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      12.09.2011 12:21
      Very helpful



      Goldfish do a lot of poo! and we love this Toy Story Fish Tank!!

      Back in June my husband and son went to a carnival and came home with a goldfish! We placed the goldfish in a safe place away from the cats and headed straight to Pets at Home.

      Pets at Home have quite a good range of tanks ranging from very small tanks to big and very expensive ones, I only wanted a small tank because we have only got a small living room. My husband and son spotted this Toy Story Tank for £35 which was very good value as it came with various accessories and it was the perfect size.

      **What's in the Box**

      17 litre Aquarium
      Water Pump
      3D Figuirine
      Coloured Gravel
      Full Coloured Background


      The tank came in a big cardboard box which I have kept as the back of the box is full of very useful information about setting the tank up, maintaining the tank and looking after the fish.

      **The Tank**

      This is a 17 litre glass tank which can hold a maximum of 2 goldfish, the base and lid are made out of plastic and are bright orange in colour which really makes the tank stand out. On top of the lid is a hinged flap which you can open so you can feed the fish without having to take the lid off. Inside the lid there is a space for a LED light which we bought for £12.99, it easily clipped into place and the tank looks amazing all lit up at night.


      ~Water Pump~

      The water pump acts as a filter and can also provide air to the fish by sucking air through a snorkel that sticks out over the surface of the water. The pump is quite long and is blue in colour, there are suction caps on the back of the pump and my husband found it very easy to install inside the fish tank.

      There are three problems with this pump, firstly it is very noisy and sounds like a toilet cistern filling up with water, also the black float kept getting blocked up so the tank was receiving no air and finally the filter easily gets clogged up.

      The noise from the pump was very annoying so my husband bought a different air pump which is super quiet, we still use the pump that came with the tank as it works very well at filtering the water. My husband cleans the filter once a week when he changes the water, he cleans the filter in the water that has been removed from the tank.

      ~Gravel and 3D Figurine ~

      The gravel came in a plastic bag which contained a mixture of green and blue stones. Once placed in the tank the gravel gives a thin layer that covers the bottom of the tank, although there is only a thin layer I think it is more than enough for the tank. The goldfish like playing with the stones and will often move them around.
      I love the Alien figure, he is approximately 4 ½ inches tall and is quite heavy, the alien looks exactly the same as the ones in the Toy Story films . One thing I have noticed about this figure is there is quite a lot of bubbling on the paintwork, we tend to swap ornaments in the tank every 3 - 4 weeks.

      ~Stickers and Background~

      The stickers have got a Toy Story theme, there is a sticker of Jessie that says "Glad to meetcha fish!, and the aliens "ooooooo fish". The stickers stick really well to the glass and I have to say that with the background the fish tank looks really good. We did not put all the stickers on the tank because we felt that there were too many .

      The background is made out of thin card, there were 2 stickers along the top and bottom edges and you sit it behind the glass on the outside. In the picture is Woody, Jessie, Hamm, Rex and of course Buzz Lightyear.

      **Setting up The Tank**

      The first thing I did was to give the tank a wash, I just used warm water without any cleaning products as that would have harmed the goldfish. I then washed the gravel in cool water, I have to say the gravel was very dusty.

      I added the gravel to the tank and then my husband placed the water pump inside. I have read a lot of reviews where people have had problems with the suction caps on the pump but we have had no problems and we have removed the pump a few times to give it a clean and the suction caps have always worked.

      I then filled the tank up with cold water and added a water conditioner which gets rid of the bad stuff that is in the tap water.

      Reading the instructions on the back of the box I was really upset to find out that the water needed to be in the tank for 3 days before adding the goldfish. I knew we could not leave poor Goldie-blue in a bowl for long, so we turned on the pump and left it for about 2 hours. Goldie-blue seemed to be very stressed in the bowl so we decided that the best option was to place him in the tank.


      I am still pretty annoyed with my husband and son for winning a fish, I do not think it is a good idea to get a goldfish from a carnival but luckily Goldie- blue has settled well into his new home and we now have got a second goldfish called Woody which we purchased from Pets at Home.

      We have had our tank for coming up to three months now and it looks very good. When we bought Woody from the Pets at Home within a few days of being in the tank, the water became very cloudy and we had a lot of algae stuck to the glass. Like I said in a previous review we bought an algae magnet which got rid of the algae on the glass, and over the last couple of weeks our water has gone from cloudy to really clear.

      My husband changes at least 20% of the water once a week, he prepares a bucket of water a couple of days before the water needs to be changed and then he uses a gravel pump cleaner which not only cleans the gravel but it also pumps water into a bucket.

      We have also bought two ornaments for the tank, one is a plastic plant that the fish really love to play and hide in. The second ornament has got like a cave which Goldie-blue loves, there is only room for 2 ornaments so we swap and change the alien figure.

      **To End**

      If you are thinking of buying goldfish I will say that they do need a lot of care especially as you do need to change the water regularly to keep them nice and healthy. With the added extras like the light, air pump, food and air bricks I think we have spent nearly £100 just to keep the goldfish happy!

      The good thing is the goldfish love their tank though my cat is not happy as he cannot get into the tank!


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        07.09.2011 15:56
        Very helpful



        Your children will have hours of fun!

        Last Christmas my son had a wish list and on his list was a Leapster 2. I have to say we were very reluctant to buy him one as he tends to play games on his PC plus the games are very expensive but I spotted this Toy Story Leapster in Toys R Us for £40 and as my son is a big Toy Story fan we knew he would love it!

        A Leapster2 is a hand-held games console aimed at children aged 4 - 8 and is made by Leapfrog.

        **What's in the Box?**

        USB cable
        Leapster Connect software disc

        **The Console**

        Usually a Leapster is green or pink but as my son has got the Toy Story one his is mostly white and blue whilst the buttons are yellow, there are three Toy Story stickers on the console plus the Leapfrog logo. On top of the console is a slot for the game cartridges that you can purchase separately, all your child has to do is to push the cartridge into the slot which my son finds very easy to do.

        The console is very chunky, some little ones might find it tricky holding onto the console and playing a game at the same time but my son has never had any problems.

        The Leapster2 has a 3 inch Lcd touch screen, the console comes with a red stylus pen which is attached to console with a strong red cord, there is a round hole on the console so you can put the stylus away when not in use. You can use your finger instead of the stylus but I find that you have to really press the screen quite firmly and it is not as accurate as the stylus.

        The console requires 4 x AA batteries and you place these inside the compartment that is at the back of the console. We decided to purchase a rechargeable unit which I have to say has been well worth the money, we had to remove the battery compartment and the rechargeable unit then screws into place.

        Underneath the console are various buttons so that you can adjust the contrast, brightness, volume control and it even comes with a ear socket jack though my son is not allowed to use headphones.

        I like that when you press the volume button, an icon appears on the screen so that you can see how loud the volume is.

        My son has dropped this console a few times but it has survived with no problems!

        **Four Ways To Play**

        When you first switch the Leapster on you will see 4 pictures for Cartridge Games, Game Downloads, Connect and Creativity Castle.

        **Cartridge Game** - The Leapster does not come with any cartridges and so you have to purchase them separately, you can buy various games like UP, Cars and Toy Story 3. The average price is £14 - £17 per game which is quite expensive but I think they are worth it as they are fun and very educational and I know with the Toy Story 3 game my son is learning to spell and do simple maths.

        **Download** - When my son first started using his Leapster he was able to download a mini game onto his console, of course he opted for Toy Story. He was also able to install a full game called Dragons to the Rescue. Whilst your child is playing with the Leapster they are able to unlock rewards such as colouring pages and certificates and they can also earn additional bonus downloadable games though my son has not achieved this yet.

        **Dragons To the Rescue**

        In this game you first of all choose whether you want to be a green or pink dragon, you then pick a number or alphabet game and then choose a level 1 - 4. Using the cursor pad you have to find letters, spell words, or do simple maths depending on the game and the level you have chosen. You also have to avoid storm clouds,whirlwinds and other obstacles.

        The music for this game is very annoying but of course my son loves it!

        **Connect** - The first thing you have to do is to install the cd that comes with the console or go to leapfrogs website and look for Connect and you can download it from there.

        It takes around 2 minutes to download the program from Leapfrog, once it has installed you need to use the usb lead that comes with the console to connect the console to the computer, the Leapster needs to be on for it to work..
        Once I am connected I just click on my sons name and then I go to Learning Path to find out how well he has done on his games. There are various things you can or your child can do via Connect like collect rewards, print certificates and watch game reviews.
        **Creativity Castle Art Studio** - My son uses this quite a lot and he can draw, paint, select a background such a cottage or castle, use animated stamps and if he logs onto the Connect program he can even edit his art work.


        I was worried that my son would not play with his Leapster as he has got a computer, but since last Christmas he has been playing it regularly especially out in the car, at his grandparents house or if he can sneak it in his bag he will play it in Sunday School with the volume off!

        I was very surprised as to how quickly my son picked up on how to use the Leapster and really he has not needed much help from us.

        Connect is a must for all parents as it shows you that your child is not just playing a console game, but they are also learning to do things like subtraction, addition, numbers, reading and spelling. I have been completely amazed at what my little boy has learnt over the last 9 months, his confidence with numbers and spelling is growing every week with help from the Toy Story3 and UP games!

        **Special Edition?**

        This is a special edition Leapster and the only thing different about it is the colours, the Toy Story stickers and the mini game which you can download.

        Price - £30 - £40
        You Can only buy the Toy Story Leapster from Toys R Us


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          02.09.2011 14:46
          Very helpful



          If you have young children take them somewhere else!

          As it is the last week of the school holidays we decided the other day to have a day out somewhere, usually my son will always nag us to go to Folly Farm which is in West Wales but he had a leaflet hidden away in his drawer for The National Showcaves Centre for Wales and asked if we would take him there to see the dinosaurs.

          The caves were discovered back in 1912 by two brothers called Tommy and Jeff who owned a local farm. They decided to do some exploring and came across a cave, all they had was some candles for light and arrows in the sand to find their way back.

          **How To Get There**

          The Showcaves are located halfway between Swansea and Brecon on the A4067, it took us 40 minutes to get there from Swansea.


          When we got to the Showcaves a staff member told us to park down the bottom car park as the other car park was full. The walk up to the main entrance was quite steep and I would think that those with buggies or older people would find it a little bit of a struggle. Once we got to the entrance we were greeted by a very large dinosaur and we got to walk through his legs which I have to say was pretty awesome!

          The weird thing is when you walk through the entrance you can get to the cafe or the gift shop without having to pay, you only pay for your tickets once you are ready to go to the caves and to see the other attractions.

          **Ticket Price**

          Adults - £13.50, Children - £7.50 (ages 3-16), Children undrer 3 - No Charge

          One ticket lets you see 10 Attractions.

          * Dan-yr-Ogof Showcaves
          * Cathedral Cave
          * Bone Cave
          * Museum
          * Mr Morgan's Farmyard
          * Dinosaur Park
          * Iron Age Village
          * Shire Horse Centre
          * Barney Owl's Play Area
          * The Millennium Stone Circle


          As it was lunchtime we decided to go to the cafe which has got loads of tables so we were able to find a table with no problems.

          On the menu was various things like fish and chips, sausage and chips, baguettes, jacket potatoes and prices varied between £4.95 for a jacket potato and £5.95 for fish and chips. The children's meals were £3.25 and there was quite a good variety to choose from such as fish fingers, dinosaurs, sausages and chicken nuggets which all came with chips. My son and niece opted for chicken nuggets, chips and peas, whilst I had a jacket potato with tuna which I have to say was quite yummy!

          Please note the only toilet available in the whole of the Showcaves is in the cafe! I got my son to go to the toilet before we went to buy our entrance tickets for the caves.

          **The Caves**

          The first admittance into the showcaves is at approximately 10.30 am and the last admittance is at approximately 3.00 p.m.

          Once we had purchased our tickets we headed towards the first cave and passed a few impressive looking dinosaurs on the way.

          ~Dan yr Ogof Cave~

          We started off in the main cave, there were torches available outside that adults could use and my son insisted that we would need one just in case we came across some dinosaurs or monsters!

          The cave was very gloomy even though it was lit, but what amazed me was as we were walking through the cave there was a breeze, I guess I was expecting the cave to be very stuffy!

          As we went round the cave there were a few commentaries explaining how the caves were found and how various rock shapes formed and I have to say we came across some amazing shapes such as the Alabaster Pillar which is a column formation which is very high, it ran from the ceiling down to the floor. We also came across a Flitch of Bacon which I only had a quick glance at because my little boy was trying to rush around but anyway I have to say it did look awesome it is a curtain formation which has been stained red by iron deposits.

          The walk around the cave took around 25 minutes and quite honestly we would have been happy to have stayed a lot longer but my little boy was not impressed with the cave and wanted us to leave.

          Please note there are quite a lot of steps in the cave which might not be suitable for young children, you cannot take buggies or prams inside any of the caves and also you will need suitable shoes because obviously the ground is very wet.

          ~Catherdral Cave~

          I really want to recommend the Cathedral Cave, it is awesome and is very well lit but I will say this you will get a little wet!

          At the start of our journey we came across a burial display showing how Neanderthals buried their dead, I found the display very interesting but unfortunately my son was not impressed so we carried on through the cave.

          One thing you you must remember to do if you visit the caves is to look up at the roof because you will see thousands of straws which look like very thin tubes.

          Our favourite part of the cave is The Dome of St Pauls which is amazing, it is a big wide open cave which has two waterfalls which fall for over 40 feet. The path takes you across the lake between the two waterfalls to an area where you can view the whole cavern and if you look around you will see various formations like stalactites, pillars and straws. Even my son who was quite bored with the cave enjoyed this part and we stayed here for a little while just really taking in everything that was there.

          By the way you can even get married in this cave and I can see why people choose to get married here!

          ~Bone Cave~

          We did not go into the bone cave as my niece and son decided that it would be way too scary to see any bones.

          **The Iron Age Village**

          One of the attractions I was really looking forward to seeing was the Iron Age village, there are huts dotted on a hillside which you have to look up on and I have to say we were really disappointed because we had to take a look at the huts from behind a fence. The huts are all half sized and they do look really interesting and there was a useful commentary running in the background.

          **Gift Shop**

          My son, husband and niece headed to the gift shop whilst I sat down for a bit. My son had lots of fun choosing a little surprise gift for me which was a little purple rock and he bought himself a little bucket of dinosaurs for £3.00 which is quite reasonable.

          **Mr Morgan's Farm**

          To get to the farm and play barn we had to walk all the way down the hill to near where our car was parked. We could clearly see where the animals were and easily found the entrance via a gate, the farm has got various animals like Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, Geese which my son really did not like, rabbits and horses.

          We got stopped by a lady who asked to see our tickets, and she explained that there was a play barn for children 3-5 and then 6 - 10 which my niece was upset about as she is 12!

          Before we went into the barn we took a look at the beautiful Shire horses and I have to say there were these amazing displays of how life life used to be 80 to 100 years ago with a Farm shop, Blacksmiths and a Victorian kitchen.

          **Barney's Playground**

          The highlight of the day for my son was a visit to the playbarn, to get in there is a very small door, adults have to duck which is very tricky if you are tall!

          There are two areas, the first is for children age 3 - 6 and my son had loads of fun going round a karting track on a tricycle. After a while he decided he wanted to see what the second area was all about which is for children age 6 - 10, here we found climbing frames, tunnels, slides and rope bridges. My little boy loved it here and spent nearly an hour playing and making new friends, unfortunately my niece had to sit on a bench because she is too old but she was happy to play with her DS.


          The Showcaves is a good place to visit if you are an adult but I think the ticket price is just too expensive even though the caves are amazing. To see the caves properly it is best not to take any children with you because they will get bored very quickly, my son was really not impressed and so we rushed around the caves only catching glimpses at times of some very interesting formations and even with the Iron village he had a quick look at it and wanted us to go onto the next thing.

          The big negatives for me are firstly the only toilets available are in the cafe which was a nuisance as we had just gone up the steep path to get to the Cathedral cave and my son decided he needed the loo! It would have been worse if he had needed the toilet whilst we were down by the farmyard.

          The second thing is apart from Dan - Yr- Ogof cave to get to many of the attractions you have to walk up a steep hill, I am so glad that my parents decided not to go with us because my mum who has asthma would never have made it up the steep paths.
          Although there are lots of benches dotted around the park there is no seating where you need it like on the way up to the Cathedral cave.

          **To End**

          The show caves are advertised as a family attraction but unless your child is completely mad on dinosaurs and caves I would not take them there as there is not enough there to keep them entertained.

          I am going to rate this park 2/5 stars for children.

          4/5 stars for adults but I do think they are overpriced.

          ~Opening Times~

          7 days a week from 1st of April until October 31st. They are then open during December for Father Christmas.

          Telephone - 01639 730 284

          Website - http://www.showcaves.co.uk


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            26.08.2011 16:26
            Very helpful



            A lovely Christmas Story!

            My son is a big fan of Sam Lloyd who is a children's author and has written various books including Wendy the Wide Mouthed Frog, and Calm Down Boris which is my sons his favourite book. I spotted this book in Morrisons last December and I knew my son would love it!

            **The Book**

            This is a 10 page hardback book which is ideal for young children as the pages are very thick but are easy to turn and of course they will not be able to chew or tear the pages!

            On the front cover is a monster who is called Boris, he is dressed up as Santa and is sitting in a sleigh with a sack of presents.
            Like the other books in the series this is a puppet book, each page has got a cut out circle so that the puppet can run through the book, all you have to do is put your hand inside the puppet and turn your hand so that the puppet makes some very funny mouth expressions and one important thing to remember is to put on your best monster voice!

            **Meet Boris**

            For those of you who do not know Boris, he is a very cute furry monster who is very orange. He has got big long eyes whilst his arms and legs are very long and skinny. One thing you should know about Boris and that is he loves giving ticklish kisses!

            **The Story**

            It is Christmas eve and Santa phones Boris, he needs his help to deliver Christmas presents to the little monsters.
            Straight away the reader is encouraged to interact with Boris by cleaning his boots and making sure his hat is on properly.
            Boris sets off in the sleigh and he has three presents to deliver which are all wrapped up in his sack, but what we soon discover is Boris will face a few problems along the way. His first problem is it is snowing very hard and so he cannot find the monster mansions, so he sniffs his way to his destination.

            Once he gets to the mansions he faces another problem, he is too big and furry to fit down the chimney so the reader has to push Boris down the chimney and he lands in the fireplace with a Thump! Poor Boris is feeling dizzy and so the reader is asked to give Boris a mince pie and to stroke his fur to make him feel better.

            Will the little monsters receive their presents? and what does Santa do to say Thank You to Boris?

            **What do I think?**

            When I first read this book last December to my son I have to say that at first I did not think it was as good as the other Sam Lloyd books, but over time it has grown on me and even though we are in August this book is read quite often and by Christmas I can see my son requesting this story every bedtime!

            I love that this book encourages children or indeed an adult to interact with Boris so that they get to use their imagination like when they are asked to scrub Boris boots or when they have to push Boris down the chimney.

            The pictures in the book are bright, colourful and very detailed. My son loves this book because not only does he find Boris funny and he loves to use the puppet to tickle us but he can easily look at the pictures and tell us the story without needing to read the words.

            For me there is a downside to this book and that is the writing is all over the place and it varies between tiny and large large words, so my son cannot read it which he does get upset about as these days he likes to read stories with me or his dad rather than just us read to him.

            So because of the writing style I am going to give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

            Price - £4 Morrisons
            £5.12 - amazon

            Age 0 - 6 years


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            • Hagen Algae Magnet / Fish Accessory / 83 Readings / 82 Ratings
              More +
              19.08.2011 14:56
              Very helpful



              Cleans the glass very well.

              A few weeks ago we bought a fish tank due the fact that my son and husband had `won` a goldfish at a carnival, I am still not happy with them but that is another story.

              Our fish tank is nicely sorted out with gravel, filters and an air pump but this week I have noticed that the inside of the glass is pretty grubby with algae. We did buy a goldfish last week in Pets at Home so I don't know if the algae came with Woody but I do know that we have not had a problem with algae in the past.


              The magnets come in a blister pack, on the front on the packaging it says :-
              Easy removal of algae from aquarium glass
              Heavy duty permanent bond pad
              Will not scratch aquarium glass
              For Glass aquariums only

              On the back of the packaging are pictures showing how to use the magnet.

              **Algae Magnet**

              My husband spotted this Marina Algae Magnet which is made by Hagen on the Pets at Home website for £5.99. There is a smaller version for £4.99 but he decided on the larger one so that it would hopefully clean the tank glass a lot quicker.

              In the pack are two black rectangular magnets, one is flat whilst the other is quite bulky and has a handle which reminds me of an old school chalkboard duster. Each magnet has got a blue cleaning pad and there is also an eyelet on each magnet.
              Inside the pack there is also some thread which is wrapped around a piece of cardboard, you tie the thread to the eyelets.

              **Using the Magnet**

              I was very keen on seeing if this magnet would work but no way was I going to try it myself as yikes I have a phobia about fish water!

              So I asked my husband to use the magnet and all he did was place the flattish magnet inside the tank and the other magnet stayed on the outside of the tank and he held onto the string. The idea with the string is if the magnet comes away from the tank you can easily pull it up without having to get wet trying to retrieve it from the bottom of the tank.
              The string is also handy when the magnet is inside the tank, my husband had three panes of glass to clean so rather than having to take out the magnet each time he simple just moved the magnet around with the string.


              My husband did find using the magnets a little bit fiddly, sometimes the inside magnet would not move in time with the outside one so he had to take it slowly but it did the job and it got rid of all the algae that was on the glass.
              After finishing with the magnet my husband gave the magnet a good wash to get rid of the algae that was clinging to the pad.

              On the Pets at Home website it says that the magnets are powerful and I would agree with this.

              My tank is now lovely and clean and I can see my two goldfish who are called Woody and Goldie - blue!

              Small H 14.5 x W 10 x D 4cm
              Large H 17 x W 12 x D 3.5cm.
              Price - £4.99 small
              £5.99 large


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                19.08.2011 12:31
                Very helpful



                This toy is played with nearly everyday!

                Back at the end of May it was my sons 5th birthday and he was so good he only asked for two things, the Toy Story garbage truck and Toy Story3 Imaginext Pig Spaceship.

                My son tells me that Evil Dr Pork Chops spaceship appears at the beginning of the Toy Story 3 film, Woody and Buzz go after One eyed bart and his wife and have them cornered when the spaceship appears and it beams them up along with slinky dog and the aliens. Evil Dr Pork Chop then releases a barrel of monkeys on Woody and the gang.

                **Whats in the Box**

                Pig Spaceship
                Evil Dr Pork Chop
                Buzzlight Year


                The spaceship is basically a big hamm only he has got wings and thrusters and has been made into a spaceship! The toy is made out of a very strong plastic and like other Imaginext products it is very very well made. It of course is pink in colour, on top of the ship is a long grey button if you press the button it will release a barrel that fits under the spaceship.

                What I like about this spaceship is the detail, there is a moulded pattern all over the ship which makes it look like a really good spaceship and one of the funny things about this ship is you can even turn the pigs tail!

                The spaceships head opens up to reveal the inside of the ships cockpit, there is a big black seat ready for evil Dr Pork Chop or Buzz will fit nicely in the seat if you want him to save the day!

                One of the other things I like about this spaceship is because it has got four legs it will sit on a flat surface without falling over.


                Buzzlight year is a little figure which is quite sturdy and very well made, you can move his arms and legs and he can even go into a sitting position.

                The cool thing about this figure is when he sits inside the spaceship his hands actually fit around the two little black controls properly, Imaginext have certainly thought out about how these toys are designed because not only does Buzz fit inside the spaceship he is also designed for the other imaginext Toy Story series as well.

                One thing has puzzled me about this Buzz figure and that is he does not have a helmet, well my son obviously has more imagination than me and he tells me that the helmet is not missing it is just not up!

                A very small hamm also known as evil Dr Pork chop comes with the spaceship and I love how there is a pretend stopper underneath him, he is wearing a little black hat on his head. He can sit inside the spaceship though I have to say that the seat suits Buzz better as he can hold onto the controls and he sits neatly inside where as hamm is a little bit fiddly to put inside the cockpit and to take out.

                There is also a grey barrel that sits underneath the ship, my son tells me that I have to pretend that there are monkeys inside the barrel and I am also told that the barrel should be yellow not grey!


                I really dislike packaging on toys because it takes so long to cut wire ties and pull off all the cellotape so I was pleasantly surprised that with this toy there was paper ties which were easy to dispose of.

                **To End**

                This toy cost £14.99 and quite honestly I was very reluctant to buy it because I thought it was a waste of money, but one thing I am learning about Imaginext is their toys might look boring to an adult but to a child these toys are amazing and open up a whole world of imagination and play!

                Imaginext toys are quite expensive but they certainly last a lot longer than other brands because they are so well made.

                My little boy loves playing with all his Toy Story toys and what I love is that whilst he is playing he is using his imagination and will come up with some really neat stories about the Evil Pork Chop and how Buzz saves the day.

                **What does my son think?**

                "I love my spaceship mummy because I can send the barrel crashing down on my Toy Story figures and Woody and Buzz save the day."

                5 Stars from me and my son.

                Age 3 - 8

                £14.99 Toys R Us


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                  15.08.2011 17:44
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  So if you are on a budget and looking for a decent toaster I do recommend this one.

                  As a family we love toast and crumpets! A while ago our toaster died and so we had a good look round on the internet and decided to go with this Cookworks toaster that cost £15.99 in Argos.


                  The toaster came in a big flimsy box and had some plastic bags covering it, I do remember there was no polystyrene inside which I found a bit weird considering it is a bit fragile.

                  **The Toaster**

                  The toaster is made out of a white plastic, it is a 4 slice toaster only with this toaster it is like having two separate ones! Each side works independently and has got two slots for the bread, a defrost, cancel and reheat button, browning selection dial and lever.

                  Before we started using the toaster we followed the instructions in the manual to put the toaster on with no bread a couple of times, there was a horrible plastic smell but once we had used it a few times the smell eventually disappeared.

                  The browning controls go from 1 to 7, the higher the number the darker the bread will go. My husband and son tend to have theirs on 3 because the like their toast quite light whilst I like mine on 5 as it gives it a nice toasted look without it being black!

                  The bread gets browned really nice and evenly though it does not quite reach the edges.

                  One of the things I love about this toaster is the slots are quite wide and so I can easily toast thick bread or crumpets without them jamming in the toaster, but it also works very well with thin bread as the slots adjust and hold the bread in place.

                  **Useful Functions**

                  High Lift

                  We tend to freeze our bread and every other day we defrost a loaf overnight, only sometimes I forget to take the bread out of the freezer! Luckily for us the toaster has got a defrost function so all I have to do is pop the frozen bread in the toaster, press the defrost button and then it first defrosts the bread and then toasts it.

                  I love the reheat function as usually once I have made breakfast for my son and husband I find that my toast has gone cold, so I just put the toast back into the toaster, press the reheat button and I have lovely warm toast without the toaster going through the whole toasting process.

                  The toaster lever has a high lift function which is great as I can move the lever up and this raises the toast which makes getting the toast out a lot easier.


                  In the past with previous toasters I have had to turn the toaster upside down to get rid of the crumbs, but this toaster has got a crumb tray so I just slide out the tray and dispose of the crumbs!


                  We spent over £40 on our last toaster and in only lasted just over a year so with money being tight we had to opt for a cheaper toaster. We have been using this toaster for 6 months and I have to say that even though we only paid £15.99 for it this is my favourite toaster!

                  I love that if there is just one of us having toast we can just put one side of the toaster on which is more economical.

                  Considering this is quite a cheap toaster it is very sturdy and does not look as if it is going to fall apart unlike some other toasters I have seen.

                  There are a couple of downsides to this toaster one is the electric cord is very short, I had to move a few things around on my worktop so that my toaster would be able to reach the wall socket!

                  The other is there is no option for single sided toast which we had on our old toaster, luckily with the slots being so wide my husband is able to make single sided toast by putting two pieces of toast in together, not ideal but it does work.

                  White £15.99 - Argos
                  Silver £19.99 - Argos


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                    03.08.2011 13:13
                    Very helpful



                    I have got one very happy husband and son!

                    A few weeks ago I noticed on the hotdeals website that Argos had a SodaStream for £24.99 which is a very good price so we decided to purchase this machine as we had been after one for a while.

                    **Whats in the Box**

                    60 litre Gas Cylinder
                    1 sodastream bottle
                    1 licence

                    ** Setting it Up**

                    Our SodaStream model is a Jet, it is made out of plastic and is white in colour whilst the button on top of the machine is grey and so is the base.

                    When my husband was first setting up the machine he started to get annoyed because there was no carbonate bottle but there was a cap, so I asked him if the bottle was already inside the SodaStream and it was hidden inside the back where the gas cylinder goes!

                    Inserting the cylinder into the back of the machine is very easy, on each side of the machine is a grey button you just hold down the buttons so that you can slide the back off.

                    My husband had to remove the plastic seal on the gas cylinder and unscrew a plastic cap, he then screwed the cylinder in place and then put the back cover back on.

                    ** How to use it**

                    First of all you fill your carbonate bottle up with tap water to the wavy line that is marked on the bottle.

                    You then fit the soda bottle in place by holding down a big white button on the front of the machine and at the same time place the bottle in the front which you screw into place.

                    You then press the grey button that is on top of the machine a few times in short bursts until you hear the machine burp three times it makes a really weird noise which means it has finished.

                    A little tip if you like your water really fizzy leave it in the SodaStream for a couple of minutes because it will fizz up better.

                    You are then ready to make your drink, my husband likes diet cola so he fills the flavouring up into the cola cap and then slowly pours it down inside the bottle so that it does not fizz up too much. Then the cap goes onto the bottle and you gently turn the bottle so the flavour get mixed in, you do not want to shake it too much because you will lose a lot of fizz.


                    A 1 litre carbonating bottle comes with the kit, the bottle is made out of a clear plastic whilst the base and cap are white, the cap has got a hermetic sealing cap to keep the drink fizzy for longer.

                    The bottle is not Dishwasher safe but it is easy to wash in soapy water and then I rinse out all the bubbles.

                    There is an expiry date down the bottom of the bottle, the bottle will last for 3 years unless if gets damaged and it is BPA Free.

                    I was a bit confused as to why there is only a three year lifespan on the bottles and I did think that it was SodaStreams way of making more money. But it seems it is because the bottles are under a lot of pressure everytime they get used plus they can get damaged quite easily.

                    **Additional Costs**

                    If you need extra bottles they cost between £9.99 - £10.99 for a pack of two, we bought an extra pack for when my family come over.

                    £3.29 - per flavouring
                    £9.99 - gas refill if you exchange your old one.

                    **Refilling the gas cylinder**

                    In the box is a licence so when the gas cylinder runs out you can trade it in for another one, there are various shops that sell the cylinder which include Argos, Maplin and of course the SodaStream website.

                    Some people find it very hard to find a stockist but I did a google search before purchasing the machine and there are loads of shops in my area which offer a refill service.


                    One of things I like about SodaStream is that they sell various flavours and they even sell sample packs. Before we bought our SodaStream we checked that our local shops sold the flavourings so that there would be no extra expense with postage and packaging.

                    We went to The Range who had a wide variety to choose from, each flavouring costs £3.29 for 500ml which is the same price as the SodaStream website but you can sometimes pick up the cola flavours for £2.29 in Asda now and again.

                    Diet Cola
                    Pink Grapefruit
                    Dandelion & Burdock
                    Cream Soda

                    There are loads more flavours available on the SodaStream website.

                    **How much does it cost to make**

                    60 litres of gas costs £9.99 ( as long as you don't have to pay for postage), so this equals to around 16p per litre.

                    500ml of flavour (diet cola) costs £3.29 it makes 12 litres which equals to around 27p per litre of made pop

                    So 1 litre of sodastream diet cola will cost around 43p.

                    My husband usually drinks the Asda or Tesco brand of cola which sells for 49 - 59p a bottle for 2 litres so we are not saving any money by using the SodaStream.


                    When it comes to sweets, food and drinks I have to be careful as to what I give my son as he can become very hyperactive and for a long time he has been asking why he cannot have coca cola like his big cousins.

                    So as this SodaStream was on offer we decided to get it specifically so that my son can have a fizzy drink, we actually use his squash with the sodaStream and he absolutely loves it!

                    I have never been a big fan of the SodaSteam mainly because I remember the flavourings tasting really horrible years ago and well I would love to say that they have improved but the cola flavour is really yuck, think cheap cola from Asda or Tescos this stuff is 10 times worse!

                    My family on the other hand love the flavourings, at the weekend all my family got together for my birthday and my nieces loved trying out the different flavours.

                    Weighing up the cost of the flavouring, bottles, and gas I think the big major plus point is that we are no longer putting out 2 pink bags of plastic bottles every fortnight for the rubbish man and I do not have to find storage space for lots of bottles of pop!

                    We tend to make up a bottle of soda water and keep it in the fridge so that it is lovely and cold, we have got 3 bottles so if family come over we can easily make extra flavours.


                    Price varies as there are so many different verions of the SodaStream but keep an eye out for the special offers in Argos and Asda. We bought ours for £24.99

                    ** http://www.sodastream.co.uk/ **

                    There is a lot of information on the SodaStream website and you are able to buy flavourings and exchange gas cylinders.

                    **To End**

                    Flavourings are not to everyones taste but you could try experimenting with different cordials, fruit juices or like I said I use blackcurrant squash for my son.

                    5 Stars from me as my family love the SodaStream!


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                    • Whiskas Temptations / Cat Food / 66 Readings / 64 Ratings
                      More +
                      01.08.2011 14:50
                      Very helpful



                      A nice treat to keep my cats happy!

                      I have got two cats and I have to say they love their treats but they can be very picky on their brands!
                      A few months ago I spotted Whiskas Temptations for 70p in Tescos so I decided to buy them for Louie, the plan was if he did not like them I would give them to my parents cats who will eat anything!


                      The treats come in a purple plastic container that is in a shape of a cats face, there is a foil lid which has a picture of the Whiskas cat that appears on all their products and also a picture of the treats. The container also comes with a plastic clear lid that keeps the treats nice and fresh once you have removed the foil packaging.

                      Opening the tub the first thing I can smell is the cheese it is quite a strong smell, the treats are small rectangular in shape and are golden brown in colour.

                      The container does not say how many treats to give the cats so I have been on the website and there is hardly any information there. We tend to give the cats these treats twice a week and so they last for at least 2 - 3weeks depending on how many my husband feeds them!

                      ** What do my Cats think?**

                      Louie is 7 years old he looks like a Felix cat and in fact loves Felix products and usually hates Whiskas but he loves these treats. Whenever I shake the container he comes running into the living room and will nudge my hand until I open the lid, we have learnt to give him one treat at a time because if we were to place 3 or 4 down he would just gobble them all up in an instant!

                      Jessie is a year old and he likes to take his time with his treats so I can put 3 or 4 down, though we have to watch that Louie does not try and pinch them. When Jessie is eating the treats I can hear that they are a crunchy and he certainly enjoys them.

                      I also have to hide the container because Louie will try his hardest to get into the container and I once made the mistake of leaving the lid off whilst I was answering the front door I got back and Louie had finished off a whole container of treats!

                      It says on the Whiskas website not to give these to kittens until they have been weaned, well I remember we tried Jessie on a couple of these treats when he was around 6 months old and they did not agree with him. It is only in the last couple of months that we have tried him again on this product and he is fine.

                      **What Do I Think?**

                      Like I said earlier my cats are very picky with their brands and I have tried a few different treats with them in the past and they have always walked away from the treat after only giving it a little sniff!
                      Louie is completely addicted to these treats, each evening before feeding time he will sit on top of the tumble dryer and will gaze up at the cupboard in the hope that we will give him his treat.

                      There are two other varieties available Beef and Salmon which my cats will eat but their favourite is definitely the chicken and cheese flavour.

                      I think the only thing that lets this product down is the lack of information on the container and on the website, it would be nice to know how many treats is recommended for my cats. The writing on the container is in tiny tiny writing but it does have the following information :-

                      **Feeding Guide**

                      Fresh water should always be available
                      Store in a cool and dry place
                      Feed as a treat at any time of the day


                      Vegetable Protein Extracts, Cereals, Oils and Fats, Meat and Animal Derivatives (min. 4% Chicken), Milk and Milk Derivatives (min. 4% Cheese).

                      Price - varies from 70p to £1.40, usually I buy them in asda when they are on offer for £1.

                      Website - http://www.whiskas.co.uk/our-products-snacks-and-treats-whiskas-temptations


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                        31.07.2011 10:32
                        Very helpful



                        A bad survey site

                        I love doing surveys and am a member of various sites including Rewarded Opinions.

                        **Signing Up**

                        I signed up last year at http://www.rewarded-opinions.co.uk and the signing up process is very easy to do, you are asked to create a nickname and password. Then you are asked things like your name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address and occupation.

                        Once you have signed up you are sent an e-mail to confirm you are a member, you then need to go to the website and complete some profile surveys to validate your account.

                        **The Website**

                        The website is very basic compared to other survey sites, once you log in you there are buttons for Account, Points, News, Profiling Surveys and FAQ.

                        *Account - this has got all your info such as you name and address so you are able to edit your details very easily.

                        *Points - here you will find a list of surveys you have completed plus how many points you have earned. You need 2000 points to be able to put in for a paypal or cheque redemption, once you have got 2000 points you can click on the link which takes you to a new page and you are able to choose a payment option.

                        *Profiling Surveys - Theres a survey to validate your account, one for money,life and work and the third one is extra profiling points. By completing all three surveys you earn 170 points and the surveys take 5 minutes for each one.

                        One thing I do not like about this website is you cannot see what surveys are available, the only way you can take a survey is via e-mail with the links they send.


                        When a survey is available you are sent an e-mail which tells you how many points you will earn for doing the survey and all you have to do is click on the link and then you can begin the survey.

                        For a long long time I received no surveys from this site and then all of a sudden a few months ago I started to receive them on a daily basis but was forever screened out. I was going to give up but then I started earning points and so decided to stay with them.

                        At the moment I am receiving 1 - 2 survey invites everyday but I am no longer doing the surveys and will tell you why in a bit.


                        Each time you take a survey and complete it you earn points, so 100 points = £1.00. You need 2000 points to cash out which will give you £20. Some of the surveys are very quick for example a 100 points survey will only take 10 or 15 minutes which I think is quite good.

                        ***What do I think?**

                        I said I am no longer doing the surveys and the reason is this, at the beginning of June I put in for a paypal redemption it states on my profile that the payment would take 2 -6 weeks . I am now heading for my 8th week, I have sent a few messages and e-mails to the company and they have not replied.

                        Yes I know there can be delays but the fact that they have not even replied to my messages tells me that something is wrong especially as every other survey site I belong to their customer service is fantastic, any problems and I always receive a messge/e-mail within 24 hours max.

                        Last week I started to do a google search and have come across loads and loads of people who have not been paid by this survey site and I seriously doubt I will be paid so please avoid this site!

                        It is a pity because their surveys are really interesting and very easy to do, they do not get repetitive like some of the other surveys sites and you do not get screened out towards the end of the survey. I have always been screened out at the start of the survey which is great as it does not waste my time.

                        Anyway like I said avoid this site because you will not be paid, I will update my review if I do receive payment from them.

                        **Update 22/08/2011**

                        I have finally been paid and so have a lot of other people!


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                          24.07.2011 19:34
                          Very helpful



                          A fantastic Playset!

                          My son loves Toy Story but especially Toy Story 3 so last Christmas there were just two things on his wish list a train set and Toy Story items.

                          Whilst looking around in Toys R Us we found this Imaginext Tri-County Landfill and straight away my son asked if he could have it for Christmas.
                          Originally Toys R Us were asking £49.99 for this playset which is a lot of money for a toy but we managed to get it for £39.99 which is a more realistic price.

                          The toy is based on the landfill scene in Toy Story 3 where the toys find themselves in big danger with the fiery furnace!

                          **Whats in the Box?**

                          Buzz lightyear
                          3 aliens
                          garbage plough

                          The playset is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, the first thing we noticed about the set is how well made it is and also how bright and colourful it is. The building is in a light and dark blue whilst other parts like the crane are in orange and the conveyor belt is green.


                          Like I have just said the crane is bright orange which really stands out, there is a big black seat inside the cab where the aliens or the other figures can sit. On the side of the crane is a big arm, there is a red button on top of the arm which you can press and this opens up the claw which is at the bottom of the arm.

                          The arm can move and my son loves to pick up his toy story figures and save them from the fiery furnace, often I will hear him laugh because he has placed lotso into the furnace for being mean to the other toys!

                          Down the bottom is a red disc, in fact there are three discs on this playset which have footprints and basically you place Buzz or any other imaginext figure into the footprints and turn the figure. When you turn the figure the crane moves which my son thinks is pretty neat.

                          **Fiery Furnace and Conveyor Belt**

                          The furnace looks really cool, it is yellow in colour with the trap door being red. Again there is a red disc for Buzz when you turn the disc this opens or closes the furnace trap door.

                          There are two conveyor belts which come with trolleys, the first conveyor belt is fixed to the building, you can move the trolley and dump the contents onto the sorting wheel.
                          The second conveyor belt can be moved around and you can drop its load into the fiery furnace by moving the fiery furnace out from the playset.


                          Buzz Lightyear is a small figure he is around 7cm tall and is made out of plastic, you can move his arms and legs and Buzz can even go into a sitting position. I have to say he looks like the Buzz from tv, you can see his facial features and control panel but there is something missing... his visor!

                          Lotso is around 9cm tall, you can move his arms but not his legs. I was quite surprised how big he is compared to Buzz.

                          The playset also comes with 3 adorable aliens again the details on them are very good.


                          I have to say that out of all the toys my son received at Christmas the landfill is his favourite toy, he plays with this everyday and loves to come up with a story on how to save buzz and woody from the incinerator.

                          There are numerous ways your child can play with this toy, my son likes to put his 'rubbish' which comes with the set in the sorting bin so that it lands on a conveyor belt. He then moves the grey trolley along the conveyor belt and it gets tipped onto a sorting wheel. The rubbish then moves onto another conveyor belt and oh no it then lands up on incinerators trap door, he then uses the crane with one of the aliens inside to rescue Buzz and some of his other Toy story figures.

                          Please be aware that Woody and Jessie are not included with the set, we knew that my son would be very disappointed on Christmas Day if there was no Woody so we bought him separately which cost £7.

                          I really love Imaginext, my son has got a few of their toys and I have to say the quality is fantastic so it well worth paying the extra for these toys. The landfill has got a lot of colourful stickers which were already on the toy which is great as it meant I did not have to fiddle around trying to get them in the right place.

                          The only downside to the set is the orange scoop at the side of the building it keeps falling off which really annoys my son, we have tried over and over to get it to stay in place but nothing works.

                          **What does my son think?**

                          He thinks this is an awesome toy and is the bestest present ever!


                          Product dimensions (playset closed): 20" L x 6" W x 16" H
                          Product dimensions (playset opened): 20" L x 12" W x 16" H

                          Age 3- 8
                          Price - £49.99 Toys R Us


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                            21.07.2011 11:58
                            Very helpful



                            Cheap, cheerful and does the job for £1!

                            Whilst doing my shopping a couple of weeks ago I noticed this Alberto Balsam shampoo on offer for £1 in Asda. As I am trying to save money on my weekly shopping I decided to give this shampoo a go.


                            The shampoo comes in a cylinder plastic bottle which has a black flip top, one thing I like about this bottle is that you can see the contents which is great as most of the shampoos I use I am always left guessing as to how much is left in them.

                            The shampoo is a lovely green colour it reminds me of a granny smith apple.

                            On the front of the bottle is the Alberto Balsam logo and there is a picture of an apple, the shampoo is for normal/greasy hair and there is 400ml in the bottle.

                            On the back of the bottle are the ingredients, directions on how to use the shampoo plus there is a lot of information which includes "this juicy green apple shampoo is super fruity and will leave you and your hair feeling fresh and healthy" and "Hair smells as good as it feels!"


                            As soon as I open the lid I can smell the apples, it really is a delicious smell. The shampoo is quite a good consistency and does not slide off my hand like other brands.

                            The instructions say to use a good size dollop of shampoo, now I have very thick long hair and so I was expecting to have to use a lot more shampoo than stated but wow I have to say that you only need a small amount as it goes a long way!

                            It easily lathers up and very quickly my hair has lots of foam which amuses my son every time I wash my hair. I usually leave the shampoo on for a few minutes and then rinse it out. I find it very easy to rinse out my hair and what I really like is all the shampoo easily comes out leaving no residue and also because it cleans my hair so well I do not have to put on a second lot of shampoo.


                            After every use I get clean, fresh smelling hair that smells very strongly of apples. The scent lasts for at least 3 days which I love and my hair feels very soft and is very manageable.

                            ~What do I think?~

                            I have to say that when it comes to shampoos I always stay well clear of the cheaper brands mainly because when I use them I get an itchy scalp but I have had no problems using this shampoo.

                            I was not expecting this shampoo to be very good, in fact I was expecting the shampoo to be very runny and needing me to wash my hair a couple of times. So I was pleasantly surprised at the results especially as my hair has been getting tangled up a lot lately, with this shampoo I can easily brush my hair and remove any tangles without me saying ouch!

                            I love the apple scent but it is quite a strong smell so if you do not like apples I suggest you use a different product because the scent does last for at least 2 - 3 days.

                            Price - £1 Asda, Tesco, Poundland


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                              13.06.2011 12:05
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment



                              Kids will have lots of fun with these soldiers!

                              My son is a big Toy Story fan and so for Christmas last year he received lots of Toy Story presents including a bucket full of Army men.

                              The first thing I have to say about these army soldiers is the quality is fantastic! My son has had loads of different brands of army soldiers before which have always landed up in the bin because they have fallen apart or have been stepped on.

                              The soldiers come in a white plastic bucket which has a useful carry handle, there is a stars and stripes label and also a Disney Pixar Toy story Collection logo.
                              Also on the label is a picture of the soldiers it tells me that the bucket contains 72 soldiers 2 with parachutes and a certificate of authentication.

                              Removing the lid the first thing my son found was the certificate which he immediately put in his special drawer which mummy is not allowed to look in!

                              The soldiers are made out of a strong plastic which is quite flexible and I think is less likely to snap or break. Most of the soldiers stand on a strong base which means they easily stand up and do not fall over like other brands of soldiers. The detail of each soldier is very good and what I really love is even though you can see the facial features and details of the soldiers uniform there are no rough edges.

                              The soldiers come in 10 different poses here are some of my favourites :-

                              1. The mortar launcher - the soldier is in a kneeling position and is ready to drop his mortar into the launcher, in his other hand he is holding another mortar.

                              2. This soldier is standing up and is holding a handgun in his right hand and a pair of binoculars in his left hand.

                              3. This soldier is kneeling and has got a bazooka on his shoulder, you can see that he is looking through the sniper scope.

                              4. Next is a soldier who is saluting with one hand and you can actually just about make out the finger details! In his other hand he is holding a pair of binoculars.

                              5. There is a sniper who is in a crawling position and is holding his gun ready to take a shot at someone, this soldier does not come with a base.

                              There are two army men with parachutes these come in little plastic bags to stop them from getting tangled up. Each parachute is made out of a good quality plastic, my son has used these so many times he likes to stand on a chair and then lets go of them. We have had a lot of problems with the soldiers getting tangled in the string which can take a while to untangle.

                              **What Do I think?**

                              I have to say I am really surprised by the quality of these soldiers, when my son opened these at christmas I have to admit I thought that by the end of the Christmas they would all be broken and would land up in the bin!

                              My husband and brother have both accidentally stepped on these soldiers and wow not one soldier has been broken.

                              Each time these soldiers come out of the bucket my living room turns into a war zone! All the soldiers are put into different positions, some hide behind the Toy Story Landfill, others sit on top of Postman Pats van and helicopter.

                              The other day my son was playing with his army men when disaster! The soldier in the parachute got all tangled up with 2 other soldiers. So after trying for ages to unsuccessfully untangle him I decided the only option was to cut his strings. He has now been fixed with new strings and I have a happy little boy.

                              I really recommend these army men they are well worth £9.95 - Tesco

                              Age 3+


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                                06.05.2011 12:27
                                Very helpful
                                1 Comment



                                Your child will love this costume!

                                My son is a big Toy Story fan and back in the summer last year he needed a costume for a party, of course my son asked for a Buzz Lightyear costume so after doing a google search we had a look in a few shops and finally purchased this costume from Tesco's for £12.


                                The trousers are made out of a thin white material with a silver braid running down each trouser leg, because the material is thin my son wears jeans or shorts underneath. One thing I like about these trousers is they have an elasticated waist which is perfect for my son as he can easily put them on and take them off.

                                The bottom of the trousers are shaped like a boot and have a green strip which is made out of a silky material whilst at the bottom is a crinkly pearlescent material.


                                The top is like a tabard which is mostly white in colour but again has the pearlescent material at the front and around the edges, down the bottom is a black stripe which is made out of a Pvc plastic.

                                There is a also a pretend control panel which is slightly padded and is made out of a green Pvc plastic, the controls look like a Buzz toy but of course your child will have to use their imagination to come up with sounds. The control panel attaches to the front of the top with velcro tabs which is really good as you can remove the panel when you want to wash the top.

                                The front of the top is padded but the back is made of the same material as the trousers, also on the back are detachable wings which again are held in place with velcro and on each side of the top are velcro tabs which hold the sides of the top together.


                                The mask is made out of a foam material and I have to say it looks like a pretty good Buzz, the eyes are cut out so of course your child can see through them and there is a cut out for his mouth. On the back of the mask is elastic and there is a little piece of sponge padding inside the mask not sure what that is for though.

                                My son in the past has hated masks but he really likes this one and it fits quite well.

                                ~what do I think~

                                The outfit is made by Disney and I have to say it is very good quality and is well worth the £12 we paid for it, my son has had this costume for nearly 9 months and is still in very good condition.

                                The trousers on this costume in my opinion are way to long and will probably fit a child age 6/7, my little boy is nearly 5 and is tall for his age and the trousers are quite long on him.

                                The other problem with this costume is you can only sponge wash it which is just impracticable especially with this costume being white!
                                I have washed the costume in the machine with no problems but obviously I do not recommend that you do this.

                                My son has never really liked dressing up costumes mainly because he has got some co-ordination problems and until recently has found getting dressed a very hard thing to do.

                                I was expecting this costume to be left in the wardrobe with his other dressing up costumes but
                                I have to say he loves his Buzz outfit and not only does he wear it to parties he actually takes it out of the wardrobe and dresses up at home quite a lot and has great fun coming up with a story about Buzz!

                                This costume is not just for boys, my niece insisted that she wanted one for christmas and it looks really nice on her.

                                Price - currently £12.99 in Tesco's

                                Age 2/3 - Comes with a hat instead of a mask
                                Age 5/6
                                Age 7/8


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                                  21.04.2011 11:46
                                  Very helpful



                                  Can be used indoors but make sure you have a waterproof mat on the floor!

                                  My son loves playing with water and so last Easter we decided to buy him this sand and water table to help keep him entertained during the Easter holidays.

                                  The sand and water table came in a large box and there were assembly instructions on the back of the box which had 9 pictures, I found it very easy to put the table together and it only took a few minutes which is a good thing as I had a very excited little boy who could not wait to play with the water!

                                  The table is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, it has four chunky grey legs and basically you have to fit the legs to the base which is easy to do. The table has two basins one is yellow which we use for the sand whilst the other side is blue and is used for the water.

                                  Each side has a plug to make pouring the water away a lot easier though this does have a downside as my son has a lot of fun `accidentally` pulling the plug out which has resulted in water and sand going on the kitchen floor!

                                  With the table are two lids which are red in colour they neatly fit together on top of the table.


                                  With the table you get :-

                                  1.Blue plastic spade which is a reasonable size
                                  3.Various moulds such as a house and seahorse
                                  4.Water funnel

                                  This is a packaway table which is ideal if you have very little space in the garden or want to put it away for the winter, we have tried this and all the parts fit neatly inside.

                                  One of the first things we noticed about the table was after 8 weeks of being outdoors the red lid had started to fade and by the end of the summer it had completed faded.

                                  I also remember removing the lid one morning to find rain water and slugs inside the table! Not sure how the slugs got in as the lid fits together really well on the table.

                                  The table is quite low and my son is tall for his age but last year when he was 4 he could easily play with this table standing up.

                                  **One year On**

                                  Over the last few weeks my son has been wanting to play with the sand table so last week as the weather was so nice I decided to give the table a very good clean and was very surprised at how well it had survived the winter especially as we had a lot of rain over winter, the sand needed replacing as it had some moss or something growing over it but otherwise the table was in good condition.

                                  My son has grown so much since the summer that the only way he can now play with this table is by sitting on a chair or kneeling which does not bother him at all, he really enjoys playing with the water and getting himself wet!

                                  **Room To Play?**

                                  There are a couple of downsides to this table one of them being there is not enough room to play with the sand and water at the same time. Yes my son can build himself a small sandcastle and there is room for him to use one of the sand moulds that came with the table but what tends to happen is the sand lands up in the water which creates a very big mess and is a nightmare to clean up!

                                  The other problem is when water is poured in the water funnel the wheel does not turn because it is very stiff which makes it a useless item really.

                                  We paid £15 in a sale for this table and even though it does have some problems I would say that it was well worth the money as my son has so much fun. I have to say though I would not pay £30 for this product as there are much better sand and water tables available.

                                  Age 3 +

                                  Product Depth 18.5 cm
                                  Product Height 51 cm
                                  Product Width 61.5 cm

                                  Price £30 - Tesco


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