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      18.04.2009 13:18
      Very helpful



      PLEASE!! dont judge the crue by the album alone

      ---------------------------------- Overview-----------------------------------------------

      This is the 7th studio album release by motley crue on 24th June 1997, and sees the original line up reunite for the first time since the 1989 album Dr Feelgood after lead singer Vince Neil departed from the band, and for the last time until the bands most recent album saints of los Angeles which sees the return of drummer Tommy Lee.

      A lot of the songs on this album were written in collaboration with John Carobi the vocalist on the previous album, because he was replaced by original singer Vince Neil this started a huge legal battle between motley crue and John Carobi regarding rights to these songs.

      The cover art of this album sees 4 suited people with pig heads standing in front of an American flag. This album also contains the new updated logo that we first saw on the previous self titled album.

      Line up

      Vince Neil - Vocals
      Mick Mars - Guitar
      Nikki Sixx - Bass Vocals
      Tommy Lee - Drums, Piano, Vocals

      Track Listing (original album not any remastered version)

      1-Find Myself (2.51)
      2-Afraid (4.07)
      3-Flush (5.03)
      4-Generation Swine (4.39)
      5-Confessions (4.21)
      6-Beauty (3.47)
      7-Glitter (5.40)
      8-Anybody out there? (1.50)
      9-Lets us prey (4.22)
      10-Rocket Ship (2.05)
      11-A Rat like me (4.13)

      --------------------------------- My opinion -----------------------------------------------

      When first hearing about this album it was an exciting concept, I mean ..Vince Neil back and the original motley crue returning after a mildly disappointing previous album could this have seen a brilliant return to form not seen since almost 10 years previous.
      After seeing the album art and album name .. and not really being able to decipher the meaning, (I assume the album art is a dig at the American government or something?? but even so my excitement didn't subside... until I started to play the album and I realised just how bad this album was.

      For me this album is a HUGE disappointment and easily the worst motley crue album, maybe this was because it was releasedin a time were grunge and not glam metal was king and they needed to re find a niece or maybe it was because most of the song we written with previous singer jJohncarrobi in mind, and when he was replaced by Vince it seems non of the songs were updated to match Vinces higher vocal tone thus making the vocals never get into there stride or even begin to sound like the original sound of the crue or maybe I am just trying to make excuses for motley crue as I am a loyal fan, but either way this is a bad album and certainly not one that a new comer to the band should use as a start to there motley crue experience.

      The biggest disappointment for me on the album is that the original glam / metal roots seem to have been abandoned and the album never seems to settle on a particular style constantly straying into into punk, hip hop, metal, grunge and even psychedelic, this pattern varies from changing song to song and quite often changing style during one song giving the songs and whole album a very hectic, untidy and unstable sound and often seem to be trying to imitate popular bands of the time. Which is completely against the we will do what we want attitude which made motley crue famous originally.

      The following is a break down of the track listing as seen above and my opinion on each song

      1- Find Myself -
      The opening song worried me , the guitar riffs were really Really bad and the whole tune was all over the place, with no catchy hooks, awful lyrics and vocals. This sounded nothing like motley crue should sound . I was expecting something from the great band of the 80's but instead got something that sounded like it was wrote in a mums garage in the grips of teenage angst.

      This song is actually one of the better songs on the album, it was more of the sound I was expecting now my hopes were up again .. maybe the first song was a joke and meant to be bad or something .. yes that's it .. haaa motley crue with there jokes .. had me worried BUT wait about half way through the song the musical style changes and really sets the tone for the rest of the album to a more industrial nine inch nails type of sound.

      This song starts with a nice drum and bass intro, then the vocals kick in and once again completely contradict the rest of the sound, the lyrics on this song are pretty good, the trouble is vices voice seems to drone making it very hard to actually make out what he is saying. The overall style of this song seems to be going for that 1990s grunge feel and has a horrible fluttery sound effect on the guitar solo making the whole thing seem like a really bad soundgarden rip off attempt.

      4-Generation Swine-
      Considering the album was named after this song it inst up to much the intro riff is defiantly in the style of a punky (American skater punk), The vocals sound dreadful, The chorus of the song once again is in a different style to the verses and now sounds like im listening to janes addiction. This was just a really bad song, and my least favourite so far.

      Maybe because the last songs we so bad but this seemed to be a much better vocal performance and it once again seems like you are listening to motley crue again. Granted this would have been a throw away song on a previous album but I would take anything at this point. The trouble is the lyrics on this song are really bad and just seem to repeat over and over which gets very annoying after Vince has sang 'ahhh ohhh' for the zillionth time.

      This song although not exactly the same style you would expect from previous albums is the best on the album. It has a very catchy industrial riff and is sung by both Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil, Nikkis deeper voice matches this song perfectly and makes me wonder if the whole album would have been better with Nikki singing.

      Odd sound effects here reminiscent of an old Jon Bon Jovi Song, its not a bad song,the vocals are fine and it is a love song. The solo on this song is dyer once again, and has an annoying effect.

      -8- Anybody out there
      Very Punky riff,Not really a song or style I would normally choose to listen to, but at least the vocals and guitars seem to be working from the same song sheets which is something of a miracle on this album. And has a decent little solo.

      9-Let us prey-
      Throw away song

      10-Rocket Ship-
      this whole song is sung by Nikki Sixx and is mainly acoustic, its not bad seems to be more of an experiment than a serious song. And is quite short.

      I will leave this on a parting note as a motley crue fan .. please do not judge the rest of motley crues albums on this one alone.


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        11.04.2009 15:21
        Very helpful



        Great fun way to spend over an hour

        ---------------------------------- Overview------------------------------------------------
        You in the movies is a camera games for the xbox 360. You can buy the game separately if you already own an xbox live vision camera or for around £40.00 you can buy the box set including the full game and an xbox live vision camera.

        The game can be played with 1 up to 4 players and involves you playing mini games (reminiscent of the eye toy on the ps2) and scoring points. These motions are then cut and edited and the result is a often hilarious movie trailer containing you and your friend.

        --------------------------- Live vision camera------------------------------------------

        The xbox live vision camera is a small camera similar to a web cam that can be attached to you xbox, other than play games like in the movies or totem pole, the camera can also be used in many other ways, it can be used to video chat with your friend on line, you can take photos and use them as your own gamer picture, and it can also be used in some games to take a photo of your face and place it in a game- e.g. rainbow six Vegas can have players with there own face on there controlled character.
        The Camera connects to one of the controller usb sockets, this does take up one of the controller slots if you only have wired controllers but this does not matter too much as all of the uses for the camera only use 1 controller. It is roughly the size of a match box and has a grey ring around the lens, this can be rotated to focus the camera. It is also attached to a movable base making it possible to adjust the height and direction the camera is facing.

        -------------------------------------- Game play------------------------------------------

        After a brief and quite entertaining intro video which teaches you to set up the room and camera etc. you are taken to the main menu/ title screen. From the title screen on this game you have 4 options (some of which have to be unlocked with game play: here is the walk through of the options:

        ===Make a movie===

        This is the main mode you will be playing on the game, this is where you play the mini games and create your masterpieces,

        -After selection this option the next step is to choose your 'script' (the movie you will star in), there are 30 in total to choose from however most of these are locked at this stage, there are lots of movie types to choose from, from zombie movies, to super hero movies. Romance to ghosts. Choose your movie by reading the description of each and move on to the next step

        -The next screen is to check if the camera is in focus, there is now an image of your room or the side of your face if you were to close on the screen now, you can turn the focus wheel on the camera to make sure that everything is nice and clear

        -Next you are given a light meter to test if there is adequate light in the room.

        -after getting your lighting in the room correct the next step is to position the camera, you are given an outline on screen to test were you need to be standing so that everyone of differing heights can fit in the outline. You may need to shuffle some furniture around at this point.

        -after getting the camera set up and making sure all objects are out of the way you are taken to the cut out studio, this is where the camera separates the players from the background and basically takes a photo of your room with out anyone in it. This can be difficult to set up (see tips below). After this is set up correctly and you are happy with this its on to player selection.

        -up to four players can play this game making it great for parties but if you fancy being a star alone or with just 2 others this is okay as any missing roles are filled in by an actor.

        -Next is the role select, to select a role you place your head in the head shaped cut outs each with a role above the head. These can be anything from police man to evil mastermind so choose depending on your mood. now its time to play ....

        -its time to play some mini games. You are called up to take your place in front of the camera in turn,some times as a pair. there are many varieties of mini game such as throwing balls through hoops, hula hooping, running away from tornadoes or punching bags. Each game is clearly instructed by the voice over 'director'. There are 4 rounds of each person playing a mini game and these are separated up with a section called in the spot light, here you are asked to act a scene, for example.. ' act as though you are angry at someone' these sections are not scored and are for the purpose of filling in scenes in the final movie.

        -After all the rounds have been completed you get to watch the final movie, so shhhh all gather around and watch what could have been if you hadn't have decided to do a real job.

        -After the movie is finished the winner is revealed in Oscar nomination fashion and the option is given to save your movie, These movies can then be watched on the console or emailed to yourself,this is a really nice touch and I think there are many many many movies with me in them floating around my friends face book pages

        ===Movie theatre===

        This section is pretty self explanatory, in here you can go back an view all saved movies you have made, these have to have been saved after the movie has been completed, if you accidentally quit without saving the movie the first time around it will not appear in this section and there is no way of retrieving it.

        Your saved movies are listed neatly by movie title (which you can change yourself) and are listed in date order so you can always look back at when you made your film .. and wonder was that the best thing I had to do on valentines day?

        In this section you can also upload your movie as mentioned before and put on any personal website.

        ===Game options===

        Here you can change the lighting settings between natural and artificial, change the volume of music sounds etc. and manage saved games like in any other games options screen,

        However there is a hidden little feature in here that you wouldn't normally notice there is an option to play the mini games individually, this is great for getting some sneaky practice in before your friends or multiple personalities arrive.

        You can also view the credits from this section.

        ===Director mode===

        This option is initially locked but is quite quickly unlocked, here you can make your own movie script. You do this by choosing one by one, an existing scene from the movies that already exist in the game, you can put these in any order you like, you can then use the xbox live mic to record your own voice over.

        ------------------------------- my opinion--------------------------------------------------

        This is a great party game, and with so few of them around for the xbox360 a must have for anyone who wants to play against friends on the same console
        The end results are very funny and usually gets a good laugh out of everyone. And the game in general has some very nice features such as he create your own movie which could keep the fun going for a while after you have become bored of the movies on the game already. There is also scope that new movie scripts can be released to download through xbox live which will keep the fun going even longer.
        The box set is great value as cameras usually retail at around £30.00 on there own and you can put the camera to more uses than just playing this game. Another nice touch is the trivia questions that make the loading screens more bearable....but ...

        ..These really need to be there as the loading screens are painfully long, especially when you want to save your movie. This had taken up to 10 minutes for me before.
        I find this game very hard to set up, it is not just a case of plug in and go you have to move furniture around, and try over and over to get the lighting right, and when after 20 minutes of trying to give the camera what I wants you still set into the screen and have an arm or head missing this can get very infuriating, especially in a party environment. And this can sometime ruin the end film.
        Another bug bear with me and a lot of other people who play xbox id that players 2-4 do not receive the achievement points whilst playing as a group.
        And the final downside to this game is there is no quick option, in fact nothing is quick about this game. If you consider that setting up will take roughly 15 mins to set up the camera and room (hoping that everything goes right) and then a game with 4 players takes at least half an hour, one game can be eating into quite a lot of time.add beer, toilet stops and cigarette breaks to this long equation and we have something so long i this einstein would struggle working it out.

        ------------------------------------ Tips----------------------------------------------------

        -try to point the camera at a bare wall without pictures or doors if possible

        -act during the mini games, don't be afraid to act like a child! If its a zombie film and you are doing a run away from a tornado mini game, act like a zombie .. it makes the end result much better

        -Don't move anything during game play this will mess up the cut out studios photo and you will start getting missing limbs

        -constant artificial light works best so close curtains and put lights on and make sure you have changed the setting in options to artificial light.

        -Cats do not like being held up to the camera to make up the 4th player so don't attempt this


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        • Miami Ink / TV Programme / 48 Readings / 47 Ratings
          More +
          05.04.2009 16:09
          Very helpful



          Mindless entertainment

          ------------------------------------------over view -----------------------------------------------

          Miami Ink is a Hour long American reality TV Show following a tattoo parlour on the Miami south beach in its first year (this is the case as the of the first ) and moving through four other series.

          The Tattoo parlour is a business venture between Ami James and Chris Nunez called 305 Ink, and they are joined originally 3 other tattoo artists:

          Darren Brass- A graffiti style tattooist
          Chris Garver- Veteran and Amis teacher
          Yoji Harada - Apprentice to Ami James
          and later Kat Von Dee (who was later fired)

          The show contains various customers coming into the shop to get a tattoo normally with a back story for the reasons behind each individual piece. Some of these happy storys whilst some are genuinely heartbreaking. As well as normal members of the public coming into the shop the show has also enjoyed several celebrities including:

          Bam Magera (star of jackass and pro skate boarder)
          Randy Orton - (WWE Wrestler)
          Lloyd Banks- (Rapper)
          Reginald Fieldy Arvizu - (Rock star KORN)

          Amongst others.

          The show has spawned 2 spin off's. One being LA Ink which follows Kat Von Dee opening her very own studio after leaving the original crew of Miami ink and an English version called London ink which has no real links to Miami ink.

          In England this can be watched on the DMAX channel (Virgin channel 172) at varying times but repeats are shown often. The new series are usually debut on Sundays at 9.00.

          -INTERESTING FACT - after the fourth series the show stopped being produced. As Ami and Chris Nunez declined a new series The original site of the Miami ink Shop is now a retail clothes shop. And they have opened up a new shop in Miami.

          --------------------My opinion on the show -----------------

          I am a huge fan of tattoo art work and have quite a lot myself, so when I first started watching this show I was very interested, you saw how the everyday running of a tattoo parlour worked and you were given descriptions on what the various needles and inks could do, as well as the very impressive drawing skills

          However after a very short period of time this concept seemed to be abandoned and rather than the people being canvass for the tattoos the tattoos became canvass for the people to tell there personal stories, now I am not heartless and I admit some of these peoples stories and situations were genuinely moving whether it be over coming cancer to loosing a loved one ... but more and more the art took a back seat to these stories .. and more and more the stories started to scrape the barrel, such as having a tattoo for the death of a pet, and I may be odd .. but seeing an American couple being interviewed in tears about the death of there favourite pet gold fish or something else ridicules is not my idea of entertainment especially if I want to watch a show and learn about the art of tattooing. I was literally waiting for some body to go into the shop and when asked 'why do you want this' them to just answer 'meh I just want one' or 'because it will look cool' but no ....

          Then by the point of the second series the ratings must have increased with this tactic because there was even more crying, sob stories and relationship issues amongst the tattooists themselves sometime resulting in shouting and arguing, when this isn't happening we have to watch the cast attend parties or going to buy a new bike. And I am wondering 'where are the amazing tattoos?', don't get me wrong there is still a lot of tattooing (so long as it has an over blown story to back up its reason) but the tattoos they do are not what I would call amazing pieces of art, little butterfly, fairies and flowers are common place (often not actually having any relevance to the given back story). And seeing an amazing piece of art like full sleeves or back pieces. And maybe they should make a show about my tattooist if they want great drawings and art (hope he reads this and gives me discount)

          All in all I think that if shouting crying American reality TV shows ala Hogan knows best, Osbournes etc are your thing you will enjoy this show. If you are a fan of tattoo art work I would stick to another show such as ink wars. as this show seems more focused on pulling heart strings, showcasing weirdos and name dropping for B Rate celebs


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            04.04.2009 10:21
            Very helpful



            Brilliant book!

            TYPE- Post apocalyptic Horror fiction
            PRICE- £6.99 as printed on book
            PAGES- 534 as in paperback edition

            ------------------------------------ Basic Plot ----------------------------------------------
            This book is set in England in what we are to assume is present day,
            The book itself starts with a brief page of a man running through the a wasteland that the world has become, this is confusing at the time but soon becomes apparent and this is followed by some fictional 'eye witness' reports that seem so heart felt they could have been real.
            The story opens straight away at a teenage house party just outside the city of Leeds and gives a really light hearted setting to introdce the charaters into the story.This gives a nice contrast to the suspense of the rest of the book and i often found myself think .. remember how these people used to be as if i actually knew them.
            after various happenings and introductions at this opening scene the story really starts to 'heat up' excuse the pun.
            The idea for this book is that the earth is heating up from the inside out, this causes various problems as you would imagine. The initial problems this causes is burst water mains and gas pipes leaking toxic fumes, to burning fields to forcing refugees to flock away from citys and running out of food.
            We follow a group of friends trying to survive in this ever increasing nightmare and stick with them through all the problems they face, be it enviromental, rabid refugees turned canibal or relationship problems within there own tribe.
            as well as the increasingly baron landscapes and deminishing food supplies the survivors have another problem being the mysterious 'grey men' that appear to to increasing in number.

            This is really a story of human endevour (sorry thats such a cliche) and the terror in this book not only comes from the fact the world is being destroyed, or horrible monsters... but what we would act like if this kind of situation happened.

            ------------------------------------Writing style -----------------------------------------
            the book is written in the first person of the main character (see next section) for the most part and gives you alot of in depth thoughts and opinions. The style ofwriting is not hard to read in the slightest and i never found myself flicking back several pages to remember who said what, infact this is the only book i have ever read that when i think back to it i remember as though i saw actually there and it even brings feelings back. i will definatly be reading more simon clarke novels if there are all written so well.

            ------------------------------------Charaters ----------------------------------------------
            The charaters in this book are fantastic, the main charater is Rick Kennedy, this is the person whos thoughts you hear and opions you come to agree with, he is basically a normal english late teens early twenties guy, he plays guitar,likes a local girls and relaxing with his friends (prehaps why i related so well to him)
            The other main Characters in the story are Ricks older brother, who is just visiting from America when the whole fiasco starts. As the older of the group he takes the role of the leader of the group.
            Other characters include Kate, Ricks love intrest, and a whole group of friends, including a very strange girl that Rick and his brother resuce. she has a whole is she good is she bad vibe throughout the book.
            We also have another tribe introduce later in the book, being a buch of homeless, who obviously are thriving in a situation where they need to survive.

            ------------------------------------My Opinion ---------------------------------------------
            This is honestly the best book I have ever read, i kept me gripped and literally could not put it down, i would sometimes be awake until 3 in the morning reading this and arrive at work the next day unable to keep my eyes open (obviously i told them i was out partying all night to keep my integrity)
            After i had finished it, it played on my mind for weeks after and i would find myself thinking, I wonder what would happen if ... In my opinion that is the sign of a good book / movie. if you cant remove it from you brain or let go your worry for the characters.

            -----------------------------------Other reviews ------------------------------------------
            the other reviews printed on the back of the book state:

            'The hottest new Purveyor of horrific thrills currently working on these shores'

            'Readers will relish clarkes uncomplicated cocktail of chlorophyl and human blood' (okay im not quite sure what that meant either)


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              03.04.2009 21:42
              Very helpful



              Does the series proud

              -------------------------------------- Overview ------------------------------------------

              This is the latest Wrestling game in the wwe Smackdown vs. Raw series created by jakks,This games sees improved graphics over it predecessors and a variety of old game modes and features returning along with a whole bunch of new game modes, features and match types. The game contains about 55 basic wrestlers from wwe programming and a further 9 to be unlocked through game play. there are also a lot of new match types, and other options to be unlocked through game play as well as announced downloadable content to be released onto the Xbox live market place.(released 3/4/09 for the price of 320 microsoft points). The game can be played with up to 4 friends on the same consol or with up to 3 others online via Xbox live. The following is a list of the features in the game with brief description. Followed by my thoughts and feelings on the overall game playing experience.

              ------------------------------------------ ROSTER -----------------------------------------

              Ashley The Great Khali Michelle McCool
              Batista Hardcore Holly Micki James
              Beth Pheonix JBL The Miz
              Big Daddy V Jeff Hardy Mr Kennedy
              Big Show Jesse Boogyman
              Brian Kendrick John Cena Jimmy Wang Yang
              Candice John Morrison mvp
              Carlito jtg Paul London
              Chavo Gurrero Kane Randy Orton
              Chris Jericho Kelly Kelly Rey Mysterio
              Chuck Palumbo Kofi Kingston Santino Marella
              CM Punk Lance Cade Shad
              Cody Rhodes Layla Shawn Michaels
              Edge Maria Shelton Benjamin
              Elijah Burke Mark Henry Tommy Dreamer
              Festus Matt Hardy Trevor Murdoch
              Finlay Melina HHH
              Umaga Undertaker Victoria
              William Regal

              Curt Hawkins Mr McMahon Tazz
              Jillian Ric Flair Tony (Story player)
              Masked Man Snitsky Zach Ryder

              --------------------------------------- Game modes ------------------------------------

              Here any of the match types in the game can be played with up to 4 friends or against the computer, the difficulty can be changed to match your skill. The matchs can be selected to have a championship on the line. This is a good mode to play with friends or create your own story lines

              ===Match Types===
              ONE ON ONE - Normal Match, Inferno Match, First Blood Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell, Iron Man, Ladder, Last Man Standing, Normal Submission, Table, Table Ladders and Chairs Match, Steel Cage, Backstage Brawel, ECW Extreme rules match

              TWO ON TWO - Tag Team Match, Tornado Tag Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell, Ladder Tornado tag, Steel Cage tornado tag, Tables ladders and chairs tornado tag, Table Tornado Tag, Elimination Tag, ECW Extreme rules Tag match

              TRIPLE THREAT - Normal, Falls count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Steel Cage, Table, Table Ladders and chairs, ECW Extreme rules
              FOUR WAY MATCHES - Normal, Falls Count any where, over the top rope battle royal, hell in a cell, Ladder, Stell cage, table, Table ladders and chairs, ECW Extreme rules match

              6 MAN MATCHES - Over the top rope battle royal, Normal 6 man tag, Elimination Chamber, Armageddon hell in a cell, Money in the Bank ladder match

              HANDICAP - Gauntlet, 1 vs 2, 1 vs a tag team, 1 vs 3, 1 vs 3 man tag, 2 vs 3 tag match

              ROYAL RUMBLE - 10 man, 20 man, 30 man

              --My WWE--

              ===Roster editor===
              This is a new mode in which you can fully manage the current roster including all unlocked and created superstars, here you are given a list of all the wrestlers in alphabetical order, from this list you can enter a superstars 'card' here you are given a picture statistics, finishing move list and attributes. You can also customise the superstars preference between being a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy' which effects how the crowd react to the (these can even be changed for the basic roster so you can turn a normally good guy into a baddie for your own entertainment) You can also remove and add championship belts to wrestlers so you don't have to actually beat the champion in a match to give the championship to somebody else.

              ===Highlight Reel===
              You can create and view your saved Highlight reels here which is a new feature were you save portions of a match during game play and can come to here to create a vedio clip in which you can add sound, effects etc and share them online

              Here you can change the difficulty settings,sound options, Screen settings etc to your liking. You can also view the credits and input cheat codes from this screen

              -----Road to wrestlemania-----

              This is basically the story mode for the game, this is much more limited than previous story modes ad can be played through only with the following superstars
              by playing through this mode you unlock the various unlockables in the game by playing through lots of cut scenes, matches and various challages onyour chosen superstars road to wrestlemania.

              -------Game modes-------

              Under this heading you have the following options

              ===Career mode===
              This is a mode in which you can choose any superstar to play for a particular championship belt, this works like the old story but it has no cut scenes or story and is litterally a list of matchs you have to win to get the belt and then move on to the next, this is the ONLY way to increase created superstars statisics in this game.

              ===Tournement modes===
              Here you get to choose one of 2 preset tournements or compltley create your own. By creating your own you can edit every aspect from the number of branched matches there are, to the match type (as above in exhibition) to wether it will be for a championship title. the following are the preset match types
              KING OF THE RING- a standard elimination tree tournement with the winner being named king of the ring
              BEAT THE CLOCK - supers stars compete in various matchs, the superstar who beat there oponant the fastest after all matches are complete is the winner
              You can save midway through a tornement and come back to it at a later date

              -------Create modes-------

              One of the most original and in depth create modes returns in 2009

              ====Create a finisher====
              A very basic tool for creating finishers, there are basically set parts of moves that fit together, there is not much room for creating anything to original here but i great tool that can be improved on in later games. you can only make facing the front finishers.

              ====Create A Superstar====
              as with all the smack down vs raw games this is a very indepth create system here, you can create and edit any part of you created superstar from face,hair,beard to clothes tattoos hand size .. everything. this is good for making your own original wrestlers to add to the roster or for making past ledgends of wwe (many create models can be found on the internet)

              ====Create an entrance====
              Here you can edit a current superstars dramatic ring entrance or create a unique entrance for your created superstar, here you can change the wrestkers motion, the lighting effects, fireworks,firework timing and the best part add your own custom music from you xbox 360 harddrive so now a computer game wrestling version of you can come to the ring to you favorite song.

              ====Create a move set====
              Finally you can edit a current wwe wrestlers moves here or give your own jobber a custoised move set, this can take some time but there a litterally thousands of moves and motions to choose from to really bring your superstar to life.


              This is basically the same a exhibition apart from you can play against people from all over the world. There is also a leader board system and a star ranking system to compare yourself agains the world

              ------------------------------------- My Opinion -----------------------------------------

              This game does the series credit and is as true a representation of the wwe television programming as you can get, the graphics are fantastic and a lot of time has gone into making the superstars look and move like they should giving the game an authentic experience, there has defiantly been more time spent on some of the 'big' name superstars than the average ones but still all look great. As well as the superstars the areas are mindblowingly good, the stage looks as though you are watching a live event and the crowd though a little boxy are much improved from the 'cardboard cut outs' of the past.

              The controls are much simpiler than in other titles, maybe this is to appeal to a broader audiance, this does't reall take anything away from the game play it just stop you being able to hide the 'how did you do that' secret from your friends

              There are plenty of game modes to get into here, and I seem to keep entertained by playing exhibition and creating my own matches and superstars to be in them, the create mode is incredibly detailed and this is a personal favourite feature of mine (who doesn't like creating a wrestler version of themselves and there brother and hitting him with a steel chair???) and these games can usually hold my interest until the next instalment is released and this is no exception.

              Now the bad sides, the online on this game is dyer, there seems no point in playing, especially with the amount of spoil sports online who quit every time they start to loose thus ending the game, there seems to be endless glitches that people exploit to ruin the completion aspect. The option to download other peoples home made videos off line is also quite pointless, although I have seen some impressive videos made they take a long time to download and take up a large amount of you memory to keep them. In fact the whole create a highlight reel feature is a big waste of time full stop, it is difficult to use and for no benefit.
              Another downside I find with all these games is that there is never much difference in the in ring action, the moves always seem the same and the commentary has gotten annoying after listening to the same things for the past 4 years.
              And anybody .. please tell me .. why did they remove the general manager mode from this game??

              Overall well worth the money, a must have for wrestling fans that can last as long as you want it to, and fun to play with friends even if they are not fans of the televised programming


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                31.03.2009 23:02
                Very helpful



                a must have for crue fans,and a must try for rock/metal fans

                -----------------------------------Overview of CD------------------------------------------
                Saints of Los Angeles is the 9th full studio album to be released by the American glam metal group Motley Crue.and is a return to form for the crue. in my opinion this is the best Motley Crue album since 1989s Dr Feelgood after a string of dissapointlingly unpopular album in the 90's and early 00s

                This album is performed by the original line up being:
                Vocals-Vince Neil
                Guitar- Mick Mars
                Bass- Nikki Sixx
                Drums- Tommy Lee
                The album also has some input from nikki sixxs Sixx AM partners D J Ashba and James Michaal, the album was also produced by James Michael.

                The albm cover is a cross made out of 4 women set on a white plain background.

                This CD Was otiginally to be named the dirt after the popular autobiographical book of the same name, like the book the album attempts to tell the story of motley crue, almost like a sound track to accompany the book in such a way as Nikki Sixx achived with his book and CD the herion diarys. Unlike the Herion diarys Saints of los angeles is not telling an album long story but more a group of short tails from Motley Crues storied past. Some are easy to link with famous event others are a little more difficult to work out, I will as i list the tracks attempt to put my views across for the tracks but please remember that for each person that listens to this albm will interperate them differently.

                ------------------------------------Track Listing---------------------------------------------
                1- LAFM-
                This is the intro to the album and not a song as such, fans of past albums will find this reminisent of the TNT intro on the Dr Feelgood album, This intro basically sets the theme of the album, there is a voice over to describe (in so many words) that out of all the wannabe stars to raise in LA ouly several wil make it .. and that for these it will be a life of excess joy and misery

                2-face down in the dirt-
                This song flows straight of the back of the intro, It is a good catchy riff and chorus to this song, a good solid Motley Crue song, at this point of listening to this album i was looking forward to the rest as is seemed like this was an instant return to form for the crue.

                3-Whats it going to take to make it-
                A song that drives the story forward,although a full length good song this seems almost like a type of intermission, a turning point in the story were the band asks itself what t7do we need to do to stand out

                4-Down at the whiskey-
                This song is about the early days when the band would play gigs in a small club called the whiskey, were alot of famous bands got there start, the song is the closest thing to one of the old glam rock ballads you will get on this CD, it is of a similar looking back remembering tone as 'Home sweet home' but much more upbeat.. this for me as a motley crue fan shows a difference in the motley crue song wrighting going from songs about missing home and not wanting to be on tour to songs looking back with joy at the start of there careers.

                5-Saints of Los Angeles-
                The title track on the album is one of the best on the album, it is a good old fashioned Motley Crue song with lyrics about excess and decadence. The song is very up beat and i enterperat the song to be about an ambitious young motley crue making there mark .. hence the lyric ' one day you will confess .. and pray to the saints of Los Angeles.This song in particular has a fantastic Solo that starts mid way through the song and continues to the end with the vocals over the top.if you are looking for a sample song when deciding whether to buy this i would suggest this song.

                6-Animal in me-
                To me this is the most throw away song on the album, it has a very dark riff and tone, i am assuming this song has something to do with Motley Crues various drug and drink problems, but the lyrics make this hard to be sure about,

                7-Welcome to the machine-
                This has alot more of a heavy metal feel to it than motley crues normal glam/sleaze songs,although as with the aminal in me, it is very hard to figure out the message this song is trying to point out, but an enjoyable song non the less

                8-Just another psycho-
                This is a good song with great lyrics again the story seems to be lost during the last couple of songs, Individually they are good songs but the album seemed to loose its direction, luckily this picks up...

                This is a really good song,it is typical motley crue style with the kind of rebellious feel as Girls Girls Girls, this one instantly drew my attention as the words CHICKS=TROUBLE is scraweld all over nikki sixx book the herion diarys that i enjoyed reading recently and from reading this book i determin that this song is telling the story of countless lovers and failed relationships,not to mention the countless amount of gold diggers after the bands fortunes

                10-this aint a love song--
                This is probably my favorite song on the album, it is a great upbeat song, the story is pretty obvious from the title.

                11-White trash circus-
                This is probably the most radio friendly soong on the album, this songis an overview of Motley Crues life and the public and medias opinion of them, a great song that really gives you a feel for the decadence of the worlds most infamous rock band

                12-Going out swinging-
                This is probably the best ending song to an album i have ever heard, were most bands opt for a slower song to tone down the end of an album, motley crue in true crue style challange this, not only is it a great uplifting song it also fits great with the story of the development of the enigma that is motley crue, it brings us up to the present and the future for motley crue stating that motley crue will not just fade away.....

                ------------------------------------My opinion-----------------------------------------------
                This is a great album, it has an idea of telling a story and for the most part it sticks to it, granted the point is difficult to understand at some points but the sound and enjoyablity maintain the feel of the album, all band members have not lost a step, Vince Neils Voice sounds as good if not more matured than he did 20 years ago, Mick Mars brings some great solos and hard rocking riffs to the album,Tommy Lee as always in totally uncomparable and will always remain the best drummer in the world and Nikki Sixxs song writing and bass playing has greatly improved over the years.

                This is definatly a return to form, i think the idea of telling tails of the old life is a very clever way of inserting that attitude into the album that the band had in there heyday.and dare i say one of the best aside from Dr Feelgood. There is not a bad song on this album all are solid and well written. i am very interested to see if the more mature band can still insert that old decadence into there next album. and continue the leagacy that is Motley Crue


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                • Russell Howard - Live (DVD) / DVD / 42 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                  30.01.2009 06:33
                  Very helpful



                  Great to watch .. feel slightly cheated out of £14.00 though

                  Another regular on mock the week releses a dvd of live material.
                  (There is a quick guide review at the end of the main reveiw if you are lacking in time)

                  Title - Russell Howard Live(2008)
                  Rating - 15
                  Features - Full length stand up set
                  Tour Footage
                  Price - £10.00 - 15.00
                  Discs - 1

                  FULL LENGTH SET
                  During the first 15 minutes of this DVD the sound production seemed terrible, almost as if it had been recorded live and not been edited (like on the special feature tour footage) making it very difficult to hear and too be honest i thought i would be unable to watch the rest of the DVD due to this, but it seemed that after 10 - 15 minutes the sound editors began to sort themselves out and th equality picks up.

                  So after now being able to hear Russell I found this DVD to be very enjoyable. alot of jokes will already been heard by fans of mock the week / Would I lie to you or anyone who saw his performance at live at the apollo, but there is also alot of new material in there as well. All the jokes bring the same babbaling madness that you would expect from Russell

                  If you have never been privalaged with witnessing Russell Howards style before he brings an excitable enthusiasm and uses 'harmless' observational comedy very similar to the style of Ross Noble. There is plenty of strong language in this earning it a 15 Rating, But the jokes all have a school boyish charm and out look to them, which is very funny and the content is not bogged down with Race / Religion / Political / or cheap insults on the crowd although all of these are touched on with Russells own unique outlook.

                  TOUR FOOTAGE
                  This special feature on the DVD is similar to that on the Franki Boyle Live DVD, It follows Russell on his tour around England and Wales including interviews, some very funny thoughs on his visits and low quality footage from various sets around the country. Some times the quality can be so poor you are unable to hear what the joke is which can be annoying but all in all a funny selection that you will enjoy watching as an accompnyment to the full set on the disc (Plus you get to see how different Russell looks wearing glasses)

                  This has the same complaints from me as the other channel 4 produced DVD i have reviewed being Franki Boyle live.
                  Dicounting the afformentioned 15 mins of low quality sound on the actual show there doesn't seem to be much to watch here, once you have enjoyed watching the main set on the DVD which is not much mure than an hour long and then the short tour special feature there is not much point in this DVD tkaking a trip to your DVD player again.

                  Also as with the Franki Boyle DVD the packaging is poor, It looks almost bootlegged. It comes in a standard DVD case. The cover art on this is appauling (i think i could have put more effort in at home on my laptop) It only contains the 1 disc and no accompnaying notes or booklet, so on this score i felt a little bit cheated out of my £14.00

                  OVERALL QUICK ROUND UP
                  Very funny,harmless,exciting show, not exactly one to watch over and over and you may haveheard plenty of the material on other shows such as mock the week

                  -Funny original comedian
                  -What extras there are are enjoyable
                  -Homour for al ages (above 15 of course!!)

                  -Poor sound for part of set
                  -Lack of extra material/short show
                  -Poor packaging / Presentation


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                    29.01.2009 00:31
                    Very helpful



                    Great online game, and it has zombies make your friends buy it though

                    Left for deads story takes place 2 weeks after the original outbeaks of zombies has taken place,so some have started to evolve.the zombies themselves are not your traditional dumb slow smelly guys who cant sneak up on someone without saying 'brainssss', think remake of dawn of the dead or 28 days leter, these guys run at you from no were screaming and normally with a few friends to back them up. you choose to play as one of 4 characters for the story mode. The game starts of in uban America like many zombie flicks and moves through various locations incuding sewers, hospitals and my most memorable part a corn field were you can barly see you own hands in front of you.

                    Single player story mode- here you play through all the stoey missions aided by 3 computer friends.
                    Coop- This is were this game holds its own the coop mode is the same storys but with 3 whimpering friends to ide .. i mean help.
                    Versus- a nice concept the same story missions but you and friends can choose out of the surviviors or several zombie characters

                    This game is a first person shooter , the scary content is countered by the arcady style of the game making for a nice contrast,an example of this is the end of each 'zone' you are given scores of how many killed,least damage taken etc. the game adapts to how you play as you go altering difficulty/amount of zombies to how well you are performing.for me this game works best online with friends.
                    the structure of the game is level based and also very arcade like, with a go from here to here shut the door get ammo and do the same again, with sevaral bosses on the way. The graphics are good and you rarely see 2 of the same zombie attacking you.I also found myself reading the survivors graffitie on the walls , thinking 'poor guys' :-)

                    Quick round up
                    -Great coop game
                    -Graphics are good
                    -Great maps and apparently future downlaodable content
                    -versus mode ifyou (like me) are a zombie sympathiser
                    -hear your big though mates scream alot

                    Down sides
                    -Not enough levels for my liking
                    -not many wepon choice, seems to be a basic shotgun/machine gun or and better versionof these
                    -Story quite hard to follow
                    -mates get to hear you scream

                    This game is a great zombie game,and also one of the best online coop games i have played. it is not as good as a single player game as on your own you may notice the lack of features and similarity in the levels.

                    If you want zombies online get this , if you want to take zombies on alot get dead rising!


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                      27.01.2009 00:26
                      Very helpful



                      okay im insane ... but still sane enough to realise it

                      ONLY 5??

                      Okay this is an odd review .. it is like i am reviewing all my own downsides. okay...

                      1. I CAN'T SEE IN 3D! yup its true, I have a stigmatism which is something to do with the shape of my lense (i think) bouncing he light around in my eye strange, everything seems flat, i remember a lengthy discussion with a friend who couldn't understand the concept that just because things didn't stick out to me doesn't mean i think they are flat and that i dont think a football will just bounce off the flat net when i score a goal.
                      He had another type of common stigmatisim, a brain stigmatism which bouce the thoughts around a mis shapen brain and they come out flat and stupid.
                      so next time you look at all those lumpy bits in a carpet or grab a door handle the first time around think of me and count yourself lucky !!

                      2.I get fixated on strange things and swear i have OCD , like things that are not even bug me, i count steps, have to make sure all the knifes and forks and spoons face the correct way in the drawer and that the spines of books dont get bent whilst reading them, and i seem to force myself to remember everything such as, what was the colour order of those 3 buses in the bus station (it was red red blue orange if you were wondering). okay this is probably maxed out my 5 limit but i am grouping all these under heading 'MENTAL PROBLEMS''

                      3- I ACTUALLY LOST A PAIR OF GLASSES WHILST WEARING THEM! yes its true, i woke up with a headache, thought should really wear my glasses i am supposed to wear for my eye malfunction (see chapter 1 - 'i can't see 3D' so i put them on .. and being a bit vain.. i mean self concious i kept checking that i didn't look like napolian dynamite on the way to the bus so i knew i was wearing them ... just before the bus stop i thought i would check one last time incase my face had changed .between this shop and the last. looked in the shop window and...Guess what .... no glasses! ! never did find them, maybe il see a cat walk past me wearing them one day.

                      4 I THINK ABOUT ZOMBIES TO MUCH
                      WAY TOO MUCH
                      i have come to the conclusion that it is not healthy to be23 and think about zombies most of the day, i have actually mentally made a plan incase of onslaught and figured out how to turn my loft into a zombie fort, it has gotten to the point that i think this maybe my calling , andm worried that if zombies don't start to take over the world before i die that i would have wasted my life (and an obvious talent).

                      5 ME
                      okay this is a new entry that has just beat 'cant spell' and it has made number 5 in the last 10 mins, I have discovered thanks to dooyoo that i have subconiously listed all my personal problems .. and numbered them, This isn't a normal thing surly? does a normal person think of problems such as;
                      'problem 23-Henry the hoover looks like a nice guy but he cant hold a decent conversation' and then numbered it ??
                      And then to top of the strangeness of this i have willing told people about it!!??! and all my other little misadventures and inperfectons

                      Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully i am not the strangest person in the world! and if you are qulifyed in helping people with mental probems or spelling feel free to message me


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                        13.01.2009 20:57
                        Very helpful



                        Any fan of metal should definatly buy this,

                        Finally a new metal band that seemed to have moved away and sticks a middle finger and the awful emo rubbish that seems to be popular at the moment.

                        Whenever any band are given the label 'metal' these days it instantly conjours up images of dreads, pink twisted beards head banging and a singer growling un-understandably down a mic (and they still manage to include lyrics with the booklet), but dont let this stereotype pigeon hole Avenged Seven Fold. They have some of the best vocals a have heard on any metel record, with as much range as the great sebastian bach. Great guitaring with riffs that would not be out of place in iron maiden or metallica with solos (yes actual solos) that even slash would be proud of.

                        City of evil and The self titled album are the most popular of the avenged sevenfold albums, maybe due to the change in vocal style since the old days, this album is slightly more comercial than city of evil, but i actually perferre this album. The songs are well written and although less heavy and really allow the musical talent to shine through

                        SONGS (10 no bonus tracks)
                        This album opens with 'Critical acclaim' probably one of the heaviest tracks on the album and remenisant from the previous album (city of evil)

                        Almost easy is an instant radio hit,its a no mess metal song has a great catchy riff and lyrics

                        Scream is probably one of my favorites on this disc, it like all the songs has a great riff.

                        Afterlife is another that could easily be a radio hit, it has lots of tempo changes.typical A7F song

                        Gunslinger is quite odd, it is an excelent song but this is were the experimentation shines through and A7F seem to break there usual mouldas it has a very cowboy movie theme and sound to it

                        The next songs are usual a7f hard riffs and fast solos Unbound, Brompton cocktail, Lost These always remind me of songs such as iron maidens stranger in a strange land or metallicas saniterium .. great songs .. but people always seem to forget about them .. no one has ever said 'my fav iron maiden song is 'caught somewere in time'

                        Little peice of heaven has grown on me, it is a strange song and always brings images of a strange nursery rhyme villan with a big nose... not sure why .. maybe something hidden away in my self concious that i shouldn't investigate .. or maybe the strange nursery rhyme sound it has

                        Dear god is a nice ine to end the album on,it is alot slower than the rest and ends the album in the old fasioned rock way of start with a heavy song making the song gradually slower to the last.

                        The album art on these seems to me to be an attempt at the most famous metallica album.. (the black one) it has no title no one is eer sure what to reffere to it as and you really have to be looking for this album and know the bands logo to have any clue what it is. not sure of the point of this but hey, i havent sold millions of albums that didn't need a name to sell. Mine came in a jewel case with a booklet including all the lyrics and photograhs of band and the cd have an identical sticker to the album cover

                        This is completly dependant on where you get it from I have seen it ranging from £5.00 - £15.00 so shop around

                        a couple of songs can tend to sound the same as ea other (such as the aformentioned 'forgotten' songs.. and for quite a few listens if my missus said 'put the one on that goes like ...' i would not be able to instantly remember which song and would have to go through the 'is it that... no, skip, is t that? maybe ... skip' game.
                        Also though i love the singing on this album he is not exactly what you would called classical trained, although there is alot of singing , there is also a fair amount of growls and screams which i appreciate is not everyones cup of tea.

                        A definate must buy for fans of metal


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                          12.01.2009 08:10
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          Read as part of the series not as a stand alone

                          Don't be fooled by the title this book has little resembalence to the film, as most people who have read the Ian Fleming 007 series know is quite often the case.

                          Like the film this books plot is set in Japan were a broken down james Bond distrought about his wifes death (What we would diagonose as depression in todays day and age) is sent by M and the secret service on one final mission to try and sap him out of it.

                          The mission is simple to kill blofeld who is osing as a biologist in an old castle just of the coast of Japan.

                          He is aided by Tiger Tanaka and Kissy Suzuki (other similarities to the movie) and also has thefamous being made to look like a Japanese man section which is also a part in the film.

                          IMPRESSION - CONTAINS SPOILERS
                          Whilst reading this book you get a very in depth look at what life in Japan would have been like in the 1950-60s and has the great Ian Fleming descriptions. but to be completely honest i could not get into this book as much as the others, James Bonds mind state takes away all the charm and personalitly that he is known for, and the plot seems thin as if it had been made up by a school child. also the ending is incredibaly weak,

                          I get the overall impression that an Flemming was tierd of wrighting these books by this point and this seemed like a rushed attempt to tie things up ... Blofelds hurried death, Jmes Bond loosing his memory.

                          Worth reading as part of the series but definatly one i wouldn't pick up again


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                          • Frankie Boyle Live (DVD) / DVD / 26 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                            11.01.2009 12:43
                            Very helpful



                            funny DVD lots of new and old material

                            I am a huge fan of Franki Boyle afer seeing him on such TV programmes as mock the week, 8 out of 10 cats and would i lie to you, but when i watched his televised performace on live at the apollo i was a little dissapointed with his stand up skills as he seemed to be trying to rush through as many jokes as possible in the time, so when this DVD came out i did ot rush out to get it.

                            But after picking it up i will say it is a much better performance than the live at the apollo set, he does tand to use the same jokesas used on all the above but it has alot of funny new material added to the disc.

                            he interacts with the crowd well,and normally i am not a fan of stand up acts picking on fans for cheap laughs but he seems to pull it off and only gets quitre personal on 1-2 occasions, but anyone who has seen him before will be expecting this. His jokes range from crude observational to very polictical and is cerainly as the 18 rating shows not one for the kids.

                            The disc itself is not very well presented it is in a standard DVD case and contains very few extras . unlike some of the other stand up DVDs i own aka Ross Nobel.

                            and if like me you find little things annoying you will soon find Frankis seemingly uncontrolable nose twitching wil start to drive crazy!

                            But on the whole a very funny DVD with everything you would expect from Franki Boyle, i especially liked the fact that after the typical 'whow did he get away with that' jokes him manages to end the show on a nice almost wholsome joke.


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                              11.01.2009 12:11
                              Very helpful



                              A great all round guitar

                              After my disaster with my terrible epiphone les paul special 2 some said i was crazy to go for another epiphhone .. but i was young and crazy and it looked nice and it was red and i got it in a half price sale ...

                              But the SG proved them and the voice in my head wrong and hads definatly chaged my opinion of Epiphones.

                              i had the red version of this guitar and it looks great pretty much identical to the Gibson version it has lovley fret inlays which top of the authentic image.My partner now owns this guitar and it looks even better on her than it does on me :-)

                              the action on the guitar is amazing for the price, it is probably up there in the best i have ever played.Its has a fixed bridge which i have found getting the intonation spot on to be difficult with. the sound is great it has a volume and a tone knob per pick up which is great and an uncomplicated switch between the labeled as rythm or lead. the only problem i have found on this guitar is the balance seems to be slightly out on the strap connectors and it has a tendance to nose dive if you reach for a beer. also i am not fond of the cable input being on the top of the body.

                              I would recommed this guitar to anybody it is probably the best balance of looks and playability for the price you are going to find (i got mine for £!20/00 but they seem to retail at £200 - £250.00) and is great for any skill level


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                              11.01.2009 11:47
                              Very helpful
                              1 Comment



                              dont buy save that little extra for a better mid ranged guitar

                              A while ago i had gotten to the point were my cheap argos special strat rip off was not able to keep up wih my playing. I wanted to get something better and heard that epihone copies were very good. and as at the tine i was working to a budget I decided to go for this guitar,

                              it looks great, it is beautifully made it has the shape of the actual les paul but much thinner and with less knobs and switchs and my sunburst one looked great every time i picked it up out of its bag... but unfortunatly that is were all my good comments about this guitar have to end.

                              the pick ups on this guitar are awful it always has a fuzzy unclear sound to it.
                              anything i played abovethe 12th fret ratteled and vibrated and because of the cheap fixed bridged system it has this is impossible to correct this problem without making the bridge loose.
                              Also the first time i tuned it the nut (plastic part the strings feed through on the neck onto the head) litterally snapped in half. and had to be sent back to epeiphone for 2-3 MONTHS!! and it returned with a new one badly glued in place.

                              I actually swapped this guitar back for my old cheapo argos classic to my little brother

                              I paid £130.00 (okay cheap by guitar terms) but this a complete rip off considering I recently upgraded the les paul special 2s replacement epiphone sg for an amazing Ibanez 170 it was in a double sale for £149.00 but they norally retail at about £200.00. i would urge anbody to save that little but extra


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                                11.01.2009 01:40
                                Very helpful



                                really online good as a single player due to the lack of people playing online

                                For quite a while this game was the staple of mine and my friends online gaming diet, it is a great first person shooter and at the time of playing it i beleved it even rivaled the ledgendary goldeneye for multiplayer

                                Game Play-
                                The game starts in mexico as you persue a terrorist cell, this leads you to a beseiged vegas were the remainder of the game takes place, you move from casino to casio and through the streets to occomplish your misson. It would seem on he surface that the game would get samey but it doesnt as it really takes advantage of the various 'themed' casinos in vega making each one different

                                at the time of release the graphics were the best i had seen. now though after playing CALL OF DUTY and other newer games the graphics seem a little blocky and lack in realistic shine on the guns etc, also the noises and flashing lights of the casinos various gambeling machines are enough to make you stop in a hypnotised stare until a helpful terrorist/opponent shoots you out of your trance,

                                The online works in the same way as many 1st person shoots, with the nice addition of a 3rd person view in certain situations eg, peeping around a wall and rappeling through windows. It includes several game mode, the most outstanding being capture the briefcase in which your team must transport a case to an extraction whilst the other team trys to stop you.
                                the problem with this is that last timei attempted online play there were very few people actually playing so you may struggle to get an online match


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