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Member since: 14.05.2012

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      14.05.2012 21:09
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      an all round good fun holiday park.

      Me and my family have been going to walton for 22 years now have enjoyed we have stayed at martello evey time and have enjoyed every minute, for the last couple of years they have been remordonisng it,they have a new cafe, takeaway and new reception they are slowy up dating the caravans if i may say looking good,yeah the shop needs up dating a bit the outside toilets need to reopen and have a make but, but never did use them anyway, the club house is good, great entertainment for the kids, the amussemts are great, my mum loves the bingo she has to go every nite, we have made great and wnderfull friends, they also have a littlefair there which i will say the motor bike rides do need to be up dated,since they hav been there for 22 years, theyalso have an internet cafe whichi havent used yet but hoping to use this year wen i go in june, martello caravan park is a peace of history plus famous as it has been used on a T.V. program we would recomend every one to go there who is on a low budget and needs to get away for a week or 2, the town is lovely and clean and the beach is fantastic and also the pier is great, everyone is friendly in town get along with everyone, an you will never be diapointed.


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