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Member since: 13.05.2009

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      13.05.2009 23:58
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      a good buy

      the first one i purchased of this machine was faulty, would not stay down when bread was placed inside, returned to the shop were i bought from and received a replacment, i must admit at this point i thought i hope this is not going to be a fault with this model, but no the replacement worked, fine it does the poached egg perfectly, and will do 4 soft or hard boiled eggs with brilliant results, the only problen which irritate's me with this machine is the bread slots are to small to take the brand of bread i use, the top of the bread when placed in the machine stick's out of the top a good inch and half, and i find i am having to stand over the toaster so i am able to keep turning it the other way around so both ends of the bread are toasted, to some this would not be a problem but i like my toast brown all over, though all in all this machine being able to do poached egg on toast using the same appliance and to boil my eggs ready for my toast popping out at the same time for my egg and soldiers yum yum is great, you can do soft or hard boiled eggs, both with very good results, i love this machine, and the toaster or egg boiler/ poacher work independantly of each other if required so you can just toast or use the egg function.


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