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    • Dell Studio 15 / Laptop / 25 Readings / 18 Ratings
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      02.03.2012 19:02



      A great replacement of your old Dell

      I use my laptop every day and i am a user that knows only what an average person would know about computers.

      First off I like the placing of the keypad so you dont have to hit ctrl first to turn sound off and on as well as play and pause.

      I got the light up keypad feature which I highly recommend. It looks gorgeous.

      The battery of my laptop lasts for about 4-5 hours and the AC adapter cable is really long so I don't have to sit at the outlet. I love that the DVD/CD port is like a MAC so I dont have to open or close it.

      I also like to listen to music and the sound is great, its hard to explain but it sounds sharp and crisp like a movie theater. The screen is gorgeous and the brightness is perfect.

      Overall you can tell that they integrated a lot of MAC ideas in this computer. The overall user interface feels and looks a lot more like a Macbook. I an completely satisfied with the Dell Studio.


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