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    • Friends With Benefits (DVD) / DVD / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      05.04.2014 13:41
      Very helpful


      • "Easy watch"
      • " light-hearted rom com"
      • "Very funny"


      Looking for a light-hearted watch? This is packed with laughs and a sprinkling of romance.

      A light-hearted, hilarious watch, this is a must-see for any rom com fans.
      Starring the gorgeous Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, the film pulls you in from the start with a strong storyline and comical characters struggling to identify emotionally with the opposite sex.
      Both the title and the setting appealed to me, as New York is one of my dream travel destinations.

      --The Plot--
      Jamie head hunts Dylan from LA for a role based in New York for GQ Magazine.
      She shows him round the city, and eventually persuades him to move from his home in LA to take up the position.
      They become friends from there on and having both recently had their hearts broken, they then try to start a relationship based on pure necessity rather than romance, with hilarious consequences.
      I love the strong female character of Jamie as the New York head hunter combined with the career-driven Dylan.
      I watched this film after having seen No Strings Attached (which I thought was awful!) and was pleasantly surprised by the fast-paced storyline and questions raised.
      Is it possible to have sex without emotion?
      Is it possible to have a casual arrangement with a close friend and not become attached?
      I would recommend this film was an original option for a girly night in or a light weekend watch.
      I thought the actors chosen were perfectly suited to the roles, Mila Kunis is full of attitude and incredibly sexy, yet plays a vulnerable part well.
      Justin Timberlake is great as Dylan and fits well into the 'artist type' mould.
      Well worth a watch.


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        20.07.2013 18:17
        Very helpful



        Lovely al fresco gallery

        I visited the Yorkshire sculpture park today which is quite a unique contemporary art gallery.
        As you walk round the park, the sculptures are interspersed in nature across a large distance.
        There are several notable names in sculpture on show there, including Antony Gormley.
        All of the sculptures are outside and you walk across a farm like area with sheep and through gorgeous woodland to get there.
        It doesn't cost any money to get in but this is made up for with the car park charge, which is £7.50 for more than 2 hours, £5 for 1-2 hours and £2.50 for one hour.
        This is a lovely day out, and it's family friendly, as children will love exploring the sculptures.
        Some are more quirky than others, some you will be left wondering what it means and some you will relate to. There are explanatory notes under each one with notes of interpretation as well as the name of the piece and the artist.
        I'm quite an art enthusiast and enjoyed seeing the sculptures in such a beautiful natural location. I'd recommend this for a different and exciting day out.
        There is a gift shop with the usual overpriced souvenirs as well as a nice selection of artists work. There's a cafe on site and several inside galleries as well as the main outside attractions.
        One of the negatives I would say is that the whole place is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly as parts are quite hilly though there are some parts that are accessible.
        On the whole, I'd very much recommend you visit!


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          19.07.2013 23:02



          love this

          These dresses have been everywhere this year, and this is Topshop's take on the 'skater' style dress.
          I've been very pleased with this buy, at £20 from Topshop, which isn't too bad when you see some of the prices you pay there!
          There are a range of colours available. In my opinion the dress can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I own the electric blue version, and have since bought similar styles from different shops, as the shape of the dress is very flattering to my figure.
          The material is quite skin tight, as it's jersey style material. It 'flips' out at the bottom and comes to just above the knee for me which is a nice look with heels for a night out, or pumps for during the day time.
          Dressed up, the blue version I own goes with black suede heels and a little evening bag and a black cardi if it's cold.
          Dressed down I wear it with some simple pumps.
          Highly recommended, these dresses are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways and come in lovely colours - olive green, grey, burgundy etc. They also suit quite a lot of different shapes.


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        • Galaxy Cookie Crumble / Chocolate / 42 Readings / 36 Ratings
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          11.07.2013 23:16
          Very helpful




          As I write this, I am enjoying a 119g bar of this excellent concoction by Galaxy.

          I like a crunchy biscuit, there's nothing worse than a biscuit which is supposed to be crunchy which has been left to react with the air and has become soft.

          The same principle is to work with this chocolate. The biscuit like "crunch" is to be found in this chocolate and something I really enjoy. With the classic galaxy taste, but with a little extra bite to each square, this is a chocolate bar to die for.

          There's no denying I'm a massive chocaholic, so I'd like to say I know what I'm talking about here ;) Okay I know it's an excellent bar as it's half gone whilst I've been writing this review...

          I generally buy these when they're on special offer in Tescos at £1 apiece - absolute bargain for a little treat!
          The back of the packet says "signature galaxy smoothness enhanced with delicious pieces of chocolate cookie." Now I'm also a fan of original Galaxy, but I do honestly think this is my favourite Galaxy bar - I also enjoy the caramelised nuts one. But this is definitely putting up a good fight!

          **WARNING: You won't be able to stop eating this.**


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          • Sony XPERIA SP / Smartphone / 22 Readings / 18 Ratings
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            11.07.2013 22:54
            Very helpful



            Great smartphone, high quality from Sony

            I'm gonna start my return to Dooyoo with a review of my brand new Sony Experia SP.

            So, I got bored with everyone having an iPhone, all a bit same old now I think - plus seeing as I have an iPad mini I'm all Mac-d out for now!

            The first thing you need to know about the Sony Experia SP is that it is on the Android system (Google's app library). As such it offers your basic Google apps in it's default menu, which include Google Chrome, the Play store (which lets you buy apps), Google maps (very useful for finding your way about when you get lost - something I missed when I was without a smartphone for a while) and Gmail. There is also a blast to the past and a music application entitled "Walkman" which I thought gave it a little something nostalgic about this shiny new top-of-the-range smartphone reminiscient of the retro CD player.

            I'm not a massive app-aholic but I installed - in addition to the default apps - BBC iPlayer (only for when I'm connected to Wifi), Amazon Kindle, Twitter, Office Suite, Skype and Snapchat (out of interest in the latest craze...)

            The phone has a slightly larger screen than I would usually purchase but I did fall in love with in store and managed to get it free on a £29 a month contract for 24 months - not cheap - but so far I haven't regretted the decision. Because of it's larger screen, it is excellent for light reading if you're bored on the train etc, and I have read some books on it. The cameras are decent and I've enjoyed taking snaps when out of friends and special occasions. There's a decent 8MP back camera (as much as you need on a phone I reckon) and an okay-ish front camera for use with Skype.

            Something very cute about the phone is that it has a flashing light at the bottom which flashes different colours depending on what it's trying to tell you. Red - battery low, white - new email, Facebook blue - Facebook notification, etc. When you're flipping through showing friends photos, it changes it's colour dependent on the hue of the photo you are showing them - which I think shows how smart smartphones are. It's a minor feature, but I just love it! The screen is large enough that I could comfortably share photos with Nan & Grandad, who haven't the sharpest sight.

            In terms of the basic phone features, texting is easy and calling is straight forward. The default alarm feature comes out with a chilled out tune which is quite nice to wake up to in a morning!

            My one criticism is that I can't seem to stop the flashing light at the bottom, which I believe is quite a battery drain. And unlike my old phone, the alarm does not make the phone turn itself on, so it has to be on for the alarm to go off.

            There's so much I can do on this little piece of technology that I feel I've only scratched the surface with what I've experimented with so far, and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a new smartphone which is well worth the money. A very useful tool to keep in touch, play on, take nice photos and read digital books, which is the main things I was concerned about. Anyone thinking of buying one, give me a shout if you have any questions which I haven't covered :).


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          • Kenco Millicano / Coffee / 36 Readings / 35 Ratings
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            05.04.2013 15:43
            Very helpful




            Looking for some coffee to keep us going on moving flats day, we found Kenco Millican wholebean instant on special offer in Tesco.

            As a seasoned coffee lover, I can identify a good instant coffee from the bad. I personally really like the flavour of this one. Branded a slightly more premium design than the standard Kenco, there is a subtle taste difference which makes for a nicer drink.

            In direct comparison to the red Kenco coffee jar, this one tastes smoother and slightly richer.

            The rich flavour and lovely aroma when you add hot water makes it the perfect choice in the morning to wake up if you want to treat yourself to a little something nice. It comes in a resealable packet to keep the granules fresh though some idiot in my house has ripped the packet open. Regardless, the coffee tastes great and the size of the packet is quite nice as when you fancy a change, it's not a very large packet.

            It was well priced on offer, but I'm not sure I'd buy it every time if it wasn't on offer, being a bargain hunter!

            In summary, a lovely, rich, flavoursome coffee, one up from your standard instant coffee for those without alternative coffee facilities. Something to have as a treat, this isn't a budget product but is worth the spend. Good sized packet.


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            13.12.2012 12:21
            Very helpful



            I recommend this read.

            "On The Road" is an American novel written by Jack Kerouac. I loved this book. I found the storyline fast paced and the language clever yet incredibly readable. The style of writing I really appreciated as it made it easy to dip in and out of the book, I don't have loads of spare time for reading at the moment and this is something which I require in a good read!

            The theme of the story is essentially in the title, being "on the road". The protagonist Sal and his crazy friend Dean, travel all over America in search of something missing from their lives staying in one place.

            I think the key quote of the book is "We know time." This simply refers to the sensation of realising mortality, realising how little time there is to do everything you want to, how Sal & Dean pack as many sensations into every day as they can, how they go about this by travelling. The book is set in post depression America. I've never been to America and it was fascinating to get a brief snapshot of each city.

            Dean ends up having kids and several wives, whereas Sal looks on this with a rather detached viewpoint, and we as the reader have empathy for these women that he leaves scattered across the continent to bring up his children. He never has time for them, and pursues the endless horizon impatiently in search of new things, carelessly ignoring his dependents and instead using all his money on a car.

            Jack Kerouac sums up the loneliness of life on the road succinctly in this novel, following the story firsthand from Sal's viewpoint of the ups and downs, the near misses with death, the desperate moments, the excitement, the variety of people, the unpredictability and the adventure. In one sense it makes you want to throw in everything and take off with your dreams, on the other it makes you incredibly apprehensive about all the bad parts!

            Human relationships and hedonism are key themes, with "looking out for yourself in desperate situations" trumping friendship in certain cases throughout the book. It makes you think deeply about friendship and travels.

            I haven't seen the film but I believe it is also a film now... However, I think the film would have to be brilliant to live up to expectation! A great read even if you have a hectic schedule, you can pick up this book in between things. Five stars.


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              12.12.2012 16:23
              Very helpful




              There are soo many presents out there that none of us really want to receive for Christmas! My new philosophy with gift buying is to only buy something that I know someone will really love rather than buying gifts for the sake of it. For this reason, my Christmas pressie list is more about quality than quantity this year. Those acquaintances who may or may not buy me a gift will have to settle for a nice message in their card. If I don't know what someone would like for Christmas, perhaps I should save my money instead. Besides, there is no point in my eyes if there is not a true sentiment behind it.

              Gone are the school days when girls I barely talked to bought me a Terrys chocolate orange (I hate orange chocolates) and I would go into school armed with a bulging santa sack.

              I'm not Santa! :)

              As far as guys go, there are a few on my list, I have an 18 year old brother, a 20 year old boyfriend, my dad, my grandad and my boyfriend's best friend.

              I know that secretly both my brother and my boyfriend would be happy with PS3 game vouchers or something of the sort. Regardless, moneys tight this year - I'm making my little brother a mix CD as his music taste needs guidance! Plus he got gig tickets for his birthday and realises the budgeting situation!

              My boyfriend is getting a stocking filled with fun mini pressies and a book about art history (an impulse buy.) Though awkwardly he happens to have his birthday on 29th December! He will be 21 and I have chosen him a watch and spent far too much, but can't wait to give it him! He is very fussy when it comes to things like that so it was a leap of faith, but if he doesn't like it I will set a new trend and wear it myself! Chunky mens watches...for girls!

              I saw my friend (boyf's best friend) the other day and he works in a pound store, so realises well and truly what sh*t people buy each other for Xmas. I'm choosing a large box of chocolates or a joke pressie for him as these are things he will appreciate :). Quote direct from him: "A Cadburys selection box is all you need!"

              My grandad is getting a digital photo frame packed with pics of the family (Nan + Grandad aren't technologically forward so will love a little slide show in their living room!) My dad is getting a book (always a winner!)

              I don't think "useful" gifts go down that well with the guys in my life, as they are just boring! They could get these kinds of things themself. If you're totally stuck for ideas, experiences are often awesome gifts - think: concert tickets, f1 driving experience (for someone special!), a weekend away, theatre tickets...The list goes on! These kind of gifts go down the best with men I find. Who wants cufflinks? I don't even know anyone that wears cufflinks, yet these pointless gifts seem to be the most popular things on offer for men in card shops and the like!

              Good luck!!!!! I say this with Christmas shopping almost complete!


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                12.12.2012 13:48
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Love this product!

                I haven't written a review for a while, but I had to review this product!! I bought this one for its lovely scent and because I was in need of some new bath products.

                --The Product--

                This is an Original Source natural body scrub in cranberry & honey. Opening the cap, the scent is not too sickly sweet but fresh and fruity enough for a deep soak in the bath or a quick, invigorating shower. I favour fruity scents in the bath as they make me feel fresh and clean.

                --Would I recommend this product?--

                As a deep cleansing scrub, no. As a light scrub cross shower gel it ticks all the boxes. I can understand why you would be disappointed if you were looking for a really deep cleansing scrub, but this light scrub is enough to use all over your body without being too abrasive. However, for problem areas I would recommend a different product.

                I would definitely recommend this product for a delightful fruity bath or shower products as I love the scent. This works lovely as a fruity shower gel for everyday use.

                --Price and Availability--

                I bought mine at Tescos and they are currently on a 2 for £4 offer or £2.50 for one. I found this a reasonable price for a great product and one which uses natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic fragrances. I like the company ethos and the packaging which is fun and stylish.

                I find it good value for money as a little goes a long way especially if you use it with a sponge. You can also buy this product from other supermarkets including Asda, as well as cosmetics stores like Boots.

                There are cheaper products out there but I chose this one for the natural ingredients and the lovely scent.

                --Design of the Bottle--

                This may seem trivial but it's annoying when you have ill shaped bottles fitting on narrow shelves. The Original Source have obviously taken this into account and have produced a fantastic shape of bottle, ideal for fitting into a shower gel holder or on the edge of a bath.

                The packaging claims "425 crushed cranberry seeds" went into the product, which emphasises the company's use of natural ingredients and is a great selling point. The mint one owned by my boyfriend boasts something like "4789 mint leaves went into this bottle" which I can't quite believe but wow!


                I love the girly pink colour of this scrub and the fact that it won't get nicked by the boys I live with as it is obviously more of a feminine bath product.


                The quality of the product is second to none. The natural ingredients, thick consistency and fruity scent as well as the quality bottle design mean this is a company I respect for good quality products.


                The consistency is perfect. I have had shower products which have been too runny in the past and this one squeezes out thick. The creamy consistency is probably created by the honey and makes the product beautifully thick and enjoyable to spread over the skin.

                --How To Use--

                I squeeze a small amount onto a sponge and dip the sponge in the bath. After that I apply all over the body which generates satisfying bubbles! A little goes a long way so you don't need a great deal to get the full effect. I follow this by rinsing with water.

                --How does it feel?--

                It leaves skin feeling cleansed and fresh. The small scrub "bits" give the skin a light exfoliation.

                --Other Scents--

                They come in a range of shower gels and scrubs and in many delectable sounding flavours. I would definitely buy again as I love this product! My other half has the mint & tea tree one, which I would also recommend for an invigorating wake up shower which leaves you tingling!

                --The Company--

                I love the fact that this company offers all natural products. This would make me more likely to buy again. I heard about their products when I used some of my boyfriend's mint & tea tree shower gel and enjoyed the invigorating cool mint feeling. Their website is to be found over at www.originalsource.co.uk along with further customer reviews, product info and ingredient info.


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                  27.09.2012 19:21
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Brilliant stay.

                  **Note: I am reviewing St Christophers Inn Prague**

                  St Christophers inns are a hostel chain located in many European capital cities. The one I stayed in was St Christophers Inn Prague called Mosaic House. My friend and I were looking for a budget nights stay which would be suitable for two girls sightseeing in the city. We came across St Christopher's Inn on Hostelworld and booked it due to the budget rooms available! We chose the 26 bed all girls dorm but there were many options available for different groups of travellers including double rooms.

                  --Upon arrival...--

                  We were given a map on check in which was helpful and told that a walking city tour took place at 10am in the morning (we chose to do our own thing but it was a nice touch for those who would like to meet people) and a bar crawl on the evening. Keycards required a deposit of 50 Czech crowns. The staff were very pleasant and we didn't receive any bad service.

                  --The Pricing--

                  For the large dorm, prices were fantastic - three nights stay came to approximately 30 pounds for the two of us!! We paid a deposit online and then paid the rest in Czech crowns upon arrival. This accomodation was cheaper than my flight and surprisingly the hostel was quite stylish and not at all budget like by appearance. This was due to the fact that they actually had hotel style rooms upstairs for private rooms.

                  --The Hostel and atmosphere--

                  The hostel had a nice bar which was reasonably priced for drinks and food. The breakfast was not included so we opted out of this at 150 Czech crowns and instead went to a supermarket which was just around the corner from where we were staying. The atmosphere of the place was quite busy and packed with travellers having a good time. We enjoyed the music in the bar and there was a lounge area where you could meet people and relax with a water machine and wi fi. Throughout the hostel there was free wifi.

                  --Public transport--

                  From the airport you had to take a bus then two metros to the hostel and it wasn't far from the metro stop at all. The area was fairly safe though it was on a side street.

                  --The room--

                  Our room was called Oasis and to get into it we had a keycard each which was easy to use unlike some keycards you get at hotels! The room was located in the basement below the noisy bar, which unlike you might think, was not a problem at all as the room was completely soundproofed and once downstairs you couldn't hear a thing from upstairs which was really nice! Showers were excellent and bathroom facilities were great too, as everyone seemed to be on different time schedules, three loos and three showers seemed ample for the room.

                  Beds were incredibly comfy and they were obviously bunk beds. The ladder to get to bed was a bit horrible and you need to be careful but the bed itself was lovely and came with a personal reading light and a plug socket.

                  Each bed had a lockable storage space underneath the bunk beds which had a knack to it, I actually ended up dropping the lid on my fingers (ouchies!) but you could have the option to lock it up, which I chose not to as I didn't have a padlock with me and I hadn't brought anything worth stealing.

                  The only thing that woke me up was inconsiderate roommates coming back in the early hours then sticking their laptops on for TV really quite loud! Apart from that, the room was comfy and good value for money, you kind of expect to get woken up in a large dorm anyway I suppose! Beds were arranged in groups of four so you couldn't really tell it was a 26 bed dorm.


                  The distance from the centre was walkable though there was also a tram into the city centre which we took when feeling a bit lazy! It is round the corner from a metro station.

                  --Restaurants and bars--

                  The one restaurant I would highly recommend if visiting Prague was the Lemon Tree which was just around the corner from our hostel and was absolutely delicious and fantastically priced Thai cuisine. I had a veggie curry and a mango cocktail and lots of drinks for approximately 12 pounds!

                  There were various bars in the area though we chose to head centrally for nightlife. There was a night bus to bring you home in the early hours though trams run until about 1 in the morning!


                  Fantastic value rooms for travellers to Prague on a budget! 5 Dooyoo stars.


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                    21.09.2012 18:21
                    Very helpful



                    Loved it!

                    I heard about this film about locked-in syndrome from a friend who recommended it, and also via a newspaper article. I found the film very moving and from the start the story drew me in. The film is all in French with English subtitles and is an adaptation of a book and is also based on the true story of Elle magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby.


                    The storyline follows a man who is paralysed, and can only communicate through blinking his one eye. It follows his life from his own perspective and occasionally from the outsider's perspective, but mainly from his point of view, starting with him waking up in the hospital in his state and following his struggles to learn to communicate again with his therapists.
                    The film includes many flashbacks to his personal life in the fashion media industry, his flashy fast paced existence and the way things were before his accident including his family life and his love affair.
                    I like the way the director has done this as it really gets us to feel his pain through his incapabilities. It helps you think of the frustrations of being paralysed and unable to communicate well, including the small things that you probably wouldn't first think of.
                    The film follows the helplessness of a stroke victim and explores deep questions about relationships and what really matters in a lifetime.
                    Jean-Dominique dictated the book via blinking his left eye using the time consuming partner assisted scanning where a partner recites the alphabet until the correct letter of the alphabet is reached and recognition via blinking is recorded. This unbelievable achievement demonstrates his resolve to tell his story.
                    He died three days after publication.

                    --Pricing and availability--

                    The film is available at a decent price as it was released in 2007 so a good five years ago. You can also rent it which is what I did with my Blockbuster online subscription where they send you DVDs through the post.

                    --Age Rating--

                    The age rating is a 12 which accounts for the disturbing nature of some scenes and possibly mild language. I wouldn't say this film is aimed at children but older children may enjoy it, as it is told in a way which means the condition of locked in syndrome is explained through the story, you don't need any prior knowledge. Younger children may not understand what is going on so I would say it is aimed at the older market.


                    Highly recommended, I was gripped from start to finish, well directed and intense storyline.


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                      21.09.2012 11:02
                      Very helpful



                      Love my Wayfarers!

                      I own a pair of these due to my little brother buying me a pair from the duty free (awww!) so I couldn't tell you the price he paid. These are on sale for between £80 and £140, so shop carefully! Check Google shopping for a good price.

                      --Colours and designs--

                      The classic Wayfarer look along with the Rayban Aviators have been popular since the 1980s and are thought to be some of the best selling sunglasses designs ever. You can get these in so many different colours including certain special edition designs so you can pick to suit your colour and fashion preferences. My pair are black with white detail on the inside of the frame. I like the black design as they go with everything!!

                      --Designer style, designer price--

                      If it was me I probably wouldn't have bought these for myself due to the designer price! You can get rip off Raybans from a local market but these aren't as nice, so I'm a lucky sister to get these as a pressie!

                      --Do they do the job?--

                      Yes, these are perfect for bright sunny days, sunbathing, driving, whatever. They are large enough to stop bright light from getting round the edges which was the case with a smaller pair of glasses I used to have. They are also dark tinted enough to fully protect my eyes from the sun, they are UV lenses and they stop me from squinting. Many people don't realise how necessary sunglasses are, and I can safely say that these do the job. It's nice to own a proper pair of sunglasses as they are sturdily built and last forever if you take care of them. I keep them in the Rayban bag they came in to keep the lenses from scratching. I find that they do not scratch as easily as my old high street sunglasses.


                      I would say that these sunglasses are suitable for guys and gals, my pair got passed round the office and my guy friends trialled them and suited them well! It helps that mine are black.


                      I would recommend these sunglasses as a lovely fashion piece and a necessary item.


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                      17.09.2012 15:23
                      Very helpful



                      nice budget shampoo

                      I bought the raspberry herbal shampoo by Alberto Balsam from a bargain shop, I think it was Home Bargains, after hearing good reviews from reviewers on Dooyoo!

                      I gave the bottle a quick sniff before purchasing to see whether I liked the scent. I appreciate a fruity scent in shampoos, so it fitted the bill.

                      --How to use--

                      Apply as a usual shampoo, by squeezing a small amount into your hand and lathering up. Leave for a few minutes to give the shampoo a chance to absorb into your hair. The consistency was pleasant and not too runny, though I accidentally squeezed too much out each time I used it as it is more runny than my old shampoo and more so than my shower gel.

                      I like the burst of fruity scent and I will want to try out the others in the range as its good to give your hair a bit of variety (so I've heard!).


                      The first time I used the shampoo I wasn't overly enthused with the results as dulling residues appeared to build up over just one day. However, this could be down to the fact I was in a huge rush when I first used the product. The second time I used it, I had a long bath and left the product in for a little while and then conditioned my hair afterwards so I could leave it to dry naturally and still be able to brush it. This gave a much nicer effect and my hair was shiny and blonde when I woke up for work the next day.

                      --Value for money?--

                      I found this shampoo great value for money as I bought it for just a pound. It is nice to use it with a conditioner to give your hair an extra shine but it is not essential. You can get this shampoo in most places for just £1 and it comes in a variety of scents so there is no excuse not to get some variety into your haircare routine!

                      --Overall opinion--

                      The scent is nice, not the nicest I have ever smelt. The consistency is reasonable though could do with being slightly thicker. The overall effect on my hair is a lot better than some budget shampoos I have recently used. I give this product four Dooyoo stars.


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                      14.09.2012 18:09
                      Very helpful



                      Really nice shower gel from the body shop, comes in different scents!

                      The Body Shop stock a range of deliciously fruity shower gels. I own the zesty Satsuma version of this 250ml bottle, which costs £6 at full price. I actually bought this one on a special offer with some other items I was buying, so the good thing about the Body Shop, despite the luxury price tags on the majority of their items, is that they do run special offers which are good value for money every now and then. I would highly recommend this shower gel for a number of reasons.

                      --Benefits of the product--
                      I love the fresh, fruity, zesty scent of this particular shower gel. The others in the range come in many different scents so there will be a scent to suit everyone! Other scents include grapefruit and strawberry (mmm!).
                      The consistency is nice compared to some other shower gels where half disappears down the plughole! Thick gel like consistency which lathers well.

                      --How to use--
                      A little goes a long way! Simply squeeze a small amount onto a sponge, and dip it into water to create lovely foamy Satsuma bubbles. This gel lathers well compared to some similar products I have tried and you do get what you pay for!

                      --Price and availability--

                      I believe these products are available exclusively in Body Shop stores, and you pay £6 a bottle for 250ml (which lasts ages so is value for money for a quality product!) You can also get small bottles of the same gel.
                      You can also get body scrubs, body lotions and more in the same scents!

                      Buy this shower gel! Lovely Satsuma scent, zesty and ideal for the morning to wake up or to freshen up in a bath or shower at any time of the day. I favour using it on a sponge but you can apply however you want. Sponges make it last longer as the sponge absorbs moisture and allows you to apply all over.

                      --About the company--
                      The Body Shop are dubiously an ethical company, I say this as they are owned by Loreal who test on animals. However, the Body Shop products claim to be environmentally and none of them tested on animals.


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                    • General / Discussion / 39 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                      13.09.2012 11:21
                      Very helpful



                      Result of avoiding work at work!!

                      1) What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
                      A photo of a eupleridae because it is so cute and cheers me up at work!

                      2) Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, French food or American?
                      A toss up between Italian food and Mexican food.

                      3) Do you have any tattoos?

                      4) Do you have any siblings?
                      Yes, little brother who is 18 in a few weeks, awwww!

                      5) Have you ever broken a bone?
                      No, I have sprained various things but I must be quite solid!

                      6) Do you believe in superstitious things such as breaking mirrors?
                      Not seriously, but for fun I will point these things out, especially gorgeous black cats : )

                      7) Do you like those 'end of the world' movies?
                      Most of them are laughable but I enjoy the odd one!

                      8) Do you eat more fruits or vegetables? What's your favourite fruit and vegetable?
                      Mangoes, strawberries, nectarines. At the moment I love raspberries! And I eat both equally, I'm veggie so its important :)

                      9) Who were you most likely to play during school nativities?
                      I was Angel Gabriel at nursery and it all went downhill from there :P

                      10) What's your opinion of the dentist?
                      I don't enjoy them as I had braces for years (ouchies)

                      11) Have you ever had a speech impediment?

                      12) If you had to choose, what is the worst movie you've ever seen?
                      The Blind Side was pretty awful in the first 15 minutes, I'd built it up to be a great film as I'd heard brilliant reviews, however I was cringing at all the one liners so had to turn it off in the first half hour! Other awful films, their names escape my mind...

                      13) Do you like meeting new people?
                      Yes I do :)

                      14) If you could, which celebrity would you date?
                      I do think Ryan Reynolds is really sexy! Cliché I know!

                      15) What would you take with you on a deserted island?
                      Can I say my boyfriend? :) Either that or a blender to make cocktails from tropical fruit...

                      16) Do you know how wide your hips are in exact inches?
                      Not a clue!

                      17) What would you say is the worst part of high school?
                      Possibly school assembly ugh. Or PSHE. The fact that shy people get left out!

                      18) How old will you be on your mother's 68th birthday? Is that old to you?
                      Early thirties? Not that old!

                      19) Ever thought you were dying of something?
                      Well I choked on a coin once. And nearly drowned in the sea. And nearly got hit by a porcelain mannequin. And got so drunk I couldn't see - all of those times really :P

                      20) Have you ever wanted to be a doctor?
                      Sort of, but the five year minimum commitment put me off.

                      21) If you were dying who would you say goodbye to first??
                      I don't know whether I'd want to say goodbye, I would like to see my loved ones, special friends and certain family members.

                      22) Do you like to babysit children?
                      Yes I do :)

                      23) Do you often forget where you put things?
                      Sometimes, then *stress* ensues!

                      24) Do you go on a lot of holidays?
                      I love holidays so if money no object I would go on many. We have a plan for lots of city breaks over the next year which sounds brill. I lived in Italy for 4 months last year too.

                      25) Have you ever met someone with the same biggest fear as you?
                      Well yes, most of the world I would imagine.

                      26) Would you rather write with a pen or pencil? Why?
                      I like pens for drawing as well so I would go with pen for writing.

                      27) Where was the best school trip you ever went on?
                      I didn't really go on many and none actually spring to mind which is sad :(

                      28) Are you a controversial person?
                      When I want to be I can be quite awkward! Not by looking at me though.

                      29) What would you say your average word per minute count is on a keyboard?
                      I don't know.

                      30) What was your favourite and least favourite subject in school?
                      I remember Further Maths being a bad idea. I enjoyed languages.

                      31) Do you bite you nails?
                      Yes :(

                      32) When was the last time you went to the library?
                      Three weeks ago! Ooops overdue library books thanks for reminding me...

                      33) Do you like fiction or non-fiction books more?
                      Fiction but I feel I should read more non fiction! It really depends on the subject matter though.

                      34) Do you treat others as you'd like to be treated?
                      Yes, I'm nice honest :)

                      35) What type of child were you?
                      Shy, top of my class, read a lot, enthusiastic, naïve.

                      36) Are you someone who likes to get into arguments and fights a lot?
                      Not really, but when someone shouts at me unfairly I will definitely shout back a lot!

                      37) Do you swear a lot?

                      38) If you had to get another tattoo, what would it be and where?
                      I don't have any tattoos!

                      39) What's your favourite TV show?
                      peep show! That, and Horizon. And maybe the great british bake off!

                      40) Does personality weigh out the sense of good looks?
                      Well its definitely a mixture when you find someone attractive. I couldn't be with someone I didn't find physically attractive and equally couldn't be with someone I couldn't talk to. Picky? Why not :)

                      41) What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?
                      Maybe the window?

                      42) If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
                      I would tell myself to stop talking sometimes :P I used to be really really really quiet and now I have got over that I sometimes find it difficult to shut up!

                      43) Do you have any regrets? If so what are they?
                      No, I strongly disagree with regrets :)

                      44) What colour hair do you have?

                      45) What colour eyes do you have?

                      46) Favourite sound?
                      crackling fire?

                      47) Favourite quote?
                      I like one I found today: I haven't seen this film but will be now: "Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of time." I'm really not sure I agree with it but it's an interesting idea.

                      48) Are you trying to achieve something at the moment?
                      Yess. I have various business ventures.

                      49) If you could do one thing for someone what would it be?
                      At risk of sounding soppy, at this moment in my life, almost anything for a certain special person. :)

                      50) What would you change?
                      Some of the questions in this quiz! (yes, person who answered this before me!!)


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