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Member since: 11.01.2012

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    • Samsung i9000 Galaxy S / Smartphone / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      11.01.2012 16:51



      Good product would recommend

      I have had the Samsung Galaxy for about a year now and really like most aspects. I love the screen size and the fact that the brightness adapts to your surroundings. The sound quality on calls is good and the fact that as soon as I popped my memory card into a PC it automatically downloaded all my music and photos from the PC, I didn't ask it to but it saved me a job and I now have all my favourite family pics in one place which is great. I do find that the battery life isn't great and I have to charge it more or less every day as it goes from full to empty very quickly especially when using the Internet on it. Lately I have found it sticks or crashes and the only option is to take the battery out and turn it on again but I do have friends with other smartphones where this happens so I'm guessing it's not a phone fault. Also the camera quality isn't the best but it's good enough for what I need.

      Overall I am pleased with the phone and I quite like Samsung as a brand so I would quite happily recommend this phone to anyone.


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