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      15.02.2012 17:32
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A gadget with multi functions, providing anything you need

      I have been using this iPod for about 2 years. My brother gave it to me as a present in my birthday. I was very excited since then because it was my first touch screen gadget I ever had. Last month, I upgraded it into OS 5 in 5.0.1 version, continued with "jailbreak". It was very easy to jailbreak it using redsn0w (if you want to jailbreak it, you can find the way "how to jailbreak the iPod touch" from watching it in YouTube). Jailbreak means you can download any paid applications freely, so you don't have to purchase the applications in iTunes or App Store.

      *About jailbreak
      Jail-breaking your ipod will void your warranty. But when you reset your iPod, it is like you never jail-broke it, so you get the warranty back. I still don't know is it legal or illegal to jailbreak the iPod.

      iPod touch comes out with 2 color (black and white). It is a very slim gadget. I own a iPod touch with black color. It has an Apple logo on the back with white color. But the iPod color on the back is silver.

      iPod touch 4G design seems like iPhone. iPod touch 4G doesn't change too much from the first model (iPod touch 1st generation). The latest iPod touch has a front camera in the upper-center, the previous versions don't have it. The camera on the back is located in the upper-left corner. I think the design of iPod touch model is the best from other digital players.

      I think the front and back camera quality is not as good as I expected before. The photo quality is far different from iPhone 4S. The camera of iPod touch 4G is fixed-focus rather than auto-focus, so you have to concern about the exposure. Front camera is VGA-camera (usually used for video call). There are no flash on the both cameras.

      *Sound quality
      The sound quality is also not so great. I hear no bass when listening to the music. So, I like to wear a headphone when hearing the music. The speaker is not so good for listening. If you are planning on using the iPod speaker for listening, you might want to reconsider.

      *Default features
      Apple provides default software and features for iPod touch. There are calendar, contacts book, clock, mail, maps, reminders, media players, photos, and browser. Many new features found in iOS 5 such as iMessages, iCloud, FaceTime video calls, and more.

      My brother bought it for about £227. It was include cable and ear-buds in the box. My iPod also came with iPod cover and screen protector.

      All in all, I'm very pleased with my iPod. This iPod is very incredible and helpful. This iPod can be used as dictionary, travel guide, finance information, and even music creator. I also can access my laptop through this small iPod with iTeleport. Now this iPod becomes an important gadget for me. I can travel to other countries easier with my iPod.

      I usually use this iPod for playing games and listening the musics. There are so many high rating and interesting games you can download, like Angry Bird, Infinity Blade, and many others. I also love to use the social networking tools such as yahoo messenger, windows live messenger, and skype. But it needs WiFi to operate it.

      By the way, iPod touch with 32gb memory is more than enough. My iPod has 217 songs, 7 videos, 60 photos, and 82 applications but the memory capacity is still 18GB available.

      Thank you for reading.


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      • Blackberry Bold 9780 / Smartphone / 9 Readings / 7 Ratings
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        15.02.2012 10:59
        Very helpful



        It is a fantastic smartphone, works well for a long time

        Hello, I'm a BB user for almost 5 years. I have been using the BlackBerry Bold 9780 (onyx 2) as my main smartphone for the past 6 months, replacing my old broken Blackberry Bold 9000. My blackberry color is black. I chose a Blackberry because I wanted to jump on the online business and have a phone which had easy tool to stay connected with my family, such as Blackberry Messenger. I think the most important thing for Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger.

        First of all, I bought the smartphone because almost all of my family members own it. They use blackberry messenger as their instant messaging tool. Not like others social networking tools (such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger), Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is very easy to use. We don't have to register, we just invite others with blackberry pin, we can input a personal message / update status like Facebook easily, we can create groups for our communities, even we can broadcast the message to any members in BBM's contact. All you have to do just in the Blackberry smartphone.

        The phone is black and shiny. The exterior is very smooth, elegant, and good looking. The keyboard is a Qwerty style which makes it easy and simple to text. It has the Blackberry logo on the top front and back in silver. The phone dimensions is 109 x 60 x 14 mm and has 122g in weight.

        == Features==
        The default OS for Blackberry 9780 is BlackBerry OS 6.0. I have already updated it into You can upgrade it very easy through BlackBerry Desktop Software. The CPU process is 624 MHz, I think it is quite fast for smartphone. The RAM has been doubled to 512MB from the 9700's 256MB. The Browser is using HTML code. This smartphone also has GPS using Blackberry Maps, so you will never lose your way. Blackberry 9780 comes out with 2 colors (black and white). The others important features are document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), media player (MP3/WMA/AAC+), Video player (DivX/WMV/XviD/3gp), organizer, voice memo/dial, predictive text input, and so many more.

        Blackberry Bold 9780 has a great back camera, it has 5-megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash. You can also use HD video recording with the camera. The quality of the pictures taken from it is very awesome, like shooting from the real camera. The others Blackberry I knew only have around 2-megapixel camera.
        Using the GeoTagging option, the phone already knows where you are when you take the picture and will tag your location onto it.

        Texting is just very simple and the messages come through in a chain, so you can reread the entire conversation with scroll it from bottom to top. When you have a text or any notifications from others, a red light flashes will appear at the right top of the phone.

        ==Social Networking==
        There are Facebook, Twitter, WLM, YM, and others logo that link you straight to the pages. So, you can always keep in touch with others and you will never be lonely.

        ==Sound Quality==
        The sound quality is very good. When on the phone, you can hear people talk clearly, they also hear well.

        I'm very glad because I can use my Blackberry Bold 9780 in a full day. The battery life is very great. You won't need to carry around a spare with you.

        The smartphone costs about £227 to buy. There may be better deals around but I wanted the smartphone as soon as possible so I didn't really shop around.

        ==In conclusion==
        I am very glad with my blackberry 9780 smartphone. I enjoy how it allows me to get in touch with my family and friends. It is also help me to organize my schedules and works. Overall the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a fantastic smartphone.

        Thank you for reading.


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      • Skullcandy INK'D / Headphones / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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        15.02.2012 05:16



        These are the best headphones in there price range

        A couple months ago, I bought the headphone (second time I bought) for my sister who want a new stylist headphone because she like listening to the musics when in outside. I bought a blue one for her. I also have had the headphone before, but suddenly had to stop using it because I lost it already. So I definitely will buy this headphone in the future. I love it because it is very comfortable to use, the sound quality is good, it can stay in my ears, and it can also block out a lot of outside noise.

        *About the headphones
        The headphones are manufactured by Skullcandy, it is a reputable manufacturer in the industry. It is designed for mobile listening devices. They provide the headphones in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) of silicone sleeves to ensure a good and comfortable fit. They also provide it in any colors (red, blue, green, black, pink, etc). The appropriate sleeve is used to block outside interference. The cable length is 1.3-meter, it is enough to stay busy with other tasks while listening to the music. It is said that the headphones have limited lifetime of warranty.

        *Sound quality
        The sound is too awesome for the cheap price. Even the listening quality of these headphones is better than my original iPod touch ear buds. I don't know why.

        I bought these headphones for my sister only for £10. The lost one I bought before is £12.

        *In conclusion
        These headphones are very cool, plain, simple, and stylist. I recommend these to anyone who is looking for stylist ear-pieces and want good quality & sound. The benefit is, they can block out surrounding sounds from outside. The people around you also couldn't hear the music from it although it's turned up loud. I'm very satisfied with these headphones.

        Now my sister wants them in every color, but I forbid it.

        Thank you for reading.


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      • Samsung ES28 / Digital Camera / 21 Readings / 16 Ratings
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        14.02.2012 03:43



        Samsung ES28 is very simple and easy to use, even my sister can operate it!

        Six months ago, I bought this Samsung ES28 camera to replace my outdated Sony camera. It takes great photos without having to adjust or set any settings.


        First of all, I'm not very good to explain the technical description from any technologies. I'm just list the specification of the camera in a short brief. My camera color is a black one. You can find other color in silver, black, and pink. This camera has 12.2 megapixels sensor. The camera is very light, so it is very easy to hold. It's also fit in my handbags.

        Samsung ES28 camera has a built in flash, the lens is 27mm wide, 4 x optical zoom, and beauty shot / face detection / self portrait / smile shot / blink detection / red eye fix. This camera can transfer photos to your PC easily by plug the cable between.

        The best thing of Samsung ES28 is "it is very easy to operate, the beginner can use it without any confusion". The screen is also in a good size to view the pictures.

        *Picture quality

        The picture taken from the camera is excellent. From my experience, this camera performs very well, no matter good or bad weather, and no matter in outdoor or indoor. I'm very satisfied with the pictures taken inside.


        I have used the camera for about 6 months. I have never had any problems with the camera. There is not any technical or mechanical problems I found from the camera.

        I would like to say that Samsung ES28 is a reliable camera.


        I brought this camera for £60.3. Currently, you can buy it for about £50-60 from Amazon, PC world, Argos, etc. It's very great for the price tag because the quality of the camera is also really amazing.

        *In conclusion

        Samsung ES28 is a fairly cheap and also a well-built camera. It's very good for taking daily quick snap shots. If you want a point and click camera, then this would be a great choice to own.


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      • Dell Inspiron 15 / Laptop / 28 Readings / 16 Ratings
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        13.02.2012 18:59


        • Reliability


        A great laptop that allows you to do everything you need digitally

        I bought the new laptop after feeling like I was lurking in the stone ages. I wanted a laptop because I wanted to jump on the online business. I also want a laptop which had fantastic features with the best price. So, the design of the of the Inspiron 15 is pretty good, offering a smooth rounded profile and clean lines.

        The laptop is shiny and black. The exterior is very smooth and classy looking. The keyboard is (of course) a Qwerty style which makes it simple to text and it has the Dell logo on the front in white. The webcam is also works well.

        The laptop itself is medium size from others and manly, and fits into my bag perfectly. The laptop measures 14.7 x 9.6 x 1.5 inches making it's not as heavy as other mainstream notebooks. It weight is about 5.8 pounds, so it's not even very noticeable when you have the laptop in your bag. The display's 1366 x 768 resolution is standard for this screen size.

        Battery Life
        Listed as around 3 hours if you have charged it fully. It takes about 90 minutes to charge fully from empty. So if you don't want the battery life lack, better unplug the battery when use the laptop.

        The Inspiron 15 comes with a predictable array of software preinstalled: McAfee Security Center (30-day trial); Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (60-day trial), including a Compatibility Pack and PowerPoint 2007 viewer; PowerDVD DX; Roxio Creator DE; Windows Live Essentials; and Yahoo Toolbar. The Inspiron 15 has a one-year warranty, including toll-free, 24/7 phone support.

        Sound and Graphics
        The speaker is very loud. Whereas many budget notebooks' speakers are so weak that we usually leave the volume at or close to its maximum.
        Graphics are nice and good. I watch a lot of movies on my laptop as it is often a better quality than our main television in home.

        The laptop costs about £349 to buy. I think it is very worth as this laptop is fast, has good graphics and sound and is very simple and easy to use. There may be better deals around but I wanted the laptop as soon as possible so I didn't really shop around.

        Overall, I am very happy with my laptop. I like how it looks and I enjoy how it allows me to quickly get in touch with everyone and to do all my jobs in online, as well as keeping me well-organized. I wish the battery life was longer but that's not a big problem because at last I didn't use the battery. Texting is also very simple and comfortable. If you like little notebooks that do a lot then you can't do far wrong with this one.


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