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Member since: 15.07.2012

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    • Nokia Lumia 800 / Mobile Phone / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      15.07.2012 18:57



      Do not watse your time

      November 2011, i was due an upgrade, the vast amount of choice was rather over powering, researching and investigating all the different phones on the market. Up popped the new Nokia Lumia 800 with its rather distinguishing look and its sleek sexyiness and the tune itself. I was sold. On its way to me was a fabulous looking windows 7 phone. To my delight it arrived, and i was amused for hours, the hub, the xbox live and all the other features available. A week later, the novelty had worn off, having to pay for all my apps, the lack of apps available was really frustrating. The camera was very poor quality. Not being able to put a memory card in from my old phone and the phone kept freezing and resetting itself. So overall this phone was a major disapointment, it has a very long way to before it even touches the iphone, and android.


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