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Member since: 16.03.2012

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    • Technika LCD22-208 / LCD TV / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      18.03.2012 14:06



      Good value for money but if you want a quality product pay more!

      Having only paid less than £100 I would say that I am relatively happy with my purchase, I didn't expect it to be incredible, but having a 22" television which is HD ready, also has built-in free-view and a DVD player is extremely good for the price I paid.

      The television has different brightness settings already installed and these can be very useful when watching different movies and types of program, I often change the settings to 'Dynamic' in order to experience the colour properly. The picture quality isn't brilliant but what do you expect for this price?! The picture quality is quite average, I'd say it's more suitable for childrens bedrooms etc.

      In summary, for what I payed for this television, it's brilliant, this is why I've rated it highly and like I said I would definitely recommend it for childrens bedrooms or spare room. For someone just wanting a cheap reliable TV, with built in DVD player and Freeview this is ideal.


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    • Blackberry Curve 8520 / Smartphone / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      18.03.2012 00:32



      Good basic smartphone!

      The Curve 8520 is the first smartphone that I owned, I got it on contract two years ago. After being dropped and used constantly for two years the phone is still going strong and being used by my boyfriend! I never had any problems with this phone atall and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fairly cheap basic smartphone!

      Texting is so easy to do on the famous qwerty keypad and phoning works exactly the same as any phone. The trackpad is also very easy to use and great for navigating around the menu etc. There are also plenty of apps available on the app store to keep you entertained! Emails come through instantly on Blackberry's, whereas with other smartphones emails don't seem to come through instantly like with this so this is definitely a plus point! You can also download the hotmail app that is very useful!

      So yep, if you're looking for a basic smartphone I'd recommend this but if you want something a little more advance I'd go for the new Blackberry Bold 9990 as the 8520 is a bit dated compared to this and other newer models.


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      • LG Optimus 2X P990 / Smartphone / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        17.03.2012 23:59



        Would not recommend

        After getting a bit bored of my old Blackberry 8520 and doing a bit of research into new smartphones I decided to get the LG Optimus 2x as it seemed like a bit of a bargain for what it had compared to other smartphones at the time.

        Firstly the good points;

        The user interface is really easy to use and follow with the touch screen display (when it's in a good mood!)

        It is very easy and simple to use and navigate

        Loads of apps available for Android

        Fast processor

        Very clear screen and a decent camera!

        Now the negatives;

        The touch screen isn't as responsive as other touch screen phones i've tried and texting on it takes real effort and concentration!

        I waited months and months just for the upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread to be available when other phones were already 2 os's infront! It seems like Android have forgotten about the 2x!

        I don't know if I was just unlucky with the phone I got but it turned itself off on it's own so many times so I'd miss my alarm in the morning etc. Not reliable atall!

        The battery life was absolutely terrible, I know Smartphones are known for this but with this I'd charge it all night then hardly use it during the day while I'm at work then by 7pm the battery would be dead!

        Overall I wouldn't recommend this phone because it was so unreliable with me!


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        • Apple iPod (5G) 30 GB / MP3 Player / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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          17.03.2012 23:40


          • Reliability


          Fab product, would definitely recommend!

          Recently, I recieved an Apple Ipod Video (5th Generation) with 30GB in capacity as a gift. I use it mostly to leave in my car to play music in there and, to be honest, I cannot fault it! 30gb is plenty storage for me, and believe me, I buy a lot of music - possibly too much.

          The high quality screen is fantastic to view the movies/videos that you may wish to watch on the device (not that I use it much for this!)

          It uses the extremely user friendly standard interface that us Ipod lovers are used to.

          The body work is very sleek, strong (doesn't feel like it would break with the first little knock) and comes with a nice glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance to an already fashionable design.

          I wouldn't know whether the battery life is any good because it charges automatically in my car anyway but it does work seemlessly in my car and never lets me down :)

          I'd definitely recommend this ipod to anyone!


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        • Blackberry Bold 9900 / Smartphone / 2 Readings / 0 Ratings
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          16.03.2012 00:48



          Fantastic good quality smartphone!

          After 16 months of using my previous Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone (and the 3months of hell using an LG Optimus 3x), I decided it was time for an upgrade. Nothing was wrong with my old phone, but I was due and upgrade so after doing a lot of research I decided to go for the latest Blackberry Bold 9900 which I do not regret!

          This was over a month ago now, and I am loving this fantastic phone! The main features that I love are;

          * The combination of touch screen and qwerty keypad!
          This combination works excellently! The qwerty keypad is so easy to text on and the combination of the touchscreen and fab user friendly trackpad makes everything feel so effortless. The 'pinch to zoom' feature makes it so easy to navigate around webpages now and is excellent for using when taking photos.

          * The 1.2ghz processor
          Makes everything so quick, everything opens instantly and there are no delays atall! It's also fantastic for multitasking!

          * The screen resolution
          With it having a fairly small screen you'd have thought that it wouldn't be ideal for watching videos on but with it being so clear you don't even notice the screen being so small! Alot better than I expected!

          * Camera and Video Camera!
          The sharp 5MP camera is a lot better quality than I expented, I'm actually quite impressed with it and the flash works very well! It also links with app's for Facebook and Twitter quickly for uploading. The HD video is also a brilliant feature, and just like the camera is easy to use with many options.

          * OS7
          OS7 has some fab features! ;

          * Web browsing seems a lot faster
          * Videos online seem to load a lot faster and clearer!
          * The new Social Feeds 2.0 is a fab idea keeping all your social feeds together! It's so easy to use and you choose whether to show just twitter or facebook etc. Or all at the same time! Very useful!
          * Finally the new Facebook BlackBerry app now includes Facebook chat which seems to work well!
          * BlackBerry Protect is a very useful new feature! Keep your contacts and personal data secure with the BlackBerry Protect service and you can even block your device from your computer if it gets stolen!
          * The new search tool now supports voice search activation letting you speak into the device to start a new web search (not that I use this but it's nice knowing that I can if I want to!)

          The only problem I have with this phone which I've heard a lot of other people are having is that when I plug it in to charge it says that the charger is not compatible but once I restart the phone using the auto restart app I downloaded for free (or a battery pull) it charges fine. I'm actually used to this now though so it doesn't bother me as much!

          On the whole, I love this phone!


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