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Member since: 03.06.2013

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    • ecasher.co.uk / Internet Site / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      03.06.2013 13:14
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      very promising cashback site

      Many people would think that when in comes to cashback there is little choice - two big players have probably more than 90% of market and many people don't even know there are alternatives. One of them is Ecasher - site that I found searching for cashback offer that was missing from both TCB and Q. I found this site easy to use and clean. One of its strongest points, apart competitive cashaback rates, are very detailed description of offers that tells you exactly what to do to earn cashback. Another thing I like is lively forum with active admins that really help site users with their questions, problems and request. I can't say anything about payment speed etc. as I have not yet received any, but with section like "10 Days Cashback" I think it should be OK. And of course this site is 100% to use, no admin fees or anything like this.


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