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Member since: 06.10.2012

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      06.10.2012 13:23



      New ID are great, some of the customers are not!

      Pretty much 100% from me when it comes to New ID and the makeover experience. The salon I great, the staff are great. I was so happy with my hair style I could have kissed the guy that did it. I was just as happy with the makeup and I loved the photo shoot. That was all fantastic. It was a lot like the video depicts on the website, which is a great little tool to find out what it is going to be like when you get there. The only thing that I was not impressed with was two very rowdy customers that had gone together at the same time as me. They had been tucking into the free Bucks Fizz and were generally making a pain of themselves. Had that have been my salon I most certainly would have thrown them out as I think they really did reduce the enjoyment of the other paying customers that were there on the day. I was a real pity because everything else about the makeover was so good and without them it would have been perfect. I could tell they were having a really amazing time its just a pity they could not see that in doing that it was taking the edge off it for others. But for New ID I will happily give them ten out of ten for value and service.


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