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      20.06.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      This book is a improvement from the first book.

      The Seven Songs of Merlin is the second book in the lost years of Merlin series. The book is written by author T.A Barron. It was first published by Penguin publishers in the year 1997.
      The author started this series when he felt something was missing from the Merlin legend. He did some research and realized no author had covered Merlin's youth.

      The series follows a very young Merlin before he became the legend that we know today.
      In the first book in the series we learn how Merlin got his name and we learn about his parents.

      For those that did not know the Merlin story is based on Celtic legend. I have always loved stories about magic and Merlin was first Story I ever read.
      I have read two books in the series so far; the first book is entitled The Lost years of Merlin.

      The Seven Songs of Merlin continues where the first book left us. After Destroying the shrouded castle Merlin discovers many lost magical treasures. One of the treasures is known as the flowering Harp.

      Merlin is given the responsibility of healing all of Fincayra using the Flowering Harp. His job is not made easy as the battle between good and evil carries on. Will Merlin be successful in his quest?
      For those new to the series Fincayra is a magical land which no non magical being can reach.

      Caught in the fight between good Merlin's mother becomes their first victim. Merlin must find a way to save his mother and all of Fincayra.
      Merlin has not mastered his magic yet so we journey with him as he becomes the legend we know today.

      As you can see this book has a lot of events happening. To be honest I prefer this book to the first one.
      I would recommend if you're a big fan of Merlin.

      This book is not available in e-book format on Amazon.

      It is available on Amazon for £6.29 in paperback.
      A final note this book can be read by anyone child or adult.

      My review is also under my ciao username pratchettfan


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      07.05.2012 13:18
      Very helpful



      For a rating I'd give it a 5/5 for overall enjoyment.

      Thud is the 30th Discworld novel written by Terry Pratchett. As you will see by my username I love books by Sir Terry Pratchett they are usually filled with humor.
      This book features The Watch a group of men commanded by Samuel Vimes. To be Honest I usually don't enjoy the novels in which they feature in. This book is the exception for me and features my two favorite characters Otto and Igor. Otto is a vampire and a Photographer who has sworn not to drink blood. In my Opinion Otto is the funniest character to come out of the series. The Watch in my opinion is like the local police but with a twist, their members consist of vampires, trolls, dwarves, humans and one werewolf.

      It is nearly the anniversary of the battle of Koom anniversary, a battle between dwarf and troll. It is a battle so famous that there is a painting in a local gallery to remember it. The local dwarf population is looking to reenact the battle of Koom for real. It is up to commander Vimes and his fellow watchmen to make sure the battle does not take place at all.

      If Vimes was not already busy enough he has to recruit a vampire into the watch by the local patrician. He does not have much of a choice in the matter.

      Most of books are taken from Fairytales, events in history, famous Plays and are infused with Terry's humor. Although I did enjoy this book I feel as though I would have enjoyed the humor more if I knew what event this was taken from. As I have mentioned before I don't usually enjoy the novels in which the watch feature, because I feel they don't have as much humor. This book is the exception and for me is the best in the Watch series. I found Terry's take on modern art in this book to be very humorous .His characters could not understand why some things are considered art. This book has a lot of humor in it everything from an old granny trying to do poll dancing and failing. I really enjoyed both the title of this book and cover.
      If you have never read a Discworld novel I would recommend this. The book is a standalone novel.

      For a rating I'd give it a 5/5 for overall enjoyment.

      £5.91 on Amazon uk paperback
      Kindle edition £4.94

      This review can also be found under my ciao username pratchettfan


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      03.05.2012 09:19
      Very helpful



      A very good first book

      Pacific Vortex is the first book in the Dirk Pitt series written by author Clive Cussler. The book was published in 1981.

      Dirk Pitt is a Major in the Military as well as he works for NUMA. He does special projects for them such as revive old wrecks. His most famous project was to raise the Titanic in a future book in the series.

      Dirk Pitt works under a man named coronel James Sandecker.

      NUMA stands for National Underwater Marine Agency.

      The best way to describe Dirk is he is very similar in my opinion to James Bond.

      This book is not suitable for children because Dirk's experiences with woman are very sexual in nature. The books do contain swearing as well.

      There are 21 books in total in the series this one included.

      Dirk Pitt Series Books

      1. Pacific Vortex!

      2. The Mediterranean Caper

      aka Mayday!

      3. Iceberg

      4. Raise the Titanic!

      5. Vixen 03

      6. Night Probe

      7. Deep Six

      8. Cyclops

      9. Treasure

      10. Dragon

      11. Sahara

      12. Inca Gold

      13. Shock Wave

      14. Flood Tide

      15. Atlantis Found

      16. Valhalla Rising

      17. Trojan Odyssey

      18. Black Wind

      19. The Treasure of Khan

      20. Arctic Drift

      21. Crescent Dawn


      The book starts off when a ship by the name of Starbuck goes missing in an area known as the Pacific Vortex. Starbuck is not the only ship to be claimed by the Pacific Vortex.

      Dirk Pitt finds a canister while swimming in the sea. The canister contains a note as to the location last recorded of the ship known as Starbuck.

      The ship contains nuclear material and it is up to Dirk Pitt to find the vessel before it explodes.


      This was very good for a first book in a series. First books are usually very long and are spent explaining storyline and characters. This book does not do that and I am grateful it moves straight into the action. I really enjoyed the book as it had lots of action and no dull moments. This book is the shortest in the series and it is only 270 pages long. I really love Dirk's take no non-sense attitude and the way he is quick to make the odd quirk. This is very different from the Isaac bell series as there is not one bad guy there are several.

      This book is a standalone Novel.

      I would recommend this book and give it a five out of 5.


      Paperback £5.91

      Kindle edition £4.99

      ASIN: B002TZ3E5C


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      21.04.2012 06:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Overall enjoyed and would recommend.

      The chase is the first book in the Isaac bell series written by author Clive Cussler. Clive is most famous for his series featuring a character by the name of Dirk Pitt.
      From the books I have read so far most of them are set in the 1900s. This book is no different and is set in 1906. Isaac Bell belongs to a family of bankers and is the first to step out the family business. He is a famous detective belonging to the Van Dorn Agency.

      In this book Isaac goes in search of a criminal known as The Butcher Bandit. The criminal becomes famous after engaging a string of bank robberies in which he leaves no witnesses.
      It is up to Isaac and his Van Dorn Agency to stop this criminal before it is too late. This criminal is the smartest person he has ever come across. The crime spree goes from state to state making us ask the question where he will strike next.

      What I enjoy most about this book is the rivary between Criminal and hero. Clive Cussler really does a good job making you feel as if you are living in the 1900s.
      I found this to be one of those books that you just cannot put down.

      If I had one negative thing to say about the series so far is parts of the book become a bit predictable. Other than that the book is very well researched. It is well worth its money and would recommend to anyone looking for a good thriller.
      This book can be brought on amazon as a hardcover for £5.91.

      This review may also be found under my username of ciao pratchettfan


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        08.04.2012 07:50
        Very helpful



        Overall a 3/5 for the book as it did not have enough action for me

        Dragon Haven is the second Book in the Wild Rain series written by author Robin Hobb. The book was published in 2010. Robin Hobb is a pseudonym for Megan Lindholm. She is famous for a series entitled farseer which I have not read yet. I will probably do reviews in the future. I am a huge fan of fantasy or anything with dragons or magic hence reading this book.
        I came across Dragon Haven while browsing the fantastic fiction web site. She is one of the top authors on the site.

        The book continues where the last book left off. Several Deformed dragons are in search of a fabled city called Kelsingra. They have help from a few Rain Wild inhabitants on their journey.
        These people are considered outcasts and it is there job to see the dragons safely and fed. As with any journey it is fraught with danger from people wanting Dragon Parts. These people known as Chalcedean and are willing to kill or do anything for their goals.

        In this book we learn more about the dragons themselves. The author does a more of character development for this book than previous.
        In the previous book we met a character named Alise. It is her job to study and record everything about the dragons. She gets this job to escape her cold hearted husband Hest Finbook. She is accompanied by a man named Sedric who is meant to be her guardian

        To be honest of you are looking for action in this book you won't find much. The author focuses more on the journey itself and how each individual changes. For me both books have been hard to get into as there is not as much action as I would have liked.
        This book is not suitable for children as it has a sex scene in it.

        I got this book in kindle edition £4.49 on Amazon.
        Hardcover is available for £11.99

        This review may also be found under my ciao username Pratchettfan.


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        01.04.2012 10:21
        Very helpful



        Overall enjoyed and would recommend.

        The Wrecker is the second book in the Isaac Bell series written by author Clive Cussler. The series follows a famous detective by the name of Isaac Bell. Isaac is no nonsense always get his man kind of guy. He belongs to the famous Van Dorn detective.
        Although published in 2009 all two books I have read so far are set in the early 1900s. Clive Cussler really does make you feel as though your living in the same age as the characters. Being young makes you sometimes forget about the everyday things we take for granted. For example the period which this is set in cars are not widely available as well as trains are not high speed as they are today.

        It is 1907 a time when there have been several unexplained train crashes and financial trouble. No one knows the cause of these accidents except a possibly a man by the nickname of the Wrecker. Isaac Bell and his team of detectives must uncover who he is before he brings financial ruin to the train company.
        The character has no conscious and does not care how many will die in his effort to get his goals. Like many of his evil characters he is smart and does everything to a avoid detection.

        Although well written I can't help feel as if the story becomes all too predictable. I have seen some reviews on amazon mention that they did not like the period it was set in. To be honest I feel it makes the series more likeable. Clive Cussler could in fact put Isaac in any period of time. I do feel as though Isaac Bell does remind me of Sherlock holmes but without the side kick. I do feel as though the book was worth its money. If you want to save money and you have a kindle go for kindle edition. Kindle edition is 5.99 pounds and its hard cover counterpart 14.88 pounds. This can be brought on Amazon.co.uk

        This review may also be seen under my ciao username pratchettfan


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      • Kindle 4 / Tablet PC / eBook Reader / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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        31.03.2012 12:09
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Overall I use my kindle every day and prefer it to normal books.

        Got my Kindle as a birthday present from my sister. To be honest i did not know what to expect as I was the first from my family to get one.
        The first thing I noticed was how light it was and is about the size of a hardcover book.

        It did not take me long to find my way around my kindle. In a matter of hours I was using it like I was born with it.
        Buttons on Kindle

        What makes it so easy is there are not hundreds of buttons. On the side you have to button left and right that take you forward and back a page.
        Next you have your arrow keys that are use to move up and down the page. These keys can also be used to find words to look up in the dictionary.

        You keyboard button that is used to bring up a virtual keyboard. This is used to type in anything on the kindle.

        Kindle has a wireless card that can be used to browse the internet. Be warned everything is in black and white. Kindle is available in color for KIndle fire.
        I also found it hard to read we pages as anything you want to view has to be magnified.

        To be honest I could have done without the internet. I used my usb cable to transfer any ebooks to the kindle.
        It took me at least a week to get used to the size of the text but this can be adjusted. the only problem is you get a lot less words per page.

        My Kindle did not have page numbering, but instead told me what percentage of the book I read.
        I hope they in future use page numbers instead.

        it does not come with a cover which i was disappointed with. The cover is brought separately.
        The Kindle does really adjust to light quiet well but cannot be read in the dark.

        Battery life with wireless turned off lasts a month.

        Overall I really enjoy my kindle and use it every day. It saves a lot of space in my house and best of all I get to save trees. Ebooks will vary from author to author so you may want to take a look at their prices before buying kindle. Cost of Kindle is 89 pounds and for me it was worth it.

        There are two ways you can transfer books.
        1.Download Calibre from http://calibre-ebook.com/download_windows or
        2.Download Kindle for PC

        I personally prefer Calibre for transferring books.

        Calibre instructions

        Install Calibre and open.
        2.plug in kindle
        3.select send to device.

        Please note this review can also be seen on CIAO under the username pratchettfan


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      • General / Discussion / 27 Readings / 24 Ratings
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        07.06.2011 07:01
        Very helpful



        Summary: Facts about me

        1. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?

        20th December

        3. WHAT IS YOUR JOB?
        I'm a Computer technician. I fix computers for a living.Not the most exciting sounding job but I love being around latest technology.

        4. GRADES?
        I studied

        I like Chinese and British. Favorite food sweet and sour chicken and favorite british food yorshire pudding

        Tomatoes and Cucumber.The taste of those two just make me feel sick

        I like vodca and lemon.

        Peugot 306.

        Hights. Have a real fear of hights so much so won't go anything near thats not secure.

        11. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?
        Have for Tortoses. Not the most exciting animals but they were given to my mom.

        12. ANY PET PEEVES?
        I really hate people who judge you on how you look. I also hate it when smokes deliberately smoke near you when they no you don't like the smell.

        Ham, Pineapple and like sweet chilli chicken.

        I love going to Durban South Africa. Just feel relaxed going there.

        Jurassic Park. It along with many others made me love Dino's and was a very different film.

        No tattoos and could never bare the pain I might have to go through.

        My dad Is a financial Manager( he makes sure the accountants do their jobs correctly.Mom teaches Nursery school kids.

        18. EYE COLOUR?
        Light Blue

        19. WORST ACCIDENT?
        I was in a rush and got my had caught in the car door. was very painful but did not need surgery.

        20. CELEBRITY CRUSH?
        Mandy More, Delta Goodrem and Mina Kunis(shes from thats 70s show and in black swan).If I could date any of the three it would be Mina Kunis.

        In the arms of the angels by Westlife.Corney I know but it would best suit the situation.

        Come Dine With Me and Masterchef Austrailia. They really have some strange people on come Dine with me but are different. I enjoy the Masterclass On masterchef Austrailia something I wish would be in the British version.

        23. BEST QUOTE?
        Do not Worry about tommorow for it has worries of it own.

        I snore sometimes which can be a pain for anyone near me.

        25. HOW TALL ARE YOU?
        5ft 6.5

        Cooking sometimes. I like to experiement.

        Choclate Brownie and ice-cream.

        I like someone I can feel comforatable to talk to about anything and a good kisser.

        My laziness. I probaly should help my mother more than I do.

        Medium rare with loads of sweet chilli sauce.

        That I could undo some of the mistakes in my life.

        Summary: Facts about me

        These questions were from a Dooyoo User by the name of SnugglePug but with my answers. I just used her questions.


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          06.06.2011 17:50
          Very helpful



          Although Annja Creeds character is better book was a disappointment

          Swordsman's Legacy is the 15th book in the Rogue Angel series written By Alex Archer.

          Swordsman's Legacy is a standalone book and does not continue from book
          The series follows an archaeologist by the name of Annja Creed. Each book has Annja in search of a long lost relic.

          The Story starts when Annja Creed decides to go on holiday to France. While on holiday she decides to look up her favorite topic of history D'Artagnan's lost sword.

          She meets up with a part time archaeologist who goes by the name Ascher Vallois.
          Asher shares her enthusiasm for the sword and may have uncovered where it is hidden.

          Annja and her friend are not the only ones in search of the sword. A man by the name of Jacques Lambert is also looking for it and will do anything to get it in his hands including kill.
          Jacques Lambert belongs to a company called BHDC which deals with the cloning of human parts.

          I agree with some reviewers on Amazon that it was weird that the villain in this book belonged to a company dealing with genetics. I just found the author could have made him an evil museum collector or anything less far off then genetics.

          It would have been far less confusing mixing a famous sword and cloning.
          The author of the series is actually a pen name and each book is written by a different author. This book is written by Michelle Hauf.

          I like the way Michelle has made Annja more of a hero in this book and enjoy her as much as the first book.
          Now you probably are wondering why I would read a series with different authors. Annja's character is always in search of an artifact out of the ordinary and is full of action.

          Those of you who focus on character development may not like this series as the main character Annja varies from book to book.
          I would have only recommended this book if it had been just about a search of a famous sword but as mentioned goes into two separate topics.

          Information on this book
          Publisher Golden Eagle

          ISBN: 0373621337
          Cost 5.99

          Published November 11th 2008

          This review is also on ciao under my username pratchettfan


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          21.04.2011 16:31
          Very helpful



          overall an improvement from last book

          The Black Cauldron is the second book of five written by author Lloyd Alexander.
          The author does mention in the beginning that the book in a standalone book and can be read on its own.

          The series follows a young man by the name of Taran who is also known as The assistant Pig Keeper. He gets the name from the job he is given by his master.
          In my opinion this book is an improvement from the last as it has more action.

          An Evil Death Lord is trying to take over the world by creating an army of dead warriors known as the cauldron born. They are created from an evil black magic cauldren hence their name.

          Taran and his strange band of friends are brought back together by Prince Gwydion to find a way to destroy the black cauldron.
          On their journey they meet three witches Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch who seam to have multiple personality disorder. I found this part of the book confusing and just felt as if it was used to slow down the storyline more than anything. Lots more could have been done here. The author could have had more action and the author could have without the muliple personalities.


          Taran's character seems to be more grown up in this book and is and improvement from the last book. He has to make decisions that clearly show he is growing up.
          I like the way the author has Taran turn the other cheek and not be bated into anger by other characters.

          Princess Eilonwy
          Plays more of a support role in this book and makes less remarks about Taran. Although I am glad to see a more supportive role from her I miss some her character from the first book. The author's change in her character makes me not like her as much as the first book.

          Fflewddur Flam
          Fflewddur Flam has a magical harp where its strings break every time he tells a lie. This book does not really focus on him as much as the first book. It also does not really expand on his character. I found this to be sad as he seems to be the most interesting characters of the series.

          I found this book good enough to recommend to you all. It is suitable for all ages and story will appeal to all ages.
          Although published in June 1965 the way the author writes the book does not age it in any way.

          The best place to buy this book is on the fantastic fiction web site as it gives you a survey pricelist.


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            18.04.2011 12:57
            Very helpful



            if you looking for something different I would highly recommend.

            The book of three is the first book in a series of five books written by author Lloyd Alexander.
            The author mentions in his author notes that these books are based loosely on Celtic legends. He does not go any further than that which is a shame because it would have been helpful reading some of the storyline.

            In the beginning of this book we meet two characters Taran and Coll who are leading very ordinary lives. Taran wishes for more action in his life and gets it.
            Taran gets given the job of being an assistant pig keeper after complaining of being very bored with his life.

            The story begins when Taran lose the pig after it runs away after being scared. He must find it at all costs before the evil horned king finds it and kills it.
            The actual part in which he loses the pig reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. It is the part of the book where she chases after the rabbit.

            The book although not written for Disney has that sort of feel to it and is suitable for all ages.
            It has a very annoying character in it by the name of Gurgi ( a talking wolf) who is always going on about wanting food. I feel the author could have left him out of the story as he does not in my opinion really add to the story.

            My favorite character goes by the name of Eilonwy who is a wise cracking sorceress who always makes comments at the expense of Taran.
            Taran is the sort of character that always has good intentions in all he does but sometimes offends when he is not really trying.

            And finally to add to company we meet Fflewddur Fflam who has a magic harp in which its strings break when he lies.
            As you can see the book has some very enjoyable characters which make the book unique.

            If I had a complaint about the book is it does not have as much action as I would have liked and is a bit predictable in some parts.
            If it were not for the characters I would not have recommend this book.

            if you looking for something different I would highly recommend.


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          • epinions.com / Internet Site / 50 Readings / 44 Ratings
            More +
            29.03.2011 09:44
            Very helpful



            Overal I would give this site a miss unless your an american

            I came across Epinions while looking for a book entitled God of Thunder a month ago.
            Having not seen the reviews on both CIAO and Dooyoo on the site I was able to form my own opinion.
            Like many of you my experience of the site was not good for the following reasons.

            Epinions is known for having products disappear in their search after adding them. To better explain this I will give an example. The product God of thunder which I found through a Google search was no where to be found when I did a search on Epinions on a later date. There seems to be a flaw in their own search engine that sometimes makes products disappear.

            Product Proposal
            After submitting my product proposal two days later it appeared ready for review. The who process of submitting a product is different from CIAO and Dooyoo because you have to enter more information.

            Finding how to add a product was quite hard. On the help page it does not explain correctly how to add a product.
            It just gives you vague information that you have to contact a category lead.

            Category lead
            To speed up the process of product proposals two users of each search category are given the job. These users are called category leads. The help function on the site tells you to contact a category lead if you want to add a product. This information is wrong, on their pages you will actually find a link to add a product.

            The web site's rating system is different from Dooyoo and CIAO for example, an exceptional rating can only be given by users called Advisors.

            This title is usually only given to experienced users on the site that have earned many high ratings on the site.

            Payment is only given to you once you reach 100 US dollars if you live outside USA. Any money earned from reviews will only appear at the end of the month.

            You get paid per 1 cent per view and nothing for the rating. This means you need quite a few view for each review before coming close to the 100 dollar payout.

            It takes about a month before you are credited with money for your review. I know they have many users but I would prefer if it only took at least a week at the most.
            Guest book

            As there is no guest book on the site you have to use your own email address for contact. This may lead to more spam in your in box. Fortunately I have been lucky so far but I have heard of others that have.
            I will not be recommending this site to anyone they just have to many flaws in their system.

            Please not this review is on ciao under my username pratchettfan


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              14.03.2011 13:01
              Very helpful



              7/10 overall good but not the best

              God of Thunder is the seventh book in the Rogue Angel series written by pen author Alex Archer.
              The series follows an archeologist named Annja Creed and each book is an individual and does not continue from last. Annja Creed has a magical sword that she can make appear at her command.

              Annja Creed works for a television program called Chasing Monsters. The Show investigates all things mysterious and mythical. The program often leads her onto an artifact that becomes part of each books storyline.
              Each book starts off with the history of the artifact before going onto Annja's Storyline.

              The book starts off when a pirate named Skagul also know as Ironhand tries to steal gold and other things from an island and comes across the mythical God Thor.

              Annja is sent a package from an old friend a piece of a puzzle that she must try and uncover so she can try and find a famous treasure as well as the famous Thor's Hammer but she is not a lone in her quest other people want the same and would even kill Annja Creed to get it.

              Characters included in book

              We meet this character at the beginning of the book. His Character is very similar to a pirate.
              He is full of pride and is one of those characters that would rather die than not get what he wants.

              Nikolia is a dealer in antiquities and pretends to have a Russian accent but is not born there. He is a Star Trek fan and has even made up his own language.

              Thor is the Norse god of thunder who is appears with a hammer that attracts and sends out lightning.

              The beginning of the book could have gone into the history of Thor rather than the beginning it had it would have been far more interesting .Some of the storyline is a bit slow in some areas but overall has enough interesting storyline to for me to recommend this book.

              ISBN is as follows ISBN: 978âEuro1âEuro4268âEuro0353âEuro6


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              14.03.2011 12:57
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A good book overall

              Armageddon's Children is the first book in a series entitled The Genesis of Shannara written by author Terry Brooks.
              The series continues where a previous book entitled Angel Fire East left off.

              Angel Fire East was part of a series entitled The Word and The Void. Before starting the current book I am reviewing it is important to read the above series mentioned.
              Books to look for

              Book 1 Running with the Demon
              Book 2 A Knight of the Word
              Book 3 Angel Fire East
              The series focuses on the fight between good (The Word) and evil (The void)

              The book takes place in earth's future in the year 2100 where demons roam the earth. It is not all doom and gloom and earth still has its protectors known as the Knights of the Word.

              A Knight named Logan Tom must find a magical creature named the Gypsy Morph if he is too help save humanity.

              Is the leader of a tribe called the ghosts. He is accompanied by a huge dog named Chenney.

              Although the group has similar ages Owl takes on the role of mother of the group. She is the most respected and is the sort of character the group looks too for advice. Sadly her character is wheel chair bound but not helpless.

              Panther is the sort of character that would be currently leader if he was a bit more respected. His character has a problem with authority.

              Is the tribe's pet dog and is named after an American politician named Dick Cheney. He sometimes acts as protector to the group.

              As this is first book in the series most of the time is spent going into the character's history. It is because of this that at times the book feels very drawn out.

              The characters in this book are all very likable and help take away some of the death and gloom in the storyline.
              Overall I would definitely recommend this book if not for the characters but for all the constant action.

              This review may be found on dooyoo (jonathanhopley) ciao pratchettfan and epinions jonathanhopley.


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                07.03.2011 14:00
                Very helpful



                Not the best in series and not recommending

                Secret of the Slaves is the eight book in the Rogue Angel series written by pen author Alex Archer.
                The series follows an archeologist named Annja Creed.

                Annja carries a magical sword around with her that she can summon at her command.
                Annja Creed works for a television series called Chasing Monsters.

                Each book is an individual and has Annja trying to find some kind of Artifact.

                Secret of the Slaves starts off when a man named Henrique da Silva and several other mercenaries are trying to claim some land in the amazon. They are ill prepared for what is coming for them when they get attacked by locals and some strange Mythical beasts.
                Annja Creed is hired by a famous musician to find a lost city in Brazil called Promise. In this city there is said to be the secret to agelessness, eternal youth and good health. Surrounding the city are deadly creatures as well as deadly mythical cats.

                Sir Iain Morgan

                Sir Iain Morgan was once a famous rock star and now is retired. His character helps with funding to Brazil.
                Henrique Da Saliva

                Is the head of a group of mercenaries and his character is like the evil villain set on taking over the world and adding more money to his wealth. Unlike previous bad guys he prefers for his employee's to do the bulk of the work for him instead of doing it himself. He cares nothing for nature unless it adds to his wealth.

                I felt very disappointed by this book and it had such a good beginning. Annja Creed's character seems to be a bit lonelier and less independent. From reading the other books in the series this seems very out of character.
                I really felt as though the story was draw out and that's why I am not recommending this book.

                Out of all the books in the series I found this book to be the least interesting. There was never a moment I felt as if I could not stop reading.
                This book could have had more potential dealing with something like the fountain of youth.

                I won't be recommending this book to you. Other books in the series have been better and this was not enough to put me off the series.
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