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    • Tangled (DVD) / DVD / 22 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      16.04.2011 03:40
      Very helpful



      A great magical movie for the kids that parents can enjoy too with good graphics .

      I took my 5 year old daughter a few weeks ago to the local cinema to watch this film as she had asked to see it many times after seeing trailers on television .

      When I went to book online at Cineworld cinemas it was only showing at weekends so we decided to go to Vue cinema on a Thursday 5pm showing instead .
      When we entered we had the whole screening to ourselfs so we got the pop corn out and relaxed in peace and quiet.

      As all Disney movies theese days the animations are more realistic than they were when I was younger [ along time ago lol } . And the characters seem more real life yet still in cartoon form , but as the creators have developed what I find best is that when the animations are talking there mouths move in sync so I find cartoons more watchable now .

      The tale is not narrated , A young lady which most will relate her to as Rapunzel has been locked in a castle at the top of the tower she then escapes to bump into Prince Charming and soon realizes that life on the outside is lots of fun and magical .

      However her wicked mother {whom at the end is not her mother } pursues them along with alot of other odd looking fun characters to bring her back home .

      Rapunzels hair is magic too and they fight the enemies off by using it in there best forms like escaping down it etc .

      As always with fairytales it is a happy ending and Prince Charming marriies her and they live in a wonderful life where she is brought back to her natural parents and they get rid of the evil witch whom she was brought up by .

      This is not scary at all and my daughter loved this movie and as i usually do not like films like this I found it enjoyable myslef too and there was a few scences of comedy too .


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      16.04.2011 03:20
      Very helpful



      A rollercoaster of true emotions of events that shook the nation

      Firstly I would like to point out I am the owner of many of books however I never seem to hold concentration long enough to read many books - probably about five in my whole 32 years to be honest that I have read cover to cover .

      This book made me not want to put it down yet I also wish this book never had to be written in the first place had it not been for the terrible crimes that were committed in August 2002 involving two innocent young girls named Holly Wells and Jessica Simpson which were committed by Maxine Carr and the horrible household name of Ian Huntley .

      Even though The first book was published in 2005 and contains 368 pages which can be purchased on ebay , amazon and such a like for around £5 in paperback .I have only recently read it in 2011 and no matter how long ago the events happened the events that happened still impact on a lot of lives now .

      The story is told by Kevin Wells - { the father of one of the children who were abducted } and even thow he had no experience in book writing he sure tells his mental emotional torture of how his life changed after 4th August 2002 .

      It ventures into daily , monthly and yearly events himself and family and friends had to deal with from the day his dearest Holly went missing and how that felt to deal with and facing the evil monsters in court .

      Kevin explains his emotions which as any parent can imagine is like a roller coaster of downs more than ups whilst trying his upmost to keep his family and son comforted in this tragic time .

      It opened my eyes on alot of occasions as I have a young daughter myself and the strength Kevin shows is admirable which brought tears to my eyes on occasions where I had to compose myself to carry on reading more .
      The effect the situation had on so many people is shown very clearly and the extremes the police work and how they also have to work to certain guidelines and red tape that Kevin himself had to accept at times which he did not always do .

      After reading this has made an impact on my life and I guess many others too as I admire his strength and his style of writing as you can feel the emotion in every word written and I wish the family all the best for the future as after reading you feel you know them all on a personal level .

      I would recommend purchasing this book to anyone as it truly does give you the appreciation in life of the tiniest of things and not to take things for granted .


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      06.05.2010 19:21
      Very helpful



      Save your money and buy Early learning microphone stand

      Probably like most toddlers and little girls my daughter loves singing , dancing and anything that she can make extremely loud noises with and bug the neighbours not including myself and everyone who enters the house with bursting into pop songs that she only knows the chorus too over and over , again and again and normally the most irritating song at the time that is in the charts !!

      As my little girl was just getting into Disney Princess when she was 3 years old last year , I was on the lookout for anything pink and Disney princess designed for her birthday presents.

      So when I spotted this microphone with stand I thought it would be a fantastic addition to her musical instruments that she already had .

      So I grabbed it off the shelf from B & M stores for £15 .00 as I had already seen them in Toys R us for I think £25 and TJ Hughes for £20.

      ------------Packaging ---------

      The box is tall and slim which meant it was around her height at the time , so this was one of the first presents she opened on her Birthday .
      It has Disney princesses on the front including Snow white and Belle and she was delighted when she ripped the wrapping paper off .

      Once opened it took me around ten minutes to unpack as it had pieces of cardboard stuck around the parts with masses of cellotape stuck to them .

      After that it was a simple process to just put together in around two minutes . Which consisted of plastic pink plastic parts :
      x1 pole
      X1 base with input slots and button to press for on off
      x1 ribbon
      x1 microphone in the shape of a heart

      --------In play -------------

      This was used for around ten minutes and since then has been used occasionally for around 2 hours in total since it was purchased .

      You can purchase an amp to go along with the stand and children can sing along with the microphone , but when we tried this it did not work as you would imagine as all you can hear is the voice in the microphone of who ever is singing , so no good for the purpose of singing along to her favourite Pink song as I thought she would be doing .

      As for the materials they are just pink plastic which you can alter the height to fit the child , but the stand was soon used as a pretend sword as this made it more exciting for her to play with .

      The microphone itself is attached with a wire but can be taken off the stand , but the wire is not long or thick enough to outstand children dancing whilst singing

      The pink ribbon that you attach yourself and tie the bow I personally think is quite dangerous for under 4 years olds { recommended for 3 years and upwards } as it is long in length and is easily removable for children to hurt themselves if not supervised.

      On the base you can listen to two different beats at the press of a button , but is very monotonous after a few minutes whilst also being very annoying .

      ----Overall -------------

      For what this product does - More like does not do , My daughter does not even ask to play with it and I cannot see the point in getting it out of the box apart from to look at because she gets more fun out of a echo microphone that can be found in shops alot cheaper than this item ..


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        27.04.2010 00:50
        Very helpful



        A wipe that stays wet at an affordable cost with added benefits of crinkles

        Since before having my now four year old daughter I have bought many of brands of baby wipes and these wipes have far got to be the best whilst also being the cheapest I have found.

        The first time I purchased them was from Poundland for yes a £1 , but a few weeks later I spotted them in Home Bargains for 59p so I now get them from there religiously every week now.


        As well as the picture shown here which is the fragrance free product , they come in a yellow and purple packet to which is the scented range. With a picture of a teddy bear on the top .

        Both have that crinkly feel of thin plastic , which is a huge advantage for when I was out and about with my baby girl for the first two years as the feel , sound and texture kept her little hands and feet entertained for ages , especially when I wanted to chat to people , chuck her the packet and I would get five minutes silence other than the crinkle noise.

        On first glance you see a sticky tab you can re seal on the top , unlike the plastic ones you find on other wipes .

        So after alot of use the stickiness does seem to loose its effect most times, yet the wipes still stay fresh and damp throughout { unless you place them in front of the fire }
        Which I find amazing as others I have tried in the past normally dry out too quickly and I used to have to wet them under a running tap to regain the wetness again , Until I found Pudgies.

        As the packaging is light , small and flexible they fit into most handbags , baby carriers, trolleys / prams , car glove compartments, bathroom drawer , school bag , and handy to have lying around in the kitchen too.

        ---------------Uses ------------------

        Not only are these the best wipes I have ever bought , due to the extreme wetness of each and every 72 wipes included in the packet compared to other more expensive brands .

        I have committed to parting my money with in the past I find endless uses for these to get my moneys worth so here is just a few ways I use them and why I buy two packets a week and still have some left over :

        Wiping all those chocolate stained face bits off my daughter , and other dirt and grime she attracts to her body when she pokes her fingers into anything that is remotely sticky looking when we are just about to leave the house or in a public place.

        Suitable for when my daughter was a baby for all mothers uses
        Cleaning make up off
        Having a quick wipe over my shoes
        Quickly wiping spills off hard surfaces
        Wiping down my leather sofa
        Wiping ash trays clean
        Wiping down the dash and mirrors inside the car
        Cleaning anything that has grubby marks on or around it

        The reason why I find so many uses for these is because they are suitable for babies they do not contain any harmful chemicals that would damage things unlike some cleaning products.

        --------------- What it states ------------------------

        The Fragranced packet I have only contains some English as the rest is another language I think Spanish but I am unsure . However it reads :

        Manufactured in the EU and is a trademark of Nice - Pak International Ltd , Aber Park , Flint , CH6- 5EX

        Contains :
        Aqua , Polysorbate 20 , Parfum , Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol , Methylparben , Proplparaben , 2 - Bromo -2 - Nitropropane - 1 , 3 -Diol

        Lightly Fragranced
        Dermatologically tested
        Kind enough for hands and faces
        Ideal for use at home or on the move

        Avoid direct contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse with water.

        -------------------Overall -----------------------

        I have found these an everyday use in life now and find them a better alternative than the branded names available in shops , with a much cheaper price tag . Whilst keeping little ones happy with Crinklyness .


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          25.04.2010 03:49
          Very helpful



          Fun for all the family with cartoon humour

          As I had got a used playstation two last year for myself and my daughter . I was looking for some games that would be fun and entertain us both , but the main thing I was looking out for was the ease of button usage on the controller for my 3 year old to play as the games I already had she struggled to use effectively.

          So when searching on Amazon and Ebay for games I came across this Tom and Jerry one .

          It reminded me of my youth when I used to watch Looney Toons Cartoons .This was one of my firm favourites I used to laugh out loud at when that good old cat Tom was always chasing that wind up merchant Jerry the mouse around the house , but never seemed to win . The cartoon used to last around ten to twenty minutes, and even though they used to set traps on each other all the time Jerry always seemed to win in the end.

          So a quick glance at the pictures available gave me the impression this would be of the same nature but in a game mode. So this would be ideal for my daughter to play as it looked the part for both of us and is also suitable for ages three years an upwards.

          --------------------The Game --------------

          I did not read the instructions when it arrived , but I found it very easy to work out for myself . I first tried it in single player mode where you get to choose if you want to be Tom or Jerry , and then you have to beat 5 different opponents to unlock more opponents that you can be .

          We later played in multiplayer mode which my daughter found highly amusing . It is a very basic idea so great to play with children , where you choose which character you want to be and again you can unlock more characters as you progress.

          -----------------------What you do -------------

          This game gets you on your toes immediately, as your character speeds around and the object is to bash , smash , hit , punch , kick , and throw anything at your opponent .

          So it is extremely like the cartoon itself , you can choose different settings and the game is violent yet laughable with funny flashing faces when one is injured .

          --------------------Features -----------------------

          There is many of levels with different rooms in the house to go at war in . The ones I remember are the kitchen and the beach and a laboratory.

          Depending on which room you are in there is different weapons you can attack with like cutlery and food in the kitchen , crabs in the sea . There is 75 weapons in total to use in the game.

          Another fun part of the game my daughter especially likes is escaping from the sharks in the sea and the floor flooding and freezing over in the kitchen , as it is normally me who dies first . So there is things to avoid aswell as your opponent.

          -----------------Controls ----------------

          My daughter does love playing this and the controls are easy to do so I would recommend this for little ones .

          Something I picked up on first is when you have attacked a few times you get extra strength while the opposition loses some of theirs .
          You can get a power boost which is like a super attack all built up allowing you to super tackle for better results.

          And if your health line rate which is pictured at the top of the screen gets low, every now and then you will spot a medical suitcase with a cross on the front . You both race to collect this as this gives you more health back to continue fighting more.

          --------------Sound ------------------

          The sound is rather quiet , you can alter the volume but it can be irritating after a while but I've heard worse.

          --------------Price -----------

          This game is available on Amazon and Ebay at very low cost for £3.00 now.

          Can also be seen on Ciao under jays4jewels

          ---------------Overall ------------------

          This has done what I wanted , and its a big favourite with my daughter and my brother who is ten enjoys it too when he visits . So if it is a family game I would recommend this for the money . But it can get a bit repetitive as the theme does not change throughout , the aim is to just attack each other but the objects and scenery make each level a little more appealing. However if you are playing against friends it can get competitive.


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            25.04.2010 00:43
            Very helpful



            Recycling is now an everyday thing to do which is easy and small steps are making progress .

            I received my first green and blue wheelie bins off Tameside council about six months ago . Before this I really did not see how much rubbish that used to collect from the household over a week till I got these.

            Originally I just used to have my black bin emptied once a fortnight , which every household item was allowed to go into . You could put anything in this that I can think of apart from a fridge .
            As you have to ask the councils permission to remove a fridge because of the mercury it contains or so I'm told anyway .

            Now I have three bins all for different items to help the environment . because this enforces people to think more carefully of how and where they dispose of their rubbish .

            This helps slow global warming down , which is what is happening now . Due to pollution and a small contribution of it is caused by household waste and other causes .

            So if I know I can help everyday by just putting a bit of rubbish in different colour coded bins then this is no skin off my nose.

            -------Global Warming -------

            A brief summary is that the earth is getting hotter which due to pollution and a small contribution of it is caused by household waste and other causes .

            The earth will eventually be too hot , as there will be nowhere for this air to escape to as it is currently forming a layer of heat around the globe .
            In the future this will cause extreme pressure on certain areas one being the rainforests . Which I personally am the most concerned about as this is where animals live and they will die out along with trees . This will then cause a knock on effect to everyday life for everyone.

            ----What are the Bins for ----

            My blue bin gets collected once a month which I can and do place

            Cartons, Magazines ,
            Envelopes (except windowed envelopes)
            Letters and general paper
            Yellow Pages

            In my green bin I rinse the items out first and it gets collected once a fortnight for

            Glass bottles, cans & foil and plastic bottles

            The black bin I still has gets collected on the opposite fortnightly week than my green bin . And all other items not covered are placed in this .

            I can organise to have a Brown bin from the council but this is for moss and garden leaves twigs and alike . But as I don't have a garden I do not need one .

            ------------What I do -------------

            You can purchase kitchen bins with three compartments to make the recycling process in your home easier . But I just keep separate carrier bags instead for this .

            I empty them into my wheelie bins each night , and yes I then place the carrier bags into the green bin .

            I have found after only a few days of doing this it just becomes a habit . Apart from having to reinforce the rule to friends who call round sometimes , but they don't mind .

            ---Plus ----

            This small part we all have to play apart in helps for when it gets to the tip after the bin men have collected your waste . They can then separate the rubbish into the correct disposals . And recycle as much as possible now it is done in this way .

            I find the best positive to come out of this change on the smaller scale is that my bins do not get smelly anymore as everything is separated and all food cartons are rinsed prior to being thrown away . So this will be a great bonus now the summer weather is coming around { when !?!}


            When I first started using different bins I found they were getting overfilled too quickly and I had rubbish that would not fit in the bin . And my refuse collection service would not empty my bin if the lid was a jar , which left me another two weeks of waste mounting up again .

            This was quickly sorted though when I rang my local authority and they sent someone out the following day to collect it and gave me larger bins so now I my bins don't over flow anymore .

            ---------Overall ----

            I want the best out of my future and my child's , along with others and animals that will suffer if steps are taken now towards helping the environment . So I will continue to re cycle and afterall this is only a small step to to take but if we all do it , it will make a big difference to our planet .


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              24.04.2010 23:29
              Very helpful



              I will never hurt anyone but I may run a mile if you have a dodgy hair grip in your hair .

              There is plenty of things I do and say that make people who know me say I'm strange every now and then , which makes me wonder if I really am strange ?
              So off the top of my head here is my list , but no doubt I will come across some ones that make me think in the next few days after writing this .

              ----------- Nits { head lice } ----------

              This has got to be my Major first one that certainly does get on my boyfriends and daughters nerves alot and I drive them mad with it .

              I am constantly looking for them in everyone's hair , it does not matter if I know you or not but if you are to stand within a foot away from me I find myself checking your hair out for anything moving .

              And if I spot anything remotely looking like a foreign body in your hair I stand Well Back and I feel extremely agitated , my palms get clammy and I just want to run away .

              Just as I am writing this now I am shaking with fear and my body is going into still spasms . As I am trying to calm myself down .

              When I'm sat on a train , bus or stood in a queue behind someone I have to look just incase.

              Another example of my obsession with this is , I find myself checking my daughters hair at least once an hour each day.

              The poor thing sits on the toilet and through habit I have to check her hair . If she stays out away from home then the first thing I do is look when she gets back in.

              ****Why ***
              Although I do know she does not have them or many people I do know . I have many reasons of how I think I have come to be like this for just over a year now .

              When I attended primary school { a very long time ago } I think I was six at the time .We watched a video showing how head lice form and a clip of how you catch them through hair touching another persons .

              Since viewing this I always made sure my head did Not come into contact with anyone else', apart from my mums . As a child this was sometimes difficult to do when out playing with friends . But I never got nits when I was at school and I assume this is why .

              I once sat behind a lady on a bus who had her hair in dreadlocks , I was admiring the plaiting of how it was done . Then I noticed for the first time in my life a real life NIt ........Then I noticed all his friends and believe me , he had tens of them . All having a party and swinging from the beads in her hair as if they were being evacuated from an earthquake .

              When my daughter who is now four attended nursery as a baby she got them and has had an outbreak of them three times now . And once I got them ....Errrgghhh !!!!

              I did treat them but I certainly don't want any of us getting them ever again .

              I am not scared of creepy crawlies and I wont even kill a wasp that is going to sting me . But head lice - I enjoy killing the horrible creatures I snap them in half with my nail to make sure it does not live again .

              Everything on the planet serves a purpose , but what on earth were these creatures invented for apart from irritating the hell out of you , making children itch like mad and multiplying in their thousands within minutes not to mention the gruelling hours of lotions and potions and combing you have to do to get rid of them.

              So I make sure I go through all our hair with a comb everyday to prevent them . Which I think will now be one of my next reviews .

              ----------Teeth ---------
              I have a ritual in my house where we both have to clean our teeth for a minimum of four minutes before mouth washing etc etc. and many occasions brush after eating and drinking anything .

              And I always look at everything that goes into my daughters mouth to what effect it will have on her teeth . As I believe until she is older it is my responsibility to make sure she keeps them .As nobody likes having toothache and the less damage done now , will benefit her in older life.

              -------------Washing up -----------

              After washing pots , pans and cutlery in the sink . I really do not see the point in drying them with a tea towel . It is just a pointless time consuming chore. So I let them dry on the drainer and then put them away after that .

              ------------Ironing --------

              I don't think im alone on this one , ONLY iron what needs ironing . So if I am going to put fitted bedsheets on the bed which stretch the creases out anyway .What is the point in ironing them first ??
              Same with towels , underwear and such alike .

              -----------When out and about -----------

              I like to people watch , not in a weird way . But mainly when I go out round pubs and clubs , or sat on a bus { When im not on Nit patrol } .
              I like to look at people , check out what they are wearing , there accent , what mobile phone they have , shopping bags they have , shoes , drinks they have , food their eating , mannerisms an so on .

              I do this because I like to guess in my head what job they have , lifestyle, children , status , car they drive . Just by totting up the above .
              Not that I ever find out most of the time if im right . But in some cases I do and I like to know if I guessed correctly .

              For example , if I see a bunch of girls out mixed age ranges , wearing upto date attire whom all have different styles and updos in their hair , drinking various drinks .
              Without stereotyping I would probably guess they are hairdressers from the same salon out for a special occasion like a birthday .


              I know I probably sound really weird with the head lice scenario , which I am trying to overcome as it drives me mad too. Im just glad I do not not have any thoughts of hurting people .
              So I maybe strange I don't know , but in my defence, I am not harming anyone even if I am strange ?


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                24.04.2010 19:13
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Affordable family sugar free drink in a hand ysized bottle for on the go

                I am always looking out for a bargain especially when it comes down to food and drinks . As I enjoy testing to see if non branded items win the test against branded items .

                Even thought other reviews say different I think this is good value for money .

                I first spotted the orange double strength squash and at a price label of 22p in Asda I had to try it.

                ----------Packaging -----------

                It comes in a very plain and boring to look at plastic 750 ml mini bottle with a white label across the middle , and a white screw cap lid .Just what you would expect for 22p .

                I find this very handy for placing in the glove compartment in the car whilst out and about . Day trips with my daughter because she can place it in her bag and finds the size easy to hold.
                Also very handy if you do sports as I always carry some in my gym bag .

                I find it easy to re-cycle for this reason when I have bought two bottles I just put diluted juice into the empty bottle and off I go.

                -------------Taste ----------

                They have No added sugar which appeals to me having a little one . Because I very rarely let her drink pop as I am very conscious about her teeth getting damaged with the sugar content and E numbers you find in Cola and such alike .

                It is suitable for vegetarians and comes in Orange and Apple and Blackcurrant Double strength flavours in my local store

                ***Apple and Blackcurrant **

                For : I am not a big blackcurrant lover but as I find this not to strong on the taste buds I can stomach the Apple and Blackcurrant flavoured one quiet easily . As I just put a drop in the bottom of a glass and add water.
                So with the apple mixture this tones down the harshness I usually find with Ribena and other similar juices.

                Against : If you put too much cordial in your tongue goes red , which leaves me wondering what affect that can be doing to my teeth .


                This one is a firm favourite with my daughter as we make ice pops out of this one and you can really taste the orange zest .

                She can drink plenty of this stuff without getting an upset stomach which you tend to find with very highly concentrated fresh orange she can only drink a very tiny amount until she is sick .

                -----------What it says on the bottle ---------

                No added sugar orange squash with sweeteners

                Dilute one part of squash with nine parts of water . If serving to toddlers , add extra water . Contains approximately 30 servings . I find the bottle last around two weeks if we used five drinks a day .


                Water , Comminuted Orange from Concentrate (10%) , Citric Acid , Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates) , Malic Acid , Natural Flavourings , Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Metabisulphite) , Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose) , Stabiliser (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) , Colour (Caratenes)

                Storage :

                Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight . Shake well before use .Best served chilled .

                Allergy advice
                Contains Sulphur dioxide

                Typical values Per 100ml Per 250ml
                Energy 4kJ/1kcal 9kJ/2kcal
                Protein Trace Trace
                Carbohydrate 0.1g 0.2g
                of which sugars 0.1g 0.2g
                Fat Trace Trace
                of which saturates Trace Trace
                Fibre Trace Trace
                Sodium Trace Trace
                equivalent of salt Trace Trace

                -----------Overall -----------

                This is a cheap drink to buy where you can taste the flavours . Maybe not as strong as leading brands but for the 22 pence cost it is a refreshing taste for all the family to try .


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                  24.04.2010 18:26
                  Very helpful



                  Use and old oven tray instead of spending your money

                  For my daughters fourth Birthday in March I decided to buy her plenty of creative items . As she was really getting into painting and drawing .

                  So when I popped into my local Early Learning Centre a few weeks before ,I was very pleased to see they had 25 % off arts and crafts materials.

                  So I purchased plenty of paints, brushes , coloured paper and sponges and noticed some paint trays . They had yellow , blue , green and red and I thought this maybe a good addition to the items I had already chosen.

                  On first appearance I was a bit apprehensive as unlike the picture on the web {which I had seen on the web weeks before }. They did look more like what I would call a paper tray that I would use in a stacking drawer system . But with the outer rim being more shorter in height .

                  So I thought the idea of the tray was very simple , and the thought of using an old baking oven tray at home for the same purpose would have the same effect , whilst also saving me from anymore spending .

                  But as usual I talked myself into buying a red one on the impulse that it was going to be a birthday present and with 25% off and the full retail price was only £2.50 I added this at the checkout with my other things.

                  ------------Usage ---------

                  Since then it got used around three times , which was a hassle as when my daughter wanted to do hand and finger painting the whole thing tipped up due to the outer being to high so when she removed her hand the paint went everywhere so incurring plenty of mopping and cleaning for me .

                  All her painting things are stored under the sink in a secure cupboard and I placed the paint tray at the bottom with the paint tubes laid down inside .

                  It cracked and split all along the sides extremely easily considering I did not overfill it at all.

                  ----Overall ----

                  I am very surprised at early learning stocking this product as I normally find this store very good for toys and children's fun items , which normally with stand my four year old being heavy handed with things and the usual knocks and bumps which children make.

                  Yet this product does not get my count on durability or an item children should be allowed to play with .

                  Even though when I purchased the item I noticed it has smooth round edges . And the company states it is for age ranges 18 months to three years .

                  When it broke there was sharp edges which would have broken the skin easily on my daughter had It broken on her.

                  So we have now resorted to my original idea of using a old baking tray, which does not tip up and I can chuck it out when ive finished with it and save money even if it is only £2.50 in the shops now .


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                • Kickers / Shopping National / 35 Readings / 30 Ratings
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                  24.04.2010 15:03
                  Very helpful



                  Pay that little extra and you will get good value for money

                  As im from Manchester myself I remember when Kickers were first introduced and noticed on the market in the late Eighties and Early nineties .

                  I loved and still do Ian Brown and the stone roses I used to attend The Haçienda and trainers were not allowed to be worn that this guy wore them . So being a fan I begged my mum for a pair of these for my birthday . I think they were around £40 - £50 then .

                  These were then a trend setter which I wore at school as I was just getting the feel of being allowed into clubs and wanted to look the bizz.

                  Which is when Kick Hi design made Kickers where it is now

                  -------------The Company -----------

                  In 1968, a guy called Daniel Raufast came up with an idea to fit in with the current dress sense of those that wore jeans . Then Jacques Chevallereau then created the first ones . That had a different idea than those in the shops already.
                  Then Kickers sales profits rocketed By 1974, and they were selling in over 70 countries by then .

                  ----------Popularity ------------
                  These have become ever so popular with well know bands and musicians as they are comfortable wear day and night , and suit all types of clothing attire .

                  They often change the styles to keep up with the modern world and I enjoy browsing the variations they have created over the years

                  Such famous people who I think advertised and made them as popular as they are now are the likes of Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Mike Skinner, Arctic Monkeys, Craig David and Rodney P.

                  -------------What I got -----------
                  I decided when my daughter was old enough to wear them at 2 years old I bought her two pairs one yellow and one black pair .

                  But I was a bit dubious as friends had said their children had some where the sole came away. But I thought I would try for myself and Im really glad I did .

                  I got her the patent leather ankle boots

                  I paid £25.00 each for the shoes from Ebay two year ago , they also do stock Kickers shoes and boots in many online and high street shops including Clarks , JJb Sports , and the Kickers website itself which can be found here


                  --------------Use -----------
                  They are great for school wear , occasional use , walking , climbing along with work ware .and come in many different styles , shapes and sizes and cater for Men , Ladies and Children from as small sizes that are suitable for babies too size one .

                  I find that all the pairs I have purchased , which is six pairs so far .Are very durable and have since purchased more , as these are great for all weathers , the ankle boots keep your feet protected from rain and snow with the upper rim of the boot being very supported with soft rubber .

                  The patent ones are a very high sheen and my daughter is always getting complimented on her strong brightly coloured yellow ones . They do not seem to loose the shine even after a daily use of a few months wear .

                  They have chunky well strung laces which have more of a rope texture , making this easier to grip for the younger ones to fasten the laces .

                  All of the designs have a small piece of material attached to the stitching with the Kickers emblem on , making them a noticeable shoe . Along with a piece of shaped leather which is attached to the laces . You can remove this if you wish .

                  I use these markings to ensure I have a genuine pair as unfortunately there is counterfeit goods on the market so I recommend using the official site to buy from .

                  The quality stitching is very accurately detailed which is usually in a lighter shade than the whole colour and can be seen clearly.

                  As for the insoles I find these are of a bouncy sprung felt material with the logo printed on .

                  My daughter loves wearing her shoes as she finds unlike other new shoes these do not rub her and cause her discomfort , as she is prone to have blisters due to her having wider feet than the average child.

                  So another reason why I am pleased with this brand because I do not have to put up with the tears and never ending plasters to purchase , caused by sore feet from poorly made footwear.

                  The most impressive part about these shoes has got to be the outer soles . They are extremely strong meaning my daughter can play out , run in parks and trudge through snow if she has too . Without wearing the soles down .

                  They are rubber made, with a tread which protects the foot from slipping on slippery surfaces.

                  --------------Cleaning ------------

                  The important part is to look good , no matter how much you have spent it is no good if they look dirty after five minutes wear .

                  Well I can honestly say I just use soap and water regularly to clean them and this does the trick on the patent ones . A bit of elbow grease if she has been in the mud and leave outside to dry .they look good as new .

                  You can buy cleaner for them depending on the material from any shoe shop ranging from a £1 and upwards . And do as described on the bottle .

                  I purchased some from poundland for some brown ones and this worked fine .

                  ---------Wear and tear -----------

                  They do get scuffed but I would say it takes alot more scrapes to be noticed than other ones I tried . And a bit of cleaner sorts the problem out quick enough .

                  -------------Packaging -----------------

                  The box is a standard appropriate dimension for the item you buy . Normally of a dull red colour with the distinctive "kickers " logo in white on the lid .

                  -------------Website ------------

                  If you visit their website at
                  http://www.kickers.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Home_3_302 .

                  You will find things suitable for everyone and even a picture for children to colour in . It is very easy to navigate around and always check out the sale link as there is some good offers on , along with other accessories like bags .

                  -----------Price -----

                  They range from around £15 and upwards depending on the type you are after and sale prices .

                  -----------Overall -----------

                  Product that are unique and always having new ideas , which are suitable for all walks of life .
                  maybe a bit dearer than the usual price for footwear but you get what you pay for . So I would much more prefer to pay for something that lasts and looks good than buy never ending cheap shoes which hurt and fall to pieces .


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                    23.04.2010 19:39
                    Very helpful



                    Being able to help others with my good fortune

                    Spend it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Yes my first thoughts on winning the lottery is life would be alot easier , but it would not bring me never ending happiness . I would not go public as I do not want people to tell me how to spend my money ..I'm quiet capable of doing that myself thanks .

                    So I would be extremely boring at first and Bank as much as I could as I believe you can live off the interest for a lifetime after it has stayed put for 2 weeks , I would obviously have to look into this at the time .

                    I would first of all invest and build my own animal rescue centre for small animals including , dogs , cats , rabbits, birds , reptiles , and such alike . I would work at the shelter until I popped my clogs.

                    I would employ dedicated staff to advertise these unwanted animals for free but very carefully selected re homing . My staff would also help look after the animals and I would make sure all staff were trained and qualified in all areas needed and everyone would be specialized in their chosen animal topic . To help the business succeed . And enable plenty of animals to receive the love and care they deserve .

                    I would then invest and give to two main charities that are close to my heart which would be :

                    http://www.amur.org.uk/tigers.shtml - this is the charity that stops Tigers being poached .

                    --Charity --
                    Loss of habitat to fire and logging (both legal and illegal). And other areas of habitat are lost to forest clearance, fires and logging there is the added problem that roads built for logging actually increase the human access into remote areas. This causes more disturbance and the worst thing gives alot more access deep into the forests for tiger poachers.

                    This is another charity I find very disturbing and I want to stop .Where dogs are cruelly poached and killed in order for dogs to be eaten in China

                    Be warned THIS SITE HAS DISTURBING IMAGES

                    ----------------The smaller things in life -----------------

                    As I don't think money brings happiness it dam does make life alot easier .

                    ------------Travel ---------

                    So I would first of all take my daughter and boyfriend on holiday .

                    So I would probably get an atlas out , then close my eyes and spin round and place my finger on the map , This would then be where we were going on holiday to .

                    If it was a poorer country It would be a trip to learn about different cultures and hopefully help aid the country with some of my winnings .

                    If it was somewhere exotic we would have a relaxing time , sunbathing and having fun whilst I decided what to do with the rest of my money .

                    I would take my daughter to Disneyland Florida as she loves Mickey mouse and co . And go and venture on all the big and fast rides with friends .

                    ------Treat others ---

                    I would be very careful on this part as I am sure I would probably acquire new friends and all my facebook contacts would pop round for a brew lol .
                    So narrowing down my 7 family members would all get a divided amount probably 25 % of my winnings and my friends would get the same between 5 of them .

                    -------------Materials ---------------

                    I would buy a new car for the first time after test driving plenty of two seater cars up and down the country to decided which one I wanted .

                    I would go shopping in New York with my daughter and buy as many clothes, toys and electricals we wanted .

                    Then Go and PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    ------------Final thought ----------

                    As long as I know I've saved at least one animal from pain and suffering and my daughters lifestyle improved that would make me happy even if I lost all the money .


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                      23.04.2010 19:04
                      Very helpful



                      Another thing the governmet has introduced without considering the public

                      As I am a smoker myself living in the UK who normally smokes 20 Super kings normal strength cigarettes a day , and unfortunately only realised recently that I have been smoking for 20 years and I am 31 years old ..Yikes !!!!
                      So this week I have started taking a nicotine replacement therapy to stop so this topic is relevant to me .

                      I am not completely against smoking in public places , but I do think there should be certain places and areas that smoking should be banned but not all as explained below ;

                      ----------------Pubs ----------
                      This is my strongest point I feel against the ban taking place as I despise having to stand in the cold to have a cigarette in the bad weather when you have to leave your drinks indoors due to the fact you are not allowed to drink alcohol on the street .

                      I think pub Landlords should have the power to decide weather they allow smoking in their pubs { as for many this is the Landlords home } . As also some areas of the UK have a higher population of smokers , and plenty of people will not visit a pub due to the smoking ban because many smokers prefer to smoke with a drink . And decide to stay at home instead which affects the landlords business and income , which surely is not good for the economy .

                      And if they allow smoking I think their should be special guidelines set where there is select smoking areas inside the pub , which is sheltered in one / two rooms with a window/s to accommodate for everyone . So if you do not smoke you have the choice to not to sit in the room where the smoke is .

                      ---------------Food serving public areas ---------------
                      I think anywhere that serves food , weather that be a public house or not should Ban smoking in the eating areas .

                      As I myself and many others I know do not appreciate someone smoking close to me whilst I am eating and contaminating my food with bacteria off cigarette smoke that has been inhaled from someone's mouth and then exhaled all over my Sunday roast Dinner that I have paid good money for .
                      And also in most food eating restaurants and food service areas you find cater for children aswell . So I do not want my child inhaling intoxicating fumes , as she does not have the choice to not inhale the second hand smoke. I think it would be unfair to stop my child visiting food service areas because it is a smoking establishment , and alot easier to just ban it altogether here.

                      --------------------Parks and open spaces-----------------

                      I feel that the ban in parks is a good idea around children but has countless flaws . if it is a place where children are permitted then there should be designated smoke areas that do not allow under 18 year olds , that way it is the choice of the adult to enter if they wish .
                      You are in open space and the smoke is blown away , so my opinion is I am not affecting anyone if I am smoking outdoors .

                      ----------------What the smoking ban has done ---------------
                      ---- Pros ---
                      For me as a whole I do find it easier to try to stop as it is more difficult to light up in certain places than ever before .
                      It is easier to not subject children to someone's else's smoke .
                      I am more aware of the effects of smoking due to all the advertising .
                      Hopefully my daughter will not grow up to be a smoker because eventually it will be impossible to smoke anywhere and harder to purchase cigarettes .


                      Landlords are being forced to close down due to lack of paying customers because they have to pay more for shelters for smokers to stand under and people do not visit them as much anymore , because they prefer to stay at home where they can have a leisurely smoke and drink at home in warmth and comfort .
                      Also I want it to be my choice to stop smoking Not someone else's , as this intrudes on my human rights.

                      -------------My last thought ---------
                      I want to stop smoking and I will use the ban in a positive manner to aid me to do this . But I will never find a problem with smokers who smoke away from myself and my children .


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                      • Nescafe Fine Blend / Coffee / 39 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                        22.04.2010 04:39
                        Very helpful



                        100% Pure Coffee with smooth flavouring to taste

                        I tried nescafe Fine blend for the fisrt time 5 years ago as I never drunk coffee regualry becasue I always felt that my mouth tasted very dry and I always felt the taste was too harsh / strong to me. Saying this I did always have coffee in the house for guests and I would try different brands myself at friends and family houses , but none ever made me feel in a hurry for another drink of coffee so I stuck to drinking water most of the time.
                        Until I became pregnant with my first {only} child just over 5 yrs ago . This is when I purchased a jar of Nescafe Fine Blend from Morrisons I think it was around £2 for smaller jar.

                        Upon my first drink of it it felt smooth and creamy to drink compared to other brands I had tasted in the past. Then came the feeling of wanting another one , which I had never experienced with hot drinks before . I am not sure if this was because I was feeling the morish taste off the fine blend or if it could have been a slight craving of being pregnant .

                        However I then became a coffee lover overnight {and still am }and I began to put the kettle on for my coffee first thing in the morning either on its own or with some toast for breakfast before work . this always made me feel fresher and more alertf or the rest of the day .Then again when I returned home and another later on in the evening whilst chatting with friends. So I would not say I was a heavy brew { coffee drinker }like many others are. But I am now a certified coffee drinker to my amazment.

                        ------------How it tastes and what it does -----------
                        ---Pros ---
                        I have tried a wide range of coffee brands over the years but none in my opion taste anything like the smooth warming taste like this fine blend does . Other Nescafe brands I have tried have always felt harsh to me and seem to cling to your teeth more and make me run for the toothbrush and get scrubbing .

                        This product is so much better quality as it is Finely blended as stated on the jar so there is no use for coffee machines or rigarous stirring to get rid of lumps .
                        **It is just smooth and easy to do ***

                        -----------How I drink it -----------

                        A 100g jar usually last me just over a week if I drink 4 mugs a day and you do not need to over pile the teaspoon to be able to taste the flavour.
                        I do not have sugar with mine but I do vary the amounts of milk I add sometimes . With more milk the flavour can easily be turned into a lovely cappucino taste .
                        ***As to do this **
                        I place half a tea spoon of Nescafe fine Blend into the bottom of a mug , then add a bit of milk with water to half way - Stir - Then add the other half teaspoon of coffee with milk - Water and keep stirring . Add chocolate flakes ontop to taste . ---this makes a lovely relaxing treat after a hard day at work ---
                        Otherwise I just pour like normal and enjoy the rich smell and simplicity of a hot drink .

                        My brother regualry visits and drinks this coffee with me and commented on the fact this coffee always stops him from sleeping as he usually drinks different brands . Since realising this myself it does give you insomnia if you drink it late at night . But this may just be due to the caffenine content in all brands { ingreidents below } So I would advise to only drink it earlier in the evenings and mornings. And not to consume in large quantities as this does contain caffine .

                        -----Price and where to buy -----------
                        It is stocked in many supermarkets and high street shops £1.69 but I currently buy mine from poundstrecher , poundland , B&M stores , Home bargains and Wilkinsons .for 89 p The price has gone down over the years for a 100g Jar . Larger jars are also available 200 g for around £2 but these are not stocked in many places .

                        -----Nescafe Fine Blend Products ----

                        Nescafe coffee is only made from 100% pure and natural coffee beans that are naturally rich in antioxidants. If you prefer a milder, softer tasting coffee then Fine Blend is perfect . Nescafe use a carefully balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta beans and lightly roast it to make a smooth and gentle coffee.
                        Arabica and Robusta

                        The two plants flourish in quite different places and conditions, resulting in beans of distinct character and flavour. Part of our promise to you is to capture the beans at their brightest and deliver a wonderful cup of coffee, every time you make one.

                        The Robusta plants love a hot and humid climate and are mostly grown at lower altitudes in countries such as Brazil and Vietnam.
                        Robusta beans have a bitter, muscular flavour with a touch of woodiness.

                        The Arabica plants thrive at higher altitudes, with some of the best quality coming from Kenya, Ethiopia and Central America. The beans have a lighter, slightly acidic and luxuriously aromatic flavour.

                        Ripe and ready
                        The coffee farmers know to pick the ripest and brightest cherries, so as the green cherries turn to deep red, the farmers check their ripeness daily

                        --------------Overall ---------------
                        I have since tried drinking tea and other coffee brands but after trying this Fine Blend coffee I dont think any other hot drink will take its place now . I like to start my day with Nescafe Fine Blend as it wakes me up for the day at a low price and very good value for money !!


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                      • Wilkinsons / Highstreet Shopping / 25 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                        22.04.2010 01:26
                        Very helpful



                        A store you have to visit as there will lalways be something in there for everyone

                        Wilkinsons is probably one of my favourite household and hardware shops to visit and shop as the deals and discounts are normally better than other High street stores in my area .

                        ------------Why I like the store ---------

                        My local store is in Greater Manchester and there is 12 available but my closest is just down the road . When I walk in the shelves are well organised and you can see clearly what is available with plenty of room to walk around leisurely .

                        You can choose a trolley which caters for two children to be placed in with baby straps attached or you can get a basket to pull along the floor with a long handle so you do not have to carry anything . These baskets come in a average size and a larger size .

                        Wilkinsons stock everything from toiletries , housewares . tools , bedding and accessories , furniture , ornaments , food , cleaning products and basically anything you could possibly need for your home and everyday needs .

                        All products are reasonably priced and usually at least 25 % cheaper than any of my other high street stores nearby.

                        I have visited at least another 8 of their stores in the last couple of years including Blackpool , Southport , Salford, Droylsden and Ashton . On all occasions I have found their stores to be clean, well lit and a pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff and longer opening hours than other local shops , as they usually shut at 6pm and open at 8am .

                        I have shopped in Wilkinsons for

                        -Goods for the home when I moved house - Soft furnishings , storage boxes , small electricals including and iron and hoover and food .

                        -Things for my new car - Car mats , oil , car cleaning equipment ,

                        - Baby items I was expecting my daughter like nappies , wipes , and cot bedding and safety equipment .

                        - Toys for Xmas presents and Birthdays for all age ranges

                        -And everyday essentials like toilet rolls, cleaning equipment and make-up.

                        -Pet products for myself and friends pets ranging from cages, food and cleaning fluids , to toys and leads .

                        - Garden BBQ and camping equipment and the odd plant and seeds I sometimes get.

                        -DIY materials as I got a corded screwdriver for £5 and the screws , nails and small similar items are mainly all under as pound unlike shopping at B & Q for the same products.

                        ------Staff -----------------------

                        The staff are normally friendly in the stores I have visited and wear dark trousers and store red t- shirts with their name badges clearly showing which gives you that personal feeling when you speak to them.

                        If you cant find a product they do not hesitate to take you to the item itself which personally saves me alot of time when you have a toddler in tow, whom has spotted the toys and is swinging off your arm to go look at them , and you know your parking meter ticket is about to run out on the car unless you sprint like Linford Christie to meet the traffic warden, who has been stood at your car for several minutes on a countdown to the seconds to plaster a unrewarding piece of paper to your windscreen ,
                        Unless you find the washing powder you are after and quickly.

                        They have a customer service desk if you have any enquires or if the item you require is out of stock they will order it in for you and ring you free of charge to inform you when it has arrived , which this option I have done with wallpaper before in the past , which I received within 5 days of ordering .

                        Also this desk is where you return items and they are fantastic at this as within 3 months you can have a simple exchange for the same item or another of your choice if you do not have the receipt, and if you do you can have cash or voucher if you cannot find anything instore in return for your unwanted or broken item.

                        This is a very simple process of filling a form in with your name and address on a returns claim sheet .

                        ----------Extras ----------

                        One of the main things I like is there is a Free cash machine located inside which not only is very rare in shops but keeps you indoors from bad weather . And I can ring a local taxi firm from the freephone to collect me from the shelter you can wait with your trolley { which trolley is a £1 which is refunded when returned }

                        This is also a company that still allows free carrier bag service ,however sometimes you do have to ask which is rare really . They too have the store name on and at Christmas time they have them themed .

                        You can also purchase black re usable recycled shopping bags which come in two styles on e with long handles and one with shorter handles,for you to choose from depending on your personal preference .
                        These are 99p to buy.

                        ----------Offers and Discounts ----------------

                        You will find instore "Price Crash " signs which is when a certain product is on and extra low priced offer which is usually applied in all departments instore .

                        They also accept discount vouchers you may have and High street vouchers throughout the year which I find a wonderful help at Christmas time when I stock up on baby and children's toys , which again are usually cheaper than other shops , and offer low and high branded items.

                        ------------About the stores -------------

                        They have more than 330 stores across England and Wales, each selling around 25,000 products.

                        The stores range depending on which area you visit from small to Extra large stores and if you do not want to queue at the till there is self service tills operating where you can do it yourself.

                        They are also available online under Wilkinsonsplus where you can purchase bigger items aswell like white goods and furniture all at one low delivery price £4.95 or £20 for larger items . Or you can collect instore for free.

                        Can also be seen on Ciao under jays4jewels
                        ----------Overall ----------
                        A general store which has all your purchasing needs under one roof at low prices .Where stores are well presented and child friendly .


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                          21.04.2010 23:23
                          Very helpful



                          Educational Treasure that will gets lots of use with youger ones

                          I purchased my 4 yr old daughter the Pink model of the Handheld Leapster 2 about a month ago as she already had the leapster one which a friend had given her a long time ago and it had gone walkies.
                          So when there was a special offer on at Marks and Spencers online of 50 % off leapfrog toys, I jumped at the chance as they normally retail at anything from £30 upwards.

                          ---Why I like it --------------

                          To start off with it is a smaller sized model than the first one , which makes this alot lighter and easy to carry for small hands like my daughters .

                          Even though it is light to hold it is very durable and is produced for the usual drops & bangs that my 4yr old manages to do .

                          My daughter has lots of fun with the toy as there is plenty of games you can purchase depending on what character and development level your child is at . She currently has Dora the explorer , Spongebob squarepants, learning with leap and Learn to draw and write with Leap games with the console. But there is plenty more you can buy in high street shops and online as she grows older and advances in her learning .
                          I think The games bring fun to learning with this product as the list is endless of topics involved in the games which make children use their memory , problem solving , co ordination, counting , spelling , etc .A few examples are : Mixing colours , matching pairs , drawing , writing letters , recognising letters and numbers, learning about animals.

                          -----HOW TO PLAY -----

                          Insert 4 AA batteries { not included in box } with a coin to open the back or you can purchase an adapter to plug in for constant play

                          To play the games you first insert the games into the top of the console firmly , yet is easy to do for little ones . Then you have a pen stylus a bigger version of something similar to and Iphone pen , but is easy to hold for adults and children that is attached with a strong rope to the console and using this .

                          You then type the names of all the people who will be using the leapster using the pen {again helps her to spell her name and recognise letters } .
                          Then choose an option of which game you want to play.Each game has around 4 different game plays on each cartridge with different difficulty levels to choose from .

                          To continue playing the games depending on which one is in play you have a soft finger cursor button on one side and an A & B button on the other . With other button features for sound { always good when you want it to be quiet } and screen settings for brightness and power.

                          -----Added extras I like ------

                          In the pack you get a free cd for your computer which can be used
                          on most everyday pc's and laptops {see below} . It is best if you have internet connection as after a quick and easy installation process children can plug the console in and gain rewards for their encouragement and see how well they are doing on the games .

                          There is also a parents sector where I can view how well my daughter is doing and this also enables me to see where she needs more improvement . I can honestly say this is a major help for me as I have quickly realised that she is doing alot better than I expected and has started learning how to add sums up through this toy and also which colours added together make another colour .So this feature enables me to help her along her learning path whilst keeping it simple and fun for her and me together .

                          Also when I used the disk supplied when I registered online with the leapster site I had an option of 6 games where I could choose one for free which I then downloaded onto hers which only took a few minutes to do.

                          -------Where it is used ---------

                          This little wonder has been great for us as I purchased the carry bag also where there is a pocket to store all the games in .So it goes most places with us . So far the biggest help was when I did a car boot recently this kept her entertained and when on long journeys , and this is going on our holiday with us .

                          Mornings are the best sometimes as if she wakes up at the crack of dawn and she is cold , she snuggles up in bed while the radiators are warming up downstairs and gets her pink leapster out and plays games for half hour in bed . Allowing her to be cosy warm and entertained at the same time

                          I try and use the charger when we are at home to save battery life , otherwise I use rechargeable batteries as it is used alot and they can be expensive when they run out after about 40 hours play on shop brand ones.

                          ----Extras you can purchase ----

                          Game cartridges can be purchased at most high street stores , Toysrus , ELC, Boots, Tescos, Asda, Marks and Spencers, Additions .
                          Available is the carry bag and a normal adaptor .

                          You can also purchase a re charger which is available at Amazon for £14.99 , but also sold on Ebay too.

                          --------Computer requirements if you choose to connect to PC -------

                          ****This is not a compulsory just an Extra if chosen **********

                          Internet Connection Recommended
                          PC Requirements (for connected play)
                          Internet connection
                          Windows® XP operating system
                          Windows Vista" operating system supported
                          Pentium® 111 500 MHz processor (700 MHz or higher recommended)
                          Monitor resolution of at least 1024 X 76E
                          Available USB port
                          256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
                          300 MB free disk space
                          Microsoft© Internet Explorer* version 6 or higher
                          CD reader

                          MAC Requirements (for connected play)
                          PPC G4 or any Intel® based Apple® Computer Mac OS® X 10.4+
                          256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
                          300MB free disk space
                          Monitor Resolution of 1024 x 768
                          Available USB port 300 MB free disk space
                          Internet Connection
                          Safari"" application
                          CD Reader

                          --------------What you get in the box -----------

                          Leapster 2 Handheld Unit
                          Leapfrog Connect CD - You can get a free game if you register
                          USB Cable
                          Parent Guide

                          I have also a review on Ciao under the username jays4jewels

                          ----------------Overall -----------

                          My daughter loves telling other children that this is a PSP , but for me this is alot better for her learning at a fraction of the price . Personally I would say it is the size of a Ds but a chunkier version as the dimensions are 6.4 x 26.7 x 33 cm ; 454 g . I would say this is suitable for children from 3 years and upwards to around 9- 10 years old depending on the games you purchase., and there is plenty to choose from .


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