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      06.03.2014 19:32
      Very helpful



      A great deodorant

      As a Bzz Agent, I recently got selected as part of the dove compressed antiperspirant deodorant campaign, to trial dove for them. I was given 2 variants of the dove compressed deodorant, and this review is for the dove original.

      There are lots of brand such as dove, sure, Vaseline and lynx, which have all compressed their cans, and they claim:
      Compressed deodorants deliver the same protection, but due to an innovative new spray system they require less gas in each spray. With less gas needed, the can is smaller but still contains the same amount of deodorant. That means it will last just as long as your normal can, even in the smaller size.
      As well as small cans being more convenient for you, they are also significantly better for the environment, Compressed deodorants use, on average, 50% less gas and approximately 25% less aluminium than normal.

      You are able to buy these from most supermarkets or places like boots and superdrug for around £3.25, but it is on offer at most places at 2 for £4.

      I have not used a spray deodorant for some time, as I was finding my skin was getting sore so I began using roll-on and have done for a few years, so I was quite nervous about trying this.

      The dove original comes in a 125ml spray can with a blue lid, its a white can with dove written on with a small picture of a ripped water on it, it says it lasts for 48 hours (I have not tested this) and has 0% alcohol in it.
      The can is very compacted and would be ideal to take away on holidays or weekends away, as this would take up less room then normal size cans. The can is about the same size of a body spray but a little more chunkier so you could even pop this into your handbag without it taking up to much room.

      Using the deodorant, you do as you would any other can, it sprays out like normal cans do with the same amount, however I did find I was not using enough the first few days, so I would start to get a bit sweaty under the arms and would have to apply a bit more later during the day, but I think that is down to not remembering how much to use, because when I apply in the mornings now I do not have this problem and feel fresh all day since using more of the deodorant.
      The deodorant doesn't leave a white coating under my armpit either, which is a problem I did use to get when using deodorants in the past. I have not found that it leaves any white marks on my clothes either, which is great.
      There is not much scent to this deodorant, but it does smell a bit dove like. It does leave an after smell in the room after you have sprayed it just like all deodorants.

      I have found dove to be soft and mild to my underarms and I think I would be able to use this for the rest of my life without having armpit irritation again, as I said before I stopped using these sprays as they was causing dryness and making my armpits sore.

      I have been using this can for over two weeks now and there has feels like there's about half a can left, so this size can will probable last me a month, as I cant comment on how long dove use to last, I still think this is good value for money especially if I can buy these on offer.

      I will defiantly be using dove deodorants again.


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    • New Look Zip Up Hoodie / Clothing / 49 Readings / 47 Ratings
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      04.03.2014 18:22
      Very helpful
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      A great hoodie

      I love wearing hoodies, every summer I always buy a few. Last September I wanted a new hoodie to go on holiday with and found this one in new look reduced from £14.99 to £7. I thought it as a bargain even if I just get a few wears out of it. There was a few colours on sales, but I ended up buying a bright pink one.
      New look sell these most of the year round, I'm sure I've even seen these in winter. They sell these in lots of different colours from pink, blue, gray, black to red. From sizes 6-18.

      The hoodie was quite tight fitting for my normal size, so I did have to buy the next size up so it was a bit more looser, but I suppose it depends on how you like your hoodies. Its quite a thin hoodie, but its suitable to wear on milder days, with just a t-shirt as it does keep you warm. It made out of 100% cotton. It has a nice soft touch feel to it.
      There's a zip going up the middle, a hood with a drawn string which is great if you get caught in the rain. The strings on the hood are not too big or small and don't hang down that much either. I have found the hood doesn't go over my head properly, so if it does start raining my hair does normally get wet at the front, but maybe I might just have a big head.
      There are two pockets on either side, I tend not to keep a lot in the pockets as they are not that big or have depth to them, i dont really trust having my phone and such in there in case it falls out or I get pick pocketed.

      When wearing the hoodie it is quite a long hoodie, although I am tall, this hoodie hangs about half way down my bum, which is great, as I've found some hoodies are too short for me. The hoodie dont cling and I'm able to do different tasks wearing this. Sometimes if my hands are cold, I pull down the sleeves to cover my hands, and this hoodie allows that as the sleeves are quite long, but when wearing it normally, the end of the sleeves are tighter fitted so they wont fall down unless you pull them down.

      Since having this hoodie it has not stretched out of shape and still looks in good condition. I have washed this hoodie a few times and there hasn't been any lost shape, stinking or the hoodie going bitty.

      This is one of the best hoodies ive bought and I will definitely be buying some more this summer even at full price.


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      • McCain Smiles / Ready Meals / 48 Readings / 47 Ratings
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        27.02.2014 18:28
        Very helpful
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        A great produce to have in your freezer

        These are one thing I always have in my freezer, I find these great to always have in. There are some nights when I will cook chips and don't want my children to have chips or times where I'm to busy to cook things from fresh. I do know that's some parents have issues feeding there children food like this, but in my eyes everything in moderation and all of that, plus they are a life saver sometimes.
        These normally sell for around £1.50 in all the supermarkets but can sometimes be picked up for £1 if on offer for a 454g bag.

        [Potatoes, Dehydrated Potato, Sunflower Oil, Potato Starch, Salt, White Pepper]
        These are properly one of the healthy convince foods to feed your children as its just simple ingredients, without added colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats (would be better if they took out the salt).

        They come in a bright red bag with a smiley face in a sunflower, which is cute.
        The smiley faces have 2 eyes and a little smile. normally around 4 of these faces as part of a main meal feed my daughter fine, my kids normally have fish and vegetables with these, You would need double the amount for an adult.

        The bag is easy to open you can rip if your strong enough or you can cut it, you pop these evenly on a baking tray (still frozen) and can oven cook bake them for 12 - 15 minutes or grill them for 10 minutes, turning them now and again.
        After cooking these taste lovely, they cook into a golden colour and are crispy on the outside, but the potato is still fluffy and soft on the inside. There's not much taste to them apart from potato, but they are nice tasting. They make a great side dish for a main meal.

        My eldest child loves the faces on them and is a great conversation starter with her, as she will pick them up and have a conversation with one of them and points out the eyes and mouth.


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          12.02.2014 21:10
          Very helpful



          lovely pineapple in a can

          Pineapple is a big hit in our house, we all eat it and love it. I first bought this for my daughters first birthday party, I was doing pineapple and cheese on sticks, as I was doing a buffet I wanted things that would take less preparation or cooking, so rather than buying a fresh pineapple, and having to chop it up I bought this. You can buy this in most supermarkets and convenience shops. Asda are currently selling this for 77p or 2 for £1

          The Del Monte pineapple comes in a tin can (227g). the green can has a picture of a pineapple and another of one of the pineapple slices when opened you get sliced pineapple rings, you normally get about 6/7 rings per can, with about half a cup of pineapple juice, which is lovely to drink.

          Nutritional Values
          Typical values
          Per 100 g:-
          286 kJ / 69 kcal
          0.4 g
          15.5 g
          0.1 g

          Country of Origin

          These are a great thing to have you cupboard as you ever fancy some fruit, they are always there on hand. Plus you can use these in some many ways, such as with ice-cream or puddings, snacks for children, ham or gammon or even cheese and pineapple on a stick.

          The tinned pineapple looks just like fresh pineapple. The pineapple is softer and sweeter than fresh pineapple. The juice is lovely to drink aswell its sweet and tastes just like shop bought pineapple juice and because it is just pineapple juice, there's nothing bad in there. my daughter normally claims this now though.

          I love how these taste and prefer them to fresh pineapple, I find these more juicy and yummy. The slices are very easy to chop if you ant chunks, maybe a bit too easy as you do get the odd ring which breaks in half just taking it out of the tin, which don't bother me because I always chop them up.

          Great produce to have in you cupboards.


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          11.02.2014 20:56
          Very helpful



          A good product for your cooking needs

          I'm always looking for things which make my life easier, so when I decided to make a home-made steak pie, I really didn't have a clue how to make puff pastry or any sort of pastry for that matter. I remember seeing ads on tv for puff pastry so I decided to head to a supermarket to see if I could find some. You can either buy this fresh or frozen, a block or in a sheet, this review is about the fresh sheet. A 320g sheet is £1.55 at the moment in Sainsburys. It is sold in all the main supermarkets for around the same price.

          WHEAT Flour, Margarine (Vegetable Oil (Palm, Rapeseed in varying proportions), Water, Salt, Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Water, Ethanol, Sugar, Deactivated Yeast, Acid: Citric Acid, Salt,

          Dietary Information
          Contains Wheat Ingredients.
          Suitable for Vegans
          Suitable for Vegetarians
          Contains Wheat

          1 rectangular sheet is roughly 350mm x 230mm) 

          The puff pastry comes in a green box, with a picture of a cartoon character with a tomato, cheese, ham and the pastry, underneath is a recipe for a puff pastry slice.
          The puff pastry comes in a plastic wrapper, once opening it the pastry is rolled up in a paper, a bit like a grease proof paper to stop it all from sticking together. Its very easy to unwrap, and there's your pastry good to go.
          I love this pastry as I don't have to do anything to it, all I do is cut some of the edge off with a knife and I find it fits onto off my pie dish perfectly.
          I have to confess I have only used this to put onto of my pie, but I am planing to make sausage rolls soon, using this. This puff pastry can be used to make lots of recipes such as sausage rolls, a pastry for a pie, both sweet and savoy tarts, puff slices, etc.

          With the little bits left over, I make the letters PIE and pop them onto off my pie, just for a added touch and found that the pastry is very easy to shape into the letters. I have never had this pastry break or crumble when handling it.

          After the pastry goes on my pie I give it a quick brush with an egg and into my oven it goes. I normally cook my pie for around 40 minutes and have found this long leaves it lovely and crispy, I guess it depends how you like your pastry, but this works for me.
          The pastry rises really well, and is infact very puffy and crispy, and it doesn't end up heavy as come pastry do. It tastes beautiful aswell, as it has a crunch to it, but is lovely and tender in your mouth. I have also frozen the leftover pie, with the pastry and microwaved it to warm it up, this leaves the pastry slightly harder but still lovely to eat, to be honest, I prefer left over to fresh pie.

          This is a great produce for if your in a rush, cant make or be bothered to make your own pastry. I really would recommend it


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            10.02.2014 21:14
            Very helpful



            cheap and great to have in your cupboards

            I love toad in the hole, after several attempts of trying to make my own batter mix and it never rising or tasting funny, I decided to try this. Because it was Tesco value I was 100% sure that it was going to taste funny, but thought it cant be any worst than my own mixture.
            The batter mix cost 15p for a 128g packet. It comes in a normal batter mix packet, with pictures of yorkshire puddings on the front. On the back to gives instructions on how to use, the ingredients, and nutritions.
            The ingredients are wheat flour, dried skimmed milk and salt. I know the dried skimmed milk may put a lot of people of this, as they can make there own batter mix which is probably more healthy, but its very helpful for people who cant get there batter mix to rise or taste good.

            To make the mix all you need is a egg and water, to make 12 yorkshires you need 1 medium egg and 200ml cold water, and for pancakes you need to add slightly more water, and just whisk until smooth, then its good to go, however you want to use it. I normally just whisk the mix up with a fork and found it manages to get the mix nice and smooth.
            I find that making this makes enough batter for a large toad in the hole with 8 sausages, and for pancakes it roughly makes around 6 small pancakes, so if your a family of 4 your may need a another pack if your making pancakes.

            Since i have started using the value one, I have also bought the regular supermarket one, but I do prefer the value one, as it gives the same results, but the value one is half the price.
            Using it for the yorkshire in my toad in the hole, it risings and comes out lovely and crisp, occasionally it will be a bit soggy where the sausages are, but still tastes good.
            I have also made pancakes using this aswell which taste lovely with a bit of sugar and lemon on,

            I love this mix and use it all the time now, its quick and easy and no need for measuring ingredients out.


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              08.02.2014 15:50
              Very helpful



              Its a great, cheap and creative toy, I well recommend it.

              I got this for my 11 month old son for Christmas. I had got him the garage aswell for Christmas, but wanted some extra cars. I bought this as a pack of three cars, but you can buy it separate on Amazon for £6.49, also in a lot of different shops sell this such as Wilkinsons and Tescos. The fire engine is recommended for children over 12 months.

              The truck is made out of plastic and is bright red, with a blue siren and the windows and hose being bright yellow. On the front it has a smiley face which when pressed triggers the sayings and songs, the face also lights up and flashes. Also there is a little small ladder on top of the fire engine which moves upwards and backwards.
              Underneath is where the battery's go (1xAA), they are included and the on and off switch.

              The fire engine is fairly chunky, but light aswell which is great for my sons little hands to hold it, although at the moment he hasn't really played with it, apart from pressing the face to make it sing and talk, its more of a throwing around toy and trying to put it into his mouth. My three year old daughter on the other hand loves playing with this, she will drive it around the garage going ne-nor, and pushing it down the ramps.
              The fire engine sings 3 songs and says lots of different phases and sound effects all related to putting out fires such as the ladder on my roof is for saving people. The sounds do repeat themselves in the same order so after a while you know what saying is next, which can get a bit irritating.
              As I said there is a on and off button, but after about a minute of none interaction, the fire engine will go into standby mode until the face is pressed again.

              This also interacts with the toots toots garage which we have, the garage has a exit gate featuring sensor that recognises different vehicles, also another nice add-on to this is the toot toot fire station which also recognises all toot toot drivers vehicles

              I think this toy is well made and is really good quality and can image when my son is older it will be a firm favourite. I think after years worth of playing this well made toy will still work. Toot toot say this toy encourages imaginative play and sensory development, and I think it does especially in my 3 year old case.
              I would say this is a great, fun add-on if you already have some of the toot toot collection, also if you don't as its a great, cheap and creative toy, I well recommend it.


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                05.02.2014 19:14
                Very helpful



                Good for heartburn, shame about it tasting funny

                As I said previously in one of my reviews, I suffered from really bad heartburn during both my pregnancy's, and during my last pregnancy my midwife recommend this to me. I thought I would give it a shot instead off taking lots of rennies.
                At boots this is currently priced at 3.70 for a 150ml bottle, £5.59 for a 300ml bottle or £8.99 for a 600ml bottle. You can buy this from most supermarkets, boots and superdrug, I don't recall ever seeing it on offer either. In the bottles there's a choice off three flavours in the bottle form which are original aniseed, peppermint and mint.

                What Gavison say
                Gaviscon Original has a soothing effect, lasting for up to four hours. And because it doesn't enter the bloodstream it is suitable to use during pregnancy. 
                Gaviscon Original contains sodium alginate, which is derived from seaweed, and is classed as an 'alginate' which means that it forms a 'raft' in the stomach which helps prevents acid coming back up into the oesophagus (food pipe). As such it is effective at treating the classic symptoms of heartburn (a burning pain in the chest and mild acid regurgitation). It can be used to treat gastric reflux (a condition in which the acid stomach contents flow upwards into the foodpipe) and flatulence caused by gastric reflux.
                How to Use
                For oral administration. 
                Adults and children over 12 years: take 10-20ml (two to four 5ml spoonfuls) at meals and at bedtime. 
                Children 6 to 12 years: take 5-10ml (one to two 5ml spoonfuls) after meals and at bedtime.

                The bottle is a brown glass bottle with a screw cap, the cap is not child proof, so if you have small children keep this out of reach!
                The liquid is a pink colour, It has a slight aniseed smell, which doesn't smell too strong, it has a slight medicine smell aswell to it.
                I wouldn't say this liquid is quite thick or thin, just right, but after you have swallowed it, it does leave a nasty taste in your mouth with is not pleasant. If you have ever seen the tv ads, they show it being swallowed, and after there is a cooling sensational and this is true because as soon as it is in your throat you can feel a cooling feeling and does seem to target heartburn straight away. I also noticed with this after you have swallowed it there is a coating with is left in your mouth with a bitter chalky after taste. Every time I had this I made sure I had water nearby for a drink after.

                As I was suffering all the time, I used this 4 times a day, I normally had the 20ml dose and it seems to last for over 3 hours. It really did help me during some rough spells of heartburn.

                I left this in my cupboard for about a week (forgot I had it), when I went back to it, swallowed some, and it tasted like the most disgusting fishy tasting thing ever, it did actually make me be sick. Since then I have never had Gaviscon again, I'm not too sure why to this day it tasted like fish, but there was a slight fishy smell to the bottle after.
                The only reason why I'm making this down is because of the fish taste after a week.


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                04.02.2014 17:30
                Very helpful



                a good shake for quick weight lose

                I'm always looking for a quick fix of weight loss and having tried most diets I decided to give slim fast a try.

                Slim fast works in a 3-2-1 system. You replace 2 meals. You choose 3 95cal snacks such as fruits, seeds, bars, veg etc.
                2 meal bars or shakes.
                1 meal 600cal for women or 800cal meal for men.
                You do this for a week.

                The shakes can be bought either in powder form or in made up bottles.
                The made up bottles come in lots off different flavours such as chocolate, coffee banana, vanilla. The summer strawberry flavour is the shake I'm reviewing.
                The rrp is £1.55 although these are sold in many supermarkets and the poundshop, and can normally be bought for £1 as most places always have these on offer.

                Slimfast says:
                Taste the sunshine with our rejuvenating strawberry weight loss shakes. The thick texture and tangy taste is a welcome reminder of sunny days

                Skimmed Milk (78%), Water, Sugar, Milk Proteins, Vegetable Oil, Thickener (Gum Arabic), Stabilisers (Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Dipotassium Phosphate, Carrageenan), Flavourings, Emulsifiers (Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Vitamins and Minerals*, Colour (Carmines), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame-K), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid).
                *VITAMINS AND MINERALS
                Potassium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Vitamin C, Sodium Chloride, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin E, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Niacin, Sodium Selenite, Copper Gluconate, Pantothenic Acid, Manganese Sulphate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Beta Carotene, Thiamine, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodate.

                If you are adolescent, pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, want to lose more than 20% of your weight then talk about your weight loss plans with your doctor or dietitian.
                Slim·Fast meals are not designed to be your only food - add a balanced nutritious meal and healthy snacks every day. Can only help weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet and an active lifestyle.

                Slimfast comes in a made up plastic bottle which is 325ml. It has a screw top lid which is useful if drinking on the go or at work and places as such. On the packaging it has all the ingredients, with fat and calories etc. The shake itself, is actually quite a nice drink. Nothing like I was expecting, I thought it would be lumpy, with a horrible taste but infact its smooth and thick and doesn't taste strange, which I thought it would. The strawberry flavour is sweet tasting, and doesn't taste like fake strawberry's, which some milkshakes do. Because of it being quite thick the shake does take a while to drink.
                I found these shakes did keep me full for a few hours, slimfast do claim that these keep you full for 3 hours, which was around the time they was keeping me full for. But by the end off the week I was craving a proper meal

                I dont really eat breakfast so I use to drink this around midday and have the next one around 3ish.
                After a week of doing slimfast, I was very bored, I found this diet easy but plain. However I did lose 5lb I don't think I will be doing this diet any time again soon, could be useful for a quick fix though.

                I think this diet may work for some people, but it wasn't really for me as I missed proper food.


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                  03.02.2014 17:42
                  Very helpful
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                  Great heartburn tablets

                  I had never suffered from heartburn before, until during my two pregnancy which I suffered from it really bad. The midwife recommend antacid tablets which done nothing for me. So someone recommend that I try these.

                  Rennie's come in a 12, 24, 48, 72 pack and do variety in price from around £1.50 to £5.29. I did find normally one of the supermarkets, boots or superdrug tend to have these on offer, such as save 1/3 or buy two for a certain amount.

                  What Rennie say.
                  Rennie Spearmint is an antacid tablet which quickly relieves indigestion, heartburn, acid indigestion, dyspepsia, hyperacidity, nervous indigestion, flatulence, upset stomach, indigestion during pregnancy and biliousness.
                  Each tablet contains: Calcium carbonate 680 mg and Heavy Magnesium Carbonate 80 mg.
                  Each tablet also contains: Sucrose and glucose (250 mg)

                  How to use
                  Adults and children over 12 years: Two tablets to be sucked or chewed, as required, preferably 1 hour after meals and before bedtime. For heartburn an extra 2 tablets may be taken between these times. These doses may also be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Do not take more than 10 tablets a day. Prolonged use should be avoided.
                  Children under 12: Not recommended.
                  If symptoms persist after 14 days consult your pharmacist or doctor.

                  They come in red box packaging with rennies written on them. They come in a few different flavours such as peppermint, ice, orange etc. I choose the peppermint flavour. The tablets are smallish in size, a little smaller than a chewit, and are white.

                  During my pregnancy I suffered with heartburn all day and night. Even a cup off tea would set off my heartburn. So after buying these, I took two. I began chewing on them, as I just wanted them straight in me. After I had chewed them, I found my teeth and tongue was left feeling powdery and was coated with thick chewy bits still, it was not a great feeling, as I wasn't at home i wasn't able to get a glass of water to rinse the taste and bits away. I did find the feeling of heartburn instantly began to disappear and for a few hours I was heartburn free.
                  Although these are peppermint flavour, there wasn't much flavour to them, you could taste mint a little but nothing to strong, although I would have like them to have a bit more flavour.
                  Next time I took these I decided to suck on them, which was a far more better experience. When sucking them I found the heartburn took slight longer to go away, but I wasn't left with a horrible chalky mouth.

                  I did find these really helped with my heartburn and gave me instant relive which is exactly what I needed, I did find I was having to take more than the recommend dose, but my heartburn was really bad. if I ever suffered from heart burn again these would be my first choice.


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                    24.01.2014 17:57
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    a really useful cloth

                    When to comes to buying these cloths I just buy the cheapest I can find as I find they do the same job as other branded cloths, but are normally 3 times the price.
                    I found these in Sainsbury's for 36p for a pack of ten, working out at around 3p a cloth great value.
                    They come in a plastic see-through wrapper, with the Sainsbury's basic label and they quote "Not quite as thick, gives gleaming results." The cloths come all stacked on top of each other, so they font take too much room in my cleaning cupboard. The cloths are blue and white colour with a diamond pattern on them. and are quite smooth feeling.
                    for the price off these the cloth is quite big, and you could even cut it up in half and still have a fair sized cloth.

                    I do get through a lot of these clothes as I use them for everything, cleaning, wiping, washing up and drying up knocked over drinks.
                    The main things I use these for are wiping over my kitchen sides, after I've bleached the sides, I will dampen one of these and wipe it over. I also use them in the bathroom in the same way. They glide through stains and left over foods without a problem.
                    I've used these for washing up plates, cups and such. I wouldn't recommend using these of greasy things during washing up, as I have found grease gets stuck on them, which cant be removed and does stain the cloth.

                    I have never found these cloths to start breaking up or become shabby looking after used, although, I do only tend to use them a few times before throwing them away.
                    These are quite absorbent for cleaning up small spillages, however if its a large spillage I have found that they will start leaking water, so you end up with a trail of water everywhere. The cloths ring out the water really well.

                    I have read about people putting these cloths into washing machines to get money use out of them, so there's a tip if you want to be super thrifty.

                    I get through a pack off these every few weeks depending on how much I use them and such.

                    I thought for the price of these they would be a bit cheap, nasty and low quality, but I've got to say for the price these are a bargain.


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                      23.01.2014 18:22
                      Very helpful
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                      i would never buy these again

                      This is one thing that everyone needs and since Birmingham city council do not give out free ones any more, I had to start buying them. Whenever I'm in a shop I tend just to go for the cheapest ones I can find.
                      So when in Sainsbury's I spotted these, you get 30 rolls for around £1. On the pack of rolls, it states Sainsbury's value and they quoted they are "thinner, not rubbish".

                      The black bags come in a roll, which you have to tear to get one off, it took a bit off pulling to separate one off the bags off the rolls, and a few pff these bags did actually rip when I was trying to get it off the roll.
                      When I first opened the roll I notice how thin feeling these were. When I was pulling them to separate them, I actually managed to put my fingers through one and made a hole, not a good start. They are normal shaped black bags, but quite smaller, they are meant to hold 75lt, but I don't think this is true. They come without any ties or handles. I have a 25lt bin and these fitted fine in the bin.

                      So after two days off rubbish I went to empty the bin and as I was pulling out the black bag the first thing I noticed was all the holes in the bag. I had to go and get another bag to re-bag it, as I had a feeling I wasn't going to get very far with out this bag splitting all over my kitchen.
                      After replacing with a new bag, a few days later when I went to empty the bin again, the same thing happened only this time it had actually split at the bottom, so I ended up with rubbish waste all inside my bin and over the floor. I wasn't best pleased.
                      For the next time I doubled bagged with the black bags, when it was time to change the bag there were still holes, my rubbish had managed to ripped through two of these bags. I'm not putting sharp things into my bin, just normal day rubbish, pop bottles, empty wrappers and cans and such. I did not over fill the bag either, the bin was around ¾ fill, so the black bags being rubbish and cheap is the only reason for the bags ripping and splitting.

                      I actually gave up using them after the double bagging episode. I just used these for if I need a bag upstairs for a tidy up, which I would only put a few items in.

                      I think the quote on the label should be changed to thinner and very rubbish.

                      In this case you get what you pay for.


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                        22.01.2014 21:29
                        Very helpful



                        A good product for your cleaning needs

                        When it cleans to cleaning products, I don't have one certain name or one I buy, I normally just buy whatever is a £1 or closest.

                        The price varys in this range from £1-£2 for the 500ml range, but you can normally pick it up on offer for a pound, or sometimes its available in the poundshop. The bigger bottle which is 750Ml normally retails for around £3.

                        Dettol says:
                        REMOVES 90% OF ALLERGENS.
                        KILLS 99.9% of BACTERIA & VIRUSES.
                        TRUSTED BY DOCTORS TO KILL BACTERIA.
                        THE BRITISH ALLERGY FOUNDATION.
                        SEAL OF APPROVAL.
                        Kills E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Rotavirus, Flu virus (H1N1).
                        No bleach, no taint, no odour.
                        Safe to use where food is prepared.

                        Dettol Anti Bacterial Surface Cleanser is proven to kill:
                        E.coli. S.aureus. Listeria. Campylobacter. P.aerughosa. MRSA. Salmonella.
                        Influenza Type A H1N1.
                        Dettol Anti Bacterial Surface Cleanser is proven to remove:
                        Pollen Particles. Dust Mites. Pet Dander

                        It comes in a see-through bottle, with the spray lid being blue and red. The bottle does stand out on supermarkets shelf's as I find it quite plain looking compared to other bottles. The spray lid is just a push lever which you press and the Dettol liquid comes out. On the cap there is a little twist turner which indicates a stop and the sprayer.
                        Also on the bottle it says that Dettol can be used on high chairs, changing mats, fridges, bins, chopping boards, and in bathrooms.
                        The spray is clear and has no odour what so ever which is great if you don't want your house stinking of bleach.

                        I have used this in the kitchen such as cleaning the worktops, the kitchen sink, fridge, or wiping over microwaves or my kettle.
                        I have used this all over in the bathroom aswell, for the bath, sink and toilet lid. Also on my high chairs

                        I normally just spray this straight onto the surface I want to clean then wipe over with a damp cloth, sometimes if it is a smaller item I'm cleaning then I will spray it on the cloth first then wipe. Also you don't have to keep wiping to get rid off the produce, as it claims its no rinse.
                        I have found it removes stains quite well, harder, stubborn, stains you do have to scrub when using this.

                        I have found sometimes that if I spray this too much or hold it to a angle, the Dettol will start to leak over my hands, which if I do get too much on my hands I find they go quite dry a few hours later, even if thought I wash it straight off

                        this product is as good as the other surface cleaner, however I do like how there's no after smell. I will be still sticking to what produce I can find for a £1.


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                        • Breville VHB060 / Blender / 55 Readings / 53 Ratings
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                          21.01.2014 16:31
                          Very helpful



                          a great blender

                          So after my other blender was not so good at blending, I decided to buy this one, I liked how it came with different attachments. I paid around £40 for this from Argos, but since then Argos has stopped selling this, but you are able to buy it from Amazon for the same price.

                          Product details
                          400W motor
                          2 speeds
                          Soft touch handle
                          Stainless steel leg & blades
                          Dishwasher-safe parts
                          Includes accessories
                          Weight: 1.28kg

                          The blender comes with a blender, 500ml chopper, a whisk, chopper attachment and a 500ml measureing jug. Switching between the attachments is easy, as they are just push and twist to attract them. It has two speeds which are turbo and normal. The blender itself a lovely looking gadget. Its black and the jugs are see through, with the blades being stainless steel.

                          After my other blending wasn't that good at blending, I was really hoping for good things from this one, as its a well known name and was more expensive.
                          So after boiling up my carrots and parsnips for my little one, I popped them in, put on the lid and began blending at the highest speed. I was very impressed with the outcome, it was all blended into a purée mixture which was the result I was looking for. I have used this on meats, fish and vegetables and all come out puréed. As my girl got older I was able to blend to different textures aswell such as lumpy and minced. The blending bowl has rubber grips at the bottom of it, so its not slipping when blending.
                          This is idea if you just want to chop up onions, herbs, making soups and sauces, and blending food so it is puréed.

                          I have never used the whisk, but my other half has for mash potatoes which he used to whisk them in the saucepan, he said the whisk made the potatoes go really creamy, fluffy and light, and didn't have any problems with it.

                          The blender does not make much mess, but sometimes if I have made milkshakes and the milk will leak over the sides, but I think that is mainly down to me over filling it.

                          All the attachments are easy to wash and there's no awkward little pieces to clean, where food gets stuck and such. Plus its dishwasher safe.

                          Again I have made milkshakes using this, it blended the milk and ice-cream really well together, without no lumps, and the measuring jug comes in very useful for milkshake making as you able to put the contents in the jug.

                          Overall this a great blender and I wish I would have bought this from the start.


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                          17.01.2014 13:19
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                          • Reliability


                          a good fryer which cooks nice food

                          I remember eating a lot of deep fried chips when I was younger, so when I moved out, I decided I needed a deep fat fryer. I just couldn't wait for fatty greasy chips as oven chips just wasn't doing the job.
                          I paid £3.99 for this, which is still the currant price in Argos.

                          Its a basic looking deep fat fryer, which doesn't take up too much storage space. Its plain white with a switch and temperature nob. Its has a flip top lip with a small little window on top, so you can see your food cooking and a filter on top.

                          Product details:
                          0.5kg food capacity.
                          Oil capacity 1.5L.
                          Variable temperature from 108°C to 190°C.
                          Cool wall body.
                          Removable filter.
                          Oil filter.
                          Safety cut out.
                          Easy to clean.
                          Size H28.3, W28, D24.8cm

                          Setting it up was simple, you fill the fryer with the oil to the suggested level, pop in the basket, put on the lid and its good to go.
                          There is pictures of the front with examples of fish chicken and chips and tells you what temperature is best to cook on. (although in the instruction book there are more temperatures for vegetables and such.)

                          After you have selected your temperate, plug it in and the oil begins to heat, it takes around five minutes until the oil has heated. When the light goes off, it means the oil is ready for cooking. Then you are able to lower your food in.

                          After cooking there is a slot where you can put the basket, so the fat drips back into the unit and the food don't end up with lots of grease on them.

                          the filter is easy to clean as you just wipe clean it, even thought you can still smell grease and fat, It does do a ok job at keeping smells at bay.
                          I normally use wet wipes to clean the outside of the fryer and after ive removed the dirty oil I use a soapy scourer to remove the rest of the grease. The lid can just be washed up normally.

                          Ive tried cooking lots of different food in here such as chips, onion rings, mushrooms, fish and chicken, and its all tasted lovely without too much grease or fat dripping off it.

                          This fryer cooks enough chips for two as part of a main meal, but if you are a family this fryer would not be for you unless you want to cook two loads of chips at a time.

                          My only complaint with this is after the food has finished cooking when you press the open button, the lid opens very quick and a blast off stream comes shooting out, which is quite dangerous if your too close, now when I open it I make sure im standing well back


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