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      13.06.2012 16:07
      Very helpful
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      cool game as with all the sims creations i love the sims

      If you are familiar with sims you will know that they are highly addictive, all sims games are released both on console and PC, the PC game does have the option to add expansions, but the console games uaually have more do to a bit like missions.
      This is the same for sims 3 pets on PS3.

      ~creating the household~
      you start the same by creating your household, there are a few new clothes options but nothing that exciting, if you think you have the creative flair you have the option to 'create a style' this brings you into an option list for fabrics and colours, which you can customize your clothes with, this is really fun.
      you can customize everything with your sim including skin colour body size and how muscular they are, if you want to get a bit more advanced you have the option to customize every bit of their face using sliders, these are very simple and you can create some funny looking sims if you wish.
      the difference in this game when creating a household id that of course you can have some pets, a cat and a dog, you can pick which breed you want, change fur colour facial features basically everything you can even have a cat with no tail.
      all of the option menus are very easy to navigate and you can
      once you have got your sim looking perfect you get to pick traits, these are personality qualities that your sim will have and really effect your sim, you can have good traits such as friendly or need but also bad ones such as loser or evil, if you want to get ahead quick in the game i recommend getting the ambitions trait and creative so they will be able to write book and paint pictures for extra cash.
      Now all that you have to do is pick a house and your ready to go. if you want to create a house yu will need money to do it, it has the same menus as sims 3 very easy to navigate and easy to build a house from the ground up and again you can customize everything including walls and floors. the only downside is the fire meter you can only have so much furniture and I think it should be more.

      when you first start some neighbours will come this is a good time to make friends if you click on another sim there are social options both could and bad you can have a friendly chat or get into a fight it is good to make friends for your sim it helps build charisma skill, and keeps their social up.

      ~sims needs~
      your sim needs to do certain things in order to be happy and stay alive these are

      Hunger- sims need to eat

      Bladder- take them to the toilet, sims with the neat trait will only use lean toilets, if your sim doesn't reach a toilet they wet themselves, and this makes them stinky

      Hygiene- have a bath or shower the more expensive the shower the better it is for your sim.

      Social- if a sim is alone for to long their social goes down and they get depressed, you need to go have a chat either in person on the phone or use a computer to chat.

      Sleep- your sim needs to go to bed or they will fall asleep on the bed the more expensive the bed the higher comfort it has

      Fun- play a game watch T.V your sim is bored....

      moodlets together with a sims need is what effects your sims overall mood, you get these from everything if there are dirty dishes they get a disgusted moodlet if they have got married they get a just married moodlet just play around and see what your sim is thinking.

      sims build skills which help them with their job performance amongst other things the skills are

      charisma-- this helps your sim make friends and get ahead in the politics career go to a mirror and practice speech or go to town and take a class.

      Logic- needed for a few jobs and opportunities improve this with a telescope or by playing chess.

      painting- money can be made from painting pictures and seling them, buy an easel and let your sim become an artist.

      writing- this is a great way to make money, get a computer and write a book, sims traits will effect what books sell best for them.

      handiness- things break especially cheap things a handy sim can fix them, they can also upgrade items in your house learn this by fixing things and tinkering when the skill level is high enough.

      cooking- not setting the house on fire is good watch the cooking channel or read a book

      athletic- get to the gym you lazy sim, there is an athletic career as well.

      inventor- yes you can be a crazy scientist, you can build toys to sell and make serious inventions such as the time machine.

      gardening- grow a plant and eat the food or use it for bail as fishing

      fishing- you can fish in any lake or the sea and then sell eat or use the fish to fertilise plants

      cats and dogs have special skills which are digging and hunting this gets you money because they collect bugs that you can donate to science for money and gems which you can sell.

      there are lots of places to visit in town such as the gym or art gallery and local parks, you can get a job in town or even send your pet to the spar.

      you need a job to make money there are lots of careers such as criminal or scientist each job you need to build skills to get a premotion can you get to the top of your career.

      sims eran lifetime points that you can buy little bonuses for your sim with for example vacationor this allows your sim to skip work without getting fired, sims have a lifetime wish which you get to pick but they also have small wishes such as clean the house of become friends with someone.

      karma is cool you can use karma powers to make them lucky or to build skills faster or you can be really mean and start an earthquake you get karma points from fulfilling wishes

      Money makes the world go round in order to buy stuff you need simoleans

      ~mysteries and challenges~
      you earn challenges points throughout the game for almost everything you do there is a lol section of challenges this includes go to the past and whohoo you can enter the challengie menu by pressing select and scroll through if you want to earn points faster but most times you complete challenges without realising
      mysteries are part of gameplay which involve your sims you have to do a series of tasks to complete each mystery so there is always something to keep you busy.

      another hit from the sims the only things is that you cannot get rid of pets if you want to you have to treat them bad and have a social worker come take them away, and you can only have 6 members in a household.
      If you are a sims fan definitely buy it, the pets add a good twist and have their own challenges to the game, now I am off to play and not move for days :/


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      • Sony MHC-GTZ3i / Hifi System / 35 Readings / 32 Ratings
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        09.10.2011 18:51
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        best sound system I have ever owned

        My partner bought me this for Christmas 2010, it cost £250 at the time but can now be purchased for £199,we got ours from Amazon, this may seem a little pricey, but the quality is worth it.
        The box is HUGE, there is a lot of packaging so that it is safe in transit, I still have the box now,it is now used to store stuff.

        Power Output - Front (RMS 10%THD)
        135W x 2
        Power Output - Sub woofer (RMS)
        Power Output - Music Power
        Basically this means that it is LOUD, and crisp, I have never had a sound system that keeps it's quality at loud volumes as well as this does, I love it, there is no fuzziness, but it also makes my windows vibrate, although that may be a good thing to some people, personally I turn off the sub at higher volumes because of this, I use mine nearly every day and the quality is still the same, I would recommend this product to anybody who loves music as much as me because it is the best thing invented since sliced bread.

        There are 8 pre-set EQ settings on the system, if you have an iPod connected you can have the iPods EQ applied. which is good if you listen to your iPod regularly, as you can keep the same sound.

        The docking station function is a USB port so you have to supply your own wire, which of course you will have any way if you own an iPod OR mp3 player, when your iPod is connected it also charged which is very useful if like me you always lose the plug adapter, you don't have to have music playing when you are using it to charge your iPod.
        Another useful thing about the Usb port is that you can connect your laptop, and play you tube so you have any song you want at your fingertips.
        It includes 2 USB ports so you can record from one to another I'm not sure how to do this though as I have never tried, so I'm not going to pretend.
        I have seen on you tube people have this connected up to there T.V as well to use as a surround sound.

        The great thing about this this product is that it is not just a docking station, but is a HI FI which means you can listen to CDs and radio.
        the CD function has 3 trays so you can have 3 CDs at a time. Great for parties if don't want to keep changing the CD every 20 mins.
        It has a FM/AM radio and comes with the aerial already in place, I don't often use this function, my partner does (for football, which is BORING!!lol) from what bits I listen to it is very clear, and easily tuned.
        Tuning range (FM)
        87.5 - 108.0 MHz
        Tuning range (AM)

        There is a remote supplied, useful for obvious reasons, it is very small though, I often lose it (maybe just me, I have the memory of a fish, I put down the remote then forget where I put it)

        This HI FI looks good, it looks like a powerful system, it is not huge, but certainly isn't a mini system the sub is quite bulky. The speakers are large (not excessive), but look nice, they have a blue speaker inside, which is what got my attention when I first seen it in the sony shop.
        It is very light so is easy to move if needed.
        Weight & Dimension
        Size (W x H x D)
        231 x 340 x 430.5
        Weight (kg)
        Front Speaker Size
        240 x 365 x 210
        Front Speaker Weight (kg)
        Subwoofer Size
        265 x 365 x 325
        Subwoofer Weight (kg)

        The front looks very stylish, it has a large round knob for volume/sub-woofer strength, the buttons light up, useful for when your in the dark, the display is nice and has a equalizer when the music is played, (I am sure this has other functions apart from looking cool).

        Okay so I've waffled on, in short this has great sound quality, great features and is worth the price , so when it comes for you to buy a new sound system get one of these babies, and I grantee you will love it.
        I have to add I took the specifications from the sony website,


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        • Scott Cornwall Colour B4 / Hair Care / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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          28.08.2011 12:26
          Very helpful



          Good for when you want to shave your head it looks that bad

          This is supposed to remove a hair dye from your hair and restore your natural colour sounds like a miricle, but not so much.

          Dyeing your hair can completly change the pigment of you hair if you have went a lighter of brighter colour, because a lot of hair dyes include peroxide, peroxide doen't colour your hair, it changes the pigment, so getting rid of the colour by using a hair b4 doesn't restore your natural colour, it just shows you what the peroxide has done... ginger/blondy/white.

          Hmmm not so good then, if you have used a dye with no peroxide I could see this working on someone who has dyed maybe a light brown colour, because I went from nearly black to a very bright blonde/ ginger colour( not my natural colour), this was okay for me because I wanted my hair lighter to dye it purple, (it didn't turn out purple using live colours, more a black with hint of purple, but never mind).
          My friend also used one to go from black to her natural colour but she is a very dark brown anyway, it did make a difference but seemed to leave different shades throughout her hair (the top was lighter, ends were darker) maybe if she had of got another box and id a second application it would have all came out but her hair looked fine so we didn't bother.

          This product is easy to use, you apply it like hair dye, hold your nose because. it S.T.I.N.K.S, to the high heavens, it is bad worse then perming solution yuk, wait a while then rinse like your life depends on it becasue you will smell.
          The colour comes out in the water like magic I seen it going down the plug hole which is impressive.

          ~ sciencey stuff then~
          When you dye your hair, the colour molecules expand when oxygen reacts with them so they 'stick' inside your hair, hair b4 shrinks them again, allowing them to be washed out (not peroxide).
          The way they describe it is: take a swimming pool full of balls with can be taken out and roll around, then they all expand making them stuck in the swimming pool, then apply the same theory to hair ( yes i thought this was an odd explanation as well). but saying that it seems to work.
          Because it doesn't strip your hair it doesn't cause any damage (well it didn't on mine but I am not guaranteeing it, I am not a hairdresser or a scientist for that matter).

          I bought mine from boots for around £12 a bit pricey but worth it if you have a hair disaster, I have seen it in superdrug as well for the same price, I have a boots card though.

          Great for re dying, a lot better then using a hair stripper so your hair doesn't 'die' like it would with the harsh chemicals in hair stripper, also if you re-dye strait away, the smell goes, if you don't the smell lasts at least 5 washes (my friend I mentioned earlier had stinky hair for 2 weeks).
          If you have a hair disaster go for it.

          It is a good product it just doesn't really do what advertised for very well.
          Saying that I will give it 4* because it can save the day!


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          • Cloud Nine Micro Iron / Hair Care / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
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            26.08.2011 23:20
            Very helpful



            very shiny sleek hair quickly. buy them.

            I lurve these irons!! mine are the full size irons.

            These have great temperature control. The highest heat is 200 degrees and can be changed to lower heat settings, I have never had to use it at then highest, as the lower heats are fine for my hair, even to curl and achieve poker straitness.
            Temparatue controll is a key featue of this iron, GHD's don't have this option so it's searing heat only.
            These have a little led panel which you can contoll the heat with a touch of a button to raise or lower, I generally stick at 150 degrees, while still acheiving poker straitness fairly quickly, this is nothing short of a miracle (it is something in the plates that makes them more effective, but they won't give away the secret..)This means less damage is caused to your hair which is a bonus.

            The plate's are black ceramic which = no static frizz, they also include a 'special ingredient for added shine with every use and whatever there magic ingredient is it works my hair is always left sleek and shiny with each use.

            The wire is very long not sure of the exact measurement, though it is longer than any other pair of irons I have owned, which is great for when your mirror plug socket ratio isn't very good. This iron also features a swivel cord so you will never get yourself in a tangle.

            Don't worry if You leave the house and forget to turn them off, they have hibernation mode and will turn off after 30mins, so no fires, this is a great safety feature especially for teenagers.

            Okay so that's the technical stuff, but what about presentation, I got mine as a xmas gift from my fiancée and yes I actually jumped in excitement, I was so happy, I had heard such good things about these amazing irons, I wasn't let down.
            They came in a nice hinged black box, inside the irons are in ta plastic setting to keep them from rolling about, they come with a heat guard, which is a small plastic cover which you just pop over the end then you you can place them on any surface while the're still hot. They also have a heat prove velvet bag to put them in which comes in very handy if you want to put them away immediately after using.

            Inside the box there is a booklet which shows you how to create different looks, I have used the guide to curl my hair which i could never do with irons before hand.

            They come with a 2 year warranty as standard, and each iron has a RFID chip inside to prevent fraudulent selling and theft. they have dual adapter and unirversal voltage so you can bring these babies wherever you go.

            Price~ yes the are expensive at £129.95 for the normal iron they have other products too.
            direct from http://www.cloudninehair.com/shop/products/cloud-nine-iron/
            with free next day delivery ( think they needed this or people would explode from anticipation waiting for them).They are more than worth the money you pay because the quality is beyond believe.

            I think every person who has hair should own a pair of these as they are the best things ever made in the history of the world, including the wheel and sliced bread.


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            23.08.2011 15:22
            Very helpful



            worth a read but not up to Celia's normal standard.

            The story is based around a hormornal teenager called tamara, she had prievously lived a life of luxery, and got everything she wanted, although never gratful. She was mean and angry, but the story let's you in on her softer side and she is a lovable character.

            Her dad committed suicide and this in turn, changed her life beyond belief. He had lot's of debt, so she and her mum had there house reposessed, They go to live in the country with her aunt and uncle.

            These are an odd pair rosaleen, the aunt is a character very difficult to understand she seems to look after everyone by doing everything she possibly can, but with that you get the feeling she is not a nice woman.
            Auther, the uncle on the otherhand is lovely, very quite but lovable, her 'grunts and snots' to show how he feels and rarley speaks, but when he does you know he is kind.

            Tamara is not happy about the situation at all and would like to go back home and return to being a spoilt brat and to 'hang out' with her friends, she soon realises this was not a good way to live, by the end of the book she is a lot more appreciative. The story telling is good as you can really imagine hoe Tamara feels at the time, and the language is very 'teen'.

            her mother Jeniffer is staying too but all she does is alseep and stare out the window, which wories tamara greatly, Rosaleen keeps saying she is fine but she clearly isn't.
            A doctor comes, who tamara calles, but rosaleen gets rid of him this is one of the things that make rosaleen seem nasty.

            There is a castle that is now a ruin, it is a mystery and tamara instantainiously feels connected to it, she feels as if it is hers.

            Tamara meets a nun called sister ignatous, she lives within the grounds, she is the most wonderfull person, although Tamara sometimes takes her unhappiness out on her and immediedly regrets this.

            A travelling libary comes to the house she is ataying and has a handome young man who tamara befriends there relashionship ends up being soured though. tamara takes a book from the libary, it is locked, the nun helps unlock it, but its emty, well for the moment anyway Tamara soon finds out that the book can tell the futre each night a diary entry of the following day appears and every word is truth.

            Tamaara tries to change some of the things that are going to happen but realises you shouldn't try to chage the futre.

            Albert has a apprentice clled weasly,Tamara meeets him by sneaking out at night following voices from the castle, weasly and his friends are there,his friends take an inatnt dislike to Tamara, but not weasly.
            After that night they became friends he turns out to he;p Tamara more than she coil have evr of thought.

            There strange goings on around the ground rosaleen is hiding domething but wjat?
            This stories follows tamara discovering the mystery of the place and with that the secrets.
            the castle had burned down in a fire, rosaleens sick mother and the glass chimes you will have to read it to discover the mystey for yourself though.

            One let down of the book is the ending the secrets aren't magical compared to the buildup when you finally arrive at the ending it feels a different author wrote it someone with a lot less imagnanation the cecealia.The ending has lost the mystery that was expected to come it is actually quite hurtfull for tamara and her mother.

            Also the magic book is never explained it id judt left hanging I feel like the story hasn't ended yet I still needed more answers,.

            I never really got hooked with this book at the beginning either, I could easily put it down, well it took me a week to read, compared to the last book I read ' the gift' also by Cecilia Ahern that was done and dusted in two days.


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              23.08.2011 01:22
              Very helpful



              Be kind to your behind :)

              Toilet roll is a necessity, and not something to really get exited about.... but this is just divine softness that my bottom deserves.

              I buy this from Asda and 90% of the time it is on offer for £2 if not its only 15p or so extra, I know this isn't the cheapest loo roll out there, but when it comes to my bottom I prefer softness, compared to tracing paper, If you have children I would avoid because a child would go through this very quickly (kids don't seem to get the grasp that you don't have to use as much with thicker toilet roll).

              The reason It's called shear butter is because of the smell, the fragrance is nice, a bit like honey, a god thing is that it doesn't irritate like I would expect from something perfumed. the fragrance does fade as soon as the pack is opened so by the time you get down to the last roll the fragrance is basically gone.

              The softness is top notch heads above the rest on the softness scale including the quilted versions, it is thicker than most tissue out there so you do get less per a roll, so large families should probably avoid.

              Recently I decided to try Asdas own shear butter toilet tissue, this is not up to the same quality as the Andrex but saying that it's better than most other loo rolls so this would be more cost effective if you still want that luxury on a budget, the Asda tissue is on a smaller inner tube so you get more tissue than the Andrex.

              For the people out there who do want to have a pampered bottom or nose so for that matter it makes good Kleenex.

              Another bonus is the puppy points, these are codes you type into there website, you can then save them up and can redeem them for cool stuff, for example a dinner for two, the bigger the pack you buy the more tokens you earn.

              beautiful smell, divine softness because your bottom is worth it!!


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            • Flymo Venturer 320 / Lawn Mower / 14 Readings / 13 Ratings
              More +
              21.08.2011 19:19
              Very helpful



              good little mower

              I use this lawn mower for my front and back garden, both are small.
              these are the product details.

              32cm Blade Length
              Metal blade
              It cuts the grass short and neat, It is very easy to get a even finish on your lawn, in little time.

              1000W Motor Power
              powerful enough To cut the grass quickly without going over the same patch again and again.
              It is loud but not to the extreme it is quieter then some of the bigger mowers.

              3 Cutting Heights(20mm-50mm)
              It is adjustable but I have only used it on the setting it came on. I took it out of the box and just turned it on, so there is basically no set up required, apart from unfolding the handles (ill explain that with storing info).
              This is short enough to leave about 1 month depending on the rate your grass grows and the weather.

              28 litre Grassbox Capacity.
              this is a large box If your lawn isn't to unruly you can go through the whole thing without emptying it (small lawn). The only downside is that the more grass it collects the heavier it gets so I would advise less able people to empty more frequently, or if the grass isn't that long to use without the grass box.

              Weight: 10.5
              You can pull and push this around one handed if you really like it's that light!
              You can use it in the summer comfortably without getting to hot or tired.
              I think that the weight of this would make it an advantage for more mature people who still want to take care of their gardens themselves.

              To use the the mower there are 2 trigger like lever that is on the top handle bar, one on the left,one on the right, you push one down then press a button located on the front of the handle bar (so it won't turn on if you hold the trigger when transporting). you only need one pushed down at a time so it is suitable for left and right handed people.
              Because the trigger is attached to the handle bar it is comfortable to hold down while still having good grip, a bit like gripping a bike handlebar.

              The wire can get in the way sometimes. It wraps around the handle bars when stored instead of being a pull cord so you have all the wire out when in use.
              The cord is 12m which is quite long, although I use a an extension because my plug socket is not near the back door.

              Storing the mower is easy because it has screw handles on each side of the handle bar which allows the handle bar to double over, so it will be suitable if you only have a it small shed.

              I would recommend this for people with small/medium gardens, but not for a large garden it's just to small.


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            • Are Ghosts Real? / Discussion / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
              More +
              21.08.2011 14:01
              Very helpful



              be open minded you might find a spook if you look

              I can tell you ghosts are 100% real, I know this because I have seen my fair share.
              I used to live in a haunted house, at the time I was terrified but now know she was just being nice.
              Every night the ghost woman would come into my bedroom and stand there for about a minute before leaving, I think she was just checking up on me.

              Her appearance was a bit like steam but with a figure inside, you can see solid ghosts as well I have seen a few.
              She was wearing a long nightie and her hair was up in a bun, she didn't have any colour to her she was all grey.
              I'm not sure why but she would cry on the landing, this was loud and very scary at the time.
              The first time my dad seen her he actually thought the boiler was broken which would explain the steam, until he went upstairs and got up close to her, he wasn't scared though.
              my mother tried to tell me one night when she walked through a wall that it was the net curtains we had up (this was my nanas house we moved in to help her so it was old fashioned).

              One reason I know she was looking after us is because, one night my brother was sleep walking, I will mention that this house had curved stair, so falling down them could have caused a serious injury, any way he was on the landing, my mother heard him and ran out of bed, he was just about to step down the stairs, then the lady ghost appeared out of nowhere and he immediately turned round and slept walked back to bed. So she cared about our family enough to stop him hurting himself and i think that is nice. I was still scared of her though I mean she was a ghost in my house.

              Other places I have seen spooks are, my cousins house, there was a little boy i seen him run across the landing but when I followed he was gone, he even used to play with the kids toys, we would go to tell the kids of and they were fast asleep.
              when i was on holiday in the Dominican, I thought we were being robbed because there was an armed guard in my bedroom in the middle of the night (why always at night, I think it's because during the day all the energy gets used but during the night it's free for the taking) and the guard just disappeared, this man was solid looked very real.
              I am a spiritualist now, I'm training to become a medium so i can sense spirit now we also do table tipping, this is weird it really moves on it's own accord (don't try this at home we do it in a church so there is a lot of protection).
              I have seen a transfiguration medium before (there face changes) and he grew a moustache in front of my eyes!!!
              any way that is a little bit of my personal evidence but remember spirit don't hurt you it's people who are living you need to watch.


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            • More +
              21.08.2011 01:49
              Very helpful



              best make up case there is, with lot's of goodies inside

              I got this at just after Christmas when boots have there mega sale it had 75% off so I only paid £10, well actually I used my boots card points so it was basically free.

              When I got it home and opened it up, I couldn't help but smile, I was like a child with a new toy.

              There are so many different colours of eye shadow and lip gloss, then it has two blushers and a more bronzer like powder, and to top it all off it comes with it's own make up brushes, there is a lip gloss brush, an eye shadow brush and a blusher brush, these are all good quality brushes, I use mine every day, I have cleaned them all a few times and they are still perfect and that's 7 months usage, pretty good I think.

              Now to the make up there are lot's of colours all in different shades which is useful for blending the eye shadow to make very pretty eyes indeed. you can have lot's of styles from sexy smoky to bright and girly, and there are also more subtle shades suitable for everyday wear or for going to work.

              The quality of the make up is brilliant, for it being strictly come dancing I didn't really expect that much, well I was proved wrong.
              I liked the quality that much I went back to boots and bought the mini strictly eye shadow set the same day (I had to go back the same day just to make sure I got one they were selling like hot cakes).
              The mini set was just as good, I take it on every trip where I stay overnight, and it was cheap as chips.

              Not to get side tracked...yes make up quality, well I can do my make up in the morning, using the eye shadow with concealer as a base, it lasts all day which I think is quite remarkable for something that is not from the top brands. The blushers stays on all day too, this is on bare skin because I don't use foundation, I sometimes tinted moisturiser if I'm going somewhere nice.

              the lip gloss isn't as good as the eye shadow but it's still pretty good and lasts a while.

              The case it comes in is very pretty, black with sparkles, and what girl doesn't like sparkles.
              I like that it has no branding on it so it doesn't scream out strictly come dancing (sorry but i just don't like the show), If it had of had it wrote on i probably wouldn't have bought it, and to be honest im not sure how i survived without this beforehand!!
              Inside it has 3 tiers which stack on top of each other, they can pull out so every thing can be reached easily. the tiers consist of 24 eye shadow, 12 lip gloss and 3 blusher/bronzer powder's, So you can decorate your face for any occasion.

              One very useful thing about the case itself is the space underneath the tiers, It is surprisingly roomy considering how much it has in already, I have put all my make up that I use regularly in there and could still put in extra if I wanted to.
              There is a silver lock catch which doesn't open easily enough for it to open when it is not wanted to, ending up with make up every where, now that would not be good, but it's easy to open when you want to use it. It also has a sturdy handle to carry it around.

              Well I love this make up case best £10 of boots points ever spent!!
              It is a shame that people didn't realise how good this is though because a lot were available in the sale, I just hope they bring out more stuff for Christmas this year!!


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            • St. Ives Apricot Scrub / Skin Care / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
              More +
              21.08.2011 01:00
              Very helpful



              good price clean,soft skin, nice smell and good for sensitive skin.

              I have sensitive skin and can find it difficult to buy facial was that does the job without drying out my face or making me look like a burns victim (allergic reaction not sure why my skin does this but i have actually been asked what had happened to my face before after using a face wash my face didn't like )!

              This facial scrub is perfect for me it doesn't have any nasties that agitate my skin, but yet cleans away dead skin cells and blackheads. please remember everyone's skin is different what is fine for me may not be fine for you so try a little bit first, but if you have sensitive skin you will do that anyway.
              It is also kind enough to use every couple of days.

              the smell is divine, i love apricots. It makes a good foam but also has small partials of what seems to be sand in, when you wash your face feeling the grittiness really makes me feel like it's getting extra super clean.
              When i have washed and dried my face my skin is soft and also smells nice. I am not prone to spots and blackheads, but when i do get a few black heads this helps.

              this costs about £4-£5 from Asda for a good size bottle but i'm sure you can get it at all the big retailers., mine lasts about 3 month at least with washing my face every 3-4 days with it, because you only need a small amount each wash
              you can also get it in a mini size tube for £1 from asda which is great for holidays etc. and is also good if you are buying it for the first time, that is what I did, because my skin is so sensitive I always buy travel size versions first just to try them out, and if I can't use it I haven't spent a lot of cash.

              There is only one downside, make sure you was out all sand from bat, shower, sink before it dries because it is just messy. Unless you are trying to convince someone you have been to the beach.
              I would definitely recommend this and so does my face!


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            • More +
              21.08.2011 00:39
              Very helpful



              decent razors, very decent price.

              I usually buy Gillette razors every time but decided for a change I would try something that is a bit more cost effective, well saving money means I can buy more treats.

              To be honest I was slightly dubious about these, and I have to admit that I was impressed by the price quality ratio, or course they aren't as good as the more expensive ones but saying that they do the job well, they just get about 1 less use. To be honest I think i just prefer my old ones just because they are what i always buy but £4-6 for 3 razors is a bit steep considering these are under £2 for 4 razors I can have 8 razors for the price of 3!!!
              The price difference is definitely going to make me continuing to use these razors over others.

              These have a grip shape to them making them easy to use in the shower, I have not managed to cut myself as yet so that is always a bonus, and they have 3 blades the same as the more expensive brand.
              The head tilts to get underarm hair as well.

              I think it's only fair to add that i am not a very hairy person so i can't tell you if they would be any good for people with thick hair, I am very lucky I can go 2 weeks without shaving my legs and they are just beginning to get stubble, so I cannot recommend for the hairier ladies out there.

              but honestly they are basically the same as the Venus there is only a slight quality difference so go for it it's a saving of £2-4 a pop, that's a new nail varnish or a pretty pair of undies lol!!!


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            • Zumba Fitness / Fitness DVD / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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              20.08.2011 23:10
              Very helpful



              if you are looking for fitness and fun (funtness....) then this is the workout for you!!!!

              I'm sure you would have seen or heard of zumba, it has spread like wildfire generating hordes of followers, I must confess I am being sucked in, and getting fit in the process.
              It has been around since the early 90's but it's just recently been given the admiration deserves.

              The general idea of zumba is to mix salsa/Latin style dance with fitness, getting a good workout while still enjoying yourself and having fun, or as the zumba team say PARTYY!!

              The music is really catchy you can't help but move along to the beat, most of it is salsa/Latin style but there are other tracks such as belly dancing and hip hop (ish) thrown in as well.

              The workout video looks like a party there are people dancing on platforms and even people playing instruments.
              The two instructors are great, they are really encouraging and genuinely happy, I quite like the accent's as well.

              The workout is quite fast but after a few goes it's easy to pick up and the moves are really fun, my favourite is 'the rock star' it is basically air guitar but incorporating extra muscles and using a bit more energy.

              The toning stick weights are pretty nifty because they act as maracas as well, this is surprisingly very fun playing along with the music. They are just the right weight as well not to feel like they are dragging you down but to give you muscles a little extra work.

              There are a few types of zumba out there, zumba gold for more mature people, zumba circuit which is high energy exercise they have a workout for kids which they will have fun doing too, they even have aqua zumba!!
              And of course the zumba sculpt and tone which is where the toning sticks/maracas come or should I say shake in to it.

              So if you are looking to improve your fitness, lose weight or just have a bit of fun this is the workout for you, I promise you will not regret it, If you follow a healthy diet and do zumba a few times a week you will see the benefits, although you may feel like your cheating because it is that fun it doesn't feel like exercise (the dreaded word).

              You can buy the DVD set with toning from Amazon, for £34.99, not a bad price considering you get 4 DVDs and the sticks. The zumba website has a lot more variety in worouts to buy so i would advise having a look to see which one is right for you before you try.


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            • The Sims 3 (PS3) / Playstation 3 Game / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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              20.08.2011 22:20
              Very helpful



              You create a person and live there life!! simples.

              If like me you have followed the sims from the beginning, prepare to once again become glued to the t.v for a while.
              just like all the sims games you can create your sim in the likeness of yourself or others, i prefer to make my self.
              the sim creator is a lot more advance than the previous versions, you can tweak every bit of your sims face, and can create some weird looking sims!!!

              You can give them original personality's with the traits being a lot more varied then the other sims games these include 'evil, genius and loves the outdoors.
              The personality effects what your sims wishes are (ill explain them in a minute) and give them extra stuff to do such as a computer wizz has the option to hack a computer, and a handy sim can tinker with things, this is not always a good idea because they can break your lovely expensive cooker or electrocute themselves. personally I like the neat trait so you don't need to hire a maid and they always get wishes to clean stuff, which is a easy way to collect points (again in a minute).

              The clothes range is ok, but you now have the option to 'create a style' this is where you can customize absolutely everything, from hair colour to kitchen worktops.
              you change the materials of the items that you are customizing, and then you can even customize the material by changing its colour using colour sliders which have the main colour, saturation and brightness.
              I have created amongst other things, a purple fridge, a leopard print outfit and some groovy wallpaper.

              If you are really proud of your creations you can share them on the sims network (only if you have an internet connection) and you can download other users creations. this can be clothes, furniture sims and full houses, take a look at these some people are very good at building sim houses.

              Once you have finished going overboard with the customization there is a lot to do in this game. wishes, exploring the town, getting a massage.....

              The sims 3 is different from the other PlayStation sim games, because you don't have so called 'missions' but your sim has single a lifetime wish instead, this can be to become a 5* chef or to have a perfect aquarium which you collect by fishing. these always take a long time to complete so it's always something to aim for, every sim in your household has a different lifetime wish.
              Your sim also gets mini wishes all the time such as 'buy an oven' or kiss donny' by completing these you collect lifetime points which you can redeem for cool traits. an example being fertility treatment which makes it more likely to. have triplets.

              Sims still have needs as with all the games so you still need to make sure you feed your sims and go to the toilet etc.

              So you've made your sim, so what now? Well there is a lot to do around town, you can go to the theatre and even get a massage, for the braver sims out there you can visit the graveyard at night whoooo and even meet a ghost.
              by your sim doing activities you earn challenge points.
              Challenge points are earned by basically living the sims life there is a list of things you can do and how many points you earn for them, reading a book gives you a small amount of points but doing something more epic like marrying a rich sim gives you more points.
              challenge points can buy you new clothes, furniture sets and KARMA!!

              Karma???? yes that's right karma! a lot of fun is to be had with karma powers, you do need to recharge your karma powers though, this is done by completing wishes, you also get a little boost each night.
              Karma powers include, super satisfy, this makes your sims needs all the way to the top or if your feeling a bit more evil E.P.I.C F.A.I.L This drops all your sims needs to rock bottom then they break stuff can't make friends and be a complete failure for a while.
              There are also natural disasters, an earthquake and fire storm, which you can make happen with karma, but these sometimes occur naturally as well. when these happen stuff in the house breaks,There is a benefit of this, you build handiness skill by fixing things, an earthquake will also shake out bugs and a fire storm will drop space rocks which you can then collect and make money from, the insects you can donate to science and the rocks can be analysed then sold or if they are a gemstone, smelted which you can then put on display.

              Another new feature are moodlets, these are effected by the sims environment, if there are dirty dishes your sim will get a bad moodlet saying disgusted and -10 mood. if you sim is happy they will get the having a blast moodlet and this boosts the sims mood for a certain amount of time. these all last different amount of time, depending on the moodlet, if a sim cheats the sim feels betrayed for a good few days, but if a sim is listening to music the moodlet disappears as soon as it is turned off along with the mood boost.

              And of course mood is very important especially in the world of employment, you will not get a job promotion if you sim is in a bad mood.
              When a sim picks a career they don't just have to build skills like in the other versions, they have to make friends with the boss and co-workers and sometimes even have to read something the boss has given them.
              Once the sim is at the top of his/her career you can still earn pay rises by being in a good mood.
              There are some cool careers such as the political career or the scientific career and of course you still have the usual ones as well, music, athletic and cooking. There are also part time jobs, in the supermarket, the spa and the grave yard, you still get promotions and advance in your career but they are less hours and less money.
              Other ways to make money are to write novels, you get weekly payment of royalties, the better the book the better the pay, gardening makes good money if you find special seeds one which is a money tree (how cool) also paintings can be sold or took and put in your sims house.

              This is also a new feature a sim can get an opportunity which can boost friendships, help with job promotions and even earn money, these can come up whenever and can be simple such as read a certain book (all the books are individual titled even recipes) or a bit more complicated and such as grow ten perfect apples. sometimes a sim is asked to go to another part of town as part of an opportunity.

              The skills are; gardening, fishing, writing (which are new) cooking, logic, athletic, guitar and handiness ( replacing mechanical).
              You can build your skills by, reading books these are now in stages level 1,2,and 3, watching t.v and of course actually putting your skill to practice such as planting seeds and growing your own fruit and veg or going fishing in one of the many ponds around the town, when you are really good at the guitar you have the option to 'play for tips' this is a cool money earner.

              Sim aging.
              Sims age differently in sims 3, you can also choose how long they live in options or disable ageing all together, but don't worry you can use a birthday cake to age your kids up, you buy it then they blow out the candles and walah.
              The Aging process:

              Babies- they cry a lot and that's it really.

              Toddlers- this is pretty cool because you have to teach them to walk and talk and even potty train them. They are soo cute as well. if you bring them up well you get to pick a trait

              Child- they go to school have to get good grades. if they have good grades you get to pick a trait.
              Teenager- they still go to school but can get a part time job now.

              Young adult- can now get a job

              Adult- same as young adult really

              Elder- they get grey hair and can retire ( and be paid a pension), a good thing to do with elders is make them paint, paintings increase in value when the artist dies (he he )

              To create life in the sims you of course have to be in love and whoo hoo, then the female sim will start being sick and then she is pregnant, she will want to eat certain foods and go to the spa for a massage, she gets personal leave from her job and gets payment for this. If you keep your sim happy during pregnancy you get to pick you child's first trait.

              Sims can socialize differently depending on their traits, a family orientated sim can 'coo over family' a romantic sim can 'leap into arms' an insane sim can talk to themselves (who needs to socialize eh) so you get the idea.
              another way to socialize is by watching t.v playing games and playing the guitar with other sims.

              The downside to the sims 3 is that your kids can't move house and still visit, once you kick them out they are gone forever. There also isn't any cool butlers (die hard simmers will know what I'm on about) there is no gardener now which is a bit crappy.
              They still have the fire bar when building your house so you can only have so much stuff, I find this very annoying.

              okay so I think that's it (in a nutshell.. honestly),
              So for my rating of the game AMAZING LOVE IT.

              It really is worth playing but I am warning you now, you may get infected with the sim mental illness!! the symptoms are:
              All you can think about is the sims
              you play for hours on end and even dream about it.
              The only way to break this is by completing the game (well by getting your sim into a good place and completing there lifetime wish, the game itself is endless).

              **This is NOT a guaranteed cure play at your own risk. I have had the sims illness for about 10 years and I'm pretty happy about it, the only time I will worry is if they ever bring out sims 3D, I think I would be lost to the normal world forever and actually believe I am a sim.**

              You can get this for under £20 now which is a total bargain i paid £49.99 and still think it was worth it you can buy this from most games retailers such as game-station or Asda.

              (sorry if there are any grammar mistakes but I'm not rechecking again lol)


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            • Vax Carpet Cleaner / Vacuum Cleaner / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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              19.08.2011 16:13
              1 Comment


              • Reliability


              good for carpet maintenance not so good if you have a cream carpet that is muddy.

              I have cream carpets in both bedrooms, and had builders with dirty boots treading through, this is not a good mix, So I borrowed this from my sister to try get them back to former glory.

              I found it to be average, meaning my carpets didn't come up as good as I had expected and hoped. I ended up scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees with carpet cleaner and using this to suck up the water. I think i will still need to get a professional out though.

              I found it to be a bit heavy after using it for a while I think because it is a cylinder Vax it makes it more difficult to pull around.
              It could do with a higher suction power, but it is not that expensive so you get what you pay for.

              The shampoo I used was Vax AAA Standard Carpet Cleaning Solution 1.5L this cost about £10 from b&Q
              and you can add as little or as much as you want depending on the carpet that your cleaning

              Personally I think it's my own fault for insisting on having cream carpets. and they were heavily soiled from the boots.
              One very good use of this is spillages on other floors. it just so happened i had spilt my mop bucket by accident, so i used this and it saved me a lot of hard effort and towel ( this was on laminate flooring) and because it sucked it up so quick any swelling of my flooring was prevented.

              I cleaned my mums carpets with this and they came up a lot cleaner than mine, they are red.
              So my advice is to get one if you have dark coloured carpets or have light coloured carpets and are willing to use this monthly.

              At the moment vax website have this on special offer for £199.99, I think this is a good price compared to hiring a pro to do it time and time again.


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                19.08.2011 15:06
                Very helpful



                do not buy it, it is a waste of money.

                The idea of this hard drive is that you can access all your files without taking up precious hard drive memory on your pc/laptop.
                you can also access your files on your games console, PS3 or Xbox, this enables you to stream your files in seconds to your t.v, just using your games console as the middle man.
                you are able to access your files on other pc's, and create a backup of all your important document, this does take a long time to process though.
                It has a memory capacity of 480mps, that is A LOT of memory you can store 100s of films and 1000s of music tracks.
                It has a light on the front that let's you know if it is connected to your network, although that light can be on and my laptop thinks otherwise and cannot find it.
                Sounds great! Problem is it doesn't work like that.

                You can purchase this for around £129.99 being the cheapest I have saw it, that is on Amazon, but It can sell for anything up to £180. This is not a cheap gadget especially as it doesn't do what it is supposed to.

                I have had problems with the games console share feature, my files just disappear, even if they have previously been played through my PlayStation, so it is not that the file is incompatible. This is completely unfixable, trust me I have searched the internet high and low to resolve this issue but all I ever find are people having the same problem. And not just 1 or 2 people it's 100s.

                Seagate have a website to 'help' you fix technical issues. It is not helpful, all it ever does is redirect you back to the same page (why?).
                There is a phone number you can call but this is international so I wouldn't even like to imagine how much it would cost to call them.
                I emailed about this problem, I did get a reply but all they said was to ring them up ( I don't think so).
                I stupidly managed to lose the receipt so can't even return it, although it possibly may be smashed into lots of pieces.

                If the Seagate does work (when it wants to) it is brilliant being able to stream music and videos to my PS3 with no effort at all it is a lot better than rummaging through my ever expanding DVD collection.
                I would not trust it to be a backup of my documents.

                The program that is used on the pc is easy to navigate but (there's always a but with this thing) it often says winn error32 when trying to open your files thus making them inaccessible through the dashboard.

                You do need an internet connection for this to work as well because it runs of your network. At first I had an issue with the IP address, so I just entered it manually, if you are not good with computers though this would be very difficult.

                At the moment I would not recommend to buy it.
                If this issue does get resolved I will update this review because it has the potential to be such a wonderful gadget, but it has to many technical faults with it at the present time.


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