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    • Vegetarian / Recipe / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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      05.09.2010 09:53
      Very helpful



      Quick, easy filling vegetarian meal

      I am firstly and foremost a meat eater! However since being on a diet i have rediscovered my love for vegetables - in fact I'd rather fill my plate with veg and just be happy with a small slice of chicken!

      I made this recipe by just experimenting and oh god it was delicious! And even better hardly took anytime to make so ideal for all you busy people

      Stuffed Aubergines with Tomato & Red Pepper Sauce

      1 Aubergine, sliced in half and flesh scooped out
      1 onion, diced
      1 Large portion of couscous
      2 Large Tomatoes, sliced into quarters
      2 Red peppers, sliced
      1 Small portion Mushrooms, sliced
      1 tsp cumin, curry powder, ground coriander, turmeric, salt, pepper
      1 Vegetable Stock Cube


      Lay the tomatoes and peppers on a baking tray and spray with fry light or a low cal oil spray. Roast in the over for around 20mins, until blackened, on gas mark 6, 200oc.

      Whilst the tomatoes and peppers are in the oven, fry the aubergine flesh, nearly all the onion and mushrooms. Make up the couscous using the vegetable stock and then add the couscous to the frying pan and add the spices.

      Next stuff the aubergines with the filling, wrap in foil and put in the over to bake for 30 minutes on gas mark 6, 200oc.

      Whilst the aubergines are in the over put the rest of the onion, peppers and tomatoes in a pan with the stock and bring to the boil. Simmer and tip into a blender and blend until smooth. Transfer back to the pan on a low heat and season.

      Once the aubergines are ready serve spooning the tomato and pepper sauce generously over the stuffed aubergines.



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      • Rice & Pasta Dishes / Recipe / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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        22.03.2010 20:36
        Very helpful



        quick, easy and low fat pasta sauce

        I have just quickly whizzed up this yummy pasta sauce.

        Anyone can make this, even those with zero skills in the kitchen and is easily adjustable to all with different taste buds.

        100g Cherry vine tomatoes, chopped in half
        10 Black Olives in Brince, sliced
        1 small onion diced
        1 teaspoon of olive oil
        1/2 Jar of Passatta
        1 vegetable Stock Cube
        1 tsp tomato puree
        200ml Boiling Hot Water

        Pre heat oven to gas mark 6/200oc and then placed the 1/2 the diced onion and tomatoes onto a baking tray lightly mist with fry light and baked on the top shelf for 15 minutes

        Lightly fry the mushrooms and other 1/2 onion with the garlic and tomato puree and add the stock cube and boiling water. Take of heat so not to let the water evaporate.

        Once the tomatoes and onions have finished cooking, place in a bowl and add the olives and then blend. Add to the mushrooms and then add the passatta.

        Vola, an easy and quick pasta sauce.

        I put extra flavour in my sauce by adding a sundried tomato pesto to the onion and mushrooms and then spiced this up by adding curry powder, delicious and a lot less fatening then shop bought sauces!


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        11.02.2010 23:34
        Very helpful



        Only uses the basics, but i'm a horded!

        I use to love to cake on the foundation, eye shadow and mascara when I was at school but since then I just seem to stick to the basics unless I'm feeling adventurous then I might put on some false lashes!! lol

        So lets see, obviously from the above you will think I've probably only got one foundation, one mascara, and one colour eye shadow in a very compact make-up bag but believe me its actually very contrary! After all I am a women!!

        When I'm in the mood I love nothing more then sitting at home with a bottle of wine experimenting with my hair and make-up in fact before now I've ended up with a rather crazy hair style, one smouldering sultry eye and one multi coloured eye!!

        So in my make-up bag I have:

        a million different eye shadow colours and brands
        Boots No7 tinted moisturiser
        Max-Factor Second Skin Foundation
        Max-Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
        Max-Factor Masterpiece Mascara
        2 cheap liquid eyeliners
        Max-Factor liquid eyeliner
        Vaseline Aloe Vera Lip Balm
        God knows how many lipsticks
        Virgin Vie Brightening Boost
        A black eye pencil
        A brown eye pencil
        Boots 17 Bronzer

        In fact I have one aluminium case and two large make-up bags full of the stuff to try and make myself look beautiful and presentable!! When in fact I use hardly need any of it as I'm happy enough with either tinted moisturise or my foundation, bronzer, neutral eye shadow, liner and mascara.

        Don't get me wrong when I have longer than an hour, I like to layer it on a bit thicker and darker, and sometimes the colour of my eye shadow might even match my dress or accessories!!


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      • Ford Ka in general / Car / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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        02.02.2010 20:35
        Very helpful



        Dont be too put of by this review as you may be a lucky one!

        I've finally managed to pass my test after 10 years!! so choosing my first car is a big deal, as it is for most people!

        After pondering over the type of car I could afford and what would work out to be the best on insurance I ended up going on various test drives in a Nissan Micra, Renault Clio and a Ford Ka, I found the Ka to be the best to drive and for what was on offer for the price and age.

        2001 Y Reg
        43, 000 miles on the clock,
        12 months MOT & 6 months Road Tax
        2 owners from new

        I knew I had to have the car. I loved the test drive it was so easy to drive and very nippy thanks to the 1.3i engine. I also read up on the majority reviews on dooyoo and other sources on the internet and all were brilliant praising the Ka and how cheap it is to run and ideal for a first time driver.

        However for extra piece of mind, after my sisters failed it's MOT on 38 different points, I decided it would be best to get an engineer from the RAC to give it a thorough going over as I wanted to ensure that it would last me for at least three years.

        I have been told that these reports can rip the car to shreds but I didn't want to leave it to chance and £175 later I wanted to fill you all in on the results that have now put me off and to give those other first time drivers an inkling to possible problems that the Ka could have.

        It turned out that the previous owner had not kept it as good as condition as it could have been with the last service being in 2003. I know not all owners of cars give their cars a service after the initial three years of manufacture but in my opinion getting regular services keeps the car ticking over and hopefully means that when it comes to MOT time, things that maybe wrong have already been fixed or your prepared for things that may come up.

        Also put yourself in the buyers shoes, which you would have been at some point and will be again it's extra piece of mind. Maybe this is just my inexperience point of view and I would like someone to give me a different prospective.

        The exhaust had limited life due to corrosion and deterioration
        Antifreeze Strength was -25
        Engine noise which could be related to the starter motor
        Rear wiper needed replacing
        Brake fluid needed replacing and then testing once replaced
        Sump pan was corroded
        Coolent hose was rubbing on an inner plastic wing
        There were over corrosion elsewhere on the car
        The power steering pipes where corroded
        A sleight leak from the gear box
        Uneven wear on the spare tire and the 2 back tires also needed replacing
        Tracking had been adjusted

        So please don't be too put of by this, the only reason why I have written this review is to give prospective buyers what could go wrong with the Ka.

        Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones!!


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          18.01.2010 23:06
          Very helpful



          A mascara to give you thicker and fuller sexy lashes

          I have sensitive skin and eyes so when it comes to choosing any type of make-up I tend to try and stick with the brands that I am familiar with and don't cause me any irritation.

          I decided on this particular mascara because i use MaxFactor products all the time, my last mascara was the Masterpiece product which didnt cause my eyes to water or the red puffyness which comes with a mascara that doesnt agree with my skin! Also more recently I had experimented wearing false lashes and I thought this would be ideal to get those gorgeous Cheryl Cole style lashes without the fiddly bit!

          This mascara is packaged in a thick black tube and the mascara brush has been designed for the bristles to be closer together to create the false lash effect.

          In my opinion, it's not a patch on false lashes! Why? Because although this mascara does make the lashes appear thicker and fuller the length of the lashes are compromised.

          If you want the full she-bang of long, thick and full lashes, I recommend that you use a mascara such as MaxFactor's Masterpiece mascara to lengthen and separate the lashes first and then apply this product.

          This will then give you the false lash effect you will love and continue to use.


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          14.01.2010 15:58
          Very helpful



          Max factors small expensive but easy to use makeup pen liner

          I am rubbish when it comes to putting on makeup so therefore i try to stick with the basics and leave it at that!

          However i have taken a liking of wearing top liner it makes my lashes look fuller and brilliant for covering any lines after you've put false lashes on!

          I did have in my makeup kit a pen liner and a liquid liner - well lets just say the pen liner won hands down because drawing a straight line on paper is not the same when trying to put liner on - it ended up wonky and all over my face when using the liquid one!

          I have used Max factor mascara now for the last couple of years since developing sensitive eyes and max factor doesn't seem to be all that irritable.

          So needing a new mascara and liner i headed down to my local boots where i was met with the Max factor consultant, who was very helpful and luckily the products was on 3 4 2 - bargain.

          So i walked away with a new mascara, pen liner and foundation.

          I have now been using this product for around 2 months now. I don't wear makeup every day so when I do buy any makeup product it does last me some time. But i am not overly impressed. It's seems to have ran out quicker than i thought it would and at £6.99 for only a small item makes me be-grudge to buy another.

          I'm constantly have to keep shaking it to get the liquid out and onto the pen and if there is not a lot of ink on the nib, it wipes of some of the liner that you've put on your eye having to go over it yet again.

          I think this it good it you wear a lot of makeup and more than likely be purchasing more frequently than what i do and if don't have a steady hand but i don't think i will be buying this again especially at that price!


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          14.01.2010 15:39
          Very helpful



          Ideal elevness or afternoon snack

          I came across these of a random shopping trip during my lunch hour.

          Being a fan of snack a jacks, these instantly caught my eye and seen as i am currently following the weight watchers diet with the use of my little calculator i instantly worked out that they just had to go in my basket seen as they worked out at only 1.5 points for 25g.

          I go through phases when it comes to food, especially snacks so trying to find alternative, healthy and less fattening are always a forefront when shopping.

          The box is small and embezzled with Aldi's lighter range logo - Belight- in the corner of the box and the brands light blue back ground with details of what the box contains and the guideline of kcals, sat fat etc that is in each 25g pack.

          Nutrition information per 100g:
          2.2g fat
          0.5 sat fat
          88.7g carbs
          18.9g sugar
          0.4g salt

          Inside the box the rice cakes are separated into 4 25g packs in foil wrappers - so if you're anything like me, a lot less tempting to each the entire box like i would if i had the jumbo snack a jack at my side!!

          In each foiled packet are around 6 rice cakes for the 25g and are as they say on the box, slim - around the same thickness of McCoy crisps.

          These taste lovely and are ideal for a sweet tooth.


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        • Fairfx / Credit Card / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          14.01.2010 14:57
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Flexible little friend that you can use without the worry of debt or paying the money back

          I recently have come back from America but along with the usual planning of any holiday i thought how i was going to take my travel money was a harder decision then it would be if i was just travelling to Spain or Greece.

          After reading about the various money cards on money saving expert, and constantly checking the exchange rate, i decided to take £300 cash and everything else to be pre-loaded onto a travel money card.

          The reason i chose the fairfx card was because i thought the exchange rate was better compaired to the Post Office where i would have gone for any cash or traveller cheques.

          Plus by going through a link on the money saving expert website, if the card was loaded with more than $20/10 euro's (i think that works out at around £25) the administration fee of £9.95 was wavied.

          The web address for those that are not able to locate this on the money saving expert website is:

          Altough it was advised that i would be able to check my balance from any ATM - i wasnt actually able to because of the number of account options that appeared none of them seemed to be the correct one.

          However i found a really cheap Internet Cafe so every couple of days i was able to check the balance and ensure i wasnt charged for anything i should have been or any dubious transactions. (especially as most of the shops where not chip and pin and in the Armani Exchange shop they swiped my card and let it go through without my signature!).

          Fairfx do advise that there is a $2 fee for cash withdrawls - but please note some ATMS also add on a charge so therefore your cash withdrawl could be $4. So if you do require cash to be drawn from the card i recommend that you do this in a lump sum.

          Overall i am so glad i chose this as a way of carrying my travel money. It was:

          so convienent
          i know if the card was lost or solen i could get it easily replaced
          it only took 7 days to recieve the card
          same day that i loaded the card the funds was available (however i dont know if that is because fairfx's bank is barclays and that is where i hold my current account that i was transferring money between)
          check my balance online
          card is valid for 3 years so can be used again
          i even used it to withdraw the remainder of my holiday money from a UK ATM.

          Only downfall i can see with this card is that the rate changes daily depending on the exchange rate.

          I am going to keep this card until it now expires as i would like to return to America some point in the next 3 years - even if it's a short break to New York or Las vegas.


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            30.12.2009 13:51
            Very helpful



            The most popular ways to travel up and down International Drive

            I have only just recently come back from Florida and the I-Ride is one of the most popular forms of transport to get up and down International Drive.

            International Drive is around 14 miles long - that's a lot of walking! Boasting numerous shops, restaurants and hotels. The I-Ride is the only trolley bus in Orlando that has a face on the front of the bus.

            The I-Ride line on International Drive is the Red Line and each stop is clearly marked and are around every 20 minutes. By using the trolley you can get to one end of International Drive to the other in around 40 minutes to an hour.

            Fares are around $1.25 for a single fare, $4 for a day ticket and $17 for a two week ticket, children 12 and under can ride the trolley for free. What me and my sister did was on the days where we wasn't visiting Disney World we bought the day ticket and used it to get us back and forth between the two outlets, Prime Outlets and Orlando Premium Outlets, and other shops, restaurants at the other side of International Drive to the side we where staying.

            The I-Ride also goes to Seaworld and Seaworld's Water Park. Its also one of the best ways to see all of what's on offer on International Drive.


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          • Weight Watchers / Other Service / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
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            10.12.2009 22:16
            Very helpful



            How weight watchers has so far helped me

            At the beginning of the year as part of my new years resolution was to lose weight! It wasn't till several months later that I actually decided to join weight watchers than go it alone.

            Why weight watchers? Well I have done weight watchers before and rather than paying the expensive £4.75 (at the time its now £5.50!) per week, I joined got the books and did it alone. I then lost a bit then got a bit complacent and fell off the wagon!

            Next came slimming world...again joined, went it alone and the same thing happened!

            I then went up to the biggest I'd been in a long time so I chose weight watchers rather than slimming world as I liked the idea that I could have anything as long as it was within my points allowance - where as with slimming would I begrudge that any 'treats' was deducted from my syns as your only allowed 10 a day if I had a packet of crisps or a pint after work - my syns where soon no where to be seen!

            I joined in May 2009 and as off tonight I have now lost 29 1/2 lbs!! Over 2 stone so is a biggy for me as I usually lose 2 stone and then flat line and I give up! So although it's only an extra 1.5lb it's just sparing me on to know that could go the distance if I keep at it!

            I follow the discover plan, which is just the old points system, it's just weight watchers way of re-branding! but this gives you so many point dependant on how much you weigh, height and how active you are during the day.

            I signed up to the monthly pass option, which is brilliant I must say. It only costs £17.95 per month so a big saving on the usual meeting fee and ideal for those with a computer as there are recipes, fitness tips, forums, and the 2 best features, the points and weight tracker!

            I track everything that I eat and I find my weight loss is better when I've tracked. And as of today I'm really really obsessed with the weight tracker as I can see how my weight has declined during the time that I've been a ww member.

            I also like the recipes as it give me various ideas on what I could do and how many points I'll be using.

            I'm currently allowed 23 points per day but I try to stick to 18 where ever possible so I can save points for treats or a big night out (as you can guess from the above, I'm a pint drinker and can put a fair few away!)

            From doing weight watchers, what I ate previously hasn't really changed that much, but the thing that's helped me is portion control!

            I never use to weigh my food, but now other than my 0 point vegetables I do. To make it easier rather than buying meat from a supermarket I go to the local butchers and asked for the exact amount of turkey/chicken/mince/steak that I need that way not only does it save me time during the week, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper!

            My tips so far...

            1. Portion control - as you read above this makes sure that I don't over eat and if you feel like you're depriving yourself, just sever on a smaller plate as don't forget you also eat with your eyes!

            2. Drink plenty of water - I've always drunk lots of water but I try and make sure that I drink at least 2 litres, with most during the day at work. It does stop you from being hungry, as most hunger can be down to dehydration, but you constantly need the loo, hence you're getting more exercise!

            3. Treat yourself, but don't over do it! - making sure you award yourself for your weight loss or if your having a bad day, long as you don't over do it and stay within the points it makes you feel better and keep on track

            4. Meal plan - planning your, breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks and only shopping for those items, ingredients needed also helps you stay on track even if you don't end up having that 'chicken stir-fry' on Tuesday, if you've bought it in then you could have it another night or do something different but for the same amount of points.

            And lastly

            5.Exercise - even if it's little but often every bit helps! I can easily say that as I walked to and from work every day and try at least 30 minutes during my lunch break. Plugging myself into my music is like winding me up and watching me go! I don't go to the gym as often as I should but the buzz I get after I've been (I only go once a week!) is what I'd get from eating a piece of chocolate - in fact because I've earn't points I sometimes have a piece of chocolate for a treat!

            Wow I can't believe how much I've written in this review and I hope I haven't bored you all!

            I next step is to lose another 2 stone next year and I'll be right on top of my goal weight....so watch this space and all you other dieters, I wish you luck also!


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              10.12.2009 16:35
              Very helpful



              Ok if you are only going to be staying for one night

              I have recently stayed in this hotel and would again.

              The reason why we choose this hotel in the first place was down to price - all though it is very close to the airport at only £29 for 1 nights stay, you cant argue with that!

              The hotel seemed to a little bit bigger than most of the travelodges i've stayed in but i'm not sure if that is because it wasnt a multistory like ones i've stayed in previously.

              There was a large car park - although this is chargable however i'm not sure on the excat price but you are allowed to short stay for up to 30 minutes with no charge.

              The reception was bright, warm and welcoming with internet access and vending machines for hot, cold drinks and snacks. The bar/restaurant was attached to the right of the reception area where alcoholic, hot, soft drinks, snacks and meals where served.

              The room was one of the cleanist travelodges i've stayed in! The room had a kettle, selection of teas and coffee, a portable colour TV with freeview and the bathroom was very clean - although no shampoo or shower gel but i believe that this is an amenity that this hotel chain that they no longer supply - but again for 1 night this doesnt really matter.

              As i was reading some of the reviews for this travelodge, some complained of the noise from the motorway - our room was situated on the ground floor facing the car park, but we couldnt hear the noise from our room! However i can imagine if your room is facing the motorway then this will be expected!

              There is a shuttle bus service to the airport which i think if i remember is every 40 minutes - unfortuantely it is not free! £3 per person or £7 for a party of 4 people (there was only 3 people in my party yet the £7 was still cheaper than paying per person per seat!) but because of the way to get to the airport terminals if maybe a little more in a taxi.

              They run from early morning to late-ish each day. This needs to be booked at the reception desk who will give you the times so that you can schedule it with the time you may need to be at the airport for. You need to make sure you know which terminal you will be flying from.

              The reception staff were again friendly, welcoming and very helpful.

              All in all this was a really nice hotel, cant complain for the price and if you book it well in advance, or through the travelodge website when they have there room sale, you may even be able to get it for as little as £10 per night!


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              06.09.2009 17:10
              Very helpful
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              insight to how people would spend their lottery winnings

              lets see what would i do if i won the lottery? mmm what wouldnt i do! lol!

              firstly i'd give up work - obviously this all depends on the how much but i go and volunteer part time at a hospice, hospital, old peoples home - or charity that i beliee in such as cancer or a childrens charity.

              I would buy a nice car, not too flashy but something that would last.

              Go on holiday - possibly around the world trip - thats a once in a life time opportunity and i think anyone who has the option too, should do it.

              Buy myself a nice 3 bedroomed modernise house with a decent size garden for bbq's in the summer

              put some money away in a saings account and invest some

              and treat both my friends and family - possibly just give them a cut of what i won, that way they can use it to how they would like.

              and lastly although i would work for a charity or hospice - i'd give a big chunk of money to them.

              reading this back i'd say it's seem quite typical what anyone would do if they won the lottery and i think i'm going to enjoy some of the other reviews written in this category.


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                28.04.2009 22:32
                Very helpful



                Forget stains, trust pink!

                i have used some vanish products before mainly the spray, but when i was stupidly drunk at the weekend, i somehow managed to get half my take away down the front of my new zebra print top!

                When i put it through the wash the next day i was absolutely gutted to find that the strain just hadnt budged!!

                So i popped down to my local home bargains, looked at all the stain removal solutions and settled on this one, plus it nwas only something like £1.20 for 8 tablets so couldnt really lose - and i thought if it didnt come out i'd dye it black!!

                The box is small and is in the trade mark pink and is clearly labeled. It advises that it is effective on a wide range of stains and can be used on both white and coloured fabrics.

                It has how to use, usgae advice and the safety advice marked on the box sides.

                It also has information on how the actionball works.

                Each tablets is individually wrapped - reminds me of dishwasher tablets! lol! and is placed in the washer drawer. Also add your washing powder\gel\tablets as normal and use the same cycle as you normally would.

                it's that simple!

                I was slightly jubious at first but must say i was very impressed - now i cant say if it was because i washed my top first - but it lifted that tough subbon stain right out and now i can wear the top this weekend.

                Very much a bargain buy and recommended - i've only going to give this item 4 stars, but thats just because i never used it on the stain straight off - when i do and if it lifts the stain right out first time i will amend my rating.


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                21.04.2009 01:17



                Friends with benefits...is it really all that simple?

                Tess Jarvis has a fairly easy followable guide to life:

                live life to the full
                Look on the bright side of life
                Learn from past mistakes and
                Make great friends and keep them close
                Learn to drive and never wear fancy knickers mid week
                Expect the unexpected....

                but that all changes when she accidendly becomes pregnant by her best friend Jim Ashworth or otherwise known as her 'friend with benefits'!

                Although Tess and Jim have decided to keep and raise the baby - without becoming romantically involved - this tracks Tess in her journey of friendships and relantionship and finally taking that leap of growing up whilst preparing herself for single motherhood and dealing with the emotions and questions having a baby brings.

                This was a lovely, funny and easy read book and the lead character was likeable and especially for me, easy to relate too.

                This book is a credit to Kathy Regan


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                  21.04.2009 00:23
                  Very helpful



                  cheap & cheerful hotel

                  I have stayed in a few budget hotels in my time, and a fair few of them have been a Travelodge - so when my and my sister decided to desend on Newcastle for the weekend, all we wanted was somewhere clean to rest our head!

                  We paid £19 to stay good friday - we was aware it was several miles outside the city centre and tried to work out roughly cost of taxi's based on distance from places in our home town to the city centre.

                  Firstly the taxi was £10 by a private hire car and knocking on £20 in a black cab.

                  The hotel staff was very polite, friendly and helpful. The reception is 24hr and was very clean and there was ample parking space and a retail park across the way which had a macdonalds.

                  The bar is open 24hrs and had internet access and various vending machines.

                  Breakfast was around £7 which was all you can eat with a large selection to choose from.

                  You needed the card key to access the rooms on each floor.

                  Now the disappointment was the room - majority of the rooms over looked the retail park opposite or the roof - but i suspose only staying 1 night, it doesnt really matter that much!

                  The room was clean, tidy with extra towels and pillow -however our carpet was coming away from the wall and unlike other travelodges or hotels i have stayed in there was no shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. But there was hand soap and two plastic beakers.

                  There was also a travel ketle with 2 cups and a selection of tea and coffee and a 15" LCD TV with inbuilt freeview.

                  To sum up this hotel, clean(ish), friendly & polite staff and reasonable for the price.


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