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      04.02.2013 04:45
      Very helpful



      An all round winner for bath-time fun in this household, would definitely would reccomend.

      I am mummy to a 19 month old son, who until recently had loved bath-time, all of a sudden, something changed and he hated it with a passion, so much so, it was taking two of us to achieve the job of bathing such a little guy.

      That was until Christmas, when Daniel-John's uncle treated him to V-Tech Octobubble Orchestra. He had knew of the problems we were having at bath time, and thought this fun eye-catching toy may just do the trick and it most certainly has that, the chore is now more getting our little man back out of the bath, as he loves to play with his new toy.

      As with all V-tech toys, although quite pricey for what they are (as this was a gift, I'm not sure of the exact price, but they seem to retail between £18-£25), they are well suited to the recommended age group, well-made and extremely durable even when handled by boisterous toddlers.
      The toy primarily does three different things; blows bubbles, plays nursery rhyme tunes and lights up. Depending on which mode you select (learning or musical fun) the toy does a combination of the above or all three at once. In learning mode children are taught the names of the animals, shapes and instruments on the buttons, as well as learning their colours while they play.
      The bubble feature seems to be Daniel-John's favourite, as he loves bubbles, and seems to love the idea, that bath-time is now associated with bubble fun and there is lots of small bubbles, not like some toys which give out just a few. The bubbles do however tend to run down quite quickly, but there is no need to buy the expensive v-tech bubbles to replace them though, as cheap washing-up liquid, does just the same job.

      The toy is a made from a strong durable purple plastic shaped to resemble an octopus, with 5 brightly coloured large piano style buttons (ideal for little fingers to easily press), each with a raised shape, featuring pictures of instruments and animals upon them. It also has a roller ball which changes the tune the toy plays when rolled. As well as an orange light to the front that flashes while in play. It easily attaches to the bath, with your usual sucker style pads, associated with bath-time toys.

      It also surprisingly takes only 2x AA batteries, and none of the 40million daft big batteries, most of the toys seem to want these days. Included in the package are instructions in a variety of languages, although I don't feel they are needed as the toy is pretty self-explanatory. Even refilling the bubbles is relatively easy, you only have to pop down a yellow button on top of the toy, to release the cap from the bubble motor and voila, replace the top and you're good to go.

      I feel confident that my young son won't come to any harm while playing with this toy, and that he has already had many hours of enjoyment from it, and I'm sure he will for years to come.
      I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for an ideal toy, for an inquisitive toddler, especially if you are having problems at bath-time .
      So, I am happy to award this product all 5 stars.


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    • T Mobile Broadband USB Stick / Modem / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
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      19.01.2013 03:43
      Very helpful



      Ideal buy for those looking to do light usage activities like web browsing and checking e-mail.

      Today I will be reviewing the T-mobile dongle. I have recently begun using it again since receiving a new netbook for Christmas. I purchased my first T-mobile dongle as part of a contract package around December 2010 when mobile broadband was first launched, and continued to use it as a pay as you go dongle, when the contract ended. I bought my second dongle (same model) shortly after this time when the first one malfunctioned. My first I was very happy with, my second which I bought around April 2012 on a pre-loaded basis for £39.99 from Argos, not so much so. (You will soon see my reasons for this as the review progresses).
      As I state at the beginning I have only begun using this again since Christmas time, and the service has changed dramatically, and which is what I am going to be centering this review around, as there isn't really many technical aspects to share.

      To begin with the dongle is very simple to use and install. You can purchase either as a contract, pay as you go (where you get an e-top up card to top up like a mobile phone), or you can purchase pre-loaded with 90 days internet (you can use it as a pay per day dongle after this pre-loaded time expires). When you get it home, you simply take it out of the box and plug it into you PC/laptop/tablet/netbook. There is no installation disk as the software is preloaded on the dongle. So no worries if you don't have a disk drive. Once you plug it in the light on the dongle will flash from green to blue, then settle on blue. A dialogue box will pop up, prompting you to set the installation language from a drop down menu. Once you select your language the software will begin to install itself, and next thing you know a little box will pop up saying installation complete and prompting you to restart your machine. Voila, your Web 'n' Walk Manager software is then successfully installed.

      In Web and Walk Manager there are five main buttons:
      Connect/Disconnect - Exactly as it says, an option to connect or disconnect your internet.
      Internet - An option to launch your internet browser directly from your internet software.
      Statistics - A handy display where you can track you upload and download speeds.
      Text - Another handy feature where you can send and receive text messages directly to your internet software.
      Phonebook - Yet another handy feature included in the software is the application to store important contact details, for friends, family and colleagues.
      Across the top of the software there are also, the usual scroll-over, drop down bars: File, Operations, Tools and Help, which allow you to customize your software options.
      Another handy feature about the software is that down the left-hand side it tells you your daily, monthly and annual upload and download statistics, which is handy for keeping an eye on your data usage.

      One annoying feature upon successful installation of software is the pre-set content lock. It is rather strictly set too and until removed limits access to even the most used components such as social networking, video streaming and online gaming, such as bingo or poker. Annoyingly it can only be removed online by entering your credit card details. If either you don't have a credit card or are not comfortable entering your details online you can pop into your local T-mobile store with photographic ID and have the staff in-store remove it for you.
      Strangely, even when you buy on contract (which obviously you must be over 18 to have gained in the first place) the content lock is still in place until removed.

      I think I will begin with the positives in this product first.
      - Obviously the fact that the dongle is transportable is extremely handy. As long as you have aerial coverage you can have internet at anyplace, anytime.

      - As I've previously mentioned this product is easily installed and extremely easy to use.

      - Topping-up your dongle is fairly reasonable when it comes to the terms of price and you can expect to pay for your booster: £2 per day, £7 per week, £15 per month or £30 for three months, although a fair usage policy(FUP) does apply (and sucks in my opinion, but I will cover that later in the review). It is also unlimited, meaning if you ever go over your FUP, you will not be charged any extra, but your usage will be restricted. Which means there are no hidden costs, you will know exactly how much you are spending and how long you can expect to be able to access the internet for before needing to purchase another booster.

      - If you go for the pre-loaded or pay-per-day option there are no contracts involved, so you are not tied to the company in any way, and can leave whenever you wish, should you be unhappy with the service provided.

      - It is ideal for browsing, checking email, low-usage gaming, checking the news online shopping and such as, but not for activities like video streaming, or downloading files, but again I will cover this later in the review.

      - I find the earlier covered fact that you can text and receive text messaged directly from the software to be a really handy feature, and use it myself often.

      - Also another very handy option that I'd almost forgotten about to be honest, as I have a seperate device in which I use for this purpose, is that the device can double as a Memory stick. To achieve this, all you have to do is simply pop a Micro SD memory card into the slot provided under the covering of the dongle, and you have a 2-in-1 mobile broadband dongle & USB memory stick combined.

      Now I will begin to cover the downsides to the product.
      - My main bug bear is the Fair Usage Policy attached to the dongle. This wasn't previously a problem for me, which I will explain in a moment, however, due to recent service changes as I said it's a real bug bear.
      If you purchase the £7 option or above you have a fair usage limit of 1GB. This may sound like a lot but it really isn't. (For example, if I catch up with one half-hour episode of Eastenders on the BBC iPlayer, I am then over my FUP for the remaining web time on my dongle)
      Now once you go over this limit, they do not charge you anymore, they do however restrict your usage, which means; no online video streaming, no downloading files and no online gaming. You can however browse the web, check your email and social networking.
      The FUP resets either at the beginning of the next calendar month, or when you booster expires and you purchase a new one.
      This really bothers me as I like to catch up on my soaps online once I've finished doing hair for the day and got my little one off to bed, and after one episode I can no longer do that or play any of my many vices, which are facebook games.
      The policy used to work slightly differently and was much better in my opinion. Once you went over your FUP you were only restricted during peak times and could use as normal between the hours of 12am and 4pm. Which meant that I, could either stay up a little later to watch or download overnight to watch the following evening.
      If you are looking to do things like this, then I would advise that you go for regular broadband as opposed to mobile broadband.

      - Another bug bear is download speeds. T-mobile advertises that their dongle reaches speeds of up to 7mbps. Well if that is the case I've certainly never seen them. The best speed I have ever had is approaching 2mbps.
      (As I previously noted you can track your speeds, in the software, which is handy) This means that streaming and online gaming to do tend to lag during play.
      Not that I personally have tried it with my dongle (it really doesn't appeal to me), but my partner has and has advised me that due to the very low internet speed, it is unsuitable for use with things such as Xbox Live.

      - A small but another slight pain with the dongle is that I have to use an USB extension to use it as with the dongle plugged into the USB on the netbook, I can't fit my charger in at the same time, as it's a bit on the bulky side for a dongle. This however, may just be due to the fact that I'm using a netbook and in fairness the USB ports are not the most ideally placed.

      - One thing that really is extremely frustrating about using the dongle is the nightmare it is to top up if you lose or misplace your e-top-up card. If you a have T-mobile phone to put the sim card from the dongle in then it isn't really a problem, as you can buy a regular top-up voucher from the shop. If not you have to top-up online with a credit/debit card, as there is no place on the website to enter a top-up voucher. Which is my opinion is a pain in the rear if you don't like using your card online or simply don't have one, as the site also likes to save your card details and the website isn't exactly what I'd call user friendly (in short it's a nightmare to navigate).
      Another thing is unless you top-up online with your credit/debit card, you can only top up in multiples of £5, when at least two of the options are priced not within these multiples, but with your card you can top up in multiples of £1, which makes much more sense.

      - Something I find to be particularly annoying is a fault with the Web 'n' Walk Manager software required to run the dongle. It is a nightmare to close, and it actually wont. Without selecting the force shut-down option on your machine, which although I'm no expert I'm sure can't be very good for it in the long run.

      - As previously mentioned the content lock is also pretty annoying as is, although not really relevant, T-Mobile's customer service, which quite frankly sucks! On the several occasions I have had to call them up (and pay the 25p for the privilege) the staff I've spoken to have been unhelpful and downright rude (although I'm sure they're not all like that).
      You may be wondering if I can pick so many faults with the dongle why I have continued to use it. Quite simply, I grudge paying the abdominal installation charge for home broadband, when it is something I am confident in installing myself or paying the line rental for the required landline, when both my partner and I have contract mobile phones, so have no need for.

      In conclusion, I would recommend this product for someone looking to use the internet for low-usage activities such as browsing, checking emails etc. However, it is not really suitable for the heavy usage internet user who likes things like downloading music, watching videos on YouTube or playing online games frequently.
      It is a bit of a menace to top up if you lose your e-top-up card, but in general is easy to install and easily operated.


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        15.01.2013 01:43
        Very helpful



        Another great read by James Patterson. Would highly reccmmend due to the compelling storyline.

        'The whole nation was in uproar when two celebrity rich kids were kidnapped - and then one of them was found dead. For such a high-profile case, only the top people would do: Alex Cross, a detective with a PhD in Psychology, and Jezzie Flannagan, a fast-rising Secret Service agent. Yet even they were no match for the killer. He could switch from blood-crazed madness to clear-eyed sanity in an instant. But was he the helpless victim of a multiple-personality disorder - or a brilliant, cold-hearted manipulator?'

        I picked Along Came A Spider up in my local Asda with my shopping last week for the bargain price of £1. I'm an avid reader of crime fiction, but tend only to read British authors. The only American ones I do read are James Patterson and Karen Rose. I love both these authors books for very diffrent reasons, but can also see positives and negatives to both authors individual writing styles.
        My mother-in-law introduced me to James Patterson around a year ago when I read almost every crime fiction available to me by British authors either in the local library or online, and I can safely say he did not disappoint. I began with one of the later books in the Alex Cross Series 'Double cross', and was instantly hooked but had not yet came across the debut in the series. Until now.

        Again, this novel did not disappoint. As usual it is fast paced and drama-filled. It contains the perfect contrast too, including scenes of newly found love, familal bonding and finding one-self, that can bring a smile, yet also draw a tear.

        I have always found the relationship between Alex and Nana Mama to be very intiguing and compelling, and this novel definitely delves a little deeper into their history, which I immensely enjoyed exploring.
        However it didn't delve as deeply into the subject of his late wife, as I would have expected from the debut, since the loss of his late wife seems to be a key trait to the character of Detective Cross.

        In true style this is a fine piece of penmanship, which pays attention to detail, making the reader feel as though they are there witnessing the scene first hand. I have never been to America, but when James describes the sun beaating down on Alex's skin I can almost feel it, his writing is so compelling.
        James makes great use of word choice, and his work as always is oozing desriptiveness. I am one who like to nit-pick when it come to grammar, punctuation and spelling in published works and found no errors of note. :D
        Also James has a fantastic talent for character building, and makes you feel as though you know his characters personally. His profiling is so strong and the characters introduced in this piece certainly do not disappoint. You sometimes find yourself wanting to shout at them 'What the hell are you doing?'. Since you feel like you know them so well, and this is why I love the Alex Cross series in general.

        This storyline in particular could have been a disaster if either rushed or dragged on it the terms of plot-line, but James got it just right as usual.
        There is drama from the very first scene to the very last and will definitely keep you up into the wee hours of the night, due to the intriguing plot-line, and complex, unexpected twists. You are kept guessing until the very last, and at one point you wonder if Detective Cross will ever solve the case. One minute you think you know what going to happen, and then boom, something else comes along and throws a curveball in that train of thought.

        I really like the way the author leaves you to make up your own mind on if the killer is really insane or is it all just an act, although excellent evidence is presented on the contrary to both fates.
        I also loved the way this particular story was set in a short, yet concise chapter layout. As in general I feel James' chapters to be a tad on the long side. Having a young son, I prefer small easy read chapters, as they fit into my limited free time, much more easily and I hate leaving a chapter unfinished.

        On the downside, I felt this particular novel could have been a bit more informative in regards to the ending. It covered all the key points, but I just felt a little more information and background in this area, would have added a little something extra.

        On a whole, I would definitely recommend this novel. In fact, I already have to the other avid readers in the family. It is excellent value for money, and was a sstory I couldn't put down. Even with the limited time available to me, I found so intriguing, I stayed up way to late to devour it, and managed to successfully complete it in just two days. So grab a copy and join Detective Cross on his latest journey of murder and mayhem life always seems to throw at him. I promise you wont be disappointed.


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          30.11.2010 01:22
          Very helpful



          not as good as the book, but worth a watch

          Harry Potter is a series of films about a teenage wizard, based on the books by J.K Rowling. This is the seventh and penultimate film, as part 1, covers the earlier half of the book, part 2 released in June 2011, will complete the series.

          The film has the usual blend of great special effects that can be expected from Warner Brothers, but for those who have first read the books like myself, may find this film to be lacking somewhat.

          What are in my opinion are some crucial parts of the final book, have been neglected to be included in the film adaption, and other parts which in my opinion were quite major parts have been changed altogether.
          There are other parts in the film, that were never mentioned in books, and I have re-read the final book to clarify this, they appear to have been made up for entertainment purposes, but seem in my opinion to be highly out of place.
          I also feel the canon-character of Lord Voldemort, to be completly out of character in the opening scenes of this movie.

          The books formed in a great teen narrative, give of the sense of being there as a part of the scene, unfortunatly the movie does not offer the same unique perspective.

          For anyone, who's read the books and is intrested to know the cut-off point for the part 1 of the film, it ends at the Shell Cottage chapter of the book.

          There is also a minor character death in the film, which is exceptionally sad. So make sure you have your hankies at the ready, and dig out that waterproof mascara.

          In conclusion to this review, its worth a watch. But if you're a big fan of J.K's take on the final installment, you may be slightly diappointed, and find yourself nit-picking the plot-line like I am.


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        • Virgin Cola / Soft Drink / 27 Readings / 26 Ratings
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          20.11.2010 23:11
          Very helpful



          wouldn't buy again.

          Just a rather quick review today folks. My local shop had no coca-cola left this morning (oh the horror, I mean what kind of shop runs out of coca-cola, I mean its probably one of the nations favourite fizzy drinks) and having a hangover I was greatly in need of a nice 2L fizzy juice.

          The shop assistant pointed out to me that they did however have virgin cola, and that it apparently tasted just the same.

          So I decided to give it a try. I paid £1.60 for a 2L in comparison to £1.65 for the leading brand in the same shop so first of, there isn't much of a saving.

          The packaging is your average transparent plastic bottle, with red plastic lid, and a large label wrapped all the way round displaying the logo, dietry info, size, use by date, etc.

          Anyways, the taste, in my opinion was horrible. It wasn't so much the first drink taste, but the awful after-taste it left in your mouth. NOT NICE. ALso it lacked the fizz, that the leading brand has, it seemed to go flat almost immedietly after pouring into the glass.

          I have tried various other brands of my favourite fizzy drink, and this I think is definetly not one of the better alternatives, for its price, it tastes dreadful, smartprice cola from Asda is even prefrable, although its bland, it doesn't have the melted plastic aftertaste that the Virgin Cola does.

          So please don't waste your money, on this almost same price, crappy tasting alternative.

          NOTE: May add to this review at a later date, as it's rather on the short side with only 250 wrods consumer opinion, just wanted to rant though lol.
          Thanks for reading!


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            18.11.2010 11:06
            Very helpful



            Would Recommend to a friend...

            Well this is a perfume I have been a fan of since my teens. I got it as a xmas gift of my parents, when I was about 14, and hadn't bought it since, having forgot about it. I then seen it on special offer in Bodycare the other day, and couldn't resist having it again. I definitely think this is going to revert to being my signature scent once more though.
            Anyways enough babbling, on with my review.

            Pour Femme was one of Lacoste's first signature scents for women. It is designed for Lacoste by French perfume expert Olivier Cresp.

            The packaging is rather plain and simple to be honest, definetly not one of those fancy ones that will catch your eye, from a shelf of pretty packaged bottles, but the scent inside will definitely make up for this.
            The box is plain beige coloured cardboard, with silver trimming, text and logo. The box is also textured to match the feeling of the Lacoste 1212 pique polo shirt.

            The bottle is also quite bland in appearance. It is made from transparent glass, and is a rectangular shaped bottle. The silver crocodile logo, is emblazened on to the front in silver, along with the perfume branding, and text.
            The rounded bottle top, is made from steel brushed aluminuim, and is delicately engraved with a fancy textured steel pique pattern, that like the box, is intended to represent the signature Lacoste Pique Polo Shirts.
            The fragrance inside the bottle gives of a light almost golden glow, to the glass.

            The fragrance itself is delightful, and although it is more an evening perfume due to it's sophisticated and enticing arom, I have on occasion worn it during daytime too.
            The fragrance is an exotic blend of:
            Top Notes: Jamacian Pepper Accord, Purple Freeshia Accord
            Heart Notes: White Heliotrope Flower Accord, Iranian Jasmine Flower Accord, Hibiscus Flower Accord, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Ambrette Seed Absolute.
            Base Notes: Himalayan Cedarwood Accord, Velvert-Skin Accord, Sandalwood, Mysore, Incense.
            The woody musky fragrance character is key to the scent, the delicately peppery, floral notes, quickly subside to reveal a deep, velvet-skin like muskiness facetted by the gentle, persistent woody notes of Sandalwood.
            In honesty I can't notice all the ingredients included, but the woody and floral tones, are notable, and create an ambient blend, and delightful scent.

            Staying power in this perfume, is the main draw, this easily lasts a good 8-10 hours, with various notes becoming more apparent as time goes on. This is one of those perfumes, that doesn't smell down-stated, but also doesn't smell over-powering in anyway.

            This perfume is an EDT instead of an EDP, but that doesn't appear to make a diffrence with this specific perfume, because of the staying power I have already fore-mentioned.

            The perfume only appears to be available in a 60ml, (pity there isn't a 100ml bottle available), which is a bit of a downside, my only downside really. As I said at the begining of the review, I bought this the other day once more, because it was on offer, at a bargain price of £12.99 ( so basically, you're getting a stunning perfume, for a fraction of the cost you would usually pay).
            There is also an accompanying 50ml roll-on deodorant, a 150ml body cream, and a 200ml shower gel, although I personally cannot comment on any of these, as I haven't tried them myself.

            I hope this review will be useful to you, as by selecting this fragrance, you will not be disappointed...


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            15.11.2010 19:52
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Would recommend.

            Well this is another perfume I have had the pleasure of owning (as you guys have probably guessed by now, I have a bit of a perfume obsession). Anyways, my partner brought me this back from duty free in the 75ml version, after a holiday with the boys a few years ago.

            The thing that drew me to this fragrance first is the pretty designing of the packaging and bottle.

            The box is triangular in shape, and is a dark pink, with a pale pink cloud like design upon it. The logo is also printed on to the front of the box. The opening is unlike with other perfumes from the side, where a small cardboard flap holds it securely closed. The bottle is nestled snuggly inside the raised cardboard inner of the box.

            The bottle itself, is also triangular in shape, and is just plain cear glass, with the name of the perfume printed to the front in white. The lid again is transparent plastic, and in a triangular shape, which easily pops of to reveal the metallic pink metal atomizer spray below.
            The fragrance inside the bottle, gives of a kind of pale pinkish glow to the glass, although this isn't overly clear from the picture above.

            The scent in my opinion has a fresh, rather floral smelling scent, which I usually don't like in a perfume, but this one really works for me.
            The fragrance itself combines the light top notes of Bergamot, Tangerine and Peach with the subtle heart notes Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang. The Woody base notes include Vanilla and Musk.
            The scent isn't over-powering and lasts for several hours at the first sniff consistency.

            Ted Baker market this perfume as 'light, fresh and easy to wear', and in my opinion this is a very apt description.

            This perfume is avaialble in two sizes 40ml and 75ml, and comes in an EDT form, which is less concentrated than the EDP, which mean the scent won't remain as strong for as long.

            As this was a gift I am unsure exactly how much my partner paid for this (and bearing in mind this was back in 2005), but after a little research on the internet the 75ml, appears to reatail at around £30, and the 40ml at around £17.

            The only fault I can find with this product is that it is not more readily available in the shops. This however may be due to the fact that it was realeases so long ago, and as a result, I only ever repurchased a 40ml bottle once. Hence the four star rating, if had been more readily available, it would have definitely recieved the full five star rating.


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              14.11.2010 23:52
              Very helpful



              give it a try, if you like fresh citusy scent then this ones for you

              Well after getting my partner into wearing lacoste red aftershave, I decided to treat him to another aftershave in the range for his birthday, and this time is was lacoste essential.

              This one comes in a square cardboard box, of green and silver, with the lacoste logo to the front. The inner of the box, is a lime green colour stiffened cardboard which hold the bottle in place.

              The bottle is this time, made from clear, transparent glass (the liquid inside however gives, of a slight light green hue to it) and is a rounded square shape. The lid is again the usual metal lid, accustomed to lacoste aftershave, and pops of easily to reveal the metal atomiser spray below.

              The fragrance comes in sizes of 40ml, 75ml and 125ml. I purchased the 125ml, on special offer in Superdrug for £28.99. There is also a gift set available compromising of the 75ml bottle of fragrance, and a 75ml aftershave balm. It comes in EDT form, meaning it is more concentrated than an EDP, however, this is not a fast fading aftershave, and provides a long lasting aroma.

              The scent has a real fresh, citrusy feel to it, but it slightly over-powering on first scoosh.

              The fragrance comprises of tomato leaves, citrus,fruity and watery top notes.
              The heart notes are a combination of black pepper, and a floral accord including rose notes.
              Sandalwood and patchouli, are this fragrance base notes.

              It begins of rather citrusy as I previously stated, but fades into more musky, masculine notes with time.

              Lacoste market this aftershave as a 'citrus, fruity scent for men, for everyday wear'.

              This scent is widly avaiable, as it was introduced to the market by in 2005, and can be picked up for bargain prices. This one has been a bit of a hit and a miss, as I personally like the scent, but my partner claims it to be too feminine when the citrusy notes are storng, so therefore rarely wears it.

              But I'd say give it a try, if you like fresh citusy scent then this ones for you...


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              14.11.2010 23:32
              Very helpful



              excellent value for money

              Well this is my patners signature scent. I introduced him to it, as a christmas gift a few years ago, after smelling a very enticing tester of it, in my local The Perfume Shop.

              I purchased the 75ml bottle on special offer for £18.99, the first time and have at christmas time each year since usually been able to get the same sized bottle for around the £20 mark, having paid £25 as my dearest purchasing of said scent. It is also available in a 50ml, and a 125ml, and is available in a gift seft compromising of the 75ml bottle and an aftershave balm stick.

              The packaging, is an average rectangular cardboard box, which is read and silver tye dye, almost, in colouring, and has the lacost crocodile logo to the front, in white, the inner of the box, is stiffened red cardboard, to hold the bottle in place.

              The bottle itself, is quite striking. It is almost oval in shape, with ridged indents on either side, and has dark red glass to the bottom, getting lighter, until leading to clear glass at the neck of the bottle. he top is silver metal, with a red ring around it, which pull off easily, to reveal the atomizer spray below.

              The scent, is very enticing, and I love the smell of my partner when he wears it. It has an extremly freh, and sexy, captivating aroma too it, and is definetly one the lady in your life will like, as it is very sensual.
              Although this fragrance comes in EDT instead of EDP, it is still very long lasting, with only a couple of squirts, I can still smell it on my partner long after returning home from a night out. It is pleasent from first scoosh, and not over-powering by any means, and unusally the scent remains the same and does not seem to fade over time.

              The scent comprises of :
              Heart notes:
              Jasmine and cedar
              Top notes:
              Apple and maclura fruit
              Base :
              Cinnamon, sensual woods and patchouli

              Lacoste market this aftershave as 'Modern, Spontaneous, and Youthful' and they definitely hit the nail right on the head with this description.

              This one deinitely gets the thumbs up from both my partner and I, so is definitely a winner in my book, with its great fragrance, and intriguing price tag...


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              04.11.2010 20:03
              Very helpful



              Worth the expensive price tag :)

              My friend treated me to this, after noticing how much I liked the original DKNY, from dutyfree, on her way back from hols.

              The box is your average green cube style cardboard box, with the logo on the front. The bottle itself is glass with a silver metal upper, and can only be in what I assume to be an apple design. The vapourizer is to the front of the silver half of the bottle, with the DKNY logo, in a sticker style also on the silver upper. The glass is also transparent, meaking it clear to see when you need a refill, and with the scent inside being a green coloured liquid, gives the bottle an attractive green glow.

              The scent is delightful, although slightly over-powering in my opinion at first sniff.
              This scent consists of:
              Top Notes:
              Apple, cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia
              Middle Notes:
              Tuberose, white lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet
              Base Notes:
              Sandalwood, white woods, white amber
              The apple is the most prominent of the scents included, but after a while the lily becomes more apparent. The other scents I personally cannot recognize, but this is no let-down as the perfume is an enticing aroma, without being able to recognize all the notes.

              The bottle comes in a variety of sizes, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Again there is also a gift set available, or accompanying body lotion and shower gel.

              Again this is an Eau de Parfum, so not so much is needed as iswith an Eau de Toilette, as the fragrance inside is less concentrated, giving of a stronger aroma, so the scent should last longer on your skin, aswell as will be longer-lasting in general.

              The 15ml starts at around £17, the 30ml is approx £27, 50ml around £36 and the 100ml comes in around £55-60. This perfume is widely available although the only place I have been able to find the 15ml bottle has been in online stores.
              (Please note for a cheaper alternative than buying a new bottle, there is a refill service for this specific perfume available, at Debenhams and House of Frasers)

              This is one of those fragrances, that doesn't fade with time, and can be used for either day or evening use. But on the other hand, it isn't one of those perfumes that will give you a headache, because its too strong, it just seems to meet a happy medium.

              On a high point, I have recieved many compliments, whilst wearing this fragrance, regarding its enticing scent.

              As with most of Donna Karen's pefume range, I personally guess that this is aimed at a younger market, with it's sweet smelling, fresh fruity fragrance and enticing packaging. But with the delightful scent, would be suitable for all young or old :)

              I would definetly recommend this brand of perfume, it may be a little pricey, but definitely it's worth every penny.


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              04.11.2010 18:10
              Very helpful



              Beautiful to smell, not so much to look at...

              Well this is a perfume I fell in love with back in my high school days, and still wear to this day.

              First off DKNY stands for Donna Karen New York, and was the designer's first signature scent.

              The box, and bottle are rather bland in apperance, but scent definitely makes up for this.
              The bottle is a tall, sort of diamond shaped frosted glass, although the glass is transparent enough to be able to see when your running low, and has your average plastic lid, that you pop off, to reveal the vapourizer.

              The scent inside is gorgeous, and has a very fresh, funky and young feel to it, and is suitable for either day or evening wear.
              Top Notes:
              Blood orange, tomato leaf, vodka
              Middle Notes:
              Waterlily, orchid, daffodil
              Base Notes:
              Birch, tulip
              Although the blood orange is definetly the most prominant throughout wear, and gives of a beautiful citrusy, tangerine style aroma.

              This perfume is widely available, and is definetly one of the classics. Pricing has went down slightly over the years too, and is now available for around £17 for the 30ml, £35 for the 50ml and about £50 for the 100ml. It is also an Eau de Parfum, so consumers should be expecting to pay a bit more than for an Eau de Toilette, as EDP is better quality fragrance than EDT.

              This perfume is also available in a gift set, and the perfume shop sells, the accompanying body lotion and body wash individually.
              In my opinion I would say this perfume is aimed towards the younger generation, but the delightful fragrance makes it suitable for all ages.


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                04.11.2010 00:16
                Very helpful



                Pricey, but worth every penny.

                Well this is personally my joint favourite perfume from the range, the other being Escape. I tend to buy this for myself, since its a bit on the pricy side, but because its an Eau de Parfum, its long-lasting, and I generally get almost the year from each 100ml bottle.

                The box is quite plain, and is an average white cardboard box, with a silver border and silver text.

                The bottle itself is incredibly pretty. It is formed from glass in a rectangular shape, with Silver text to the front of it. The bottle has no lid, as the silver spout, that forms the lid, is raised at first in a rounded band, with a rectangular top, with the vaporizer to the front.

                The scent is delightful, and although slightly over powering at first spray, quickly settles into a long lasting, fresh, sexy and pleasant floral scent.

                The fragrance consists of top notes of freesia, mandarin and sage. Middle notes of muguet, white lily, marigold and narcissus.
                Finally with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

                The most prominent, is of course the lily, freesia and sandalwood, and this perfume when you leave a room, leaves a delightful, lingering aroma.

                Calvin Klein market this fragrance as ' romantic, timeless and luxurious' and also 'as long as intimacy goes on, so will eternity'.

                This perfume comes in three sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The prices varies depending on size, but I'm not really sure of the prices for the smaller bottles, as I always tend to stick with the 100ml bottle, which at the Prefume Shop, comes in around £52, although you can buy this fragrance from most perfume outlets, as it seems to be one of the more popular of the CK range.

                There is also an accompanying deodrant spray, shower gel, and body lotion, as with most of the CK range...
                On another note, the aftershave that matches this perfume is also delightful, as I found after treating my boyfriend to it last christmas. So if your into 'his' and 'hers' scents, then this is the perfect fragrance to do it with.

                Although it's pricey, it's a very nice, designer fragrance, and in my opinion, worth every penny.


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                03.11.2010 23:55
                Very helpful



                Bit over-rated in my opinion

                Well I was given this perfume as a birthday gift, last year, from my partners sister.

                At first, I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not, as at first squirt the scent is slightly over-powering in my opinion.

                The scent itself has top notes of redcurrant leaves, sicilian bergamont, and pink grapefruit fizz. The heart notes are burst of sugar orchids and white cactus. Finally the base notes are a warm combination of red cedar, neon amber and vanilla souffle.

                Personally the only notes, I was personally able to distinguish were the notes of amber and vanilla.

                The packaging is a metallic two tone gold box, with white and yellow writing, and in my opinion is rather plain.

                The bottle on the other hand, is rather unsightly in appearance. The base is glass, with a bevelled indent in the middle of the bottle. The scent in side gives an almost warm golden/amber glow to the glass.
                The upper half of the bottle is made from white hard wearing plastic, with the CKIN2U, in a cut out style around the cuff of the plastic. The lid is also nothing fancy, and is made from the same hard white plastic, as the upper of the bottle.

                As this perfume was a gift, I'm unsure exactly how much was paid for my bottle, but I have seen it in my local Semi-Chem for £19.95.
                Other retaillers include Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Amazon, Tesco, Argos, The Perfume Shop and the official Calvin Klein website, amongst others.

                The perfume comes in 100ml Eau De Toilette, and I haven't seen any other sizes widely available in the shops, unfortunatly. There is also an accompanying deodrant spray, moisturiser and body wash.

                In my opinion the smell, isn't quite to my taste, as I have it, I will use it, but personally I don't think I would go out and buy it again. The aftershave of the same brand however, is delightful.


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                23.10.2010 23:41
                Very helpful



                One for the inner city chic in you....

                Well I treated myself to this new perfume in the Avon range, last month, after having a nosy in my sister-in-law to be's catalogue.

                I think it was launched in Brochure 15, and we are now on Brochure 17.

                Anyway, it was definetly one of avon's more expensive fragrances in their range. But the delightful scent, and attractive bottle, definetly make it money well spent. There is also accompanying shower gels, and body lotions available.

                The bottle, comes in a size of 50ml.
                It is an exceptionally pretty bottle.
                It is glass, and rectangular in shape, with two ridged sections of glass, slightly raised from the bottle, and wrapping around it, in the style of a ribbon.
                With the brand label, in white, with black and gold writing, and black trim.
                The lid only add's to the glamour, with it's squared of fountain style, and is also made of glass.
                The scent inside is pink in colour and gives, of a pinkish colour to the glass.

                The box, is a rather bland, silver metallic box, with the name embossed on to the front of it. But also consists of the same wrap around detailing as the bottle, described below, but in contrast, it is slightly less detailed on cardboard, as it is to glass.

                The fragrance is delightful. And definitely suited to the young, city chic, styling. It has floral tones, of what I would assume to be lily and freeshia, but also gives of a subtle woody tone too. It is definitely an alluring and seductive frangrance, in my opinion.

                Avon Markets this pefume as follows:
                "Hervé Léger fragrances create an alluring, sophisticated style for today's woman that leaves an unforgettable impression."

                When I purchased last month, I secured the bottle for a bargain introductionary price of £15. It is currently retailiing for £20, although a boxed gift set is currently being included in the purchase, containing an additional 12ml purse spray, and 150ml body lotion and shower gel.

                The perfume is designed for Avon by top fragrance designer Max Azria.

                It is definitely alluring enough to compete with the other designer fragrances on the market, and is definitely a cheaper alternative, even if it is a tad dearer than the usual avon perfume range.

                It is available either from your local avon rep, or from the avon website, where you can pay with your credit/debit card.

                Would definitely buy again, and if purchasing as a gift now is a perfect time to buy, when the gift set is included.


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                22.10.2010 20:42
                Very helpful



                Definitely worth a buy :)

                I was looking for a new pair of black shoes for work, when I came accross these.

                I was wandering around the local shopping centre, and all I could really find were pointy toed stilletos which I really dont like, as they hurt my toes.

                So in a last stop before going home for the day I headed in to Priceless Shoes, and these caught my eye.

                The Priceless Round Tor Heel Bar court shoe in my opinion, is a mary-jane style shoe. Suitible to wear for work or play, and dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

                They are made from faux leather,with rubber sole and have an approximatly 3 and a half inch not far of stilletto style heel. Many may feel these to be very high, but they are particularly easy to balance in, and I have often ran for the bus in them.

                As you can see they are black in colour, with a tan insole, and have a inch thich bar, ankle strap, with a large black loop and eye style rounded pearlescent button.

                They are also extremly comfortable, as there is quite a walk between the bus stop and the office, and I spend alot of time running around picking up files etc, and never feel any discomfort from them.

                If you have read any of my other shoe reviews, you will know, that shoe's that are uncomfortable, are a no, no for me, and they dont get good reviews. So the praise of this particular pair is well deserved.

                For a modest £12.99, they are a great investment. I have had my own pair for three months now, and there is still no sign of wear and tear, and I wear them 5 days a week and I haven't had to have them re-heeled yet either. So clearly hard-wearing.

                In my local brach they were available in sizes 3-8, which I think is the standard UK womans shoe sizes.

                In conclusion I would definitely recommend to a friend.


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