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Member since: 21.10.2010

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    • HP Compaq 615 / Laptop / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      21.10.2010 11:37



      Recomended for you

      The first time I got computers, I don't like the AMD product. I don't know why. But after I tried to AMD in this laptop model, I am quite satisfied with the performance of AMD. Although worn for days without any shut down, the laptop is still cool even without external fan. And also not noisy.

      With VGA ati radeon HD3200, the laptop is suitable for applications that require high performance graphics. For true gamers, this laptop is less than satisfactory. Because if tested in those games now, can only be played on medium settings.

      Therefore, I recommend that anyone who wants to buy this laptop model, provide money for at least a little bit extra on upgrading to 4GB of RAM if you plan to run the big games, or Windows Vista 64-bit. It certainly will not disappoint.

      If the value of the speakers, compaq laptop has the advantage of his voice is quite clear. But still the built-in speaker still less comfortable if the Rev sound at high volume.
      Concerning the display screen, it seems that this one looks good. This is a clear and white.
      Blutooth easier to move data

      Overall, I liked this laptop very much, especially with shiny black casing and bright display. I do not hesitate to recommend this laptop to anyone.


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