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Member since: 02.05.2012

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      02.05.2012 19:14
      Not Helpful



      very dissapointed after my other visits had been so very good wont be going back for quite a while

      MY self and my family arrived at jamies yesterday evening and had a very warm welcome, we were shown to our table and offered to order drinks... it was incredibly cold in the restaurant i had to borrow my husbands jacket, the seats are metal and also very cold to sit on... maybe with the price of the bill jamie could afford some cusions.....the food was very bland i sent back my sons meal back and was given a new one which was slightly better, we all felt the food had gone very much down hill since we were there a month ago... this is out third visit and was out favorite place to go when all my family are home and had something to celabrate... i feel that after the last evening there we shall take quite a while to return which is sad as the staff are very pleasant....i think jamies showed a lot of potential for the first year but is now slowly falling into the same catagory as so many restaurant in gunwarph....


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