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Member since: 08.01.2012

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      09.01.2012 15:00



      Reasonable product, at reasonable price

      When I originally saw this product advertised, I wasn't overly impressed, but bought one to prove myself wrong. To start with, I was almost impressed with the practicality of the product, no longer having to touch germ-riddled soap. One persistent problem with this machine was that I used it once, and was washing my hands under running water, however the machine kept on pumping soap out, resulting in soap dispensed all over the counter top. This could just be an issue with the one product I bought, or maybe just the batch. It also uses batteries like they're going out of fashion, however, at a reasonable price, this could be a decent product. I agree there are improvements that could be made to this product, but the overall image and usability of the product is good, and would recommend everyone to purchase one of these, overall, well thought out product.


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