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Member since: 09.10.2012

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    • print24 online printing / Online Shop / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      09.10.2012 17:46
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      good value

      After the first time I used print24 I started planning all the other jobs that I could give them, the price,quality and service was everything you could ask for from an online service; even the delivery was one day ahead of schedule. My only criticism was that the website was a little laborious to navigate, sometimes there is no choice but to reload the page through the search engine if, for example, you want to go from viewing your account details to ordering a product. Really this was just a minor inconvenience.
      The customer service team were quick to respond to my queries, helpful and friendly.
      The second job that I did with them went differently. The price and the quality were still excellent, but the ordering process was held up twice because of the same mistake, the VAT category of the product, it was the result of either a communication problem or human error, I am still not sure which. The customer service team were still quick to respond and helpful. The product arrived at the standard delivery time but I had ordered an express option. My commnications with the reps during this time was frustrating and dysfunctional, they were polite but ultimately powerless to affect the situation, I felt that they expected me to be as resigned as they were.
      After pressing them I was offered a refund to the value of the difference of the two delivery prices, I felt that given the cicumstances I should have had a full refund, again I was left unsure as to why exactly I didnt.
      The company is service orientated I do not doubt that but this experience -compared to the first one- was not positive. I will use them again because for an offset printers the price is good and the product is what you order, I hope that the next time I will receive the flyers on time


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