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    • Colorsport 30 Day Mascara / Make Up / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      08.07.2012 20:33
      Very helpful



      Great for those who love to have subtle lashes.

      I have recently had an eye infection, apparently caused with eye lashes being pulled out due to non-removal of mascara when going to bed! I hold my hands up to this one! After a heavy Saturday night out clubbing, the last thing I remember to do is remove my mascara. Getting my contact lenses out is a job in itself!

      Anyway, I was unable to wear eye makeup for a week due to having eye drops and as i work in a smart office, I feel quite naked without eye makeup, (and look like a teenager!) So I was getting a bit miserable. My mum recommended I try a eyelash dye. 'I cant afford salon treatments on my wage!', was my immediate response! 'Why not do it yourself', said my ever resourceful mummy-dear!
      So I toddled off to Boots to see what they had. I came across the Colorsport 30 day mascara. It is only in a little box, about the size of pack of cards, maybe a bit bigger (2 x 3 inches). The box is mostly white, with a pair of eyes peering into the image in a deep purpley colour. The box is quite unnoticeable to be honest, if you are not looking for it specificlly. It has a hole for a hanging display and is usually found where nail accessories are kept. Well, thats where they were in my Boots!

      Back to the product.....
      On opening the box, you find a stick, shorter than a toothpick, which slims to a paddle type tool at one one end. There is also a 5ml glass amber bottle of colour developer and a two inch tube of dye. Oh and of course an instruction leaflet. It is all contained in a little plastic tray which has a well to mix the dye in. Qute dinky but very cheap!

      There are the usual Cautions explained in the leaflet, for example, skin sensitivity etc. Do test this product first because it could potentialy blind you if you are allergic. You obviously skin test on your arm or leg, rather than on your eye! Doh!
      Ok, so when you actually decide to dye your eyelashes, it advises you to apply petroleum jelly around your eye to stop dye getting onto the skin and smudging. i tried this and got it all over my eyelashes, therefore stopping any dye actually taking! Oh dear! So now I dont bother, and to be honest, I havent had any smudges.

      Using the small tube of dye squeeze about 2 cm of dye into the the well of the tray and add a couple of drops of the developer liquid. The dye look squite light or even orangey but dont worry! My bottle dripped very fast so be careful. You can add up to ten drops of developer but only add until the dye resembles a creamy consistency, but not too runny. Remember you dont want it getting in your eye.
      Using the white paddle supplied apply the creamy mixture to your eyelashes. Believe me, this sounds so simple, but the paddle is useless. I found dye flicking off in all directions and I could not get it where I wanted it! Useless, so I binned it!

      Instead, I improvised! I used to be a Body Shop Rep so have hundreds of mascara wands, (disposable obviously for each customer I had!) so I decided to try to apply as I would my normal mascara! Magic, it worked a treat. If you bend the head of the mascara wand too, so it is at a right angle to the handle, this helps too. Not just with this dye but with any mascara!
      Okay, so the dye is on. How does it feel? It feels okay actually, just like I have water on my lashes. I did get a little in my eye and by god it does sting, so do be careful. Keep the dye on for ten minutes for it to take full effect. Then you can carefully remove using cotton wool and warm water.

      Voila, lovely dark brown lashes! However, as I am medium blonde in colouring, it was not quite enough for me! It was okay for a change, and I coul dsee a difference but I like the darker more sultry too! Did I hear someone shout 'Tart!'. Who me!?!
      I toddled back off to Boots and purchased the Black variety of the product. I went through the process, 24 hour skin test blah de blah! And after my ten minutes of dyeing time were up, I had lovely black lashes! Much better.

      Ok, you ask, so how much does this faffing about cost me! Right, so how much do you pay for your average mascara nowadays, £8-£9!?! Easy! ...
      ....And how long does a mascara last? Well, you are supposed to buy a new one every three months. .....

      .... So that is £8 - £9 four times a year which would cost £32 - 36.
      So whats my point you ask!?!.....

      ......Each pack of eyelash dye costs just short of £8, the exact pennies I cant remember I am afraid. Each pack claims to have up to 12 applications, therefore a years supply! Now you get my point!?! Although I bought two packs I am still potentially better off and my eyes are healthier!
      But also, another little tip for you, the Colorsport 30 day Mascara can be paid for with Advantage points. I paid for one of my sets with points therfore two years supply has cost as a little as £8. Good eh!

      So what have I forgotten, oh yes, how long it last! I woul say 30 days is maybe stretching it a little bit but a good three weeks. It you use an oily makeup remover it may be less! But even if you have to appply every fortnight, its still better than applying every day isnt it!?!
      I hope this review has given a pretty all round view of the product! Thank you for reading.

      Kerry xx


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      04.07.2012 10:45
      Very helpful



      perfect for emphasizing smaller lips

      The Beauty Box has taken all of us girlies by storm and I got my Duwop Venom Lip Gloss in one of the first Beauty Boxes I received. I am reviewing the Buttercup shade.

      As girls, we are never satisfied with the way we look. We always want thinner ankles, fatter ankles, bigger boobs, smaller boobs,, thinner lips fuller lips.......... Unless its just me ;) Anyway, I am one of those that wants bigger everything...... so this product really excited me.

      As you will see I have already reviewed Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Plumping Lip Gloss, but I have to say this has over taken in my opinion and I use it most days.

      Okay, so the Duwop brand are well known for their Venom Lip Plumping formula. It was the first lip plumper on the market and boasts their no testing on animals policy. It is also is sulfate-free, petro-chemical-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, free of pthalates, no GMO's (genetically modified organism) PPG's (Polypropylene Glycol), MEA's (monoethanolamine) , DEA's (diethanolamine), TEA's (triethanolamine), formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free. In laymans terms these are products which add substance, colours, the wet look affect and generally pollute your body ;)

      So if there are none of these products in the Lip Gloss what does it contain? Lip Venom is a blend of essential oils, which include cinnamon and ginger, that cause the blood to rush to the surface of the lips, which causes the plumping effect and jojoba and avocado oil and beeswax adds the gloss and the moisturising qualities. Predominantly, I always recognise the cinnamon smell and taste in the gloss and I can not deny the gloss and moisturising qualities - they are awesome. Definite glossiness.

      The Gloss comes in a little squeezy 10ml tube with a plastic angled nozzle to apply to the lips. Admittedly, the nozzle is not the greatest out there on the shelves. It is very easy to end up a lot more gloss on the lips than you need or want! And you have no brush or wand to remove it, just a finger (well that's what I use!)

      There are 9 shades currently in the range: Buttercup, Coral Tree, Jessamine, Lantana, Love in a mist (which I really want!!!) , Wisteria, Tulip, Berry Chill, Pink Champagne.

      The shade which I use is called Buttercup. It is a rich creamy colour, almost a nude, perhaps a slightly peach tone with a glittery shimmer. I use it on its own, with a lip liner for added enhancement, or over the top of other lip colours. The texture on the lips is quite sticky but it is not unbearable. Then comes the tingling - I have heard some say that the effect is more of a stinging, but I have not experienced this. The tingling is the effects of the essential oils bringing the blood to the surface of the lips. Then voila, your lips appear plumper. They do, honest!! I add a nude lipliner ass well and wow, I look fab ;) x

      My only dislike of this product is that if you have a drink it is gone! yep, so you have to reapply again. And like I said it is not just a quick smear on the lips and its perfect, you definitely need a mirror to avoid great dollops of gloss on your lips (which my husband has pointed out to me on a few occasions :(. )

      So how much is this little gem of a lip gloss? Well, make sure you shop around because they retail at £16 but I have seen them as low as £6 . £6 is pretty good for a decent lipgloss in my opinion where £16 is more of a luxury item in my make up box. Seems to be that certain colours are cheaper - whether they are less popular, I'm not sure.

      But, I guess it is a personal choice, we all have our favourites and our hates! This is one of favourites and I hope this review has been helpful to the Venom Gloss Virgins ;) x Thanks for reading. x


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    • Pampers / Baby Care / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      04.07.2012 09:29
      Very helpful



      A nappy that will keep your baby dry! I recommend.

      I have been pondering whether to review Pampers Baby Dry for a while now - mainly because I dont want to get a slating from other dissatisfied mums - because I know there are a lot of you out there!! But I thought - no - I like them - so here I go!!

      Pampers are made by Proctor and Gamble, a company well known for cosmetics and household cleaning products. The original creator of the Pampers 'diaper; was Victor Mills, who worked for P & G as a chemical engineer. In the 1950's he began using his own children and grandchildren as test subjects for the new design of nappy. Mills died in 1997.
      Pampers became available for purchase in shops, department stores and chemists in the 1960's. Supermarkets were a new 'trend' but later acquired the product aswell. Because the disposable nappy was such a revolution, the stores didnt know where to stock it - so it could be found on newspaper counters, in the drugs section and the cleaning aisles!

      The original nappy used the nappy pin as hailed great by all of our grandmothers. This was replaced by the original sticky tape in the 1970's. It was not the adjustable tape as we knew today but still a new trend that hit mothers all over. Products included Pampers Toddler Size, Extra Absorbent Daytime, Improved Newborn, Quilted Pampers and Premature Infant Size. But they still were not a hit with everyone! Disposable nappies were an expense deemed unnecessary by many families.
      That is why in the 1980's P&G introduced value packs, more aimed at the families who would benefit most from the disposable nappy. The design had changed too - the legs becoming elasticated for a better fit - a new improved adjustable fastening tape, and a quilted lining.

      Baby Dry or Ultra Dry as they were originally known , where introduced in the 1990's. A thinner nappy that had a core which drew fluid into it and locked it in to prevent leaks was released and became a massive seller!
      The Twenty-first century saw the burst of different nappy kinds on to the market - Pull ups, Pyjama Pants, Easy-Fit, Swimmers.

      Okay so the disposable nappy - how does it work -
      The nappy consists of a thin padding covered with a liner type material - and encased in a waterproof fabric. The core contains fluff pulp and SAP, or super-absorbent polymer to draw in and contain the baby's wee and in the early baby type - poo.

      The baby dry layer which has been designed by Pampers claims to keep babys bum dry for 12 hours! So do they manage it?? I think so.
      I change my baby before bed and then when he wakes and he has never leaked and he has never had redness. I know that it can depend on your baby's skin and how much they wee - but he is 18months old now and I have used them throughout.

      During the day - obviously you have to change nappies more - babies drink and eat all day long and nappies are filled readily. With regards to reports of sagging between the legs - if you leave your child in a nappy all day - yes it will sag!! But if you change them as recommended every 3-4 hours - there is not a problem! Smaller babies you should change them every couple of hours.
      I have read on several articles and websites about a 'smell' from the nappy once it is wet - but to be honest I havent experienced anything unpleasant. Obviously again if the nappy becomes too saturated it may smell - but only of the wee contained in it!!

      The outer coating of the nappy is a soft cotton like feel with with simple designs - usually Fisher Price or Winnie The Pooh. The nappies are very elasticated and have a trusty velcro type tape which can be fastened and re-adjusted over and over. In 18 months I have had one tape break on me - which I think is a good record!! The elastic around the leg is gentle and fits well.
      The inside of the nappy is soft, reminding me of cotton wool pads used for removing makeup etc. The 'core' part of the nappy has a pale turquoise covering to keep the SAP inside. This turns into a jelly like substance when moisture has been absorbed - a little like the jelly crystals used in watering hanging baskets and flower arrangements.

      They are slim and lightweight so easy to put into your handbag for a quick outing - if you dont want to have to carry the changing bag!
      I think the main down side of ANY disposable nappy is the non- recyclability of it! Landfills are piled high with disposable nappies and are considered an environmental disaster!

      The Baby Dry nappy comes in a good range of sizes - 3(4 - 9 kg) 4(7 - 18 kg) 4+(9 - 20 kg) 5(11 - 25 kg) 5+(13 - 27 kg) 6(16+ kg).
      Personally I buy my nappies monthly, in bulk because the more you buy at a time the cheaper they are . Asda for example sell one Jumbo Box of Size 4, containing approx 80 nappies for £12 but then let you buy two boxes for £20. That is 11p a nappy! You can also buy smaller packs for around £4 for approx 18 nappies.

      I hope that I have given you some reassurance that Pampers are a reputable brand you can trust! Used properly they are a godsend to any busy family and child!
      Thank you


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    • GHD IV Styler / Hair Straightener / 18 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      03.07.2012 09:35
      Very helpful



      an effective style that cares for your hair.

      I was bought some GHD straighteners for Christmas last year from my mum and dad. They were part of a gift pack, with thermal case, to be able to put them away when still red hot (often they are sold with a thermal wrap or roll), a couple of hair clips for sectioning, a bottle of GHD Everday Shampoo and a tub of their Intensive Hair Mask.

      Before my GHDs, I had some straighteners which I adored. They had a thermostat control and cried, yes cried when they blew up :( but I was quickly consoled! To be bought GHDs I was delighted - more money than I good afford or justify for a hair styler!!

      GHD do like to call this product a hair iron rather than straightener, I guess this is to distinguish them from the 'lesser' brands. They have unique heat conductors or 'microprocessors' which ensure that you get heat quickly and lasts as long as it is required.

      So your mother always tells you never to iron your hair! Remember the Bridger Jones quote, "Whatever you do Bridge, don't iron your hair!!" Well, in this case the irons actually protect your hair with the infra-red heat produced. Proven to lock in moisture and guaranteed to give you a healthy shine.

      The ceramic heat plates float on the frame of the straightener to avoid hair snagging and snapping. Your hair should effectively glide through the irons for the perfect result.

      GHD straighteners come in loads of different designs nowadays, pink, gold, red, purple, black. The straighteners also have a slim design; for shorter lengths, classic style which can be used for most hairstyles, barrel style for creating curls and waves or paddle style for longer locks.

      These straighteners heat in about five seconds and the temperature is indicated by a beep and a flashing light. 180 degrees Centigrade is reached in the very short time and the straighteners are ready to use. There are products out there that reach temperature of 230 degrees but to me the GHDs are hot enough! I am aware that some of the styles of GHD have temperature controls, mine don't. I have also noticed that alot of the styles now come with a protective plate guard for storage, again mine don't.

      A warning though, when using these irons around your ears, I generally use a comb to hold my hair away from my head for a few seconds after applying heat. Once, I didn't and I had a huge burn on my ear for weeks, and it was extremely painful!!!

      My hair is very unruly. I have a definite wave to my hair but not one that can be controlled. If I wash my hair I have to straighten it or look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. I section my hair using the grips I got with the straighteners and start at the front and work around the head to reach the other side. I find that my hair thickness is reduced by maybe a third because the irons smooth and lengthen it as well as straighten. If you have fine hair, then maybe a product could be used to help the appearance of thick hair. I have hair length as shown in my profile picture, so not massively long and it usually takes me ten minutes (max) on a particularly tough day. Very effective. BUT, I do recommend that you use a protective spray or balm or even oil on your hair. GHD do one, Ojon, Paul Mitchel also or Berber. I will maybe try and perhaps review a couple of them in time. Your hair will only take so much 'abuse' especially if bleached or damaged.

      The straighteners can also be used for waving and curling (apparently) - but yes I have seen it done and the results which can be striking. Personally I just can not do it! I was told by my hair dresser to use the straighteners like you would a pair of scissors when curling ribbon? Okay, I tried this but it wouldnt work for me. I have tried wrapping hair around the barrel but it tended to burn my hair before it curled it. :( Any tips from you peeps would be great!!

      Prices do vary but you have to be careful to buy them from reputable retailers. Don't be tempted by those sites that offer them at £30 !!! Expect to pay from £60 upwards - some I have seen priced at £120. The price may seem high but they are guaranteed for two years from purchase which I think is pretty good for a product that will probably be used most days.

      Thank you for reading x


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      02.07.2012 17:49
      Very helpful
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      Just sheer entertainment!

      I went to see this show in Glasgow at Hamden Park in Glasgow a couple of years ago. And I was absolutely astounded at how good it was so I decided to buy the DVD of the live show. It is 3 hours of sheer entertainment! Let me talk you through the wonder that is TAKE THAT!

      The live show is shown at Wembley so boasts a massive performance from start to finish! Take That do not disappoint! You can expect all of your favourite hits including the oldies as well! The Show boasts to have been the UK's biggest selling tour and it certainly lives up to expectations!
      The show sold out in 5 hours of tickets going on sale and it is claimed that over 1 million people saw the show. The tour began in June 2009 and finished in July 2009 at Wembley. Rehearsals were said to have taken place in Bedford where film scenes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were filmed.

      Supporting acts were The Saturdays, Lady Gaga, James Morrison and the Script. Although I was wanting to see Lady Gaga I had to settle with The Saturdays.
      The DVD was released in time for Christmas Sales in November 2009 with a special edition Abbey Road Session disk included. I am not reviewing the Abbey Road disk, just the main concert disk.

      The show opens with a circus act as the show name suggests; a man inside of a giant balloon/ rubber ball bouncing around as clowns entertain the crowds around! Colours and costumes are amazing - grabbing your attention from start to finish!
      The chapter ends with the man bursting his balloon to climb into a wicker basket and be lifted up in to the sky by a giant bunch of balloons!

      Greatest Day- a great opening number! The crowd go wild as the boys show themselves and bang out a great tune.
      Hello - all of the clowns join in with the choreography of this number making it a colourful charade! Mark owns the vocals in this one.

      Could it be Magic - not one of my favourites but as good as ever!
      Pray - the boys keep the originally choreography for this one!

      A Million Love Songs - featuring the great Mike Stevens on saxophone, the original musician from the very first tours!
      Back for Good - a sensational display of talent as the boys sing their hearts out under showers of rain! The crowd goes wild and sing along! No arty special effects with this one - not needed! It is encapturing!!

      The Garden - this has to be one of my faves!! The start of the great spectacular that is the elephant! An enormous man operated device that comes up from the floor and walks through the crowd to the main stage! Mark isnt the strongest in vocals on this hit but its sensational anyway!
      The Circus tent stage is now revealed - drummers have the stage - like little Christmas Nutcracker Soldiers, jugglers and cabaret dancers join them on stage as the Circus Ring Master announces the show as beginning! This is where the main part of the show begins! Clowns, trapeze artistes,Fire Eaters - the lot! It is amazing - you just dont know where to look. The colours are amazing. And how the dancers bend the way they do Ill never know! All leading up to the next number! The boys have had a quick costume change.

      Shine! - Oh deary me - white skin tight leather trousers and red boots - not the best look for Mark here but his performance is awesome! Jason on the other hand in red and white striped trousers is a different story!
      Up all night - A bit of ad lib crowd participation with a few 'Ohhhh's and straight into an upbeat number! Really gets you twitching in your seat!

      Wooden Boat - If you love Jason like I do then you will truly love this performance! An album track song that hasnt had the greatest press but it is a lovely song. All of the boys show their musical talents here - Gary on the old Ebony and Ivory, Jason on acoustic guitar whilst Mark plays base and Howard on the drums.
      How did it come to this - a second hit from Jason - he really belts this track out on his now electric guitar- love it ! The circus acts seem to have quietened down for now! But no fear there are more to come! Much more!

      The Circus - Babe, Love Aint Here Anymore, Nobody Else - While the other boys change Gary takes the stage alone to sing a few ballads! Not a great part but if you love Gary and you love the ballads then this bit is for you !!
      What is love - another highlight in the show as far as Im concerned. The boys come on after a big build up - with great dance sets and circus trickery. With wooden crates as seats and tables the boys transform themselves into clowns as the song continues. White faces, red clown mouths and great hats liven up a normally quiet ballad lead by Howard. Very clever work from the choreography team.

      Clown Medley - Do what you like, promises, It Only Takes A Minute, Take That And Party - The boys clown around on unicycles - well except Gary who tries a tricycle for size! Some great old moves which remind you of the old and original Take That! Just shows that they have not aged too badly at all!! Wiggling bums and crotch grabbing all the way!! Even Gary gets in with the moves!!
      Said it All - a nice wind down song - a beautiful ballad lead by Gary. Time for the boys to get their breaths back!

      Never Forget- I dont know about the rest of you but I always miss Robbie in this song when it is sung live. His part in the original song just doesnt leave you !! A great display of drummers and tap dancing support the act. A tremendous display all round.
      Patience - Again a fave of mine! The comeback song after ten years - the crowds join in as Gary loves every minute of his success!

      Relight My Fire - Darkness hits the stadium and it does seem to be the end of the night until a huge Ring Master appears via the large screen on the back of the stage. It is a very dark introduction to a lively song. To be honest it is quite scary - if you are not expecting it with a huge wicked laugh. It is followed by a massive number featuring the original singer of the hit, Erika Jayne. The circus act here is of lion taming with beautiful girls acting as the naughty lions and being tamed back in to their cages! Superb stage show again.
      Hold up a Light - to me this should have been the last song - every one had their hands and flames in the air! The crowd was rocking and the atmosphere is immense! The best Mark has performed all night in my opinion. But overall an excellent performance.

      Rule the World - an usual finale for the show I thought but still got the crowds roaring! A great song and I suppose as it is about stars then it could be classed as ideal for a good night song.

      The show lasts around two hours so the price is well worth paying! You can expect to pay anything from £9.99 to £24.99 depending on where you get it.
      Hope you enjoy!


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        02.07.2012 10:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A beautiful perfume thats worth a try!

        Yes another sample I have received! If you want to know where I get my samples from Ill try and review that soon ;)!

        I received 1ml spray of Issey Miyake 'A Scent' and was excited if Im honest. I have seen the perfumes on the shelves pricing £45 upwards and have always thought Ill never be able to afford that for perfume!'. So is it worth paying more for perfume?? Especially one just called 'A scent'! Lets see!

        I would like to point out I am reviewing the eau de parfume not eau de toilette! It states that this is a floral perfume so if you are not into your florals stay well clear! This fragrance boasts the florals very well!!
        A Scent was released in August of last year and is said to have been inspired by the mountains of Japan. it is available in a range of sizes ranging from 30ml to 150ml in most large department stores.

        As the name of this perfume would suggest the packaging is very simple. The parfume is presented in a chalk pink glass bottle and box with a dusky pink text. Very simple - very pretty. The eau de toilette sprays on the other hand are presented as pretty and as simply - but in white rather than pink. I have also noticed that gift sets seem to be available also. They are presented as a pale sage green box, with eau de toilette and moisturising body lotion.

        THE NAME
        I will let you make your own mind up about the name! In my opinion the name kinda tells you not to underestimate this perfume! Personally I think a names a name - you either like the perfume or not!!

        The word floral kinda screams flowers at you so you have got to be ready for a long list of floral notes expected from this fragrance!

        There is a fresh woody undertone with a strong overtone of jasmine and hyacinth. That is my own opinion although the product itself boasts more - lemon verbena,musk, galbunum, cedar wood and crystal moss.
        It is the jasmine that really screams at you and can be quite overpowering if you are sensitive with headaches! I think it would be suitable for a night out rather than every day wear!

        I do not like loads of perfume on so only used one squirt on my wrists and wiped over my neck and both wrists. This was more than enough for me initially as the fragrance is quite strong. It is quite pleasant on the skin and does leave you with a bit of a heady buzz others might find too much!

        I can honestly say this perfume lasted about three hours and then I could no longer smell it at all on my skin! Some skins may absorb and hold fragrance for longer but that is my personal experience.
        Like I said - definitely not one for floral haters!!

        THE PRICE
        Okay - it is a bit confusing as this perfume is available in eau de parfume and eau de toilette. The prices below are for both - I will specify which is which. Just remember that eau de toilette will not last the same as eau de parfume as it is water based rather than oil based.
        25ml parfum - £33
        30ml toilette - £30
        40ml parfum - £35 - £46
        50ml toilette - £35-£46 incl in giftsets
        75ml refillable parfum - £55-68
        100ml toilette - £67
        150ml toilette - £67-£87

        Hope that gives you an idea. And hope you enjoy trying the perfume! Thanks for reading.


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          01.07.2012 19:58
          Very helpful



          A plumping lip gloss for those fuller lips without the needles!

          I do not have very big lips - tiny lips in fact! I have tried other lip pumping glosses! Those with Cinnamon extract and other ideas that were advertised. They all made my lips look glossy but nothing really significant on the plumping front!!

          Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss was bought for me as a Christmas present and I have to say I love it! I have heard that some people can have a reaction to the special formula making you look like a clown rather than Angelina Jolie but it hasn't happened to me! So maybe would be worth trying on a day when you are not going out, not just before a big night out - to be on the safe side!!
          Soap & Glory pride themselves on not testing products on animals, instead they only use 'very picky people'.

          The one thing I noticed about the lip gloss was it is quite dry and sticky rather than rich and glossy like some. Do not be put off by this! The dry texture does stop smudging and it seems to stay on your lips longer, even after drinking.
          Soap and Glory boast a new extreme formula lip plumping gloss. The product works scientifically rather than just visibly! Rather than make your lips LOOK bigger, the gloss actually MAKES your lips bigger.

          With scientifically proven plumping superfill microspheres, a small spherical partical. These microspheres increase in volume up to 10x when they come in contact with the water, just like sponges absorb water in a bath tub! So your lips are full of water from your body. No harmful injections or chemicals just bodily fluids! Sounds revolting but I think its quite cool!

          When you apply to the lip you will not notice anything immediately. The small applicator makes it easy to apply even without a mirror! Within a few minutes, depending on how thick you have applied it, you will start to notice a tingling in your lips. It isn't an unpleasant tingle but it does get quite intense at times . It starts to feel cold and then tingles, at times even tickling. But you can feel your lips almost growing.

          When on the lips you will taste a nice vanilla fragrance ( mine is vanilla fragranced anyhow!) The colour I have is Perfect Peach - a very natural shade of pink which can be used every day! Other shades available include Plum Juice, Half Naked and Baby Doll. It is also available in clear to use over your favourite lipstick! All of the colours are quite natural - nothing too intense!
          The lip glosses come in 7ml tubes and once opened should be used within 12 months! I have to admit I have had mine a year now and it is getting a bit cloggy now!

          I have only ever seen this in Boots but you can probably buy it in other places depending on where you live. Prices seem to be around £8 for one lip gloss or you can get a triple pack of 5ml tubes for around £17
          Happy Plumping!



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          01.07.2012 19:22
          Very helpful



          Not going to be a literary classic but will certainly be remembered.

          After seeing countless number of people on Facebook raving about Fifty Shades and Christian Grey I did think that I would have to see what all the fuss was about. I decided to be less patient and download the Ebook so I could get started right away. I was rather reluctant to pay £7 for a book when it will probably be in the pound shop this time next year.

          I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the book and to be honest I have to say I was stunned when I read it. Started out just the average Girl meets Boy novel but wahey, then the story really started.

          But is it a story or is it just porn!? Without giving too much away, there are strong references to BDSM (Bondage, Discipline and Sado Masochism, I think it is) with very detailed accounts of what is happening. I admittedly read the novel in five hours, I was hooked but for the wrong reasons, I think. I was not interested in the plot, the characters, but just the explicit nature of content. The story was just pure fantasy, not able to connect to reality at all - (in my opinions)

          The main characters are Christian Grey, a millionaire with a dark past and a darker personality, and Anastasia (Ana) Steele, a student with very little money and not a great deal of experience of anything in life. They meet unexpectedly and the story lives out the twisted twists and turns of their new 'relationship'.

          This novel is certainly not for the prude, and certainly not for children!!! An acquired taste you might say!!

          I have read that this novel or the trilogy is based on a Fan Fiction story of Twilight, and the characters are actually Bella and Edward. I couldn't really identify with this. For me, perhaps if I had to say who it reminded me of, it would be Elena and Damon in The Vampire Diaries.

          okay, my conclusion - well, what can I say - definitely top shelf content, could maybe spice up your own sex life ;), not certain it will receive any Book Awards and if it does it will be for the wrong reasons!!


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        • Peppa Pig Sunglasses / Sunglasses / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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          01.07.2012 18:57
          Very helpful



          Pretty accessory for any little girl.

          Only having boys, I am always wowed by anything pink and girly. I am lucky enough to have 4 nieces. Two of which are 6 year old . I was shopping in Asda 'George' for my little boy some Thomas Sunglasses when I saw these. Perfect!

          The plastic frame have a wide frame to really keep to the summer trend. A lovely blush pink with the arms decorated with pale pink polka dots and the name 'Peppa' inscribed on the end, with a perfect little heart. The arms were quite stiff and the glasses as a whole did seem quite durable - I did not expect them to shatter if dropped on to the playground.

          The lenses are a dark tint and again have 'Peppa' endorsed on them.

          I always worry about the damage that the sun could do and even more so for my children (and nieces) so I was quite sure I checked the UV protection of the lenses in these glasses. They claim 110% UV Protection with 8 -18% transmission. Okay, so I am not entirely clear what that means but they were certified EN 1836. And I assumed over 100% must be the best? They are not specified as scratch resistant but hey, for £4 I took the chance!

          So - what did my nieces think of their sunglasses? - They snatched them off me and screamed VERY loudly! They both paraded around in them showing me how beautiful and cool they looked. For one of my nieces the glasses fit perfectly and she kept them on all day but my other niece claimed that the glasses hurt her head and the backs of her ears. 50% success rate is not too bad I guess!

          I was the best Aunty ever for that short while - and had gorgeous nieces for only a few pounds spent!


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        • Toshiba Satellite C660-155 / Laptop / 11 Readings / 9 Ratings
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          01.07.2012 18:42
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Perfect for home or office!

          I am not a computer genius but I would hope that this review will assist a decision somewhere along the line. I love my laptop - it was my first experience of Windows 7 and I have found it hard work to fathom initially but now I wouldn't be without it.

          I have to admit the laptop did not do what I had purchased it for - I am a massive Sims fan and wanted to get Sims 3 and my old laptop just didn't have the capabilities. I bought this thinking with the AMD Radeon Graphics Card I would be able to use the Toshiba Satellite but no it just isn't good enough but that hasn't disappointed me as much as you might think.

          The storage capacity of my laptop is 320gb and i haven't had any problems needing more space. I have a gazillion photos, thousands of tunes and apps and still have plenty of room! The built in Toshiba platform for help and security is helpful but I did tend to close it on the tool bar and only open open at scheduled times.

          The look of the laptop is pretty standard but what disappointed me most was that the silver on the mouse pad has come off in a short space of time leaving it looking old and shabby a lot sooner than I had anticipated.

          I should really boast the 15.6" HD display and energy efficient capabilities as well as 6gb of RAM to ensure speedy performance at all times. The overall performance of the laptop tops all of my expectations.

          As I said I am not an expert - all I can tell you is what I have personally experienced.


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