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      25.06.2011 12:13
      Very helpful



      I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

      The first of January my New Year resolution was to lose weight but by the end of March. It wasn't going very well as I was losing a few pounds and then easily putting it back on again. I got very bored of the diets and doing my own fitness routines at home.

      I was in town with my son one day at Game Station as my son wanted a new Wii console game and I saw the Wii Fit Plus and thought I would try it out, what have I got to lose. I liked the idea of the Wii Fit Plus as you can do a workout at home and at any time that suits you.

      I like the Wii Fit Plus as it offers so much more than just a boring fitness routine like some of the other fitness routines I have tried over the years.

      What The Wii Fit Offers

      * You can make your own fitness workout routine.

      * It gives you a log page of your activities and weight loss.

      * There is a calorie burning counter which you can see after every workout routine and tell you how much calories you have burnt in that session.

      * You can set a weight goal

      * The Fit board will ask your height and then weigh you and give you your BMI and will tell you if your BMI is too high or too low.

      Ways to Train on Wii Fit Plus

      * Yoga activities

      * Muscle workout

      * Aerobic exercises

      * Balance Games

      Over 65 activities, games and workout, to choose from.


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      24.06.2011 13:52
      Very helpful
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      Id recommend to all my friends and family

      I love to shop at New Look because it offers a wide range of up to date fashion clothes and footwear at a affordable prices.

      I went into New Look intending on buying some skinny jeans,And I ended up buying the Denim Look Leggings as they caught my eye as they where cheaper than the jeans I was intending on buying.I bought the Denim Look Leggings for £9.99 which in my opinion is a bargain price. I've looked at leggings at other high streets shops and they are priced much more.

      I like the fact that the leggings gives the look of jeans but are not jeans.As summer is nearly here and the leggings are light weight they wont be uncountable wearing them in the heat.They are also a great buy as they will go with almost everything in my wardrobe, So I can pick and match.The legging are so comfy and not tight like some other leggings ive worn.

      The New Look Denim Look Leggings are brilliant for value as I can put them in the washing machine and not have to worry about then fading in colour or the colour running and ruining everything else in the wash.

      They come in a various different shades of blue and black so you have got a good choice of shades.They are available in sizes 8 - 18.The New Look Denim Look Leggings are made of :

      The New Look Denim Look Leggings are made of :

      * 70 % Cotton

      * 25 % Polyester

      * 5 % Elastane

      Overall the the New Look Denim Look Leggings are well worth the money as they are very high quality made and are durable and go with most tops.Id recommend to all my friends and family.


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        23.06.2011 22:54
        Very helpful



        It's a fun day out for all the family no matter what age.id recommend to family and friends.

        As i only live about a 40 mins drive away from Chester Zoo over the years ive visited with my 2 children so many times ive lost count.Its a brilliant place to go for a day out for all ages from toddlers to old age pensioners

        Ive even the the past taken my children when its been raining just wrapped up warm and worn waterproof clothing, As even on a rainy day there's so much to see that indoors like the Tropical Realm which houses frogs, tortoises, birds and even crocodiles.Also there's the Parrot breeding centre which houses the parrots and other birds.You can also see many other animals that there in closers are in side like the jaguars, red apes and elephants any many more animals that you can see and still keep dry and warm even on a rainy cold day.

        The last time I went with my 2 children was last year in mid august and on that day it was a really nice day,The sun was shining all-day.We had fun walking around all the in closers and seeing all the different animals from the bats cave to the sea-lions from big to small animals.There is over 7000 animals and more than 400 species rare, exotic and even endangered animals so everyone will be happy.

        You are going to need a whole day at Chester Zoo to see everything as the zoo is on 110 acres of land whilst there is a lot of walking to do there is a monorail which stops at different point of the zoo and run very often.There is also a byggy and wheelchair hire point if you wish to hire either.There is even lockers dor you to keep your things in saves carrying everything all day.

        All id say to you is bring a warm coat as no matter what the weather you will be guaranteed a good day out.No need to bring food as there is a burger bar and a cafe and they other cold and hot food and drinks at a really good price.Dont forget before you go to pop into the shop on site to maybe pick up a cuddly toy or just a postcard to remind you of a really fun packed day at Chester Zoo.


        * Walk around the gardens

        * Children's park

        *Gift shop

        *Mini golf course

        *Children's face painting

        *Wall climbing


        Opens everyday at 10.00am except 25th of December.

        Closes at 3.30pm mid winter and 5.30pm in summer.Off Peak - autumn term 2010/spring term 2011

        Prices are as follows

        - Children aged 2 and under: free of charge

        - Pre-school to Year 10 inclusive: £8.95

        - Years 11 upwards £9.95


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          23.06.2011 16:54
          Very helpful



          I would recommend it to all my friends and family.

          I brought the O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board from Amazon for £25.00 as I often take my 2 half year old niece and my 19 month old out out to the park and to the local town centre to give my sister a break for a while .Its easier to use the O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board than having a 3 year old wondering off from me and pushing a pram at the same time.

          She was very weary at first but she was ok within 10 mins of her being on the O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board or big girls board as i call it to her as she don't want to be on pram so using a special name makes her feel grown up.Think she settled quickly and felt comfortable as she's really close to me for that added comfort and security that she's not going to fall off if we go up or down a curb.

          When im using the O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board while im out with my niece it give me the peace of mind and security that she's safe and cant wonder off when I take my eye of her for one second, as she right by me without having to use rains on her which are a nightmare for anyone to try and get on a very lively 2 half year old and are even more of a problem and stress when you have eventually got the rains on.The O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board is a defiantly gets a thumbs up if you have got a baby in pram and a older toddler and you need to take the both of them out together.

          Its a hassle free trip to the park or even to the local shops which just makes it even more of a pleasure of looking after my niece and its going to be a fun hassle, tantrum and stress free day out together.


          * Universal fits almost every stroller, pushchair or Jogger.

          * 17" wide for extra room for feet.

          * Easy unclip to take off when not in use just leave the adapters on pram.

          * Suspension to give the child a smoother ride.

          * Comes in black so it will go with a various different colours of prams .

          * Its durable so will last.

          * Easy first time set-up.

          * Its very lightweight.

          * Very sturdy to give the child a more sense of security.

          * Can be used for long or short trips.The O Baby Kiddie Ride On Board is a brilliant product and il be recommending it to all my friends and family.


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          • Johnson's Baby Shampoo / Hair Care / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
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            22.06.2011 17:47
            Very helpful



            Its a trusted well know product for years I would recommend it to friends and family any time

            As ive got 2 young children aged 19 months and 7 years ive used many different banded childrens shampoos over the years and ive always come back to the Johnsons range as it cant be beaten on price as its always on offer the one of the major supermarkets.I paid £1.00 for it only the other week at Home Bargains for a 300ml bottle which is far cheaper than what ive seen it at other shops.

            Its got a loverly and not strong perfume smell as some other brands are over powering for the children.Its got an easy to open flip lid it pores out slowly you only need a small amount as it foams up a great deal so in the long run it lasts twice as long as other brands ive used.It washes out very easy and its brilliant as its mild shampoo and it doesn't irritate the children's eyes as its just like washing pure water out of there hair and it makes washing the children's hair out hassle free as it doesn't sting there eyes which is good as the children get to have a stress free bath.Johnsons shampoo leaves the hair really shiny smooth and soft and looking really healthy and clean looking.

            I once went for my hair cut at the local salon and the hair stylist was commenting on how shiny, smooth and good condition my hair was in.She was very surprised when i told her I used Johnsons baby shampoo as my every day shampoo.Ive used many different kinds of shampoo brands on my hair and I was shocked when i read the ingredients in the shampoos but with Johnsons baby shampoo i can be assured that no harmful chemicals are in the ingredient and its as soft and pure as water.It wont damage mine or the childrens scalp as it delicate and can be used as a daily shampoo long side my conditioner.


            Johnsons Baby Shampoos is in a recyclable clear plastic bottle with a yellow easy flip lid.The shampoo its self is yellow colour and its very catchy when its on the shelf along side the other baby shampoos.The label on the packet is very clear in saying that its a no tears product written in white bold letters which is catchy for parents also it clearly says that its the softest ever.The main label is shaped like a tear drop its main colours are yellow blue and red with a blue tear drop as its only picture on the front label.On the back label is describes the product as our best ever shampoo to leave your babys hair feeling softer than before!.It goes on to say that the gentle formula of Johnsons baby shampoo maintains hairs natural moisture balance without leaving any residue and the no more tears formula is as mild to the eyes as pure water.Its described as ideal for gently cleansing and moisturising babys delicate hair it forms easier and faster and its got a baby-soft scent.And its best for baby and best for you.Its shelf life is 12 months no more.For information on Johnsons baby shampoo no more tears its got a UK and a Ireland telephone number.And its says its made in Italy.

            * INGREDIENTS
            Aqua, coco-glucoside, sodium lauroamphoacetate, sodium laureth sulfate, citric acid, polysorbate 20, peg-80 sorbitan laurate, peg-150 distearate, polquaternium-10, sodium benzoate, parfum, ci 47005, ci 15985.


            I would recommend it to all my friends and family as its cheap lasts longer than other shampoo products and its so mild even to use on a new born baby's hair and its leaves your hair feeling so soft and shiny, people would of thought you'd been and spent ££££s at a top hairsalon or on really expensive products.


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            22.06.2011 01:14
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Would buy again with out a doubt excellent product.

            While shopping in Home Bargains lastweek and noticed that Robinsons Summer Fruits 1L was on offer at a bargain price of 59p thought id get a bottle for the kids to try as i normally buy the sainsburys own brand so i was saving money as it was half the price of Salisburys and money is tight at the moment.

            The Product:

            The juice is in a plastic bottle with a dark blue lid,its clearly labelled Robinsons summer fruit and in bold white writing NO ADDED SUGAR with a picture of a lady and child picking apples from a tree.

            Nutrition Information:

            Typical values per 100ml of concentrate,

            *Energy: 39kJ / 9kcal * Fat: Trace
            * Of which saturates: Nil
            *Proten: 0.1g
            * Fibre: Nil
            *Carbohydrates: 1.1
            *Of which sugars: 1.1g * Sodium: 0.1g

            Adults Guidance Daily Amount Based On a Diet of 2000 kcal:

            *Calories: 5 1% of gda *Fat: Trace 1% of gda

            *Sugar: 0.6g 1% of gda *Saturates: 0g 0% of gda*Salts 0g 0%

            *Salts: 0g 0% of gda


            Water,Fruit Juices from Concentrate 10%(Apple,Strawberry, Raspberry,Cherry),Citric Acid,Natural Colour (Anthocyanins),Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate),Sweeteners (
            Aspartame,Saccharin),Natural Flavouring,Preservatives (potassium Sorbate, Sodium Metabisulphite.

            The children prefer it chilled out of the fridge .It says on label that it serves 20 glasses but because its so fruity I found that I didn't have to put as much juice in glass as other fruit juices so it lasted twice as long as my normal juice I buy.

            I like the fact that its got all these added benefits below that most other bands haven't got.

            * No added colours
            * No added flavours
            * No added sugars
            * Juice from concentrates
            * Artificial sweeteners
            * Suitable for vegetarians

            The labels got many various different information on it like a Consumer Helpline,email and a address if you need to contact someone about the product.There's also directions of how much water to dilute the juice and extra advice if given to toddlers.Its clearly labelled that container the product is in is fully recyclable.Its got the stamp to say its by appointment to the H M Queen Elizabeth II manufactures of fruit squashes and barley waters.

            My opinion of the product:

            My overall opinion of the product is its great value for money even buying it at the full price at the local Supermarkets at £1.09p.The reason I like the product is because the drink it self is very refreshing and bursting with fruit tastes while some other fruit drinks leave a very bitter taste in my mouth after drinking it this didn't do.


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