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Member since: 12.02.2012

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      12.02.2012 15:57
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      A drinks machine that makes great tasting hot or iced drinks. Easy to use and easy to clean

      I first got addicted to these 'Latte makers' whilst staying with my sister in law in Amsterdam. Relaxing on the balcony sipping a caramel or vanilla latte or a creamy cappuccino watching the world go by......on bicycle! Image my delight on my return to the UK only to find the same machine as my Sister in law on offer at my local comet store - a bargain at just £59.99. I snapped up a cream coloured machine and went home to revisit the Amsterdam experience with my new Dolce Gusto!

      What an easy task this became - the easy to follow instructions meant I could have my first latte within minutes. Mmm superb! Enclosed with my coffee machine was a free party pack so I could sample different types of coffee or iced drinks. You can make iced peach tea or iced cappuccinos, on these machines, ideal for long lazy summer days as well as a variety of coffees.

      These machines are so easy to use simply fill the reservoir with water and press the on button once this goes green you can place your pod in the cradle pull the lever to the right (left if you want an iced drink) and your drink is poured into the awaiting mug - many of the drinks are made using 2 pods one contains the milk and the other pod contains the coffee or other flavour. Some of the stronger coffees use only one pod.

      The most popular pods can be purchased at your local supermarket for around £3.99 per 16 pods which will make 8 drinks - working out at around 50p a drink they are very special and finish off a dinner party beautifully as well as kick starting your day first thing in the morning. They are a fraction of the price of those fancy coffee houses. You can also buy special edition pods via the Nescafe Gusto web site such as Indian spiced chai, vanillas and caramel lattes, Mocha and pods for iced drinks - buy bulk for free postage - eBay sometimes have the pods on special too. The actual coffee makers often come up on offer at around £60 -£70 at Amazon or Comets - the cheap ones on eBay are reconditioned so check the description carefully.

      I have had my gusto for over a year now and still use it on a daily basis - in fact I never really enjoyed coffee until I discovered the Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto.


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