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Member since: 15.07.2006

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    • Nokia 6230i / Mobile Phone / 18 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      15.07.2006 13:02
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      I strongly recomend this phone. It has alot of key features that a person of any age will love 8/10

      Well the 6230i Is one of the greatest phones available for purchase. I am a 15 year old boy that has used this phone for other a year and it is a great phone. Its featires consist of: -Good Quality screen -Push to talk which enables the phone to comunicate to other phones free like a walkie talkie. -Can Email and read them -can access the internet on them -has a 1.3 megapixzel camera -Can use up to a 512 memory card of which can store over 90 good quality songs -button customization feature It is great value for the price of it and I belive that it does everything that I need it to do. edit-3 days after I wrote this review my phone broke. It still a good phone though


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