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      01.04.2011 16:52
      Very helpful



      Prague is a beautiful city, but Olympic Hotel is not worth the money for four stars. Search more...

      I visited Czech Republic with my girl on January of 2010, to celebrate the new years day.
      Olympic Hotel, was a choice from our travel agent.
      The fact that the hotel had four stars sounded to me pretty good!.. But when we got there, we understood that didn't deserve it.
      The reasons for that were:
      1) Although we were a couple, there were two beds in the room and not a big one, but this i guess it is the smallest problem.
      2) The location of the hotel hadn't a nice view. The only think we could look from our window, were some old buildings, which had nothing to do with the beautiful one you could see nearest the center of the city. There were some nice aristocratic old buildings.
      3) Elevators were small, so when it was a little more crowd, we had to wait enough time.
      4) When the time for food arrived, unfortunately we understood that this food wasn't for four stars. Also the deserts had no taste, the coffee too.
      But the most strange, was that, although all the food, deserts and coffee, were "free", i mean in the package we had already pay, the fresh orange juice, was extra. Of course nobody choose this option, so the orange juice, after some hour staring at as without touched it by nobody, wasn't so fresh anymore.

      Olympic Hotel had and some advantages, like:
      1) Tram and metro near.
      2) Supermarket near.
      3) Many advertising papers you could advised for what to do and what to visit.
      4) You could also change your money in the reception.

      Prague and Czech Republic are Beautiful but Olympic Hotel is not worth 4 stars!!!


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        15.03.2011 12:36
        Very helpful



        All about Rock in a beautiful package accompanied by a worthy gift.

        Intro: "Classic Rock" it is a music magazine from U.K. which as it name says, has to do first of all with Classic Rock music. Fortunately this isn't the only music genre of this kind of sound that it deals, but the most kinds in Rock music generally, as Progressive, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. e.x.t.

        1) Appearance: "Classic Rock" has a very good appearance. The first page it is always great. Sometimes can be a rare picture of an artist, or a sketch, for example in 155 issue, Eric Clapton appears as a devil with horns and black winds with a hellish background full of fire!
        As for the last page, it is always an advertisement, which has to do with music, so there is always an interest for the reader.
        2) Graphic Design: The pages are in big size and in good quality. There are a lot of photos, many times rare and you can enjoy them by observing the details.
        The pagination of the magazine it is very good, with a way that keeps your interest, but don't cause problems when you read. So you can find articles inside boxes with different colors for backgrounds, but the words are always redeemable.
        3) Content: Here is the most important stuff. There are interviews from past and future Rock stars, so you can have a view of the two worlds, which usually are connected, cause always in a new band, there are some influences.
        You can find also different kinds of interesting tributes about a band, a song, an album, a live and many good stuff which can dig and read again and again in the future.
        Of course there are all the latest news about the new albums and lives and reviews with the opinion from different editors.
        4) Gifts: "Classic Rock" it is always accompanied by a worthy gift, which can be a cd, a dvd, a calendar e.x.t., which are always stuff of good quality.
        5) Price: The price it is fair enough compared to the content, the quality of the magazine and the gift that accompanies it.

        1) There are a lot of pages which are dedicated to advertisements. Of course this is not always bad, because, all the advertisements are related to music, so the reader maybe can find something that interests him, but not always.
        2) This one it is only for the readers outside of the U.K.
        There are a lot of pages about different bands and the live tours in the U.K. which are not interest the reader from another country. But it is reasonable, because "Classic Rock" it is an English magazine.
        3) The price for the readers outside the U.K. for each issue it is very high and the only solution i think it is to be a subscriber and to save some money.

        Outro: In almost 150 pages there are always something interest for all the fans of Rock and music in general. Check it!!!

        Extras: First issue of "Classic Rock", published back in 1998.
        It is a monthly magazine and using the British language.
        There are some special issues from time to time, as for example the Fun Pack issues about Slash, Motorhead and Whitesnake's new albums with the whole magazine dedicated to the particular band, each time and the new cd for gift.


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        • Peugeot 307 / Car / 175 Readings / 160 Ratings
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          15.03.2011 04:11
          Very helpful



          After nine years on the road it is a very competitive car inside and outside!!!

          Nine years have been passed since i bought my Peugeot 307, and i remember very clear the days i was searching for the right one.
          The first car i checked was a Daewoo Lanos. The package was a sport edition of the car in a good price. But i said to myself first to make a research, and then to decide.
          So i moved to Renault Clio.
          I understood the difference between the two cars, only a minute after i was inside the Renault. The quality of everything in this car was a scale above Daewoo and immediately decide that i must concern my research in Europe. Of course there were great cars from the east like Honda, but it was not for my pocket.
          The third one was the Peugeot. There was the 206 and the brand new 307.
          First i was thinking about 206, cause my money wasn't enough for the 307, but i thought let's take a look... Nothing to lose.
          Well that was it. When i stepped inside i fell in love with the car. The quality was similar to the Renault, but this one was a brand new model, with much bigger rooms, six airbags, music controls on the wheel, much better outside appearance from the two other cars, but also more expensive!
          So i found what i wanted, but my money wasn't enough. But In the end after deep thoughts and financial help, i decide to buy the car that i wanted.
          And you know what. I made the right choice. Because after nine years compared to other cars in this category, it is still beautiful outside like a new model, and the package that was offering for standard nine years ago it is still very good and for today's standards.
          My 307 mechanically hadn't no problems except the natural waste, and the driving behavior of the car it is just fine.
          The only thing i don't like it is the horsepower! Because 307 is heavy on the road for 75 horses. But of course back then it was very difficult for me to buy the better version.
          Later Peugeot offered new packages with more horsepower and lifting for the car. So everyone who wants to buy a used 307 can find more choices than me...


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          • Nokia X6 / Smartphone / 523 Readings / 508 Ratings
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            24.07.2010 18:15
            Very helpful



            Promises... but doesn't exactly deliver

            I received Nokia X6 as a contract renewal gift so it wasn't exactly a choice well thought of. As compared to the other choices I had available, I chose Nokia X6 because of the extended battery life and the high built in storage capacity of 16GB.

            The points that sold me this phone were:
            # 16 GB of built in storage capacity
            # Free Navigation and GPS for your country with availability to download additional maps and content from the OVI site.
            # 5Mpx camera with flash
            # Battery life:
            Talk time: - GSM 11 h 30 min 
- WCDMA 6 hours
- GSM 420 hours 
- WCDMA 450 hours

            By the looks it is robust and serious but lacks any designers touch. Its just a plain rectangular phone and a thick one I might add. The touch screen (Capacitive technology = same as Iphone) is very good as compared to other phones I've tried in the store. It is fast and responsive and the overall feel to it is sleek. The buttons on the phone are somehow hard to use as they need hard pressing for a response. The phone locks and unlocks by a slider on the right side that is also hard to use.

            From the usability point it takes a while to getting used to but I can't say I am impressed. It is hard to judge something that tries so hard to imitate something it will never catch up with (Iphone). The most frustrating time I had was with the Music library. Every song/album you transfer to your phone is sorted according to what info it had on its ID3 tags. That means that even a small difference in a character or name will cost you hours of fixing as Nokia X6 doesn't give you an option of bulk renaming or editing.
            Battery life is OK but not exactly what I expected by the specs.

            The phone comes with a quality headset with controls of volume pause ff etc. Only it is white. Why give a white headset with a black phone Nokia?

            You also receive the OVI installation CD, a usb cable and charger. The OVI suite is supposed to be a suite that allows you to easily transfer content from your computer to your phone and vice versa, download free content (Games, Applications, Navigarion maps) only the thing is... it only works on PCs, no support for macs. You can of course access OVI over your phone's wifi or mobile connection and still be able to download content but you cannot use the suite to manage the content of your phone.

            As for the 5Mpx camera, I've taken some good photos but only in daytime. Videos have clear sound but when using zoom, artifacts can appear and, especially at night, things look grainy.

            As an overall experience I'm so and so. It is a quality phone but nothing really special.


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            • Sony Ericsson HPM-88 / Headset / 312 Readings / 286 Ratings
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              08.07.2010 15:19
              Very helpful



              A good investment that makes your everyday life easier.

              I use to travel a lot with train, bus and generally to be in high noise places. So always i had the problem when i was listening to the music. My solution was to raise the volume on high level, with the danger of cause problem to my ears. Thankfully i discovered this set of headphones, and solved my problem.
              The secret weapon of Sony Ericsson HPM-88 headphones, is called "Noise Cancelling" which combined with 2 other technologies "Clear Noise" and "Clear Bass". Sony succeeded to make our life easier by reducing significally the backround noise and at the same time you can listen to deep Bass and clear Prima to your music, which makes an enviroment, suitable to enjoy it.
              Now i can listen to my favourite music with crystal clear sound and i can focus more easily on the details of each song, without having the danger to damage my ears!

              Main Feautures:
              * Sound technologies: Clear Stereo and Clear Bass.
              This function helps for best clear audio experience. (There is a video from Sony that expains with details the complete work of it).
              * Noise Cancelling.
              Flick a key and have 75% reduced backround noise.
              * Play Now Uncut.
              This is a site, which offers you the chance to discover music from new rising unsigned artists.
              * Style.
              The design of HPM-88 headphones it is modern and satisfying in my opinion. But this has to do always with the taste of each of us. There is a photo available to deem by yourshelf.

              Other features:
              * Magnetically Shielded
              (< 50 gauss)
              * Acoustic Safety
              * Works as FM antenna for phone
              * Three size silicon ear buds
              * Stereo sound
              * Sound blocking design
              * Shirt clip
              * Remote volume control
              * One year limited warranty
              * Noise cancelling
              * Exclusive carry case
              * Call handling button
              * Built-in microphone
              * High power handling capacity
              * Neodymium magnet units
              * Oxygen-free copper cord

              Compatible phones:
              AINO, C510, C702, C901 GREENHEART, C903, ELM, F305, G502, G700, G705, G900, HAZEL, JALOU, JALOU (DOLCE & CABBANA), K330, K660i, K850i, NAITE, P1i, R300, R306, S302, S312, SATIO, T280i,T303, T700, T715, VS40i, W205, W395, W508, W595, W705, W715, W760i, W890i, W902, W910i, W960i, W980, W995, YARI, Z555i, Z770i, ZYLO.

              Recommended for Music Lovers!


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                08.07.2010 13:09
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A very good debut album from Sweden for all the fans of Black Metal.

                WATAIN is a Swedish Black Metal band.
                The name Watain it is inspired by a song with the same name, from another black metal band from America, called VON.
                Rabid's Death's Curse, it is their first full album released in 2000.
                The album has 9 songs. The last one it is a bonus for this version, which is remaster and re-released in digipack edition by Season Of Mist.
                1. The Limb Crucifix - 4:21
                2. Rabid Death's Curse - 5:21
                3. On Horns Impaled - 2:35
                4. Life Dethroned - 5:45
                5. Walls of Life Ruptured - 4:21
                6. Agony Fires - 5:22
                7. Angelrape - 3:40
                8. Mortem Sibi Consciscere - 7:02
                9. Essence of black purity (bonus track)

                About the music:
                In this album you can listen, all the traditional black metal elements. The speeds are in high level and occasionally there are some slow dark parts, accompanied by cold riffs.
                Lyrics describe the dark forces which are coming to swallow everything. Although to some can be grafical to what they support, they have a way to convince you. And this is the strong part of the band.

                Digipack edition: This edition comes from Season Of Mist and it is Re-mastered, Re-issue and has a bonus track.
                Lyrics for all the songs included, and information about the band's first steps and this album written with the unique theatrical way Watain have.

                My opinion:
                Sometimes when you dig in the underground, there is a possibility to discover something good.
                Watain's band is a case that had made already a very good name before decide to release their first album. When they did it, made all the people who already had discovered them, and supported them, proud!
                They play well and from this debut you can understand that they are a rising "Black" star!


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                  01.07.2010 18:55
                  Very helpful



                  Slow and rotten parts, fast and furious moments, chaotic and atmosperic passes.

                  BAND: WATAIN
                  ALBUM: Lawless Darkness
                  Genre: Black Metal

                  A Few Words:
                  Watain is a black metal band from Sweden. "Lawless Darkness" it is their fourth foul length album and continuous to the high standards that the band has set. This album is the most melodic of the four, without losing the pure black metal feeling at all. It is a combination that works great for the listener. Pure black metal, great riffs, melodic lead passes, nice bass, great drumming and a very good voice! There are also some guest vocals from Carl McCoy of the Fields of the Nephilim too.

                  E. (Erik Danielsson) - Vocals, Bass&#8232;P. (Pelle Forsberg) - Guitar&#8232;H. (Håkan Jonsson) - Drums
                  Live members: Set Teitan (Davide Totaro) - Guitar , A. (Alvaro Lillo) - Bass

                  1.Death's Cold Dark (5:29)
                  &#8232;2.Malfeitor (6:58)&#8232;
                  3.Reaping Death (5:07)&#8232;
                  4.Four Thrones (6:16)&#8232;
                  5.Wolves Curse (9:12)
                  &#8232;6. Lawless Darkness (6:08)
                  &#8232;7.Total Funeral (6:04)
                  &#8232;8.Hymn to Qayin (5:57)&#8232;
                  9.Kiss of Death (7:46)
                  &#8232;10. Waters of Ain (14:31)

                  To the point:
                  10 great songs analysis one by one:

                  1."Death's Cold Dark". A dark mist intro interrupting from thunders that crack the sky, and the storm soon rages upon your face with aggressive and fast pure black metal. As i gazing the artwork for the song i see sea serpents and a tower striking by a lightning as the path leads threw the mountains with the companionship of the cold riffs and a story about ancient evil forces! (Where the sun is but a memory of a murdered dream)...

                  2."Malfeitor". A dramatic intro preparing for something Nero, evil, wicked, BIG, and it's coming your way, but you are not afraid, cause he is the master and you are the servant. Malfeitor the lord of evil is here and the hell unleashed with fast black music and some cutting edge riffs. Soon the melody from the guitar will disappear(?) your fear and in this point Watain will remind us that are coming from Sweden and melody will be always a part of this country's style. Another fast attack with singer spitting words and another surprise with a Death metal style outbreak. Damn this song has it all! And for outro a melodic journey with an impressive sound. A hymn and an oath to the master... (I'll pale the path of madness with your banner held high, to the death's head true).

                  3."Reaping Death". Another hymn to the darkness, preparing the legions of black for the upcoming dark harvest and our options are, join or die. One of the fastest and mostly furious songs of the album with a crazy solo setting fire to the black hearts of the worshipers who are ready to attack! (Daughters of the black moon, practitioners of art most dire).

                  4."Four Thrones". In opposite to the other songs here a crawly riffing guitar opening the song and the heavy gate to the four thrones. Changing soon to fast rhythms again and a classic black metal guitar riff style is accompanying Levyathan, Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Belial... (Storm and water, earth and flame. In spirit joined, released and untamed).

                  5."Wolves Curse". It is late in the night now and the wolves are gathering under the shining moon. Wolves always were bringing fear to men from the ancient times and always in every story ,song, movie are used on the dark side. Here a beautiful sketch has been made from the artist, showing the master with his 3 furious wolves, which it refers to the Greek mythology and the God of the underworld Hades with his guardian monster Kerberos who in it's body had three dog heads and a tale which was ended to a another deadly head, a dragon. A wonderful slow solo preparing you to enter their realm and become their master or their food! Depends in which side do you belong? (Approach them not with doubt in heart, disturb them not in vain).

                  6."Lawless Darkness", is an instrumental song and has the same name with the album. Here you will have the time to gaze at the artwork of the cd and especially the front cover, which has so many details. In the vinyl edition there is a huge poster inside supplements the already very good packaging.

                  7."Total Funeral". The speed is dangerously high again on the guitars and drumming, and the singer spitting his curses with an old, ancient i dare to say Death metal style, and only a moment Watain gather their breath, only to unleash the fire of the guitar solo upon us and total finish us. (Around their neck the noose draws tight. A knot of thorns falling holy men and kings).

                  8."Hymn to Qayin". The most epic song of the album with great atmosphere and wonderful artwork once again, showing Quayin upon his mighty horse with his helmet and his scythe opening the path for destruction and hell. (Through blood and incense buring in snake shapes, you opened wide the gates. And i looked and beheld a black horse ant it's masters name was Quayin. And the hell followed with him).

                  9."Kiss of death" continues there where the previous song "Hymn to Quayin" ends without gap between them. The highlight of this song is the beautiful melodic epic guitar solo which reveal the atmosphere which is set for Death himself who is spread it's wings and no one can hide. The ending is also very epic with the acoustic guitar and the thunderstorm effects and the riffs raining upon us. The perfect song for closing for a live concert! (Shapes without form, voices without sound, enter ye pale lord of sorrow).

                  10."Waters of Ain". The longest in length song of the album, and the last one, sails us to a voyage with no turning back. Last journey from Watain in this album, and the song has all the moods gathering. From a strong black metal feeling of the old school, to passages of melodic guitar journeys and beautiful solos, and an outro that reminds us that we are entering the unknown... (Do not mistake me for a star though i'll shine like them at night. But behold instead the darkness in between them. The devil's light).

                  TITLE MEANING:
                  Erik "E" Danielsson gives us the meaning of album title Lawless Darkness.
                  "The title symbolizes the unbound chaotic potential of that which is void of light. The light that defines, the light that shapes and restricts. The light by which the forces of law and order uphold their reign. In the absence of that light lies the wellspring of Watain: in Lawless Darkness.

                  The whole artwork of the album is great and designed by Zbigniew Bielak. Each of the songs has a different artwork. Frontman Erik "E" Danielsson explains: "The main cover of 'Lawless Darkness' depicts the legions of the Antichrist, released and untamed from the broken tablets of law. By the shattering of order and the collapse of the laws of the creator god, the free spirits of lawless darkness shall return to the abode of their ancient gods, and unite with them once again.

                  VERSIONS OF THE ALBUM:
                  1) Plain cd (this one is reviewed)
                  2) PACK CD + Patch + 5 STICKERS
                  3) Digipack CD includes a cover of the Death SS song "Chains of Death" as a bonus track. The song can also be heard on the "Reaping Death" picture seven-inch single.
                  4) Cd single Side A: Reaping Death, Side B: The Return of Darkness and Evil (BATHORY cover). Comes with a free copy of Sweden Rock Magazine including a 6-page Watain interview.
                  5) LP: Two vinyl discs in a triple gatefold sleeve with die-cut, including a 24 page booklet and a poster. Strictly limited to 2500 copies worldwide.
                  6) Cd Box Collector: Strictly limited edition of WATAIN's sensational album "Lawless Darkness"! The spectacular box set comes in the shape of a fully leather bound book! This grand grimoire of the Swedish Black Metal magicians contains the Digipak version of "Lawless Darkness" including the Death SS cover "Chains of Death". The box also contains these exclusive items: a Watain symbol pendant with chain, a black candle in wrapping, a full colour flag 123 cm x 75 cm with 2 metal rings and 10 specially designed illustrated cards in a pocket!
                  (Information about different editions taken from the official site of the band and official site of seasons of mist company).

                  One of the best black metal albums for 2010!!!
                  I already have the double vinyl and the 7" single with the Death SS cover!
                  Grab it!!! ;-)


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                    26.06.2010 12:13
                    Very helpful



                    New wave of british heavy metal music!

                    Power and the Glory is Saxon's fifth album which is released in 1983.
                    36 min. and 37 sec. of old school metal and good old hard rock.
                    Recorded at Axis studio, Atlanta the album has eight songs:
                    1.Power and the glory.
                    5.This town rocks
                    6.Watching the sky
                    7.Midas touch
                    8.The eagle has landed.

                    Let's have a short look at each of the songs.
                    The album starts with a battle hymn called the "Power and the Glory". The sound of the guitar brings to mind Thin Lizzy and the bass of Iron Maiden. Only good results this combination may bring, without saying that Saxon don't have their unique sound. A classic New Wave Of British Heavy Metal song. A type of song that Saxon will deliver to us many times in the future. A videoclip has been made for this song also.

                    "Redline" has a more hobo attitude and talks about motorcycles. Definitely more simple and straight song as compared to the Power and the Glory. A song for Partying!

                    All right, back to battle with the "Warrior"! Invaders from the sea this time. The song describes attacks to peaceful villages, possible by the Vikings. Swords, shields and screams. A classic Heavy Metal theme! Gotta love the solo of the guitar in this one.

                    The second videoclip is for "Nightmare" this time. Low budget and simple video like the first one, which shows us the (innocence) and the aesthetic of that time. A ballad song about the living nightmare we have when someone abandons us. I like the thin sound solo early in the song!

                    Next one wakes us from dream and shakes us, cause "This town Rocks" as the band and the song promises. Fast intro and uptempo rhythm!
                    A dedication song about the fans supporting the band through the years, all over the world.

                    Do you believe that we are not alone in this universe? If yes, then "Watching the sky" is just for you. Saxon leaving this planet and looking at the stars for answers, sending their electric guitar messages somewhere out there...

                    Midas was a king popular in Greek mythology, who lived in Phrygia and who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Saxon here are using his name metaphorical and "Mida's touch" has more deep-full and thoughtful lyrics.

                    "The eagle has landed" has a long intro and it is the epic song of the album. Under the same name Saxon released three live albums through the years (The eagle has landed part I, II and III).

                    The conclusion is that "Power and the Glory" is a good album that deserves to be in our cd collection.


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                      21.06.2010 21:10
                      Very helpful



                      From acoustic folk ballads to blues-rock songs and avant-garde experimentals.

                      "More" is Pink Floyd's first attempt to write a soundtrack.
                      Released on 27 of July in 1969 it is their first album without Syd Barret.
                      There is a variety of songs here, from acoustic folk ballads to blues-rock songs and avant-garde experimentals.
                      13 songs are included in the album:
                      1."Cirrus minor". First one is a quiet song and starts with the sound of singing birds. The hammond organ dominates.
                      2."The Nile song". Pissed vocals and bluesy solos reveals another side of Floyd in this song.
                      3."Crying song". Tempo is slowing down again in this song after the hard rock "Nile Song", and we are listening again the acoustic guitar. A smooth electric solo fades away with the song.
                      4. "Up the khyber" is a mini instrumental psychedelic song with strong elements of jazz. Written by Wright and Mason, as one would expect, keyboards and drums are having the first role.
                      5. "Green is the color". Back to acoustic guitars with David Gilmour's voice and a folk theme.
                      6. "Cymbaline" it is a song that D. Gilmour still plays live on his gigs.
                      7."Party Sequence". A little eastern sound pass.
                      8."Main Theme" is another instrumental song with the guitar playing with melodies in high notes.
                      9."Ibiza Bar" is rocking again.
                      10."More Blues" it is exactly what the name of the song promises!
                      11."Quicksilver". Instrumental song composed of different sounds...
                      12."A Spanish piece" Short in duration song with flamenco style guitars and spoken words.
                      13."Dramatic theme". Last song for the "More" soundtrack is instrumental again and has all the characteristics of the Pink Floyd music.

                      For people who are listening for first time Pink Floyd, maybe it is not the best record to start, cause songs here are made especially for the soundtrack, and are fitted to it, in result to having some kind of limitations. So it is better to listen first the other albums and leave "More" for last.
                      For the fans now, it is a sample for what is going to follow to their next albums and a chance to listen a soundtrack from the late 60's and why not to buy and watch the movie too.

                      Tip: Sleeve is made once again by Storm Thorgerson's "Hipgnosis". Check his work and you will be amazed how many known covers are made by his company!


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                        29.05.2010 10:59
                        Very helpful



                        A good introduction into what Led Zeppelin were inspired from!

                        "The early blues roots of Led Zeppelin" is a compilation of 17 songs. A very good proposition, functioning in two ways. Firstly giving you insight into what Led Zeppelin used to listen to and what inspired them, and secondly giving you a very good introduction to blues artists and blues music in general.

                        Let's look at the songs one by one:
                        1. "When the levee breaks" was originally recorded in 1929 by Kansas Joe Mcoy and Memphis Minnie. The song was inspired by the great Mississippi flood of 1927. Led Zeppelin, were not only influenced by this song, but they also made a cover for it, which they included on "Led Zeppelin IV" album. Their version is longer.
                        Tip: In 2006, director Spike Lee, released a documentary film about the devastation of New Orleans -Lusiana from the hurricane (Katrina), which is called "When the levees broke".

                        2. "Sugar Mama" or better known as "Sugar Mama Blues" it's a song by Sonny Boy Williamson who was one of the most important harmonica player's of his time. The song has been covered by Zeppelin, but it didn't manage to be included in any record by them.

                        3. "Jesus gonna make up my dying bed" by Josh White was originally recorded in 1933. Jimmy Page, in an interview, said that after listening to this song, he was inspired into composing the lyrics and tempo for "In my tie of dying" which was included on Physical Graffiti album (1975).

                        4. "Nobody's fault but mine" by Blind Willie Johnson, one of the greatest slide style guitarists, specializing in blues-gospel music. It is commonly believed, that Johnson is featured on the album cover of Led Zeppelin III, but this has not been confirmed as being true. His song has been covered by Led Zeppelin in their album "Seventh Presence".
                        Tip: This song has not necessarily been composed by Johnson, or it may have just been a cover by him of an earlier traditional song.

                        5. "Traveling Riverside Blues" by Robert Johnson, who unfortunately only lived until the age of 27 years old.
                        Eric Clapton once said that Johnson was the most important blues singer that ever lived. Many have called him "Father" of Rock' n' Roll. Led Zeppelin made a cover of his song in their double released album "BBC Sessions", a compilation/live album recorded back in 1969.

                        6. "The girl I love she got long curly hair" originally by Sleepy John Estes. Singer, guitarist and composer, Sleepy John talks in many of his songs about topics of everyday life, or about people Estes used to know. Zeppelin covered his song on BBC Sessions album, too.

                        7. "Shake' em on down" by Bukka White.

                        8. "I want some of your pie" by Blind boy Fuller. Led Zeppelin's made it the first track of their sixth album "Physical graffiti, changing the name to "Custard Pie". The lyrics of this song pay homage to different blues songs. Two of these songs are "Shake' em on down" and "I want some of your pie"!
                        Tip: Fuller shows a special way of finger-picking guitar style.

                        9."Gallis Pole" by Leadbelly. LeadBelly or Huddie William Ledbetter used to play piano, mandolin, harmonica, violin, concertino and accordion. Zeppelin recorded this song on album "III" under the name of "Gallows Pole". The song has roots in traditional music and the author of it is unknown. Leadbelly has helped to rise the song in popularity. In Zeppelin's cover, Jimmy Page is using banjo for first time.
                        Tip: Song has also been re-recorded for the Page-Plant album "No Quarter" in a different version, and a third time for the "very best of MTV unplugged album".

                        10. "My mama don't allow me" by Arthur (Big Boy) Cruduy.
                        Tip: Many of his songs has been covered by many different artists, such Elvis Presley.

                        11. "My baby I've been your slave" by Sonny Boy Williamson.
                        A second song from Sonny Boy in this compilation together with "Sugar Mama", with harmonica being the driving force for both of the songs.

                        12."Fixin' to Die by Bukke White. "Bukka" was honored some years ago by the singer of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, in his personal album called "Dreamland" with the song "Fixing to die blues". Robert Plant changed the name of the song, a little, to "Funny in my mind (I believe I'm fixing to die)".
                        Led Zeppelin used to play it live during medley performances of "Whole lotta love".

                        13. "Boogie Chilen" by John Lee Hooker. Boogie Chillen is one of the most popular songs by John Lee Hooker, composed in 1948. With his unique style, he had the ability to create a whole new sub-genre of blues. Led Zeppelin embedded the song within their "Whole lotta love" medley and we can listen to it in all their live albums.

                        14. "Lone wolf blues" by Oscar Woods, who was also known as Oscar "Buddy" Woods, being a pioneer in the style of lap steel, bottleneck blues slide guitar.

                        15. "Get the bottle up and gone" by Sonny Boy Williamson. A third song by Williamson who is the most featured artist in this compilation.

                        16. "Truckin' little woman" by Big Bill Broonzy.
                        Another American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist who has offered a lot in this kind of music, is playing a Rock n' Roll style song composed in 1938!

                        17. "Going down slow" by James Burke St. Louis Jimy Oden is a play piano-based blues song which can be found in a bootleg by Led Zeppelin under the title "Bradford UK 1973".

                        While doing research for this review, I discovered that each story behind the blues artist, is very fascinatingly interesting as you learn things and stories about their each individual lives and have a glimpse into elements of life back in the decades of the 30's,40's etc.

                        I like the originality of these artists, and the unique sound of the untuned guitar.


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                          23.05.2010 19:18
                          Very helpful



                          Progressive and genius music perfectly bound with beautiful sentimental vocals and lyrics that leave

                          When I bought "The perfect element part I" I didn't know what to expect.
                          It was my first encounter with Pain of Salvation. Playing the cd left me with a feeling completely different from all the stuff I used to listen to up until now. And believe me, I listen to a lot of different stuff. We are talking about one of the best albums of the 00's.
                          Progressive and genius music perfectly bound with beautiful sentimental vocals and lyrics that leave you thinking.

                          This is the third album of Pain of Salvation and it is their best in my opinion.
                          Perfect element part I was the first of three in their planned concept project. "Scarsick", released in 2007 it is the second one. Prior to Perfect Element part I, Pain of Salvation had released two very good albums: "Entropia" in 1997 and "One hour by the concrete lake" in 1999.

                          This album has everything a demanding listener needs and gives a new air in the progressive scene. There are many nice details you can discover, such as jazz elements, the use of classical music instruments, interesting intros and outros between the songs, very nicely worked backing vocals and effects like whispers, screams, etc. D.Gildenlow has a wonderful voice and by varying it from rage to melody or from pain to hope, colors the album in the best way!!!

                          The perfect Element it is a hymn to the loss of childhood innocence. A combination of hope, disappointment and rage dressed with intense feelings, more intense music and most intense lyrics. These are some of the feelings that are evoked by listening to this album and all this is felt through the view of two children growing up together and in such time when they have to abandon the shelter of their childhood innocence.

                          The album is divided in three chapters, four songs form each chapter, so the album consist of 12 songs, except for the Japanese version which comes with a bonus track in the end called "Epilogue".
                          First song "Used" with strong guitars, raged vocals and melodic outbursts.
                          (I am crying unwept tears through this violence.
                          I'll die trying to break this thick crust of silence)

                          "In the flesh" starts calmly and builds slowly until the outburst, which arrives by the fourth minute. Melodic guitars, inspired drums and vocals coming deep from inside the soul. Last minute is just beautiful music and functions as an outro for the song.
                          (A wind beaten bird for reasons unheard.
                          Sometimes it is best to run away)

                          "Ashes" which has also been released as a video, has a toy sound as a background and an excellent refrain. One of the highlights of the album.
                          (I've walked with the weakest just to feel strong.
                          You've given your body just to belong)

                          "Morning on Earth" is more calm and sentimental and has spoken parts.
                          (I am the tears in your mouth,
                          I am the weight on your shoulder,
                          I am the scream that wants out...)

                          5.IDIOGLOSSIA: Gathers musically the most progressive elements.
                          The refrain from "Ashes" can be listened again in this song.
                          Cleverly repeated lyrics and music themes from song to song in the whole album, keeps the listener connected to the main concept all the time.
                          (I scratch the surface and see
                          Someone better than me
                          Meeting you have forced me
                          To meet myself)

                          "Her voices":
                          In the middle of the song, some oriental style elements can be heard!
                          (So she filled the void with unearthly friends
                          Voices of hers - greater... than us)

                          "Dedication": Another emotional song talking about the loss of their Grandfather. A sad moment that all of us have to feel sometime.
                          (I watched you die
                          And I have feared this moment
                          Since I was just a child)

                          "King of Loss":
                          What a great song and lyrics full of meaning. Listening to it brings to mind "welcome to the machine" by Pink Floyd.
                          (Mother, at my first breath
                          Every paragraph was set)

                          (Up to my knees in filth and mud
                          How it hurts to become clean)

                          "Song for the innocent" together with "Falling" (an instrumental song, even though lyrics are provided inside the booklet) serve as bridges that guide us to the climax of the album and the last song "The perfect element".
                          With the longest duration of the album, "perfect element" in the end leaves us with the feeling that this story will be continued, and definitely this is something that the listener longs for after this wonderful journey...
                          (In his head a thunderous
                          Cry of desperation
                          Tearing voices from his past
                          Scream for his attention)

                          This album should belong to the music library for all people who enjoy listening to quality music!!!


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                            16.05.2010 20:42
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                            Melancholy, Darkness and Desperation in 9 epic-doom anthems.

                            My Dying Bride is one of the best groups of the atmospheric sound, having affected many other bands starting a new genre together with Paradise Lost and Anathema.
                            Like Gods of the sun is their fourth album released in 1996. Featuring mourning guitar riffs from hell, bass blast-beats and haunting Violins. Only clean vocals can be heard on this album, as opposed to their previous work where both clean and brutal vocals could be heard.

                            This album consists of 9 parts:
                            Chapter one: "Like Gods of the Sun". Dark clouds are gathering and flashes of lightning hit the sky revealing pieces of hell. The first 2 minutes of the song are slow and then it gradually becomes more and more aggressive accompanied by the keyboards.
                            Chapter two: Beautiful violin interludes in "The dark caress". In some moments of the song, the singer utters words rather than singing. Paces are changing between slow and fast.
                            Chapter three: "Grace unhearing" continues to the same path as "The dark caress". The subject-matter is the search for salvation from ones guilt
                            Chapter four: "A kiss to remember". With a bass intro, melodic guitars and ethereal violin the tunes are combined into one of the highlights of the album.
                            Chapter five: "All swept away" is built in anger and you can feel this through both the music and lyrics.
                            Chapter six: If My dying Bride is your favorite band, then "For You" is the song you want to dedicate to your girl!
                            Chapter 7: "It will come" has a pure heavy metal riff and the apocalypse is near...
                            Chapter 8: "Here in the throat" sounds pretty much one of the same as the other songs of the album but after a few moments into the song the atmosphere changes and your interest is on again.
                            Chapter 9: "For my fallen Angel" has an intro which brings to mind Secret Garden's sound and the Last Samurai soundtrack. The last chapter of one of the best albums of My Dying Bride features the most poetic and sad lyrics of the album.

                            One of the few bands that can artfully express the true feeling of sorrow.

                            If i had to choose only one album from My Dying Bride, it would be "Like Gods Of The Sun".


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                              15.05.2010 18:47
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                              8 successful covers by Sepultura.

                              The EP "revolusongs" was released by Sepultura in 2003.
                              Only Brazilian and Japanese fans were among the lucky ones to be able to easily acquire this EP, cause it has only been released in their countries. So from the rest of the world, some may know of it's existence and some not.
                              For those who haven't discovered it yet, this EP consists only of cover songs. Eight in number. With a total play of 28:06 min, Sepultura are strolling on paths, with some of them closer to their kind of music and some completely different.
                              They are risking by covering such well known songs as the "Angel" by Massive Attack and "Bullet the blue sky" by U2, and they don't hesitate of invading in Public Enemy's fields too.
                              The good news are that they are managing this successfully.
                              The bad news are that it's difficult to find this EP for purchase and it will usually be for expensive prices, but it's worth to give it a try.
                              Band members participating in this CD are: Derrick Greene on Vocals, Andreas Kisser on Guitar, Paulo Jr. on Bass and Igor Cavalera on Drums.

                              1. Messiah (Hellhammer)
                              2. Angel (Massive Attack)
                              3. Black steel in the hour of chaos (Public Enemy)
                              4. Mongoloid (Devo)
                              5. Mountain Song (Jane's Addiction)
                              6. Bullet the blue sky (U2) released and videoclip
                              7. Piranha (Exodus)
                              8. Enter Sandman/Fight fire with fire (Metallica)

                              Tip: The man on the cover is Toninho Iron, the president of Brazil's official Sepultura fun club.


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                                14.05.2010 23:19
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                                Single with 3 covers by Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar, Blitzkrieg,The Prince.

                                In 1998 Garage Inc was released, a cover album played by Metallica.
                                Including all the Garage Days Revisited and songs from other artists.
                                It took the 2nd place at billboard charts and has sold over five million copies.
                                From this album, there were three singles released: "Turn the Page", "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Die die my darling".
                                This review it is about the second single, "Whiskey in the Jar"!
                                This is a traditional Irish song and it has been covered by many other bands, some of them being Thin Lizzy, Belle and Sebastian and Simple minds.
                                I think Metallica have made one of the best versions. The song is strongly backed by a video clip and the party begins... (Uncut version is recommended) ;-)
                                The other two songs included on the single, are "Blitzkrieg" (Blitzkrieg) and "The Prince" (Diamond Head) which were both recorded live at the Roseland Ballroom. The translation for Blitzkrieg from German is "Thunder-bold War" and it has to do with a tactic that the Germans used during the World War II. (More on History Books and Wikipedia)!
                                I like the cover done by Metallica and the song has a great solo, but after having listened to the original, I wasn't so impressed as I think I liked it more. But it was still a good try by them.
                                Third and last is "The Prince". A fast and Furious song with dark lyrics. Makes me wanna move my Head, my Legs and maybe to kick some (ashes)... Again the original version is also great.
                                The two live songs are played faster and more roughly by Metallica. I enjoyed them, but you must definitely also listen to the original, too!!!
                                I usually don't support the idea of buying a single. But this time I believe all three songs are very good and you can listen to them repeatedly.

                                Tip: The whole Garage Inc album is recommended!!!


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                                  11.05.2010 00:03
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                                  Six music journeys of progressive metal by the masters

                                  Dream Theater are back with "Black Clouds and Silver Linings" with their 10th stoudio album (change of seasons is an ep) release.
                                  Let's take a look at the elements of the songs and the overall feel of the album:

                                  The lyrical themes of the songs are based on personal experiences.
                                  "A nightmare to remember" (16:10 min.) is the first song of the album, which describes a bad experience of a young boy at the hospital, after having had an accident with his familly in their car.
                                  I like the sci-fi keyboards at the start of the song and the fantastic riff-solo from Petrucci.
                                  I didn't really find fitting the Death-like vocals from Portnoy.

                                  "Wither" (5.25 min) is the ballad of the album and a song that could be easily played by radio stations.

                                  "A rite of passage" (8:35 min.) talks about the free-masons world, and has this eastern-like sound and a memorable refrain. Of course the music is of high quality and you will travel between solo battles of guitar and keyboards, accompanied by the ecxellent drumming.

                                  "The shattered fortress" (X. Restraint, XI. Receive, XII. Responsible) lasting 12:49 min. is the fourth song of the album (on the vinyl is the third). This is the last chapter of the "Alcoholic anonymous twelve step swite" in which Portnoy started writing the lyrics since previous albums. Here you will find elements and passages from the other songs of the concept. Problems of the alchoolism are described.

                                  "The best of times" (13.07 min.) it is a sad song that turns more optimistic as it unfolds, and it is written for Mike's Portnoy father who died from cancer. Portnoy had another beautiful song from Images and Words album, "Another Day" which was written about the struggle with the illness of his father. Petrucci here is showing his love for the Rush band.

                                  When I listened to the first notes of "Count of Tuscany" (19.16 min.) I said whooooa. I felt beautifull and memories filled my mind back from the 90's, where I discovered Dream Theater and their kingdom. This song has everything we loved from this great band and gives me hope, that they still have great albums to come. A dark epic song about an experience that happened to Petrucci while being in Italy. Somewhere in the middle of the song, there is a pause with a slow guitar and keyboards sounding in the background, which gives you time to think and aknowledge better the music played from this Great band.

                                  The album is released in three editions. The first one is the regular, the second is a 3-cd limited edition package, which includes the album on the 1st cd, some cover songs on the 2nd cd and instrumental versions of the albums songs on the 3rd cd.
                                  Lastly we have the Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set, which includes the limited 3-cd package with the covers and the instrumentals, a dvd which includes stem mixes of the standard CD (try your hand at producer with isolated audio tracks of the entire album).
                                  Original lithograph of the cover art, numbered (plus 100 lucky winners will find a litho signed by Hugh Syme), Limited edition audiophile 180-gram double-LP set with exclusive artwork from Hugh Syme. Dream Theater mouse mat. And some maybe will find a silver foil ticket (100 lucky fans win a M&G w/ band). I didn't :-(

                                  As veterans of this kind of sound, who helped to expand and put it on the map, they have only themselves to try to surpass each time. Some believe that Theater have nothing new to offer, and they criticise, that this is already happening on the last couple of albums.
                                  For me the truth lies somewhere in between.
                                  So, what is it that makes "Black Clouds and Silver Linings neccesary for the fans? Each of us can give a different answer, which depends on the expectations we have from the band.
                                  For example, some songs are reaching the length of 15 minutes, a thing that most probably is happening for the pleasure of the band but in reality, the listener could have just as easily enjoyed a more concise verison. On the other hand, this is the meaning of progressive music. Big chaotic and daedalus compositions requiring more than a few listens for comprehersion in order to discover the secret underlays...

                                  Black Clouds and Silver Linings is a mix of older and newest elements from Dream Theater's music.

                                  For those who haven't had the chance to have listened anything by Dream Theater, I recommend their three best albums for start: "Images and words", "Awake" and "Scenes from a memory (Metropolis pt. 2)".


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