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      09.08.2012 09:48
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      well wroth buying

      I began taking calcium tablets about 6 month ago, after recommendations from my local hospital>
      I admit i dont get much calcium in my natural diet, i am allergic to a lot of dairy products. I have broken my wrist 8 times now, I have arthritis, and my bones take ages to heal.
      I have noticed huge benefits from taking calcium. I take one tablet every day, i was recommended to take at least 500mg a day. The tablets I also have vitamin d in them.
      WIthin a month i had noticed the benefits of these tablets. I felt a lot less tired than I usually did, aand i noticed that my anils were growing much faster and stronger than before.
      I cant tell if these are helping my bones or not for sure, but i started these whilst I ahd a broken arm (and leg) and they did seem to heal a lot quicker than they used to before i began to take the calcium tablets.
      Highly recommend them to anyone lacking in dairy prodcuts in their diet. they have been of a huge benefit to myself


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      • Tesco Value Mouthwash / Oral Care / 21 Readings / 21 Ratings
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        08.08.2012 16:17
        Very helpful
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        I'll never buy this again in my life

        OKay this LOOKS like a good buy at 40p or thereabouts doesnt it?
        I bought some once when I was on an extremely tight budget. I Will NEVER inm ylife buy this product again!
        It does not in anyway protect your teeth! It doesnt even have any fluouride in it! Using this is like rinsing your mouth in vinegar it basically strips away all the goodness of your toothpaste and leaves you teeth open to decay etc>
        My dentist went NUTS at me when I told her I had once used this. She said it is of no benefit at all and quite probably does more harm thant good, This is NOT what you want when you are trying to practice good oral hygeine!
        My dentists advice was never ever buy a toothpaste or mouthwash that does not clearly say FLUORIDE on the front of the bottle or on the front of the box. If it doesnt say this it will not be a good product, and to stick with products that do have that on them>
        This is not to say ALL value / budget range mouthwashes are no good you dont have to pay the £4 odd a bottle I have seem mouthwashes cost.

        Also the taste of this is HIGHLY unpleasant. I cant even begin to describe it since i have never tasted anything so bad in my life before!

        My advice walk past it on the shelves and buy something slightly more expensive it will be worth it in the long run


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          08.08.2012 16:04
          Very helpful
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          fab shoes, and I KNOW shoes!

          Product description
          LEather upper
          textile lining
          synthetic sole
          flat shoes
          ballet pump style


          Ballet style pumps are all the rage at the moment. I have always previously worn shoes with heels. Sometimes VERY high heels. ANd i have often suffered blisters and sore feet from wearing high heels.
          ONe day I decided that communicating to and from work was KILLING my feet and I needed a nice pair of flats that I could wear to and from work.
          I had a little difficulty in finding this particular shoe (they were recommended to me by two friends who always wear this brand and have this shoe). Maybe that is simply due to the fact that are so popular maybe it is due to the fact that I have quite large feet!
          But I searched extensively, and eventually I did find them in my size.
          To some they may seem a little on the pricey side. I know you can get ballet slippers / pumps in budget shoe shops, supermarkets and online cheaper. But with shoes, as with most things, you get what you pay for.
          THese shoes are made to last.
          THey are of the top quality materials, the stitching is perfect not a fault to be seen on the shoe. They have a cute little logo charn hanging from the bow on the front of them, which is quite dainty and feminine.

          The soles are comfortable and also well made.
          A quality item that you come to expect from this particular make / brand of shoe.

          I Wore them for a few days around the house at home, thinking i would make sure I dont get sore feet before venturing far from them. By about midweek I though that's it, i brought these to save my sore feet communting to and from work. SO that morning I put them on, put my high heels in a bag and off i went on my commute to work. I walk quite a distance to a bu stop, then a train stop, then to my place of work. I really needed something that was comfortable, practical, and looked nice too. I can safely say I certainly got that with these shoes.
          OH the relief to walk those distances in these shoes! They are so comfortable and fashionable that i ahve now started weraing them out shopping, and all sorts of places like that too. IN fact i think I shall probably buy another pair in a different colour!
          Utmost comfort guranteed. I could spend all day in these (and I often do) and still find them as comfy as the minute i slipped them on!
          Whats more I DONT get sweaty feet from these too! SO no nasty whiffs when you get home and take them off after a hard day walking about etc.
          THeyre very fashinable, and look really pretty with any number of different outfits from skirts and dresses to trousers and even cropped trousers, or legging or smart shorts. A truly versatile all round shoe if ever there was one.
          These look so nice that you really can wear them anywhere. They compliment any casual outfit and have the added advantage of looking great with smart outfits too.
          I can truly understand why so many people wear these shoes. AS I say I myself purchased a pair after recommendation from friends and I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone either.
          You really will not be dissapointed at all in these shoes. So my advice is BUY BUY BUY!!!!


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            08.08.2012 15:37
            Very helpful



            well worth owning a pair of these

            SO, i wonder what there is to say about a pair of slippers. I bet that is what you are thinking, am i right?
            Well, let me start off by saying these are the most comfortable pair of slippers IN THE WORLD. Well, in my world anyway! I have never purschased a pair of slippers that are so comfy and cosey to wear.
            I was given a pair of these recently as a birthday present (and what an odd looking present it was when wrapped up lol)
            I already had a pair of memory foam slippers at home, though they were standing the test of time I guess they had seen better days.
            I was dubious about these at first, I dont use go for novelty slippers. But not to dissapoint the buyer of them I immediatly put them on. They got quite a few giggles and laughs to start with, and a few whale related jokes. However once the novelty had worn off with other people they soon stopped quipping me about them.

            As soon as I put the slippers on I realised how comfy they actually are! They are nicely padded and very well made. There were no loose ares of stitching anywhere on them. the padding keeps your feet so warm and cosey, without them feeling too hot. My feet certainly do not get at all sweaty in these slippers.
            There is an unusual added advantage to these slippers, due to the amount of padding in them, if you should hit your toes or feet (something that I actually regularily do) it doesnt hurt half as often as when wearing non padded slippers. Seriously, it makes sense really does it not? More padding equals less pain and bruising. I can not say for sure but I am certain i may have even saved mysefl from having a broken toe by wearing these! PErhaps they should be recommended to other diabteics too! (PLEASE NOTE this is NOT MEdical advice! It is merely MY HUMOUR and not to be mistaken for medical advice in any way shape or form)
            Suffice to say they act pretty good at protecting your feet as well.

            One slight draw back at first - i looked a right muppet when i first tried walking in them! It takes a short while to get used to wearing funny shaped slipper like this, and i for one walked with my feet coming up off the floor in a high wide circle. THEre were even a few comments of you like a chicken walking! This gave my fellow party go'ers a bit of entertainment too, so i guess that is another unusual added bones, these slippers have entertainment value too! Now who would have thought these simple slippers would have so many unusual benefits! Arent you amazed? Do you not just want to rush out right this minute and buy yourself a pair?

            I love whales, hence my kind birthday party guest buying me whale shaped slippers. I can not sing the praises of these slippers enough. They are the comfiest slippers I have ever owned, and fast became my firm favourite's.
            I am assuming they are great vlaue for money, and i assume this as I do not know what they actually cost. I have never looked up what they cost, as it really doesnt matter to me, they were the best birthday present i got this year.
            I could not be happier with them at all. I completely love them and theyre so durable as well> I have practically lived in mine and they havent lost thier shape at all, and havent got thinner on the soles or spilt anywhere, so theyre a pretty sturdy pair of slippers too.
            all in all awesome


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          • Fujifilm X-S1 / Digital Camera / 5 Readings / 3 Ratings
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            08.08.2012 11:19
            Very helpful


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            fantastic all round camera


            image stabilisation
            17 scene modes
            4000 x 3000 resolution
            26 x zoom
            intelligent digital zoom up to 56 x
            large lcd monitor
            auto or manual ISO selection
            extra large sensore
            metal dials
            rubber coating
            good grip
            metal lens hood and strap included in the box
            7 frames per second
            12 mega pixel sensor
            boxed product weight 1.8 kilo grams

            This camera is perfect for people who want more options and better quality images than a compact digitla camera, but who dont want or are not able to, carry around lots of different lenses and bits of equipment.
            It is a reasonably sized bridge SLR, i find it very easy to grip and hold this camera.
            It is robust and very reliable, The shutter speeds on it are variable, and this enables you to best take a wide range of shots. INculding sports mode! Which is vital when trying to capture those all important action shots.
            If you just simply want a camera that is a point and shoot camera, then this will work for you, but you have the added vantage of an extensive menu full of options pre-set or you can manually alter certain settings, and have the added functionality of a basi dslr type camera. Having considered that it makes a superb all round camera really and is suitable for anyone, unless youre a professional photographer and your job is taking photo's. (There would still be a use from this camera for you however but you dont get the same range of options as a DSLR would give)

            The shots taken with this camera are crips and clear and sharp images. I have had very few blurred shots (Unless that is what I am aiming for) It has good image stabilisation on it. There is low noise present on photo's. A great camera for the amature , the photo enthusast, the complete beginner and the semi -profesional photographer alike. It really is an all rounder in that respect.
            All the main features are on seperate buttons, which are easy to find and easy to use, It is not a complex camera to use at all.

            there a few minor downsides to this camera, or more like the extras that came with mine. I did not get an instruction manual in english, although this can be downloaded in a pdf file from the website. The other thing was that mine came only with a eurpean two pin plug on the charger. This wasnt a problem for me as I already had several plug convertors, but i just thought it was worth mentioning that here.

            This is neither a compact camera nor a dslr, but is designed to offer the most commonly used features from both of these different types of camera, hence being described as a bridge camera. This is superb camer for the budding photography enthusiast.

            I love the fact that is so easy to carry around, no bulky equpiment needed. Sometiems i just cant take a lot of equipment out with me, in those occasions i will take this camera with me, Great for carnivals, family days out, nature and lots lots more. I am sure the buyer will be very pleased with this camera and it will soon become a favourite of there's. I love the quality of this camera, the size, the ease of use, the simple to use menu and options, and the fact i can carry it about easily.

            Really, this is the best bridge camera you can get in my little humble opinion.


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            08.08.2012 01:20
            Very helpful



            fatastic hoop

            Having used many different brands, makes and sizes of hula hoop, i thought that a review of this particular make of hula hoop would possibly be of some use to many people.
            I personally have used this brand of hula hoop for many months now.

            I originally purchsed it on recommendation of the local sports shop customer sales person. And I have not regretted purchasing this hula hoop at all.
            It is very good value for money , in fact I would go so far as to say it is excellent value for money. PRiced at about thirteen pounds it beats rival brands of hula hoop for value for money. It is of sound quality, and although it is a travel hula hoop, it is stille xtremely sturdy and robust.

            WHat makes it a travel hula hoop is that you can fold it down or ease of transporting and / or carrying it around. It folds down to about a half of it's original size, so it is extremely handy in this respect.
            Once folded it is very easy to then carry about, or fit in the back of your car. I have even put it on my back when a riding a bike!

            You can use this hula hoop for a variety of activities. It is just great for dance lessons, hula hoop exercise classes and clubs. You can use it at home as well, in the garden or even in the living room / bedroom. It is great for improving movement in your hips and strengthening your core muscles.
            You can of course just use this hula hoop for plain old fashioned fun and gaes too! ALso great for teaching dogs (or in this gouse small children) to jump through as well.

            THe children are always using this hula hoop, I tihnk it is must surely be the most used piece of exercise equipment we own in this house! It is certainly the most fun piece we own!
            It even has UV strips on it that glow in UV light. MY friends daughter borrowed for a school disco once too.
            It is an extremely durable hula hoop, and of much superior quality than a cheap toy hula hoop.
            Other sizes of hoop are also available from the makers.
            It is a unisex item - there is no reason that dad's, brother's, uncles or even grandads cant use this item!

            Hula hooping is such a fun way of exercising and loosing inches from your hips and tum. It is so fun that I dont even really feel it is exercise, which always helps!

            I am extremely happy with this item and I have certainly had my moneys worth of use from this particular hula hoop. It is such a durable item i really can not fault it in anyway at all.
            The level of workout and the results obtained from using hula hooping as an exercise depend largely on the person using the hoop. It depends how much time you put into your work out, and what pace you go at. My advice is to start with just a few minutes a day if you are not used to hula hooping, and build up slowly from there.

            If you are genuinely serious about taking up hula hooping as either an exerices , sport, or going to hual hoop clubs and competitions, then you are going to need a professional quality hula hoop. and i highly recommend this hoop as versatile, durable and suitable for a whole range o activities.


            WEIGHT 649 G (BOXED WEIGHT)
            SIZE DIAMETER APPROX 100CM / 40"
            THICKNESS 25 MM


            This hoop looks great when spinning, also perfect for an 80's themed party!


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          • Canon MLA DC1 / Camera Lens / 10 Readings / 10 Ratings
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            07.08.2012 19:51
            Very helpful


            • Reliability
            • Reliability



            This adaptor fits a canon EOS rebel xt with the correct adpters, amongst others (thats the one i use it on) or canon powershot g1
            It is a macro flash adaptor ring, allowing fantastic results when using your camera in macro mode!
            I can not begin to recommend this adaptor enough.
            It gives a very sharp clear crips image, with low noise.
            IT is extremely good value for money. I just completely LOVE mine.
            It is simply a must have.

            The canon lenses are amongst the best made in the world, the canon brand being extremely well known worldwide. They offer fantastic quality products, and this lens adaptor is no exception to that.
            You KNOW when you are buying a canon product that you are getting the best. You get great after sales care too. No quibbles from canon, or any of the shops that stock and sell canon products.
            This is perfect for those moments when you want to work close up. I use it for photographing food and jewellery products inside my light box, as well as flowers, rocks etc (I never use flases when taking photos of animals close up). Using this lens adaptor and the relevant fitting macro lens gives me better results than any of the others i have used. Without fail you can not get a better product anywhere.

            It is inexpensive, which is always a plus, easy to transport, very easy to attach, easy to clean and store too. WHat more could you want from a camer product really ?

            You really can not go wrong with this product. IF you want something reliable this fits that bill too. I have never had a problem with any of the canon products i have purchased, and this is no different. It is robust, well made, easy to handle and simply the best product i have ever used for close up work.

            It is an essential item to have to fit your macro lens and flash to your camera.
            I know little about photography but i do know that this product is very realiable, superb value for money and a must have item.

            it is a 58 mm lens adaptor, it alos fits wide angle and teleconvertor lenses. The camer aitself is a fantastic bridge camrea with super accesories like this one.

            You can also still attach your filters to your lenses , and it is a really stable product. The textured part of the adapter offers extra grip to the user, ensureing extra stability and less blurred photos!
            You really do need one of these adaptors if you want to make the most of your canon photography product, unless of course you DONT want to improve the vast variety of possibilities you have with your camera. I for one would not be happy using only the very basic settings on my camera, and I ordered one of these adaptors at the very same time I ordered my camera. It is the most used bit of equipment in my camera bag!


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            07.08.2012 19:24



            not the best

            We were given this by someone last year. We have had nothing but problems with it.
            Given the choice I would never buy this printer again!

            The problems we have had with this have ranged from issues loading the paper, paper jamming, paper being shredded and scrunched up, printing half on one page half ont he next, not printing at all, saying there is no ink left when there actually is printing in one colour (blue seems the favourite !), not receiving the documents from the computer when there is no error with the computer, ink blobs on the printed work, smudges on work etc

            All in all we personally have found this printer to be more problem than it is worth.
            We find the ink exensive compared to other brands of ink, the printer/scanner/photocopier itsels is very large and buly as well> It takes up loads of room on our shelves, and weighs a lot, which is a real nuisance when you ahve to keep picking it up to check leads and sort issues with it.
            THere are, in my opinion, far more economical, easier to use, and smaller and lighter all in one's available,
            Our printer is a mere 3 years old and no longer works at all. We are looking for a new one, and will NOT look at this particular one again.
            I would defnatly recommend you look at something smaller, more economical and cheapr to be honest.


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            07.08.2012 17:58
            1 Comment



            fabulous food, highly recommend

            I have used this brand of food for many years now. I find this suits all of my dogs, where as other brands I have tried have not suited some or all of my chihuahua's. This food does not lead to bad breath, unlike a lot of brands of food I have tried!
            My dogs all have very lovely shiney thick coats. I Have never had a problem with any of my dogs having an upset tummy whilst being on this food. ANd I have also never had a dog that has turned it's nose up at this brand and refused to eat it. (yes this HAS Happened with other brands of dried food that I have tried them on)

            IT comes in a variety of types puppy, adult sensitive tummy etc SO you feed your dog on this one brand right through from weaning age until when your dog is a doggy pensioner!

            It offers a great vlaue for money. Dont be fooled by the false economy of cheaper brands, they do not fill your dog up as much, so the dog eats more, you buy more and in the long run spend more!
            The sizes of the kibble are exactly right for a chihuahua's tiny mouth.

            I highly recommend this brand of food above all others, they really understand the dietary needs of a chihuahua!


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            • Chihuahua / Pet / Animal / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
              More +
              07.08.2012 17:48
              Very helpful



              A totally fabulous pet dog to own.

              I have been a chihuahua owner and breeder for 10 years now. I thought I would add my view on the breed here.
              Hopefully I can expell some myths about the breed too, including:
              They're difficult to toilet train
              They don't learn obedience well
              They are snappy and yappy
              Teacup Chihuahua's (GRRRRR - see my reason for GRRRR below!)
              A common medical issue that a lot of new owners DONT know about! (and arent told about!)

              LEt me introduce you to this breed firstly:
              The Chihuahua is in the breed catergory of Toy dog. This does not mean you treat them like toys! LOL
              The breed specification is up to 10 pounds weight if you wish to show. Yes - there are chihuahua's weighing heavier than this, and I personally have owned one.
              There is a lot more information you need to know before showing, and i wont go into that here as to the newbie it is complex. My best advice is to search for a show breeder near you, and ask them if they will take you under their wing, take you to shows BEFORE you get a dog etc.

              I will concentrate on PET dogs (which I highly recommend you have nuetered!)

              TOILET TRAINING - This breed of dog is in no way more difficult to toilet train than any other breed! You can even train them to use a litter tray much like a cat would, handy if you live in a flat, but cant beat going for walkies! They need the usual training methods to become housetrained. So this is a myth!

              OBEDIENCE - They DO learn obedeince well, and I find are very clever, intelligent little dogs who LOVE to learn and love to please their owners. They can learn just as well as other breeds of dog.

              THEY ARE SNAPPY AND YAPPY - this CAN be true, but in my opinion this can be true of ANY dog, or in fact any pet at all! I believe strongly that this depends on the owner! Get an owner who hasnt researched the breed, or doesnt understand small dogs, then yes you will end up with a snappy yappy dog! This is true of any breed, it is the OWNER that makes the pet! If you correctly train your chihuahua or any dog, they WILL be obdeient, and not snapy and yappy.

              TEACUP'S - this to me is a HUGE GRRRRRRRR subject, as you will have noticed above. Why?
              No matter what anyone tells you - THERE IS NO SUCH THING!
              Plain and simple, there is NOT a breed or type of chihuahua called a teacup, and I will explain this to in more detail now.
              Before I say another word please do not think i am saying ALL breeders who use the word teacup are BAD breeders, I am not! Many do not realise, they are just going on what they have been told. I use this term generally and in a time sense of in past years....

              In years gone past bad (or shall we say less reputable) breeders have coined this phrase of teacup dogs. They have built up this impressiont hat the smaller the better, and use this phrase to make you feel youre getting a more valuble, or "better" dog.

              Take a look at the entire litter when you go to view your "teacup" chihuahua, my betting is many will be larger than your puppy! NOw I have heard and experienced breeders saying "those are a different litter, an older litter" when in fact they clearly are not!!
              Smaller Is NOT better, a very tiny dog could in all likeness, have health conditions and complications. Yes this is a small breed of dog, but please do not be fooled into thinking the teacup pup youve seen advertised for twice the price of another pup is the better choice necessarily!.
              You MUST look into the health conditions of your chosen breed and learn how to spot the simple ones.

              So the use of the word teacup RILES me and many other more reputable breeders! Some people will not listen and INSIST there is a type called a teacup (this applies to yorkies and jack russles too) but NO Kennel CLub association in the world recognise the word teacup!

              Onto health conditions(briefly)

              Chihuahua's can get bad teeth, and a few do need these operating on. I Keep mine clean, i literally use a doggy toothapste and tiny brush and clean them once a week. I also give a good supply of dental dog treats, though finding ones small enough is a challenge in itsel!

              The main issue affecting dogs is an open fontanella (the hole in the top of their heasds like a baby gets.)
              I have heard of people selling puppies and saying " a good chihuahua should HAVE a hole in it's head"> This is ridiculous! THey should NOT. Now whilst some just take a little longer to close up, they should NOT have a large one when you go to buy them. I have felt dogs with ones as big as my thumb which on such a small puppy is anything but normal.
              IT can cause a number of issues in itself including water on the brain, sleepiness, lethargy, and even in sever cases DEATH.
              Dont be alarmed though, if you go to view a puppy and it has a small hole in its head (you can feel these by VERY gently rubbing your fingers over the head) then ASK the breeder to feel those of the parent dogs, likelihood is if they DONT have an open ehad then your pups is just being slow to grow over.
              Chihuahuas can EASILY be killed or suffer brain damage from a blow to the head, this open fontanella is going to make that blow to the head pose even more problems and be even more gentle!

              You dont want to risk your dogs health, so my advice is research! Talk to owners and breeders before buying go to shows and exhibitions and gather advice!

              All that said they are beautifull little dogs, short or long haired, they make superb companions, and are so loving and loyal!
              I have one chihuahua here at present who NEVER leaves my side. Everyone coments on how much she loves me. ANd she knows when I am Ill. I have diabetes and a heart condition and BEFORE I know I am ill the dog knows! She comes and sits on my lap puts her head down and whines at me, until I realise my blood sugars are dropping or my heart rate is going up!
              Theyre such loyale companions.

              Another issue i want to briefly comment on is breeding - unless your experienced i have one word for you DONT!
              Chihuahua's are notorious for having difficult births, cessarians are very common and lack of knowledge, skill support, and understanding of this breed can lead to the death of the ENTIRE litter and the mother! You do not want your mother and /or pups to suffer! Do NOT be greedy and breed them thinking you will make money. ANY reputable breeder will tell you that after they add the all the costs they sometimes dont profit at all, or very little! I cannot say this enough, dont breed unless you are experienced and have an endless cash supply for when things go wrong.

              But do not let any of this put you off owning this breed!
              I have owned and bred english border collies, jack russels, and german shepards, and the chihuahua is by far my favourite of the breeds!


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            • Olympus E-410 / Digital Camera / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
              More +
              07.08.2012 17:12
              Very helpful


              • Reliability
              • Reliability


              A brilliant DSLR, couldnt live without mine. HIGHLY recommend it

              Hi i thought I would give this review from the point of view of someone who knew next to nothing about photography when I purchased my first DSLR (which was this model).
              I purchased one of these camera's 5 years ago, and to this day I still own it and use it as my main camera. I do not own any other DSLR.
              I knew so little about photography when I purchased this I was under the impression if i got a decent camera i could take decent photo's. I literally thought it was es easy as that!
              I knew nothing of aperature and lenses and curves, nor what 3/4 's of this camera was capable of doing. To this day I still havent learnt about RAW images !! (that is my fault and nothing to do with the camera!)

              Now, whilst with some cameras you do need a good understanding of photography to use them, i found with the E410 i didnt really!
              WHen i opened this camera i literally placed the lens on it and started snapping pictures. I snapped away and took over 2 thousand images in one day. Then I did something I had never done before - I edited them with the software that came with the camera. And I instantly loved my camera!
              There WAS a certain degree of an instant imporvement in my photo's, which i was over the moon with.
              I have since learnt a lot more about photography, and can now take a variety of styles of photo's, i still class myself as a beginner though!

              The camera is, to me, lightweight, and easy to use. It comes with your first lens too, and is a fabulous addition to any amateur photographer. It makes an excellent first DSLR camera, and indeed with the added bonus of being able to buy more lenses for it, would do the pforessional photographer too!

              The lenses are easy to take on and off, and are also easy to clean and maintain. I love them! No complex processes involved, literally line the two red dots up twist and off they come! Or on they go. AS easy as that!
              It gives a very clear crips picture with low noise in the background. The editing software is superb and in the five years I have had this camera i have never felt the need to upgrade to a paid editing software, i find it does everything i could posiibly want from a photo editing software programme.
              Lenses are reasonably priced and often so much cheaper than for other brands of camera, there are even other brands of lens that easily fit onto this camera too.

              The remote control is a valuble picec of equipment for it too, i LOVE it. It enables me to be in family photo's, or to not have to stay in one position for hours when waiting for that perfect shot of some reclusive animal!

              You can also buy infared lenses which give your photos a whole new meaning of life.
              I really can not begin to recommend this product enough.
              I chose mine by reading online reviews, and I had to hunt several websites to find reveiws that compared various different makes of DLSR. This is classed by many an an entry level DSLR, but as i say I still have mine five years later, and still have not felt the need to upgrade. It is a fab easy to use camera and I love it. I highy recommend it!


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