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    • Cold Case / TV Programme / 43 Readings / 41 Ratings
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      01.02.2009 21:35
      Very helpful



      Not a Programme i would recommend.

      Cold Case is an American Crime Show that has aired on Sky One in the UK.

      It follows Detective Rush and her team as they investigate Old Unsolved murders (or Cold Cases) after new evidence is brought to light.

      Cold Case is a True Crime Show, it follows the same path religiously every episode, Two of the detectives go to see the first witness/suspect, ask them a few questions, blame them angrily for the murder with little or no evidence and then at the end f the conversation the witness/suspect gives information incriminating another person. and then the whole thing starts again with the next suspect. Jerry Bruckheimer shows seem incredibly inept at doing scenes with any feeling or personality in them as the characters often come across very one dimensional, this also becomes a big problem when the show tries to bring the detectives personal lives into focus as it never seems to work, CSI had the same problem, as soon as the characters personal lives were shown the show just became even more strained.
      One of the things i think comes with any good drama is a bit of comedy (Heroes has Hiro, Prison Break has T-Bag and LOST has Numerous) but Cold Case always fails to supply any comedy, and it just makes the show drag on even longer.
      The Characters of the show are hard to like and it is a struggle to empathize with them at all at any point in the shows run, they are normally either blaming someone completely innocent for no good cause or saying something ridiculous, all of this though is down to poor writing and thats something that is instantly recognizable when you watch the show.
      I Struggle to think of any reason someone would want to watch this show on a regularly basis but if you are a fan of Non Serialized crime shows like CSI, Without a Trace etc then you may like it as you know exactly what you are getting at the beginning f every show.


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        06.12.2008 15:25
        Very helpful



        Brilliantly Funny

        Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an American Show created by Rob Mcelhenney and developed by the three main stars of the show, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton. It Started airing on the FX in August of 2005.

        The Show is about Three Guys (Dennis, Charlie and Mac) who run an Unsuccessful Irish Bar in Philadelphia and the crazy things they get up to along with Sweet Dee (Dennis' Sister) and Frank (Dennis and Sweet Dee's Dad).

        This Show is without a doubt the funniest show i have ever seen, at first i was hesitant to watch as it seemed like a really weird show but even though it is also probably one of, if not the strangest show ever, i fell in love with it straight away and it has now become my second favorite show (only behind LOST)

        This show is definitely not one to avoid the big issues, it has covered Racism, Disabilities, Heroin Addiction and more, and although i can see this offending some people, i found it that much funnier, as how often do the main characters of a comedy become addicted to Crack?

        The show has everything, The writing is brilliantly funny, the actors play their parts excellently and in particular Charlie Day and later Danny Devito are quality as Charlie and Frank respectively. The show seems to gain from the actors also being involved in the Creation of the show, the three main actors, Day, McElhenney and Howerton are all friends in real life and therefore the chemistry is great.

        Overall i would suggest that if you don't mind your humour being a bit Risque then give it a shot, but if your easily offended, Steer Clear as you will be Offended.


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          06.12.2008 15:04
          Very helpful
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          A Good Football Show

          Gillette Soccer Special is a show hosted by Jeff Stelling that Airs on either Sky Sports One or Sky Sports News, the shows main function is to keep football fans updated to the days scores. It has one Pundit watching a different game which is normally a Premier League Game, and then Jeff Stelling will regularly go to the pundits and find out about the game.

          The show is great for football fans that like to keep up to date on all of the football scores, as Soccer Special has an Update Bar at the bottom for up to the date goals from all the leagues ranging from the Conference to the Premier League to the Welsh League. It is also incredibly useful if you do not have Sky and only have Free-view because Sky Sports News is available to Free-view viewers it enables them to keep up with Scores when they perhaps would not have been able to do.

          Gillette Soccer Special is also known for its Hosts incredible ability to read the scores with great speed and accuracy without even taking a breath. The show also has a great comedy to it, the Host Jeff Stelling and the Pundits are clearly friends off screen and therefore the feel of the show is much friendlier than others and the Pundits don't hesitate to take the mickey out of each other.

          There isn't really many negatives to the show, the pundits manage to give accurate reports of the games and keep viewers up to date, and even when they show there biased, it just adds to the comedy of the show.

          Overall if you are a football fan looking for a way to keep up with the football scores as they come in, then i would Recommend Soccer Special to you.


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          • Friends / TV Programme / 44 Readings / 40 Ratings
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            24.11.2008 05:47
            Very helpful



            A Great Show - Worth a Try

            Friends is a Comedy following Six friends as they go about their lives in New York City, it ran for Ten seasons on NBC becoming one of the mlost successful comedies ever.

            The shows main plus point is that the six core characters worked brilliantly together, and the chemistry was a key part to the shows success. The characters are all uniquely different and all funny in their own way.

            The Writing is Solid and never fails to deliver, the show manages to have interesting detailed stories whilst still being incredibly funny, something which other shows have failed at.

            It is a show that you could re-watch over and over again, and one which most people do because of E4 repeats. Even if you know the joke is coming the show stays fresh and funny and the story-lines are interesting on their own. The Acting is Superb throughout, even the supporting cast manage to supplement the main six really well, and during the later seasons some big name actors including Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon signed on for guest spots.

            The Only negative for me anyway is that the show isnt Risque enough, i prefer shows like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock because they are stranger and push the limits.

            I Would definitely recommend this show to everyone. Everyone i have spoken to loves the show and i will be surprised if anyone reading this hasnt watched it in some capacity.


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            • 30 Rock / TV Programme / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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              24.11.2008 01:32
              Very helpful



              Absolutely Quality Comedy

              30 Rock

              30 Rock is an american comedy that airs on NBC, it Stars Tiny Fey and Alec Baldwin

              It Follows Liz Lemon (Tiny Fey); Head writer of the Girlie show filmed at NBC's 30 Rockafeller Place in New York, When new Boss Jack Donaghie (Alec Baldwin) comes in and demands the addition of a highly Volatile Movie star and rebrands the show, Liz has a lot to deal with.

              30 Rock is a brilliant comedy, one of the funniest i have ever seen, for me it only rates behind Its always sunny in Philadelphia and probably Scrubs as well. It is a very strange show but that only goes to intensify the humour and i believe that all good comedies need to be a little strange otherwise there just not funny and 30 is certainly funny and always provides at least one laugh out loud moment every episode.

              Tiny Fey who plays the main character Liz Lemon does a great job of both writing and starring in the show, she plays a slightly desperate, slightly crazy middle age women brilliantly and Alec Baldwin is perfect for the role of High-up executive and his on screen chemistry with Tiny Fey is really good as well.

              But the Key character that makes the show for me is Tracy Jordan, who is added to the Girlie show after Jack takes over, he is Brass, Fairly Crazy and not your typical actor, which always provides hilarious moments every episode.

              Overall i would definitely recommend this show to anyone, especially fans of quirky comedies such as Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Scrubs etc


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            • Journeyman / TV Programme / 21 Readings / 21 Ratings
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              23.11.2008 23:36
              Very helpful



              A Good Concept that was cancelled too early


              Journeyman is a programme that aired in 2007 on NBC, However it was unfortunately cancelled after its first season.

              The Show starred Kevin Mckidd as the lead character Dan Vasser who finds he has the ability to time travel, however he doesnt choose when o where he goes. He must find out what he has to change in the past without affecting his future too much.

              Even Though Time Travel has been used a lot in Film and television, Journeyman comes up with a fresh way to look at it. Dan Vasser's Tim travel feels more natural than most Tim Travel shows/Films and they also managed to avoid the big Tim Travel problems which is difficult to do.

              The Main Storyline is very well put together, which is basically Dan trying to figure out exactly what is happening to him with little success, however every episode Dan would travel back in time to try and sort out the timeline and although this would take a forefront in the show, Dans story didn't seem to be forgotten. Normally i would have thought this show would be a success but i think its ultimate downfall was the fact that the show had too much mystery, i think it was too early for another LOST to be successful. Its a shame really as the show had everything it needed to be great, a Good solid cast including Kevin Mckidd who stands out in the lead role, a great Concept, and it was written incredibly well.

              Normally i would recommend this to everyone, however as the show only got one season and not even a full one at that, i wouldn't say it was worth it for anyone to devote their time to it, only to be disappointed when their is no wrap up or closure at the end of the show.


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                22.11.2008 07:58
                Very helpful
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                A Nice Well Written Show

                How I Met Your Mother - Season 1

                22 Episodes on 3 Discs

                How i Met Your Mother is a CBS Comedy starring Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris.

                The Show follows the Main character Ted Mosby as he tells the story of how he met the mother of his kids, to his kids. he flashes back to 2005 when his story begins, and his best friend Marshall asked his Girlfriend Lily to Marry him,what follows is a tale about Love and Life in New York.

                Firstly one of the main positives of the show is that it is both Original and is going towards an Aim (Finding out who the mother is), however much i love Scrubs, it does not have one story driving the show forwards.

                The show also has a stella ensemble cast especially Jason Segal (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as Marshall, Teds Best Friend and Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) as Barney the Sleazy bachelor friend of Ted, The group as a unit work very well together and it all feels natural, unlike certain other comedies.

                Another Positive aspect of the show is that it doesn't hold back, it tries to give a more realistic view of people, and this combined with good story telling and writing make for an enjoyable show, its only downfall is that it isn't necessarily a Laugh out loud show, whilst it is nice to watch, it doesn't provide that many hilarious moments.

                It sometimes reminds me of My Name is Earl as the focus is on the story rather than the Comedy.

                Overall it is a good well written and performed show and is a good show to watch when you dont want to think too much


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                  22.11.2008 07:40
                  Very helpful



                  A Great Show - Worth a Try

                  Psych - Season One

                  Psych is a USA Network show that is currently in its third season, it stars James Roday and Dule Hill.

                  The Show follows Shawn Spencer, a man who has Incredible powers of Observation, after his father taught him to notice everything in a room, right down to how many hats there are. He uses this Skill to make money from giving Police tips from watching the News, however when the cops get suspicious of all the tips, he pretends he is a Psychic and starts working for the Santa Barbara Police Department, he also gets help (reluctantly) from his best friend Burton 'Gus' Guster.

                  This Show is incredibly funny and one of the best comedies i have seen for a while, the bulk of the Humour comes from the main character Shawn, who is a great character because he is witty and has no limits which puts him and gus into greatly funny situations.

                  Gus in the first season seems to be purely to add some reason to Shawn, with Obvious failure and also to give insight into "Geekish" situations. he does however develop into a much more likeable character during Seasons one and two.

                  The Shows main Negative would be that in a relatively small cast, there are still few characters that stand out. The Main four characters of Gus, Shawn, Lassiter, Shawns dad and Juliet are all good likeable characters but the supporting cast after that including the Chief dont live up.

                  I Would definitely recommend this show to everyone especially fans of intelligent humour


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                • Reaper (Season 1) / TV Programme / 43 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                  08.07.2008 19:51
                  Very helpful



                  A funny original show that has lots of potential

                  Reaper Season One - Created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas.

                  Reaper is a new comedy that aired on E4 in England and on The CW in America. It Stars Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver, a slacker whose life is going nowhere, until on his 21st birthday he finds out his parents sold his soul to the Devil(Ray Wise) when he was born. Now he must help send souls that have escaped from Hell, back to the Underworld using different "Vessels" such as a Defective Toaster and a Snow Globe supplied from the Devil himself, as well as using the help of his equally slacker friends Sock and Ben. Sam has to do all of this whilst still trying to lead a normal life, keep his job at the Work Bench, and find the courage to ask his co-worker Andi out on a date.

                  Reaper is a programme that I would personally recommend to anyone, it started brilliantly and was especially hilarious to watch during the earlier episodes, and although during the latter part of the season, the show didn't have as many funny or laugh out loud moments, it did develop the characters, making them more interesting, as well as making it easier for the viewing audience to have a real vested interest in what happens to them.

                  Reaper also has a great ensemble cast, that includes Ray Wise as the Devil, who is as witty as he is Evil, and Tyler Labine who plays Sock, whose crazy behaviour always lands him in a comedic situation of some sort, as well as making him one of the funnier and easier to watch characters, and even though these are the two standout characters/actors, it doesn't mean the rest of the cast aren't top notch as well, Missy Peregrym brings a live a character that could have just been the love interest, by being generally likeable and funny. The Main character Sam manages to be both Heroic and someone you can relate to at the same time, which is a credit to both the actor and the writing staff.

                  The show has tons of potential, as ideas for Escaped souls, vessels or story lines are all endless, which would make the show ending even more painful, and although the show has been renewed for a second season (of 13 episodes), we will be lucky to get any more that that, as the viewing figures in America aren't great, and it was somewhat of a surprise that the show got a second season at all, the show could well go down the root of some other great 'cult' shows that were cancelled before their time such as Veronica Mars, Jericho and Arrested Development.

                  The only problem with Reaper, is that some episodes really seem to Lack something, and just aren't as funny as others, one episode in particular called Greg Schmeg was really off key to how the whole show has been playing out, and just wasn't right in my opinion. Also although the idea of Reaper is Original and Clever, sometimes the show feels like it is repeating what it has already done.

                  Originality = 10/10 - A comedy based on one of the Devil's Bounty Hunters is a great new concept for a show
                  Acting = 8/10 - Very well acted especially by Ray Wise, Tyler Labine and newcomer Bret Harrison
                  Comedy = 9/10 - Often has hilarious moments and is easily one of the funniest programmes on TV, possibly only behind Scrubs in my valuation.
                  Drama = 5/10 - The show does often attempt dramatic moments, and although sometimes successful, the majority of times, it does not work.
                  Writing = 8/10 - The writing is sharp and funny, and only struggles with the more dramatic side of the show.
                  Episode Quality = 7/10 - The majority of the episodes are funny and of high quality, but some do fail to live up to expectations and one was just awful
                  Excitement = 7/10 - Dealing with Hell's escaped souls provides enough Scary and exciting moments especially for a comedy.

                  Watch if you Like : Scrubs, The Big Bang theory

                  Trivia : The Character of Andi was originally played by The O.C.'s Nikki Reed. Before later being replaced by Heroes star Missy Peregrym

                  Episode List :
                  1 Pilot
                  2 Charged
                  3 All Mine
                  4 Magic
                  5 What About Blob
                  6 Leon
                  7 Love, Bullets and Blacktop
                  8 The Cop
                  9 Ashes to Ashes
                  10 Cash Out
                  11 Hungry for Fame
                  12 Unseen
                  13 Acid Queen
                  14 Rebellion
                  15 Coming to Grips
                  16 Greg, Schmeg
                  17 The Leak
                  18 Cancun


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                  • Paul Robinson / Discussion / 43 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                    01.07.2008 00:55
                    Very helpful



                    An Up and Down Career so Far

                    Paul Robinson is a Professional Goalkeeper, who currently plays his Football for Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club, he was born in 1979 in Beverly and has gone on to make more than 200 Career Club appearances as well as 41 for his Country.

                    Leeds United Career

                    Robinson Started his Career with Leeds United, coming through the Youth ranks, and had a fairly successful time there, he made 97 appearances for the club, taking over from an aging Nigel Martin, and was one of the Many Players to come from that Talented Leeds United team (Rio Ferdinand, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Robbie Keane to name a few), However the Premier League must be too much to say no to, as when Leeds United(The club he had been with since his Youth Days) were relegated, he decided to move back to the top Division with Tottenham Hotspurs for £1,500,000.

                    Tottenham Hotspurs Career

                    Paul Robinson has played 137 times for Tottenham Hotspurs and is unlikely to add to that tally, as Tottenham have recently bought a new keeper (Gomes) for £10,000,000 and Robinson has repeatedly been linked with a move away from White Hart Lane (Possibly to Aston Villa or Middlesbrough).
                    His Spurs career started well, and he was(in my opinion) an inspiration in his first season for the lillywhites, pulling off some really brilliant saves, and generally being a consistent player, he has also been key in Tottenham competing for European football (and even Champions League football) under Martin Jol, However his form started to drop during the later months of the Martin Jol Management, and when Juande Ramos replaced him, things didn't get any Better, Highly Public and costly blunders cost him his reputation and eventually his place (to Radek Cerny) in the team. It was clear to see that his Confidence had really taken some knocks, and he just wasn't the same player he use to be anymore, it also became a problem that his Team (and the fans) were visibly worried every time a cross came in Tottenham ended up conceding the fifth most goals (61) in the premiership in the 2008/09 season. He was also repeatedly criticised for not being agile enough, and for being too heavy for a Premiership Goalkeeper

                    England Career

                    Robinson made his debut against Australia in 2003, and has gone on to play 41 times for England, keeping a clean sheet 21 times. The Obvious Highlight of his England Career was the 2006 World Cup in Germany, he kept clean sheets in four out of the five games played, and was generally Solid at the back, However just like his Tottenham Career, his England place, was lost after some very High profile blunders in England European Championship 2008 Qualification process, his club form seemed to leak over to his international form, as his Confidence dropped, and the Mistakes became more Frequent

                    The Future

                    It Seems as though Paul Robinson no longer has a future at Tottenham Hotspurs, due to a loss in confidence in him from the Fans, His defence and his Manager, however he is a good goalkeeper, and a terrific shot stopper, so if he finds the right club and the right manager, i could see him becoming a top notch goalkeeper once again, and i hope it happens as he has been a great professional to Tottenham Hotspurs, and has not moaned once, during the Criticism of him or when he was dropped, by both country and club. Although i can see his Club career getting back on track when he leaves tottenham, i don't see good things for his International career, i can never see him getting back into that number 1 (or even number 2) spot for England, especially as there are plenty of young Good goalies coming through the ranks now (Joe Hart, Ben Foster etc), However he is still young for a goalkeeper and anything could Happen.


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                      25.06.2008 01:11
                      Very helpful



                      A Strangely Brilliant show that is definitely worth a Try.

                      Arrested Development - Season One - Created by Ron Howard
                      22 Episodes on 3 Discs

                      Jeffrey Tambor - George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
                      Portia de Rossi - Lindsay Bluth Fünke
                      David Cross - Tobias Fünke
                      Ron Howard - Narrator
                      Jason Bateman - Michael Bluth
                      Jessica Walter - Lucille Bluth
                      Will Arnett - George "Gob" Bluth II
                      Michael Cera - George Michael Bluth
                      Alia Shawkat - Mae "Maeby" Fünke
                      Tony Hale - Byron "Buster" Bluth

                      Michael Bluth is the only "normal" person In a family full of rich and weird eccentrics, when he is passed up for promotion within the family business, he decides to abandon the family. But soon after he makes this decision, his father is arrested for treason and sent to prison and he has to run the family business and keep the family and their money in check, which isn't helped by the rest of his family who are freeloading off of the company's money.

                      Although its often strange, it is still continually hilarious, it is all very well written and performed by a great ensemble cast that includes the hilarious and often underrated Jason Bateman but the main plus point for the series is Will Arnett's Character George "Gob" Bluth II who is brilliantly portrayed and is a truly great sitcom character, who never fails to deliver a laugh or two.
                      Another good thing about the series is the narration, although that has been done in a few other series, Arrested Developments narration is done superbly and adds to the series very well.

                      Well there are a few less than stellar episodes that were still entertaining but weren't as funny as the rest, there are definitely a lot of weird moments in season one (mainly from GOB) but I'm not sure if that's a bad thing as a large amount of the comedy comes from these moments (Just like Scrubs). And although this is a review of the First season DVD, i am still disappointed that the show only lasted 3 Seasons as it was Unfairly Cut Short and Cancelled.

                      Originality: 8/10
                      Acting: 8/10
                      Writing: 7/10
                      Episode Quality: 7/10
                      Extras: 7/10
                      Comedy: 9/10

                      Cameos: Henry Winkler and Liza Minelli are the only main notbale guest stars and Henry Winkler is brilliant as the families attorney, but i personally didn't like Liza Minelli's character. But the show did have short but Memorable guest spots from Heather Grahame and Carl Weathers.

                      Making Of, Audio Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Panel Interview, Extended Pilot and Behind the Scenes featurette.

                      Watch this if you like: Scrubs, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Just Shoot Me.
                      Notable Episodes: Staff Infection, Altar Egos (1).

                      Overall: Give it a try, watch the first few episodes and then decide from there.


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                      • Scrubs / TV Programme / 45 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                        23.06.2008 17:42
                        Very helpful



                        A Great show that guarantees laugh out loud moments and is a must watch show.

                        Scrubs - (2000 - Present) - Created by Bill Lawrence

                        Premise: Scrubs is a half hour comedy that follows the lives of Medical Interns trying to make their way in the tough (and Hilarious) world of Medicine, It is unique as we hear the inner thoughts of main character John (J.D) Dorian, as well as seeing his many strange imaginations.

                        John (J.D) Dorian - Zach Braff
                        Elliot Reid - Sarah Chalke
                        Chris Turk - Donald Faison
                        Dr Perry Cox - John C Mcginley
                        Bob Kelso - Ken Jenkins
                        The Janitor - Neil Flynn
                        Carla - Judy Reyes

                        Scrubs is a top notch comedy and is in my opinion, the best Comedy to ever come out of America, it's a programme that never fails to deliver at least a few laugh out loud moments in every episode. It has been my favourite comedy since it began due to its Unique brand of comedy that can be both Ridiculous and brilliantly clever, whilst always staying funny.

                        In the shows First few seasons the majority of the humour comes from fantasy sequences primarily from the main character J.D, however as the show went on it started to utilise the character interaction much more, which is also the time came into its own as a comedy show, as it has some great comedic characters and relationships to play off such as Bob Kelso who starts off as the cranky chief of medicine that no one likes but develops into one of the funniest characters on the show. The Show also seems to get Crazier and Sillier as it goes along but this just goes to making it funnier, as the Ridiculous and Sublime (But Hilarious) moments are not always confined to J.D's imagination. The show is also brilliant at using Guest Stars to great Effect, Regular Appearances from such characters as the Todd, Ted, Doug and more help to make the show that much funnier, as well as when Scrubs using Famous Guest Stars such as Heather Grahame and Colin Farrell.

                        One of my favourite things about Scrubs which other Comedies seem in able to do even half as well, is Dramatic Episodes, now although the quantity of Dramatic Episodes has lessened during the shows Latter Seasons, it is still done brilliantly, it never feels strained when Scrubs includes some drama in its Episodes and that is probably due to the quality of the Actors and Writing Staff.

                        Originality: 5/10
                        Acting: 9/10
                        Writing: 10/10
                        Drama: 8/10
                        Comedy: 10/10

                        DVD : The Scrubs DVD's are loaded with extras including Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, Alternate Lines, and much more, as well as having a large amount of episodes covered by Optional commentary from the Writing and Acting Crew.

                        Trivia : The Actress who plays Jordan Sullivan in the show is the real life Wife of the Creator of the Show Bill Lawrence


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                        • Top Ten TV Characters / Discussion / 88 Readings / 80 Ratings
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                          12.07.2007 05:23
                          Very helpful



                          My top ten(25) tv characters ever

                          Top Ten TV Characters

                          I am a big fan of TV, but it is more the whole show that i enjoy, than any particular character, i would be fine with my favourite character being killed off, as long as it progresses the story along well, so this list was actually quite hard to compile. Most of my choices are from popular American shows that are fairly modern as well.

                          (10) James 'Sawyer' Ford from LOST - Played by Josh Holloway
                          LOST is my all time favourite show, i love the mystery, the intrigue and everything else. but Sawyer brings comedy to the show and that is also very important in a show like LOST, he also gives us the love triangle between Jack, Kate and Him. generally a fun character that can also be fairly vicious.

                          (9) Cordelia Chase from Buffy/Angel - Played By Charisma Carpenter.
                          Cordelia chase was the character that developed the most throughout the series of Buffy and Angel. She started out as a snobby popular cheerleader that didn't care much for any body's feelings and turned into a caring important character in Angel. She was always one of the funnier character in the Buffy verse (along with Xander and Anya), she was always interesting, and had great interaction with the other characters

                          (8) T-Bag from Prison Break - Played By Robert Knepper
                          He may be a Serial Killer/Rapist, but he was still a very well written character, and one of the reasons i liked Prison Break so much, he is a delightfully creepy character as well as a very complex one, he also has the ability to be very funny. he is another character that i feel has developed a lot over the two seasons of Prison Break.

                          (7) Big Ed Deline from Las Vegas - Played by James Caan
                          Big Ed is a brilliant character, he is a tough former CIA man, and doesn't take crap from anybody. But he can also be very funny and just generally an interesting and good character.

                          (6) Dr Bob Kelso from Scrubs - Played by Ken Jenkins
                          Kelso started out as just a character you loved to hate, but he has become a much funnier character in the later seasons, especially his scenes with Dr Cox. His "His Story" was hilarious and definitely one of my favourite episodes of Scrubs ever. I didn't like him very much in the earlier seasons but now i love his character.

                          (5) Dr Who from Dr Who - Played By Various
                          Dr Who is the only character from a British show in my list, he is a crazy (eccentric) character who has been played by many over the years, but i have only seen David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston as the Dr, and i have loved both of them. The Last Time Lord was always a very mysterious character but also a very lovable character.

                          (4) Chandler Bing from Friends - Played By Matthew Perry
                          Friends was a good show collectively and although i don't think any spin-off would of worked, i think a Chandler one would of had the best chance. He was the sarcastic one in the bunch, normally hilarious and worked well off of Joey (Matt Leblanc). I found him a lot funnier when he was living with Joey than when he moved into Monica's apartment and got married etc.

                          And now for the top three...........................................

                          (3) Sylar AKA Gabriel Grey from Heroes - played by Zachary Quinto
                          Heroes was my favourite show from 2006, and although i have some problems with the writing and acting, that doesant apply to the most delightfully evil Sylar. One of my all time favourite Villains, he is so evil but so normal at the same time, and i am very happy that he is returning in season two.

                          (2) Jack Bauer from 24 - Played By Kiefer Sutherland
                          Jack Bauer is unstoppable, he is a one man killing machine and the amount of people he must of killed and/or tortured in six seasons (days) must be incredible. He is definitely a character that could never be replaced, 24 starts and ends with Jack Bauer.

                          (1)Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars - played by Kristin Bell
                          Veronica Mars is the ultimate TV character, she is witty, funny, clever, well written. Her wit and humour are brilliant and she always solves the crime, its just a shame we only get to see her for three seasons because the show was cancelled.

                          Characters who missed out.
                          (11)Benjamin Linus - Lost, (12) Turk - Scrubs, (13) Lois Lane - Smallville, (14) Desmond Hume - Lost, (15) Homer Simpson - The Simpsons, (16) Joy - My Name Is Earl, (17) Keith Mars - Veronica Mars, (18) Arnold - Diff'rent Strokes, (19) Robert Hawkins - Jericho, (20) Charlie - Lost, (21) Hurley - Lost, (22) Xander- Buffy, (23) Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars, (24) J.D - Scrubs, (25) Jake Green - Jericho.

                          Now imagine all those character are in one show, it would be one hell of a show, Veronica Mars and Jack Bauer would work well together.


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                          • Kyle XY / TV Programme / 47 Readings / 42 Ratings
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                            10.07.2007 03:33
                            Very helpful



                            an interesting show, that got better and better as the series went on.

                            Kyle XY - Currently Running - 2006 onwards

                            April Matson - Lori Trager
                            Matt Dallas - Kyle
                            Jaimie Alexander - Jessi XX
                            Jean-Luc Bilodeau - Josh Trager
                            Marguerite MacIntyre - Nicole Trager
                            Bruce Thomas - Stephen Trager
                            Chris Olivero - Declan
                            Kirsten Prout - Amanda Bloom

                            Kyle XY is about a teenage boy who is found in the middle of a woods alone and with no memory of how he got there or who he is, oh and he doesn't have a belly button. Throughout the first season Kyle starts to develop certain abilities, which show he is anything but normal. Kyle is taken in by Nicole Trager (A social worker) and her family and is soon thought of as one of the family. The Three main questions that are very central to the first season of the show are; who/what is Kyle, where did he come from and what happened to his memory/will he get it back.

                            The Majority of my favourite shows include a lot of mystery i.e Veronica Mars, Jericho, LOST and Kyle XY is definitely alongside these shows, when it comes to mystery. Finding out who or what Kyle is, was one of the most interesting things about the first season of Kyle XY, but the major mysteries often took a backseat to Kyle discovering the abilities he has and also his first social interactions with the Tragers and his future love interest Amanda.
                            One thing i don't like about the show at the moment is some of the side story lines that are there to keep the show light and funny, and i suppose add more depth to the show, which they fail to do on all counts, by side story lines i mean; the on/off relationship of the teenage daughter Lori and Declan, the on/off friendship of Lori and Hillary and other various story lines that add nothing to the overall mythology of the show and are not even entertaining. All these story lines fail to do their job, the character of Josh Trager does it for them, he is very humorous keeps the show light, he is definitely one of the more funny sides to the show, along with Kyle and his first social interactions.
                            Although the show is in its second season now in america, i still wonder about how long the show will last, it is not an overly popular show and i think it could struggle for story lines in a season or two.
                            Overall its an interesting, mysterious show and you should give it a try, but make sure to perservere because i think the show gets better as it goes on, with the finale being my favourite episode. The show seemed to completely change its feel and its focus around half way through season one.

                            Episode List:
                            Pilot (1-1)
                            Sleepless in Seattle (1-2)
                            The Lies That Bind (1-3)
                            Diving In (1-4)
                            Blame It on the Rain (1-6)
                            Kyle Got Game (1-7)
                            Memory Serves (1-8)
                            Overheard (1-9)
                            Endgame (1-10)

                            Writing: 7/10
                            Originality: 7/10
                            Comedy: 4/10
                            Acting: 5/10
                            Episode Quality: 6/10
                            Excitement: 5/10
                            Action: 5/10

                            Watch if you like:
                            the 4400, Buffy, Angel

                            Matt Dallas plays a 16 year old teenager, but in real life, he is actually 24 years old.


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                            • General / Discussion / 52 Readings / 41 Ratings
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                              09.07.2007 02:23
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                              20 Strange and Pointless Questions

                              These seem to be getting more and more popular so i thought i would do one as well.

                              *****1. How long, on average, does it take you to get rid of someone trying to sell you something over the phone?******

                              Well it varies, sometimes I'll just let them talk for a while and then tell them i have no interest in the item they are selling, sometimes i will politely tell them straight away that I'm not interested and sometimes, if i really cant be bothered i just put the phone down straight away.

                              ******2. What is the most expensive object you have ever broken on purpose? ('when angry' counts as 'on purpose' even if you regretted it soon afterwards)*****

                              I don't think Ive ever broken something on purpose or in anger.

                              ******3. If you buy something for 99p with a £1 coin, do you really want the 1p back? ******

                              Yes of course i do, that's money. normally I'll just put it into one of those charity collection things and if there's not one of them, ill just keep it and put it in a pot.
                              Penny's make Pounds

                              ******4. What was the last thing you shouted while alone in a car? ******

                              I'm never alone in a car, because i only have a provisional license, i have to drive with someone over the age of 21 with three years driving experience.

                              ******5. What is your typical path through a supermarket? ******

                              I don't often go into a supermarket, because i don't buy the majority of our shopping, so when I'm in a supermarket I'm normally in there for a specific reason, otherwise ill go to the crisp section.

                              ******6. Do you lick the underside of the foil top when eating a pot of yogurt? ******

                              I don't really like yogurts but when i do have one, yes i do lick the underside of the foil, you don't want to waste any of it, do you?

                              ******7. How many greetings cards have you sent in the last 12 months?******

                              0 - simple answer and i cant think of anything to say about it either.

                              ******8. A criminal maniac invites you to "Pick a city for destruction, Mr. Bond." Which one do you choose? ******
                              unusual question but, I think i would refuse to choose a city, i have no problem with any city.

                              ******9. Which font do you use most often?******

                              Times New Roman - its the one that comes up when you start typing, and i never bother changing it

                              ******10. If you had the choice between a petrol chainsaw and a bread knife, which would you use for felling a small tree with a 1" diameter trunk? ******
                              Very Very unusual question.
                              Although i wouldn't really want to cut the tree down, i would use the obvious choice of the saw if i had to.

                              ******11. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that you know when to use a semicolon?******

                              ummm; 1 , although i use them a fair bit, I'm never sure if I'm using them right.

                              ******12. What proportion of the Cd's you own are in their original cases right now?******

                              Well i don't actually own any Cd's anymore, all my music is on my computer (On I-tunes), also none of my DVDs are in there cases they are all in a CD/DVD case/holder, so i can get to them easier.

                              ******13. Favourite colour black or white?******

                              Black, although neither are colours by my interpretation.

                              ******14. How accurate is the time on your watch?******
                              I don't own a watch so not very accurate at all, i hate wearing watches, they get on my nerves and irritate me, as for how accurate the time on my phone is, i think its about 3 or 4 minutes slow.

                              ******15. What you wearing right now?******
                              Jeans and a Green Firetrap T-Shirt, with a grey Everlast Hoody over the top.

                              ******16. Have you ever written to, emailed or telephoned a newspaper, radio station, TV programme etc? If so, what did you say?******

                              I Emailed Challenge TV to find out when they would be showing the WSOP (World Series of Poker) 2006 and they got back to pretty quick but didn't answer my question.

                              ******17. Do you, in the most fundamental depths of your soul, give a crap about the extinction of the Red Cockaded Woodpecker?******

                              Yes, i care a bit, i wouldn't actually do anything myself to stop the extinction but i would rather it not be extinct.

                              ******18. What is the cheapest thing you've bought with a debit or credit card in the past month?******

                              It would have to be poker chips on Everest Poker for $5.00, and then more poker chips for $10, for everything else i just pay cash.

                              *****19. Favourite books?******

                              I don't read much at all, i would much rather watch TV then read a book, but i do read the Harry Potters when they come out.

                              ******20. What is your most favourite meal?******

                              Its got to be either Steak and Chips or Traditional Home Beef Roast. either will do, both have quite simple flavours and that's good for me because I'm a really picky eater.


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