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      27.04.2011 13:35
      Very helpful



      Must Buy !

      It is really fascinating to witness just how much COD has developed from the original, yet still while doing so, a few of the aspects which had crafted the series to success , continue to be alive in their latest release from Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops. I am much of a occasional player, and considering that the majority of the critiques are by hardcore gamers, I really hope I'll give a distinct viewpoint.

      First of all, I must point out that I have played majority of the COD series, but was not seriously "addicted" until Modern Warfare arrived on the scene. I cherished that game due to the fairly futuristic game play of it and the plot was very impressive. The overall game play was excellent. However, I did not check out the multiplayer component of the series until Modern Warfare 2, that I bought for Playstation 3. MW2 was significantly designed for its multiplayer while still providing a good but very short single-player decided to give multiplayer a go, and to be honest, I was addicted. There were a lot of "glitches" in MW2 multiplayer, yet personally, it did not outplay the overall merits of multiplayer. It absolutely was enjoyable, and it also was visually astounding. Minus the glitches, everything about the game was cool with me.

      In this edition of COD, it seems that the developers have paid attention to the views of gamers. They have introduced "Zombies" which I must admit is a delightful add-on The following are my views about various elements of the game.

      ** GRAPHICS **

      All round, the graphics continue to be sensational. I have always been a fan of the futuristic gameplay. But IMO the graphics are not as interesting and appealing as they were in MW2. The visual configurations, however, tend to be more pruned than MW2, Online gaming sometimes feels frustating, but one can get used to it: D

      ** SOUND **

      I think the sound is far superior in Black Ops. One can adjust it to best suit your configuration. MW2's sound was more theatrical and unrealistic. In this game, they are more authentic and realistic hence making it easier to get lost in the game.

      ** SINGLE PLAYER **

      The plot is definitely not that terrific as MW, but it is an appealing approach, and I appreciate developers for that attempt. The game play is nice, but you will discover the AI to be inadequate, especially on the enemy side, which makes it slightly less "real life experience".

      ** MULTIPLAYER **

      The heart of the Black Ops exists multiplayer. Very first thing to make note of is the small size of the maps. There are many small improvements. Bullets can penetrate through most of cover, an element I like for being more sensible. I personally felt that enemies are now much harder to eliminate.

      ** TRAINING **
      Whoa, I hope MW2 had this! Really, in my experience this really is such a pleasant add-on, I simply wish I could utilize something similar to it previously. if you are reluctant to jump into multiplayer, Black Ops offers the power to practice against AI of different difficulty, most of which I observed to be even better AI compared to campaign mode

      ** CONCLUSION **

      The overall game is superb, although with it has minor shortcomings. I really believe the developers will pay attention and release patches. This game is a huge advancement to COD series, and it is a MUST BUY!


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    • Nikon D7000 Body / Digital Camera / 45 Readings / 41 Ratings
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      25.04.2011 12:41
      Very helpful



      Must buy if you're a professional . Not that useful when it comes to day-to-day activities

      My 1st Digital SLR was a D80 I purchased some time ago. The shutter went down a couple weeks back. Nevertheless I was about to upgrade to the D7000 anyways so this simply hurried things up. I purchased the D7000 kit along with the 18-105 lenses .However I sold them on EBay after sometime. I had been capturing pics using a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens on the D80. For poor light, this did wonders but more than 50 % of time I required one of my SB-600 flash. The only disadvantage in the Tamron, or mixture of the Tamron with the D80, was that the pictures were rather soft. Therefore I also upgraded my lens to the Nikon 16-85. Even though this is an adjustable lens that maxes out at 3.5, it's astonishingly sharp with the D7000. Additionally, the extra reach is ideal for obtaining superior pictures as well as providing comparatively shallow depth of field that normally could be lost with the sluggish aperture.

      The main reason I spoke about the lens change is that I would not have gone to an adjustable lens had it not been for the incredible ISO efficiency on the D7000. I'm now capturing at extremely fast shutter speeds. I am witnessing remarkable outcomes at 800 ISO even if completely inflated (1:1). At ISO 1600, I noticed insignificant noise but Lightroom 3's noise elimination effortlessly removes it. 3200 definitely isn't noiseless but Lightroom can fix it up perfectly in many scenarios. My outdated D80 had way more noise at 400 compared to D7000 has got at 1600; I would point out 800 on it was comparable to 3200 on the D7000. I saw printing 1600 pictures at lesser dimensions with no need for software clean-up. I'm amazed at the ISO abilities of this digital camera. I am glad I can obtain excellent dx lenses for less than £425 instead of £910 for fx. Ideal for fanatics like me!

      If you capture HDR/Bracket pictures in speedy succession, the 6FPS shutter speed will work to your advantage. Having this type of quick shutter makes it possible for you to achieve this. This is only feasible due to the high ISO features allowing fast shutter times.

      I have only played with the video functionality but that's part of my interest since I detest keeping 2 digital cameras, in addition chargers and media, on family holidays. The checks I did in 1080P happen to be spectacular. Auto-focusing while movie recording is fine, given that the backdrop is not too loud. The greatest drawback I've experienced will be the built-in microphone accumulates plenty of auto focusing noise. I haven't yet purchased an external mic but possibly I may have to.

      Overall I'm extremely pleased using the D7000 and observe zero major weak points. It isn't low-cost; however, it is worth the money.


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