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      24.04.2007 15:27
      Very helpful



      Value for money and hours of fun

      Magic Water Mummy ?? (Also Appears On Ciao Jenny76)

      My three year old had his birthday on Saturday and one of the presents he received was Tomy Aqua draw which he is completely obsessed with and I must say out of all the toy’s and games he has and there are a few this is by far and away the most played with already. The real beauty of this is that it produces absolutely no mess at all and the pens are filled with water not ink. We bought it for him from Tesco at £19.99 and were very impressed ourselves.

      What You Get:

      Large Aqua Draw Mat

      2 Stencil Boards

      2 Water Pens

      The Aqua draw system is a brilliant idea basically it consists of a huge mat which has a blue coloured layer beneath which is covered with a white sheet, around the edges are dotted outlined numbers and letters with colourful pictures all the way around. The mat look’s plain until you take one of the two pens included and fill it with water. The end of the pen twists off for filling with water and then just twists back on again. The nib is like a felt tip pen but sucks water from inside and wets the end for drawing onto the mat.

      The magic comes when the wet end of the pen hits the mat and comes out play just like a felt tip pen but with the bonus of not being able to be used for drawing on the walls and carpets as well as no mess on the hands and face as is popular with my little ones. The set also comes with two sets of stencil templates which are made of bendable plastic so can’t be snapped, my boy loves to set it down and fill in the stencil with the pen creating loads of different patterns and pictures from clouds and the sun to hearts and circles.

      The mat is also very tough and sturdy made from a very durable but soft plastic and well stitched with a lining around the edges. You can wash the mat in the washing machine on a low temperature but due to the nature of the water based pens I tend to just give it a wipe with a wet cloth to clean. Beware the little ones may try using real pens on it as mine has so I only get it out when he is being supervised and especially not when pens and pencils are in the same room.

      The Aqua Draw is designed for children from the age of 18 months but perfectly safe for use from an earlier age, the educational benefits of the Aqua Draw are really good especially with the dotted lined numbers and letters which can be filled in with the water pens to encourage recognition of letters and numbers and how to draw them. The stencils are great and can be used all together to create some very nice pictures and scenes and the drawing lasts about 15 minutes or until dried out then it is blank again and ready for drawing on all over again.

      This would provide any child with hours of fun and I highly recommend anybody who is thinking about it to buy it for their children or relatives with children. At the price of £19.99 it was a bargain and much more worth the money than the Teletubbies version which was very limited in comparison and more expensive. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.



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        23.04.2007 20:29
        Very helpful



        Good Value Hairdryer

        Remington Hairdryer (Review is also on Ciao Jenny76)

        Continuing on from my hair straightener review I am going to now write a review on my hair dryer which was bought for me as a Mothers day gift from my kids. Well I say from the kids but my partner actually was given the hint from me when I told him daily that my old one was no working well. I gave him the brief that I wanted a powerful dryer with different settings, I also explained that I did not need one with a diffuser well that left him baffled lol.

        When Mothers day came around I acted surprised when opening my present but was really surprised to see that he had chosen a very stylish hairdryer with great features. I had got a Remington which was the brand I was after at is was very powerful at 2000Watts and had three heat settings operated by a switch on the handle and two speed settings all of which are clearly marked and even though the instructions are very detailed they are not really needed at all.


        Super fast 2000w dryer
        3 heat settings
        2 speed settings
        Centrifugal fan
        Ion emitters
        Fast air concentrator
        Quiet fan
        Cool shot
        Hang up loop
        1.8m cable

        The next morning I plugged it in after having a shower and tried it out, it was very powerful and my hair was dry in about 5 minutes on the top speed and maximum heat. The cool shot is a nice touch which just sends a short burst of cool air when it gets a bit hot on the head. I found that drying the majority of my hair with the high setting then slowing it down to style was best leaving my hair perfect and just needing the straightners to finish off.

        The hairdryer itself is very nice to look at in chrome with a black head nozzle which can be adjusted to change the direction of the air flow. The selection switches are very smooth and easy to recognize because of the self explanatory symbols. If there was a down side I would say it is the heat does transfer to the outside of the dryer very quickly so without careful operation you could burn yourself, I certainly don’t let my daughter do her own her with this dryer. One the up side it is very effective and does the job quickly and with very little fuss leaving my hair feeling surprisingly soft and manageable considering the heat being applied.

        The dryer has a very handy 1.8m power cord which is perfect for me as in the bedroom the socket is some way from my mirror, also the dryer is surprisingly quiet when running. I would certainly recommend this hairdryer but for adult use only because of the heat that is generated and risk of burns if misused. I have been told from my husband that it cost £29.99 but after looking on the internet I have seen it available for as little as £19.99 so even more of a bargain. I hope this review has been of interest to you and thank you for taking the time to read my reviews.



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        23.04.2007 08:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great price

        Every morning before work I like to straighten my hair if I get up early enough that is so when looking to purchase a set of hair straightners I always look out for the speed of warm up and the size of the ceramic plates as these make my life much easier in the morning if they heat up quickly and can cover larger areas of my hair in one go rather than some of the smaller sets I have owned which have only done small strands at a time. After considering many different models I settled on a set of Vidal Sassoon as they were quick heating and wide plated, the plates are ceramic making them much more effective and less likely to burn my hair.

        I decided on the Vidal Sassoon and shopped around finding them for a very reasonable price of just £29.99 online and ordered them waiting only 3 days for them to arrive and when they did the first thing I did was get them out and try them. The instructions that came with the set were very straight forward and easy to follow and the straightners were non assembly just plug in and go. I plugged them in to see how long they would take to heat to using temperature and of the three different heat settings I chose the hottest. I was very impressed as they were ready to use after just 2 minutes of being turned on and the indicator light went off when they were ready to be used.

        I sprayed my hair with straightener cream and tried them out, I was very pleasantly surprised as within seconds each stretch of hair I straightened was flat and very shiny and with the curved edges of the straightners I was even able to add a flick to the end of each section of hair giving the style a nice straight finish ended with a outward flick of a curl. The other two settings are for people with medium and thin set hair, however mine is very thick so I set it accordingly and could not use the lower settings as it struggled with my hair.

        The straightners themselves are very stylish to look at in a matt black finish with black plates and a good smooth clamping action operated by the very comfortable to hold handles which are moulded to fit nicely into the hand. As well as the straightners I also received a nice bag which the straightners are stored in with a all round the top zip to keep them safe and out of harms way when not in use. If I was to pick out a bad point it would be that they do take a long time to cool down to a temperature where they can be put away so tend to have to leave them out in a place where they can’t set fire to anything whilst I shoot off to work.


        2200 watts
        Tousled waver
        Travel Bag
        Constant heat
        Multi-function nozzle
        Compact & powerful
        Variable heat settings
        2-in-1 Straighten it out combination straightener with 2 sets of ceramic plates
        1.5 M Cord

        Do I Recommend?

        I would defiantly recommend these straightners to anyone considering buying them and would say they are even on par with some I have used that cost hundreds of pounds. You can still buy them for about £30.00 and at some online stores you can even get them with free delivery. I hope this review has been of help to you and thank you for taking the time to read my reviews.

        Also Apears on Ciao under Jenny76


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        • Kenwood TT900 Toaster / Toaster / 31 Readings / 28 Ratings
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          19.04.2007 09:46
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Great value and very modern.

          Please note I also have this listed on Ciao as Jenny76

          Reason I Bought

          After my burning experience with the Dualit toaster I bought I decided to replace it pretty quickly so got online and started to read up on what toasters actually did what they should and did not cause nasty burns when trying to remove your toast and that’s when I found the very elegant and brilliantly designed Kenwood TT900 yes I know it sounds like a sports car but past that it really is the bees knees. I paid £49.99 from the Kenwood store and it was delivered next day free of charge.

          Setting Up The Toaster.

          Setting up the toaster was very simple and the instructions were very straightforward. The only real setting up is taking out of the box and placing where you want it to live and plugging it in. Once you have done this you are ready for toast there are no fiddly settings just a simple sliding switch to adjust the level of brownness of your toast. There are no flashing lights on the front or levers to push as the toaster is automatic.

          Making The Toast.

          To make toast with the Kenwood TT900 is very simple just take your two slices of bread and place them in the slots then without doing anything the toaster pulls down the toast and starts to brown it straight away. It really is flash the toast just slides down automatically like its on a lift and when it is ready it beeps and a blue light on top flashes and starts to raise so no leaving the toast in to long and gives and visual and audible warning for those who may have hearing or sight problems.

          The toast comes out perfect every time once you have the slider set to the correct level it will toast to that level every time and has a built in sensor to ensure that the toast is cooked evenly and the same each operation. The cool wall on the toaster actually works and even after toasting or during the toaster remains cool so no burnt fingers.

          Should your toast go cold all you have to do is place the toast rack supplied on to the slots and lay toast over the top the toaster will then recognize this and warm your toast from underneath without burning it. Another great feature to this toaster is that it has very deep and quite wide slots for your toast so no more half toasted slices of bread and a good even toasting even on my favourite large sliced fresh bread.

          Cleaning The Toaster

          Cleaning the toaster is very simple as there is a pull out crumb tray that collects all of the crumbs in one place and just slides out to be emptied into the bin with very little fuss. I find that doing this after each toasting prevents a build up and keeps the toaster in top condition. Beware though the toaster is a very stylish aluminium finish but this really does take some rubbing to get shiny once it has been tarnished with fingerprints.

          Final Words

          I would highly recommend this toaster to anyone looking to buy one in the near future, I have had quite a few toasters in the past some good some really terrible but here I would rate as exceptional and very stylish indeed looks and good performance you don’t normally get both in one. It is quite expensive at £49.99 but considering it’s performance I would say it is worth every penny and I got a 2 year warranty with mine which thankfully I have no need to chase up as with my Dualit which is now safely settled in the bin. I hope this review has been of help and please keep leaving your very nice comments I enjoy reading them.


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            17.04.2007 10:53
            Very helpful



            Good sound and easy to use

            This Review is also on my Ciao ccount Jenny76

            My very first memory of recording from the TV is when my dad bought us a BetaMax player for the house and way back then more years than I care to remember, my first film on BetaMax was Star Wars yes a girl who like's Sci-Fi and I still do. The picture was never really good not that we knew that way back then and I was over the moon when my dad eventually went to VHS like all my friends. Nowadays both these recording types are seen as ancient and I feel old for even having known them but now is the future and DVD players are what I use not only downstairs but in the kitchen and up in the bedroom's. Even then DVD players seem to be very quickly becoming ancient and then new way of recording straight onto hard drives seems to be the way it is heading but for now I have a great recordable DVD player that serves my very basic needs of recording my favourite show's and watching film's I buy and rent.

            I have had a few DVD players in the past but must say the Panasonic recorder I bought 6 months ago has to be the best of all those I have owned. The big difference between one's I have already owned and this one is that I can record onto DVD discs and watch back my favourite programmes allowing me to ditch the VHS I had to keep running especially for my programme recording. The Panasonic is very smart and in my favourite silver trim with clear digital display that displays all the information I need to know when recording and make's programming the record function for recording my favourite programmes very easy even for me. I tried using the manual to set it up and record but found the manual quite difficult to follow but after my partner showed me through it I picked it up very easy and would say that on a down side the instructions are not very straightforward.

            The Panasonic is one of the older models in the range and is not really great with the LCD TV we have in the house and doe's not support High Definition viewing or Blu Ray but for my own personal use's it does everything I need it to which is recording my programmes my partner has his eye on a HD model but the price difference is huge he wants to spend an extra £300 when I only paid out £100 for this one 6 months ago so he is not in my good book's at the moment lol. There is no VHS or Hard drive with this model just the ability to record from the TV or play various different types of DVD and discs the following are able to be used in the DVD recorder: CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/VCD/SVCD/DVD-Audio Also to record onto you can use the following types of disc: DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM

            As well as using the Panasonic for recording and playing DVD's I also tend to use it downstairs as a music system especially combined with the speaker system my partner has set up on the TV. The Panasonic play's most music that is burned onto disc but on a down side this version is not multi region so won't play discs from all around the world, this is never a problem for me but has caused some announce to my partner as he like's his gadgets to be all singing all dancing.
            There is one scart cable socket and I got a scart lead supplied with the player however this was no good as we needed a long one to reach the wall mounted TV and it is also supplied with a nice slim remote control which is very easy to use and very responsive no freezing or slow operation.

            Overall I would recommend this model to anybody considering buying a recordable DVD player that wants to keep thing's quite simple however if you are like my partner and like your gadgets to do everything and want the top of the range which of course changes weekly now then you may want to spend more and get a more up to date model. It is quite scary how quickly these thing's are in and out and seem to be updated with super quick speed. I paid £100.00 from a discount electrical store local to me and have seen it online for £119.99 which for a recordable DVD player and from a trusted brand is very reasonable but as I have said it is best for those look for a basic and easy to use model. I hope this review has been of interest to you and thank you for taking the time to read.


            Super Multi Format - Record & Play ALL DVD Formats

            Timeslip Functions : Pause TV , Simultaneous Record & Play, Chasing Playback

            Super Easy Graphic Menu System

            MP3, Jpeg from -R

            500 Line LP Mode - Long Play Mode without Loss of Picture Quality

            1 Sec Quick Start & Record


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            14.04.2007 14:54
            Very helpful



            Great hoover great price

            I also have this listed on Ciao Jenny76

            Please excuse the provocotive title sorry guy's but could not resist it I am sure you all understand and sorry to get you excited boy's lol. Having children and pet's in my house the one thing that gets used more than the bathroom in the Hoover, I previously owned a Dyson but when this died on me a few months ago I decided I would try a different brand for once and set about finding one on trusty old eBay. I looked at many different makes and designs but found a local seller to me who was selling the Morphy Richards bag less cleaner for only £69.99 and I could collect. I arranged to collect from his shop and then took home my new Hoover to try it out.

            My carpet had not been Hoovered for 3 days so as you can imagine there was a lot of dust and bits buried in so I set about getting the new Hoover out of the box. The instructions were very easy to follow and the Hoover was all set up ready to go from the box. My first thought when removing it from it's packaging was just how light it was compared to my old Dyson also it looked really good sad I know but I like all my appliances to be flashy on the eye.

            As well as the Hoover and a valid warranty I also got a set of tools for use on stairs and in crevices which clicked onto the back of the Hoover also 3 spare filters which unlike Dyson's had to be changed every 6 months. The filters are easily removed as is the tray which stores all you have hovered up. Simply catches release the storage container for emptying and the filter sits just under the container. The filter itself is designed for pollen and bug killing hence the reason it is better changed than washed.

            The next difference which I liked was the handle to push the hoover around is separate from the hose for doing stairs etc meaning the the flexi hose is less likely to get damaged as I found this a major problem with the Dyson. The flexi hose is very long and extends well so you can keep the Hoover at the bottom of the stairs and still reach the top, well the top of my stairs anyway which are 14 steps high. When using on flat surfaces you can even adjust the height of the main handle to make using much more comfortable. The power cord is about 5 metres long and reaches around most rooms unless you are lucky enough to be a mansion dweller and is wound in by a button which when held suck's it all up and out of the way.

            The Hoover works much the same as a Dyson using a bag less container which is easily emptied and uses a beat and brush system which basically slaps down on the carpet then brushes what is released up into the suction tube and into the container. I found that even though it is only a 1000W Hoover it was not far off the suction developed by my old Dyson and left the carpets and sofas very clean and hair free which is one of the worst thing's about having a white cat.


            Lightweight 6.5 Kg
            4 Litre Storage Canister
            Low Energy 1000W motor (Great for the electric bills)
            Adjustable height handle
            Flexible Hose
            HEPA Filter

            Overall I would recommend this Hoover to you and would say that for the money it is great value I have seen it sold in the shops for as little as £99.99 and if you do as I did and check eBay you may find you can get the same sort of bargain as I did. It has been reliable and very easy to use and maintain even my mother has used it and loved it (Yes she cleans my house when she visits her idea not mine think she tries to hint I keep an untidy home). I must say I have only had this a few months so can't comment on it's life yet as it's still a baby in Hoover terms but no complaints so far. I hope this review has been of interest to you and thank you for reading.


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            • Dualit Lite 2 / Toaster / 30 Readings / 25 Ratings
              More +
              13.04.2007 16:57
              Very helpful



              Don't even think about it.

              Today I will be reviewing one product that I have not been very happy with since I bought it and have now replaced it with a much better model that has far more features, but that is for another review for now he is my review on probably the worst toaster I have ever owned. I bought the Dualit from John Lewis and the main thing that attracted me was the modern look of it with a silver chrome finish which matched all the other work top appliances I have. I paid a very hefty £55.00 and at first look's it seemed very good, it looked very attractive and suited my kitchen perfectly but that was about as far as the good points went.

              The morning after buying I decided to try it out and have some egg and soldiers but this is when I discovered the first problem, I like wholemeal bread and the brand I buy tends to be quite high in the sense of the slices and quite wide. The width was not a problem but the height was nowhere near enough to toast the whole slice so I was left with half a slice toasted and half as per when removed from the loaf. Then I discovered my second problem and that meant a nasty burn to my finger as the so called cool touch casing was burning hot and caused a nasty burn to my hand and finger. The toaster also had other faults such as the selector switch for deciding how brown you want your toast this failed to toast at the same level on each occasion meaning one day the toast was perfect the next day on the same setting it seemed under or over cooked. Then to top it all off the other day the selector button just broke off leaving me with a useless toaster.

              The toaster is operated by a lever which pops up when your toast is done and is pushed down to start toasting this I found to be very loose and actually started to bend after a few uses almost as if the heat which was not being cooled as advertised was weakening it and making it bend when being pressed. The toaster also lacked a crumb tray which most toasters even the cheapest come with nowadays and left bread crumbs all over the sides after each and every use. The toaster has a cancel button which mean's you can stop it toasting at anytime this I tended to use very frequently as I could not rely on the toasting settings to make my toast the same every time.


              2 Slot's (Only 2 slices at a time and only toasts half a slice)

              Cool Wall (Gets hot and have had accidents with it)

              Cancel Button (I relied on this to get my toast right)

              Toasting Setting's (Do not work the same every time)

              High Lift (Lift's the toast higher to avoid finger tip burning no problem there as it only toasts bottom half of toast anyway)

              I would certainly not recommend this toaster to anyone looking at it and would in fact suggest that you steer clear of Dualit altogether as their customer service when I rang up about these problems was terrible, I could not get through at first and after about 2 hours of trying to call I was told that the toaster met all safety standards etc and they would take it in to test it but I would have to send it to them at my expense and it could take up to a month to refund or replace. I hope this review has been of interest and please heed the warning these toasters are dangerous.


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              • Smeg DI612CA / Dishwasher / 45 Readings / 38 Ratings
                More +
                11.04.2007 14:30
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Well Worth The Money

                Please note I also have listed this on Ciao Jenny76

                Last time round I reviewed my fridge freezer which was bought for me by my mum when I moved into my new place and it look's great but to compliment it I wanted to try and keep all appliances the same so when it came to buying a new dishwasher I looked for a SMEG and in no time at all after searching online I found the perfect one which was not only very stylish and sleek but was fitted so I could simply integrate it into my kitchen units with the front still visible as to match my fridge freezer. After paying £330.00 online it was delivered and installed for me free of charge within 7 days of ordering.

                Having not had a dishwasher before I loaded it up with loads of different plates and cups to see just how well it worked. I inserted a washing tablet into the drawer inside and closed it up and turned it onto a normal wash. The controls on the front of the machine make selecting the right wash cycle very easy they are all displayed and have the corresponding symbols in the manual for recognizing the difference between pan washing and dishes etc. There are nine settings in total for all different jobs from stubborn dirt that is dried on to a light wash for the less dirty job's this also saves on electricity not that this is to much of a problem as the machine is A rated in the energy scale. Once I turned it on I was very suprised as it ran almost silent which makes a change when it comes to kitchen appliances.

                After a while a ping sounded to let me know that my wash was ready and I opened up and was very pleasantly surprised the dishes were fantastically clean, so much so that they looked like new and not only that but they were all dry and ready to be put away. There are two sliding wire trays for putting your dishes in each with different sections for plate's pans and even cutlery. I have now owned this machine for 9 months and have had no problems with it at all and it still cleans all my dishes to perfection. After reading peoples comments it seems I am very lucky with my appliances working well but in the next few reviews I will change your opinion on this as I have also owned a few duffers in my time.

                With this washer there are also five different temperature settings again all of which are explained in the manual and when to use them. The instruction manual is very easy to follow and well laid out into sections relating to the different operations of the machine. As for the look you can also buy this machine in white and silver but I went for the black fronted one as it matches my fridge freezer. It is not a slim line dish washer as many people have so hold's a lot more in the way of washing but be warned you will need a space 60cm wide and the housing unit to hold it as it is not free standing.

                The machine work's in a very good way the water is evenly spread around through a rotating arm which sprays at high power from above reaching all the nook's and cranny's and powerful enough combined with heat to remove the most stubborn stains and stuck on food. The water feed into it is cold so no problem's there and is heated to the correct temperature within the machine itself before being applied to your washing up. Be warned as I have found following the instructions for setting's is important as I have broken a few dishes where I have guessed the right setting and got it wrong.

                I would defiantly recommend this dish washer to anybody considering purchasing as it is a top brand for the same price as you would pay for the likes of Hotpoint etc. I got an extended warranty through SMEG for free to three years from one year such is their confidence in their product's and have not had to call on this at all yet, fingers crossed it stays that way for the next few years. The cheapest I have found it available at the moment is £323.00 but I am sure if you have a really good look around you may even find it cheaper. I hope you have enjoyed my review and I look forward to reading some other peoples now this review is finished.


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                • Smeg FAB32BL7 / Freezer / 31 Readings / 27 Ratings
                  More +
                  10.04.2007 23:21
                  Very helpful



                  Great !!!!!!!!!!

                  Since I have started writing reviews on the contents of my kitchen I would like to follow up by telling you about my SMEG fridge freezer yes the names funny but the fridge freezer is a serious piece of equipment that I would never be without even though it cost my mum as a house warming present over £1700 well she would not buy me any other brand as she swears by SMEG and we have always had this brand in my family home. I know what you are all thinking why spend so much on a fridge freezer well the truth is if it had not been bought for me then I would never be able to afford it. Before I talk about the fridge freezer here are the specifications for comparison.


                  11.6cu.ft gross fridge capacity
                  3.6cu.ft gross freezer capacity
                  2 freezer drawers
                  1 freezer shelf
                  Bottle rack in door
                  Horizontal bottle shelf
                  Egg tray
                  Dairy compartment
                  Adjustable door storage
                  4 half width adjustable door racks
                  High temperature warning light
                  Interior fridge light
                  15kg/24 hrs freezing capacity
                  Ice cube tray


                  Height 178.0cm
                  Width 60.0cm
                  Depth 70.0cm

                  The SMEG is very stylish foremost and is designed in a shiny black finish which can be a bit of a nightmare to keep clean what with little finger prints but well worth a good scrub when it is gleaming in the kitchen. It has a display of lights at the top which indicate the status of both the fridge and freezer and a warning light should a fault develop which in the 9 months that I have had it has never happened. Next on the visual side are the beautiful pull handles which actually lock the doors shut until operated which is great as most fridge freezers are shut purely by suction.

                  Now we move to the inside, the fridge is very spacious indeed and much wider than your normal fridge with four shelves which are adjustable and four door trays as well as a built in wine rack. The shelves are made of very tough glass and the inside of the fridge is white and very easy to clean down when it gets a little grubby. All the shelves and trays come out completely for ease of cleaning. There is also an egg tray and internal light which turns on when you open the door.

                  Now further down to the freezer which has two decent sized drawers with a shelf to store the supplied ice cube trays. It maintains the correct temperature constantly and even has a fast freeze setting for when you first add food that needs freezing off. It doe’s not however have an auto defrost and is not frost free so be prepared for a bit of hard work defrosting it but in the 9 months I have had it I have only had to do this once. Overall I would recommend this fridge freezer to anybody considering buying one but if you don’t have the money to spend on this fridge freezer in my opinion there are many more out there that meet the same standard but at half the price if not less. The fridge freezer is A rated for energy consumption so economical on the electricity bill.
                  Thank you for taking the time to read my review and look forward to your comments.


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                    10.04.2007 14:45
                    Very helpful


                    • "Ease of use"


                    Great Machine For The Money

                    A chore we all have to do but very few enjoy is the washing and with kid's in the house I have more than my fair share of it to do what with football kit's and cadet uniform's I tend to find I am dealing with very stubborn stains but with my Hotpoint washing machine these have never been a problem. I bought the Hotpoint WT741 about 8 months ago when my old one packed up and paid £250.00 from Comet which included free delivery.

                    Setting it up when it arrived was much the same as any other washing machine and the instructions were very easy to follow should I have needed them fortunately I have plumbed in a fair few washing machines in my time.

                    The machine itself is very smart and one of the aspects that made me purchase it was the LCD progress display which shows you what temperature you are running the wash at how long is left until the wash is finished and what form of wash cycle you have it set on. I bought my machine in polar white but is also available in silver, the controls are all on the front at the top of the machine and you have various settings all easily marked up for selection such as Fast wash, Delicates wash, Boil wash and many more as well as all the standard wash settings for colours and whites. An alarm sounds as well when your wash is finished ideal for when you are doing house work and have pile's of washing to do and don't want to waste a minute of washing time.

                    Below are the specifications of this model these are included to help you decide between machines.

                    Machine Features:

                    Energy Recommended : Yes
                    Energy Rating : A
                    Spin Performance : B
                    Wash Performance : A
                    Water Consumption : 60
                    Energy Consumption : 1.19
                    Spin Speed : 1400
                    Wash Load : 7
                    Drum Capacity : 58
                    Water Supply : Cold Fill
                    Hand Wash : Yes
                    Variable Temperature : Yes
                    Wool Programme : Yes
                    Pre Wash : Yes
                    Quick Wash : Yes
                    Length of Quick Wash : 30
                    Variable Spin : Yes
                    Delicate Wash : Yes
                    Half Load Function : Yes
                    Economy Wash : No
                    Auto Half Load : No
                    Silk Wash : Yes
                    Rinse Hold : Yes
                    Anti Crease Programme : Yes
                    Variable Rinses : No
                    Refresh Option : Yes
                    Super / Extra Rinse : Yes
                    Anti Bacterial Programme : No
                    Delay Timer : Yes
                    Control Panel Type : LED
                    Time to End of Programme : Yes
                    Time Saver Function : No
                    Fuzzy Logic : No
                    Drum Interior Light : No
                    Child Safety Lock : No
                    Super Silent : No
                    Audible End of Programme : Yes
                    Memory Function : No
                    Intensive Wash Option : Yes
                    Number of Programmes : 16
                    Wide Opening Door : Yes
                    Larger Porthole : Yes

                    The capacity of the machine is very good and doe's me and my lot fine and the door lock is strong and well sealed, this is important to me as I once had a kitchen flooded by a broken door seal it cost me hundreds of pounds in floor repairs as well as the cost of a new washer. If I was to point out a bad side of this washer it would be that it only has a 1400rpm spin cycle but is available in faster models. I find that the washer cleans the clothes really well and although I have only had it for 8 months it has not developed any faults and performs as well as the day I purchased it.

                    I recieved a years warranty from Hotpoint and also a year under shop warranty this gave me two years cover and thankfully 8 months on still no need to call in the warranty let's hope with fingers crossed it stays this way. I did need a new button as my son pulled one out but when I rang Hotpoint they very nicely sent me out a new one free of charge which I tthought was very good customer service I know it's not expensive to send to me but all the same it made me happy.

                    The machine is not the most silent of runners but it is quieter than my last which I could here going even with my TV on and living room door closed. The spin cycle is very effective and most lightweight clothes can be easily hung dry whilst towels etc would end up in my tumble dryer as they would take forever on the line. I hope this review has been suitable in helping you make a buying decision.

                    This Review is also on my Ciao account Jenny76.


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                    • Canon Powershot G1 / Digital Camera / 25 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                      07.04.2007 16:21
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      Great value camera even if outdated now

                      Hi all and welcome to my review this time I would like to talk about my very old but very trusty digital camera which was top of the range when it came out but has now been superseded by many newer models but because of the ease of use and the fact that it stills takes photos as good as the day I bought it 5 years ago I have kept a hold of it and still use it to this day. It operates in much the same way as today's cameras and has a built in LCD screen which you flip out and rotate to view the images and view the scenery ahead of you before taking a photo.

                      Advertised as a 3.3 mega pixel camera it really doe's provide you with great images from portrait to landscape and I have even got some brilliant action shots of my children playing football when I have fiddled with the many different setting's accessed through the menu on the LCD screen operated by directional buttons located on the back of the camera. You have all the usual modes such as night, action, landscape etc as well as a very good and clear automatic flash which can be turned on and off as required. The anti red eye setting is brilliant for taking photos of people and I have a real problem with the kid's as they all seem to appear red eyed in any photo setting but with this camera I have very few problems.

                      The camera takes the older version of compact flash I + II and can be set to take different quality photos depending upon the amount of photo graphs you wish to squeeze onto your memory card but fortunately I have a 2GB card making running out of available space a thing of the past. The batteries however are another issue, although it has a built in battery and comes with charger the charge after about a year really started to run out quickly and I am now lucky if I can get 20 minutes use but still after 5 years the batteries have not done badly at all and maybe I should stop being so tight and buy a replacement maybe the money for this review could contribute towards it.

                      Another really good feature again available on most digital cameras is the ability to record pictures and sound but this does tend to really run the batteries down very even when new and it is not great when using in darkened conditions in fact I would not even try. Pictures are easily transferred from the camera to a PC via a USB cable also supplied with the camera and the memory card can also be taken out and used in either a separate card reader or device fitted with a card reader for compact flash I + II.

                      On a down side I have to say that the camera is very heavy and quite big weighing in at 17.3 oz or for those who prefer the other then it's 490g and the dimensions are 120 x 77 x 64mm or 4,7 x 3 x 2.5 inches.
                      However what I will say is this camera has been everywhere including abroad and in the hands of children and has taken a fair few knocks but it has never broken and is still working great. Included when buying this camera was an 16MB memory card but this is purely suitable for testing it will not hold many photos at all.

                      The camera has a zoom lens which is very good for taking distant pictures and these can go from normal to 4x zoom. I very rarely use this but did when recently away in Malta taking some beautiful photos of the Comino Islands I will have to add these to the review when I get my other laptop back from repair as I stupidly forgot to take them off before sending it away. All the speed settings and replay settings are on dials on the top side of the camera easily selected by just rotating the dial to the relevant setting.

                      The zoom and photo taking button are together the zoom operated by just pushing a slide button from left to right and the photo taking by simple push button which is very smooth and quick once pressed, there is hardly any delay between pressing and the photo actually being captured unlike friends who have experienced long delays on their more modern cameras this is probably just settings but I am by no means an expert in the field of cameras. I hope I have covered everything you could need to know and if I can help at all please contact me.


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                      • Sharp LC-42XD1E / LCD TV / 27 Readings / 22 Ratings
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                        07.04.2007 13:34
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment


                        • Reliability


                        Great TV even if a little expensive

                        Today I would like to show case to you all my LCD TV which I bought for my partner as he loves all his modern up to date gadgets and this was something you didn't have yet. I spent ages talking to sales staff in the shop's and eventually after finding a particularly helpful member of staff in Dixon's I bought the Sharp 42" TV and they even loaded it into the back of my car for me luckily I have an estate as I would have had no chance in a standard sized car. I took it home and when he came home from work he started having kittens when he saw what I had bought him. I had paid a very hefty £1100 but the look on his face was priceless as they say as is my credit card balance now lol.

                        He quickly set about setting it up with me as an interested by stander and I must say it did seem very complicated to set up but then I am not very technically minded I leave those things to him. The instruction manual to me looked like a load of gibberish but he seemed to follow it all ok and mounted it onto the wall very quickly and set about adding the DVD player and Sky box to it. There are built in freeview channels but these were not needed by us as we have the full Sky package including his sport's channels which are also in HD which is (High Definition)

                        I am sure you gadget lovers will know exactly what this means but in my eye's it provides a great clear picture. With the TV was also a very smart and slim remote control which he used to set up all the gadgets he had attached and now he even has his new PS3 set up which I must say I have had great fun over this Easter weekend playing with him on the computer that is lol.

                        On the first night It had been set up I settled down to watch Eastenders and what a great viewing experience I had the screen was huge and fitted perfectly to the wall providing me with a cinema like experience and after watching Eastenders I thought I would try out some DVD's. The sound quality through the built in speakers was tremendous and almost felt like the old surround sound system we had previously which is being fitted to the new TV very soon.

                        The TV itself look's very smart indeed and all my friends comment on how nice it is whenever they pop round for coffee and a chat, it is mainly shiny black with a slim border before you get to the screen. Even in the daytime with the sun glaring on the screen you can still see the picture clearly and from nearly any angle in the room. Only problem is when doing the ironing in the living room I am to close to the screen would have to do it in the garden to get far enough to view properly lol.

                        For comparision reasons I will include below the Spec's as per the box the TV came in.

                        Auto Install NO (Does not pick up your channels automatically)

                        Brightness 450 cd/m2 (Speaks for itself I am informed this is a great level)

                        Depth 291 mm

                        Digital Tune YES (You can get all the digital channels as they are built in)

                        Fastext NO (No Text but I have it on my Sky anyway)

                        Front AV sockets NO

                        Headphone Socket YES (For when you want some peace and quiet)

                        Height 675 mm

                        Line input NO

                        No of Scarts 2 (To plug games consoles and DVD players in)
                        On Screen Display NO

                        Parental Lock YES (Keep's little fingers away from changing settings)

                        Remote Control YES (Slim and stylish 2 x AAA batteries)

                        Screen Size 42 inches (Measurement of screen from corner to corner)

                        Sleep Timer YES

                        Sound Quality NICAM

                        Stand Included YES (I have wall mounted)

                        Viewing angles 176 degrees

                        Wall Mountable YES (Stand for wall cost me £99)

                        Weight 32 kg

                        Widescreen Option NO (Slight disapointment here)

                        Width 1031 mm

                        The Tv is brilliant and I would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a large wall mounted TV that gives excellent picture quality and sound quality. I have had this now for over a year and had no reason to take it back or send it in for repairs and has worked well when different appliances have been added such as DVD players, Sky Boxes and Games Consoles. One thing I have to warn you of if you a lady is that if your man likes video games you will never get to watch your soaps again I need to use emotionally blackmail to get a look in lol. I hope you have found this interesting.


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                          05.04.2007 23:30
                          Very helpful


                          • Reliability


                          Well worth the money

                          Please note I have this review on Ciao as well under the username jenny76.

                          Hiya and welcome to my second review and I would like to write about my MP3/MP4 player the Creative Zen V Plus 1 GB which I have now owned for about a year. It goes everywhere with me from travelling to the office to family holidays where I find it ideal for listening to my music which I have downloaded to my PC and then transferred over and even watching video clips and music videos that I have downloaded.

                          The only down side is the amount of video I can save is never quite enough and there is no way to increase the memory size. Music however I do not have any problems storing about 400 tracks on it to listen to wherever I go. It has a great large colour scratch resistant screen for viewing videos and selecting music track's as well as a very easy to use menu system which is operated by a simple but very smooth joystick. There are very few buttons available as it is all done with a movement and click of the joystick.

                          Another great feature is the games which are built in which can be played at the same time as listening to your music and there are a few other very useful tool's built in as well as an FM radio which comes in very handy when I fancy catching up on the news or the latest chart's on a Sunday afternoon on radio one. There are eight pre set music settings to change the mood of listening from rock to concert hall etc but I tend to stick to the normal setting as this tends to give the best sound quality. The headphones supplied are ok but I replaced these with much more powerful ones to make the most of my music whilst I am on the go.

                          The player itself is very smart in it's black shiny jacket and smooth controls and is small and it lives in my bag or my pocket, this is ideal to use in the gym or whilst carrying out exercise. I must say that the Creative Zen is very tough as I have dropped it quite a few times and this has resulted in no damage at all which is great and makes it very durable. The sound quality is very good and better than many MP3/MP4 players that I have trialled and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced MP3/MP4 player that is of good quality and look's good.

                          Transferring your music to the player is very easy using a USB cable and the software supplied to click and drag tracks and files to your player then a quick transfer later and it is all on the player ready to go. The size of the player is Height=6.6cm Depth=1.3cm Width=3.4cm which as I have said is quite small and does fit in a pocket easily. The battery is rechargeable and is charged through the USB cable and when fully charged last's up to 15 hours. As well as playing video and music you can also transfer your pictures from your PC to the player for viewing on the move ideal for carrying around you own personal photo album and being able to show everyone without lugging a PC or hard drive around with you everywhere.

                          As well as all of the above you can also record sound great for catching someone out when they confessing a crime to you (only kidding) but can be great fun especially if you want to record your other half snoring as proof as I have done in the past. These clips can be played back through the player and even transferred from the player to your PC. The player has a back lit LCD screen which also has a variety of display options so you can customize the player to your exact need's and especially colours. On the screen you also have a clock display so you can check the time on the move and a battery life indicator much the same as a mobile phone which let's you know when to add some more juice to the player.

                          You can use the player with a PC or Mac computer I am PC based user so can't comment on performance when using with a Mac but with the PC the instructions are very easy to follow and take you through how to use the player step by step. I don't like setting up such gadgets just using them but this one I managed to do all on my own with no help from my partner as is usually the case.

                          I must say I would recommend this player to anyone looking at it and I paid a very reasonable £65.00 but it is probably available for considerably less now as it is at least a year old now from when I bought it and even then I am not sure it was a new thing out. Well I think I have now covered everything you need to know about the Creative Zen V 1GB but if I can tell you anymore just ask me. I hope you have enjoyed my first review and enjoy anymore I write in the near future I will keep up with as many of your reviews as I can.


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                            02.04.2007 15:45



                            Great Scent

                            This is my first review, I do apologise for any mistakes I will write this review to the best I can.
                            Valentines Day this year, my husband brought me some perfume that I have never had before.
                            He is always worried that I might not like the scent, because I am very fussy about my perfumes.
                            On Valentines Day I opened my present I knew it was perfume and it was a bottle of Burberry Brit, now I was worried that I would not like it.
                            After trying this perfume, I was in love with it.
                            This perfume has a lovely vanilla /Spice scent not to over powering as some perfumes can be.
                            With most perfumes the scent soon disappears, with this one I found it to stay on most of the day, I did not need to use as much as I usually do.
                            The bottle is quite a large bottle with the famous Burberry logo over the bottle so looks great.
                            Burberry Brit is available in the following sizes 5ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml,prices start as little as £3.50- £22.50.
                            Burberry have other perfumes in there range, like London, Touch, Weekend, Tender Touch, Burberry London, Burberry Brit Red but I must say this is the best Burberry perfume I have tried.
                            Prices vary from different shops and they are quite reasonable I have found shopping online for fragrances with Fragrance direct is very reasonable and quick delivery.

                            Thanks for taking the time to read my review.



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