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Member since: 06.01.2013

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    • Rizla Red Regular / Tobacco / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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      06.01.2013 15:39



      for first time rollers

      Being a tobacco smoker now for ten years you find you get a taste for what you do like and what you don't. And I have to say I'm not a fan of red rizla .
      Red rizlas are probably the easiest of all the rizla to roll or patch with , the problem I have with them is the taste . I find that you really cannot tell what your smoking apart from paper .
      The packet is well designed with lots of cardboard used in the pack that is suitable for using as filter tips.
      All in all theres not an awful lot to remember when selecting a paper other than ease of rolling and taste .
      And for ease of rolling reds get a ten out of ten. But unfortunately for taste these papers get a low score of two out of ten.

      Great rizlas to learn to roll with but I doubt a seasoned smoker would use these .


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    • Rizla Green Regular / Tobacco / 14 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      06.01.2013 13:21



      perfect for people who have just switched from straights to tobacco

      Wella little bit more than you thought, i have been a user of rizla now for about 10 years, and i have started to be able to tell large differences between papers, green paper (thick papers but not the thickest) tend to desguise the taste of what you are smoking and replace it with a papery taste ( im assuming this is just down to the thickness of the sheets).
      But taste isnt the only diffence green papers have cut corners, and are very easy to roll with as they do not rip as easily as other colours of paper.
      greens allow me to smoke with out the use of a filter or roach, as they hold there shape towards the mouth end of you smoke, where as a thinner papper will become wet, mishapen and harder to smoke through.

      all in all greens are good but nothing will disguise the papery tast when smoking, and i find this taste can often make my belly turn.

      Taste 4/10 ease of rolling 9/10


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    • Sony XPERIA Tipo / Smartphone / 16 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      06.01.2013 13:05



      I would not reccomend this phone to a first time phone owner, but as a second phone, perfect

      When i was looking for a new phone this sony caught my eye as it is an android phone ( which means the phone uses a google based operating system, and allows you to download apps) this isn't the only reason the phone caught my eye, i find the phone aesthetically pleasing in black with sleek lines and an easy to use touchscreen.

      The phone comes jam packed with features for £90 from a 3 mega pixel camera to inbuilt gps and all the things inbetween (calculator, calender, bluetooth, maps and of course web browsing).

      Now to touch on a few of the features in more detail.

      The camera is of a respectable quality for a 3 mega pixel device, and would compete with most other phone based cameras.
      The speaker clarity is good, and i have experienced any problems from the other end of the line (microphone).
      The web browsing is good, being a phone running a google operating system, google allows for you to use voice searching which seems to understand what you are saying about 90% of the time, and as long as you have good signal or a wi-fi connection, i would even go as far as to say it is quicker than my computer when searching the web.
      I would reccomend this phone for people who have used touchscreens before but may not have felt completely comfortable with there old device.
      The phone has an inbuilt startup help guide from the moment you first turn on the phone, but can also be acessed after the initial setup.
      Texting is easy with the touchscreen using a realitively new predictive text which seems to be good in predicting what words you will use next.
      The standby battery time appears to be very good i can leave my phone with out a charge for 3 days if i dont spend all day playing games.
      Which brings me around to the bad points.
      The standby battery time might be good but if you are a regular user of features such as loudspeaker or satnav and web browsing you will be lucky to get 24 hours of use out of the device.
      I also find the volume button hard to find when on the phone, so is the on off button.

      All in all this phone is a good phone packed with features and endless more features to come thanks to the playstore, but i do think that the realiablility of this phone is not proven, and does not seem overly robust i think it would not stand up well to much physical strain (dropping, being sat on)


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