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Member since: 18.05.2008

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    • Apple Mac mini MA206B/A / Desktop PC / 25 Readings / 23 Ratings
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      18.05.2008 13:03
      Very helpful


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      Small size, big features

      The Mac mini is known for its style, size and sheek look. It comes with no mouse, keyboard or monitor - meaning users who are switching to mac can do it cheaper than ever before. But the lowest priced apple pc does not cut corners with its features. The features of this miniature desktop pc are endless.
      - Size
      Apple have packed an entire computer into the size of an average desktop pc's cd drive. Only 6.5"x6.5"x2", the petite mac is breathtakingly small.

      - Enough USBs
      Four USB 2.0 means there is plenty of room for external hardware, cameras, printers, iPods and more can be connected to the Mac Mini with ease.

      - Magnetic power
      The power lead is clevery designed (as on all macs) to be magnetic to the power slot. So if someone accidentally trips over the power lead, it pulls out of the slot without pulling the computer onto the floor. In result, no crushed macs on the office floor.

      - Wireless
      The Mac mini has a built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, meaning speedy internet connection without connecting external hardware to the Mac.

      - Built in software
      The new operating system of 2008 is Leopard. The Mac Mini comes installed with it, meaning new features such as updated iMovie, GarageBand, Time Machine and many more can all be easily accessed on the Mac Mini.

      Overall, the Mac Mini does not skip out on the good features, although it skips out on size. The Mac Mini runs innovative software at a fraction of the size of what it should be.


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