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Member since: 26.11.2011

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    • Siemens Gigaset A385 / Telephone / 2 Readings / 1 Rating
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      26.11.2011 14:45



      Service, goods sipplied and delivery excellent. Cannot fault at all.

      It's a nice little phone. Easy to set up (plug in, wait, ready to go), nice design, good, handy size, choice of ring tones and adjustable volume. This is a fairly simple telephone to use with a good strong ringtone and I like the answer phone with a pre-recorded message. Having the answer phone built into the hand set is a real advantage, and it is easy to install. Well featured, and one of the reasons for choosing this phone was the Eco+ feature - the base station shuts down completely when not in use.
      However, there are some drawbacks that limit its appeal. Mainly, there's no Message Waiting Indication (MWI). Plus, the 15-character CLI name limit replaces the name with 'unknown' if it's greater than 15 characters. Another thing to note is that it treats a number that ends in a star as a number to go out over the POTS line, rather than the VoIP connection, so if you have any 'star codes' in your dialplan that end with a star, then they won't work. Finally, another disadvantage is the lack of Skype compatibility, which I find completely ridiculous.


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