trying to show them that being sent to borstal is no joy ride and they will live through hell just for a poxy crime, it also provides us the viewers with a real historical view of how the system was run thirty years ago, and the conclusion that it never actually did anygood as no attempt at rehabilitating the young offenders was ever implemented.


                  The film does showcase some very violent scenes including the infamous, stomach turning vious male rape scene on a minor inmante which tips him over the edge after already not being able to cope at borstal, he soon after comits suicide in his cell.

                  The Film also includes many physical fights and brutality, many uses of strong language and racism throughout.


                  Overall this is a film that everyone has to have seen at least once in their life because it really is a masterpiece however grisly and violent it is.


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                  06.12.2009 23:44
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                  The Inbetweeners is back, this is the second series which was hugely anticipated due to the hilarity and excellence of its predecessor, the series premiered on the 2nd of April 2009, the series pretty much continues from where the first series ended, and the four lads are now in their second year of sixth form.

                  MY PERSONAL VIEW

                  This series in my opinion was just as fantastic and successful in what it was trying to achieve as the first series, it again was packed with embarrassing, funny, awkward, stupid and over the top scenes

                  EPISODE SYNOPSIS

                  EPISODE ONE - Field Trip: the series kicks off with the four lads going on a residential trip in conjunction with their Geography/Sociology A level courses, Neil does not take either of these subjects however is attending in order to 'help out Mr Kennedy' who is said to be a pedophile. also the only reason Jay took the subjects is to find a middle aged woman on the trip who is said to have sex with one teen from the school each year, will takes the lads on a boat trip which ends in Neil punching a fish to death and Simon naked with only a sock to hide his manhood

                  EPISODE TWO - Work experience: the sixth form is sending year thirteen students on a work experience placement, Will is supposed to be attending a local news paper as he wants to go into journalism later in life, Neil on the other hand has applied to go to a local garage, however there has been a mix up between the two which 'cannot be fixed', this means they both go to the opposite placements, which doesn't go down very well with will.

                  EPISODE THREE - Wills Birthday: will is supposed to be celebrating his 18th Birthday by having a very boring dinner party in which only the three lads and simon's french exchange students attend, due to their attempts at getting any girls to attend fails miserably.

                  On the same night a very popular party is being hosted which they are not invited to, however they all agree in the end to sneek into the party.

                  EPISODE FOUR - Night out in London - At sixth form Carly and her friend end up in conversation with the lads about clubbing in which they boast 'we go all the time' this ends in them all agreeing to go clubbing in London.

                  Simon reluctant due to his dad not allowing him to drive that far gives in due to him wanting to desperately impress carly, however when he gets there he realizes there is a 'No trainer policy' so he ends up trading shoes with a tramp, also due to not being able to find a parking space they park in front of a 24 hour access warehouse which ends up in the car being clamped and a crazy guy demanding two hundred quid.

                  EPISODE FIVE - The Duke of Edinburgh award - Will signs up him and the lads to help out at a retirement home in order to complete a D of E module, Daisy who works at the home informs will that she would like the next few days/nights off work which will agrees for him and the lads to work on, however neil & simon have other plans, however Jay agrees to help if he is paid.

                  A prank is played on Will before his date with daisy in which is pubic hair falls out, hilariously he tries to cover this up by putting a womans wig down his trousers.

                  EPISODE SIX - Exam time: exams are near but it seems Neil & Jay don't know the importance of passing their A levels and instead of revising go about their normal lives, Simon helps carly revise for geography which he doesn't take.

                  The only person who has been revising solidly as you probably have guessed is Will, however he is not at an advantage at all, due to his lack of sleep and huge intake of energy drinks its unlikely that he is taking anything in what so ever.

                  In wills last exam he is very ill which isn't surprising considering what his body has been through the last few days...


                  The second series of the inbetweeners is just as outrageous, crude, and well made as the first, and will provide countless hours of laughter.


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                  • The Inbetweeners (DVD) / DVD / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                    06.12.2009 22:07
                    Very helpful



                    Overall 9/10


                    The inbetweeners series one premiered on E4 on the 1st of May 2008, the show is predominantly about four 16-17 year old lads in their first year of sixth form, the show name 'the inbetweeners' relates to the four boys as not being popular or cool, however not being geeky or nerdy, and for that reason they are in the middle which causes lots of different embarrassing things to happen.

                    The four lads are all very different from each other, but can relate to almost any real life group of people as you have: the posh socially inept one, the one who is an outright liar and sex maniac, the dumb one and the sexually confused one who can't take a hint that a girl isn't interested.

                    All four lads are often taking the mick out of each other, making jokes about neil's dad being homosexual, and will's mum being sexually attractive, its all very stereotypical behaviour, but this show is one of the best comedies to hit UK screens in a long while.

                    MY PERSONAL VIEW

                    Personally this show has made me laugh so many times, even after watching each episode about ten times, every episode seems to have something extremely embarrassing or funny involved which you can kind of relate to when you was their age.

                    The only disadvantage of the show is that each series is only six episodes long, and the show only lasts about 25 minutes at a time.

                    THE ISSUES INVOLVED

                    You probably have already guessed due to the nature of the programme, but the show involves underage drinking, sex, bullying, homosexuality, crude humour, general stereotypical teen behaviour.

                    MAIN CHARACTERS:

                    WILL MCKENZIE - Is a posh and intelligent boy who has been moved from his private school into a state comprehensive as his mother cannot afford the fees anymore, he is actually a very funny character but is not liked by most of the school, and doesn't have much experience with dating.

                    SIMON COOPER - Is in love with Carly however she does not feel the same way, simon never acknowledges this and keeps trying throughout the series, he is very weird around girls and seems quite confused in how to approach them, nevertheless he is a funny character.

                    NEIL SUTHERLAND - Is not very bright at all, and is often seen defending his dad when the other three are making jokes about his dad being gay.

                    JAY CARTWRIGHT - Is the liar of the group who once claimed him and his mate rented a pedalo boat and went to Africa, he also claims to have had sex with many girls, whom none he can prove, however as you can see from his home life he gets put down by his dad a lot, and its obvious that Jay just wants to look cool and respected for a change.

                    IS IT REALISTIC?

                    Overall i wouldn't say the show is overly realistic due to the characters behaviour, i don't believe anyone could get themselves into some of the situations involved in the show, however the teen banter and issues involved are somewhat realistic.


                    The inbetweeners manages to convey very funny characters and gets them into some outrageously funny situations, this makes the show what it is, and as many people will agree is one of the funniest comedies in years.


                    A fantastic show which people of all ages will enjoy, if you haven't seen it already i urge you to when you get the chance as you will not be disappointed.


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                      06.12.2009 16:46
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                      Overall 8/10


                      Skins series 3 is the next installment to the well known and highly rated first two series of the teen drama, that follows a generation of characters through their two years of College, however as you most likely know that each series is based on one year, and as there is only two years in college the previous generation of characters are no more...

                      This series of skins follows a new bunch of characters through their first year at roundview college, the series again shares the same formats in regard to following a day in the life of a character for each episode.

                      MY PERSONAL VIEW

                      Now as i only very recently watched all three of the series i had heard that the third series was not as good and a that it gained a lot of mixed reviews, and i did think that at the end of the second series that it would not be as excellent, due to becoming attached to the first generation.

                      I agree that in some places it doesn't have that 'skins magic feeling' however i personally really liked the third series and it does have its fair share of laughs, experimentation, conflict and relationship problems much like the previous two series.

                      MAIN CHARACTERS

                      EFFY- is only one of two characters to be cast in all three series, she is the sister of Tony stonem who has now gone off to university, now it is effy's turn to go through the two years of college

                      Effy is beautiful, Cool, popular and a leader of the group, however deep down she is a very troubled young girl, fighting to keep her problems covered up, she can also be very manipulative like her brother in relation to her desirability.

                      PANDORA - Is Effy's best friend, however they couldn't be more different, effy's indulgences in Sex,drugs, partying and manipulative behaviour have never been a part of pandora's life, however we see in the series that she is wanting to experiment and break away from her mothers extremely controlling attitude towards her daughter

                      THOMAS - is a really nice, and kind hearted character who meets effy & pandora at a bus stop not long after emigrating from congo, he has a bag of donuts which Pandora instantly takes a shine to, which ends up in her being sick..

                      Thomas ends up making friends with most of the characters and ends up dating pandora

                      KATIE & EMILY - Are two twin sisters, however extremely different people, katie wants lots of attention and boasts about her footballer boyfriend, she desperately tries to control Emily's life which Emily is not accepting anymore which ends in a lot of arguments.

                      NAOMI - is into politics and is passionate about idealistic views and change in the college, later on in the series we see her run for president, however cook jumps on the bandwagon and takes it as a big joke which proves popular with the students

                      throughout the series Emily & Naomi encounter a series of awkward attractions which is denied at first, however emily comes to terms with being gay a lot quicker than Naomi

                      COOK,FREDDIE,JJ- ''The three musketeers'' -

                      Cook enjoys breaking rules, smoking, drinking, sex and is very sociable and charismatic, he puts across an attitude of not caring about anything, but deep down he is a nice guy.

                      Freddie is a down to earth skater who enjoys smoking a lot of weed, he is always bailing cook out of trouble and is beginning to get sick of it

                      JJ - Battles with Asperger syndrome, he is exceedingly good at magic tricks and uses this as an ice breaker in order to make new friends, he tries to keep freddie and cook as friends, and refuses to choose sides when their relationship is smashed due to the love triangle with Effy.

                      EXTREMELY BRIEF SYNOPSIS

                      The third series introduces us to the next generation of characters much in the same way as the first season did.

                      The first episode opens up with Freddie skating to meet JJ & Cook whom have sent Freddie a text stating they are sparking up his last spliff, when he finally arrives at the outside bar after nearly causing a road accident he finds that cook has had four pints already.... Cook is waiting for something to happen to determine whether he goes to college, or gets drunk, stoned and lounge about....

                      Throughout the rest of the series there is an apparent Love triangle which causes much lust, emotional problems and rifts between Effy, Cook and freddie...

                      We also see the struggles of Katie & Emily, who are identical twins, katie believes she owns Emily and that she has to ask her first before doing what she wants, which really annoys Emily as her sister walks all over her...


                      Overall i think although this series in some places is a let down it is still a fantastic series and has some extremely good stories also, i would urge people not to listen to its mixed reviews, watch and make your own judgments.


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                        06.12.2009 01:30
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                        a top quality believable teen drama - 10/10


                        Skins series 2 is the follow up to the awesome, outrageous, funny and emotional first series, again it is set in Bristol and is following the characters from the previous series now in their second and final year of college, again the show covers a lot of controversial activities and does so extremely well.

                        The second series was yet again shown on E4, and started on the 11th of February 2008, there is 10 episodes which follow the format of the previous series in which each episode follows a day in the life of one of the characters, their antics, struggles and general day to day happenings.

                        MY PERSONAL VIEW

                        To be honest we all with most fantastic first series dramas are anticipating the second installment however you usually believe the standards will be lower due to a lack of new story lines to be produced, especially with teen based dramas when you have already gone into drugs, parties and problems, but skins series 2 is far from this, and is just as good as its predecessor.

                        EXTREMELY BRIEF SYNOPSIS

                        The first series ended just after tony was hit by a bus leaving us wondering what happened to him, this series actually starts six months after that night and yes tony is alive, but he has suffered serious brain injuries and he is nothing like the guy we knew six months ago...

                        In general the series show cases the frustration of tony having to learn everything from scratch again, a massive emphasis with troubled and turbulent relationships between quite a few members of the group, and yet more drama, funny moments, sad moments and actually very moving in parts.


                        I must admit that throughout the two series the characters really grow on you and you can relate with them quite a bit, inevitably the end of A levels means that we depart from this set of characters, the last episode actually made me quite sad to leave this group and not know fully what happens next, but i am sure we can come to our own conclusions there.


                        The second series did not disappoint and still i think it is one of the best TV dramas that i have ever seen, the replay value of episodes is also very good, and i have watched many of the episodes time and time again with the same satisfaction.


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                        03.12.2009 21:55
                        Very helpful



                        10/10 :)


                        Skins is a teen drama series, the first series was originally aired on E4 in January 2007, it is set In bristol and follows the lives of a bunch of teenagers during their two years of sixth form whilst studying for their A levels.

                        MY PERSONAL VIEW:

                        Personally i had heard of skins but had stupidly never thought to watch it, i bought the Series 1-3 Box set at the beggining of November this year having seen no episodes, well nevertheless i spent near enough the entire weekend hooked watching episode after episode, it really is a fantastic show and is very realistic in some respects to teenage life.

                        THE ISSUES INVOLVED:

                        You can probably tell that a teen drama isn't going to be a fairy tale and that lots of stereotypical/controversial teenage behaviour is packed into the show such as: Homosexuality, Death, Underage sex, Drugs, Underage drinking, teen pregnancy, anorexia, absent parents, staying out all night, theft, house parties, and general teens running riot doing what they want and when they want.

                        What i like about skins is that at first sight the first few episodes make you, the viewer envy their lives and think to yourself 'they have so much fun' but it becomes aparent in later episodes that actually some of these characters undernath the surface are not having a good time at all, and are just trying to escape their troubles and hectic lives.

                        MAIN CHARACTERS:

                        Tony - Is an intelligent and popular person who is actually a very manipulative person which no one really seems to notice in most of the first series, however at some point tony deeply regrets the way he has treated people as he literally loses everything close to him

                        Effy - is Tony's younger sister, is almost 100% silent during the first series, however presents some of the same qualities as tony, the things she gets up to are sometimes more outrageous than what tony does, however deep inside effy is very troubled and needs to be cared for, but she tries her hardest not to make this visible

                        Jal - is an extremely intelligent girl and a very talented musician, much like her succesful father however not in Rap but the clarinet, in the first series she doesn't indulge in many of the outrageous things that the rest of the group do, which is sometimes brought up.

                        Chris - is actually a very kind and caring person, who is also a joker, he likes 'popping pills' and partying hard, chris doesn't take many things seriously but his family life is basically non existant, his older brother died, his father is not on the scene, and his mother leaves him.

                        Sid - Is tony's best friend and doesn't stop hanging around with him, he and tony couldn't be anymore different in personality though, he is socially inept, does poorly at school, and is desperate to loose his virginity.

                        Cassie - suffers from the eating disorder - Anorexia and is often emotionally unstable, Cassie is a very nice, cheerful and bubbly person on the outside, but struggles to keep her mental health from getting in the way of her personality, cassie falls in love with sid, which takes forever for him to notice...

                        Maxxie - is openly gay and not he has a great love of tap dancing, and is considered one of 'the lads'

                        Michelle - Is Tony's girlfriend who appears to be vein and shallow, however is actually fairly intelligent and is serious about her relationship with tony.

                        Anwhar - is a muslim, however he is not an avid follower and only chooses the parts that do not get in the way of his life, in other words he enjoys underage sex, drugs, alcohol, pork etc, he is best friends with Maxxie, however doesn't accept maxxie being gay due to his religion, despite dismissing other rules.


                        In many ways Skins is quite relevant and a good representation of issues that us teenagers face, yes many things are exagerated etc to improve the entertainment value, but nevertheless it is quite accurate in some respects.

                        WHAT MAKES THIS A FANTASTIC SERIES?

                        The mix of outrageous antics, stereotypical teenage behaviour, issues, going deep into relationships and inner feelings, accidents, and deaths etc, it all makes skins a very interesting and deep programme to watch, so it has the best of both worlds.


                        If you haven't watched skins before i advise you to get watching now, you won't regret it, plus series 4 airs at the end of next month :)


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                      • Britain's Got Talent / TV Programme / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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                        03.12.2009 16:52
                        Very helpful



                        ovverall a great show 8/10


                        Britains got talent is a Reality TV Talent show finder much the same as X factor in some respects, however this show boasts a variety of different types of acts, some excellent and amazing, some shockingly bad, all the same this show is often comedic, entertaining and fantastic.

                        THE JUDGES:
                        -Simon Cowell
                        -Amanda Holden
                        -Piers Morgan

                        THE AUDITION PROCESS:

                        Britains Got talent visits many of the Major UK cities trying to find british talent, personally i think the auditions are excellent as it gives a wide range of entertainment, each year you will laugh at the extremely terrible acts, watch in amazement at dangerous and entertaining acts, be blown away by the talent.

                        THE LIVE SHOWS:

                        The Acts that make it through the audition process are then put through to the Live shows and continue to try and amaze the judges & the UK public in order to maintain a place in the competition, each week a few acts must leave the competition.

                        TYPES OF ACTS ON THE SHOW:

                        Generally Year after Year you find the same sorts of acts on the show, however the actual performances rarely seem to be the same, and each year we are amazed with more stunts and british talent, some of the acts that tend to show up each year are as follows:

                        -Dare-Devils/Dangerous stunts
                        -General Stunts
                        -Stupid/Silly acts

                        WHAT THE WINNER GETS:

                        The winner of Britains Got talent receives £100,000 and a place to perform on the royal variety show.

                        LIVE TOUR:

                        Each year there is a britians got Talent tour which travells to some of the UK major cities where the Semi-Finalists, Finalists and the Winner perform live for the public.


                        Overall Britains got talent is a great show, good saturday night entertainment, yes there are some disadvantages but in general its a good watch.


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                          03.12.2009 15:27
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                          overall 7/10


                          Who wants to be a Millionaire is a TV quiz show which offers the contestant a chance to walk away with anything from £1000 - £1,000,000, in order to win one million british pounds the contestant is required to answer 15 general knowledge questions which get considerably harder throughout.

                          CHOOSING A CONTESTANT

                          The way the show works is that 10 Contestants selected afer applying to be on the show sit round the edges and to determine who will play a fastest finger first question is presented which requires the contestants to put four answers in the correct order, the contestant that does this in the fastest time is then sent to the 'hot seat'/ play the game.

                          THE GAME

                          The player is asked a few questions about their life and what they would do with the money etc, and informs them that they have 3 Life Lines to use if they need (Phone a Friend, Ask the Audience, 50-50).

                          There are 15 Questions to answer and each is worth double the previous question, however this does mean that it doesn't stay easy for very long and needs some very good general knowledge for the last few questions, very few people have won the full 1Million, but it can be done

                          THE LIFE LINES

                          Phone a friend - The Idea is that you have an intelligent and knowledgeable friend/person on standby that you are fairly sure will kno the answer and will then get you through to the next question

                          Ask the Audience - This Life Line gets the audience to Vote on Answer A,B,C or D and it presents the results in a bar Graph, usually the majority vote from the audience is correct.

                          50-50 - This Life Line is good for if you think you may know the answer but want to see if it is eliminated, it takes away two wrong answers and so gives you a 50-50 chance of getting the answer correct if you choose to play.

                          TV - AUDIENCE GAMES

                          There is also usually a question for players at home aged 16 and over which requires them to text either Answer A,B,C, or D and be in with the chance to win £2,000


                          Overall Who wants to be a millonaire is a great show, fun to guess the answers, however i haven't seen it on television in a long time, in my opinion if it was to start airing again then a different host should be used, to change the 'scene'


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