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Member since: 09.09.2004

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      24.09.2004 20:59
      Very helpful



      This is the second in a series of CD box sets of Depeche Mode singles. Each box contains six CDs and a small booklet. The boxes are well designed and high quality. This particular box covers my favourite period of Depeche Mode - 1983 to 1985. Full of industrial noises and political statements, this music is not to everyone's taste, but it reminds me of OMD at their best, or very early Human League. Slightly experimental, musically fascinating and lyrically challenging.

      The CDs contain following tracks:

      Get The Balance Right
      "Be responsible, respectable
      Stable but gullible
      Concerned and caring, help the helpless
      But always remain ultimately selfish"

      On of my favourite Depeche songs with a great lyric and skillfully played tune

      This CD also contains a remix of this song, a song called "The Great Outdoors" and a live version of "Tora, Tora, Tora" which originally appeared on their first album "Speak and Spell."

      Everything Counts
      A criticism of capitalist society and a warning against dodgy business contracts. Another great tune. This CD also contains another of my favourite Depeche tracks "Work Hard." This track has many sounds of work in it, factory noise, blacksmith's anvil and typewriter.

      "You've got to work hard, if you want anything at all" Excellent stuff. Cd also has remixed versions of both tracks.

      Love In Itself (part 2)
      Also contains parts three and four, which are just different versions of the same track. But what a great track it is. Also has tow versions of the song "Fools."

      People are People
      The band's anti-racist anthem and a fine traack. "I can't understand what makes a man hate another man." CD also contains a remix version of this and two versions of "In Your Memory".

      Master and Servant
      One of my least favourite tracks, this is about a man who is dominated by his woman, both in the bedroom and in life. Again, there's the obligitory remix and two versions of "Remotivate Me."

      Blasphemous Rumours
      Originally a double "A" side with the song "Somebody", also included here, I think "Somebody" is by far the superior track. It is seemingly Depeche Mode's attempt at a straight love song, not something you'd expect from them. However, as the lyrics themselves say "Though things like this make me sick, in a case like this I'll get away with it". He does indeed get away with it, and produces a great song. what I also lie about it is that it goes slightly wierd at the end, with what sounds like fairground noises. It gives the impression of a scene from a film. This CD includes live versions of "Told You So" and "Everything Counts".

      This box set is a good choice for any fan, or anyone who likes well produced electronic music with thought-provoking lyrics.


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      23.09.2004 21:09
      Very helpful



      • "For fans only"

      Back when I were a lad I used to love Depeche Mode and collected a lot of their 12" singles. Many of them were limited additions and contained live tracks and other extra goodies. This was in the days before they turned all dark and gothic. The Depeche Mode singles box sets, of which this is the first, contain six CDs each and are almost as good as having those old 12" singles back. These box sets are quite expensive (£20-£25 each) but are good to have in your collection if you're a fan. Each box contains an accompanying booklet which, to be honest, isn't really worth having as it just contains a few pointles pictures and a track listing. However, the boxes are well made and nicely designed.

      The tracks listings are as follows:

      Dreaming Of Me
      Their first single is a boppy electronic number backed by "Ice Machine"

      New Life
      The track that introduced me to Depeche Mode and still one of my favourites. Unfortunately, this is the remix version and I would have preferred the origianl version with the remix as an extra track. Also contains "Shout" and "Shout" remix. Both songs have really catchy choruses

      Just Can't Get Enough
      Fabulous electronic love song filled with energy. CD also has a remix of the song and "Any Second Now".

      See You
      A sad tale of unrequited love but a great song nontheless. Has two versions of "Now This is Fun" on it.

      The Meaning of Love
      Another energetic offering, backed by a remix and "Oberkon (It's a Small Town)."

      Leave In Silence
      Definitely my favourite in the box, this song tells the story of a dying love and the dilemma of how to leave and move on. There are a couple of remix versions on the CD plus two excerpts of "My Secret Garden" which is another great song containing some wonderful instrumentation.

      Overall this is a great set of CDs from the bands formative years and is worth having if you like B sides and extras.


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    • Top 10 Singles / Discussion / 22 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      21.09.2004 21:19
      Very helpful



      • "what about albums?"

      I've only just re-joined Dooyoo after a long absence and have just found this subject which is very dear to my heart - music!

      Like everyone else has said, I love a wide variety of music and, as they've also said, it's an impossible task to chose just ten.

      A little while ago I compiled a list of my top 100 singles on my compuer at home, so, for this review, I went in and picked ten that I thought were a fair representation of my taste.

      So, here goes:

      ABC - The Look of Love

      Top eighties tune from a top eighties band. It's confession time already - my wife and I were "courting" at the time and this was "our song." It also happens to be a great little tune.

      Blur - The Universal

      Wonderfully arranged, with sweeping strings and "Herb Alpert" type brass, this is another great tune and has a great and rather profound lyric.

      Carpenters - Goodbye To Love

      Sorry to disagree with others but Karen Carpenter simply had the greatest female voice of all time and this song shows it off at its melancholic best. Also contains one of the best guitar solos of all time (honestly!). If you listen to this objectively, the guitar solo stands up well against any rock song you'd care to mention.

      Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

      Full of atmosphere, this one makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Everything about it is just wonderful, including the singing.

      Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

      As one who has dabbled with a drum kit in the past I really appreciate Phil Collins and this track, again, has atmosphere and drama. The drum sound is just truly amazing.

      Manfredd Mann's Earth Band - California

      Not a terribly well known song, but a single nontheless. Another great tune, the lyric reads liek a letter to a friend. This one evokes sunshine and summer to me.

      Paul McCartney & Wings - Band On The Run

      Great song from a great album, about a band of crminals on the run from the law. Contains a number of different musical styles and the result is very clever and very catchy.

      Pet Shop Boys - Jealousy

      Another onethat makes my hairs stand up. Again, ful of drama and atmosphere (are you catching a theme here?). The instrumentation on this song is awesome.

      Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

      More atmosphere - amazing saxophone and a good lyric about a man dreaming of change but never getting anywhere.

      Waterboys - Whole Of The Moon

      This must be one of the best lyrics ever written:

      "I spoke about wings - you just flew
      I wondered I wished and I tried - you just knew
      I sighed - but you swooned
      I saw the crescent - you saw the whole of the moon."

      Fantastic stuff.

      And that makes ten.

      Thankyou for reading this.


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      • Samsung ML 1510 / Laser Printer / 19 Readings / 14 Ratings
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        19.09.2004 14:17
        Very helpful



        I've wanted a laser printer for many years, but they've always been beyond my means. Having used one at work, I'd often thought how great it would be to have one in the home. They always seemed so much more efficient and cost effective than inkjet printers. My colour inkjet printer seems to run out of ink more often than the weather changes, and it becomes very expensive at £30 a time. In any case, for someone like me, the number of tiems I need to print something in colour are negligible.

        So, I was suprised and excited when, a few weeks ago, I saw an offer on dabs.com for a laser printer for under £50. That's less than the cost of two inkjet cartridges for me.

        The laser printer in question was the Samsung ML-1510. It came with a "starter" toner cartridge giving approximately 1000 pages of print, which is roughly two years worth for me!

        So, as you can guess, I bought one.

        The first thing that strikes you about the printer is how small and neat it is. It's less then 300 mm (12 inches) square so it should fit nicely on any computer desk or filing cabinet.

        Set-up was easy. Just connect it up, put the CD into your computer and away you go. I should say at this point that it ONLY has a USB connection, So if you don't have USB, don't buy this printer.

        The paper tray holds 250 sheets, which is handy as it means you don't have to refill it to often.

        The printer also has a "print save" option, which produces perfectly good prints but saves on toner cartridge, making it last roughly twice as long.

        It came with a year's warranty as standard and there is technical helpline should you run into any difficulties. Unfortunately, the helpline is premium rate, but the printer is so easy to set up that you shouldn't need it.

        Overall, this is a great machine. It produces 14 pages per minute (unlike my inkjet, which is more like 14 minutes per page). It takes approximately 30 seconds to warm up and then it will print happily for you all day long.

        The full toner cartridges produce 3000 pages and ost roughly £60 at the moment, but as I'm not going to need one for two years I'm not worried about that yet.

        Unfortunately, the dabs.com offer has noe finshed, but you can still get these printers for £80 odd which is stlll great value.

        So, if you don't do a lot of colour printng and you want a small and efficient black and white printer, the Samsung ML-1510 might just be for you!


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