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    • Hidden - Cathy Glass / Biography / 111 Readings / 104 Ratings
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      05.05.2009 20:40
      Very helpful



      A lovely book about a very special boy

      Hidden by Cathy Glass is a book I would highly recommend the book follows a young man's time in foster care. Tayo Mezer is removed from his mother's care at 10 years old following complaints from neighbours about Tayo being left alone regularly over night. Tayo is placed in foster care with Cathy Glass and her family. When Tayo arrives Cathy discovers he is not the same as other children she has care for Tayo is very bright, confident, polite and very well mannered. He is not disturbed like other children she has carer for in the past.

      Hidden follows Tayo through his time with Cathy as his trust develops he opens up about his past working in a factory when he was only 8 years old. His mother's drink problems and the years of neglect, he has suffered. Tayo's mother had made him suffer for years he had gone without food worked to get her money for drink and he had been unable to live as a Nigerian boy his mother had forced racist view onto Tayo which had caused him to hate himself for being black. As Tayo's trust in Cathy develops, he expresses his feeling about his father and grandmother who live in Nigeria. Tayo wants nothing more than to be return to his father's loving home in Nigeria. Cathy is not sure whether Tayo's memory is serving him correctly, as he was very young when he left Nigeria.

      Overall I would recommend this book it is a lovely story and unlike most of the books I have read about people being abuse this book has an amazingly happy ending. Tayo is a very special boy who deserves the love of a good family. This books RRP is £6.99 but at the moment is is reduced to £4.50 on Amazon! Which is a good price!


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      • The Colour of Money / TV Programme / 89 Readings / 86 Ratings
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        14.04.2009 21:53
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        Win or lose this show is a great one to watch

        The colour of money is a show on TV on Saturday nights starring Chris Tarrant who is amazing on this show he is such a great presenter.

        What is it about?

        At the start of the show, the contestant will choose from three cards each contains a sum of money over £50,000. The amount that the contestant gets on the card is the amount they could win. There are twenty machines each has a colour the lucky contestant chooses a machine to play. Once they have chosen a machine, the machine counts up in thousands. The contestant gets to choose ten machines and hopefully take the cash from each of them. The contestant has to shout stop before the machine reaches the amount that is in it. The machines contain between 1,000 and 20,000 pounds. Each amount is only used once. If the contestant shouts stop before the alarm sounds on the machine they get the amount the machine stops on. We then watch the machine until it reaches the amount that it contains and the alarm sounds. This game is very tense and it is a game of nerves! The amounts that the contest shout stop on are all added up, they need to reach the amount selected in the card at the start to win. The game sounds very complicated and is hard to explain but when you watch it becomes easy to understand and follow.

        What else happens?

        The contestants occasionally have a great reason for needing the money and other times it is just for holidays etc. The contestants usually have reasons for picking the coloured machines they choose. A few friends or members of the family (seems to be about 3) sit on the stage and can be called on for advice. After each machine they break down the amount needed the amount they have and what they need per machine. There are some winners and some losers on this show it seems very harsh watching people lose because they go away with nothing at all unlike some other programmes like this!

        Do I like it?

        Yeah I guess I do like it. Well I like watching people win and I enjoy watching Chris and others cringe! I do not like watching people lose. It is a bit of an odd show because the higher the amount they choose at the start the less change they have of actually winning anything. I do not like the women who do the sums (Milly) and tells the contestants whether they are on track and how much they need I do not know why but I find her very irritating!


        I like watching the show but it would not bother me if I was out and I missed it. It is a nice new show, which makes a change from the same old stuff. I love watching people win huge amounts of money but do not like seeing them lose. The show can become very emotional at times, which makes it more interesting and makes me want the people to win more. If Chris was not the presenter I do not think it would be anywhere near as good he really makes the show interesting.


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        • Inflatable Snow Bob / Outdoor Toy / 81 Readings / 81 Ratings
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          07.04.2009 22:29
          Very helpful



          Give me some more snow so we can play again!

          I bought an inflatable snow/water bob from eBay when there was snow on the ground for £9.99 with free postage and packaging. The snow bob is an inflatable ring with handles which can be used for sledging or for in the swimming pool.

          The ring I purchased is 39", which was big enough for me and my daughter who is 7 years old. Inflating the snow bob was a bit of a mission as it was very hard work and took a long time with a foot pump. (Much faster using my dad's compressor though) Once inflated my daughter sat on the snow bob and I pulled it along through the snow. Once I had attached a rope to pull it along the snow bob was very easy to pull and floated along the snow effortlessly.

          Once we arrived at a slope in the field we jumped on the first couple of runs were a bit tricky but once the path was developed the snow bob flew along much faster than the three sledges we had with us. The heavier you are the faster you go. The snow bob did not deflate at all when we were out in the field, which was very impressive. The handles were a good size and very easy to grip hold of. The warning states not to use this while being towed by a car etc (but it worked fine when we did it and it was great fun) I was very impressed that the snow bob worked well on grass that only had a very thin layer of snow and going over a small amount of grass was fine.

          The Snow bob.

          The snow bob is made from heavy-duty vinyl and has double seams for strength. I was very impressed by the strengths and durability of the ring. I think I got a bargain when I bought the ring. This ring stayed inflated really well and it was amazing on the snow. I do not think I would bother taking it to a swimming pool, as it is too big and to much hassle to inflate. When I deflated the snow bob I was able to get it back into the box easily which surprised me. The box was a good size and is easy to pop on the shed for in 10 years time when we get more snow.

          Overall this is the best item I have ever bought for the snow we had three fun filled days of laughter with the snow bob. It was a hassle to inflate but it stayed inflated once up and was very strong. This is an excellent item if you can grab one at the right price.


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            04.04.2009 14:55
            Very helpful



            You might like it but you might not!

            Tell me why, Mummy is a book that a purchase from a charity shop it was part of a book set and they cost me £4.99 for eight books. All the book are about abuse etc. Tell me why, Mummy is written by David Thomas it is based on the true story of his life experiences. David was sexually abused by his mother and physically abuse by his stepfather.

            The book

            Tell me why, Mummy by David Thomas is 321 pages long and the RRP is £12.99. The cover shows a little boy with blue eyes and blonde hair I cannot really understand why as the book is a bout a ginger haired kid! However, I guess a cute photo attracts readers. It must work because this is the second book I have read with a blonde haired boy on the cover! I think £12.99 is a lot of money for a paperback book and I would not pay that much for a book unless it was a reference book.

            The story

            The story inside the book is true and is written by the man who experienced the abuse so I would say it is very accurate and factual. This book was a very moving and emotional read. I experienced a lot of feeling for disgust to sympathy. The abuse this lad suffered is disgusting I did struggle reading some parts of the book from the age of 4 years old David suffered from the sexual abuse from his drunken mother. His mother sexually abused him when she was drunk but when she sobered up she did not even acknowledge the attacks. David was left wondering if she knew what she was doing when she was drunk. David then suffered beating from his elderly stepfather who would beat him regularly for no apparent reason. Halfway through the book David takes hold of his life and makes something of him, this is inspiring.

            My opinion.

            I did find part of the book very hard to read it was written very cleverly by David not going into to much detail about the sexual abuse but I still found it very hard to read as it was discussing the things that happened to him. The physical abuse was also very hard to read this book did reduce me to tears in several places just imagining a young lad going through that level of abuse was shocking. I loved reading on to see how he turned his life around. I was disappointed that David did not get answers to the questions he wanted. I would have liked to know whether his mother knew what she was doing and if she knew what his stepfather was doing to him also. This book was very moving and emotional but it is not for the faint hearted as the abuse it terrible.


            Overall, I am glad I read a book it is a very moving story and covers some important issues. I love the message of hope in the book whatever you go through you can turn your life around and make something of yourself. I would not pay £12.99 for this book as I feel that is very expensive. The book was well written and the style and language was easy to read. I would recommend this book but if you are faint hearted or overly sensitive this one is not for you.


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              31.03.2009 21:58
              Very helpful



              If you like fiction you might like it but I prefer fact

              I bought Daniel isn't talking back on the summer at a car boot sale for £1. I started reading the book the day I got it but it did not grip me so it ended up on a shelf. I recently gave it another go because I am clearing out books so I managed to read it. I have to stay I found this book a struggle to read as the plot moved to slowly and the book contains far too much waffle for my likings.


              Daniel isn't talking is written by Marti Leimbach the book is 281 pages long and retails at £6.99. (ISBN 978-0-00-721701-4) The cover is plain white with a photo of a young lad with blonde hair and dark eyes.

              What is it about?

              Daniel isn't talking is about a young lad with autism. The story is written from the mother's perspective and covers how autism affected her marriage and relationships. Melanie (Daniel's mother) meets a man called Andy who claims her can help her son Daniel, he is a play therapist. The book follows her through learning about autism and her son. It also follows how her relationships change as she commits herself to helping her son achieve his full potential.

              What I think about the book.

              As I said, I found this book a struggle to read. I love reading books about living with autism and the parent's perspective but this book was different and I did not realise until half way through why. This book is not written by the mother of an autistic child it is written by a writer! This book is a fictional story based on some facts about autism. I did not enjoy the writer's style of writing and found pages were spent on setting scenes and going off into Melanie's imagination, which I was not interested in. It felt like the book had been padded out with a few pages of waffle! I was also dismay by the way Melanie was able to spend hundreds of pounds on treatment for her son who I am not sure is very true to life. The book had a nice enough stories but it was not the right book for me!


              You cannot go wrong for a pound so I guess this book is ok. The story was a bit slow and there seemed to be a lot of waffle and scene setting that was wasted on me! I did learn a few things about autism from this book and found the play therapy very interesting. I think the author needs to focus more on the plot. The other thing that annoyed me is she made out that her husband left her because of the autism when he was actually having an affair so it probably would not be anything to so with there son. This bugged me because many families struggle through having children who suffer autism and it does but strain on many relationships. If you like, fictional stories then you might like this but I prefer reading true stories.


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                27.03.2009 13:15
                Very helpful



                I love dooyoo and have written 200 reviews!

                This is my 200th review so I decided to write about something special and Dooyoo sprang to mind!

                I am completely hooked on this site I love. Everyday at some point I will log into the site and several hours later I will finally drag myself away. I confess I have an addiction. I know I have an addiction because I have to come on here daily and cannot go without but because I eat, sleep and think dooyoo! I open the cupboard and think about items to review, when I go to the shops I buy different items just so I can review them I am completely obsessed!

                How I found dooyoo.

                A friend on www.moneysavingexpert.com was making money on here and I asked more within a few days I had signed up and written loads of shockingly naff reviews! I soon got accused of revenge rating (which was partly true sorry mummy2harry! She is a lovely lady and very forgiving!) I was not reading the review and rating as fast as possible it was all about making money! Then I stumbled across the community and some lovely people. I realised that this site was much more that a quick way to get some cash! It is a slow way to make some cash if you do it properly.


                I love reading reviews more than I enjoy writing them and I have bought loads of items after reading about them and not bought others after reading negative reviews so saving myself loads of money. I love reading other peoples thoughts and opinions. I tend to write reviews about book, food, toiletries etc. I have tried to review DVD's and films but I don't seem to be very good at those I will keep trying now and then.


                I love leaving and reading the comments left by other people. They are great for getting tips and opinions. I do not tend to say if I am nominating it depends on the mood I am in. I do nominate a lot though.


                I have A crown (singular) I am very proud of my crown I would of course like more. I think to get crowns you need to get a lot of reads and I don't tend to get that many most of the decent reviews I have seen have over 300 reads and crowns the more people that read the more likely you are to get a crown.


                I like them they are nice and friendly and have always helped me when I have asked for help. I find they do leave comments a lot but these tend to be very helpful comments and suggestions.


                I love dooyoo. I love reading and buying stuff. I love receiving cheques from them even more. I love the idea of the site and the people on here are great!

                There it is review 200... right off to write the next 200!


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                  25.03.2009 20:47
                  Very helpful



                  Not for me thats I am not keen on cocoa powder

                  I won a packet of Gü Chocs in an online competition. The postman brought me a square black box with a picture of a dark brown round chocolate covered in cocoa power with light brown liquid seeping out of it. The box said "Liquid caramel chocs" and contained 110g of chocolate balls! The box looks very expensive and posh in black with white/silver typing. I opened the lid to discover that the inside of the box was also black with a white pattern that looked like expensive wallpaper. Inside the box was a clean bag containing about 25 marble shaped and sized balls. The balls were light brown and coated in powder. According to the website http://www.gupuds.com you can buy these for £4 a box, which I think, is very expensive for a small box of chocolates although I was surprised how many chocolates were inside the box!


                  Well these smelt lovely sweet and chocolaty. I popped the round ball into my mouth and was met by the very disappointing taste of very dry powdery cocoa I was not at all keen on the first taste. After sucking all the dry chocolate powder off the ball there was, a lovely taste of sweet dark chocolate there was a thick layer of thick creamy dark chocolate that dissolved slowly in my mouth. I really enjoyed the chocolate it was long lasting and very sweet tasting once I had sucked my way through the chocolate my mouth was filled with cool runny caramel, which tasted a bit gritty. I think this was sugar it was tasty but an odd texture inside my mouth. The caramel was very sweet and tasty! The caramel was very thick and syrupy but it did not last very long however the taste of the sweet dark chocolate lingered in my mouth nicely for a little while. I really hated the cocoa flavour at the start of eating this but the chocolate inside was very tasty and moreish!

                  Overall, I would not buy these for one they are very expensive and secondly the powder is horrid! If you like, cocoa powder then these is probably for you! These round balls of chocolate dusted (heavily) in cocoa power with dark chocolate and runny sweet caramel were not a winner for me but I still managed to eat the whole box!


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                  • General / Discussion / 54 Readings / 52 Ratings
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                    24.03.2009 18:27
                    Very helpful



                    Well now you know all about me

                    Well I have been on this site a while now and thought it was time to fill you all in so here is my review all about ME...

                    1. What is your middle name?

                    2. Fire or Central Heating?
                    An open fire very time. Central heating gives me a headache

                    3. What are you listening to right now?
                    Usually the radio not that into music

                    4. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?
                    A meal I hate clubs and dancing

                    5. What was the last thing you ate?
                    lunchtime at work I had crunchy nut cornflakes

                    6. Last person you hugged?
                    My daughter

                    7. How is the weather right now?
                    sunny but there is a cool wind

                    8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
                    my mum I phone her most evening

                    9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
                    eyes and smile followed by thier hair

                    10. Favourite type of Food?

                    11. Do you want children?
                    I have a daughter aldready but would love more kids

                    12. Hair colour?
                    dyed Black

                    13. Do you wear contacts?

                    14. Favourite holiday?
                    Tunsia- Hot sunny lovely people and loads of food!

                    15. Favourite Season?
                    all of them winter because I love snow. Summer because I love the sun I can't choose

                    16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?

                    17. Last Movie you watched?
                    Not watched a movie for ages. Saw madagascar 2 at the cinema?

                    18. What books are you reading?
                    Tell me why mummy. A story of child abuse it is the worse I have read so far

                    19. Piercing?
                    None not even my ears!

                    20. Favourite Movie?
                    Comedy American pie, meet the fockers etc

                    21. Favourite Sports Team?
                    none don't like sport

                    22. What were you doing before filling this out?
                    Walking the dog

                    23. Favourite animal?
                    My dog Ben he is a springer spaniel and he is lush

                    24. Favourite drink?
                    Coke so addicitive!

                    25. Favourite flower?
                    Not fussed really any

                    26. Have you ever loved someone?

                    27. Who would you like to see right now?
                    Uumm I dunno

                    28. What colour are your bedroom walls?

                    29. Have you ever fired a gun?
                    Yeah at air training as a teenager

                    30. Do you like to travel by plane?
                    Yes I love it and hate it.

                    31. Right-handed or Left-handed?
                    Right handed

                    32. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
                    Anywhere hot and sunny and far away!

                    33. Are you missing someone?
                    Yes I am single so I am missing a man?

                    34. Do you have tattoo?

                    35. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
                    Yep but I have a child so I can use her as an excuse

                    36. Are you hiding something from someone right now?
                    Not that I know of but I expect so

                    37. Are you 18?
                    No I am 29... 30 next year!

                    38. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
                    A hedgehog I took a photo of

                    39. Are you afraid of the dark?

                    40. Favourite Hangout?
                    Anywhere with my daughter probably the seaside

                    41. Three things you can't live without?
                    My Daughter, my PC and my family

                    42. Favourite songs?
                    None really

                    43. What are you afraid of?
                    losing people close to me and being alone for a long time

                    44. Are you a giver or a taker?

                    46. What is your dad's middle name?

                    47. What do you sleep in?
                    A bed

                    48. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?
                    airplane? Make sense

                    49. Favourite TV commercial?
                    The gorrilla drumming.. Maybe the wierd eyebrows

                    50. First thing you'll save in a fire?
                    My family and my dog then photos

                    51. What is your favourite colour?

                    52. What are the things you always bring with you?
                    Phone, keys and money

                    53. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
                    A vet

                    54. What do you do when the alarm turns on?
                    Switch it off!

                    55. What colour is your bed sheet?

                    56. Who do you want to meet?
                    Gordon Ramsey

                    57. What do you think about before you go to bed?
                    Loads of stuff. work my family life anything that is on my mind


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                      18.03.2009 17:04
                      Very helpful



                      A great day out for the family with loads to see and do

                      During the summer holidays, I went to animal farm as part of a group trip. The group travelled to the animal farm by coach upon arrive we meet our first problem a very busy car park to cross the only parking for the coaches was on the far side of the car park so we had to navigate a large amount of children through the car park. Once across the car park we entered the farm through a side gate. Usually people have to enter through the shop. Once inside we were come across coin operated cars and go-karts, we passed these quickly as we did not want to spend any more money. We then entered a shed, which contained small animals for petting like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. There was a large area in the centre of the shed where children can sit down and hold the animals. The children all got a turn at holding whichever animal they wanted to parents were expected to help and support the children while handling the animals. The animal petting, which they call cuddle club, is open at 11.30 am, 13.30 and 15.30 daily. They vary the animals available and children can choose an animal to pet.

                      We then walked out past a bouncy castle and a wooden outdoor play area to the wild animals. They are out in a field and you can walk around the pens. You can buy animal feed in the shop for 50p a bag to feed the goats, sheep etc. We walked passed large pens with donkeys, Shetland ponies, goats, llamas, highland cattle, jersey cows and rare breed sheep. These animals are all very friendly and come to the fence so you can touch them. There was also an area with some caged birds these looked like exotic birds and some fowl. There is a small wooden bridge that you can walk over and feed the ducks in the pond below. As you walk around the large animals, you have to be aware of the land train as it comes round and you need to move out the way.

                      Halfway round the animals in the middle of the field are a huge hill with steps and several slides coming down the side. This is a handy location as the children needed to have a play as they had walked a long way. This area was very muddy and wet when we went.

                      We headed back towards the centre of the farm and went for a ride on the land train, which was free. The train goes round past the animals and through a very dark tunnel, which the kids loved. The train was the highlight of the day for many of the children and they have several train rides during the day.

                      There was a lot of green area to have picnics although there were not very many picnic benches, which was a shame, as the grass was a little damp. The children enjoyed playing on the outdoor play area after lunch there were some wooden blocks to climb on etc.

                      There were a few more coin-operated machines by the play area including a water shooter, digger etc. We did not use any of these, as we did not want the added expense. There is an agility course and zip wire located in a grassy area which was very popular with older children.

                      There is a café area inside the play barn where adults can sit and the picnic tables and enjoys a nice hot drink. The café sold a variety of things including ice creams, lolly, cake, tea, coffee, cans, sandwiches and rolls. The indoor play barn is a nice area with climbing ropes, slides, ball pits, scramble nets etc I found many of the nets hurt my feet and it was very cold inside the barn. There are also several doors, which was a concern as the children could leave the barn without you seeing. There were a lot of hiding places inside the play barn, which the children loved, but it was hard to find them and some of them were quite young. The play barn had an area for children less than 3 years but the children we had with us were drawn into the large play area and would not stay inside the baby area.

                      Overall this was a great day out we were at the park from 10.30 am until 4 pm but we could have stayed a lot longer. There is something for all ages and loads to see and do. The play barn and the train rides were the most popular part of the day with the children. During the holidays, they often have characters like Noddy, Bob the builder etc at the park for the day. When there are characters at set times throughout the day the children can queue up to go on the stage and have there photo taken with the character. The only thing I did not like about the park was that there are too many exits to the play barn and too many machines that cost extra. Also the tracks and play areas get very muddy in wet weather.
                      Animal Farm is open from 10 am through until 5.30 pm. It is closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day

                      The following information is from www.animal-farm.co.uk
                      Special Winter Prices 1st Nov - 31st March
                      Adults: £5.50
                      Children: £5.50
                      Seniors £4.00
                      Under 24 months Free

                      Usual Prices 1st April - 31st October
                      £7.00 Children
                      £6.50 Senior Citizens
                      £6.00 Under 24 months
                      FREE Special Needs/Carers
                      £3.50 Family ticket for four
                      £26.00 Family ticket for 5
                      £32.00 Family ticket for 6

                      From M5 Junction 22
                      Take the second exit at the motorway roundabout. Follow the road into Burnham. Go straightover the roundabout at Tesco. At the mini-roundabout by the Esso garage take the second exit and follow the signs for Berrow and Brean. Once at Berrow, Red Road is on the right where the road bears sharp left. Animal Farm Adventure Park is about 1.5 miles down Red Road on the right hand side.

                      From Brean
                      Follow the coast road towards Burnham. Just after you pass Berrow Church the road bears sharp right. Red Road is on the left at this bend. Animal Farm Adventure Park is about 1.5 miles down Red Road on the right hand side.

                      From Weston-super-Mare
                      Take the A370 from Weston and travel south towards Burnham. At the Anchor Public House in Uphill turn right into Accommodation Road. Follow this road for about 2 miles. When you go over the railway bridge take a right turn towards Berrow. Carry on this road for about 2 miles and then take a left turn into Red Road. Animal Farm Adventure Park is about 200m down Red Road on the left hand side.

                      From Burnham-on-Sea
                      Follow the coast road to Berrow and Brean. Once at Berrow, Red Road is on the right where the road bears sharp left. Animal Farm Adventure Park is about 1.5 miles down Red Road on the right hand side.


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                      • Tesco San Marco Pizza / Ready Meals / 78 Readings / 77 Ratings
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                        14.03.2009 22:34
                        Very helpful



                        Grab these while they are cheap!

                        I had never heard of the brand San Marco until I bought a pizza from Tesco. The pizza was in the frozen section on the end of a row on offer. tThe offer was a 345g box with one pizza for £1 I thought £1 was amazingly cheap for a pizza. I choose a margherita pizza and took it home.

                        A few days later my daughter asked for pizza for tea so I took it our and read the instruction the pizza required 20-25 minutes in the oven on 190 degrees or gas mark 5. I cooked the pizza from frozen. I removed it from the box and ripped of the cling film surrounding it the base was the thickest I have ever seen. The topping looked very tomatoes and there was not very much cheese but for £1, I can add more cheese!

                        I cooked the pizza in the oven and after 25 minutes, the pizza was piping hot and cooked to perfection. I popped in on a board and cut into sections then allowed it to cool. The pizza smelt amazing and made me feel really hungry. The cooked pizza looked very tasty and I was looking forward to eating it.

                        The pizza tasted great the crust was very thick and fluffy. I tend to choose thin bases as I find deep bases are usually doughy and greasy but this was not the case this pizza base was light and fluffy and really crunchy. I think the pizza could do with a little bit more cheese but I am happy to add a sprinkle. The pizza is a good size me and my daughter who is 7 years old and a light eater shared the pizza. This pizza is in a green box with white writting. The picture shows a lovely cheese pizza with green herbs. The pizza has a good year on the best before so i am going to stock up on these.

                        Overall, I would highly recommend grabbing some of these for the freezer while they are on offer. The pizza is very tasty and the base is the best I have every tasted. The pizza was very filling, it looked and smelt lovely and we were not disappointed at all. I cannot think of any negatives for this product other than it might be expensive when it is not on offer.


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                          14.03.2009 17:06
                          Very helpful



                          Great bag for that sh*t job!

                          As a responsible dog owner, the job of picking up my dogs waste fall to me and only me. It is one of my least favourite jobs and on occasions, it has made me feel sick. I really hate picking up dog poo but it has to be done.

                          One of the things that are very important to me is having the right kit for the job I have tried all sorts in the way of poop scoops and have finally reached the decision that a black bag turned inside out is the best way to pick up the mess. My friend who I walk with uses all sorts of bags she re uses the clear bag she gets her fruit in etc. I cannot cope with that at all I need a black bag, as I do not want to see the poo!

                          I bought a load of bio degradable poo bags off the internet but last week I ran out so I popped to the supermarket and bought Bob Martin Poop Scoop Bags 40's priced at 59p. At 1.5p, each, these bags are just the job.

                          The packaging states these are Anti-bacterial Poop Scoop Bags I do not understand how this works but the are anti-bacterial which mean they kill germs. The bags are made from recycled plastic but they are not biodegradable which a negative is for me. The packaging also states that they are perfumed I have sniffed the bags and I can't smell anything so maybe they are very weakly perfumed?

                          I took the dog for a walk and within minutes, he had performed so I could test the bag. The technique I use is to simply place the bag over your hand and use it to scoop up the waste. Turn the bag inside out and tie the handles then pop onto the closest poo bin.

                          I found the bag worked very well for me they are a good thickness and unlikely to tear or rip. The bag has handles, which makes it easy to tie the bag. The only problem I had was that the bag was hard to open I had to lick my fingers and rub the top of the bag I hate doing this as my hands are often dirty from climbing over styles etc. This problem is common with most of the poo bags I have used.

                          Overall these poop bags are good value for money they are easy to use and very convent. They do not smell as the packaging stated but this is not important to me and they are hard to get open. The bags themselves are a good size and a good thickness and strength. I would recommend these to dog owners.


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                            13.03.2009 12:28
                            Very helpful



                            Just a few ideas and suggestions I thought I would share

                            Hi, everyone I have been using this site for over 6 months now and there are a few things that bug me alongside the loads of things I love about the site so I feel it would been a good time to share my opinion on the site.


                            One of the things that bug me most is people who post several reviews (over 3) in a short period. The most I have ever posted at once was two and then I found it difficult to keep up with the return rating so I would not even post two on the site and the same time. The reason that people posting several reviews bugs me is because it knocks peoples reviews off the latest reviews list. I have written a really good review that took me a long time before posted in onto the site and within 10 minutes a newbie had come along and posted 10 rubbish 150 word reviews and knocked me off the latest reviews list so my great review didn't get the time and attention it should have. I Suggest the amount of reviews that a person can post on a site is four reviews a day!

                            The word length of the reviews is another subject that also comes up. Is 150 words enough to review a product? No probably not. I have written some recipes onto the site which were not very long as they are quick and easy recipes but because it was to short I added a few suggestions for serving and ideas to change the recipe which I though worked well. I would say that 150 words are not enough and the limit should be increased slightly too maybe 250?


                            I do get bored when I start to read a review and there is a load of waffle I do not need to know your life history about what happened on the way to buy the product etc just relevant info. Fair enough, state is was on offer in Tesco etc that is helpful for others that want to try the product.


                            Dooyoo pay in Amazon vouchers, which are emailed to either you or a cheque. I like to get a cheque but reaching £50 is quite an effort over a long period of time! I Would love the cheque amount to be reduced to say £30? I like having to work up to a highest amount but £50 seems a bit unreachable at times. The cheques are also due to arrive within 10 working days BUT they do not. I do not want to complain because it is free money and it is great but why don't they change it to checks will take 20 working days. Just so, we know where we stand.

                            I love the site it has a great community and most people are very friendly and helpful! I love the rewards and the fact you can choose I do tend to go for the cheques though!
                            The site is easy to navigate and searching for items to read reviews about is very easy.
                            Be patient to newbie's we have all been there once and I was a rubbish newbie short reviews, rubbish at leaving feedback revenge rating etc. However, I knew no better and I did not understand the whole community and the concept of the site.

                            I love the site it is amazing. Suggestions are reduce the amount of money you have to reach to get a cheque, increase the words per review slightly and make the site so the maximum reviews you can post a day is 4 reviews.
                            Thank you for reading.


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                            • Wii Fit (Wii) / Nintendo Wii Game / 62 Readings / 58 Ratings
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                              12.03.2009 14:46
                              Very helpful



                              Great exercise for adults and children with some fun games!

                              A couple of weeks ago I noticed an offer on www.hotukdeals.co.uk stating you can get a wii fit from Tesco direct and use a £10 off voucher to get it for only £59.99 so I popped onto Tesco direct and ordered on 3 days later I collected it from in store for the price of £59.99 which is amazing as they cost £69.99 and are out of stock everywhere at the moment. I have wanted one for nearly a year but I refuse to pay over the R.R.P for the item. I have seen these for sale on Amazon and e bay for over £100.

                              So I collected the box from the counter I have to say I was surprised how small the box was as I was expecting it to be huge! When I arrived home I, popped open the box inside was a balance board (white step) the board measures approx 19" by 12" and is comfortable to step on. There was also a disk for the wii and loads of instruction booklets, which I cast aside! I popped the game into the wii and was eager to get going! The disk loads and requested I switched on the balance board via the button on the front. The wii then configured the balance board. Once ready, the screen said Please step onto the balance board so I did. I was then given onscreen options to begin training or complete a daily fitness test. I selected the test!

                              Daily fitness test.

                              This measured my weight asked for my height and age. It then measured my weight and worked out my body mass index! This bit was not good as they wii then stated I was obese (the truth hurts) and my mii person grow a rather large belly! It will also give you a wii fit age! Mine was 15 years old then I am but it is coming down slowly. I felt a bit insulted but then became determined to change things, which was good. There was an option to begin training or continue the daily fitness test so I continued onto my daily test. The screen came up with a screen that had a line through the centre and down the screen. My centre of gravity was then marked on mine was slightly to the right and a bit low. I found this very interesting as when I was younger I broke my leg and my left leg is slightly shorter so I do put more weight on the right leg! I then had the opportunity to get the dot into the centre, which I found very hard. The test varies each day but the ones I have had seem to be about balance etc. When you switch the wii on you get the option to do a daily test every day and then you can watch you weight go down (hopefully) you can also set a goal to reach of losing so many pound over a few weeks. If you put on weight, the wii fit will ask you why you think this is and look into motivation etc.

                              Training is grouped into Yoga, balance games, aerobic exercises and muscle workouts. Inside eat category is several games or exercises. Some of these need to be unlocked by getting good and playing for a long time!

                              Yoga- there are 15 poses available in the Yoga section. Four of these are ready to play the others need to be unlocked by doing the first four poses. Once you have chosen a pose you can watch a demonstration on how to perform that pose followed by having a go yourself. The balance board senses where your weight is on the board to figure out whether you are performing the move correctly!

                              Muscle workouts- there are 15 workouts 4 are unlocked and ready to play the others have to be unlocked by doing the workouts. As with the yoga there is a demonstration followed by you doing the workout on the balance board. I find many of the workouts very difficult but they are a great warm up exercise for stretching muscles.

                              Aerobic exercise is one of my favourite sections. There are hula-hoops, step aerobic and running (on the spot), I have really enjoyed these workouts. There are nine in total three of them are unlocked ready to play the others have to be unlocked. The hula hoops is good fun you can choose how long to do it (3 min, 6 mins , 9 mins) then you have to swivel your hips in large circles to keep the hoops up and catch further hoops. Free running is good to you pop the wii remote into your pocket and run on the spot. If you go to face the mii falls over which is quite funny. Step aerobics is my favourite of these exercises I really like stepping. The screen is like an arcade dance mat and you have to step on and off the step as it appear on the screen. I have just unlocked free stepping which allows me to set the step up and select 20 minutes of step I can then watch TV and step at the same time. Every 100 steps it will tell me to change legs and it counts the steps up.

                              Finally, the balance games there are nine in total three are unlocked ready to play. There is dodging. The played all throw footballs at your head and you have to lean across and header them the there are obstacles you have to avoid like football boots so you have to lean away from them. I find this game hard but it is good exercise. Skiing is great you have to lean side to side to control the mii down the ski stop through all the flags. Then there is ski jumping which I just cannot do for some reason I cannot ever land the jumps! The games we have unlocked are great fun there is a marble run where you balance to control the marbles to they fall into the holes down through the course. More skiing which is harder that the first game. There is a game with a penguin where you have to lean to the sides to catch the fish but if you lean too far you will fall off the platform into the sea!

                              There is a clock that times how long you have been playing on the wii and after half an hour of playing, you are cheered and if you play for much longer, it will suggest you grab a drink and have a rest. There are some good features like being able to lock your profile with a password do other players do not know your BMI or weight. You can set the wii fit up so you can have several people using it, which is very simple. I love the idea of having locked games that you have to work hard to unlock it keeps it interesting and keeps me motivated. Each day that you do the daily fitness test, it stamps the calendar and if you do not use it for a while, it gives you a bit of a lecture about exercising regularly!

                              Overall, the wii fit is very impressive I did think £69.99 was a lot of money for a game when I saw it at first but you do get the game and the balance board so I think it does offer good value for money. I now do the wii fit in the evenings instead of going to a diet club so it will save me money in the long run. I am also a single parent so this is a fun exercise I can do in the evenings when my daughter is in bed without organising childcare.

                              I love the range of exercises on the wii fit. I have never tried or fancied going to yoga classes but I quite like doing a few moves on the wii! I would highly recommend getting a wii fit but I would not pay over the recommended retail price of £69.99 do not let other people profit from buying to sell and be patient. I am disappointed with the way wii items are hard to get it took me ages to get a wii and then ages to get the wii fit Nintendo need to pull there fingers out and get more wii fits out there in the market.


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                              • Carpet Right / Highstreet Shopping / 46 Readings / 44 Ratings
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                                11.03.2009 15:46
                                Very helpful



                                Carpet right have complicated pricing offers and rubbish fitters!

                                I bought a carpet from carpet right last year. The reason I choose carpet right was because there was loads of choice and they were helpful.

                                I went into carpet right and explained that I wanted the stairs carpeted and I had no idea how to measure it etc. Firstly, I chose a carpet I liked there were a lot to choose from including very large of cuts but because it was the stairs area, I needed carpet off the roll. It was very complicated working out how much the carpet would cost as the price has 20% off then an further 10% off which was very confusing I wish they ran offers that were simple to understand. After choosing the carpet, they came out to my home and measured the area along with noting how many grips I would need and how many connectors for the carpet in other room.

                                Later that day they phoned me and gave me the estimate of how much everything would cost and so further options like different coloured carpet connectors etc. The price seemed quite reasonable I cannot remember how much it was but it seemed like a good price for a large piece of carpet and 4-carpet connector then all the grippers. I discussed the option of them fitting the carpet for me and delivering it to my home this seemed like the best idea at the time. I was told if they fitted the carpet with one, of there contractors then they would be responsible for any damage or errors in the measuring so for assurance I decided to let them fit the carpet for me.

                                The carpet arrives, after a morning of inconvenience with the stairs out of action the carpet was fitted, and it looked very nice. The carpet fitted was polite and respectful while he was fitting the carpet he asked me if I wanted to keep the odd piece and he took any I did not want away with him. After he left I vacuumed the carpet and felt very please at the way it looked. I had put up with no carpet for a whole year and to felt so warm and homely having carpet on the stairs.

                                Later my daughter came home from school and went up the stairs she came back down screaming her head off with tears rolling down her face holding her foot. After calming her down she explained that she has stood on something sharp I studied her foot to discover a pin pick cut on her toe so I asked her to show me where she hurt it thinking there was a pin or nail not he floor. She showed me how he put her foot fully onto the step so I ran my hand along the step and found very sharp pins sticking up on the stairs. I phoned carpet right back about this, was told the carpet fitter would come out, and have a look the following day.

                                The following day he arrived and I showed him the problem and explained about the sharp pins. He explained to me that this is the carpet grippers and he can bang them down a little but they need to stand up to hold the carpet in place. He banged them down but they were no better. He said there was nothing more he could do as the pins needed to stick up to hold the carpet.

                                A year on and we have trained ourselves not to stand on the sharp bits! Also over time and several vacuuming the carpet has come loose around the edges and is very fragile, the carpet itself seems ok and the staffs in the shop was very helpful but the carpet layer didn't fit the carpet to my satisfaction and it has not lasted like I expected it to! Overall I would recommend buying a carpet from carpet right but I would not use there fitters as the one we had was not very good. I did phone and complain again after he came out to check the carpet and carpet right said there was nothing they could do unless I wanted he to go round and have another look but this would have been a waste of both my time and his time!


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                                  11.03.2009 13:32
                                  Very helpful
                                  1 Comment



                                  Tastes ok but there is no medication!

                                  I have a terrible tickly cough and a sore throat so I popped to my local supermarket for something to relieve the discomfort! I came back home with nurofen, lockets, soothers and strepsils. I have had a lot of problems with my throat in the past and last year I had my tonsils removed but every time I get run down or ill I end up with a sore dry throat.

                                  Halls soothers cost between 38p- 50p depending where you buy them from and the flavour you choose. Mine cost 48p from Tesco the packet contains 45g, which are 10 throat sweets. The flavour I choose was peach and raspberry the other flavours I have seen are blackcurrant and cherry. I have tried the cherry ones in the past and liked those but I did not like the blackcurrant, as they tasted to strong for me.

                                  Hall soothers are produced in a nice long tube shape so they fit easily into my handbag. There are two layers of wrapping the outer wrapper holds all the soothers together in a tube, which the individual inner wrapper keeps individual sweet, wrapped up so they do not get mucky or sticky.

                                  Soothers are a hard-boiled sweet, which is designed to sooth sore throats. Inside the hard pink outer shell is a dollop of liquid the liquid is like a thick cool juice. The juice feels lovely as it slides down the back of your sore throat.

                                  I like the taste of these they are cool and soothing on sore throats. I find them a little expensive and the price ranges a lot form one shop to the next. I do find after a few days the sweets become very sticky and the wrappers stick to the sweets.

                                  There is actually no medication in halls soothers so although they seem to sooth my throat normal sweets like pear drops might do the job just the same. There is no guidance on the packet of the soothers stating how many you can take because there is not medication contained in the smoother. This means you can take other medication with soothers.

                                  Overall, these are nice tasting sweets that have made my throat feel a little better but there is no medication inside so they are just a nice tasting sweet. Soothers and lockets are very similar but I prefer lockets as lockets contain vitamin c and eucalyptus.


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