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      21.05.2015 01:03
      Very helpful
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      • "Smells good"
      • "Feels nice"


      Very pleased with this shampoo

      When I bought a hair colour in a Sainsbury’s superstore a few weeks ago I also looked around for an enriching shampoo and conditioner that was especially intended for use on blonde or lightened hair.
      I think that colouring the hair dries it out a little and always treat my hair to a little pampering following a salon trip or home colour treatment.

      I came across the brand Phil Smith. I have brought products from this range before but mainly for my daughters as gifts.

      I decided to buy a tube of shampoo as well as a conditioner.
      They were both on offer at the time.

      Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Blonde Highlight Enhancing Shampoo is for use on blonde or highlighted hair.

      I didn’t really expect that much from this shampoo, feeling it was a shampoo pretending to be one of the more expensive brands. When I used this shampoo on my hair soon after using the hair colour treatment I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it actually felt.
      It lathered well too.
      And this shampoo smells gorgeous.
      The scent of chamomile can be clearly detected and this lasts even when dry, especially if the conditioner is also used.

      I believe that this shampoo helped my hair to shine and to be in good condition even though it had recently been subjected to a hair colour.

      This shampoo, according to the manufacturers is not tested on animals.

      It is made in the United Kingdom.

      My shampoo came in a 200ml plastic tube container but it is also available in a 350ml size bottle.


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      • AXA Pet Insurance / Pet Insurance / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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        21.05.2015 00:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        • "Costs escalate greatly as the pet ages"

        I would NOT recommend

        When Joey our West Highland white terrier came to live with us almost fourteen years ago he was four months old.
        Before deciding to have a pet I knew I had to be in a position to care for it.
        At the time I looked around for pet insurance.
        The best plan at the time seemed to be Axa. They offered a pot type fund where your monthly payments added up and you could take a certain amount from the fund if necessary. There was an excess and because of this many visits to the vets weren't worth claiming for.
        The insurance covered illness, some veterinarian advised operations and special diets, emergency kennel care etc.

        I think I claimed once for about £16 and another time for about £60.
        Once Joey was about eight years old the premiums went up considerably. I thought we should stop paying and put aside a little money every month but my husband preferred to keep up the payments.

        What started at around £11 per month ended up at £84! When Joey was thirteen we were advised that Axa were transferring the insurance to another company. We were on holiday and missed the transfer date. On our return my husband rang the new company and they said they would give us a new quote. We were horrified when he was told this would be around £300 per month!
        I think this was awful treatment. As far as I am concerned Axa were happy to take our money every month when Joey was a young dog. Then he grew too old for them to take the risk and we and Joey were cast aside. There is no way we would pay over the already too high premiums. I feel that we paid all this money for nothing.

        Now I put aside some money each month for Joey’s possible vet bills. If I get another pet I would NOT pay out for pet insurance and especially not with Axa.


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        • Alba LED16911HD / LCD TV / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
          More +
          20.05.2015 15:10
          Very helpful


          • "Lightweight "


          • "Not very good"

          Should be better

          I cannot remember how much I paid for this television set but I know it was cheap. Yet I have to say that even though it was cheap it wasn't really cheap enough, in my opinion.
          I am not sure where I purchased this television set from but I seem to recall that it was either TJHughes or a from a supermarket superstore.

          At the time we wanted a small but slimline television for our kitchen. I don’t really care about having a TV in the kitchen as I only really watch television when I am seated and relaxed for the evening, although I do sometimes watch the news in the morning while I am doing other tasks. But my husband, on the other hand, does often like to switch on the TV while he is helping in the kitchen or if a sporting event is on and he just cannot miss it! He has been known to take the television outside and set it up under the parasol in the garden if he is watching an international sporting event.

          We didn’t have high expectations of this television set as we didn’t really think that Alba was one of the better makes of televisions but this TV wasn’t as good as we had hoped for.
          I would say that the style of it is good but on closer inspection it doesn’t look so good.
          The sound was never great as it wasn’t clear enough and in my opinion a TV in the kitchen needs to have clear sound.
          After several month of use, although only light use, the TV’s picture started to jump about and we found that the screen had to be pressed in for it to work properly.


          16-inch widescreen

          1,366x768-pixel resolution

          Built-in Freeview TV capability

          Connectivity ports: HDMI, SCART, PC input, composite, S-Video, and AV sockets.

          Can be wall mounted with a bracket (not supplied)


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        • Adorn Ultra Hold Hairspray / Hair Care / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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          20.05.2015 14:32
          Very helpful


          • Cheap


          Not too keen on this

          I bought this hairspray a while back when I went away to Norfolk for the weekend and forgot to pack any hairspray. Now anyone who is familiar with the county of Norfolk will know that it can be very windy and if you are planning to go out for the evening and wish to look smart then hairspray (for ladies) is a must.

          I was really cross hat I had left my hairspray behind as I ha purchased a decent brand in a travel sized container especially for this trip.

          There was a small shop on the site where I was staying but in my opinion it was overpriced and there was very little choice of products. I went into the nearby town when I had the first opportunity and went into one of the bargain stores. There are several to choose from.
          I had heard of Adorn hairspray and so I chose this one. I didn't want to spend much as I knew that I had plenty of hairsprays waiting for me at home. I thought that anything, or more or less anything, would suffice for a couple of days and nights.

          This however was a mistake.
          I didn't like this hairspray. I had to use a lot of it to hold my style, although the weather was windy so it did have to work hard.
          But I found that my hair felt tacky after using it and this I wasn't pleased about.

          In my opinion, this hairspray is adequate if you want to hold back a fringe or just need to use a little of it but there are much better hairsprays out there and many of them don't cost much either.


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        • Goodmans CD1504USB / Hifi System / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
          More +
          20.05.2015 14:18
          Very helpful


          • "Easy to use"
          • "Reasonably priced"


          • "Not the best sound but okay"

          A Reasonable Product

          I am not very technical at all I'm afraid but I will try my best to give an accurate opinion of this CD player from the manufacturer Goodmans.
          The Goodmans CD1504USB was bought for my son some years ago as a present. A Christmas present I seem to recall.
          At the time that he received this gift he was very into music and with this CD player he was forever playing CDs in his room and rather loudly too.

          I don’t believe Goodmans to be the best make out that there is by any means but I think that for a cheaper brand of music player this manufacturer definitely has its place in the market. We can’t all afford the best quality items as they are far too expensive for many families with children but at least with the more reasonable brands music can be had by all.
          My son was pleased with this CD player. I think that it looked good in his room as, at the time, it looked very up to date. Even now I don’t think it looks too bad, although models seem to get sleeker and smarter all the time.

          The sound isn't the best but for a teenager wanting music systems and games systems as well a CD player had to be reasonably priced and this fit the bill.
          At the time of purchasing my husband thought that this model did sound better than many of the other cheaper brands that we had listened to.

          It’s very easy to operate with clear controls for the CD player and the radio.
          My son liked that it had a remote control with it.

          As to longevity, well it is still working so I can’t fault it on that at all.


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          20.05.2015 13:48
          Very helpful


          • Effective


          • "Can be too drying perhaps"

          A decent product

          I used to buy so many different facial products for my children when they hit their teenage years and their skins became troublesome. Having four children (now grown up) I think I must have tried so many products.
          Now they have all grown out of their teenage years and they don’t have problem skin.

          Many of the skin products that I purchased weren’t used by them and instead were used by myself as I don’t like to see so many items go to waste.
          In fact my skin has always been prone to oiliness and so I do need to use facial washes and scrubs sometimes.
          I think that Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash is a fairly good product. I do think that with regular use it reduces excess oil on the skin and cleans and helps to unclog blocked pores. However, I did find when I used this treatment several times during one week that my skin did actually become over dry. I know that many teenagers experience troublesome and very oily skin that does need to be dried up but I feel that if this wash was used daily for a few weeks then it could possibly cause the skin to become too dry and sore. I would suggest using it only four or five times a week rather than using it for seven days in any one week.
          But it is decent product that I feel can help to improve the skin.
          I would say that it feels nice to use and is a genuine product rather than a gimmicky one.
          Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash is readily available from chemists and supermarkets.

          Currently a 150ml tube of this facial wash sells for £1.99 (reduced from £2.99) in Superdrug.


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          20.05.2015 13:16
          Very helpful


          • "Sensitive "


          Worth the price

          I always like to keep a small pack of wipes in my handbag.
          To be honest, I'm not really very fussy about the brand of wipes that I use although obviously I do like some brands more than others. But I’m happy to purchase either branded wipes or supermarket/stores own wipes.
          I am always happy to try a new (to me) product.
          I first tried these wipes from Asda just a few months ago. I think that they must have been on offer at the time and probably this was the buy four packs for only three pounds because I have used one pack and still have another only half used in my bag. I gave a pack away to each of my daughters. My younger daughter was about to travel to Venice at the time and she wanted to take some wipes with her but she needed to keep her luggage light and compact. A pack of these wipes was ideal.
          My opinion on these wipes is that they are a good product and one that I would purchase again.
          I do have sensitive skin but don’t only use sensitive wipes because as long as I don’t overdo the use wipes they don’t usually cause any adverse reactions. According to Asda these facial wipes are fragrance free and are also dermatologically tested, therefore suitable for sensitive skins.
          They are alcohol free.
          I mainly use the wipes to remove make-up and also to refresh my face and to clean my hands when I am out and about.
          The wipes effectively tone as well as cleanse one’s face without leaving the skin feeling dry.
          These wipes contain the nourishing Pro vitamin B5.
          My main gripe with most small packs of wipes is that they are too dry; I don’t find these too bad in that respect.
          I found them quite good at removing make-up and very good at cleansing generally. They felt refreshing on my skin.
          There are twenty-five wipes inside the pack and I would say that for £1 per pack or even better at four packs for £3, these are a good value product.

          *Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives.


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        • More +
          20.05.2015 00:25
          Very helpful


          • "Smells nice"
          • Cheap


          • "Not the best product"

          An okay product

          I must admit that I am quite choosy with shampoos and conditioners.
          By this I don't mean that I choose very expensive brands. Really most of my shampoos and conditioners cost between one to two pounds each, mostly. But I don't often like store's own brands.

          Because of this fact it is unusual for me to buy a store's own brand but now and again I do try to budget and therefore try some cheaper brands. This is especially true with conditioners which I thin often if they are cheaper they will be thinner and so I will just be more generous with the amount that I use. Sometimes though the very cheap conditioners just don't seem to coat the hair like the better products do.

          I would say that this conditioner is one of the better stores own brands of conditioners and it certainly has some advantages.
          It smells very nice and inviting and the smell remains on my hair after it has been dried. It feels quite nice when it is being used on wet hair and combed through.
          However, I would only use this for few conditioning treatments because after a few uses I don't think my hair was conditioned as well with this product than with other branded conditioners.
          This is the same in my experience with most store'sown brands and many are inferior to this particular conditioner.

          I would say that it is worth the price and for occasional use or short term use then it probably is worth using if watching the budget but for me this isn't a product that I would buy very often.


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          20.05.2015 00:10
          Very helpful


          • "Reasonably priced"
          • Effective


          A Simple scrub

          I have used this facial scrub many times.
          I like to use a facial scrub because I feel most work well and really do deep cleanse the skin effectively.
          I use many different brands but I do like the brand Simple therefore this is one that will often find its way into my shopping basket.
          What I mostly like about Simple facial scrub is that it isn't too harsh on the skin which is very important with the face, I think.
          It is also nice in terms of its feel while on the skin and I like the fact that it is a simple product which doesn't have a strong perfume.
          It doesn't irritate my skin at all, which is good, of course.
          This facial scrub is easy to rinse off of the skin.
          Once I have used the scrub and rinsed it off thoroughly I pat my face dry.
          When my face is dry my skin feels very clean, healthy and invigorated but not too dry.
          I find that if I use this facial scrub just a few times in a week my skin’s condition is improved.
          The facial scrub comes in a tube which is lightweight and therefore it is ideal to take on one’s travels. It fits easily into a toiletry bag.

          Simple cleansing facial scrub is available from many outlets including pharmacies, Boots the chemist as well as many supermarkets.
          I have bought this scrub from many different stores and I think these have included Wilkinsons as well as Savers.
          Prices vary quite a bit for this scrub but it can be purchased cheaply from several places. I usually pay from £1 to £1.50.

          I think that this product is a good and effective facial scrub which I would recommend.


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        • More +
          12.05.2015 15:43
          Very helpful


          • "Maps can be updated"
          • Useful


          Helps to find the way

          I bought the TomTom XL2 satellite navigation system for my husband about eighteen months ago.
          We used to rely on map books if we were travelling anywhere that we weren't sure of finding. Actually I quite like following a map but when we’re trying to find somewhere at night when it’s dark this doesn't really work so well. And we did sometimes get lost travelling home through south London at night. More recently I printed out Google maps if we were travelling any distance or just weren't sure of the best route but, after using my son’s sat nav once, I thought that it was about time that we invested in a car sat nav ourselves.
          We chose the TomTom XL2 (the second edition) version that covers the United Kingdom and Ireland. This sat nav includes maps and will find the best available route. If you still manage to get lost whilst using this device it will change to direct you from where you are to the planned destination.
          You can look at the screen or listen to the voice giving directions.
          It lets you know when there are speed cameras around. Not that we speed.
          The TomTom also helps with journey planning as it works out the journey using average road speeds and the variations which occur at different times of the day or week.
          However, I would say that sometimes the TomTom does not know best and will keep trying to send us on its preferred route although we know from experience that it is not the best route. We know this from testing out the satnav locally.
          For us the satnav is good when travelling to an unfamiliar destination or for when we are in danger of getting lost.
          The screen is an ideal size of 4.3 inches and this is a touchscreen.
          The sat nav fixes on a car windscreen via the easy port mount. However the cable does get a little in the way of the car’s gears and needs some sorting out. It is advisable to remove the satnav and the port from view when leaving the car and this is easy to do with the “Easyport” mounting system.
          This satnav can easily be updated via a computer or smartphone ap. This is a free service.
          I purchased the TomTom XL 2 from Currys. It currently sells in Currys for the price of £79.97.

          IN THE BOX
          EasyPort mount
          USB cable
          Car charger
          Lithium-ion battery
          Size:80H x 118W x 25 mmD
          One year guarantee


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        • More +
          10.05.2015 23:43
          Very helpful


          • "Brightens up the garden "


          A pretty and colourful plant

          My grown up grown up sons and daughters and their other halves know that I really enjoy sitting in my garden and so does their dad. They are well aware that in the last few years we have both really “got into” the garden. Granted that my husband does most of the gardening but I seem to remain as the chief planner and organiser of our little garden.
          Because of this they bought me a Clematis Rebecca.
          We are in fact quite pleased with how pretty the garden is becoming. A few years ago I would say that our garden, although situated in greater London, looked like a natural country garden which mainly had some trees and shrubs and a patio. We did like this look but decided that the appearance of our garden would be enhanced with splashes of colour dotted about here and there.
          Now we have successfully achieved this and I would say that we have managed to collect an extensive array of plants in our garden.

          The Clematis Rebecca Evpo016(Tm)(N) Boulevard Patio is a lovely climbing plant which will enhance any garden.

          It needs a trellis or wall, which is in full sun or partial shade, to grow up against.

          This plant can grow to about 2 to 2.5 meters high and will spread to around 1 metre in width.

          Once this plant is established it will flower from early summer and will then continue to bloom all summer long, showing off its beautiful large and bright red flowers.

          My Clematis Rebecca grows in a container against a wooden trellis.

          It needs to be pruned before the spring to promote a strong and healthy growth.


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          • More +
            09.05.2015 01:22
            Very helpful


            • "Warm and comfy"


            Ideal for outdoor camping

            My adult son asked if I could find him a new and suitable sleeping bag for when he goes on overnight fishing trips. He has actually accumulated a lot of camping equipment for his fishing trips but he wanted a new sleeping bag and preferably one that was a little warmer than his old one. He had sometimes taken a blanket for particularly cold nights to use as well as the sleeping bag but sometimes space in his luggage is very limited and for these times he thought that a warmer sleeping bag would be a better option than to taking extra things in his luggage.

            I had a look in several places but found that many sleeping bags were the mummy type which he didn’t want or they weren't warm enough. And some had designs aimed at the younger user. I did see a few suitable bags in places like Argos but when I looked on Amazon I came across the Regatta Green Sleeping Bag.

            I liked the look of this one and thought that it would be the sort of design that my son would like.

            This sleeping bag is washable.

            It comes in a dark green colour with an orange colouring inside. I would say that it looks rather masculine.

            It is supplied with a very handy green bag.

            The outer material is made of polyester.

            The filling is of a hollow fibre.

            Thickness of filling 300gsm.

            Size (approx.) L190 x W75cm

            Weight 1.71 kg

            My son has used this sleeping bag several times and he says it is ideal and that it certainly kept him warm enough.

            The Regatta green sleeping bag is available from Amazon. Although prices vary you should expect to pay less than £25.

            I paid around £18 with free delivery.


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          • More +
            08.05.2015 15:40
            Very helpful


            • "Convenient case"
            • "Rechargeable "
            • "Helps make DIY easier"


            Every Home Should Have One

            I insisted that my husband should have a cordless power drill. He works very hard on so many different DIY jobs around our home and garden and, in my opinion, anything that is affordable and helps to make the task at hand somewhat easier, should be used, if at all possible.
            I bought this item for him but with his input added as to its suitability.
            We bought the power drill from a DIY superstore. At the time there were so many to choose from making a decision difficult but my husband chose this drill set saying that DeWalt was a good make and should provide good drills that were long lasting and reliable.

            This power drill has been used very many times in our home. My husband has used it for DIY tasks around the house both externally and internally. It has been used for repair work on the porch, guttering, installing a kitchen and a bathroom and for smaller jobs around the home such as fitting curtain rods and poles and really for far too many jobs to mention.
            Really the drill can tackle many tasks. Different drill bits need to be used for different tasks.

            The DeWalt DC759KA has been used to drill into different surfaces such as those made from:

            My husband says that this drill has made many tasks much easier. It is a good drill with good battery power. When it does need charging, this only takes about ten to fifteen minutes.
            Another advantage is that it is fairly lightweight (4.7 lbs) making it easier to use.
            It is also quite compact so can be used within tight spaces and corners.

            The set is supplied in a carry case type box which includes:
            Cordless drill
            Charger (one hour)
            Two 18v batteries


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          • Bush MTT2 / Turntable / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
            More +
            07.05.2015 22:59
            Very helpful


            • "Plays singles and albums"


            Basic but decent enough turntable

            It was quite a few years ago now when my husband said that he would like a new music system. He has always liked his music and we did already have a record player. However the record player wasn't in great condition and it was very bulky. Also vinyl records were really becoming a thing of the past and my husband wanted a decent CD player.
            But we had and still have hundreds of vinyl singles and albums dating back to the 1970s and my husband insists that vinyl is the best for sound.

            We thought we should buy a CD player and also purchase a new turntable so that we could still play our vinyl collection.
            Money was a bit tight at the time and so we bought a music system from a catalogue so that we could pay monthly and also get some commission back as we went.

            We decided to justify this spend by buying it as a joint Christmas present for the two of us.
            The CD player was a better and more expensive purchase than the turntable but at this time we couldn’t actually find many turntables. I think recently they have become popular once again because many with music lovers now seem to want to play vinyl rather than CDs or downloads. Or perhaps just to have another choice.

            My husband chose the Bush MTT2 turntable.

            I cannot remember how much we paid for this item.

            The turntable has lasted very well.

            It has a smoky black hard plastic lid and the rest of it is mainly a smart looking silver colour.

            The turntable is simple to use. It plays 45rpms (7 inch vinyl singles) and 33rpms (12 inch albums).

            Only one record at a time can be played.

            It has a volume control.

            My overall opinion on the Bush MTT2 turntable is that it is a decent but basic turntable but the sound of the vinyl records does sound good when played through our speakers.


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          • DFS Sofas / Furniture / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
            More +
            07.05.2015 00:38
            Very helpful


            • "Practical colour"
            • "Stayed in good repair"


            • "Not as comfy as expected"
            • "Too large"

            Not our best purchasing choice.

            We purchased the Zina large three seater sofa around five years ago from the DFS retailer.

            Before buying we looked at many sofas and tried sitting on many. It did seem very comfortable in the store.

            We also wanted a sofa which was a sofa bed as we thought that this would be useful in our home.
            The salesman was helpful and demonstrated how to pull the sofa bed out.

            We decided to buy our furniture in a plain charcoal fabric with a grey swirl trim and dark wood feet. Two small co-ordinating small cushions came with the sofa. These are plain on one side and have the swirl trim on the other.
            The furniture arrived as promised but took three delivery men to bring it in and set it up.
            After owning this sofa for a few months we decided that it wasn't as good as we had expected. To be fair, in terms of staying nice and in good repair it has been very good but in terms of comfort we aren't all that pleased. The arms come up quite high meaning it isn't very comfy.
            The cushions are comfortable enough though.

            It was a good and practical colour choice, in my opinion.

            When used as a bed it is quite good as far as sofa beds go. Probably it is better than many.
            I also think that this sofa is too large and I wish that I had chosen a smaller and more compact design so that I had more space in my living room. We should have realised before purchasing that the wing arms sweep out too widely and therefore they take up far too much space.


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